A Fistful of Sand by Doktor Gostel – Book 3 – Chapter 1

A Fistful of Sand 3: Resurrection

Chapter 01: A New Perspective

Author’s Note

Welcome to A Fistful of Sand 3

Let me provide a brief recap so that you, dear readers, can get your brains around all that’s happened. This is really intended for those who’ve already read the previous stories. In my humble opinion, they’re worth reading…not that I’m biased!

The real chapters, of course, go into much greater depth of character development, and gives “why” to the “what” I provide below.


Dr. Gregg Walters, an archaeologist from “Eastern State University” in Chicago led a group of students on an expedition in Tunisia. He gets struck by lightning and wakes in the hospital. He immediately connects to his lovely red-headed student, Heather – a 24-year-old ex-stripper who is getting her life back together. While in the hospital, Gregg uses his powers (without knowing it) and loses his virginity to Emily, a cute 18-year-old nurse. Gregg and Heather later hook up a few days later at a party at Emily’s (just after Heather and Emily have their own little interlude). During this time, Gregg is learning about and experimenting with his powers.

David, one of Gregg’s students, apparently also got hit by the same bolt as the professor and connects to a lovely blonde named Christine a few days later. David, with Adam and Brian (two more of Gregg’s students), and Christine move on to Amsterdam where David (with encouragement from Adam, who has figured out his friend’s powers) explores the dark depths of his powers. However, David becomes increasingly obsessed with Heather – “the one that got away,” and takes it out on Christine who he makes to look like Heather (dyed hair, green contact lenses), and even begins calling her ‘Heather.’ David becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol to combat the pain of over-use of his powers and begins to slip into madness. Because of this, Brian and Christine are allowed moments of clarity in which they recognize their current situation for what it is. Brian grows increasingly distraught over his inability to help Christine.

Eventually Gregg, Heather, and Chad (the remaining student) move back to the States. Gregg meets Heather’s upstairs neighbors E’dan and Rivkah, two ex-Israeli Massad agents who have relocated to the U.S. hoping to escape their violent pasts and start a family. Gregg and Heather buy into their sexual proclivity and they all become quite close – even Chad joins in (Chad becomes Gregg’s assistant and close friend). Gregg, feeling a genuine affection for these two, helps them conceive (although they know nothing of his powers and know nothing of his help).

Gregg meets up with an eccentric British man who goes by the name of Deuce X. Machinaw (there’s a whole joke that goes along with that, but I’ll skip it for now). Deuce is apparently more than he seems, but never definitively says what/who he is (alien?, god?, super-CIA-mind-control agent?, clever tool developed by author to get out of plot-jams?).

Shortly after returning to campus, Gregg is in his office where he meets a geeky, freshman goth girl named Charli. Charli is a techno-whiz who’s father (a police officer) was murdered in the line of duty. She immediately lands a crush on Gregg, but seeing her so innocent, Gregg doesn’t pursue her sexually. Rather, they become friends. On that first meeting, Charli is accosted by two members of the notorious and elite sorority Omega Xi—Laura and her pledge Natalie. Gregg pulls them into his office and teaches them a lesson. The senior of the two, Laura, quickly becomes obsessed with Gregg, and in him, sees her own redemption.

At Gregg’s suggestion, Laura and Charli develop a tentative friendship. Charli and Chad fall in love (on their own) and Charli loses her virginity to Chad – with Gregg and Heather present. Charli is feeling good about life for the first time in years. In class, she is approached by Brittany Anderson, the president of Omega Xi, who asks her help to cheat on a test. Charli refuses. Brittany pretends to be impressed by Charli’s independence and invites her to a party. At the party, Charli is seized and humiliated by having jars of rotting food and ash dumped on her head. Laura attempts to come to her rescue but Brittany has two goons take her away where she is subsequently raped.

Heather and Gregg devise a plan to teach Brittany a lesson with the blessing of their friends. They blackmail Brittany into accepting a ‘mistress’ – Charli in the leather-and-vinyl-guise of “Mistress Cheryl”. Brittany never guesses her identity due to a mask and a little help from Gregg’s magic. Over the course of multiple painful lessons, Brittany comes to accept Mistress Cheryl as her master. At the same time, Charli and Gregg finally hook up, but just that one time. Laura is also invited into the fold and is forgiven by everyone, especially Charli. Despite his attempts to treat her as an equal, Laura insists on keeping Gregg as her “master”.

Meanwhile, David and his crew have returned stateside. First they stop in Maine where he uses his powers to humiliate Christine in front of her family as well as steal much of their money and their car. They then travel to Chicago where Heather is, and also Merriam, Christine’s younger college-age sister. David and Adam have fun making Christine and Merriam incestual partners – all the while doing nothing to make Merriam ‘accepting’ of the situation like Christine has been programmed to be. But these new adventures do little to stem David’s obsession with Heather. It doesn’t help that David is almost constantly strung out on drugs to stem the pain from over-use of his powers. He is quickly losing his touch with reality, despite becoming ridiculously strong in his magic.

Brittany tries a last-ditch attempt to break free from Gregg and Mistress Cheryl (Charli) by teaming up with Heather’s former boss with mob connections. Gregg and Emily are almost killed and Heather almost raped but Gregg’s magic and E’dan and Rivkah save them in the end. E’dan is shot, but not seriously. (E’dan and Rivkah are never aware of Gregg’s powers).

As a final vengeance for all this, Brittany is auctioned off for sexual favors for 24 hours at a marathon benefit concert for a friend of Charli’s. Charli reveals her identity to Brittany, adding to her shame. At the same time, Laura usurps Brittany’s position at the sorority, becoming the new president and forcing Brittany out.

While Gregg & friends are celebrating this duel success, David & friends come to the Omega Xi sorority house looking for fun and run into Gregg and his party. David demands that he give Heather to him and a short battle ensues where David almost kills E’dan and throws Christine into traffic.

Gregg decides that he is left with no choice but to kill David before he hurts others even more. He lures David into a trap – but Gregg underestimates David’s strength. Gregg’s friends come to his aid in dream form, and distract David while Heather gives him hope and Emily pours all her strength into him – almost to the point of sacrificing herself. David, seeing the nature of the trap calls on Christine, seeking to take her strength. But Christine, now severed from David’s control, takes HIS strength instead, killing him.

In the epilogue (one month later) we see Christine waking in the hospital with powers of her own and Brittany crawling back to Charli. There is also hint of where Adam takes his life, but I’ll leave that open for the future (AFoS 4? AFoS 278?…who knows…).

A Fistful of Sand 2 is an interlude that fills in the time span between the end of AFoS 1 and the epilogue. This shorter tale is told mostly from Laura’s point of view. We see her first attempt to make a friend besides Charli, and how she consolidates power at Omega Xi after her coup. She takes on a new pledge, Yasmine, who she finds out used her to get a story for the school paper. Laura strips Yasmine of all her friends and all her options, leaving her completely at Laura’s mercy. Laura’s failure to completely erase her past “sins” of Omega Xi help reinforce her earlier decision to dedicate herself completely to Gregg.

In the final chapter of AFoS2, we see Brittany’s return to Charli (first told in the epilogue to AFoS 1) but from Laura’s point of view and Christine’s awakening in the hospital. There are hints that Emily may have absorbed some of Gregg’s powers in her effort to save him during his final battle with David – but its scope is not clear. While Laura cannot see much of what is happening, Christine, after seducing a nurse (sound familiar?), lashes out at Gregg and his friends. When the story ends, Christine has beaten down Gregg, Heather is being held at bay by Brian, and Laura was tackled by the nurse in her attempt to shield him with her body. In the final lines of the story, Christine hurls a ball of fire at them all, and Laura smells her own flesh burning just before everything goes white.

