A Fistful of Sand by Doktor Gostel – Book 3 – Chapter 13

A Fistful of Sand 3

Chapter 13: By Blood Betrothed

Heather’s heels clacked noisily on the polished wood floor as she walked with trepidation down the aisle. The church appeared to be empty, yet she winced with every footfall.

‘Damn, why did I choose these high heels to wear to church?’ She looked down at her feet, unable to recall the thought process that said it was appropriate to wear Lucite platform heels in such a solemn place. ‘I haven’t worn these since my stripper days…what possessed me to pull them out from storage?!?’

Spying the confessional, she ran as best her inappropriate footwear allowed to its safety, hoping a sudden flurry of stomping would be less offensive than what her normal gait allowed. Her tits bouncing heavily, Heather hoped nobody saw her running without a bra…

Sitting on the little bench inside the confessional, she yelped in surprise as the cold polished wood came in contact with her naked ass. Although she shouldn’t have been surprised with what she was wearing – after all she’d supposedly picked it out herself before coming here – she nevertheless stared down in disappointed shock to see that the only thing covering her waist was a super-short cut plaid skirt, like the one she used to use in one of her school-girl routines…but at least on stage she generally wore panties (initially, that is). Sitting, it barely covered her naked pussy. She didn’t even want to think about what was visible when she stood…Gulping with shame, she wrung her hands in her lap and waited for the priest to open the confessional window.

“Yes my child?”

Heather tried to see through the wood framed and screened window, certain she knew that voice. But it had been more than 10 years since she’d last set foot inside a church, and the priest sounded much younger than the one who’d tended to her soul as a child.

It took her a moment to remember the words. “F…forgive me Father. I’ve sinned.” That sounded close enough.

“Tell me child, what burdens you?”

“I…uh…” Now, at the moment of confession, she was at a loss for words.

“Did you murder someone?”

Shocked that the priest would blurt out such suggestion, she just stammered.

“Because if you did, then this confession will not absolve you.”

“N…no, Father. I didn’t murder anyone.”

“Oh,” the priest sighed rather disappointedly, “well, that’s good. I’m sorry, please continue.”

“I…I betrayed the man I love.”

“And then you murdered him?” he responded quickly and eagerly.

“What? No! I didn’t murder him!”

“Oh. Who did you murder, then?”


“Oh. Sorry. Please continue.”

Heather was shaken by the priest’s fixation on murder. A chill ran through her and she wished she’d worn something a little less revealing. Her white button-down shirt offered little warmth, especially unbuttoned and tied tightly high underneath her heavy breasts. The effect allowed for the maximum possible exposure of her breasts without showing a nipple…although the material was thin enough that in the right light, one could see their outline. It also didn’t help that the church’s cold air was causing her nipples to stand erect. The strawberry-scented glittered body spray was probably inappropriate as well.

“I…It’s difficult to explain. All he needed from me was for me to love him as much as he loved me. Which I do…which I thought I did…But I had a moment of doubt…and because of that doubt, several friends got hurt.”


Heather sighed, annoyed. “No Father, not murdered.” She rubbed her temples to stave off the quickly mounting headache.

“Oh. Okay.”

“Like I was saying, I had a moment of weakness, and I let him down…I let them all down.”

“Are you sure you shouldn’t be telling this to a shrink? I mean, no offense…but you sound a little nutty.”

Heather tamped down her anger. “Father, I know you’re celibate, so you couldn’t possibly understand this…but making love to Gregg is more than just fucking. It’s a holy experience. He and I…we’re joined in magical ways…”

“So you’re having sex out of wedlock? Is that what you’ve come to confess? Are you an adulteress? And practicing black magic?”

“No Father.” Heather realized she’d probably said too much, especially to a priest who maybe had been drinking a bit too much of the communion wine. “In the moment of our most intense passion, as he was giving me pleasure beyond anything I’d ever experienced…I had thoughts of another woman.”

“Okay now. I see. You’re one of them homosexuals. That’s a grievous sin, you know. Almost up there with murder. You know we have a wonderful outreach program that helps people like you give up your sinful ways…er, giving up homosexuality…there’s no support group for people addicted to murder.”

Heather ignored him, plowing forward in her confession. “Don’t you see Father? I had the greatest gift in the world – a love like no other. Passion like you could never imagine. We shared our thoughts, our souls. A bond with another human being that was more pure than any marriage you’ve ever performed!”

“Well, apparently not if you’re cheating on your non-husband with another lesbian woman while performing black magic. Next thing you’ll be telling me is that you engaged in acts of sodomy.”

“Well, I did that too…but I didn’t cheat –”

“Fine, ‘covet…’ If you want to parse euphemisms. You coveted your neighbor’s ass. Did you have sex with her?”

“Sort of…”

“Sort of?”

“It’s difficult to explain…” How could she explain that Christine mind-raped her with half the girls in the Omega Xi house. Just because it didn’t ACTUALLY happen, didn’t make it any less real. And the pleasure Christine inflicted on her was also so real that when Gregg needed her focused on him, her mind had wandered back to that exquisite torture…

“Look, if this is some kind of joke…”

“No, Father! Please….I’m desperate. I don’t know where else to turn.”

“I think if you were serious about seeking forgiveness, you wouldn’t be talking to me…especially in that outfit.”

Heather blushed, deeply ashamed. She still didn’t know what had possessed her to dress in her most revealing stripper outfit to come to church.

“Moreover, you’re looking for forgiveness for things that aren’t even sins, while ignoring the most egregious! You’re like a murderer seeking forgiveness for not washing her dishes! If you want to be a cum-hungry cock-slut, that’s fine, but please don’t look to God to approve.”

Heather was taken aback. She’d never heard such language from a priest…and it was especially painful hearing it in that familiar voice.

“Father, Please!”

“Don’t you mean ‘Daddy?’ Isn’t that what you whores call your Johns?”

Tears were streaming down Heather’s face at such abuse. “No…no…I’m not…”

“How many people have you fucked this year? How many men? How many women? Is there an orifice on your body that you haven’t gotten plugged with cock? Is there a hole you haven’t filled with oozing torrents of man-juice? Is there anyone left at the Omega Xi house whose pussy you haven’t sucked? You’re nothing but a stripper who’s grown up to become a whore. And you think to speak of ‘Love?’”

Heather didn’t know what was more shocking, the priest’s continued rant or that he knew about her relationship with Omega Xi…or that she used to be a stripper. “Please…”

“Fine! I can forgive you…but it’s meaningless…you fucking Sodomite!” He paused in thought. “Say ten Ron Jeremys and four Sex in the Cities. Give up your sinful ways and cut loose this poor man you’ve been stringing along.”

“R…Ron Jeremys, Father? I don’t know that prayer.”

The priest sighed in frustration. “Lean closer to me, child. I’ll teach you.” Heather obeyed, leaning forward onto her knees, her face almost against the wooden screen. “Open your mouth to receive the Body.”

Heather closed her eyes and opened her mouth, expecting a wafer. She heard a wooden panel slide and suddenly a huge cock was shoved into her mouth. She tried to pull her head back in disgust, but some force was holding her immobile. Opening her eyes, she saw the tremendous cock thrusting in and out of her mouth from behind the confessional wall – a cock that was as large as it was familiar.

The priest grunted, forcing his cock even deeper into her throat. It only took a few harsh thrusts before warm cum sprayed into the back of her throat. She was disgusted, and yet the salty taste of the priest’s seed was comforting in that it reminded her of her happiest moments with Gregg.

Snapping out of her reverie, Heather realized that if she wanted to breathe, she’d first have to swallow…and she did so with a resigned gulp.

The priest pulled back just enough so that she could draw breath again. As she panted through her nose, Heather sensed no softening of the boner that continued to stretch her lips.

“That’s one. Nine more to go.” And with that he started thrusting again.

Heather woke with a start. Getting her bearings, she realized that she was still in Gregg’s apartment…and the events of the night before were still painfully fresh. On the bed beside her, Laura slept troubled—experiencing her own subconscious punishment for her failure as well. The only one in the room not disturbed, apparently, was Brittany, who lay between them and slept with a visage of pure bliss. Even in her deep sleep, her pelvis thrust upward in tight circles, working herself up to an orgasm…no doubt dreaming of Gregg’s giant cock fucking her almost child-like pussy.

A horrible thought occurred to her at that moment. Brittany’s love for Gregg was pure and unfettered by any doubts. She may have had a checkered past, but she’d been reborn, in a way. Perhaps Gregg deserved this more than anything she herself was capable of…Perhaps her dream-priest was right. Perhaps it was time to cut Gregg loose. Maybe the best thing she could do at this point to make up for her mistake was to give Brittany all of her knowledge on how to please Gregg.

‘Once I’ve taught Brittany everything I know about pleasing Gregg, he’ll have no further need of me. He can begin anew. Start a new life with a new love…a love uncomplicated by my presence…”

Heather rolled over onto her side and buried her face into Brittany’s hair and sobbed uncontrollably. The impact of what she needed to give up overwhelming her.

Brittany didn’t seem to notice and groaned in pleasure in her sleep.

* * *

Emily awoke that morning, strangely refreshed. Well, perhaps ‘refreshed’ wasn’t the right word. Given the struggles of the previous night, she expected to at least have a headache, or perhaps feel a little groggy…but she felt neither. In fact, she felt…well, nothing.

Rising from the bed, she padded over toward the mirror that hung over Heather’s dresser. She didn’t question how she’d gotten from Gregg’s place last night to Heather’s…she just accepted it. Leaning forward, she studied her face. “Hmmm, looking a little transparent this morning…” she sighed sleepily.

