A Fistful of Sand by Doktor Gostel – Book 3 – Chapter 4

A Fistful of Sand 3: Resurrection

Chapter 4: Gods and Monsters

Author’s note: Given the themes I explore in this chapter, it wouldn’t be right not to acknowledge the inspiration for my characters’ arc. (See chapter title)


* * *

They could have been sisters. Many of the people who glanced their way as they walked down the hall probably thought they were. Both had pink noses and cheeks from the long cold walk from the back of the parking garage to the reception desk. Both were bundled in thick winter coats with ear-muffs and mittens. Both wore skin-tight jeans that showed off their long legs and firm, shapely asses. Both wore their hair in ponytails – one blonde, one dark brown.

Slowly, as they made their way down the hall, the flush of their cheeks changed from the pink of winter chill to the warm flush of sexual excitement. To feel it come on so strong was surprising but not unexpected. Laura experienced it yesterday when she disobeyed her master’s orders and waited for him outside Christine’s room. The woman exuded sexuality – when she was horny, then so was everyone else in a radius (the radius depended on just how horny she was) and as they walked down the hall, there was plenty of evidence that Christine was particularly horny at the moment. Nurses struggled to concentrate on charts while they fought to keep their hands from roaming over their bodies. Moans of pleasure could be heard from bathrooms and janitorial supply closets.

Gregg had explained to them that when he first inherited his powers, he went through the same thing. It had forced him to learn some modicum of control…but truth be told, the regular nookie he got from the women in his life probably did more to help keep the edge off than any Zen-like control he had over his libido.

It had been another fight determining who would visit Christine today. Gregg still wasn’t sure he could trust Christine not to come unglued and try to kill them again. She seemed to have a visceral hatred of him – in spite of her effort to seduce him yesterday – and it still wasn’t clear just how much damage David, Christine’s former master, had done to her sanity…so Heather, Laura, and Emily argued that he shouldn’t go since his mere presence triggered the first attack. Heather was likewise argued against because David had done everything he could to transform his slave into the living embodiment of the fiery red-head.

That left Emily and Christine. Gregg and Heather didn’t want them to go, fearing for their safety. But Laura successfully argued that she’d already been there once before, and Emily argued that of the four of them, she was the only one left with an intimate understanding of the power. That Emily had absorbed some of Gregg’s magic was still something they hadn’t discussed, but now – like before – didn’t seem to be the right time. No one else knew anything about Gregg’s powers, so by processes of elimination the choice was made.

Unlike the last time, this fight didn’t end with Gregg pinning one of them against the wall, fucking her brains out…much to all their dismay. With teary goodbyes, fretful glances, and words of caution, Laura and Emily piled into the SUV and drove to the hospital.

When they approached Christine’s door, that warm fuzzy feeling filled them both, and Emily’s eyes unfocused for a second. “We should wait out here…until she’s done.” Laura didn’t need Em to explain what needed finishing. They both took seats on the bench outside the room, squirming as they fought the waves of lust coursing through their bodies. In addition to heightened libidos, both were overwhelmed with feelings of déjà vu. While they had no direct memory of what had happened the first time they all visited Christine after she woke up, from what Gregg had told them, it was eerily similar to what was happening at this moment. Neither particularly relished the idea of getting blown up today…

* * *

“Explode! Jesus Christ, make me fucking explode!” Christine moaned, slamming her overheated pussy down repeatedly on Brian’s magnificent cock. ‘A work of art!’ she thought amusedly as he thrust up into her in counterpoint. ‘A work of fucking art that I created!’

Brian was sitting naked on the sturdy wooden chair at the foot of the bed. It had been turned to face out the window. Christine was sitting straddling his crotch, bouncing deliriously up and down his shaft facing the door. Just last night she had unwittingly used her powers to expand the size of his cock, surpassing in its girth even that of her former master. It had been unbearably painful for Brian, not that he showed it, but she was more than making up for it now. She couldn’t remember how to soothe, how to show affection…but she knew how to fuck.