And now, our story continues…

* * *

From the desk of Deuce X. Machinaw, Hand of God, Inc.

I just love how that sounds. It still makes me giggle. Probably my best pun yet, even if some, like my dear Dr. Walters, were slow on the uptake.

I am writing this down in part to collect my thoughts, but also to preserve this moment in time in case my recent actions should lead to my termination.

Early on in my studies, I postulated that before humanity was ready for the gift, they needed to show that they were worthy, lest they be little more than human versions of ant colonies. Our testing efforts focused on people of desire and ambition – those who would not be afraid to use their new “powers” but would have the strength and wisdom to temper its use. Alas, these attempts were all fatally flawed. Like a chain-reaction, those with the power continually sought more: more mates, more treasure, more power…just more. I argued that our selection of test subjects needed to be adjusted, others just argued that humanity simply wasn’t ready. And like the aging of a fine wine, we’d simply wait and continue to take samples.

Just like any technology (as humans in their limited capacity would understand it), the gift is inherently neutral – only one’s use of it could be considered good or evil. For example, unlocking the secrets of the atom can be good, in that it can be a source of energy, or it can wipe out an entire city in the blink of an eye. So too is the gift – although not quite on the same scale…yet. The gift can be something of incomprehensible beauty…but one must be able to ignore the rewards of its vast evil potential.

My most recent experiment with Dr. Walters showed us just how little we understand about our test subjects. This is an exciting time because Dr. Walters (who, I will admit, I’ve grown rather fond of) is the first success we’ve had in over 2,000 years…no small accomplishment. Humans being humans are too unpredictable for any stable prediction of success. This is evidenced in that everything about him and how he received the power pointed to inevitable failure…and in that, we were wrong.

When he accidently triggered the experiment in Tunisia, we were ready to shut it down. Not only did he not fit the profile of one we would grant the gift, part of the sundering ricocheted into his young student, David. The gift was also split, now having two unacceptable recipients. And that’s just where everything started going wrong.

On a whim, I postponed shutting everything down, being curious to see what would happen. Maybe it was out of boredom from watching the same pattern end in failure time and time again. Maybe I just wanted to see something different…and something different is exactly what I got.

First, there were now two males in close proximity who had received the gift…and only one female. By pure luck, Heather was by Dr. Walter’s side when he woke just enough to make the key connection. David, having missed the opportunity by mere minutes was never really able to let that go (even if he wasn’t consciously aware of what happened). It’s probably why it took him several more days to connect with Christine…and why he spent so much energy trying to replicate Heather in her.

My theory is that in the intervening days, his mind fought against the initial impulse of the gift. He WANTED Heather (not that I can blame him), but she was already taken. When he finally relented and took Christine, he had already wired himself for Heather. I never intended Christine to suffer so…but now that the experiment was on, I had to see where it would lead. Sometimes the rats in the maze turn on each other rather than look for the cheese. That first connection is so instrumental to the mental stability of the gift recipient that David, refusing to make it for several days, only exacerbated the problem.

Such a difference a few minutes makes. What if David had connected with Heather first? Dr. Walters probably would have connected to Emily (and ONLY Emily), and he might have turned out alright…but we’ll never know. Given what I know now, I’m sure either way, David would not have been found worthy and would have self-terminated early in the experiment.

And speaking of Emily, that was another disaster! Dr. Walters makes that first critical connection with Heather…but then goes and has his first critical physical-emotional encounter with Emily! If he hadn’t been a virgin, it probably wouldn’t have meant as much, but because of that, his portion of the gift split yet again and now he had two separate connections! It would be several days before Dr. Walters finally closed the loop with Heather, but by then, the damage was done. It’s astounding to think that in those first critical moments, Dr. Walters managed to break every rule governing the gift’s logic.

I confess I stepped in once in a while – a nudge here, a push there. But, since all the protocols for the experiment went right out the window from the start, I don’t feel too bad about that. After thousands of years, I’m beginning to think that humanity will never be ready for the gift, in its pure form at least. It may just be that we will have to dole it out sparingly, and keep a tight hold on the reins. After all, despite all their evolution since descending from the trees, humans are still base animals, rutting noisily between the sheets. And when they’re not looking to mate, they’re finding new and more efficient ways to kill each other.

But I digress. While I was pretty certain David was destined to fail, I could not have imagined he’d fail so spectacularly. Besides the failure to connect meaningfully with Christine (who’s only flaw was that she wasn’t Heather), he continued to numb the pain caused by overuse of the gift with drugs and alcohol. The powerful chemistry of this modern age completely overwhelmed the pain response in the gift designed to protect its user. David, drunk and/or high, didn’t feel pain, and thus was free of the constraints. It’s why he was able to grow his powers so rapidly, far beyond his physical, mental, and emotional ability to control it. It was only a matter of time before his obsession with Heather would bring him back to her.

On the opposite side, Dr. Walters was succeeding where others had failed, not because of any great strength of character, but from a complete lack of it. That’s maybe too harsh, but it illustrates a point. Whereas David explored his powers beyond their limits, Dr. Walters feared them and their implications. Unlike David, he was all too aware of its limits…and even created his own limits further suppressing his growth potential.

But where David had isolated himself emotionally, Dr. Walters readily embraced his new “family.” Never having connected with other humans before, the bonds he forged with his little group were incredibly strong. It is ironic that he was the one with the power, and yet he relied so heavily on those around him. And the irony of that irony was that his inability to “own” his powers and depend on those around him is what ultimately saved him.

Such was the case on the day of that epic, final battle fought inside Dr. Walter’s mind, the likes of which none of us had ever witnessed. It was a very clever ruse, and would have worked if not for David’s unnatural strength. The implications of what we witnessed are still being sorted out. Never before had one with the gift so casually disposed of their key connection as David did to Christine. Never before had one been willing to sacrifice not only her body but her very being to save the gift wielder as Emily did for Dr. Walters. And never before had one stolen the power from the hands of one’s tormentor as Christine ultimately did with David.

This experiment is now being observed by many, not just me. I am less able to guide events than before. No doubt, I expect my most recent intervention to come under scrutiny. I did, in fact, break our most stringent rules. But, given the exciting new possibilities that have been unlocked, I couldn’t watch the experiment destroy itself before it had even begun.

I hope I’ll be forgiven for what I was forced to do.

Respectfully submitted,
-Deuce X. Machinaw

* * *

– One month ago—

Christine and Brian followed David and Adam up the steps to the Omega Xi sorority house. David was looking for a fun ‘fling’ with the hottest girls on his former campus before trying again to steal away Heather. Brian and Christine held each others’ hands, sad that their freedom was delayed yet again.

As David’s madness and drug abuse increased over the past few months, his magical hold on them both slipped. Ironically, it was actually worse now than ever because now they were fully aware of their situation and yet powerless to do anything about it. More than anything, they both just wanted David to find Heather, take her, and release them from his powers. They hoped that once he had the woman of his obsessions, he wouldn’t need them anymore and they could leave all this horror behind.

It’s not that they wished Heather any harm. Quite the opposite. But damn it, it was someone else’s turn to deal with David’s increasingly erratic and sadistic behavior. Maybe, just maybe, if Heather and David were together, David wouldn’t be as cruel as he was with them…maybe Heather’s presence would be soothing – just like her absence was torment. It was the best they could hope for, realizing that they were more than ready to trade another’s life for their freedom.