She was about to let that comment go when she suddenly realized both how ridiculous it was and at the same time, how true! She peered closer to the mirror and yes, she could in fact see right through herself and see the wall and the bed behind her. And on the bed, sleeping with blankets curled up at their feet was Gregg and…gulp herself spooned beside him. “Am…am I dead?” she wondered aloud.

“Not yet.”

Emily screamed and spun around, but no one was behind her.

“I wouldn’t dwell on it too much,” said a voice that sounded strangely like Alan Rickman off to her right.

Emily closed her eyes. She knew that voice. Now she became more angered than scared by the sudden intrusion and other weirdness. The voice was intimately familiar…after all, she’d been possessed by him once before.

“Good morning, Deuce. You here to alter the time-space continuum again?” Emily knew with a certainty second only to Gregg that when this guy (angel?, demon?, alien?, deus ex machina?) appeared, it was bound to be bad news.

Deuce ignored the venom in her barb. “Uh…I’m not allowed to do things like that anymore…actually, I’m not allowed to do much of anything anymore these days. Technically, I really shouldn’t be here.”

Emily turned to face him, either unaware or uncaring that she was completely naked. “Get on with it already – I’ve got a busy day. In addition to getting back into my corporeal self, I’ve somehow got to help repair things between Gregg and Heather. This whole business with Brittany is messed up. I like her and all, but she needs to get over Gregg so Heather and Gregg can work out their issues.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. The whole Heather and Gregg thing can work itself out…”

Emily sensed the unfinished thought. “But…?”

“Oh, I thought you were going to ask ‘why’?”

“Deuce, don’t play games, you know what I’m thinking before I even think it.”

He smiled a bit like a parent watching an infant finally recognizing that her hands were connected to her arms… “Yeah…that’s true…sorry. I’m just so used to you all thinking you have free will. Anyway…It’ll work out…but there’s a price.”

Emily rolled her eyes. “There’s always a price to pay…and it’s always me who has to pay it. I’ve had my lifeforce drained, I’ve been given a trickle of Gregg’s powers that has honestly caused me more harm than good. And, did I mention, you’ve taken over my body while stopping time and, in fact, reversing it. I’m tired of being the universe’s puppet with its hand up my ass!”

Deuce seemed genuinely surprised by the vitriol in Emily’s words. “Aren’t you supposed to be the sweet one in this story?…Well, no matter. What if I told you that Gregg’s and Heather’s and Christine’s and countless other lives depend on a decision you need to make?”

Emily rolled her eyes. It always came down to taking the punishment for the greater good. “You know I’ll do whatever you need me to do…so why all the drama? Why even pretend like I have a choice.”

“Because this time, you DO have a choice. I won’t impose this one on you.”

Emily made a motion indicating for him to go on. “Emily, do you remember David’s friend Adam? The one who helped corrupt him?” Emily nodded. “Well, he’s pursuing an alternate, unsanctioned, path to Gregg’s powers. I say unsanctioned because my colleague who’s guiding him down this dark path is not governed by the same rules and restrictions that I work…er, worked…under. Any humanity that Adam once had has been utterly obliterated. All that is left is a shell filled with hatred and dark desire. And as his powers grow, you know he’ll come back and complete what David failed to do…for no other reason than because he can.”

A chill ran down Emily’s spine. This was no longer a joke. “What do you need from me?”

A genuine sadness filled Deuce’s eyes. Whatever being he was, Emily finally realized the extent of his fondness for Gregg and the little family he’d carved out for himself. Deuce approached and wrapped his arms around Emily, enfolding her in his long black trench coat. He leaned down and pressed his lips to her forehead.

With a flash of foresight, Emily saw the decision she would have to make, and make soon. On the one hand, she could rend herself from all that she loved and cherished…all for just a spark of hope. Or, she could hold onto what she loved and cherished most…and that spark of hope died. And if that decision wasn’t painful enough, she saw that taking the noble path led ultimately to a most brutal and horrific sacrifice on her part, just the merest glimpse of what she’d seen would have been enough to turn Wes Craven’s blood cold.

Deuce pulled back, tears running down his own cheeks. Emily dropped to her knees, unable to stand under the weight of the burden suddenly thrust upon her. She couldn’t breathe, so overwhelmed by what she’d seen. She held onto his coat in an effort not to fall over. “Don’t make me choose…Please! Not this!” she pleaded.

Deuce smiled sadly. “I will go now child, and let you think about what I’ve shown you. You don’t have much time…maybe a few days to make your decision. Maybe less. You’ll know the moment of truth – when the time for consideration is at an end.”

Emily looked up from her tear-drenched hands, but Deuce was gone. Moreover, she was no longer kneeling on the floor, but was back in bed with Gregg. She trembled, but not from the cold.

As much as she wished otherwise, she knew it wasn’t a dream.

Getting out of bed, she dressed quickly in the dark, kissed Gregg’s forehead, and as quietly as she could, she snuck out from the apartment, and headed down the street to find a taxi. Once safely on her way back to her own dormitory, she allowed herself to break down in sobs. She caressed her lips, savoring the taste of Gregg, wondering if future kisses would taste the same…wondering if there’d even be future kisses.

Why did it always come down to her? Why did it always have to be her strength given? Her body possessed? Her love for Gregg tested? Why was she the one who always had to suffer? Maybe this time, the choice was simple…maybe this time, she was through being the one to carry the cross.

* * *

Gregg awoke in Heather’s bed later that morning, surprised that Emily was no longer there. Given the punishment she’d taken the previous night, he was surprised she’d even woken up, let alone left. What disturbed him even more was that she wasn’t responding to his cell phone calls. He was worried, especially since something about his connection with her didn’t feel right…but that could just be an after-effect from the damage wrought by last night’s failed attempt to pry Brittany loose from her magical entanglement.

Even though it wasn’t Brittany’s fault that she’d gotten bonded to him with as much force (if not more so) than Heather, the feeling of her in the back of his mind made him queasy. It wasn’t even that he didn’t like her. Quite the opposite, in fact. In recent days, he’d grown quite fond of her…but nothing near the level of feeling the bond dictated.

With a sigh of realization, Gregg wondered just how much David must have hated Christine when he was bonded to her instead of Heather, like he’d originally wanted. Not only had David’s magical bond been with only one person (whereas Gregg’s was now split three ways), but he hated her so much that he was able to push aside the feelings of love and loyalty that the bond created to inflict repeated heinous tortures on the poor girl. It was no wonder she emerged from David’s death so messed up. What must it have been like day after day to receive such brutal treatment and ill feelings and be able to only return love and loyalty?

And with that thought, a wave of guilt washed over him. He felt terrible for lashing out at Heather and Laura. He didn’t understand why they’d both let him down at such a crucial moment…but if he had to be honest with himself, he wasn’t entirely sure that even if they’d performed perfectly that it would have worked.

He tried calling Heather, but to his surprise, she didn’t answer her phone. He tried calling again, but this time the phone went straight to voicemail. Gregg spent a couple of stunned minutes before he tried another number.

When he called Laura, she answered in a soft scared whisper. “Y…yes?”

“Laura, are you okay? I’m so sorr – ”

Before he could even finish, Laura practically shouted with joy. “Oh Gregg! Thank God! Where are you? I’m coming to see you!”

Gregg was so taken aback by Laura’s outburst that he only managed to stammer that he was at Heather’s apartment before the line went dead.

* * *

Just minutes earlier, Laura and Heather were sitting side-by-side on the bed in Gregg’s apartment, staring glumly through the bathroom door. Brittany had awoken feeling refreshed, well-fucked, and totally in love. Not even her friends’ sour looks could bring her down. She gave them both kisses on the lips before bounding naked into the bathroom. The spritely nymph had set herself up on the counter and was preparing to wax her legs…and other parts…and was listening to her MP3 player while the wax melted. She was boisterously and enthusiastically singing along with her recording of Smile.dk’s “Mr. Wonderful” which had apparently taken on a greater deeper meaning for her in the last 12 hours.

“Hey Mr. Wonderful
Oh you’re so incredible
Hey Mr. Wonderful
Wonderful to me
Hey Mr. Wonderful
Oh you’re irresistible
Hey Mr. Wonderful
A miracle to me”

Both Laura and Heather felt they were about to go into a diabetic coma from the sugary sweetness of her singing…even if neither could deny that she had a voice that should be envied. Laura watched Heather’s thoughts play out across the redhead’s face as they watched the diminutive girl make herself as beautiful for her newfound love.

The sudden ringing of Heather’s cell phone snapped them both out of their siren-song trance. Heather grabbed the device off the night stand and stared at it numbly as it ringed through the cycle. Laura couldn’t see who had called, but by the way Heather held the phone to her heart in tightly clasped hand with fresh tears falling made it clear who was trying to reach her.

Laura didn’t understand why Heather didn’t answer the phone. Gregg wouldn’t be calling if he didn’t want to talk. Laura tried to put a comforting hand onto Heather’s shoulder, but the voluptuous redhead shrugged it off.

The phone rang again and Heather quickly hit the reject button. The ensuing silence was deafening.

Heather took a calming breath, as if she’d come to some decision, and stood. If she’d been wearing clothes, she would have smoothed them like she was stepping into a role. With a calming breath, she dropped the phone onto the bed and stepped into the bathroom.

“Here, Brittany. Let me help you. I’ll show you how Gregg likes my pussy trimmed…”

And with that she closed the door, leaving Laura all alone.

When her own phone rang and Gregg’s ID displayed, she immediately picked it up, cupping the microphone close to her face so that Heather wouldn’t hear her…


* * *

Broken glass crunched under Christine’s shoes as she tentatively stepped into the small apartment. It might as well have been another world. Even the shitty places that David had kept her at times seemed like luxury hotels compared to this…but this was the address Detective Corso had given her as the last known domicile for Merriam, Christine’s comatose sister. It was difficult to tell how much of the garbage lying around was Merriam’s and how much was there before her or from squatters. Since the door was locked when she’d arrived, Christine had to admit that most of what she saw was exactly how her sister had been living since David’s death.

