A Fistful of Sand by Doktor Gostel – Book 3 – Chapter 10

A Fistful of Sand 3

Chapter 10: Betrayed pt.2


Rashi watched amusedly as the chemical cocktail she’d given Dr. Walters switched from physical paralytic to powerful hallucinogenic. In another couple minutes, he’d be disconnected from reality for a long enough period of time wherein she could manipulate his thoughts to tell her everything she wanted to know.

She leaned in close, her lips almost at his ear. “Just let the chemicals do their work. Calling for help won’t do you any good. By the time you regain enough control over your tongue and vocal chords, you won’t even know what help is.”

His leg spasmed again, tugging violently at its restraint. Rashi had done this enough times to know to keep her prey lashed down tightly. A side effect of the paralytic as it wore off was to cause severe muscle spasms. It served little good if he made too much noise or hurt himself before she could extract the information she needed.

Watching Gregg’s leg, she was momentarily distracted. When she turned her head back to her prey, his neck spasmed, sending his forehead smashing into her chin, causing her to bite her lower lip.

“Son of a BITCH!” she cried, more in surprise than in pain. Pressing her hand to her lips, it came away bloody. “God damn it…” She got out of the bed and went to the washroom, slamming the door in frustration and wetting a towel with cold water.

She’d gotten careless.

* * *


It was the one word that anchored Gregg to reality. He couldn’t focus on anything around him. The walls of the hotel room were a swirling kaleidoscope of colors and the room was spinning so fast he wasn’t sure he’d be able to keep his dinner down. There was whispering beside his head that was as loud as a thunderclap, but he couldn’t move his arms to cover his ears. He had a sense of impending danger, but couldn’t remember what it was. So he focused on Heather. He forced his eyes closed and tried to block out the rest of his senses.

With painstaking determination, he pictured her face. Her luminescent green eyes were the first thing he imagined. The rest filled itself in bit by bit. Her pert nose. Her light splash of freckles. Her full pouty lips. Her moist pink tongue. Cascading falls of dark red curls spilling over one shoulder. Her large, firm chest towering over a firm, flat stomach. Long, strong legs. Gentle, caring hands.

Imagined smells filled his nose. The smell of her hair – her favorite jasmine and white tea shampoo. Her perfume. The natural musk of her sex.

He could taste her on his tongue – the skin at the nape of her neck. The slick wetness of her tongue when they kissed. Her breath that she obsessively kept fresh with mints. The hard raspy nubbin of pink nipple that bore faint traces of her scented soap and body spray. The folds of her pussy when his tongue cleaved between her labia.

He heard her voice. Memories flooded back into his brain. He was back at the party at Emily’s house in Tunisia. The official work of the dig was over and he and his team were celebrating. David was there, not yet fully succumbed to the dark desires of enabled by powers. Chad was there, not yet knowing that in a very short time he would become Gregg’s closest friend. Brian was there, not yet damaged emotionally by the horrors he would be forced to witness and participate. Adam was there, not yet aware that he was about to be given free rein to drive his best friend over the edge into the most disturbing side of humanity. Emily was there, as sweet as the day she’d taken Gregg’s virginity.


They sat on the deck talking, flirting, while Emily and the boys splashed in the pool. He’d just probed her thoughts with his brand new powers and saw that she’d just eaten Emily’s pussy mere minutes ago. He’d never been so hot for a girl…for a woman. She stood, inviting him into the kitchen for a drink. She looked incredible in her tiny black bikini and the see-through white sarong. This type of girl didn’t exist in real life – only in the glossy pages of mens’ magazines…and they certainly never were interested in a nerd like himself.

She licked his neck, taking him by surprise. He protested, never more filled with desire, never more unsure. She was determined. She showed him the wonderful sensation of the tequila body shot and he reciprocated. She showed him her sense of humor when she pushed him into the pool. She showed him the intensity of her feelings for him as they made love minutes later.

One by one, as fast as lightning, his memories of Heather filled his mind. Making love to her in his office, in her apartment, at the Omega Xi house…

Lost in time, he clung to his memory of her as tightly as every time they’d ever made love….

