A Fistful of Sand by Doktor Gostel – Book 3 – Chapter 12

A Fistful of Sand 3

Chapter 12: Marred Facets

How does it feel to kill someone? Does flexing a finger over a trigger feel different than physically wringing the life from someone’s neck? Does it feel any better if you order someone dead versus killing them yourself? What about simply leaving them in a situation that would doubtlessly lead to their death?

These were the thoughts that filled Gregg’s mind as he stood outside E’dan’s and Rivkah’s apartment. The next few seconds had to be handled very carefully, because if anything went wrong, it would go wrong quickly and without thought. And that’s what scared Gregg. He knew his friends’ reflexes – reflexes trained to kill – reflexes that lay in eternal vigilance on the other side of that door. He knew that if Rivkah or E’dan acted without thinking, it would happen so fast he wouldn’t have time to save her. And yet, he was loathe to enter his friends’ minds and just prevent any violence beforehand, an action that he felt was the start of a slippery slope.

Even though Gregg wasn’t sharing his thoughts standing in the hallway outside the apartment door, Rashi could almost sense what he was thinking…and she remained perfectly motionless so as not to distract the single line of defense that kept one breath following the next. She knew who lived at this address – two highly trained Mossad agents. She also knew all too intimately of Gregg’s powers. What she didn’t know was whether or not those powers were enough to keep her alive. And if she died here and now, who would know other than the four people on either side of this suddenly flimsy-looking door?

Gregg was so lost in thought as to the best way to introduce Rashi and keep her from getting killed on the spot that he was startled to look up and see that not only was the door open, but Rashi was looking at him with a perplexed, yet amused expression. Rashi’s gasp a second later let him know just how deep in her own thoughts his prisoner was as well.

“Well Gregg, are you just going to stand out there or are you going to invite your new friend in.” There was a hint of menace in her voice, yet she remained the epitome of grace. “Ms. Chamad, please come in and make yourself comfortable.”

“That’s Doctor Ch…um…I mean, thank you.” Rashi bit her tongue to stem her usual correction and took Rivkah up on her offer.

Once the beautiful Dr. Ra’ashan Chamad – a.k.a. Rashi – was out of earshot, Rivkah turned back to face the now sheepish Gregg, her arms crossed under her generous bosom – now even more generous as her body prepared itself for the son she was expecting at the end of the academic term. “You seemed surprised. No?”

Despite her calm demeanor, Gregg could sense the underlying tension between them. The clearest indication was that he hadn’t been invited in yet, a true measure of her anger since their door had always been open to him in the past. “This…this is a delicate situation. Her government doesn’t know she’s here…and…well, it’s important that she return there…alive.”

Anger turned slightly to disappointment…but oddly hued. Faster than he could have imagined, Rivkah’s body uncoiled, there was sudden motion of her arm, and from across the room a thwack followed by a yelp of surprise from Rashi. Rivkah motioned with her head for Gregg to follow and across the room, a post-it note stuck to her cork message board was now doubly-stuck…with a small throwing dagger.

“If I had wanted Ms. Chamad dead, she would have been dead long before she made it up the stairs. I may be pregnant, but I’m more than a match for HER. Now, Tateleh, tell me, what is this piece of garbage doing in my home? I could trace more than one attempt on my husband’s and my lives to her.”

Gregg took a seat at the breakfast bar as Rivkah busied herself in the kitchen, setting a kettle for tea and putting cookies on a plate. She prepared a separate plate of distinctly middle-eastern flavored sweets on another plate and brought them over to Rashi with as much fussing as with any other guest. Rashi paled at the plate, uncertain why she was getting a different selection than Gregg. Rivkah rolled her eyes and muttered, “Oh for the love of falafel…” and picked up a fig and took a bite, showing her scared houseguest that they were not poisoned. “Believe me, Ms. Chamad, if you die by my hands, it won’t be by something as impersonal as poison. That’s more YOUR style.”

Gregg watched the encounter and couldn’t help feel a pang of excitement along with the fear coursing through him. Here were two incredibly attractive females, both trained to kill, both highly dangerous…and very sexy. He could imagine a knock-down drag out fight wherein they pummeled each other while scraps of clothing seemed to tear or be cut away, revealing ever more sensuous flesh…

“Down boy,” Rivkah said, re-entering the kitchen, seeing the glazed look in his eyes. Gregg snapped back to focus, a bit embarrassed, but consoled a little bit by the flush to Rivkah’s skin. “So?”

Gregg proceeded to relate the story of how Rashi had come to be in his possession. He left out key details, such as his use of his powers, attributing most of his success in surviving her drugging due to luck. He left out the disastrous effects Rashi’s meddling had done to Brittany. And he was purposely vague about how Rashi had come to be under his thumb. If Rivkah was doubtful about parts of his story, she gave no indications…and Gregg knew that she had doubts. But he was counting on the trust they’d developed over the months they’d known each other to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The one detail he thought would give her the greatest relief only caused her to tighten her lips slightly in worry – that the agents who’d been spying on her had been “liquidated.”

“I thought that tid-bit would make you happy. You’re safe now.”

Rivkah forced a smile. “Yeah. It’s…it’s just a lot to absorb right now.” She said, turning her back to Gregg to check on something in the fridge, pausing to hold her belly for a moment.

Rivkah remained silent and contemplative for a long time, clearly determining what the next course of action would be. Finally, she stepped out from the kitchen, pulled her dagger free from the cork board and handed Gregg the skewered post-it. It was the name of a hospital downtown. “Heather called and asked that I tell you she’s here and that she’s fine. That poor girl, Christine, she’s found her sister. I don’t know why she just didn’t leave you a message on your voicemail, but I’m sure she’s got her reasons. I’m sure she’s waiting for you.”

Gregg was torn between leaving Rashi behind to Rivkah’s not-so-tender mercies and racing to Heather’s side. He had been looking forward to their reunion so much…but he hadn’t anticipated reuniting at a hospital nor in the vicinity of Christine. They had serious things to discuss, such as what had happened to Brittany (thanks to Rashi), but he had been certain that the bedroom would have been the preferable place for such discussions…

“Gregg, go. She sounded pretty upset. I promise you Ms. Chamad will be alive and well when you return…and she’ll still have all her fingers….” Rashi moaned in fear from the other room, overhearing. “…attached.” This yielded another moan, but as Rivkah walked Gregg toward the door, she kissed his cheek and patted it motherly. She whispered so that Rashi wouldn’t hear, “Thank you for this gift, dear boy. I promise you, I won’t harm her…much We’re just going to…talk. And just for the record, you make a terrible spy.”

With that, he was ushered out the door. He contemplated peeking back into the apartment with his powers, but right now he was more concerned about getting downtown and finding Heather.

* * *

Heather had had enough. She was emotionally drained. In the last 48 hours she’d been mind-raped (although it could be argued that she’d been a more than willing participant), she’d been lured like a sailor to the siren’s call to this hospital only to have to comfort the very woman she was most afraid of. And, to top it all off, who should turn out to be in the room but her former lover and person she owed her life to, Cathy.

And now, in a somewhat secluded corner of the hospital cafeteria, Cathy was doing her best to deflect Heather’s inquiries. While a congenial conversation on the surface, it was clear that neither participant was emotionally ready to face the other. One was running out of emotional steam from previous events and the other hadn’t intended on making her presence known until her own life was in order. But each time Heather tried to turn the conversation back to Cathy and what she’d been doing since the last time they’d seen each other, Cathy would only reply with a question of her own.

“Damn it Cathy…stop it!” Heather’s yell and her hand slapping the table caused other patients, visitors, and doctors to glance their way. Heather blushed apologetically and soon the onlookers returned to their own meals and their own worries. If there was one thing in abundance in a hospital, it was worry. Leaning close and cupping her coffee cup with both hands in weak attempt to control her rage, she whispered intensely, “Damn it Cathy. The last time I saw you, you were coked up, and bent over Vinnie’s body.”

Cathy took a deep breath, realizing that she didn’t have any more room for evasion. The breath filled her chest and Heather was reminded of the physical alterations Vinnie had made before she’d escaped. He’d gotten her addicted to drugs and given her a boob job, making her the center-piece of his burgeoning porn industry. While her breasts were now almost comically large, Cathy had to admit that Vinnie had paid for – and received – the best. There was barely any scarring and in most positions, they practically looked natural. Vinnie liked to brag that her breasts were done by the same surgeon that had done Haley Tayes, a breakout star who was all the rage these days, and who – coincidently enough – worked here in Chicago.

Cathy started responding to Heather’s unanswered question, but deftly avoided the harsh details of her time with Vinnie and immediately after that she was sure Heather wanted to know about. But she’d promised herself that night that she helped Heather escape Vinnie’s clutches that no matter what happened to her, Heather would remain unaware of whatever horrors she went through herself. It was a testament of how much she loved Heather.