Merriam had sought escape and solace from the brutal and cruel treatment she’d suffered under David by distancing herself from her sister and everything she’d known. Truth be told, in the moments of clarity that Merriam might have had initially, she only would have known that Christine was at the time in a coma in the hospital. During that month, Merriam had completely fallen off the radar and not even Christine’s powers could help find her. And in that time, Christine’s beautiful sister had degenerated into a junkie, probably also selling her body for money. It would be truly difficult to determine if her sister’s current condition was anything more than the result of an act of random violence. And the thought of not getting revenge burned like a hot ember inside Christine’s stomach.


Christine spun around in surprise. Normally she would have felt someone approaching long before they snuck up on her, but she was so distracted by her revenge slipping away that she completely failed to notice Cathy’s approach. The former stripper turned porn star stood in the doorway to Merriam’s apartment (if it could be called that) with Brian standing stoically behind her.

“What are you doing here, Cathy?” Christine asked, dismayed that yet again Cathy was witnessing the pile of shit that her life had become. She glanced up at Brian. “Why did you let her up here?” Brian chose not to respond (as he seldom did anyway) and simply turned and walked back down the hallway, ensuring the girls had no further interruptions.

“Don’t be mad at him. I made him take me to you.” Christine withheld a scoff. Brian couldn’t be MADE to do anything he didn’t want to do. “I…I just felt like you probably needed a friend…and I…uh…I followed you here. And…I’m sorry.”

Christine wanted to be mad, but she was glad for a little companionship. A wave of genuine love and affection washed over her. It was still difficult to determine whether her feelings for Cathy were her own or some remnant from her programming to be just like Heather – and Cathy and Heather shared a romantic past. But the comically top-heavy platinum blonde did apparently pick up on some signal and she did go out of her way to be here with her…

“It’s okay. I’m…I’m actually glad you’re here. Although, I don’t know what good it will do. There’s nothing really salvageable here anyway.” Moreover, Christine didn’t see anything in the wreckage that offered a clue as to what Merriam meant in her coma-dream about asking Wonder Woman for help and being turned away or the Three Witches…or the Snake King for that matter. Merriam was stuck inside her own mind as a child living a never-ending nightmare…but that nightmare had to be tied to whatever put her in that comatose state. It had to…Christine needed make things right by her sister…somehow.

The two women wandered around the wreckage that was Merriam’s life, hesitant to touch anything. The place smelled like human waste, and it was unlikely the little brown pellets on the floor were Raisinettes. As it became less and less likely that anything useful would be found here, Christine’s mind began to wander.

As yet, nothing sexual had happened between her and Cathy. But as she watched the heavy-chested blonde poke through the remnants of her sister’s life, Christine’s lust began to become inflamed. The older woman was wearing a tight miniskirt and high-heeled boots with fishnet stockings. Inappropriate for the winter weather, but good for adding a little sexual flair for the male customers who were beginning to come to her hair salon. Word had gotten out that she was catering to Omega Xi girls and that alone had drummed up business.

Christine’s growing need for Cathy was becoming ever more eclipsed by a growing need for Heather…and Gregg. When she’d invited Heather into her mind and raped her, for all intents and purposes, Christine really got to see what the voluptuous redhead was like when sexually charged. And Christine wanted some more of that…in the real world, flesh and blood, not imaginings. And when she raided Heather’s mind for memories of Gregg in the sack, she knew she needed him that much more. Heather’s mind was filled with memories of Gregg’s love-making skill. Brian was good, but he was soulless. She wanted to feel the tender and intense passions Gregg was capable of.

So far she’d managed to keep a respectful distance from the objects of her desires…and hatreds. Recent personal tragedies helped take the edge of her libido when she was within several miles of them. But she felt herself being drawn to them, orbiting around each other closer and closer like two coins spinning down a funnel well into ever closer orbits until finally they crash. And if history was any indication, that crash would be spectacular…or spectacularly destructive.

“Christine? Christine? Hey, you in there?” Cathy asked, trying to get the attention of her zoned-out friend. “I think I found something.”

Christine blinked and looked over to where Cathy was standing, holding a scrap of paper. It looked like a pay stub. Christine took it from Cathy’s hand and looked it over. It clearly was the stub of a check, but it gave no information other than a PO Box number.

“This doesn’t help me much.”

Cathy blushed, and turned it over. On the back was an odd little symbol that meant nothing to Christine. “I…I know that logo. I did some jobs there.”

Christine could tell that, for Cathy, this was opening a door to a past she had hoped to KEEP in the past. “It’s…it’s a porno studio. I…I can take you there.”

Christine could tell that admitting this and offering to help had taken a tremendous amount of personal courage and self-sacrifice. Whether genuine or not, she felt overwhelmed with feeling for this woman and made her feelings known by throwing herself into Cathy’s arms and planting an intense, deep kiss on her. Cathy eagerly kissed back, as if she’d been waiting for this moment all her life. If they hadn’t been standing in the middle of a total shithole, there was no doubt in either of their minds that they would have dropped all further pretenses and made love right there.

Instead, after a breathless break, Christine finally grabbed Cathy’s hand and said, “let’s go.”

* * *

Gregg never got the chance to apologize to Laura. Then again, neither did she. She had literally run directly into his arms when he opened the door, throwing herself against him. In a flash their clothes were a puddle on the floor and their bodies a writhing naked contortion on the bed. The flame of their lovemaking burned hot and fast, and it was over in minutes.

Laura rested her cheek upon his chest, her leg curled over his torso, his copious spending oozing delightfully from her drenched pussy. Their bodies were glistening with sweat and their chests heaved as they recuperated from the sudden and intense workout. And even in this mild utopia, she was worried.

“There’s something wrong with Heather…” she ventured. “I saw her hang up on you this morning…and now she’s becoming Brittany’s best friend. But she’s so sad…”

Gregg couldn’t find the words to explain what Laura was incapable of feeling. He’d never bonded her like Emily and Heather…and now Brittany. He could feel Heather like a solid lump of lead in the back of his head – impenetrable where she’d always before been open. This was the first time he’d ever felt her shield herself from his probes. He was both surprised that she had the ability to do that, and also that she would choose to do it at all. Moreover, Emily was blocking herself from him. When he tried to explain how alone he felt, words failed to fully encompass his utter isolation. It was like two large parts of his soul were suddenly not there.

Even in Laura’s arms, all he could feel was Brittany’s presence. She was like a blinding lighthouse bulb, a strobing beacon pointing him the way toward her, open in all her desire for him. She had no idea what she was doing – she had no knowledge of his magic…she only knew how in love she was with him…and the strength of that light was drawing him in. Without Emily or Heather to temper his need, he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. Truth was, he couldn’t resist. The magical bond was a two-way force and he knew that once he was done teaching his afternoon’s class, he’d be in Brittany’s arms…especially if Heather kept on ignoring him.

“Laura, I need your help. If you could tell her how I…that I…”

“I know Gregg,” Laura said sadly. “I’ll tell her…but I think she knows. She’s trying to work something through…she hasn’t been the same since that night with Christine.”

Gregg tamped down rage. Intellectually he knew that Christine hadn’t meant to go overboard like that on Heather…but this was Heather…and when it came to her well-being, he wasn’t rational.

Untangling himself from the delightful prison of Laura’s long sleek legs, he proceeded to get dressed and gather his books for class. “I just wish she’d talk to me…I need her help…I need…HER!”

A tear fell down Laura’s cheek at the strength of Gregg’s love for Heather. It made her all the more determined to get the two of them back on track together. As Gregg headed out the door, she said, “Gregg…she loves you. Whatever she’s doing, just remember that she does in fact love you.”

Gregg nodded silently and headed out the door. “And I love you too, Gregg” Laura whispered.

Suddenly her phone rang. It was Emily.

“Laura, I…I need to talk to someone…about Gregg. About Gregg and Heather.”

Laura could hear in Emily’s voice that she’d been crying. “Meet me at the Athenian in an hour,” she said, dropping her head back exhaustedly on the pillow. The Athenian was a restaurant they used to frequent in days gone by. They served good Greek food, but the coffee was so bad it was rumored that the filter they used was the owner’s day-old underwear.

Since both she and Emily were thinking about Gregg and Heather, maybe together they could figure something out…

* * *

Outside, down the block, Heather watched as Gregg left her apartment to go to class. It was taking every ounce of effort to keep him out of her mind. It didn’t help that she could feel the desperation with which he was trying to connect to her…but if he connected, then he’d know what she was doing – and he’d try to talk her out of it…and she couldn’t let him do that. It was for his own good.

Why, she wondered, was she the one who always had to suffer?

Once he was sufficiently far enough down the street, she snuck into her building and into her apartment. Not surprisingly, when she opened to door to her bedroom, she found Laura lying back blissfully – well fucked and spent.

“I figured you’d come here eventually,” Laura said, staring intently at Heather. It was a short walk to the Athenian, so she had some time. “Why are you torturing Gregg like this?”

Heather began removing yesterday’s clothes under the watchful eye of Laura from the bed. “It’s okay. I know what I’m doing.”

“But I don’t…and neither does he. This is hardly the time to be keeping secrets from each other.”

Heather peeled off the remainder of her clothes and stood naked before Laura, trying to summon her full commanding presence. She was counting on Laura’s deference to her to do as she said. “Laura, I need you to induct me into Omega Xi. We’ve been dancing around this honorary membership for weeks now. I’ve ‘befriended’ most of the sisters and you know as well as I that I should easily pass any vote.”