* * *

“God damn son of a bitch!”

Rashi leaned close to the bathroom mirror, examining the extent of the damage she’d done to herself. She really didn’t blame Dr. Walters. After all, she was the one who put her head too close, knowing the effects of the paralytic.

Her lip stung, but at least it wasn’t bleeding anymore. There was going to be a tiny scab, at least until tomorrow…and she didn’t relish having to put lipstick over the fresh wound.

Her lips were slightly puffy, making her smile that much more pouty. Knowing she had a few more minutes to wait until Dr. Walters was completely under, she let her thoughts roam. For some reason, taking down Dr. Walters was turning her on more than the other times she’d done this. It always gave her a thrill, but for some reason she felt like this conquest was especially titillating. Her thoughts kept drifting to the file on Dr. Walters. She was remembering with particular acuity that red-head, Heather, that he seemed quite attached to. She certainly was stunning.

Being no stranger to the pleasures another woman could give, Rashi truly appreciated the sensuality and sexuality of this woman. Maybe if all worked out according to plan, she’d take the time to pay this woman a special visit. Rashi envisioned Heather, lying beside a pool, pulling Dr. Walters on top of her. She imagined Dr. Walter’s incredible cock filling up the redhead…practically feeling her own pussy lips stretch in sympathy.

“Why am I getting so horny?” she thought to herself, her own hands pulling down the cups of her bra. Her imagination of making love to this redhead was incredibly explicit, incredibly detailed. She could practically smell the girl under her nose. Rashi had had lustful thoughts in the past…not never so overpowering! Nipples free from her bra were engorged to capacity, the slightest stirring of the air sending shivers through her spine.

She knew she had to check on her victim, despite her overwhelming desire to shove something between her legs. Maybe torturing him a little would distract her from this momentary bout of uncontrollable lust. Taking a step toward the bathroom door, her knees buckled when her panties rubbed against her hyper-sensitive clit. Panting, she held onto the doorframe for a second, catching her breath. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this turned on and wondered secretly if Dr. Walters had somehow managed to slip her a drug before she’d gotten him.

Finally forcing a modicum of control she opened the door. And what she saw froze her in her tracks…

* * *


Her name cut through the fog of pleasure that was clouding her brain. The loss of control was torture, and yet the torture was exquisite.

“Heather? Can you hear me?”

Heather could hear, but she didn’t want to divert even the minute amount of perception it took to listen away from the scalding lust that was being inflicted on every square inch of her body. Some part in her brain was trying to tell her that even fully surrounded by hypnotized Omega Xis, there were just too many hands and tongues caressing her body. She’d lost track of the number of orgasms this army of feminine lust had extracted from her. She’d break away from a searing tongue kiss with one girl to take a breath and her head would be turned and another’s tongue would take its place. Tongues and fingers invaded every nook and cranny in her body all while holding her completely immobile. It felt like there were lips and tongues sucking on her nipples, her earlobes, her shoulders, all ten toes, and all ten fingers. There was a tongue doing wonders to her clit while another seemed to licking deep into her vagina. It even felt like there was one thrust deep into her ass while another tickled her anal rim. That these multiple insertions were physically impossible didn’t register – she could only react to the overwhelming pleasure with orgasm after orgasm until she barely recognized her own name.

She tried to think of Gregg, of the pleasure he’d always given her…but to her shame, it was nothing like this. This was an all-consuming pleasure that only women understand in other women. It was something that couldn’t be learned nor extracted from her thoughts. She tried to block out the pleasure being inflicted on her and focus on her love for Gregg, on the bond they shared…but the tongues in her ears, on her neck, in her bellybutton, in her cunt and ass…she couldn’t even remember what Gregg looked like!

She struggled briefly, momentarily remembering her plight, but it was less than useless. “W…why…doing…this…ungh!…t-t-to me?” She moaned as yet another orgasm tore through her body, causing already exhausted muscles to contract and spasm.