But first they had to entertain yet another of David’s dalliances. The girls of Omega Xi. It was just another of his fantasies that he now had the power to make come true. Truth be told, if Christine had been into such things before graduating college (and if she’d attended ESU), she probably would have found a place in Omega Xi – she was certainly beautiful enough, even without the red hair dye and the green contact lenses…but at that time in her life, she was a good Christian girl, so a sorority like Omega Xi wouldn’t have been her crowd. She could no longer call herself that – religious. Her belief in God had been destroyed. Her faith crushed. David was her god now…and he wasn’t the kind God she’d been brought up to love and to know loved her.

Thankfully they’d left her sister back in her dorm room. That was the absolute meanest, sickest, most spiteful thing David and Adam had cooked up. Not only did they take her baby sister as another sex slave – they made her into Christine’s favorite partner (after David, of course)…and they were both forced to love every second of it…all while the full shame of what they were doing was burned into their brains. The more they loathed what they were doing, the more powerful their orgasms…and the more it delighted David. Merriam was a good girl, following in Christine’s footsteps and attending Northwestern University on scholarship. And now, Merriam was just another toy for David to play with…and the hatred and spite Merriam now felt for Christine was overwhelming. But there was nothing either could do about their situation.

David and Adam stopped by a door in the back corner of the house. Somewhere along their journey, David had picked up a pair of sorority girls for himself and another for Adam. David was talking with the people in the room, but Christine really wasn’t listening. Unless he was giving her orders, she chose not to pay attention. Things would undoubtedly get kinky soon. That’s the way it always was with David. At least these girls would be clean, not like the whores he’d found for her in Amsterdam.

But then she felt a strange, nervous flutter well up inside her – a reaction from whatever David was seeing. Because of their bond, Christine was acutely aware of what David felt – and it was something she’d never felt from him before…love.

Christine looked up – and there she was. Heather. Unexpected. The dream made real.

“Heather,” David whispered.

“David,” Heather said cautiously. “How are you feeling?”

Heather was even more beautiful in person than Christine had imagined. She finally understood David’s disappointment. He had done everything he could to make her look like Heather. But Christine’s hair was blonde, her eyes were blue, and her breasts (while large) were smaller than those of the woman standing before her. Heather may very well have been the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen, with deep green eyes that held her captive in the second they passed over her. Christine didn’t know how much of the awe she was feeling was her own versus David’s being transmitted through their bond. Either way, she felt inadequate in the presence of such beauty.

“I’m better,” David said, “now that I’ve found you. It’s over now. I’ve come to save you.”

The full realization that she and Brian were going to sacrifice this woman up to David in exchange for their freedom hit Christine like a ton of bricks. Heather was no longer an abstract, a fantasy. She was a real flesh and blood human. Her stomach knotted and, if she had eaten anything earlier, she would have lost it on the floor.

Brian squeezed her hand, silently trying to reassure her that they were doing the right thing. But the pained expression in his face showed that he was fighting the same moral battle. Christine took a deep breath, and squeezed back. They could do this. They’d earned their freedom a thousand times over.

“I’m fine David. I don’t need to be saved,” Heather replied cautiously.

Heather’s eyes closed as she fought a sudden wave of nausea and her head swayed. A chill ran through Christine, realizing that David was attempting to take control. Gregg, David’s nemesis who she knew from David’s dreams, immediately lashed out to stop David, but Christine saw that Gregg’s attempt was pitiful.

Heather stopped swaying when David cried in anguish. “Let her go!” he shouted at no one in particular, his eyes still firmly fixed on Heather. Christine knew that the command was for Gregg. She glanced around the room, finally noticing that there were others present – including the girl Emily. Christine only knew of Emily because that’s what David like to call Merriam, her sister. Apparently Christine and Merriam were just stand-ins until David could get his hands on the real things…and with that thought, Christine knew that it wasn’t just Heather they’d hoped to sacrifice…it was everyone. Her resolve began to crumble.

“David, I think it’s time for you to go,” was all Gregg said, stepping forward toward Heather. Christine could see in Gregg’s eyes, that there was no way he was going to willingly let Heather go. He wasn’t a man protecting a possession – that was clear. Gregg was protecting the woman he loved. Would David have done the same for her if their roles had been reversed? Before she even asked herself the question, she already knew the answer.

“Careful, Gregg,” Heather whispered. “He’s been taking a lot of drugs.”

David looked at his former teacher with amusement. “The valiant hero protecting his princess. Tell you what, Dr. Walters. I’ll trade you. You give me Heather, and I’ll not only let you live, I’ll even give you my substitute-Heather. She’s been broken-in, but she’s still got a little fuck left in her.” A tear rolled down Christine’s cheek with how easily her master had offered to trade her. David snapped his fingers and Christine was compelled to step up to his side, her eyes were filled with fear. “Like what I’ve done with her? She looks like she could be Heather’s sister. You take her, I take Heather, and we both walk away happy, what do you say? This way, I get what I want…and you get to live.” David’s bloodshot eyes managed to hold an intent focus that made it clear that he wasn’t joking.

There was a large blur that sprung at them from their left. In the blink of an eye, David’s fist shot out and the big muscle-bound man flew backward into the wall above the couch. He landed on the elegant leather, holding his stomach, his back covered in white plaster. Christine was sure someone shouted ‘NO!’ From the look of horror on Gregg’s face, it was probably him.

No one moved. No one even blinked. The stunned silence was only broken when the man’s gaping mouth finally managed to draw a breath. An older, lovely woman with a long black braid was the first to react, rushing to the man’s side. Christine felt the full weight of what was happening. David would take the women…all of them…and probably kill the men, after he had some fun torturing them for defending Heather. It wasn’t the simple deal she and Brian had dreamed up earlier. She turned and saw the anguish in Brian’s eyes.

David looked longingly at Heather, but her hate-filled stare answered his unspoken plea. She would never willingly be his. She hated him. Adam seemed to see it too, and uttered, “C’mon, let’s go,” into David’s ear. Adam was the first to leave – perhaps murder was a little more than he was willing to do…for now.

Christine’s head snapped backward harshly when David grabbed her by the hair as if grabbing a leash and she stumbled in his direction. David’s self control was hanging on by the barest thread. The hatred in Heather’s eyes was all that were keeping him from following through with his threat. His face was a mask of disgust at having to settle once again for his Heather-substitute…yet another delay as his prize once again slipped from his grasp. “Let’s go Bitch, before I forget I’m in the presence of a lady…Brian, you can have her back when I’m done. No freedom for you tonight.”

Brian opened his mouth to protest, stunned. Apparently David had known about their hope for freedom all along. It was all Brian could stand. He reached his breaking point. But just as his fist began to close and a sneer begin to form on his face, David lashed out with an invisible hand, spun him around and knocked his head into the wall, sending him staggering drunkenly toward the center of the room where he crashed into Chad who was rising to give chase. Both men fell to the floor, Brian unconscious and bleeding from a nasty gash in his head. David hadn’t even watched his handiwork. Christine struggled against David’s grip, but if he noticed, he didn’t show it. Brian, her only link to sanity, was now out of the picture. And yet, one of Gregg’s young friends was trying to help her…a boy she didn’t even know. To add further insult to her plight, she saw from the corner of her eye Gregg following after them. Heather was safe, for the time being at least, and this guy was still going to try to rescue her…but he only made it halfway down the hall when the four Omega Xi’s that had accompanied David and Adam into the room all simultaneously tripped and entangled themselves around Gregg. Christine knew that there’d be no rescue tonight…not tonight…not ever.