Laura sat up a little, the movement causing a dribble of Gregg’s semen to escape down her thigh. Heather saw it too and eyed it with a ferocious hunger. Apparently Gregg wasn’t the only one suffering from her self-imposed Gregg-chastity.

“Why now? Hasn’t it been enough to take advantage of them without membership?”

“Because I need it. I’m an Omega Xi to the core and I want to be one of your sisters.”

Laura winced. It was ironic that as president of Omega Xi that she would hate all Omega Xis…but ever since her betrayal, she’d made it her life’s mission to punish anyone who wanted to be an Omega Xi or embraced the Omega Xi mentality. They’d betrayed her, so she was going to use them and punish them in return. “You’re not, Heather. You’re anything but…”

“You’re wrong, Laura. I’m nothing but a whore. A slut. I don’t deserve Gregg…but I know through Omega Xi, I could achieve my true potential.”

“What if I don’t want to? What if I refuse to let you.”

Heather seemed to anticipate this line of thought and crawled into bed over Laura’s body. She let her huge tits hang low and brush up against the erect nipples of Laura’s small breasts. “Thanks to your introducing me around, I’ve got more than enough allies in your house. I could force the issue. I could even call for an impeachment and crush your dreams of revenge against your sisters.”

Laura gasped in shock. Heather had never been this cold or unfeeling before. “You wouldn’t…”

Heather smiled wickedly, and yet sadly at the same time. “Let’s not find out, okay? Just do this for me. Please?” She leaned down and kissed Laura full on the lips. Laura eagerly kissed back, her tongue chasing Heather’s back into her mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Heather hovered over the lean blonde, searching her blue eyes for an answer. Laura gazed up into Heather’s luminescent green orbs, searching for any sign that Heather was joking, or not as serious as she seemed…but there was none.

“Okay…” she whispered sadly. “When?”

“Tonight. I can’t wait.”

“Tonight!?! There’s not even a ceremony written yet!”

“Then you’ll have to whip something up, won’t you?” Heather smiled and began kissing her way down Laura’s torso. “I’ll give you a little inspiration.”

And with that, Heather removed the restraint she’d been holding against herself and dove into Laura’s cream-filled pussy. She lapped up Gregg’s essence mixed with Laura’s juices and reveled in it. The ferocity of Heather’s attack quickly brought Laura to orgasm after orgasm.

And once Heather was done with her, seeking no pleasure for herself in return, she licked her lips clean and left without another word or tender embrace.

Laura wondered why she was the one who always had to suffer…

* * *

Several hours later, Gregg was in the middle of his class lecture. He’d been droning on about something he didn’t particularly care about and for a change, the class seemed genuinely bored. Normally he exuded so much of a sexual aura that he could talk in great detail about paint drying and most of his students – especially the girls – would hang onto his every word. But he was so distracted by recent events that today, many of those very same lust-filled students were regretting their choice of class selection.

He paused in the middle of a sentence, the realization of a minute detail of a conversation from the morning hitting him like a ton of bricks.

In all the time Laura was with him, she never once called him “Master.”

* * *

Natalie was sitting alone in her room in the Omega Xi house. She sat still, unmoving, barely breathing. If she summoned all her concentration, she found that she could block the terrible images her Master, Adam, was sharing with her. When she’d first learned about Gregg’s powers, she’d been all too quick to submit to Adam. It was only later that she’d realized that occasionally falling under Gregg’s spell was far better than her current situation – living fully under Adam’s cruel thumb.

That Adam was a psychopath, there was no doubt. In the name of earning miniscule increases in his powers from some unnamed force, he willingly partook in the most heinous acts of human barbarity.

That was why she sat in an almost comatose state right now. It was all she could do to block what Adam was doing right now in the jungles of the Congo. The sick joke of all this was that she and Adam knew that the acts themselves had nothing to do with the powers. They were remnants left over from old experiments – triggers built on the rituals of the societies where they were set. It allowed the winner of the powers to think that they’d been rewarded by whatever deity they’d prayed to. But now, whoever was pulling Adam’s strings, was just watching to see the depths to which he’d sink for his little rewards. The thing was, Adam had gone beyond the point of no return and the depravity in which he lived no longer shocked his senses.

Finally, the village girl who he’d been torturing and raping had finally either passed out or died…at least the screaming was over inside her mind. Natalie knew that now she’d have at least a couple hours of silence as Adam prepared for the next step in the phony ritual that had been proscribed to him…

It was not surprising that her homework or her Omega Xi duties just didn’t interest her anymore. She was living amidst the darkest side of humanity and suddenly all that she once thought so important, like her position in the house, and her pursuit of wealth and power…it just didn’t matter anymore. Her life now belonged to Adam. Her only desire was for the screaming to stop. And when it did, it just continued in her memories.

Knock Knock

Natalie barely looked up. If it was unimportant, whoever it was would just go away. If it was Laura however…

The door opened. Laura never let a closed door in the house stop her from entering. Natalie’s history with the tall, leggy blonde had been mixed. When she learned about Laura’s subjugation to Gregg, she’d once been full of pity for her former mentor…now she burned with jealousy. She’d give anything for one-one hundredth of the affection Gregg showed his devoted slave.

“Natalie, I need your help to write the initiation ritual for Heather,” the Omega Xi president said matter-of-factly, pulling up a chair to Natalie’s desk and opening up a pad of paper. Laura didn’t even bother to ask. Obedience was simply expected.

Natalie blinked out from her numb state and looked over at her long-time rival and mentor. “Why me?” She really just wanted Laura to go away.

“Because you’re an English Lit major. Duh!”

“I’m only an English Lit major because I slept with my English Lit professor and I knew I could count on getting A’s for his courses.”

“Yeah, but you must have read SOMETHING while you were letting Dr. Turtleneck Sweater and Tweed Jacket poke you.”

Natalie sighed…is that really what her life amounted to? The Omega Xi letters, once the pinnacle of what she wanted to accomplish now felt like pond scum stuck to her skin.

“Fine…when do you need something by?” she asked, hoping she could get Laura to leave.

“Uh-uh. We’re writing it now. The ritual is going to be tonight.”

“Why not just take the initiation ritual and tweak it a little?”

“Because I’m planning something special…Something that’s never been done before here.”


Laura briefly explained her plan and the twist she had in store for Heather and Gregg.

As Natalie listened, the first glimmer of life beyond the misery in which she lived appeared. And with Adam not bothering her at the moment, she threw herself into Laura’s task with a vigor that surprised even Laura.

An hour later, the script was finished. Both Natalie and Laura were weepy-eyed as they read it through one last time. “Nat, this is incredible…Thank you. I need to call Emily.”

Natalie smiled sadly. “I owe Gregg that much, I guess.”

“You owe him?”

“Never mind, it’s nothing.”

Laura started packing up. She had phone calls to make and the ritual to set up.

“Hey, Laura?” Natalie ventured, tentatively.


“I…I’ve been thinking lately.” Natalie looked away from the woman she once hated and now bore a grudging respect. “I know you wanted me to be president of this sorority one day. That’s what you were grooming me for.”

Laura nodded. She had only just begun her presidency, but had already enacted sweeping changes. She found that with Brittany’s reign of terror over, she was able to get away with things that normally would have been unheard of. Thank goodness for over-reactions. While too young to take over when her term was done, Laura was planning on Natalie stepping in after whoever came next.

“I…I’m sorry, but…well, I think I’m going to be dropping out of Omega Xi. I know there’s a price to pay…but…I just can’t do this anymore.”

Natalie braced for the holy hell that was about to be unleashed. Nobody EVER left the sorority. There were too many secrets that they took with them that could be revealed. In the past, anyone who even threatened to leave soon found themselves in a world of hurt. Brittany wasn’t the only Omega Xi president who’d used blackmail to ensure loyalty…she’d just been the most effective.

So, it was no surprise that as Laura approached, Natalie instinctively began to curl up into a protective ball in her chair, wondering if it’d be slapping or punching, or her hair pulled…

But when Laura knelt down and lifted Natalie’s chin, meeting her scared gaze with a warm and affectionate smile, that Natalie thought she’d entered the Twilight Zone. And when Laura wrapped her arms around her former pledge and kissed the side of her face, Natalie thought perhaps it was a trap.

The warm wet tear she felt on her cheek proved this was no trick. “Oh Natalie…that is the best news I’ve had all day…”

* * *

To say that the day had been surreal thus far would be an understatement, by far. But what was going on in his apartment at this moment tipped the scales for Gregg. Wasn’t having supernatural powers supposed to make his life easier? It was becoming apparent that messing with people’s minds, even unintentionally, had ripple effects.

As he’d predicted, after he was done with the afternoon’s lecture, he felt an undeniable need to be with Brittany. It was just like in the first weeks after he and Heather had hooked up. The newness of the bond demanded a seemingly never-ending connection…and that mental, spiritual connection inevitably resulted in a physical joining as well.

Like two magnets drawn to each other, Gregg returned to his apartment after class only to find Brittany patiently, yet eagerly, waiting for him. Like a slutty dutiful wife out of some warped reimagining of 1950’s middle America, Brittany welcomed him home wearing nothing but an apron and a smile. With breathless adoration, she removed his shoes, led him to a chair, and then proceeded to free his straining cock from his pants before sucking him deep into her mouth.

They’d made love with a passion that Gregg used to have for Heather. He failed to distance himself from her emotionally. He tried to keep the sex at a purely physical level…but it was no use. She was so incredibly in love with him that he couldn’t help but reciprocate. With each thrust he felt Heather slipping further away and Brittany filling in the gap.