Christine smiled from her chair across the coffee table from Heather and the small army of women that held her in exquisite bondage. “Because it is YOU, Heather. You were David’s obsession when he was my master…and now that I have his powers and part of his essence in me, I can’t just erase that desire. You will always be the model of perfection that I compare everything against…including myself.” Christine paused to let Heather absorb this. “But…You can end this if you wish. Just tell that this isn’t the most pleasure you’ve ever had. Just tell me that Gregg makes you feel this good. Just tell me to stop.” Christine watched for several more minutes as the girls ramped up their attack on Heather’s nearly limp body. Heather’s mouth opened and closed several times, but no words escaped.

Sigh “I thought you were so strong. You’re certainly beautiful – I see why David tried so hard to turn me into your clone when he knew he couldn’t have you. And after all his failures, here I am with you in my power…and I didn’t even have to do a thing. Sometimes I think men are less than useless…”

“Ungh…ungh…y-you took…ungh! T-took control…Xi…” Heather couldn’t even form complete sentences, so overpowered by lust was her body and brain.

Christine switched how her legs were crossed, moving her right over her left and continued to watch the perverse display before her like one enjoying the highest of high-class art. “Hmm…Yeah, that was pretty clever of me. But this? This is nothing. Because of Gregg’s and your bond, I can’t control you…and yet, here we are. Maybe if you just click your ruby slippers together, you could leave Oz behind. Maybe if you loved Gregg with more than your vagina, this would be over by now.”

Heather didn’t understand. What perverse meaning did Christine have? Of course she’d loved Gregg with more than her vagina…she’d sucked him off more times than she could count. He’d even given untold pleasure to her ass. There wasn’t a part of her body that didn’t love Gregg.

An understanding was just beginning to creep into her consciousness, but was thwarted as her body lashed again within the unbreakable grip of her Omega Xi captors with another in what seemed to be a never ending stream of orgasms.

“You really disappoint me, Heather. I may just have to tell Gregg what a naughty girl you’ve been while he’s been away.” Heather tore her mouth away from yet another set of soft feminine lips, yelping in surprise and pain as she felt something smack into her bottom. She had a moment of clarity brought about by that smack and she saw Christine sitting demurely across from her, fully clothed. An Omega Xi pulled her face to the left and thrust her tongue into her mouth. Tearing her face away a few seconds later, Heather saw that Christine’s pose remained perfectly unchanged, but that she was now completely naked.

To say that the woman dominating her at the moment was beautiful would be an understatement. She was a Nordic goddess with long blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, and the poise of a woman in charge. Heather felt positively meek before her. Gone were the hints of red in her hair, the flecks of green in her eyes – the tell-tale marks of her inability to dominate her own self. Those hints of vulnerability were eradicated, leaving behind a Christine that was indomitable in spirit and perfection in feminine form.

“You know, Heather, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet these days. Seems like I just can’t get enough of porn! When I’m not actively fucking Brian, Cindy or Robyn, I find that the nearly unlimited offerings online fuel my curiosity. It seems that there’s no limit to what turns people on. Personally, I find most of the staged scenes to be rather boring – the girls being vacuous and obviously not enjoying what they’re experiencing.

“You and I – we know what true pleasure is, don’t we? Even if it is not genuine, but the byproduct of living under a master’s control. I think that’s why I like erotic fiction, especially mind-control stories. They’ve really expanded my imagination of what I could do with my powers, more so than what Gregg has been willing to share with me.”

Heather only moaned, the erotic torture of hands and tongues continued to play across her body. She heard Christine’s words, but barely acknowledged them. ‘Why is she telling me this?’ she thought to herself, floating through a sea of bliss.

“Why am I telling you this?” Christine asked, echoing Heather’s thoughts. “Because I think we have so much to teach each other.” She paused in her monologue, watching the beautiful writhing redhead. She wished she could have videotaped this. Luckily her power-enhanced memory was photographic.

“Know what else I really enjoy? Hentai. Animated sex. Unbound from physical realities and limitations, those artists truly think of some creative things. You know, I was toying with the idea of capturing you with a tentacle monster, but I think an army of teenaged zombie sluts was a little more classy.”