It was evident by the expression on Heather’s face that she wasn’t satisfied with Cathy’s story. But when Heather interrupted again, Cathy was surprised by the seeming randomness of Heather’s next question.

“Cathy, how long have you been fucking her?”

Cathy gaped open mouthed. “Excuse me?”

“Christine. How long have you been fucking Christine?”

Up to this point, Cathy had been playing a meek role, her best defense against Heather’s queries into her immediate past. But this line of questioning as shocking as it was unexpected.

“I…I don’t see how any of that is your business.”

“Anything involving that woman IS my business!”

“And just who the fuck do you think YOU are?”

“Cathy, she’s bad news.”

“I don’t know…she seems like a sweet girl in pretty shitty circumstances right now.”

“Don’t let her current trauma blind you. You deserve better.”

“How can you say that? She’s been nothing but nice. If not for her…well, I may have had to reconsider my current line of work.” Cathy emphasized her “fallback” option by hefting her giant tits.

Heather tried another strategy to keep her former lover out of Catherine’s grasp. “You don’t understand…you’ll just be one of her flock. She’s got several lovers right now and she’s bound to get a whole lot more. You should find someone who’ll be there for you and only you.”

Cathy just stared at Heather, stunned. “Could you be more hypocritical? Aren’t you still with that professor that all the Omega Xis are so ga-ga over?”

Heather paled. “What do you know about Omega Xi? Cathy, you’re in way over your head – ”

Cathy angrily leaned forward, her face mere inches from Heather’s and pointed a perfectly manicured nail between Heather’s eyes. “I don’t know what your beef is. Christine is just a client who gave me a good recommendation. And Omega Xi is my number-one source of income these days.”

Heather gulped. “You…you’re not one of their whores, are you?”

Cathy certainly wasn’t expecting THAT response. “Whores? What the hell is wrong in your head? They’re just a bunch of silly college girls pretending that the life you and I used to live is actually glamorous.” Heather bit back a comment that under Brittany’s leadership and now under Laura’s, the sorority was doing far more than just PRETENDING. “I just do their hair and their nails and make up for photo shoots and special events.”

Heather sat back, ashamed. In her hysteria, she’d assumed the absolute worst of everyone – of Christine, and especially of Cathy. She wanted to apologize but Cathy had built up a head of steam.

“You DARE accuse of me anything? After what I did for you? I thought the woman I saved, the woman I loved, had a better head on her shoulders. I like Christine. She’s a little weird, but I can see the trauma in her eyes…something only someone who’d gone through something similar would recognize. Something you’ve been pleasantly spared from.

“And what did I sacrifice myself for? Why did I go through those years of torment? So instead of getting an education you can sleep with the first professor you can lay your hands on? I hear what those Omega Xi girls say about your lover, the professor. I don’t think it’s all just gossip. He’s sleeping around on you – he’s probably fucked half the girls in that house…and that’s probably a low-ball estimate!”

Heather wanted to stop Cathy’s rant, wanted to tell her how wrong she was about Gregg…that their relationship was…well, different. But she found that she couldn’t make her voice work. Where would she begin? How would she even believe her? Any explanation would sound hollow, contrived.

Hearing no response from Heather, Cathy stood up from the table, her own coffee untouched. “I’m going to go check on Christine. And if she doesn’t need me, then I need to get back to the salon. Some of us actually need to work for a living.”

She turned and stormed away, brushing angrily past Gregg who’d caught the tail end of the conversation. If Cathy recognized him, she gave no indication…probably because she needed to escape before her tears made her mascara run.

Gregg approached the table and Heather numbly stood up, folding herself into his arms. They could each feel the other’s burdens through their magical link. Heather arched back and looked into her soulmate’s eyes, both rimmed with tears, and simultaneously they both spoke, “We need to talk.”

And just knowing that the other was there to listen, they both silently agreed that talk would wait. Falling yet again into each other’s arms, they just stood there and held each other.

* * *

Cathy turned the corner outside the cafeteria door and stopped, leaned against the wall and covered her face with one hand, trying to stem the flow of tears. She didn’t mean for there to be so much venom in what she’d said. She knew that the Omega Xi girls were all jealous of Heather – that whatever their relationship, everyone in Omega Xi knew that Gregg and Heather were something special. He HAD saved her from Vinnie, after all. But HOW DARE Heather bring Christine into this. What did that poor, confused girl ever do that could make Heather so enraged?

She peeked around corner back into the cafeteria and saw the two lovers holding each other, Heather’s body clearly shuddering in sobs. The intensity of their embrace made it clear to Cathy that the love those two felt for each other was real, no matter what the gossip mill ground out.

Taking a deep breath, Cathy decided that it was time to go home. She’d check in on Christine tomorrow. Right now, she just needed to get out of this toxic atmosphere. For so long she’d dreamed of the day she could reunite with Heather. But that magic reunion had been born too early, and too ugly. Unfortunately, her boobs weren’t the only thing that had been changed with time’s passing.

* * *

Rivkah closed the door to the room that was in the process of being transformed into a nursery. At four months pregnant, she barely was beginning to show the signs of her pregnancy. In fact, the only reason she was beginning to show anything at all was due to the fact that her well-toned body had almost zero fat (except in her well endowed chest), so the slight baby-bump was noticeable to anyone who dared to examine her too closely.

Licking the last of the sticky juices off her fingers, she cinched up her robe, hiding both her breasts and her bump and languidly went to answer the knocking at the door. A serenely contented Rivkah warmly welcomed in Charli and Chad, just reunited after their days apart.

“Rivkah, are you okay? You seem a little…I don’t know…”

Rivkah smiled warmly. “It’s just the hormones dear. Now, to what pleasure do I owe this visit? Come in, I was just about to make lunch. I’ll fix you something, you look famished.”

Chad and Charli smiled at each other, Chad having won a private bet as to how quickly the expectant mother-to-be would offer them food. It didn’t matter that they were both, in fact, famished. After Charli’s return from the airport, they’d wasted little time in “catching up.”

Before the young couple even got themselves seated at the breakfast bar overlooking the kitchen, Rivkah was already setting out plates and preparing a small feast of sandwiches and tabuli salad. She made way more than what was necessary, even though her “eating for two” excuse was inarguable. Charli sped through her good news about the contract she’d won and about their meeting with Dr. Chamad and the committee. Rivkah listened intently, keenly filling in missing pieces of a private puzzle. Charli could barely contain her excitement. All too soon lunch was over with enough leftovers to feed a fourth person.

She gave them both hugs and told them that they needed to go out and celebrate. A long evening alone – just the two of them – was in order. They couldn’t agree more. Chad said that nothing important was happening at his frat house tonight, so he wouldn’t be missed. From the look in their eyes, Rivkah was fairly certain that they were on their way now to someplace romantic – or at least someplace with a sturdy bed – and they weren’t going to stop at GO, nor collect $200. Rivkah congratulated them on the good news and walked them out the door.

Closing the door behind the loving couple, Rivkah fished into her robe pocket and pulled out the cell phone she’d nipped from Chad’s pocket. Something he’d said had given her a very wicked idea. Flipping it open, she scrolled through the contacts looking for a particular number.

“Hi Laura, it’s Rivkah…Yeah, it’s Chad’s phone, he forgot it here. Listen, do you still have those masks that Charli and Brittany used to wear?…Great!…Could I impose on you to bring them over?”

That was one the things Rivkah really liked about Laura. She could be a total bitch in the right places, but when it came to those closest to her, she never asked questions and took you at your word. She didn’t even ask why it was important that Charli and Chad neither find out about the masks nor about her using his cell phone.

That minor task completed, she scrolled through Chad’s contacts again and rather than calling from his cell, she used her own phone to call the number on the screen. Her phone line had special features which prevented caller IDs from listing her, and at the moment, anonymity was important.

“Mike Rasselbak?…President of Delta Rho?…Listen, you don’t know me, but if you and your boys are looking for something entertaining tonight, I’ve got just the thing…No this isn’t some kind of joke…you’d be doing a favor for Omega Xi.” That seemed to pique his attention. “No, just be around your house around in about two hours. We’ll come to you.”

It was almost too easy, but then again, one didn’t need a great imagination to get into the heads of a houseful of horny frat guys – especially the jock house. Too bad Chad would be missing the fun…but it was important that he (and especially Charli) not be there.

Putting the leftovers onto a plate, she sauntered back to the nursery. Given Rashi’s overly passive arrival, it had been a piece of cake to get her completely naked, wrists bound and hung from a sturdy-looking hook screwed into a support beam in the ceiling. In fact, Rashi’s passivity almost took the fun out of the conquest.

Rashi looked up, her face flushing again with embarrassment as her captor entered the room. Her humiliation was all the more complete given that this make-shift torture chamber was half-decorated in duckies and bunnies and a half-assembled crib and its assorted parts lay strewn about the floor.