When they’d finished their quick, yet passionate romp, Brittany bounded out of the room and into the kitchen, still wearing nothing but the apron. She was attempting to cook a late lunch for them… “attempt” being the operative word. Heather’s complete lack of cooking skills made her seem like a 5-star chef compared to Brittany. But the fact that Brittany could burn water did nothing to diminish her joy at cooking for the new love in her life. She was so filled with happiness that she sang along to the dance tunes in her head and even danced around the kitchen with boundless joy. He saw in her open mind (for she knew nothing of Gregg’s powers or hiding anything from him…not that she would) her visions of herself on a stage in front of adoring fans, singing and dancing to these infectious dance melodies with their pounding beats…But in these fantasies, amidst the happy crowds, it was only Gregg’s smile that inspired her.

Gregg couldn’t help but be infected by such joy. His heart swelled as her voice and music filled him, and, despite his own better intentions, he found himself falling in love with the spritely girl. Already he was putting together plans for how he could help her make her music dreams come true.

Heather remained an impenetrable lump in the back of his head. And that made his rapidly growing feelings for Brittany that much more distasteful…If she’d only talk to him, he was sure he could avoid what was transpiring…but he couldn’t do it without her.

But, as he closed his phone after reading and then re-reading the text message from Laura, he began to hold out hope. If nothing else, Heather’s strange desire to finally go through the Omega Xi initiation would at least put them in the same room together…

It also helped that, for the first time since last night, he felt the barest sliver of hope coming from Emily.

Brittany bounded back into the bedroom with a charcoal lump on a plate that may, at one time, been a grilled cheese sandwich. She looked so forlorn and pathetic, and he was so filled with hope from the signals coming from Laura and Emily that he immediately scooped Brittany into his arms for a continuation of their pre-lunch lovemaking.

It was only an hour later, as they rested from their exertion, that Gregg realized that that was probably not a good idea…

* * *

Christine sat demurely in the offered chair opposite the large desk from Johnny Bonz, one of Chicago’s premier club owners and porn studio execs…not that Chicago was exactly known as a porn capital of the USA. But in today’s digital age, physical location was mostly irrelevant as there was never a shortage of women to star in his films (if they could be called that…collections of scenes really). The real coup was that his studio was the one that had discovered and continued to produce Haley Tayes’ films. Discovered young (critics argued that she had to be under 18 when she started doing films, but Bonz’ lawyers had so far managed to deflect any such claims), her natural enthusiasm for having sex in front of a camera had quickly built her a huge fan base which provided all the financial backing Bonz needed for his burgeoning enterprise.

Bonz eyed the girl in front of him with a critical eye. She definitely had the look to star in one of his films. She was strawberry blonde, with perfect features, a generous firm chest, and an air of sexual confidence that was rare even amongst his most seasoned and successful girls. “So…Cathy tells me you’re a student…”

Sitting on a couch beside Brian at the back of the room, Cathy blushed. It was her history starring in a few of his films that had gotten them into the door. Bonz normally sent “students” direct to casting to be auditioned…but Christine had insisted she wasn’t interested in making movies. That being the case, he would have ignored her if not for Cathy’s vouching for her.

“Yeah…graduate student. Doing research…”

Christine hadn’t intended to exude so much sexuality, but having to wait offstage of a film being shot while Bonz finished up some business had inflated her libido. There was so much fucking and sucking happening all around her in the various small studios that made up this place tucked away in Chicago’s warehouse district that Christine couldn’t help but be affected by it. Brian had to be feeling it as well from her because even as he sat stoically on the couch, there was a noticeable bulge down the leg of his pants. Cathy was doing her best to ignore it, but her eyes kept on being drawn to it as she lent silent support to the girl she was rapidly falling in love with. She blushed fiercely when Christine, as if she’d magically known what was filling her head, peeked over her shoulder at the pair sitting on the couch and smiled wickedly.

“Listen gal, if this is another one of those ‘porn is demeaning to women’ papers, I’m not giving any interviews. It’s a business, that’s all.”

Christine smiled, shifting her legs causing her tight skirt to ride up her already exposed thigh. Bonz, who’d fucked so many women in his life and had grown somewhat numb to the prospects of sex with yet another wannabe, found his dick reacting to the alluring blonde across from him.

“It’s nothing like that, sir.” Christine responded mischievously. “I’m doing a case study…on someone I believe used to work for you.” Christine handed him a photo of Merriam from before all this hell had started.

It took Bonz a few moments to reconcile the fresh-faced girl in the photo with the girl who he had hired mere weeks ago. It took him a bit because the girl he’d hired looked much different than in this photo…but the resemblance was close enough.

“Yeah…I’ve seen her before…”

But in those moments of contemplation, Christine found what she’d been looking for. It was a DVD case sitting casually on a pile of others in the corner of the office. The cover was a parody of several female superheroes, wearing scandalously revealing outfits…not surprising since it was porno. The title was “Super-Fuck-Friends VII” and the featured superhero in the middle was “Wondrous Woman” – none other than the famous Miss Haley Tayes.

Christine knew that she couldn’t reveal to Cathy her powers…at least not yet…and probably not ever. “Brian, take Cathy out into the hall, please.”

Brian immediately stood up and opened the door. Cathy sat there confused, caught suddenly off guard by the change in mood and her ejection from the room. But she knew Bonz and got scared for Christine and what the girl might be thinking of doing. “No…Christine. I’m staying here with you. I’m not-”

But before she could finish saying “leaving,” Brian grabbed her by the arm and unceremoniously lifted her out from the couch and into the hall, closing the door behind him. She hadn’t been dragged around like that since her days with Vinnie and she got very put off. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Let me back in there!” She beat against his chest with a fist, but she might as well been beating a brick wall as he physically restrained her. “How could you let her stay in there with…with HIM! Alone! Do you have any idea what she’s doing in there?”

Brian looked down at her. “She’s doing less than you imagine…and more.”

The minutes ticked by, but the hallway remained strangely quiet. Cathy’s initial imaginings about what Christine was doing to get the information she wanted slowly began ebb along with the lust that had been building inside that room. Finally when Brian felt sure that she wasn’t going to try another end-run around him to get into the room, he let go. She rubbed her arm where he’d gripped her, but despite his tight grip, he’d been careful not to leave a bruise…Vinnie had never been that considerate.

Cathy was beginning to understand this gentle giant before her. The first time she’d met him he’d been totally naked…and what a view! But despite his lack of any visible emotion, he seemed to understand Christine intuitively. She didn’t fully understand their relationship, but it was clear that he and Christine were very close. ‘So close…is there room for me?’ She’d never considered being in a relationship with more than one person before…but it was obvious now that any relationship with Christine would be with Brian as well. The question was, could she be content being a third wheel?

The door suddenly opened and Christine stormed out, fire in her eyes. She didn’t even acknowledge Brian or Cathy as she strode down the hall further into the studios. In her hand was the aforementioned DVD, gripped so tightly that Cathy was certain the DVD inside was cracked.

Cathy ventured a glance into the office. There standing behind his desk, with his dick sticking out from his pants was a very confused-looking Bonz. He was confused because he was staring at his now ruined laptop which had his jism plastered all over the monitor and keyboard, seeping rapidly into the computer’s innards. Unbeknownst to Cathy, any memory of what had just transpired had been erased by Christine.

Cathy chased after Christine, managing to get a grip on her shoulder and spin her around. The murderous glare in the woman’s eyes bespoke of a rage Cathy couldn’t begin to comprehend. She didn’t even get to utter the words, “Stop,” or “Wait,” before Christine coldly declared, “Brian, take her home.”

Again, Brian’s firm, yet unbreakable grip started pulling Cathy back and for the first time, Cathy wasn’t worried about what would happen to Christine, but what would happen to whomever she was stalking. There was no use fighting Brian and she let herself be led out. There was nothing she could do for now, but hope Christine didn’t do anything irrevocable.

* * *

Haley Tayes sat in her dressing room, her robe half-open, the sparkly “alien” outfit ill-fitting on her body. This was yet another sequel to a formerly successful film she’d done last year where the once-trim brunette played a female alien researching human mating habits. Now, a year later, the outfit barely fit. Where she once had a defined six-pack of abs, now her belly was still flat…but all definition was gone.

She toasted herself in the mirror with her glass of gin, the second glass in the last hour. The day was half-gone as so was the bottle of Beafeater. She was only 23 years old, but she felt like a used-up veteran in the porn industry. Taped to the side of her mirror was the reason she’d started drinking in the first place. It was a standard industry letter from another studio inviting her to star in one of their films. This was hardly unusual. Stars performed in other studio’s movies all the time…so long as the parent studio got a cut.

But this was a request for a scene in a MILF-themed compilation. Only 23 years old and already being cast as a MILF! Originally she’d pasted the letter there to inspire her to do better work and get back into shape…but as more requests came in – for anal, dp, and other gonzo type work usually reserved for no-names and has-beens – the letter became an inspiration for drinking.

Her mood got cut short when someone tried the knob on her dressing room door. Haley gulped the last of the glass of gin and began pouring another. “Go the fuck away. I’m not due on set for another hour!”

The reply came in the form of a fist punching through the solid wood frame as if it were hollow balsa. The hand opened the door from the inside, allowing the vision of rage admittance.

“Who the fuck are you? You’re going to pay for that!” A sober woman would have been more scared, but Haley stood up to confront the woman who’d just let herself in.

Christine, so full of rage, didn’t realize that her strawberry-blonde hair and blue-green eyes had become as black as night. Not only that, her hair was stirring as if being blown by a fan…but the air in the room was still. Two lightbulbs over the make-up mirror grew suddenly brighter before popping. Christine strode menacingly toward Haley, gripping the boozed-up brunette by the neck and shoving backward until she crashed against the back wall. Christine closed the distance, her hand fixed tightly around the struggling starlet’s windpipe.