Heather groaned.

“Know what else I like about Hentai? I like how sexy girls can convert their clits into large cocks and fuck other girls….” She paused contemplatively. Snapping her fingers, the girls at Heather’s face pulled back, making sure Heather had an unobstructed view of her tormentor. “Like this.”

Christine stood, truly a vision of voluptuous femininity. She spread her legs about shoulder-width apart and closed her eyes. To Heather’s horror and amazement, Christine’s clit began to noticeably throb and pulse. With a sound like leather being stretched through Jell-o, her clit started growing out. Bigger and bigger it grew, to almost obscene proportions. Thicker…longer…it just didn’t stop.

Taking a deep breath, Christine finally opened her eyes, the monster cock standing straight out from her body, just above her vagina. She gripped it firmly, slowly jacking it up and down. “Mmm, I can see why guys like doing this…it feels nice.” A pearl of pre-cum formed at the tip.

Christine snapped her fingers again and Heather felt herself being lifted into the air, turned around and then laid back down. The multitude of women holding her hostage had repositioned her so that she was lying on a make-shift bed of teenage girls atop the coffee table, her arms and legs still spread wide, locked into place. Fingers and tongues continued their torture, keeping her now gaping slit dripping and ready.

“Take a good look at my cock, Heather. Does it look familiar? It should – I took it straight from your mind. And since you won’t make even the slightest effort to free yourself, I guess that means you want me to fuck you…with Gregg’s cock.”

Delirious with pleasure and lust, Heather’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, on the verge of blacking out. How did Christine have the power to do this? Her powers were dwarfing Gregg’s! And she was helpless to stop her…and given the nonstop pleasure of the last hour, she was no longer sure if she even wanted it to end.

That thought, in particular, seemed to please Christine.

* * *

Brittany walked down the hotel hallway with an air of contentment she hadn’t felt in years. It wasn’t the contentment she used to get at taking down a rival or blackmailing a sorority sister. She’d just come back from having dinner with Charli, Emily, and Emily’s dad. It was the first time in years she felt like just one of the gang. The family dynamic between Emily and her father was heartening. Being treated as just one of the gang and being welcomed into a home in which she had no alternative nor undermining motive was refreshing.

Charli was going to spend the night there, even though she had one of the first presentations in the morning. Brittany felt it best that she head back to the hotel. There was still some work to do like making sure Gregg had all his papers in order, and that his clothes were laid out for tomorrow’s presentations. Entering her darkened room, she saw that there was a light coming from under the adjoining door to Dr. Walters’ room. That meant that he was back from whatever other business he had to attend to. It didn’t even occur to her that maybe he had other female company.

Opening Gregg’s suitcase, which had been brought up to her room along with most of the other bags, she unpacked, hanging what needed to be hung and carefully placing the rest into drawers. She almost giggled when, on impulse, she picked out the boxers he’d wear tomorrow and brought them up to her face so she could inhale their scent. The aroma triggered the most pleasurable sense-memories and, considering there was no one to notice her odd behavior, she lovingly laid them out with the rest of tomorrow’s suit. Deciding he’d probably want them with him in his room, ready for him after his morning shower, she approached the adjoining door, placing her hand on the doorknob to open it.

At that moment, with the doorknob half turned, a paralyzing fear entered her stomach. A well of panic filled her, dread freezing every muscle in her body. The hanger that held his suit was biting into the palm of her hand, but she was physically unable to unclench her fist.

For several interminable minutes, she remained frozen like that. Thoughts as to why she couldn’t move coursed through her brain, but no explanation seemed adequate in explaining her fear. She was nervous about tomorrow, but felt adequately drilled and ready. She thought she’d gotten past her airline flight fears.

As suddenly as the fear hit her, so did it leave. But it left behind a friend. With the fear gone, a wave of dizziness washed over her and as if all the pleasure centers in her body were being stimulated at once. She became uncontrollably excited. She pictured in her mind Emily’s place – where she’d just come from. She recognized the pool in the back.

“Heather…” she heard an echoing whisper inside her mind.