Since the moment Gregg had left her in Rivkah’s clutches, the torture she’d gone through had been surreal, to say the least. Given what she knew about Rivkah and other Israeli Mossad agents, she thought for certain that needles under the fingernails, hot pokers, and whips would be the order for the day…not getting finger fucked and eaten out for two straight hours! In fact, the horny Israeli agent hadn’t even asked a single question…and thanks to Gregg’s magical commands, she knew that any info Rivkah wanted, Rashi would gladly provide, even though it would mean her death once the information’s source was discovered.

“Here Dear, have something to eat. You’ll need your strength.” Rivkah held up a falafel ball under Rashi’s nose, and as much as she wanted to deny her hunger, her stomach rumbled and she acquiesced, opening her mouth and taking a bite. It was delicious. Eagerly, she ate everything Rivkah gave her.

“Why…why haven’t you asked me any questions?” she inquired tiredly, after Rashi helped her wash down the meal with some water.

Rivkah sat back on a stool, resting her head against the wall and watched her thoroughly dejected prisoner. “Because you don’t have anything I need. I’ve already copied all your files from your Blackberry, so I’m sure with a little bit of time I or one of my fellow agents will have complete access to anything we need. Plus, I saw in your purse that you’ll be returning to Tunisia in a few days, so I’m in no hurry. Besides, actions you’ve recently taken have actually complicated my life somewhat.”

Rivkah’s statement was loaded with hidden meaning…meaning that only another professional in their field understood. Recent actions must have meant the agents she’d had liquidated…That Rivkah had found out so quickly meant that the agents watching Rivkah and E’dan were, themselves, being watched. Rashi wanted to cry, but she knew she’d get no mercy here.

“You’re lucky. Charli doesn’t know that you’re here…and I’d like to keep it that way. You’ve caused me a lot of trouble over the years and tonight you’re going to pay for that…more than what Gregg has already done to you. Unfortunately, I can’t really harm you in any way, or else your people back home will be suspicious. So, I’m left with only the more delicate tools at my disposal. I don’t know what Gregg has over you, but I trust him with my life and the life of my unborn son. So, I will honor that trust and make sure you are presentable where and when you are needed…but, in the meantime, I want to watch you squirm.

“You’re the worst kind of agent, relying on poisons and sex to get what you need. You give spies a bad name. So, I figured I’d just put the skills you’ve honed over the years to good use.”

Rivkah stood and stepped behind Rashi. With slow sensuous movements, Rivkah massaged her exposed breasts and tickled her tummy, eliciting a moan of desire from her captive. Rashi didn’t know if it was a by-product of the spell Gregg had put on her or if it was her own natural desires, but she knew that given how easily turned on she was, even in the face of the enemy, she didn’t stand a chance for whatever tortures Rivkah had planned next.

* * *

Gregg and Heather sat in the middle of the room on the floor, him in a lotus position, she in his lap with her legs locked firmly around his waist. Their naked, sweaty bodies shuddered as his cock continued to spew forth copious amounts of cream into her spasming pussy. He rested his cheek between her heaving breasts and she lovingly cradled him there, resting her own cheek atop his head. Both were panting as if they’d just run a marathon.

They’d entered this office in the hospital shortly after Gregg sent a command for the Chief of Surgery to take his secretary out for a long lunch and leave the door to his office open. He knew that Christine was somewhere in this hospital, but for whatever reason, he couldn’t sense her…which was just fine by him. After Gregg and Heather told each other brief versions of what had happened in each other’s absence, both were so horny that neither could bear the thought of having to hail a taxi and drive home before fucking. So, Gregg improvised.

Even with Gregg’s cock still spurting deep inside her and her own orgasm still sending aftershocks through her body, Heather panted, “I’m so sorry Gregg.”

Gregg leaned back a little, his back resting against the room’s couch. He refused to let her up, despite her feeble attempt to break their intimate contact. He leaned in and sucked on her pert nipple, causing ripples of pleasure to course through her body. “Please, Gregg…stop…I’m too sensitive right now…and you’re not listening.”

He was listening, but didn’t want to talk. Because if she started talking, he’d have to start talking. While their earlier conversation had gotten through the facts of the past few days, they hadn’t yet talked about the implications…and they were heavy topics – what she’d done with Christine, what he’d done to Brittany.

Heather pushed him off her tit and stood, his great cock pulling free with a wet “plop” and a veritable river of cum dripping from her pussy and down her legs. Her knees were so weak she almost collapsed, but she grabbed the edge of the desk and held herself up. Her cunt ached for more fucking from Gregg, and his still rock-hard cock showed that he wanted more as well, but if they didn’t start talking about this, then they’d never leave this office. And even though the Chief of Surgery would stay away for as long as Gregg needed him to, the man probably had lives to save and they were keeping him from his duties. Moreover, whatever force was keeping Christine’s libido in check wouldn’t last forever and this place wasn’t safe.

“Gregg, she had me. Another second and I would have been hers completely. SHE was the one that stopped me. It’s worse than having an affair!”

“It’s not and you know it, Heather. She wasn’t playing fair. And it wasn’t real. No matter what you would have said, it was all just inside her head. Besides, despite my magic and despite everything else, you’re still human, and subject to the limitations that any human is subject to.”

“Yes, but all I had to do was just WANT it to stop…and I didn’t. Don’t you get it? I didn’t want her to stop! I’ve become so addicted to pleasure that apparently I’ll take it from anyone. I’ve become nothing but a whore. Maybe Cathy was right…”

“Now just stop that! You know it isn’t true. You didn’t want it to stop because, like it or not, you have an emotional connection to Christine…just like I do. She’s not some stranger off the street, but someone whose life is indelibly inscribed onto ours. Think about it – you were emotionally vulnerable because I was gone, a little drunk, and let’s face it – she’s incredibly sexy.”

That little bit of honesty earned Gregg a warning look from Heather who managed to eke out a bit of jealousy through her self-loathing. Gregg had learned to be wary when her green eyes flashed like that…but for now, that just seemed to make him happy (albeit cautious) since it moved her away from her one-note tune. And since she was distracted…

“So what are we going to do about Brittany?”

Heather knew Gregg well enough to know that he was deflecting her concerns. “What do you mean? So you’ve got another sex slave. You handled that just fine with Laura…why should Brittany be any different?”

“I don’t think you understand the nature of what happened. She’s not just a sex slave. It was the intense feelings I have for you that kept me anchored to reality when Rashi was trying to interrogate me…and those feelings got infused into her. She honestly and truly believes she’s in love with me…and with feelings as strong as what we share. If anyone here was having an affair this week, I’d say it was ME! This is so far above and beyond what happened with Laura, that the two can’t be compared.”

Heather had been ready to dismiss Gregg’s concerns, but when he put them like that, they became all too real. She and Gregg had a very special and unique relationship. It didn’t matter how much either of them fucked with others, their magic bond to each other meant a thousand times more than that. But if she knew that he had feelings for another that even came close to what she felt for him (with the exception being Emily, of course…or possibly Charli….and maybe Laura…and Rivkah, perhaps), she’d go ape-shit ballistic. And if Brittany felt the same way, she could be dangerous. Brittany’s actions had already almost gotten the two of them killed once before.

And just thinking about just how much she loved him, her body immediately began to react. She began gushing her fingers in and out of her pussy, almost absent-mindedly. “Okay, you win. We’ll deal with your problem first…although I guess it’s now OUR problem.”

Gregg stood from the floor and approached his lover who instinctively turned around and bent over the doctor’s desk. He lined up his cock and with practiced ease, pushed the head of his cock into her slippery cunt. As Gregg began pumping at an unhurried pace, she thought only of satisfying the aching need in her pussy. This is what she needed. This was the truth of her existence as Christine and Cathy so bluntly showed her. They couldn’t BOTH be wrong.

She was nothing more than a cock-whore…Gregg’s whore, but a whore nonetheless.

She would have cried if the pleasure Gregg was giving her at that moment wasn’t so intense…

* * *

Christine walked through a sun-lit field filled with tulips. She remembered this place – it was from one of her family’s first trips abroad. They’d gone to visit some cousins who lived in Holland and Christine’s and Merriam’s favorite thing to do was to run barefoot in through the tulips. It didn’t matter that their mother would scold them for the damage they did, never again in their lives would they ever see such breathtaking beauty, colors, and smells.

It took a minute for Christine to realize that this wasn’t real. It was only a memory…Merriam’s memory. It was where she’d locked herself after whatever series of traumas ended her up in the hospital in a coma. Stepping up to a puddle of water, Christine saw that her reflection was that of herself, but at age 10. She almost wanted to cry in relief. It meant that Merriam knew she was there, and that she knew that she was her sister…but that she chose to see her in the image of when they were just children.