David and his motley crew were walking down the sidewalk in the cold near-winter air, away from the sorority house. Christine could feel the rage inside him as he walked away from his dream…his obsession. He stopped and turned as the big guy who he had thrown into the wall earlier was chasing after him. There was a deadly coldness in his eyes and an intense hardness in his face. David didn’t seem to take the threat seriously and laughed as the big guy, like a juggernaut, barreled toward them. This was the third person from Gregg’s crew that was stepping up to save her, even though they didn’t know her, and she didn’t know them.

The big guy suddenly stopped as if he’d just hit a wall. Christine couldn’t see what was happening, but she knew David was responsible. The big guy just stood there, unable to make a sound even though his mouth moved like he was trying to. The deadly glint in his eyes suddenly changed to one of overwhelming sadness – as if he knew he was about to die.

“David! NO!! Let him go!” Christine pleaded.

David simply looked at her and smiled. She felt a surge of his powers and her vision flashed white. When she could focus again she saw what he’d done. He was allowing her to see what he was doing. Even though David’s hands were casually placed in his pockets, there was an ethereal arm standing out from him, sunk into the big guy’s chest up to the wrist. When David twisted his wrist slightly, the big guy yelled in pain but David kept him standing on his feet.

“Come on David…we need to get out of here. Someone’s bound to call this guy an ambulance. Just leave him and let’s go.” It was Adam, already walking further down the sidewalk, hoping David would follow.

They all looked up as Gregg burst from the sorority house. It took him a second, but he quickly realized just what was happening.

David was going to kill them. Kill them all – and their only crime was caring…caring about each other…caring about her. She couldn’t let them. They needed to leave her to her fate and get away while they could. All her dreams were over. At least she could face David knowing that she wasn’t condemning these people to her fate. Maybe if she became a more compliant slave, she could convince David to free her sister.

She cried, begging David to let the man go. “Please David, he didn’t mean to try to hurt you! You just surprised him! Let him go! Take me home, fuck me! Rape me! Beat me! Just let him go!”

David’s sunken eyes didn’t seem to hear her passionate pleas. Gregg stared at her in horror, and in sadness, unable to believe the plea coming from this girl’s mouth.

The man still stood, his face contorted in a mask of pain, his arms locked to his side, David’s phantom hand still inside his chest. From the look on his face, it appeared that Gregg could see the invisible bonds that were holding his friend up…and more horrifically, the translucent hand that was extended into E’dan’s chest, disappearing at the wrist.

“Stop, Gregg. Or I’ll kill him.” David’s face was a mask of banality. David’s invisible hand gave a slight twitch and the man’s body flexed as if a thousand whips had just lashed against every inch of his skin.

“Let him go David!”

“Give me Heather.”

“You know that I won’t! Even if I could.”

‘Please just turn around and go away…’ Christine silently pleaded.

David’s face screwed up in anguish. “Then your friend will die!” he yelled.

“David! Think about what you’re asking of me! I couldn’t just give away another human being! I could no more give you Heather than you could give up this girl.” Gregg pointed in Christine’s direction. Immediately he realized saying that was a mistake…David had offered her to him only moments ago.

“Her? You think this used up waste of flesh means anything to me?” David’s lips curved upward into a sickly grin.

Christine felt David’s will force her muscles to begin moving. She started taking steps backward. She tried leaning forward, but still her legs kept on propelling her slowly backward. Cars whizzed by noisily, uninterested in the drama mere feet away.

Christine’s wide eyes were open in panic. “David! Please. No!” But her pleas only made him smile wider. Step by step, she inched closer to traffic. She leaned forward, trying desperately to fight against the force that was puppeteering her past the sidewalk. She stepped unseeingly off the curb between a parked van and a pickup truck. Oncoming cars couldn’t see her. But her eyes were locked onto David – her tormentor, her lover…her Master.

“David, please don’t do this!” Gregg begged.

Christine blinked and tears rolled down her cheeks, whispering one final “Please…” It was a plea to David…a plea to Gregg…to anyone who could help her. It was even a plea to death itself that maybe through its dark embrace she would finally be freed from this living hell.

Her eyes locked with David’s. David’s smile dropped, an instant of compassion creeping over his face. Her red hair…her green eyes…how could he hurt Heather?

But it wasn’t Heather.

David’s eyes closed as if he couldn’t bear to watch what he was about to do. The big man screamed in pain and Christine felt a sudden surge push her backward. She stumbled and just caught her balance. For a millisecond, she thought she was free, but then there was a surge of light and a horn and time slowed to a dismal, painful crawl. As if she were watching her own death from outside her body, she saw the car strike her, her legs breaking sideways, the bones tearing through the skin from the incredible force. She was lifted up in the air, spinning. As her legs flew over her head, the car (still moving forward) struck her in the face with its windshield, glass shattering on the impact. She flipped even faster, her body rolling across the roof, her fingers being crushed between her body and the roof of the car. She landed on the road, on her back, her spine snapping.

There was a sickening thwap, thwap, thwap sound as her limp body rolled down the street while cars screeched to a halt.

She didn’t feel pain. She didn’t feel anything. With sad irony, she noticed that for the first time in more than half a year, she didn’t even feel David in her mind. The corner of her torn lip covering her broken jaw twitched in all she could manage of a smile. And then blissful darkness enveloped her.

* * *

There was an incessant high-pitched beeping. The air was thick with antiseptic.

“I don’t get it…she should be dead. Patients I’ve seen in twice as good shape didn’t pull through.”

“Something’s keeping her going. She’s a fighter, this one…” said another voice.

‘NO!’ Christine thought desperately, understanding the words being spoken around her. ‘Let me die!’ But the voices took no notice.

She managed to crack one eye partially open but all she could see was a curtain. She couldn’t move her head and she couldn’t make a sound.

A figure stepped into her line of vision. A figure that was out of place. He squatted down so he could peer into the sliver of her one open eye. He was wearing a long black trench coat, his nose seemed overly large for his face, and his hair was black and scraggly. And his eyes were filled with sadness.

“I’m sorry Christine,” he said in a British accent. It took her a second to understand he was talking to her. She’d gotten so used to David calling her ‘Heather’ (or ‘Bitch’ or ‘Slut’) that she barely remembered she used to be someone other than what she was now. “I’m sorry, but you’re time isn’t up yet. We…” he sighed sadly. “I’m sorry –“

He turned and walked away. ‘NO!!! Why won’t you just let me die?!? Please…’ she silently begged to him, not knowing who or what he was – only that he had the power to kick out the plug, or put a pillow over her face…anything. It wouldn’t take much.

The doctors reappeared. “Jesus Christ! She’s awake! Quick, let’s get her up to surgery!”

“Are you sure? I don’t envy what’s left of her when she wakes up.”

“For fuck’s sake, Bill! If she’s awake, she can probably hear you. Try to be more positive! Shit…give her the sedative and let’s get her up to the O-R.”

Christine heard the metal-on-rubber squick sound as a needle get injected into the nozzle below her IV bag. As the sedative hit her brain and the narcotic fogged her perceptions, she amusedly thought, ‘Cool…I was visited by Alan Rickman…’

And once again, the world went dark.

* * *

The apartment was crowded. Everyone was wearing the same style jersey. Her memories told her they were rugby jerseys. It was a party, but every sound was muffled, like she had fingers in her ears.