Gregg was standing with her beside the pool, his arms around her, their tongues wrestling. His title, “Dr. Walters” didn’t seem appropriate – this was too intimate a moment. She felt taller. She had to be – he was over six feet tall and she just under five, and yet she only had to tilt her head back for their lips to meet.

“Heather…” the voice moaned insistently.

Mischief filled her and she pushed Gregg into the pool. Spluttering and confused, he never looked more handsome, more innocent. She wanted him at that moment in the worst way. Brittany slipped into the pool and waded into his arms, laughing. They kissed and heat flooded her body. She broke the kiss, stepped back and undressed him. When she freed him from his underwear under water, she was awed by the size of his cock.

Pulling him toward the shallow end, she ran her hands up and down his enormous phallus, bending down to give the tip a kiss. They exited the pool and she peeled off her bathing suit. She loved how his innocent eyes drank in her every curve. For some reason Brittany felt like she was used to men drinking in her naked body…but having Gregg do so was something special. Laying out some towels poolside, she lay on her back and pulled Gregg toward her.

“Heather!” The name boomed in her mind.

She positioned the tip of his cock at her entrance and…

Brittany blinked, staring at the door whose handle she still gripped half turned in a sweaty palm. All thoughts exited her mind. Her body was filled with a sexual desire like she’d never felt before…even when under the “tutelage” of Mistress Cheryl – Charli’s dominatrix alter ego. Like a zombie, she completed the turn of the knob and entered the room, Gregg’s suit slipping from her hand, forgotten, into a rumpled pile on the floor.

There he was in the bed before her. She didn’t see the restraints. Nor did she see delirious look on his face – eyes that couldn’t focus and seemed to be rolling around in his head, but she didn’t see that either. No, all she saw was Gregg, and the massive lump in his pants.

She was no stranger to that penis. In fact, if she’d had the wherewithal to remember, she’d recall that it was that very penis that started her downfall from queen of the bitches to sex slave. And despite her intimate familiarity with it, she craved it like it was a sacred unknown. Her vision beyond that lump in Gregg’s pants was unfocused, the rest of the world didn’t exist.

With fingers steadied by a single-minded determination, she quickly peeled off all her clothing. Climbing into the bed between Gregg’s legs, she draped her tiny naked body over his, kissing him all over his face and neck. He didn’t react, but she didn’t care. She felt his dick pressing against her through his pants and knew that she must have him.

Unbuttoning his shirt, she kissed her way down. He made no move to pull his arms free but still she didn’t care. She unclasped and pulled free his belt, throwing it onto the floor beside the bed. The clasp holding his pants together was sprung and the zipper pulled down. Gregg made no effort to lift his hips to help her pull down his pants, but with a mighty tug, she managed to pull them and his underwear down at least past his crotch, freeing his turgid cock. Why he insisted on keeping his legs spread, Brittany neither knew nor cared.

She climbed over him, lifting up onto one knee, planting the opposite foot beside him to open herself up for his cock. She was more than ready for him, her juices practically running down her thigh.

“Heather…” he whispered, eyes still unfocused. But his eyes weren’t where Brittany was watching. Her focused gaze behled the union of their sexes, the tip of his knob beginning to spread her wide. It looked like a physical impossibility that such a large cock would fit into such a tiny slit, but she’d never been more determined in her life.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Brittany heard a door open behind her and a gasp of surprise, but she was beyond caring. With a single delightful thrust, Gregg sank deep into her womb, stretching her almost beyond human capacity. Her clit rasped down against his length – his seemingly never ending length. With a sigh of euphoria, she began lifting and dropping her hips, fucking herself up and down Gregg’s length.

In all the times Gregg had fucked her in the past, she’d never felt anything remotely like love. But even though he didn’t hold her, or even seem to be looking at her, she felt his love for her coursing through her body.

And at that moment, she loved him too…

* * *

The sea of girls parted without relinquishing their hold on Heather. She was held in place by uncounted girls, strewn beneath her like a living mattress, their bodies, hands and tongues keeping her immobile without ever slowing in their non-stop stimulation. But now she was being presented like a gift to their controller, her body on display and spread wide open.