Sitting on the bed with one foot on the floor and the other bent underneath was Cindy, the petite blonde nurse Christine had seduced upon waking from her coma. Cindy had just finished her shift and had stopped by, no doubt hoping for another rendezvous. She was fascinated with Christine, more in love with the buxom goddess than she was with her husband…Not that she had any plans to go home to him. Christine had shown her the light, so to speak, and there was no way she was going to go home and endure another beating. It was amazing how this recently awoken patient had not only stolen her heart, but made her feel safe as well…and made her feel other things so long considered taboo.

When she entered the room, Brian and Christine were doing just what they were doing now. She blushed fiercely, and moved to leave them in peace, but Christine called out to her.

“Cindy! Don’t go! Stay.” It wasn’t exactly a command, but there was no way she was going to disobey.

She stood there confused, excited, not knowing what to do or where to go. Christine looked in the direction of the bed and Cindy took a seat, trying to act nonchalant.

“How would you like a ride on my special man here when I’m done?”

Cindy gulped. The only man she’d ever been with was her husband…and he wasn’t half the man Brian was (anatomically speaking). She was nervous, excited…it was as if all the moisture had been sucked out of her mouth and was escaping from between her legs. Two days ago the thought of fucking another man wouldn’t have even crossed her mind. But now, even as Christine bounced contentedly up and down Brian’s huge cock, she knew that it was only a matter of minutes before that gigantic hunk of man-meat would be filling her up. She groaned with excitement and wrung her knuckles between her legs. She didn’t understand her feelings…nor did she care.

Christine closed her eyes, concentrating on bringing herself off. Her strawberry blonde hair flew wildly, her large firm tits bounced heavily. Brian’s hands held her firmly around the waist, helping lift and drop her in his lap. A smile crossed her face – a mischievous smile that seemed out of place.

“Cindy…go see if there are two girls waiting for me out in the hall…if so, please invite them in.”

Cindy was shocked. Was Christine expecting someone? Was this really an appropriate time? The room reeked of sex and would take time to air out before it was acceptable for visitors…Come to think of it, it was unacceptable for doctors and nurses…not that anyone seemed to complain. Doubts filled her mind, but again she didn’t hesitate to obey. Walking on weak legs, she opened the door and peeked outside. Sure enough, two young women were sitting on the bench opposite the door. Both looked up in surprise when she poked her head out. Cindy looked behind her, Christine’s smile confirming what she had to do.

“She…she wants to see you…now,” Cindy said somewhat dejectedly.

Emily, who had inherited some trace of Gregg’s powers when she saved his life, knew what was happening inside the room so her shock wasn’t as great as Laura’s. However, Laura recovered better and was able to put on an air of indifference while Emily just watched the tableau in amazement. Being in a sorority where sex was part of the daily routine, Laura was better prepared for such an overt public display.

“Cindy, get us…ungh…get us some coffee.” Cindy was both glad and disappointed that she was given such an obvious menial chore. It hardly took a rocket scientist to see that it was a thinly veiled excuse to get her out of the room. With a force of will, she tore her eyes from the woman she adored and the huge cock that would soon be stretching her own little pussy and left the room.

Even after the door closed behind Cindy, Christine remained intent on the task at hand. “Be…be with…you…just…a sec…” Christine’s hips went into overdrive, her leg muscles straining as she drove herself toward an intense climax. Her eyes closed and her cheeks puffed, her knuckles turned white from gripping the back of the chair behind Brian’s head. Brian’s hands left her hips and latched onto her tits, mauling them fiercely – just like she wanted. He pulled one tit into his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. Christine’s head flew back.

“Oh God!”

Just as her body started to jerk and spasm, she jumped off Brian’s cock and knelt between his legs. One hand flew to her pussy, furiously rubbing her clit as she guided herself through the remainder of her orgasm. The other quickly grabbed Brian’s glistening, juice-drenched cock and jerked up and down it so fast her hand was a blur.