“Merriam?!” she shouted.

There was giggling, and a rustling behind her. Christine spun but there was nothing. They’d played hide-and-seek amongst these very tulips all those years ago.

“I’m gonna find you!” Christine said playfully.

“No you’re not!” came a giggly voice, not yet fully understanding that by saying so, she’d revealed her location.

Two rows over, Christine found the cute pig-tailed little girl curled up in the dirt, her hands over her mouth trying to stifle her giggles.


Merriam screamed in delight, and before the little girl could scamper away, Christine scooped her up and wrapped her arms around her in a fierce hug. “God, I’ve missed you!” she whispered.

Christine was thankful that here, in Merriam’s head, all the controls that David had forced upon them both were gone. Especially those sick desires he thought were especially amusing between sisters. No, for the time-being, she could just hug her sister and feel nothing but the unbidden love they once shared.

“Where have you been? I’ve been hiding here for, like, forever!”

Christine wiped away a tear. “I’m sorry Peanut. You’re so good at hiding, that I couldn’t find you…but I’m here now.”

A peal of thunder crashed in the distance. Christine looked up and saw a terrible storm fast approaching. Merriam tugged urgently at her hand. “We got to go…the witches are coming.”

“Witches? What witches?”

“Hurry!” Merriam tugged even more desperately. “I asked Wonder Woman for help, but she didn’t come. The witches and the Snake-King will gobble me up!”

A horrible wind started to blow, knocking Christine off her feet, her grip on her sister slipping. The little girl tumbled into the next row of tulips.

Out from the sky, three black-clad witches swooped down from the storm cloud. If this weren’t a nightmare in her own sister’s head, what Christine saw next might have been funny…but the loose conglomeration of images were how this little girl was processing the nightmares she’d lived in the real world.

The witches, wearing tight, leather or vinyl outfits, but with pointed triangular hats flew out from the sky. They weren’t riding broomsticks…they were straddling giant dildos. Behind them, a giant green dragon holding a bullwhip crashed to the ground, breathing fire.

Merriam screamed in terror and started running. Christine tried to catch up, but for whatever reason, she couldn’t close the gap. The witches and the dragon loomed ever closer as they ran. In the distance, Christine saw an image that just made no sense. There was Wonder Woman, clad much like Linda Carter in the 1970’s television series…but the face was blurry and the outfit was even more revealing.

Merriam called out to her for help, but the superhero just turned her back, took two steps away, and then disappeared.

Merriam screamed again as the witches descended and a tremendous force propelled Christine backward…

Christine gasped, sucking in air as if she’d been holding her breath. She looked down at the arm rests of the hospital chair she’d been sitting in and saw that her fingernails had dug deep gouges into the faux wood. On her sister’s face, the only indication of the extent of the nightmare being lived was a slight crease of her brow, and a slightly elevated heart rate.

Gripping her sister’s hand, she said in a whisper, “I don’t know yet what those images mean, but I swear, I’ll find out who did this to you. I’ll make things right…somehow.”

Standing, she lovingly place her sister’s hand back onto the bed and leaned over and gently kissed her dried, cracked lips – somewhat on the side to avoid the breathing tube taped to the opposite corner. As she left the room, Brian joined her by her side – offering no more comfort or love than his mere presence beside her…which was all she expected of him.

Opening her cell phone, she dialed the number that had reunited her with her sister.

“Hello, Detective Corso? This is Christine St. Martin…I’d like to talk with you….Yes, I know where that is…I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Thoughts of vengeance began filling her mind. And as her thoughts turned dark, she felt her pussy begin to moisten. A legacy of David’s she managed to avoid until this very moment, the thought of causing pain was giving her pleasure. Brian would have to endure some brutal fucking (and give back brutality in kind) until she could think clearly and rationally again.

She would focus her rage inward until she was ready to deal with this…hopefully before tomorrow’s meeting with the detective.

One way or another, this was not a case that the police would be handling…

* * *

That evening, the sun set into Chicago’s western horizon like a bright fireball in the sky, the warming rays retreating into winter’s cold night. But another fireball tread heavily up the stairs toward Rivkah’s apartment.

Laura, heedless of the danger inherent in challenging a trained assassin, barged into Rivkah’s home. Her angry fire sputtered and fizzled upon entry. Rather than catching the older Israeli woman off guard, she found the woman sitting on a yoga mat in the middle of the living room floor in the lotus position, completely naked, glistening in sweat as she worked through intense breathing exercises.

Taking a deep breath, remembering why she was angry, she stepped into the living room, slamming the door shut behind her…maybe with a little less force than she’d originally planned.

“Welcome, Laura. Come on in. Can I get you something to eat? You’re too thin.”

Again, Rivkah managed to throw a speed bump into Laura’s ire. “What?…no….I’m not hun…I mean…DAMNIT! Rivkah, did you or did you not bring some woman over to the Delta Rho house, tell everyone she was an Omega Xi alum and let whoever wanted to fuck her do so?!”

Rivkah smiled wickedly before putting on a contemplative face. “Uh…let me see. You dropped off the masks…I made some tea…what did I do next…hmmm. I tell you, these pregnancy hormones really play havoc with my memory. You sure it was me?”

“You may have been wearing a mask, but your braid and your physique are pretty unique,” Laura retorted, not liking the older woman’s tone.

“Hmm…maybe it was me. Maybe not. I guess it all depends.” Rivkah slowly unfolded her legs and contorted herself into another position. Her calm, dismissive demeanor and her glistening naked flesh further kept Laura off balance.

“It…it all depends on what?” she followed, struggling to stay angry. Her heart really wasn’t into it anyway. It wasn’t that she particularly cared what happened to Omega Xi…even though she was the president. But she had long-term plans for her hated sorority – plans that would unfold over years, and would heap vengeance on anyone shallow enough to want to be one of its members. She never forgot nor forgave her “sisters” for how easily they turned a blind eye when she got raped. Still, her plans still required that Omega Xi continue to be perceived as the most elite, most sophisticated sorority on campus, and not just a common whore house. It had to mean something to win one of the girls’ favor.

“I guess it all depends on how much you love Gregg. Your Master.” Rivkah emphasized that last word. It had become something of a joke amongst Gregg’s group of friends, how Laura still insisted on calling him Master when in private (private meaning within this circle). But all kidding aside, everyone within the group also understood that Laura did not take her relationship with Gregg lightly. She belonged to him, body and soul. In her psyche, he was one step removed from God. Luckily Gregg was loathe to abuse this special relationship, but even Rivkah knew that no matter what Gregg ordered, Laura would obey before giving any thought to self or safety.

Laura gulped. Invoking her Master in this situation seemed random, and it made her cautious. Rivkah was never one to play mind games, so if she was willing to play the Master card, then Laura knew she’d better follow through to see what merit it held. “What do you mean?” she asked cautiously.

“You see, it’s possible that I brought a woman over to the Delta Rho house claiming to be an Omega Xi alum seeking revenge on her husband. It’s possible that, behind closed doors and taking away any cameras or cell-phone cameras, I might have let anyone in the house use her in any way they saw fit. It’s also possible that after four hours of getting used in every which way, I dropped her off at the airport, unshowered, with nothing but her passport and a plane ticket home. This is all possible…but it would mean that Gregg has put me and my family’s life in great peril.”

Laura looked up in shock, her eyes wide in horror. “He…he would never do that.”

“I know that, Laura. He would never KNOWINGLY do that. It’s possible that, despite his best intentions…and whatever his, well, abilities, are…”

If at all possible, Laura’s eyes grew even wider. She was one of the few who knew of her Master’s secret. How did Rivkah find out?

“And yes, it’s even possible that I know Gregg has some kind of powers…powers that I don’t fully understand. But then again, it’s possible that he doesn’t fully understand them either.”

Laura gulped nervously. She was seriously contemplating whether or not she’d have to kill this woman to save Gregg. Even as she thought it, she knew it was silly…but that’s how her mind worked.

Rivkah must have read the tall blonde’s thoughts, but she made no overt move. “Laura. I like you. I love you in fact…kind of like a daughter. But my love for you ends where it puts the life of my unborn son at risk. I suggest you think happier thoughts.”

Sitting down in a chair, Laura exhaled, not realizing she’d been holding her breath.

“That’s better dear. Now, as I was saying. Gregg thinks he’s done E’dan and me a favor by eliminating a few spies that were watching us…but by their very elimination, he’s painted a bull’s eye directly on us. When three agents disappear who all were watching the same people, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the common thread. Gregg didn’t think that far ahead…and now we’re in danger again.

“Now, I love Gregg with all my heart. I know that somehow, he has something to do with my getting pregnant. I know this because E’dan and I tried for many years to get pregnant and it was not until Gregg entered out lives that it finally happened. I also see how everyone behaves around him. He’s a good man, and I will not betray his secret. I promise you. So, you don’t need to think about rushing to his defense and getting yourself killed in the process.”