Christine approached, one step at a time, her newly grown cock standing firm and erect from her pelvis. It was an exact facsimile of Gregg’s, down to last detail…except it wasn’t attached to Gregg. Her hand pumped up and down its length as she approached, pre-cum oozing from the tip. Heather felt her human mattress shift slightly, raising her hips to help her meet the impending invasion. Christine leaned forward, supported on outstretched arms that were gently cradled by even more arms that seemed to rise out from nowhere. She appeared to almost be gliding into position until she hovered over Heather, their breasts pressing against each others’, her new cock resting against Heather’s quivering pussy lips.

“Tell me you don’t want this. Tell me you don’t want me to fuck my cock deep into your pussy…to douse you with my cream. Tell me you don’t want it…”

Heather’s mouth moved, but no sound came out. This was wrong and imaginable in every sense, and yet she couldn’t say the words. She needed release and she no longer cared how or by whom it was given.

Christine leaned in for a kiss, which Heather eagerly returned. She felt the giant cock nudging at her opening, the tip getting slathered in her copious juices.

Sapphire blue eyes locked onto emerald green. With a single thrust, Heather felt the giant cock fill her tight cunt, stretching her ever so pleasurably as if it were the first time. Stars filled her vision and she felt the world slipping away…


She blinked, not understanding where she was. She looked around. It was still Laura’s room…but with far fewer girls. Sitting across from her was Christine, still wearing what she’d come in with, her legs crossed demurely, a mischievous smile on her face. Her tormentor’s hair was back to its strawberry blonde hue, perhaps even more ‘strawberry’ than usual. Heather stared into her eyes and saw that the perfect sapphire blues were once again flecked with green. In the doorway, holding onto an empty bowl and spoon was Laura, looking concerned.

“Heather? You okay?”

“H…How long? How long have you been gone?” she sputtered astounded that she could find her voice.

Laura was confused by the question. “I don’t know…Two, maybe three minutes? We were out of bowls so I had to clean and rinse this one. Otherwise I would have been back sooner. Why?”

Heather realized she’d been slouching on the couch, her legs spread in an un-ladylike manner. She sat up, and a sensation shot through her pussy – just like she’d often feel after one of her more rigorous love-making sessions with Gregg. Her gaze shot to Christine, who sat there calmly as Heather got more worried and angry. Her ordeal seemed to go on for hours, but Laura had only been gone a few minutes.

“What did you do to me?” she growled.

“I think the more appropriate question, Heather, is what did you do to ME?”

“Don’t play games Christine. I don’t like people taking advantage of me.”

“Funny, neither do I. It’s a most ungracious guest that refuses to leave and then blames the host for keeping her.”

“What are you talking about? You took over this entire house. You raped me! You…you…” Heather was at a loss for words to describe what she’d just been through.

“How many times have you and Gregg played your little fantasy game where you both lie in bed together and you two make love in some exotic local inside his head?”

Heather’s blood ran cold. Like being doused with icy water, she knew where Christine was heading, but the implications scared her beyond belief…if true.

“C’mon Heather. You know the rules…probably even better than me! You said you wanted to know what goes on inside my head. So, I let you see. Not a day goes by where I don’t fantasize about conquests on the scale you just witnessed…about conquering you, especially. You can thank David for that. I sometimes don’t know where he ends and I begin. When I stole his powers and his life, I absorbed some of him as well, and in his final days, his obsession with you pretty much defined him. So don’t act surprised if you’re all I think about. You entered MY mind…that put YOU in control. I gave you every opportunity to walk away, you only had to want it to end. You only had to want Gregg more than you wanted me.”

Heather was near tears, the truth of her own desires like a slap in the face. Laura rushed to her side, putting down the bowl and spoon and putting her arm around the now distraught red head. “I think you better leave.”

A look of sadness flashed upon Christine’s face, as if for a moment she realized she’d taken things too far. Mixed in with David’s lust for Heather was also a hatred for her – for knowing that he’d never have her…it’s probably why a cruel streak ran through all thoughts for the woman whose beauty could never be matched.