Brian gasped for breath, his hands clenching the side of the chair. Christine’s mouth engulfed the head of his cock just a nanosecond before the first tremendous spurt of cum flew from his cocktip. Even as her own body jerked and shuddered in the aftershocks of her climax, she held onto Brian who writhed in his seat as he filled her mouth with his copious cream.

Laura and Emily sat there, watching in amazement. Amazed that Christine felt no shame in such a brazen act…amazed at the intensity of their pleasure. Amazed at how effortless Christine made it look as she finger-fucked herself, jacked off Brian, and repeatedly swallowed what was obviously a tremendous load of cum. Both girls reflexively licked their lips. No doubt when they returned home, it’d be a fight to see who got to swallow Gregg’s load first. It was a cruel torture to make them watch this. And no doubt Christine knew it.

Languidly licking off their mutual juices from ball sac to cocktip, Christine cleaned off her lover with a serene affection that balanced the ferocity of the fuck they’d just finished. “Oh, I needed that. Thanks Sweetie.” She stood and patted his cheek, even as he still labored to catch his breath. It was as close to true affection as she was capable of at this point.

Christine padded over to the nightstand beside the bed, picking up pair of jeans that were in a pile on the floor, making sure her two guests got an eyeful of her shapely ass and her glistening, raw, pink pussy lips. She pulled out Brian’s wallet and quickly counted the money inside. She didn’t know how he kept his wallet stocked and she didn’t ask. Whether he found it, stole it, or worked for it (which was unlikely since he hardly left her side) – it didn’t matter, at least not to her.

“Brian, go down to the cafeteria, find Cindy, and buy us some lunch. We need to replenish your strength before you break her in.” Emily blushed, but bit her tongue. Laura just lifted an eyebrow.

Brian stood and got dressed. He did nothing to hide his nakedness from the girls…in fact, he barely registered that they were there. Emily knew that the events of the past year had changed him, but the deadness behind his eyes saddened her. She remembered how jovial and full of life he had been when she met him at the party she held at the end of the dig last spring. Instinctively she reached out to him in friendship, touching his arm, extending her consciousness – her need to make people she cared about feel better taking control of her powers.

It was like hitting a wall running full speed head-on. Her eyes went wide with shock and she pulled back suddenly. She almost collapsed but Brian’s hand quickly shifted to hold her up. She was dizzy and didn’t know what was happening. But when the fog cleared from her mind, no more than a second or two later, she was leaning heavily against his sweaty and naked muscular body, one hand in his, the other gripping his –

– “Now, now, Merriam…you shouldn’t touch other people’s toys without permission!” came Christine’s mirth-filled comment from the chair so recently vacated by Brian.

Emily gasped, pulling back as if her hands had touched a hot stove. She shook her head, clearing away the rest of the fog. “Merriam’s your sister, isn’t she?”

Christine’s face darkened. She thought herself so in control – but apparently not enough. She cursed herself that little slip. Yes, Merriam was her sister. David had taken her as another sex slave shortly after they all returned to the states. It was the cruelest of the cruel things he’d done to her. It wasn’t enough for him to make her baby sister into her most enthusiastic lover – but he also kept Merriam completely aware of what was happening. Merriam was in a constant state of disgust while Christine was in euphoria. She was kept fully aware that she was being used to fulfill his sister-fantasy and she had no control over her body’s reactions – reactions that were the opposite of the disgust she felt. The final cruelty was that David desperately wanted Christine to be Heather, so made Merriam look like her doppelganger, Emily, further rounding out the fantasy of owning the women in Gregg’s life – women that would have been his if he hadn’t hesitated that first day.

So, looking at the young pony-tailed nymph, Christine was simultaneously saddened that her sister was now lost to her, yet turned on at this almost mirror image of the one person (besides her master) who could elicit the highest peaks of pleasure from her body. She missed her sister and wished she’d forgive her – it’s not like what happened was her fault anyway…not that Merriam could see it that way. Once it was clear to Merriam that she was free from David, she ran away. Christine had had no word from her since she woke up from her coma, and her parents weren’t talking to her so she had no way of knowing if they’d heard anything. Not knowing was the worst part.