Laura slumped tiredly back into the chair as Rivkah calmly changed positions yet again, this time moving into a head-stand with her elbows held tightly against her head, her naked body held perfectly steady with legs and feet pointed into the air.

“You said all this depends…that it was all possibility. What’s the alternative?”

Rivkah smiled. “The alternative is that none of what I said actually happened. That it was some other women who came to the Delta Rho house today. That international agents are not out to kill me. And that your beloved Master remains infallible.”

Laura started biting her nails and she chewed on these two irreconcilable options. One forced her to believe that Gregg could not only have made mistakes…but made mistakes so horrible that he’d endangered the lives he held dearest. The other option forced her to disregard everything Rivkah had just said…to disregard the truth.

The minutes ticked by and neither woman moved. The silence was interrupted by Laura’s cell phone buzzing in her pocket. If it weren’t Gregg, she wouldn’t have answered it. “Hi…yeah…um…yeah, I’m on my way…I just needed to make a quick stop….No…everything’s fine…I’ll be there in a few minutes….bye.”

Laura stood and headed slowly toward the door – her faith shattered. “Laura dear?”


“It’s not a sin to remember that Gregg is human.”

Laura winced. He wasn’t human. He was more than human. He was her Master.

“Laura, I need to ask you a favor…a very serious favor.”

Laura didn’t move.

“I need you to not mention anything we talked about to Gregg. Or Heather for that matter. He’ll just try to fix things again and will only make matters worse. Leave the international intrigue to the experts. E’dan and I can take care of ourselves…we have for longer than Gregg has been alive. We’ll be fine.”

Laura couldn’t look at the woman so she remained intensely focused on the door. When it sounded like Rivkah had nothing more to say, she headed out.

It was difficult to breathe as she walked slowly down the street toward Gregg’s apartment. The burden of the truth she carried threatened to smother her.

* * *

It was the strangest dream she had ever had.

Brittany was sitting on top of Gregg’s queen-sized bed, wearing nothing but a camisole and panties. She was watching a video she’d rented on her laptop with rapt attention. Even though she loved singing – something she’d given up in recent years – since returning from Tunisia, she felt that she was more of a dancer…even though she’d never danced before beyond the minimum needed to scrape by at Omega Xi. She had her strengths, but dancing wasn’t one of them. But since her return and her magical night with Gregg, she felt in her heart of hearts, that she was meant to dance…more specifically, exotic dancing. But she had no real experience with it, so for now, she watched videos, hoping to pick it up through careful observation. She marveled at how the dancers were able to exude sensuality through their bodies and couldn’t wait to show Gregg once she’d gotten good enough.

In the bathroom, in addition to her normal toiletries was some hair dye. In the morning she planned to dye her hair red. She had a very specific shade in mind, one that she knew Gregg liked, and she hoped it turned out okay. Additionally, she had the number of an elite optometrist who could supply her with tinted contact lenses. Again, she had a very specific idea of what shade of green her eyes needed to be in order to please her lover.

In her lap was a spiral notebook she’d picked up for herself. So far, nearly a quarter of the pages were filled with variations on “Gregg + Brittany” in all shapes and sizes. Some were encircled by hearts, others colored in a rainbow of inks, and others punctuated by mini-descriptions of what she do to him when she had him in bed. Never having truly been in love before, her giddiness was something she drank in like a drug, further fueling her desire to be with her Adonis.

Her head became light and the room spun a little. Pulling the headphones free from her ears, she pushed the spiral notebook off to the side where it dropped to the floor and she lay back onto the pillows, trying to make the room stop spinning. She didn’t feel good. Not at all. She wanted Gregg there with her to make her feel better.

As if summoned, Gregg entered the room, a look of worry and concentration on his face. Brittany wanted to jump up and embrace him, give him a proper “welcome home,” but her body felt intolerably heavy. It took every effort for her just to turn her head, and breathing was difficult – as if a 200-pound man was sitting on her chest.

Her dreams of having Gregg to herself dissolved as Heather, Emily, and Laura entered the room. It was odd – Laura and Heather, usually the two most confident women appeared uncertain about something.

“Brittany, I must make you understand,” said Gregg, his voice strained by exertion…but all she could see was him standing there. “I must make you understand who you are.”

“I’m Brittany, of course, Gregg. And I’m all yours.” She smiled as best she could, not understanding why her body felt constrained or why he should be stating such obvious facts.

“No Brittany. You are not mine. And I am not yours. I’m going to show you why…You need to see it and understand it…and it will be painful.”

“What are you saying, Gregg?” Brittany asked, her lip quivering in worry. “I love you. What we shared in Tunisia proves that you love me too. I felt it in every thrust. I know you love me too and that you want me to be all yours. And I gladly submit!”

Gregg’s lips tightened. As if that were a cue, Heather and Laura stepped forward. As Laura pulled Brittany up to a reclined sitting position, braced against the headboard with pillows, Heather walked around behind Gregg, her fingers sensuously tracing across his shoulders and down his arm. As she continued around and moved on toward the far side of the bed, Brittany was certain she saw a red and green spark flare from her fingertips as she separated from Gregg. Heather helped Laura remove Brittany’s camisole and panties and the girls curled up on either side of her. Despite their casual demeanor, there was an infectious burning heat emanating from their bodies. Brittany didn’t know if she wanted to embrace them closer or shove them away until she and Gregg finished their discussion. Since she couldn’t lift her arms, it didn’t really matter. The best she could manage was a slight squiggling.

“You have to understand, Brittany, that no matter what you think I feel for you, I have feelings for other women that are mountains compared to our emotional molehill.” Brittany’s face dropped. It wasn’t true. She knew how much she loved Gregg, and how much he loved her back. They were soul mates. Why would he say such cruel, hurtful things?

Emily quickly stripped down naked, her body covered in goosepimples of excitement. Once she was left without a stitch of clothing, she proceeded to undress Gregg. Brittany’s excitement coursed through her leaden limbs as Gregg’s magnificent cock sprang free of his dropped shorts. Obviously, Brittany thought, Emily was getting him ready so that they could make love and show Emily, Heather, and Laura just how fierce the flame of their love was.

Once Emily had him free of his clothing, she molded herself to his side, embracing him with an arm, the other reaching down to lovingly stroke his erect shaft. Emily was burning with passion, and she quickly put the rest of the room out of her mind. She was only minutely aware of the demonstration they were putting on. All that mattered was that she and Gregg not hold back from each other.

Gregg reached up and grabbed her ponytail and pulled down, tilting her head back. As he descended for a kiss, Brittany was sure she saw blue sparks fly between their tongues before their lips sealed against one another. As the kiss intensified, she was almost certain she saw Emily begin to glow with a bluish halo. It didn’t so much emanate FROM her, but was, rather, a part of her. Not knowing how, she knew what that color meant. It was a blue of truth, of purity…of unadulterated love. The sapphire purity of Emily’s halo was so stunning, that Brittany fought back tears in appreciation of such beauty.

At some point during that kiss, Heather and Laura had also disrobed, and their bodies now curled up against hers. Both of their pelvises ground up against her thighs, and she could feel and hear the slick moistness as their bodies grew infected with the excitement cascading out from Gregg and Emily. She felt absolutely tiny sandwiched between then tall, leggy blonde and the buxom redhead. But soon feelings of insecurity were replaced by pleasure as each woman began a slow, sensual roaming of her body with their hands, taking special care to occasionally tweak her nipples, or rake her sensitive skin with their fingernails. Lips soon joined the sensual torture as they peppered her shoulders, neck and face with little kisses – never interfering with her view of Gregg and Emily.

Gregg pulled free from Emily’s lip lock and turned her around and held her close, his cock nestling upright between her asscheeks. With one hand he reached down between her legs, and with the other, he offered her a finger to suck on, which she did ravenously. Emily’s body flared an even brighter blue that not only encompassed herself, but wove around Gregg as well.

“You see Brittany? Emily and I are intertwined at a level you can’t even begin to imagine. Heather is and will always be my first and truest love, but Emily is the one who took my virginity…or more truthfully, I gave it to her. She and I have grown together and are bound by a love that you are not yet ready to understand. That bond was sealed the day she and I made love in a hospital bed.”

Gregg walked around to the side of the bed and lay back at the foot, perpendicular to the girls. Brittany’s eyes began playing tricks on her as the walls of the bedroom dissolved and she thought for certain that she was watching a scene in a hospital room. Emily crawled up between his legs and quickly engulfed his cock in her mouth, eagerly sucking up and down. It wasn’t quite like their actual first time together, but the intention was there…and if anything, the passion had grown exponentially in the almost-year they’d known each other.