Holding the DVD case up so the now (rightly-so) terrified woman could see, Christine asked, menacingly, “Tell me why you didn’t release #8?”

“What are you talking about you crazy bitch?” Haley murmured, figuring the woman attacking her was some crazed fan high on PCP.


“It…it wasn’t good enough!” she tried. Kicking in vain against the impossibly strong woman holding her up.

“LIAR!!” Christine screamed, slamming the starlet against the wall.

“Miss Hayes, everything okay?” a voice from outside the busted door asked. The stagehand started to open the door to check on everything.

Christine’s hand dropped the DVD case and thrust toward the door as if she were hurling something. Haley saw nothing, but the door suddenly erupted in splinters and the stagehand flew bodily across the hall, slamming into the wall and crumpling unconscious to the ground. One large door splinter flew upward, hitting the sprinkler pipe, shattering the glass stopper. As water sprayed forth, the sudden pressure change caused the entire sprinkler system to trigger, setting off deluges all throughout the building.

As water cascaded over their bodies, Christine tightened her grip, the blackness of her irises flooding her entire eye, obscuring out any white. Haley was too terrified to scream.

“Now…tell me!” Christine grunted, feeling her incisors lengthening and sharpening. She already had the answer from Bonz and also from inside Haley’s mind…but she wanted the satisfaction of hearing the bitch say the words.

“B…b…because she…she was better than me…”

“You got upstaged. By a total unknown.”


“She asked you for help, didn’t she?”

“Y…y…yes.” Haley’s eyes were rolling back into her head, consciousness quickly fading.

“And what did you do?”

“S…se…sent….to…b…Bitch….Sisters…” Haley’s arm weakly lifted and pointed toward the corner of the room.

Christine let go of the now limp woman, dropping her in a crumpled heap at her feet. Walking over to the corner, she picked up an unmarked DVD case. It still had a sticker over the seam…so Haley obviously hadn’t yet watched it. The disk had been tossed aside with as much care as Haley had tossed aside Merriam. Inside was an unlabeled disk and a business card for Bitch Sisters Inc. On the back of the card was a note that said, “Lesson Taught”.

The corner of the room was one of the few places currently not getting sprayed with water. There was a small TV with built-in DVD player. Christine popped in the disk and watched numbly.

Now she knew who the Three Witches were.

Now she knew who the Snake King was.

Now she finally knew how her sister ended up in the coma.

And all this new knowledge snapped the miniscule threads of humanity that she and Gregg and Heather had worked so hard to rebuild.

* * *

Gregg sat comfortably in Laura’s room at the Omega Xi house. Upstairs, the girls had closed all the windows and drapes to keep prying eyes out from their large living room which had been converted into a ceremonial chamber. The set up was almost exactly like what was used during initiation ceremonies…which this was, sort of. Despite the very short time-line Heather had given Laura, the Omega Xi president managed to whip together the ceremonial requisites in pretty short order.

Heather’s mind was still stubbornly closed to him, so he couldn’t watch the ceremony through her eyes…but Laura’s was open, as always. Right now was the part of the initiation where the sisters would get to air any concerns and/or grievances about the inductee. It didn’t seem to occur to anyone that Heather was being exposed to all the sorority’s secret trappings…and they hadn’t yet even voted. Whatever lingering doubts may actually still have been present, Gregg’s aura of sexual excitement plus Heather’s and Laura’s lobbying efforts seemed to keep any such opinions quiet.

For all intents and purposes, this part of the ceremony was little more than an elaborate “Truth or Dare” game with each sister either asking very intimate questions about Heather’s life (mostly her sex life) or asking her to perform various tests of her commitment to the sisterhood. There was little doubt about which way the vote would go, but it was politics…and even the lowest-ranked member of the house could cast the one “black-ball” vote that would deny her honorary membership. But for a sorority that only until recently turned its nose up at lesbian acts, (at least until Laura usurped power from Brittany), the room was highly charged sexually and every sister took more than a clinical interest in what they could do with Heather’s body during their turn.

So, Heather shared the most intimate details of her life – with a degree of honesty that surprised Gregg – and she performed task after task without complaint…and even many moans of pleasure (both genuine and fake). Gregg was certain his heightened libido watching all this drove the demands of the sisterhood to ever more erotic acts…but maybe not. Maybe this was just the way things went in this house. After all, their initiation rituals had been around far longer than he’d been employed at ESU.

There was a knock at the door and Natalie let herself into Laura’s room. She looked stunning in her short red robe with gold trim. Now that she was a full member, she no longer needed to wear white. It was extremely short and showed off all of her legs and gave hints to what was naked beneath. It was tied just loose enough to gape open in the middle and show off plenty of side-boob without being blatant indecent. She looked every bit the Omega Xi and Laura’s protégé that she was.

“Are you almost ready, Gregg? Most of the girls have had their say…and Heather doesn’t seem to be disappointing anyone.” Natalie, one of the newest voting members, and thus one of the first to have her say had given Heather the relatively modest task of demonstrating her French-kissing ability. Needless to say, after watching the smoking-hot scene of Natalie and Heather tongue-kissing (with both girls exploring each other’s larger-than-average chests, most of the other sisters began with a verification of this ability.

Gregg saw that the young blonde was approaching him cautiously and with some trepidation, almost as if she were concentrating on something. He sat on Laura’s couch, still fully clothed, waiting patiently for his call to the stage. He knew that someone would eventually come down to get him, blindfold him, and strip him naked before allowing him to enter the “hallowed” chamber. He knew he had to maintain the illusion that no blindfold could hide what was happening around him.

“Yeah. Sure.” It seemed odd answering so casually. A year ago, how would he have responded to a request to get naked, blindfolded, and enter a room filled with the hottest sorority girls on campus?

Gregg stood and Natalie approached. But rather than getting down to business and taking off his clothes, she simply pressed herself against his body, wrapping her arms around him in a tender hug that seemed out of place given the depravity upstairs…depravity he was eager to join.

When the lovely blonde squeezed him tighter and started sobbing into his chest, Gregg finally shook off his surprise, stopped watching events upstairs, and returned the hug, giving Natalie his full attention. He pressed his cheek to the top of her head and instinctively started swaying a bit, trying to soothe her. Sure, they’d had their differences in the past, and there’d never been any emotional connection between the two…so this situation left Gregg confused.

Instinctively, he reached out with his consciousness, seeking hers in an effort to understand her emotional state. When it slid around her like a greased eel rather than connecting, Gregg’s blood ran cold.

“Your powers won’t work on me Gregg.” She said softly, still not removing her ear from the center of his chest where the rhythmic thumping of his heart lulled her into a strange sense of calm.

“Wh…huh? What are….are you talking about?” he laughed nervously. “Powers? Huh?” He tried his best to stall for time as he tried once again to connect to her, but it was like holding onto a wet bar soap dipped in oil with hands slathered in butter!

Natalie swayed drunkenly as Gregg’s consciousness washed fruitlessly around her. She heard a small chuckle in the back of her mind which she quickly walled off. “Please Gregg. Don’t do that again. This…this is difficult enough as it is…keeping him at bay.”

“Wha…what’s going on Natalie?” Gregg knew about this phenomenon from his past experiences with David. Anyone under the sway or control of someone with powers like him was immune from the mind-control effects of another. It was like some weird cosmic property law…or at least how the rules were set up by whoever/whatever granted him these powers. “Who is it? It’s not David?” he asked, suddenly afraid that his former student may not, in fact, be dead. “It’s can’t be Adam…could it?” Recent events in Tunisia suddenly took on a whole new meaning…a new darker, scarier meaning.

Natalie pulled away enough to look into his eyes and tears filled her own. A strange calm washed over her as she stepped back. “It doesn’t matter, Gregg. There are just some things you can’t fix.” She wiped her eyes dry and smiled as best she could. “Now, I’m here to collect my reward.”

“What reward?” Gregg asked nervously.

“I helped Laura write the ceremony upstairs and as ‘payment’ she said I could be the one to bring you upstairs…and that I could come down early and entertain you a bit before-hand.”

Gregg shook his head, not wanting to move on from the trouble Natalie was in. “Natalie, please. Tell me what is going on. Who has control of you?” he asked, hoping in vain it wasn’t Adam.

Natalie smiled sadly. “You’re not used to not getting what you want, are you? I need to get you upstairs soon and you’re wasting my time.” Natalie began to tug at Gregg’s zipper before he came to his senses and pulled her arms away.

“Natalie. Tell me what happened to you. Who is doing this? What can I do to help?”

Natalie stared at her hands still in Gregg’s firm grip. She took a calming breath and looked again into his eyes. “You can make love to me. Love me without your powers. Hold me like a woman, not as a creature you control and manipulate. I know that ever since we met…that afternoon you punished Laura and me in your office for making fun of Charli…I know that you’ve used your powers to both punish and pleasure me.” Gregg wanted to deny the truth of her words…but couldn’t. Guilt washed over him.

“Before I have to take you upstairs, let me have this one moment of honest happiness.” She paused, considering something. “I know your heart, now. I know you do what you do because of your feelings for those you love. I understand now. You’re not a bad guy…you’re one of the good ones…I just wish I recognized that earlier. I also know you genuinely want to help me…that you’re not malicious. I get that now. And I promise you…after all this craziness, I will let you help me. But for now, please don’t deny me this simple little request.”

Gregg’s grip had relaxed as he considered her words. She pulled off her robe with a single motion and stepped again into his arms, holding him with her naked body as he pondered what to do next.

He had no power that could penetrate her, so he could not read her intentions or know the truth of her words. But as her body ground against his in tight little circles, he couldn’t deny the need he felt from her or from himself. Natalie must have felt his indecision turning her way so she helped move matters along by reaching up and unbuttoning his shirt, kissing his chest.