“What do you two want?” she said sulkily, lifting one foot onto the bed, stretching her legs wide apart. It felt good to stretch her legs and air out her crotch after the last workout she’d just had. She rubbed her pussy as casually as one would tap a pencil on a desk. “Does the dear professor think so little of me now that he has to send two of his sex slaves? Or is he afraid he might get sucked…in by a real woman?”

Laura and Em each took offense, but for different reasons. “I’m not his slave,” was said at the same time as “My master is not afraid of you.” They looked at each other and blushed.

Christine smiled, realizing that her own gaffe had just been superseded. “Whatever. So, tell me, have you two always looked so much alike or is that also your Master’s work? He got a thing for sisters?”

Emily remained indignant that Christine refused to believe that Gregg wasn’t her master while Laura didn’t understand the comment.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“He probably doesn’t even realize he’s doing it…David didn’t realize he was doing it to me…my tits got bigger…my waist slimmer. My gag reflex gone.”

Laura and Emily looked at Christine warily, not sure if she was taunting them. They stole quick glances at each other as if realizing for the first time that there were certain similarities.

Christine didn’t pay attention, she was busy admiring her own body. “All in all, I think he did okay work…just not very creative.” Christine peered at both girls’ chests with an intensity that was unsettling. “I’m surprised he hasn’t given you two bigger jugs…most guys like big tits.”

“Gregg hasn’t done anything to us,” retorted Emily, but the weakness in her voice made it clear that she wasn’t so sure anymore.

Christine decided to needle them a little further. “You like what I did with Brian? He wasn’t always such a well-endowed lover. But I needed someone who could satisfy me…I wonder how he compares to your master. I wonder if he inflated himself as much as David did…I bet it’d feel wonderful – Brian in my cunt, Gregg in my ass…” Her fingers at her crotch were speeding up. Emily was so horny she no longer even trying to protest that Gregg wasn’t her master. If Christine argued that the Pope was Jewish, she would have agreed just to move the conversation forward, get home quickly and let Gregg ravish her.

Laura stood on shaky legs, taking on an air of authority as best she could given how horny she was. On their way over, they decided that since Laura was president of Omega Xi, the elite sorority on campus, she probably was better suited to acting as diplomat. “Look, Mast…er…Gregg and the rest of us were thinking. You can’t stay in this hospital forever.”

Christine’s smile turned wry. “And why does your master think that? I kind of like it here.” It was a not-so-subtle jab at her authority.

Laura took it in stride. Gregg had warned her that Christine was full of anger and that she probably wouldn’t get a warm reception. “Because not even your powers can keep a lid on the costs you’re accruing here at the hospital. How many people do you think you can sway with your abilities? Gregg’s learned that there are limits to this gift.”

“David found ways to deal with the limits of this…gift.” She forced the word ‘gift’ out, even though it felt more like a curse.

“And David is dead.”

Laura let that hang in the air between them. She could see the struggle Christine was trying to hide behind an impassive face. Christine had been trained to see her former master as all-powerful, so a jab at him or his power was an insult to her…but Laura was right – and being told by some insignificant little sex slave that she was wrong was just another kind of insult.

“I know David’s dead. I killed him. I took his powers. I won’t repeat his mistakes.”

“You already are.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re slowly turning this hospital into your private playground. Just on our way down the hall we passed two supply closets that were being used for…uh…other purposes. You need to live in a less densely populated area until you can learn to control your…um, desires.”

“Maybe I should just get myself a couple of hotties like you two to keep me satisfied…it seems to be working for your Master. I’ll bet you were more than happy to help your master control his desires after you two visited me yesterday.”

Laura turned pink with lust. It was true. After their brief visit with Christine yesterday, Gregg was so turned on that he gave her a furious fucking in the back of her SUV in the garage. And being used by him in such a way was something that never ceased to satisfy her. Her own lust was rising and she knew that this meeting would have to wrap up soon. It seemed that meetings with Christine were not going to be long affairs until she managed to rein in her own lust.