Brittany was being driven crazy by the combination of the lewd show and the sensations Heather and Laura were giving to her body. It was almost as bad as in the days when Charli, in her persona of Mistress Cheryl, tortured her by amping up her excitement and then denied her release while watching Gregg and others do exactly what was happening now. Brittany didn’t know if she felt worse because Gregg seemed intentionally trying to hurt her – something a true love wouldn’t do – or if she felt stronger, emboldened that this was merely a test of her resolve and her love for Gregg wouldn’t allow her to fail.

Emily pulled her drooling wet mouth from Gregg’s monster cock. She was gasping for breath, having put so much effort into giving Gregg as much pleasure as possible. Blue sparks shot from her mouth to the tip of Gregg’s erect penis. It didn’t seem to hurt him, from what Brittany could see. As Emily crawled up over Gregg’s body, more sparks shot between them, notably from her nipples and her tongue as she licked her way upward.

She sat up straight, and lifted herself high on her knees. They didn’t even need hands to guide his incredible member in – it seemed to know exactly where to go and she closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure as she sat back down slowly, inch by inch his incredible girth filling her tight hole.

“Oh, Gregg. I love you so much…” Emily sighed as she began a sensuous rocking back and forth, up and down. Her hands trailed up her body as she squeezed her own breasts and nipples, her hands working in a complimentary rhythm to her hips.

Brittany seethed in jealousy. It was one thing for Gregg to enjoy his other lovers…but that level of sentiment belonged to her. But her anger was interrupted as Heather inserted a finger into her leaking pussy. It was almost as if the fiery redhead could sense her feelings and had moved to quell them. Heather offered no words, but the fire in her green eyes held an unspoken challenge…as if to say, “you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Gritting her teeth in frustration and in pleasure, Brittany endured. She seemed to have enough freedom of movement to flex her hips and move her legs, which helped her get the most out of Heather’s delicious torture.

Emily and Gregg were in a world all their own. Their fucking had ramped up from slow and sensuous to fast and furious. Gregg’s hips thrust up violently as Emily’s dropped down, resulting in a rapid tempo of flesh slapping against flesh. Emily let go of one of the breasts she’d been cupping so that she could pull free the tie that held her pony tail in place. The result was the freeing of her curtain of long, chestnut brown hair which flailed all around her head which whipped back and forth as she moaned in pleasure.

Suddenly both Gregg’s and Emily’s bodies tensed and Gregg grabbed onto Emily’s hips as if he were trying to pull her physically and totally into himself. They moaned in unison with each tremendous spurt of seed that shot up into her womb. Brittany’s own body spasmed in release, the excitement of the pure passion she was observing being too much for her.

As everyone cooled down, Brittany saw Emily’s intense blue aura soften and meld with the white glow she was beginning to see around Gregg. Their two auras melded together perfectly and connected them more absolutely than even their joined genitals. Brittany wanted to cry at seeing such beauty and through her tears, she thought she saw something…a very faint reddish glow around her toes.

Emily climbed off Gregg and as she pulled free, a deluge of spunk dripped out from her pleasantly abused crotch. Her hand quickly covered her dripping mound, futilely stemming the flow of his precious seed. Tiredly, but enthusiastically, she knelt back down between his legs and lovingly cleaned him off with her tongue.

“You’re beginning to see, Brittany…but you’re not ready yet.

Laura stood from the bed and joined Emily, relieving her friend from clean-up duty to help restore her Master to full hardness. Emily licked her sticky fingers as she took Laura’s place beside Brittany. Brittany’s eyes were locked on her goo-coated digits, and Emily saw what it was that their prisoner wanted. Brittany’s mouth opened and her tongue extended as Emily’s coated middle finger entered her mouth. The taste of Gregg’s spunk sent her head spinning in relief and excitement, her belly twitching as she sucked clean Emily’s thin finger. When there was no more spunk to suck from the middle finger, Emily casually offered her another as things at the end of the bed heated up again.

Gregg stood from the bed with Laura kneeling before him. Her mouth was attached to his thick pole, her eyes looking up at him in absolute devotion. Gregg’s concentration increased again and, to Brittany’s surprise, Emily’s fingers slipped out of her mouth as the willowy brunette appeared lost in concentration as well. Laura, unlike Heather and Emily, didn’t share a magical bond with Gregg – their bonding was the result of magic, but was no longer magical in and of itself – so he needed extra help bringing forth her aura while maintaining all the other magic dedicated to freeing Brittany from her accidental imprinting.

Laura’s body began glowing with a faint yellow hue that grew more intense with each thrust of her mouth onto her Master’s cock. Brittany didn’t know why, but she knew that the yellow hue was more than just a color. It was a yellow of worship and devotion. It was pure love, but different from Emily’s or even her own. It was the love a mere person has for a God. It was awe. It was reverence. Brittany could feel the devotion flowing out from Laura as the blonde’s aura encompassed and melded with Gregg. Brittany had known that Laura was serious about her devotion to Gregg…but never realized how life-encompassing it was. It added to her excitement to see her one-time “friend” and “sister” so slavishly worship the very man she loved. While filling her with jealousy, it nevertheless steeled her resolve to prove Gregg wrong, to show him that they belonged together.

Knowing that Laura’s expert cocksucking would bring him to release soon, Gregg gently, but forcibly pulled her face free from his erection. The disappointed pout on her face was as cute as it was heart wrenching – but she didn’t disobey. Following his lead, she stood up and bent over the corner of the bed, supporting her weight on outstretched arms. Brittany never fully realized just how attractive Laura was. Her long, lean figure was tense as Gregg sidled up behind her and gripped her firm asscheeks in his large hands. Laura arched her back, rounding her ass even more, presenting her dripping pussy for her Master to take.

“Laura is more than a mere Slave, Brittany,” he said, using one hand to rub the head of his cock up and down her moist slit. “She has shown a devotion to me and my friends beyond that of a mere mindless automaton. Her strength of character has shone through and she has demonstrated to me just how incredibly beautiful she is, inside and out.” Laura looked back over her shoulder as Gregg sang her praises. She couldn’t keep the tears of joy from escaping her eyes as she looked back at him reverently.

In Brittany’s eyes, the walls of the bedroom dissolved away and she felt transported to Gregg’s living room – as it used to be decorated before the dig project took it over. For Laura, this was the setting where she fully and completely became Gregg’s slave. And to hear his words of love in this most intimate setting filled her with emotion. She orgasmed the moment Gregg shoved his cock fully into her. The yellow aura around them flared so intensely, it was almost blinding.

Their bodies slapped together in a fast, furious rhythm. Gregg held nothing back and Laura cried out her pleasure without inhibition. Brittany was in awe of the sexual display before her. Her own excitement hit new heights as Heather kissed her way down her tummy and began nuzzling at her swollen crotch. While not fully burying her talented tongue into Brittany’s quim, the seductive redhead nevertheless stoked the flames of desire by gently licking between her labia and tickling her clit.

Just when Laura felt the pleasure couldn’t get any more intense, Gregg pulled free and almost without missing a stroke, pried her asscheek apart with his thumbs and thrust his cock at her netherhole. Laura’s eyes and mouth went wide with surprise and then her face turned red as her body got stretched beyond normal human tolerances. But thanks to the generous coating of her pussy juices and Gregg’s helpful influence over her body, his mammoth girth soon bore its way fully into her. Within moments, Gregg had resumed a slower, but no less intense fucking of her ass. Laura’s body melted into a never-ending stream of orgasms that rocked her body. If not for Gregg’s tight grip, she would have collapsed to the floor.

Just as Laura’s biggest climax hit her, Gregg pushed her forward and spun her so that she landed limply on the bed, flat on her back. At that moment, everyone in the room held their breath as they knew what was about to happen. Gregg shut his eyes and pumped his cock a few more times. It seemed to swell to epic proportions. His whole body tensed as his first gigantic spurt shot forth and landed with a wet splat, leaving a thick white line of goo from Laura’s neck, down her sternum and ending at her bellybutton. This was followed by spurt after spurt. For an impossibly long time, Gregg kept cumming, unleashing a tidal wave of cum onto his Slave. With each strike of the warm spunk, Laura’s body reacted as if being whipped by a lash, but receiving nothing but pleasure – not pain.

Brittany couldn’t believe the intensity of Laura’s cum, nor the volume of Gregg’s seed – especially since he’d already unloaded one massive cum into Emily. Her own body’s glow became more apparent. The red moving from beyond her toes and encompassing her body. But whereas Emily’s and Laura’s glows seemed to come from within them, Brittany began to realize that hers seemed to hover just above her skin…like a blanket placed over her soul. Fear began to well up inside her as she began to contemplate if she’d get to experience such intense joy with Gregg if this aura surrounding her didn’t feel correct…

Events in the room took a pause. Gregg was thankful for the rest, and was excited to see that his plan was working. Brittany was beginning to see that her change in personality was artificial. They were all still walking a razor’s edge, but he held hope that this would work. He got the idea for what he was doing to Brittany from reading the Dune series by Frank (and later Brian) Herbert. In the later books, sexual imprinting becomes a key method for control…and for some reason, Gregg knew it would work in this case as well. Still maintaining his concentration, he kept Brittany locked in place as the illusion of his living room dissolved back into his bedroom.