When his shirt dropped to the floor, he lifted her face and looked again into her eyes. This time, looking with only his sight, trying to see the truth behind her words. He leaned down and their mouths met, tongues instantly dancing.

Their time was short, and in mere moments the two of them were on the floor together, Gregg on top, Natalie wrapped around him as if afraid to ever let him go. It was the most pleasurable experience Natalie had ever had, even with her concentration split between the pleasures Gregg was giving her and blocking the foaming rage and cries of betrayal from Adam in the back of her mind. If Adam hadn’t been half a world away, she was sure she wouldn’t have been able to get away with what she was doing right now. This was pure pleasure, her body reacting of its own accord, the intense joys she felt were her own and not forced upon her, uncolored by mystical energies she didn’t understand.

She was less than a pawn in this game, so she reveled in the simple act of a man loving and needing a woman, joined together as nature intended…

* * *

Kathy didn’t know what hurt more: the twin burn marks on her lower back from where the taser was pressed or her shoulder which she strained when she was writhing on the floor as her “sisters” played with their new toy. Only after Allison and Monica had each gotten their fill of zapping their redheaded partner did they finally relent and let her recuperate on the couch. After putting away her newest implement of pain, Monica rejoined her co-stars around the coffee table at their warehouse apartment/studio and resumed flipping through head and body photographs of people who wanted to be in their films.

An offshoot from Bonz’ parent company, Monica, Allison, and now Kathy were collectively known as the “Bitch Sisters.” Of course, “sisters” was a marketing ploy. They were no more related than George W. Bush was to Harvey Firestein. But with their similar outfits, their similar chest sizes and similar-enough faces, the only real difference that set them apart was that Monica was a curly blonde, Allison had wavy brown hair, and Kathy had straight red-hair (dyed, but nobody really cared.) Kathy was a recent replacement for a former founding member who’d grown tired of the direction the partnership had been heading…and that direction was for ever more sensational videos that had begun as faux bondage, but now bordered on being snuff.

Monica brushed a few stray blonde hairs from her face and checked the clock on the wall. They were supposed to be filming right now, but their latest “victim” hadn’t shown up. This wasn’t the first time that a hired submissive had chickened out at the last minute…especially if they’d had the foresight to watch one of the Bitch Sisters’ videos. So, even though they were all dressed in various revealing dom-gear and donning full make-up, Monica passed the time taking care of business-related matters…such as trying out the tazer on Kathy.

Kathy often found herself the butt of Monica’s sick sense of humor, and being a newbie to the team, she couldn’t really complain much…well, she could, but her complaints were often responded to with even more painful pranks or she’d be treated to yet another rather brutal fucking from Vince. Vince was Monica’s husband, business partner, co-star…and more importantly – someone you didn’t fuck with. It turned out that videos of Kathy’s punishments were their top seller due to their brutality as well as the joy customers seemed to get at watching one of the dominants get treated like a submissive. No doubt, the other girls’ jealousy at the newbie out-earning them only made it easier for them to find new and painful things to do to her. And such lessons were reserved only for Kathy as both Monica and Allison were never given such treatment. She’d seen what happened when Vince was pissed off…and had seen what happened when he was called on to “take care of business.”

“You know Kathy, you should demand a greater share of the profits from your business partners. After all, it’s your ass that takes the most abuse…when you’re not abusing somebody else’s ass, that is.”

All three girls looked up in surprise. They’d neither heard the intruder enter, nor expected such a bold statement from an uninvited guest. The woman who’d spoken to them was standing partially in shadow, her face obscured.

“You’re late Serena,” said Monica. “And you just bought yourself a scene suspended from pulleys for that comment. Now shut up, get changed, and be sure to wash your ass. I think it’ll be fun to have Kathy do a little butt-hole licking before we stick the enema tube in you.”

Kathy paled. It was bad enough she had to stick her tongue into some stranger’s ass…but to have to pretend to enjoy it for the film was that much more degrading. When not filming, her “sisters” enjoyed making her watch her own videos, commenting that they thought the act was so convincing she must truly be enjoying it. They said that about a lot of the things they made her do. There’d only ever been one girl, that she knew of, that she thought really enjoyed what the sisters were doing to her…and that didn’t end so well. The central theme to all the Bitch Sisters videos was all about making the victim beg and plead for mercy. It was an endurance game, and the sisters ALWAYS won in the end.

“I’m not Serena. I sent her home…and it’s not me who’s going to be suspended.”

Christine stepped into the light, her hair still straight and black, and still flailing around in some unfelt breeze or as if charged with some unseen power. What made the sisters gasp, however, was the coal-blackness of her eyes and the sinister smile on her face.

With a snap of her fingers, thick alien-like tentacles with flared penis-like tips dropped from the ceiling, which itself had dissolved into an impenetrable inky black cloud. They quickly found the wrists and ankles of their three victims and hauled them up into suspended X’s, slightly leaning forward.

Christine watched amusedly as they struggled in vain, straining against their bonds, not understanding what was happening. They looked up at the ceiling trying to figure out how this mechanism worked, but it defied all explanation.

“Let us go, you Bitch!” cried Monica, twisting futilely. Another tentacle dropped in from nowhere and proceeded to slap her across the face several times, back and forth.

“It is not ‘I’ who am the bitch, is it? It’s in the title of your goddamn DVDs that YOU’RE the bitch. Isn’t that correct?”

Given the ferocity of the slapping she’d just endured, Monica was genuinely surprised that given the amount of pain throbbing from the side of her face, she didn’t taste blood. In fact, the other two witnesses to this surprising attack were also shocked that Monica bore no bruises…just a bit of pinkness of her skin…but it felt like she’d been beaten with a piece of PVC pipe.

And as if her thought had summoned it, a five-foot long piece of white PVC pipe appeared in Christine’s hand. Christine smiled as she looked over the product of Monica’s imagination. Taking a running start, she brandished the pipe like a samurai sword and charged, taking a hard swing toward Monica’s thigh. Monica winced as the pipe swung down toward her body, expecting pain. But when it hit, it shattered into a thousand butterflies that flitted off in every direction.

As Monica stared at Christine in horror, Christine simply chuckled and pulled Monica’s chair around so she could sit while observing her three bound and suspended captives. “You know, I’ve been watching a lot of porn lately,” she said casually, mirroring the speech she gave Heather the last time they’d met. “And I’ve found that I’m a huge fan of what can be accomplished in Hentai – when animators are given the freedom to call on the supernatural and not be bound by reality.” The tentacles gripped tighter and pulled each girl a little bit more until each moaned in pain, reminding them of their current “unreal” situation.

“Who…who are you?” Allison finally managed to ask as the three of them gradually realized that as weird as all this was, it didn’t change the fact that they were currently tied, suspended from the ceiling, and completely at this woman’s mercy.

Christine stood and stepped closer, her blank-eyed visage both beautiful and horrible.

“I am Vengence.”

She grabbed Allison’s nipple through the woman’s black lacy bra and twisted with incredible force (a titty-torture that was Allison’s own signature move). The bound brunette screamed in pain.

“I am Justice.”

* * *

Heather did her best to hold back her tears as she sucked eagerly on Gregg’s erect member. She could taste the musky flavor of feminine juices coating it as she pulled him to ever deeper depths within her throat. Her ability to take Gregg deep elicited gasps and ooh’s and ah’s from the crowd. She knew that even though he was blindfolded, he was perfectly aware of his surroundings. She knew, because she could feel his consciousness trying desperately to connect with hers. She sensed his pleading, his need for her, but she blocked him out, seeking only to finish this ritual.

It was doubly painful because not only was she blocking that most intimate of connections, but she was denying herself the pleasures that came with it. She loved Gregg, with all her heart…and it was because of that love that she was cutting him loose. She could feel Brittany’s presence subsuming her own, and once that shedding was complete, Heather could take her rightful place as just another Omega Xi whore, serving at Gregg’s beck and call, if he even wanted her, and leaving the true love to him and Brittany.

It was ironic, Heather realized, that only once Brittany had been stripped of all power and all desire, only once she’d been reborn in this new child-like persona – only then had she succeeded in winning the prize of ultimate power she’d been seeking all along. True enough, it had been accidental, and true enough Brittany had no idea about Gregg’s powers…and yet, the sexy little nymph had won…she’s won a game she didn’t even know she was playing.

Natalie had escorted Gregg into the room to many sighs of delight. He and his cock were no surprise to the membership of Omega Xi. But to Heather’s surprise, the young blonde didn’t stay. This was the event of the year at the Omega Xi house, and yet Natalie was the only girl who voluntarily chose to leave. Only when Heather took Gregg into her mouth did she guess that it was because Gregg had already given her what he wanted. Still, that didn’t explain the sad look on her face…

Jealousy flared up inside her which she quickly tamped down. She was giving Gregg up…she had no right to feel jealous about who he fucked.

Her flare of jealousy distracted her from her efforts to block Gregg’s ceaseless probes and he managed to squirm a tendril of thought into the crack of an open door she’d allowed. She quickly clamped onto it, determined to hold it at bay, upset that she’d allowed even that much through. But it was enough for Gregg to get her attention.

‘Please talk to me!’ he screamed, pleading…but barely a whisper in her closed-off mind.

Heather ignored him, bobbing her head faster on his giant member. But it was a useless battle. Heather knew that Gregg’s powers could help him keep his orgasm at bay for far longer than she could last.

Gregg must have been thinking the same thing because he pulled Heather’s face off his cock, helped her into a standing position facing away from him and toward the audience. He grabbed Heather’s left leg behind the knee and lifted until her leg was pressed up against her side. Heather was forced to crane her arms backward and wrap around Gregg’s neck to keep from falling which resulted in her back bowing and her large, firm tits thrusting outward. He helped stabilize her by wrapping his right arm around her torso, grabbing her right tit firmly in his hand. As if guided by radar, his cock shoved upward into her pussy, burying itself deep in her humid cunt.