She floated through the sea of people, none seemed to acknowledge her existence.

The apartment was sparsely decorated, and yet definitely had a European feel.

There was a hallway up ahead and she felt compelled to enter it. It was dark and there was a line of guys standing outside an already packed room. She felt an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, that she’d been here before.

She continued down the hall, still no one acknowledged her passing. She couldn’t even be sure her feet were touching the ground. She sensed or perhaps remembered that the apartment was hot…but right now she couldn’t feel temperature.

An inner voice, that little bit of genetic ‘fight or flight’ was telling her not to go into that room…but as much as she tried to heed its warning, she had to see what was ahead.

The crowd at the door parted, or maybe she floated through them. In a chair in the corner was David, holding a lighter up to an elaborately decorated bong. The room was filled with smoke, it was stifling, she remembered…but she couldn’t smell it now.

There was a rhythmic squeaking that caught her attention. The voice in her head screamed ‘don’t look!’, but she turned anyway.

It was her. It was Christine…not as she was now, but as she was then. It must have been in the first few months after she met David…while still in Amsterdam. He hadn’t yet made her dye her hair red, nor wear green contact lenses to make her look more like Heather. For the moment he still seemed content to use her as she was.

Her corporeal self was on the bed, on all fours, naked. One naked man was behind her, fucking her in the ass. Another was holding her head tightly, furiously fucking her face. Two more were on either side, each playing with one of her hanging tits…they were the next two in line.

The guy fucking her face jammed his cock deep down her throat, holding it there, cutting off her air supply. As he jerked and spasmed, his cum shooting down her throat, she began to turn red, then purple. He finally pulled out and she coughed furiously. The crowd laughed and cheered because she was cumming at the same time. David barely seemed to notice. She collapsed onto the bed just as the guy behind her pulled out of her ass. He quickly rolled her over and jerked on his cock. A thick load of cum shot from the tip and landed on her tits and stomach, mixing with the remnants of numerous previous loads. As the gobs hit her skin, she shrieked again in pleasure, her hand shooting down to her crotch as her body was overwhelmed with pleasure.

David finally looked up for a moment as the two guys that were hanging onto her tits moments ago got themselves into position for the next round. “See guys, I told you so. She’s a total and complete slut! There’s nothing you can do that won’t turn her on. She’s a cum freak, so make sure you cum in her mouth, or on her face, or wherever…just don’t go messing up her holes for the next guy in line…have a little courtesy…” The last was said with a little wink and a nod. David knew that most of them didn’t even speak English…but he didn’t care. They seemed to understand all the same.

Christine’s ethereal body watched, unable to look away. There was no denying how much pleasure she had experienced. Her detached mind knew it should have been horrific…and yet even in this detached state, she was getting excited. There were dozens of more men to fuck tonight…most of them would be back for seconds…thirds…

The room dissolved into white as her own screams of please filled her ears.

* * *

There was that annoying beeping again.

She couldn’t move anything, but she could open her eye. She tried opening both, but the left seemed to be covered, or sealed shut…or gone.

She had no idea what time it was or how long she’d been unconscious. Hours? Days?

She was hungry. So incredibly hungry…and not the sexual hunger she’d had for the past six months. Sure that was there too, a little at least. No, this was just a hunger for food. She couldn’t explain how, but she knew her body was beginning to repair itself…and that took constant replenishment.

She closed her eye, weeping. Everything hurt. And she was completely immobile.

She had begged for death and was denied that one simple mercy. There was no justice. No escape.

Unconsciousness beckoned her and she sought its comfort eagerly. But as she drifted off again, she felt a tug. It wasn’t the irresistible demand she was used to – the one she had been trained could not be disobeyed. There was a feeling of demand all around it…and yet, she knew she could ignore it…but she couldn’t. She couldn’t feel her master like she could before. And yet she felt she had to answer his call…

She closed her eye, answering his call.

* * *

She was still in her bed, and yet when she opened her eyes, she was outside. That she could see from both eyes was just one of her astonishments. They were surrounded by total blackness, like on some empty movie set. Light was coming from somewhere, but it didn’t seem to have a source.

David’s voice interrupted her musing. “You’re not the only one who can suck his friends dry of strength.”

‘What’s going on?’ Christine asked herself.

David grasped her hand. She tried to pull it away, but the signals didn’t seem to reach her arm which hung limply at her side. She looked around trying to figure out what was going on.

Gregg was stepping out from a fountain, that was completely out of place…if this place had a location. Heather was beside him, looking as beautiful as ever, translucent white robes not hiding any of her nudity. On knees in the fountain, still holding Gregg’s hand was Emily. But she was barely there. Christine could see right through her. Gregg was trying to pull his hand away but Emily held on fast. She could see Emily becoming more and more transparent while Gregg seemed to grow more solid, stronger.

‘So that’s why he brought me here,’ she thought.

David held onto Christine’s hand and closed his eyes. “Come on baby. Give it to me. Yeah, that’s it…I can feel it filling me.”

It was an instinctive reaction to just give David what he wanted. For so long she was powerless to stop him that even thinking about fighting back had been beaten out of her. But something told her that was no longer the case.

Christine’s eyes opened wider. She concentrated and took control of her body, control that no longer belonged to David. Her fingers flexed. Her grip tightened on David’s hand. She concentrated on pulling rather than pushing. She took strength rather than gave it. With each passing second, her strength increased – it became easier to take more and more.

“Yeah..ye…wha? What’s going on.?!? Let go! Let go of me bitch!” David yelled, trying desperately to shake off Christine’s grip. But it was no use, her grip was like a vice and it was only getting tighter.

He pulled and he clawed. He tried every trick he knew to free himself but it was no use. Each second he failed to pull free, her grip on him became stronger. And she had no intention of letting go. It was like a drug, every drop of strength she pulled in, needed two more drops, which needed four, which needed eight… She was insatiable, her need unquenchable.

Gregg took a step forward, but Heather’s hand on his shoulder stopped him. David cried out in agony and moment by moment seemed to become more and more translucent. He sank to his knees, begging for mercy.

In a last-ditch effort, he stopped trying to pull free and just begged for his life. For a moment it seemed to work, and David smiled weakly through tear-filled eyes.

But then Christine’s eyes shone blue and David screamed, fading away into nothing.

Christine’s head turned slightly to the side and her eyes locked onto Gregg’s. A tear rolled down her cheek into the bandage that surrounded her head. Her eyes closed, and she disappeared.

* * *

–a few weeks later—

‘I wish that fucking infernal beeping would stop!’

Christine remembered reading something about coma patients (or maybe it was a Dateline special) and how family members were encouraged to talk with them…that they could be aware of their surroundings and that a familiar voice could be just the thing to bring them back.

Such was Christine’s curse.

For weeks now, she’d been trapped in her own mind. While her body repaired itself from the catastrophic damage David had inflicted, her brain remained acutely aware of her surroundings – and unable to interact with them. Brian was a constant companion, never leaving her side for more than an hour…but he didn’t talk much. No family members came to visit – not her parents, not her sister. Not that she could blame them after all she’d put them through…even if it wasn’t her fault.

Nope, other than the chatter of nurses and doctors who checked up on her regularly and remarked on her healing (that her severed spine seemed to heal itself was something of a miracle to them), the constant and steady cadence of the heart-monitor was like a digital Chinese water-torture for her mind.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – her mind was alert and painfully aware of the slow passage of time. If it wasn’t the beeping driving her crazy, it was the memories. She got to re-experience every terrible moment with David. With him now gone, her mind was unclouded by his control and she could see the horrors of what he did, and be free of the sexual euphoria he made her enjoy while he explored his more sadistic proclivities.