Emily, no longer needing to maintain her own concentration, relaxed and caught her breath. She had very limited strength in the powers, and only had what she had by accident. So even her little contribution left her winded. Exhausted, she helped Laura stand and marched her into the bathroom to get cleaned up. Normally a load of Gregg’s spunk wouldn’t go to waste, but the amount of goo covering her torso bordered on the ridiculous.

Wasting no more time, Gregg held out his hand toward Heather. She pulled her face free from Brittany’s crotch and licked her lips, savoring the tiny girl’s juices. Red sparks tinged with green shot across the room as she approached Gregg, her aura flaring as her body reacted to the knowledge that she was next. Gregg’s sparks mixed in the with the red and as soon as she entered Gregg’s arms, the entire room filled with light and heat.

Brittany was instantly jealous and envious of Heather – her feelings bordering on rage. For in her remarkable beauty, the diminutive girl saw in Heather what she herself should be. It wasn’t just the perfectly proportioned legs, the firm buttocks, the sizable yet firm chest; nor was it the thick, rich red curls cascading over Heather’s shoulders. It was the intense look of desire Gregg held for her as she approached. Brittany felt cheated by life and fate that such a look of desire had never been held for her.

Gregg had planned on continuing his speech, telling Brittany about how Heather was his one true love, his soul mate, his universe…but at that moment words failed him. He could only pull her close and kiss her with all the feelings he had.

Heather reciprocated, her body aflame with desire for this man. But like a splinter in her mind, the doubts created by Christine and Cathy gnawed at her subconsciously. Her aura began to fade and sputter from the rich red to a sickly maroon, even as she ground her body tighter against Gregg’s rampant erection. Her body desperately craved him, even as her own doubts troubled her mind.

Gregg pulled back slightly, worried. But she stemmed any discussion by looking directly into his eyes, her own green orbs flaring with need. “Fuck me Gregg. Fuck me like you did our first night together by the pool.”

Gregg lay her down at the foot of the bed, and smothered her with his body, crushing her tits against his chest. There was a fuck-need pouring out from her that had her body in an almost frenzy. She was a cum-whore and needed to be satisfied. She reached down and latched onto Gregg’s cock, lining him up for entry with shaking hands.

The room dissolved into an image of the pool from Emily’s father’s house in Tunisia. Brittany recognized it immediately. Not only had she visited there, but the night she and Gregg made love in the hotel room, she could swear that this very scene had played out in her mind. To Gregg’s surprise, it only helped reinforce the belief that she and Gregg were destined to be together.

All of Heather’s doubts got shoved aside as Gregg pushed himself inside her. Just like on that first night together, Heather wrapped her legs tightly around his body, thrusting upward in time to meet his downward strokes. His cock made wet squishy sounds with each thrust as her body reacted to the pleasure of his fucking with a deluge of juices. Nose to nose, they stared into each other’s eyes as the bed shook furiously due to their pounding…but the outside world didn’t exist. All that mattered was the pleasure each other elicited from the other. Their breath mixed, each panting in exertion.

Brittany watched in awe. The red aura surrounding her own body felt false, uncomfortable – not natural like the one surrounding Heather and Gregg. Her arms, once immobile, were freed and she put them to good work by quickly thrusting them between her thighs. She wanted desperately to get fucked like Gregg and Heather were fucking. This was worse than what she endured under Charli’s torture…because it wasn’t just an intense show she was watching – she was watching herself, or more specifically, watching two people make love with a passion she felt should have been hers.

Like the layers in an onion, the first layers of her false aura began to strip away. There was no denying the intensity of the feelings Gregg held for Heather. As intense as what she’d witnessed with Emily and Laura, those two were like candles next to a bonfire. More layers stripped clean, her red hue fading. Sadness was competing with excitement at the realization of what level of pleasure was possible…and that it would never be hers.

Gregg felt Brittany beginning to understand. But the pleasure Heather was giving him was too much for his over-taxed powers to fight. She was fucking him with a need beyond that of a mere lover. She demanded that he thrust harder, faster. He could sense her pleasure hitting impossible heights, and yet there was something wrong…something he didn’t have the resources to deal with right now.

Her fingers clawed at his back. Her hips became an upward blur. Gregg lost control and felt himself cumming. The bed shook as their bodies collided. Laura and Emily watched from the side of the bed, unsure about what, if anything, to do…and yet incredibly excited by the intensity of the fuck.

Gregg and Heather screamed out their release at the same time. It was more pleasurable than Gregg could possibly have imagined as he felt himself pouring into Heather. For Heather, the release was just as intense…quite possibly the biggest orgasm she’d ever experienced with Gregg. But it didn’t erase the memory of the pleasure she’d gotten from Christine, like she’d hoped. The two just weren’t comparable, and despite the level of pleasure Gregg unleashed inside her, part of her still yearned for that completely different pleasure that Christine was capable of generating.

Brittany blinked, noticing not just the fading of Heather’s aura with her release, but the darkening of it as well. Doubts about the sincerity of Heather’s feelings re-toughened her slipping faith in her place with Gregg.

Gregg, sensing this, dropped his head to Heather’s chest, exhausted, disappointed at the setback. They both lay panting, glowing not just with auras, but with a sheen of sweat. It may have been ten degrees below zero outside, but in this bedroom, it was a furnace…and now it was time to turn up the heat.

Gregg pulled free from Heather who seemed reluctant to let go. Before he could delve further into the situation, she averted her eyes and stood from the bed on shaky legs, needing to hold the wall for support. As glorious as her backside was, Gregg longed to know what was wrong.

Brittany, now completely free from whatever had kept her immobile seemed to sense that the next act of this play would involve her directly. She gazed longingly and wide-eyed at Gregg, eager for him to show her and the others the intensity of his feelings he was supposed to have for her.

Gregg moved to the center of the bed and sat back on his knees, his feet crossed beneath his butt. His body shone with perspiration, and still his cock stood out from his body stiff and ready. Brittany, needing no instruction, sat forward and crawled on hands and knees until her face was mere inches from Gregg’s rampant tool. She could see and smell the copious mix of fluids coating his member. She inhaled his scent, her mouth watering. She looked up at him, her eyes wide with desire and innocence. With the barest of nods, Gregg gave her permission to continue and she eagerly leaned forward, her open mouth engulfing the head of his penis.

Like a damn bursting, her body shone red with desire. Her red aura flared and tried to embrace him, but his own white aura pushed back rather than welcoming her in. Brittany felt the rebuff and doubled her efforts. While having nowhere near the skill at sucking his cock as Laura or Heather, Brittany’s eagerness and enthusiasm elicited a groan of excitement that Gregg couldn’t contain. That was all the reassurance the tiny sprite needed and her aura made another grab at him, which he managed to shove away, but just barely. A trickle of doubt crept into her consciousness and her aura again began to fade a little.

Not wasting what little advantage he had, Gregg pulled the eager girl away from his cock, though she struggled to again wrap her lips around it. He pulled her up and held her with his hands under her ass. She quickly understood the change of position and threw her legs around Gregg’s back. As if she were a living fuck-toy, Gregg lifted her hips, lined up his cock against her tiny slit and pulled her close. Slowly, his immense fuck-organ parted her lips and bore its way inside her.

Brittany was filled, both literally and figuratively. As his impossible girth stretched her wide, she felt herself reaching beyond her body to embrace him – for him to reciprocate the passion she felt for him. But, with seeming coldness, he batted her away, even as he started sliding her physically up and down his shaft. Gregg’s muscles tightened with the effort of fuck. The physical exertion of lifting her body as she clung to him helped keep his mind focused on denying her the very connection she so craved.

“Please…” she pleaded, hating the indifference she felt in return for her bleeding heart. She moaned in pleasure even as tears began falling from her eyes. If she were still the heartless Brittany of days long past – the Brittany who’d humiliated Charli by dumping rotten food on her head – then Gregg would have been impervious to her pleas. But Brittany had been transformed, and thanks to Rashi’s meddling, there was an even stronger bond between them that Gregg couldn’t ignore. His gentle heart fought against its natural instinct. To avoid giving in, he increased the speed and strength of his thrusts, hoping it would be enough to keep him focused.

Emily saw that Gregg’s resolve was wavering. She crawled onto the bed and pressed herself against his left shoulder. Even as her crotch rubbed up against his thrusting hip, her aura shone forth, doing its best to protect Gregg from the battering ram attacks coming from Brittany. In the back of her mind, Emily knew her own resolve would not last, especially since Brittany’s attacks weren’t the result of malice…but out of a genuine need for love – Gregg’s love, specifically. Her own heart swelled, knowing all too well the pull Gregg had and a genuine pity filled her heart as she realized the full extent of what they had conspired to deny Brittany.