The audience moaned collectively at the display. They had an unobstructed view of Gregg’s giant member stretching Heather’s perfect pussy lips while her whole body displayed intense pleasure at the penetration. Heather’s body quickly reacted to the delightful intrusion. She may have been blocking Gregg from her mind, but her body reacted to its favorite intruder of its own accord. The room soon filled with her moans as well as the slick squishing sound of his cock sliding in and out of her sopping channel.

As he thrust repeatedly upward, Gregg buried his face into Heather’s neck, able to hide his lips from view. No longer relying on a mental connection, he tried communication the old fashioned way – by talking.

“Heather…stop this. You’re acting like a goddamned child and I really need your help!” he whispered into her hair so only she could hear.

“Oh, fuck me Gregg…just fuck me!” was her response, giving the audience what they wanted while simultaneously dismissing his request.

“Please!” he pleaded, thrusting up harder and faster, squeezing her tit almost painfully.

Heather moaned in genuine pleasure as his throbbing cock repeatedly bore into her. “Ohhh…fuck me Gregg! Fuck me like a blonde whore!”

Gregg understood the jab, even if the rest of the room was mildly puzzled by her outburst…not that they cared. Most of them had pulled open their robes and were openly masturbating to the erotic show they were being given. More than a few had paired up with their favorite sisters seeking mutual satisfaction that was always better than what one could do alone.

“You don’t understand…she’s in trouble.”

Heather was weeping in pleasure…and in pain. It tore her heart to have to block Gregg like this. She was letting him down…again…but it was for his own good. It was for his own happiness that she suffered so. He would understand in time.

Gregg wasn’t about to call it quits yet. In a move that surprised even Heather, Gregg summoned all his strength and picked Heather up, spinning around his still embedded cock so that she was held off the floor in his arms, her legs instinctively locked around his waist, her butt in his hands. She threw her arms around his neck to keep from falling backward.

As he started thrusting up into her again, his muscles flexed with the strength off his efforts, the room erupted into spontaneous applause. But neither Gregg nor Heather heard it. Her surprise forced her to open her eyes, and once they locked onto Gregg’s child-like innocent pleading orbs, her heart melted and she dropped her shield. Their lips crashed together as their consciousnesses merged.

In a flash, Gregg understood all the pain Heather was feeling – the guilt, the doubt, the lingering aftereffects of her ordeal with Christine, her mission to give him to Brittany. Likewise, she felt his pain that Brittany was gradually pushing his one true love out from his mind (aided, of course by Heather’s own efforts) and the horror he was experiencing at the realization that Adam had somehow obtained powers. Most importantly, she felt the overwhelming love he had for her – and her above all others. Even the love he held for Emily was but a candle compared to the bonfire he held for her. And the indifference that had evolved into affection which was rapidly deteriorating into love for Brittany was like a knife in his heart.

Like a dam bursting, the two of them shouted their mutual release, Heather’s pussy spasming and contracting around Gregg’s thrusting cock, which itself began to unleash torrents of cum into her pussy. Omega Xi’s who were sitting close enough could witness the expanding and contracting of Gregg’s cock with each giant spurt of spunk into the fiery redhead. Mutual orgasms erupted across the room in a cascade of lust that expelled from the fucking duo like a tsunami after an earthquake.

In the sudden stillness of the room, Gregg and Heather panted, trying to catch their breaths. Their eyes saw only each other.

“Heather? Will you marry me?”

* * *

Emily watched nervously as popcorn fell from Brittany’s open mouth. The two girls were sitting on Gregg’s bed, watching a live feed of the ceremony on their laptop from a web-cam that Laura had cleverly hidden in the room which gave them a perfect view of the show.

And quite a show it had been. It was better than watching porn! The two of them reveled in excitement watching Heather please and get pleasured by Omega Xi after Omega Xi. From what Emily could observe, Brittany didn’t seem to miss the trappings of her former sorority and only seemed to be truly delighted watching the show. Emily had hinted that Gregg would also be a part of the proceedings, and it was clear that Brittany was eager to watch the love of her life perform. She wasn’t jealous since this was all just a show. And when it was all over, he’d come back to her and the sex would be an act of pure love.

Emily had been watching the bubbly little nymph nervously. This was a desperate attempt to avoid the choice that Deuce had thrust upon her. She’d hoped that maybe watching Gregg fuck Heather, and/or anyone else in the room (not fully understanding how the ceremony would unfold), that maybe Brittany would get jealous…but that didn’t seem to be working.

It was only when Gregg popped the question that Brittany finally reacted. It hadn’t occurred like Laura and Emily had planned. Laura and Natalie had written a rather elaborate exchanging of vows that was similar to a wedding, in which he pledged himself to her…a way of showing the sorority that not only was Heather deserving of sisterhood, but that she “owned” Gregg – an ultimate prize. But Gregg had taken matters into his own hands…and actually proposed.

That seemed to cut through the sunshine and bubbles.

“Wha…what did he say?” Brittany asked her friend in disbelief.

Emily decided to be brutally honest, hoping that Brittany would disengage herself from Gregg on her own. She just had to…

“He asked Heather to marry him.”

“That’s…that’s not possible. He’s supposed to marry…” her voice trailed off to an inaudible whisper.

“No. He’s not supposed to marry you. He loves Heather. He always has.”

“How could you say that?!? He loves me! He proved it to me that night in Tunisia! He proved it again this afternoon!”

“No. He didn’t. And you know it to be true.” Emily tried to put a comforting arm around Brittany, but the tiny brunette shrugged it away.

“Why are you doing this to me? How could you be so cruel?”

Tears were pouring out from Brittany’s eyes, and the room became as hushed as the Omega Xi room being broadcast onto the laptop.

“Yes Gregg. Yes. With all my heart, I will marry you!” came Heather’s tinny voice through the laptop speaker. The sorority house room erupted in applause and cheers.

Brittany’s body went numb. Her blood ran cold. “He…he can’t…” She stood and shuffled toward the kitchen. “I…I need something to drink.”

Emily watched the devastated girl slink away. It tore her to pieces to see the girl suffer so cruel a torture. But it appeared that her plan was working. Brittany would have to let go now that Gregg had declared his love for Heather above all else…especially Brittany.

Emily heard a drawer opening in the kitchen, which was odd since the cups were up in a cabinet. Deciding that Brittany shouldn’t be left alone in such a fragile state, Emily decided to check in on her.

What she found in the kitchen stopped her cold. “Brittany! Don’t!!”

The heartbroken nymph was sobbing, holding a large kitchen knife toward her chest. If she wasn’t good enough for Gregg, then there wasn’t any point in living. Her life had been a failure and this was just the final straw. Not wanting Emily to stop her, she quickly pulled her arms back in order to get a full thrust at her sternum.

With surprising speed, Emily charged and before the knifepoint could penetrate her sternum, Emily’s hands locked with hers, struggling keep steel from meeting flesh.

“Let go! It’s over! Let me die!!!”

“No. You can’t! Give me the damn knife!!”

“He made his decision. There’s no point in living!”

The two girls fought, their hands locked around the knife hilt, each trying desperately to wrench it free from the other. Emily was surprised at how strong Brittany was…no doubt given strength by the desperation of her grief. They strained and fought, crashing into chairs and countertops, neither relenting. A bottle of white wine dropped to the floor, crashing.

The floor, suddenly slippery, caused Emily to lose her footing and she fell backward. Brittany’s momentary victory was cut short in mid-fall when Emily’s flailing leg shot out and kicked her shin, pushing the knife-wielding nymph’s legs out from under her, causing her to fall forward, the steel blade between them.

The room was suddenly quiet with Brittany landing atop Emily with a thud. Neither girl moved.

Beneath them, the almost-clear wine puddle began to turn red.

* * *

Heather contemplated Gregg’s question. She had been so ready to give him up. To relinquish her place in his soul so that he could have a love uncomplicated by all the baggage she brought with her. But even with his soul split between her, Brittany, and Emily, the amount of love he had to give was overwhelming. Despite all the magic and the complications from intrigue, she couldn’t avoid how much he loved her. And when she balanced on the one hand life without Gregg against a life where she had to share him, the outcome was undeniable.

“Yes Gregg. Yes. With all my heart, I will marry you!” Heather said joyously. The sorority house room erupted in applause and cheers.

She would give Gregg all her heart, even if he was only capable of giving her half of his…even a third or a quarter would suffice. It didn’t matter.

Opening herself up completely to Gregg, she gloried as his consciousness wrapped and twisted with hers – a cosmic dance that was invisible to everyone else in the room. Their tongues chased each other even as their bodies remained connected, their mutual spending dripping onto the floor.

It didn’t matter that as their souls danced, they were squeezed and buffeted by Brittany’s and, to a lesser extent, Emily’s. It was like dancing in a crowded room. It was like multi-colored wax blobs inside a lava lamp, rising and falling, bumping against each other, swirling and stretching…but never joining.

It was a new reality she was content with. She would learn to love Brittany. She would learn to share in the joy the little nymph had when being in Gregg’s presence. After all, it was a joy they shared. And their mutual love for Gregg would bind them as close as she and Emily had become. It would just take time.

But at the moment of that acceptance, something remarkable happened. Heather pulled back enough to stare into Gregg’s eyes with her emerald green orbs. All of her thoughts were open to him and his love poured back. Suddenly, Emily’s consciousness, blocked until this moment much as Heather had blocked her own, flared in pain and fear.

It was sudden. It was abrupt.

And in a flash, both Emily and Brittany were gone.

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