In one of the hundreds of memories she was forced to re-experience in her mental prison, she looked out on the tableau of their little apartment in Amsterdam, locked in David’s room. It must have been shortly after they moved there because he didn’t yet have the burned-out look of a drug addict. Christine saw herself on the bed, naked as usual, her hands furiously rubbing her pussy. David was sitting near her, masturbating himself with his left hand.

She had a bright purple bruise on her swollen cheek. Weakly, she pulled herself up to a sitting position, staring pleadingly into David’s eyes. But it wasn’t for mercy that she begged.

“Again…please! Again!”

David smiled, more than happy to meet her demand. SLAP! His hand stuck against her face with a full-strength swing. Her head whipped to the side and she cried out, but not in pain…in orgasm. She collapsed backward, a fresh coat of juices flooding onto her hand.

David just laughed.

It was a game he had invented to amuse himself for the evening. He wanted to see which was stronger – her need for sexual pleasure or her need to stop the pain. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t playing fair.

Her cheek had finally split and was bleeding now and her pussy was actually cramping from the unrelenting series of orgasms. Her face was on fire, and yet she wanted more.

On shaking arms, she pulled herself up again, desperate for another orgasm. David was more than willing to comply. SLAP

This time she came so hard that she lost control of her bladder, peeing a small trickle onto the mattress. This little humiliation seemed to excite David and he quickened the pace of his masturbating. Moments later, thick spurts of cum flew from his huge cock and splattered against her hands covering her pussy.

“Aww…looks like the little bitch peed herself. Well, you know what we do with little bitches that pee inside the house?”

Christine was too exhausted to form words. Her face hurt like hell when she tried to speak. All she could croak out was “m…more…”

Gleefully, David stood and grabbed Christine by the back of the neck. He turned her around so that she was on all fours, her arms barely able to support herself. David positioned himself behind her and quickly shoved his still hard cock into her pussy. Just as she gasped in pleasure, David pushed down on her head and her arms gave way, sending her face-first into the part of the mattress that was soaked with her urine and his semen. She didn’t have time to be humiliated because a sudden powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

Christine watched this replay as she did with all these recurring memories – with a mixture of horror, disgust, and (to her continuing shame) lust. Eight months of David’s relentless programming triggered automatic responses in her body – and at the time of this particular memory, she had no control over her physical self.

But the indignities of that memory didn’t end there. At the time she recalled that particular memory, she heard voice outside her body – in her hospital room.

“What’s this? Holy shit! She’s getting fucking excited!”

She had come to know this voice. It was Ted, the nurse who periodically changed her sheets and washed her down.

Christine wished like hell her body wasn’t getting excited by her memory…but it was, and she was powerless to stop it. Ted must have been in the room while her mind was stuck in the past, and her body responded.

She heard a zip sound, and then felt two fingers slide easily into her excited quim. There was an unmistakable repetitious sound of his fist flying up and down his cock. She heard, more than felt, the ropy strings of cum land on her belly and exposed tits. The bed sagged a little and she felt this stranger’s lips press against hers.

“Thanks baby. Next time, when I have more time, I’ll eat that pretty pussy of yours…since you’re obviously so glad to see me!”

Christine heard a zip, and felt him wipe her body down. Her gown was put back in place, and none were the wiser.

Inside her head, Christine cried in frustration and humiliation – in part because of how, even in this comatose state her abuse continued; in part because despite her better intentions she found the humiliation exciting; and in part because her mind was moving on to the next painful (and painfully exciting) memory.

* * *

She didn’t sob. She didn’t shed a tear. But neither did she smile. The news left her as indifferent as if someone had told her the paint on the wall was green.

David was dead.

They were the first words Brian had spoken to her two days ago when she finally woke from her coma. “David’s dead, Christine. The police found his body under an onramp a month ago. It happened just after your…your accident. They said it looked like he died in his sleep…maybe a drug overdose.” They were the most words Brian had spoken to her in a month.

Christine had simply nodded and gone back to sleep. She knew the truth. She knew that the only reason she was alive today was BECAUSE David was dead. She could still feel the icy chill that had gone through her body when he had called her to the dream and tried to drain her strength. She also remembered the fiery warmth when she took it back…and more. So much more.

Brian didn’t mention the fact that none of her family came to visit. She knew it already and he seemed to know that she knew. He didn’t offer much conversation…but that was fine – she didn’t have much to say. He did offer that Dr. Walters and a few of his friends had visited, but declined to offer more when he saw the brief flare of rage that welled up inside her at the mention of his name. It was an odd sensation, like someone else’s thoughts superseding her own. It left just as quickly as it came, but it was odd, nonetheless.

The hospital was abuzz about her incredible recovery, but she was getting tired of all the medical staff looking in on her. To her delight, Brian started acted as her doorman, keeping everyone out except for those that were actually SUPPOSED to be there. He seemed to have a knack for identifying the rubber-neckers and steering them away. Because he didn’t talk much, the curious who tried to bargain with him found him impossible to trick. He’d just nod while they explained their reason for visiting and he’d just stand in their way. Threats to have him removed never amounted to much since they really couldn’t justify why they had to bother this patient in the first place.

Christine looked at herself in a hand-mirror that one of the nurses gave to her. She had expected to see a face sliced up and scarred, but to hers and everyone’s surprise, she looked stunning. It was strange seeing herself with blue eyes again, now that she no longer had to wear green tinted lenses to keep David happy. Her naturally blonde hair was growing in, and she looked somewhat comical with long red hair with a blonde patch at the top. No, she wasn’t going to dye it. When enough had grown in, she was going to cut away everything that was red.

Christine drifted in and out of sleep as the day wore on. She’d learned (mostly from the doctors who came to check on her) that Brian had apparently never left her side in the past month. The nurses all thought it was exceedingly romantic, but neither Brian nor Christine smiled. They were bound together by extreme circumstances…and now, she sensed, something more.

They might have been free from David’s cruel grip, but Brian was clearly broken. Psychologists talk about the trauma endured by victims of violence…and Brian was someone who’d witnessed too much. He had watched helplessly as the woman he loved was used, abused, beaten, raped…and forced to enjoy it all. There was no more warmth left in his eyes…and she wondered if there was any left in hers.

And so it was that two days after waking, a young spritely nurse entered her room. She promptly shooed Brian out into the waiting area as she prepared a basin of warm water and unwrapped some bathing packs. A shudder went through Christine and she fought down her nausea. At least this nurse wasn’t Ted – the one who delighted playing with her body when he changed her sheets. By some happy twist of fate, he wasn’t there to welcome her back into the real world. She wondered if he was as slimy as she imagined him to be. There was a long list of things she wanted to do to him, but right now she didn’t have the energy. What was one more person using her body? David had done his damage – what else was she good for now?

With efficient fingers, the nurse undid Christine’s gown and removed it. She gasped – there were surprisingly few scars on Christine’s body, given the trauma it had gone through. The nurse re-checked her charts at the foot of the bed, suddenly worried if the right patient was in the correct bed…but everything seemed to be in order. It’s just that…well, Christine’s body was near perfection! The doctors had marveled at it, that despite numerous surgeries, Christine’s skin had healed without any hint of a scar and always within just a few days. A single IV line was still attached to her arm, and she had an odd discoloring on her hand (but given her light skin tone, it was barely noticeable), but other than that, she looked perfectly healthy.