Christine gathered up her purse, and headed toward the door. “Robyn’s probably waiting anyway. Thank you for inviting me for ice cream, but I think I’ll take a rain check.” She paused, halfway through the door, forcing off the nonchalance she wore like armor. “Heather, I’m sorry. I…I didn’t mean for that to happen like that…I still struggle for control, you know. You…Gregg…all of you have been very tolerant of my…my little quirks. But please try to understand my struggle. You’ve gotten a glimpse into my mind. It’s like that. All day…Every day. My life is consumed by sex. Gregg came into his powers with a maturity of mind and innocence of spirit. My powers were thrust upon me when I was a mere fuck toy. I’m like a swimmer constantly just trying to keep my head above water lest I drown in the sea of depravity that is my subconscious.

“Gregg’s a good man. He shares everything he knows with me, only caring that there is someone he can discuss this with, not even thinking about the consequences. You’re lucky that you belong to him. I envy you that. I face the same struggle daily with him as well. I want to kill him…I want to fuck him…I want him to own me, body and soul. But I don’t dare. We don’t know what would happen. I don’t know how much of me IS me anymore, and despite my deepest desires, I can’t lose that kernel of self…even to him.”

Christine realized she’d been waxing prosaic, and decided she’d said enough. She wasn’t even sure if Heather was listening in her distraught state.

It was time to gather Robyn and her friends and leave this place. She knew how the evening was going to go – depending how long she could keep her lust in check, they may actually make it through dinner. And then Robyn and the as yet unnamed Omega Xis accompanying them would come back to her apartment and a night of intense pleasure would ensue – likely with Brian and Cindy joining in as well eventually. Such was her life. Despite the hours of fucking and sucking that were guaranteed to result in uncountable orgasms from the participants, for Christine, it wasn’t heaven…it was hell.

The door closed and Heather broke down, sobbing uncontrollably onto Laura’s shoulder. She didn’t know what bothered her more: the impossibly heavy burden Christine faced every minute of every day, a burden Heather now had an uncomfortable familiarity with; or her own lack of control. She loved Gregg with all her heart, and yet in the moment of truth when that love was put to the test, she’d been more than willing to submit herself to Christine.

She pulled back off Laura’s shoulder and planted her lips firmly on the surprised blonde. It was a rough kiss, not one filled with sensuality, but with need. Laura couldn’t quite get into the frantic rhythm of Heather’s lips and tongue and had to pull back, panting for breath. Her eyes met Heather’s. And in a voice that sounded like a scared child’s, the frightened redhead said sadly, “I miss Gregg…”

With the deepest of understanding now, Laura pulled Heather on top of her, their bodies becoming one. Heather eagerly ground her overheated pussy on Laura’s long leg. The ice cream would melt inside its container, forgotten, as Laura helped Heather relieve the sexual desires Christine had aroused in her while also distracting her from the uncomfortable truths of her own weakness. Laura was no stranger to having to face one’s own demons, so she pledged to do everything she could to help Heather through this time of crisis.

* * *

Rashi was dumbstruck. Still tied to the bed, Dr. Walters was fucking the shit out of his tiny assistant. The girl looked like a super-model in miniature, and she looked even tinier each time Dr. Walter’s enormous cock pulled almost completely out from her stretched twat only to get shoved back in. The girl, Brittany, seemed totally lost in getting her pussy pounded.

“Oh Gregg! Gregg! Fuck me! Oh God!”

Rashi was hypnotized by the display. She’d never seen anything so exciting in her life. She didn’t know how such a scene was possible. Besides the physical limitations of how far she thought the female sex organs could stretch, Rashi knew that in all the times she’d given this particular hallucinogenic to men, getting an erection never happened. In fact, pointing out their inability to get one, even in their hallucinogenic state was a particularly effective tool for breaking a man.