Laura and Heather joined Gregg on the bed as well, Laura draping herself over Gregg’s right shoulder, Heather kneeling behind Brittany. Laura watched Gregg struggle. He needed to show Brittany that she did not exist on the same level as the rest of them. That the love she felt for him was not equal for the love he held for her. She shared her Master’s struggle and when she caught Emily’s eye, Emily nodded and concentrated, helping Laura’s yellow aura reach forth. But, even with all the feeling she held for Gregg, she couldn’t erase the enormity of the mistake he’d made with Rashi and Rivkah. Her rock-solid belief in his infallibility conflicted with her devotion. To accept that he’d put his friends’ lives in such peril was to accept that Gregg was…was…merely human.

Gregg felt the addition of Laura’s aura to his protective shield…but it didn’t feel right. Like looking at a familiar painting and knowing that, structurally it was perfect…and yet the colors didn’t seem quite right. He turned his head to look at her, but she avoided his gaze – tears beginning to fall from her eyes as she struggled with her feelings. In a panic he looked to Heather for strength.

But Heather, likewise, was troubled. She watched Gregg fuck the diminutive girl with all his might. Brittany cried out in pleasure with each thrust. Heather watched the emotions play out across the Brittany’s body as she ached for Gregg body and soul. Doubt filled Heather, ashamed that even at the moment of greatest pleasure with him, she had thoughts about Christine.

Gregg, feeling his house of cards beginning to collapse, doubled his efforts, pushing Brittany back against Heather. Using her for leverage, he could rest his arms and fuck into Brittany twice as fast and hard. His hips were a blur as he fucked the tiny girl with everything he had. He had to make her see.

Brittany’s lust and heart swelled. She wanted to cum so badly, but Gregg was holding her back – needing to time the moment of her release with the freeing of her mind. The bone-jarring thrusts of his cock caused Brittany’s whole body to shake, her ass was even starting to get bruised with the ferocity of his fucking…but she didn’t care. She didn’t feel any pain other than in her heart as her weakening aura tried again and again to break through Gregg’s shield and tie itself to him permanently.

Somewhere, deep inside Brittany’s mind, a kernel of her old self watched her struggle. It was a part of herself that didn’t recognize the woman it inhabited anymore. The red aura chafed and burned. This kernel of her old self joined in the fight, an inner strength that had propelled Brittany to the heights she once enjoyed. The kernel itself was neither good nor bad, but a manifestation of her drive. It saw what she wanted and it stepped forward to give its owner what it needed.

With a surge of desire and strength and in flash of blinding light, Brittany’s core exploded in need, shattering through the false red aura that had blanketed her. Freed from the counterfeit covering of another woman, her true aura – orange – shined bright as her body was wracked with orgasmic spasms. It was a melding of the yellow of devotion and reverence with the red fire of strength and independence. Gregg held on for dear life, losing control over this unexpected turn of events. He thought the dissolving of her false personality would break her of her bond to him…he didn’t expect it to give her superhuman strength to keep on fighting. Her nubile writhing body sucked desperately at his thrusting cock with renewed strength and determination, demanding that he give her his full load and his full love.

Heather continued to watch the display in near disbelief. She saw the unbridled lust and desire this girl had for Gregg, even as the fake aura was shattered. ‘At my moment of greatest desire, I thought of another woman…not my Gregg,’ she thought sadly. ‘Gregg deserves better…he deserves a love unclouded by conflicting desires…he deserves more than just a used-up ex-stripper cum-whore…’

It was only a second of doubt…and as soon as she thought it, she was even beginning to think better of it. She was just milliseconds away from her true strength coming back and telling herself to shut up and remember just how much she and Gregg meant to each other…

But it was too late. In that moment of weakness – the weakness of Heather, the weakness of Laura – Brittany’s true aura thrust forward with a strength that overpowered Gregg’s defenses. Gregg’s eyes were filled with horror as the orange light shattered first Heather’s, then Laura’s, and finally Emily’s shields. Emily, trying to compensate for the diminished strength of Heather and Laura screamed not in pleasure, but in pain as the very love she felt for Gregg was ripped from him in his moment of need.

The orange glow filled Gregg and his head flew back as he howled and unleashed a torrent of jism. He leaned back, pulling Brittany back with him, her body collapsing against him as she shuddered with each spurt of seed that filled her womb. She clung to him like a baby, her body being tossed by his massive spasms.

With a final thrust, the last giant spurt of Gregg’s cum shot forth. All the muscles in his body failed him. Luckily Heather was there to catch Brittany, and Laura did what she could to deflect Gregg’s fall so he landed on his side on the bed. Emily’s eyes rolled into her head and she collapsed against Gregg, her head landing inches away from his deflating cock. The only ones not unconscious were Laura and Heather, and they looked at each other in dread, both thinking they were the ones that failed Gregg.

Slowly but surely, Gregg came around. He felt weak and drained. For the first time in as long as he could remember, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get hard again even if he tried. The bed was covered in bodily fluids from the incredible session of sex, and there was a tremendous pool of his semen flooding out from Brittany’s abused cunt.

He stood and tried to get his bearings. Bit by bit, the full import of the colossal failure dawned on him. The faintest trickle of his powers began coming back and to his disgust, the first person he felt was Brittany. She’d always been an outsider in his little family, but now she was tied to him as close, if not closer than Heather. How her new connection to Gregg would manifest itself remained to be seen. The core of his connections with Heather, Emily, and Laura was that they were balanced by equally strong counter-feelings he shared with them…what would it mean that he couldn’t return the love Brittany – the real Brittany – held for him now that he couldn’t return the feelings.

He looked up at Heather, then at Laura, and then back again at Heather. Both women wore faces of self-loathing. Of all the things he thought he could count on in life, he never thought the love he had for them or the love they had for him would fail him…but they both did. Just when he needed them the most, they’d let him down. He was hurt beyond measure. It felt like he’d been kicked in the chest, the stomach and the balls all at once.

No longer able to hold his gaze, Gregg quickly put on his clothes, grabbed Laura’s car keys, wrapped Emily in a spare blanket, and picked her unconscious body up in his arms. She looked peaceful sleeping, no longer in agony like when she again thoughtlessly threw herself into the line of fire to save him. He reached out with his consciousness with what little mental strength he had and could barely feel her. The one girl who didn’t fail him – who had never failed him – had taken the brunt of the punishment.

He was tired of Emily paying for his mistakes.

Glaring at the sheepish Heather and Laura, and then down at the blissfully content Brittany, Gregg mumbled, “Clean this up.”

Laura, ashamed, spoke up. “Master, where are you going?”

Gregg winced at the title. It wasn’t a playful wince…but her calling him that physically hurt this time. Laura’s gut tightened facing the very real possibility that thanks to her failure, he would cut her loose. If he did that…well, she didn’t even want to think about the possibility of life without her Master.

Gregg hung his head, not meeting their gaze. “I’m taking Em to Heather’s place to watch over her.” That he called it “Heather’s” and not “our” cut Heather deep…but she said nothing. It was no more than she deserved. “Don’t follow me.”

Gregg turned and left without another word. Fighting back tears, Laura and Heather looked down at Brittany who was asleep but wearing a full blissful grin. Without another word, they began cleaning up.

* * *

It was the strangest dream she had ever had.

It had to be a dream, because the pleasures she’d witnessed and felt herself were too unearthly.

Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her. Maybe it didn’t really happen the way she thought it did…it probably didn’t…it couldn’t have.

But her aching pussy told her that at least the fucking part had been real.

She vaguely recalled being helped out of bed and into the shower. She remembered being held up under the water, resting her exhausted body against another woman. Resting her head against the firm, yet pillowy softness of large breasts. She remembered moaning in a satisfied pleasure, calling out her lover’s name. She remembered hearing soft sobs from the person washing her body.

She felt herself being dried and led back into a bed that smelled of fresh sheets.

She remembered the pleasant sensation of two women curling up on either side of her, of their arms crossing her body to hold hands…of tears dropping onto her cheeks.

But through it all, she felt a burning desire for Gregg. It was more than a Slave feels for a Master. It was more than a lover feels for her partner. It was an entwining of souls. IT was an intimate connection with the man she loved more than life itself.

* * *

[What will happen with Gregg and Brittany. Will he forsake Heather and Laura for Brittany? What about Emily? Has she finally taken more abuse than she could handle? And what about Christine? Will she find out who put her sister into a coma…and what will she do if she finds them? And did you think I forgot about Adam and Natalie…? Well, I didn’t. Stay tuned for the final exhilarating chapters coming in a few weeks.]

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