Christine unconsciously hid her hand under the fresh hospital gown that the nurse placed at her side while she prepared the washbasin. The sight of her own hand made Christine ill…the scar was identical to David’s…the one he boasted of earning when he got hit by lightning…when her nightmare began. Even if she could somehow erase the emotional damage, she’d forever have this reminder.

“Don’t worry about your hand, hon. Given all you’ve been through, I’d say that little bit of white is a gift…to remind you that you survived. I’ve seen plenty of patients come out of what you just went through a heck of a lot worse. Maybe we’ll be able to release you soon. Then you could get your hair dyed red again. It must be so nice to have such a devoted boyfriend. I don’t think he’s left your side in weeks. The staff literally had to bring food to him or he would have gone without.”

‘Just shut up,’ Christine thought, not wanting to hear the nurse prattle on…especially about things she knew nothing about. Thankfully, the nurse chose that moment to stop talking. She looked out the window at the snow falling in a thick blanket. It didn’t even occur to her that being naked in front of a stranger would once have been horribly embarrassing… ‘Another parting gift from my mas…from David…’

He wasn’t her master any longer. He was dead.

And she killed him.

It was a thought that should have turned her blood cold – but she really just felt nothing.

The wet cloth slid up and down her torso, the nurse gently but efficiently scrubbing away the sweat and stink from lying in bed. Christine pulled her gaze from the window to watch her, amazed at the woman’s sudden and complete silence. The nurse’s lips quivered, clearly wanting to say something, but something was holding her back. The quiet was suddenly unnerving. Watching this woman – practically a girl, really – perform her duties mechanically seemed unnatural. She could see it in the nurse’s eyes – she needed to talk. Talking was her shield.

‘She talks because she’s afraid of the silence,’ Christine thought. ‘Wait, what does that mean?’

And then, like a bolt of lightning she saw the truth. She saw the nurse at home, cooking dinner. Her husband was in the living room watching sports, drinking a beer. Half a dozen empty bottles were in front of him on the coffee table. When his team did well, he’d cheer. When they didn’t…silence. And if they lost, silence would turn to violence.

Christine saw the nurse’s husband clearly, as if she were in the room with them. She saw their wedding two years prior – just out of high school. He’d bounced around from job to job, but pretty much relied on her nurse’s salary now that she was finished with her LPN training. She worked, he managed the money, and used her body when he saw fit. An overwhelming pity was growing inside Christine as the nurse’s memories flooded into her mind.

Just a few months ago, shortly after starting here at the hospital, she’d sought comfort with one of her fellow nurses, and that night had turned sexual. It had started so innocently, one after-shift drink turned into several. She didn’t want to go home so she allowed herself to be taken to her colleague’s apartment.

The next morning she was so ashamed of what had happened. The beating her husband inflicted on her for not coming home was brutal. But at least he was sober enough not to hit her in the face – where others could see.

Cindy…her name was Cindy. Christine finally pulled it out from her mind.

This was why Cindy had that need to talk…because silence was a signal of pain to come.

Christine’s skin broke out in goose bumps. She had read this girl’s mind. She had connected. Cindy continued to rinse down Christine’s body, but now there was a small but noticeable tremble in the girl’s hands…Christine couldn’t help but get excited.

It wasn’t just the feel of Cindy’s hands on her skin. She could feel the power inside her, and suddenly she knew she wanted this young girl. Unlike the pleasures she was forced to endure by David or the whores he’d brought for her, Christine genuinely wanted this girl. She wanted to save her, like no one was able save herself. And now that she knew she wanted Cindy, she finally looked at her – really looked at her.

Cindy was small, petite really. Her white nurse’s uniform fit snugly around her narrow waist, flaring out downward to compact hips and up to a modest chest. Her face was almost elfish – small with large grayish-blue eyes and a wide smile. She kept pulling her neck-length dirty-blonde hair back behind her ears, and it kept escaping. In a word, Cindy was cute. Painfully cute. The kind of cute that makes one ready to move heaven and hell just for the hint of a smile.

Christine grabbed Cindy’s hand and pulled her down toward the bed. Cindy didn’t know why she sat beside the naked patient. She didn’t know why she smoothed the hair from Christine’s damp forehead. She didn’t know why she leaned forward and kissed this beautiful woman. It just seemed so natural. So right.

As Christine leaned up from the bed, intensifying the kiss, Cindy amusedly thought, ‘well, this is certainly something more fun to do with my tongue than talking…’ And then it struck her how odd this was. She didn’t know this girl – this patient. And yet, kissing her felt like the absolute most right thing in the world.

Cindy kissed lower, worshiping her patient’s large firm breasts. She licked and nipped at them playfully, running her tongue in circles around the extended nipples. Christine moaned in response, delighting at the girl’s soft touch. It was mutually satisfying: Cindy could give Christine’s breasts the gentle attention she always wished for but never received from her husband, and Christine got to feel her breasts given soft, gentle caresses – something that David wasn’t exactly known for.

She would have stayed there all day, kissing and sucking at one breast, then the other, and back again. But she sensed her patient’s need lower and, like a trained nurse, went to the area that demanded the most attention. Her one drunken experience with another woman didn’t leave her with any memory of what to do and how best to do it – but she just did what she felt she wanted for herself…and it proved to be just right.

The gentle loving caresses of Cindy’s tongue between her labia were startlingly arousing. She’d forgotten what a gentle lover’s caress was like…actually – she never knew in the first place. It was curious feeling the orgasm growing naturally inside her, rather than being blasted on her by her master. She grabbed Cindy’s head between her hands, encouraging the girl to suck harder.

“Oh….oh shit! I’m cumming!!”

Christine’s cry drove Cindy on, delighting in the fact that this beautiful woman was enjoying her rather limited technique. She grabbed Christine’s clit between her soft lips and shook her head, letting her tongue whip back and forth. Christine’s hips bucked and her fingers tightened against Cindy’s skull, but Cindy didn’t relent, somehow knowing that to do so would be displeasing to her patient.

Christine finally collapsed, her body reveling in this new sensation. An orgasm. A REAL orgasm – not one forced upon her, but one resulting from pure, genuine pleasure. It was totally new. And she wanted more…

“That…that was nice,” Christine gasped, pulling Cindy’s eager face from between her thighs.

“Thank you…my Queen.”

That name, once used by David to mock her helplessness, now took on a new meaning. Christine stared into Cindy’s wide eyes. The girl looked desperate to please. She looked afraid that she’d gone too far by letting that word (a word which felt so right) slip.

Christine lifted her knee and spread her legs a little. A gentle tug on the girl’s hair was all the direction she needed. Christine felt the joy of acceptance flow through Cindy’s body. As tongue met clit again, Christine smiled and began to accept her new role.

* * *

An hour later, Cindy was buttoning up her uniform, checking herself in the mirror to make sure she looked presentable. She had no idea how she was going to explain her absence to her superiors…but she wouldn’t have traded the last hour for anything in the world. She’d experienced pleasure like never before in her life. She didn’t fully understand her feelings for Christine – her patient – her lover. But she knew that something within her had changed.

She knew that she was not going home to her husband tonight. Not tonight, not ever again. There’d be his wrath, no doubt, but something inside her knew that Christine would protect her. It seemed odd – Christine was two days fresh out of a coma, hardly one to be physically able to protect her…but she did have amazing stamina as the last hour showed.