One hand thrust into her panties while the other stripped free her bra. Her eyes locked onto the union between Dr. Walters and his assistant. She loved sex, but in all her years as a sexual being, she’d never experienced the pure ecstasy that was evident on Brittany’s face. She wanted to knock the little bitch off that love pipe and take her place, but felt powerless to take even one step forward.

Fingers rubbing her clit so fast they were practically a blur, Rashi had to hold onto the door jamb just to keep from crumpling to the floor. Her pace automatically sped up when Dr. Walters’ upward thrusts increased in both velocity as well as ferocity. Brittany held herself upright with outstretched arms upon his chest, but even from this angle Rashi could see the girl’s eyes rolling back into her head, even as her head lolled about in an almost delirious state mirroring Dr. Walters’ own vacant visage.

“Cumming! Cumming! AHHHH!!! GREGG!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!” Brittany cried, her legs and pussy seizing.

“HEATHER!!” came Dr. Walters’ cry, following that of the thrashing girl on top of him.

His arms and legs strained against the chords that bound him while his hips thrust upwards savagely. Rashi could see the swelling and contracting of his giant member – could almost hear the sound of veritable gallons of hot semen rushing into the over-stuffed pussy engulfing it.

Her own orgasmic cry joined that of the couple on the bed, heedless of whether or not they heard her. She lost her balance and stumbled forward, catching herself on the edge of the bed, directly between Gregg’s bound ankles. She looked forward and up, watching in awe as his cock continued to flex and contract, thick white goo oozing out from between the shaft of his cock and Brittany’s quivering pussy lips.

* * *

The haze seemed to lift for a moment. He knew it was just a moment’s reprieve from the fog. He could already feel it threatening to crush back down upon him and he was powerless to stop or even evade its smothering thickness.

An odor filled his nostrils – an odor which he knew all too well. His mind was filled with the woman he loved, his anchor to reality. He reached out with his consciousness, embracing the loving figure that covered him and yet didn’t cover him like he remembered.

Over the past months as he and Heather had ever grown closer, the joining of his mind to hers had become reflexive, never requiring thought. So why was it so difficult to embrace her this way now? He knew something bad was happening to him, his own body didn’t feel right…and why didn’t Heather’s? His consciousness slipped and slid around Heather’s as if he were fighting with some part of himself that was trying to prevent this from happening…but in his muddled state, he knew that she was his lifeline and he had to connect. It was like walking in a dark room that he was familiar with…but someone had moved all the furniture! With the last reserve of his will, he pushed through and a white heat filled his mind. Nothing felt right, but he latched on with every last ounce of his soul.

There was a gasp. An unfamiliar feeling of fear. He sent all the love he had into Heather, soothing her, adoring her. He felt her body tighten against his. Again, it didn’t feel right, as if her body had shrunk. With her too-tight pussy still firmly clamped around his still spasming cock, he knew from countless copulations that her head should have been resting on his shoulder, not the middle of his chest. He felt love and adoration flow back through their bond – but it wasn’t the love and adoration from months of togetherness. It almost felt newfound.

The world was closing in on him and he’d spent too much time trying to puzzle through these strange differences. Forcing one eye partially open, he summoned the last reserves of his strength to focus. As he tried to process why Heather seemed shorter than he remembered, he also wondered why her hair was brown and not red.

But then he saw another woman rising up from between his legs at the end of the bed. Her appearance was like the slow rising of the moon over the firm buttock-hills that lay upon him.

He knew he should know her, but couldn’t fit the pieces together. She stood on unsteady legs, giving him a look of pure hatred, volcanic jealousy, and unadulterated lust.

He watched as she stumbled into the bathroom. It took every effort of will to keep his eye open and focused. Over the sounds of contented sleep coming from the girl on his chest, he heard a zipper. Then the mystery woman reemerged. There was a wild look in her eyes…and something gleaming in her hand.

Lurching toward the bed, her eyes met Gregg’s half-open eye. Rising into his field of vision, she lifted the knife. Her hand shook as her grip tightened, her knuckles turning white with the manic pressure she was exerting.

As Gregg’s mind slipped into unconsciousness, his last thoughts were not for himself, but for Heather, lying there helpless upon his chest.

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