After Cindy had licked her partner to a quick series of orgasms, Christine had her disrobe and join her in the bed. She quickly maneuvered themselves into a sixty-nine and long after Cindy’s tongue grew tired, Catherine continued to eat her out with seemingly limitless energy. Cindy had to finally beg Christine to stop. She cuddled up next to her well-endowed partner, gently kissing and playing with Christine’s body…but Christine lay there like a board. It was odd, but it seemed that Christine was confused, not quite knowing how to cuddle or even what after-play was. When she looked up, Christine had tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she’d asked.

“This is all so new to me.”

Cindy wanted to laugh. It’s not like she seduced her patients every day. “It’s new for me too.”

Christine looked up at her sadly. It was clear that Cindy didn’t understand all that Christine meant…but it was also clear that Christine didn’t want to talk about it.

Nervously, she asked, “Can I see you again after I make my rounds?”

Christine hesitated for a second. ‘I should tell this girl to go away…that I’m not ready for this…that I’m confused. But the words left her mouth of their own accord. “Yes. I’d like that.”

And so, Cindy got dressed – happy that she wasn’t rejected. Happy that Christine had accepted her.

On shaky legs she exited the room. Christine’s boyfriend (not knowing what else to call him) sat passively on the bench outside her room. She walked past quickly, suddenly embarrassed. He had to have heard…everything. In yet another in what seemed to be an endless string of odd sensations, Cindy knew that if Christine asked her to drop to her knees and suck this guy off, she’d do it, and wouldn’t hesitate one second. The thought was scary…and exciting. She pulled her chart closer to her chest, attempting to hide her nipples that were threatening to burst through her tight uniform. Her hips had a little extra sway as she passed a small crowd of people walking the opposite way.

She overheard one of them say, “What is it about nurses, Em?” and she had the sinking sensation that they knew what she’d been up to…but that wasn’t possible. They walked past and she halted, suddenly curious about this crew. Christine’s boyfriend stood to meet them, but the greeting didn’t seem all that friendly. The tall guy in the group and Christine’s boyfriend seemed to stare at each other for a few moments before the boyfriend finally let the tall guy in.

An overwhelming sense of fear hit Cindy in the stomach. She couldn’t explain how she knew, but suddenly she found herself running to Christine’s door.

* * *

Christine watched her nurse/lover leave the room. Loathe as she was to dress, she found her gown and put it on, tying only the strings at the back of her neck. She wanted to bask in the afterglow of her experience, but it was quite possible that a doctor could come in at any time, and it wasn’t really appropriate for her to be naked.

She was just beginning to ponder the strange series of events of the last hour. Had Cindy really called her ‘Queen’? Did she really delve inside the girl’s head? She didn’t remember talking about her husband, so how else could she have known so much about her background?

Pacing back and forth, she tried to comprehend the new truth of her existence. She paused, bending over the bed to stretch her hamstrings. She felt the gown slip over her naked asscheeks, but didn’t care. After a month with no movement other than the limited physical therapy the hospital provided for their human vegetables, the stretch felt too good to stop. She spread her legs a little, and began rubbing her mound, not caring that the stretch was quickly turning into another pleasure-session. Her thoughts swam with her recent memories. Pleasurable memories of Cindy, unlike all the other memories that had haunted her. She rested her cheek on her forearm which was on the bed and arched her back, shifting her weight from foot to foot as her fingers became even more eager between her legs.

“Mmmm. Yeah…” she moaned.


Christine gasped in surprise and quickly stood up and spun around, her gown settling back over her torso. She was so close to cumming.

Gregg stood in the room, staring at her. That familiar hatred swelled up inside her, like a left-over command by her former master. But now there was something more. She felt waves of lust filling her body. Just being in his presence was overwhelming. She was getting so turned on. She had to touch herself. Gregg’s eyes seemed to widen in surprise as her hand slipped back under her gown.

This wasn’t right.

“What are you doing?” Christine whispered frightfully, her hand rubbing feverishly between her legs. She wasn’t in control.

“Wha-? Nothing. I’m not-” stammered Gregg.

“STOP IT!” Christine yelled, not buying for one instant the astonished and innocent look on Gregg’s face. She knew what he was. Knew what he could do…even if it paled in comparison to her master’s powers. ‘NO! He’s not my master! He’s dead!’ she angrily chided herself, even as just thoughts of David brought an instant rush of pleasure through her loins. She rubbed faster, harder.

“I’m not-…I haven’t…”


Christine’s voice was growing loud and shrill. She was starting to panic. Gregg was trying to take control of her. She’d be his slave, just like she was to David. She’d be forced to live through a whole new set of horrors at this guy’s whim. She had fading memories of Gregg trying to save her, but they were quickly being overridden by images of herself worshipping at this guy’s cock. She looked down and saw the growing hardness inside his pants. Ah-ha! She was right! There was all the proof she needed. He’d come to take her as his own. No! NEVER AGAIN! She’d die first before letting that happen!

“Christine, calm-”

“Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!” Christine managed to yank her sopping hand out from her crotch and she leapt onto the bed, taking a defensive posture. “I won’t let you use me for your sick games anymore!”

“I…I never…”

The lust inside her was almost debilitating. She felt her mouth watering at the thought of sucking his enormous cock between her lips. She could almost feel him pounding into her ass while he pulled her hair painfully. She wanted him to hit her. She wanted him to beat her. She wanted him to rape her viciously. Make her scream in pain and pleasure!

“ARRRGGGHHH! You sick FUCK! STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” She pulled at her hair, as if doing so could make the images of Gregg’s muscular torso thrusting on top of her stop.

She heard some rustling outside her room and felt intense pain in her arm. She looked down but there was nothing there…and then she knew the truth. It was Brian’s pain she was feeling. She could a woman’s nails digging into his flesh. How he could stand the pain without making a sound, she didn’t know.

A blonde head crashed through the open doorway behind Gregg. It was one of his slaves coming to help take her. But Cindy had stopped her. Cindy had known she was in danger.

This wasn’t possible. An anger like she couldn’t imagine was welling up inside her. She had been forced to swallow her anger for months, but now she was in control. No one was taking her. They’d all die first.

She could feel the power building inside her. She held her hands in front of herself and they began to glow. She trembled with the terrible power coursing through her veins. Suddenly scared, she released it, and like a white-hot missile, it shot at the wall just beyond Gregg’s head. The wall behind him exploded and Gregg fell to the ground, white plaster raining down on him. And like a light being turned off, the lust inside her suddenly diminished almost to zero.

‘I was right! He WAS trying to control me.’ Time for this to be over. Gregg may have tried to save me before – but that was obviously just so he could have me for himself. NOT going to HAPPEN! SHE was the new master, and she’d supplicate herself to NOBODY!

She channeled all that anger again into her hands and felt it coalesce into a white hot ball of pure energy. Gregg was still slumped on the ground, trying to shake off the after effects of her previous attack.

She stepped off the bed and approached Gregg. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw his blonde slave crawling desperately to save him, but Cindy was holding her back. The girl was obviously under his spell and would soon be freed from her torment.

“YOU CAN’T HAVE ME! NEVER AGAIN!!” Christine screamed, looking down at Gregg with intense fury. Her face was a mask of pure rage, teeth bared, eyes wild. Between her outstretched hands, her impossibly bright ball of energy continued to grow.

Gregg lifted up his arms weakly, pitifully. The blonde crawling toward him screamed in pain as Cindy sunk her teeth into her flesh.

Christine lifted both arms, and hurled the ball of light at Gregg.

The explosion was incredible.

Searing heat and blinding light washed out all other senses.

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