“Look,” Laura took one of Gregg’s business cards out from her pocket and grabbed a pen from the nightstand. Turning it over onto the backside, she scrawled her name and number in a slightly shaky hand. “Here’s my cell phone number. I’m offering you an apartment on campus. Free of charge. The only thing you’d need to do is enroll as a graduate student. I’ve got some influence and if you want in you’re in – just name your field of interest. We’ll set you up with a scholarship so you can live comfortably for a while. It’s not much, but it will buy you some time while you figure out what you want to do with your life.”

“And, more importantly,” Christine sneered, “it will keep me within arms’ reach of your pervert master Gregg…so he can keep an eye on me…and maybe not just his eye.”

Emily stood. She’d reached her limit of Gregg-bashing. “He’s been nothing but nice to you. He came here wanting to help and you almost killed him.” Christine flinched. It was a little weird hearing Emily’s real voice – the last time they spoke she was naked and channeling the voice of some higher being named Deuce. “Of course he wants to keep you close. You’re the only other person he knows of with these powers…at least at his level. He’s as scared of what he can do as you should be, and he’s asking for your help…that’s all.” She blushed, knowing that she was now the third with powers…although her own new powers barely amounted to more than a trickle compared to their rivers. “He keeps on offering his hand in friendship and you keep slapping it away – not smart to do when you’re hanging off the side of a cliff. Just think about it and let us know. It’s your life and he…we won’t interfere. But honestly, you could really use a friend.”

Emily stood, grabbed her coat and stomped out the door. She didn’t even wait for Laura. Laura, surprised at how her friend took control of the moment, picked up the card and handed it to Christine. Christine grabbed her wrist and Laura suddenly felt dizzy, like her head was caught underwater, being swayed back and forth in the current. It only lasted a second.

Laura shook her head and glared angrily at Christine, yanking her wrist free from Christine’s grip. “Don’t do that again. I belong to Gregg.”

For a change, Christine actually appeared sheepish. “I…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…sometimes it just…just happens.” She dropped her now empty hand back in her lap. She could feel Laura’s need for Gregg in that brief moment – a need more powerful than what could be explained through simple brainwashing. Christine actually felt ashamed for having tried to break such as beautiful bond. Reaching for her hospital gown, she suddenly felt the need to cover her nakedness.

“It’s okay.” It wasn’t but Laura let it go. The thought of being ripped away from Gregg, her master, was most too painful to contemplate. She would die before she allowed that to happen.

Laura grabbed her coat and headed toward the door.

“Tell me…is he…is he a good master?”

Laura looked over her shoulder, “He’s the best. He saved my life…he saved my soul. I would die for him.”

For a long moment neither moved. Laura figured the conversation was over, so she took stepped into the hall and let the door shut behind her.

The door clicked shut and Christine felt a shudder pass through her body. She just realized what was missing from her life (besides her friends and family and everything she was before David had taken her). She was missing a master.

She knew of only one man in the world that had the power to dominate her…and he was trying to elevate her (kicking and screaming it appeared) to the level of his equal. It was both infuriating and frustrating. But just with whom was she frustrated and furious? Gregg or herself?

* * *

Halfway down the hall, Emily was waiting for Laura. The moment the tall blonde caught up with her, Emily opened the supply closet to her left and pulled Laura in, locking the door behind them. In moments they’d torn off each other’s coats and frantically unzipped their jeans and unbuttoned their blouses. In a release of pent up burning lust, they ground against each other, their tongues and hands fighting to bring each other off. It was fast and furious and intense…and after ten minutes and a half-dozen orgasms between them, it was just barely enough to satisfy them until Laura could drive them home to Gregg and Heather.

Several hours later as the four of them lay panting on Heather’s bed in a naked tangle of sweaty arms, legs, and torsos, Heather finally managed to ask in a hoarse voice, “So, how’d it go?”

* * *

Cindy was confused. ‘Why am I still here?’ she thought curiously, looking around the four walls of Christine’s hospital room. She could no more leave Christine’s side than she could sprout wings and fly…not that she wanted to leave. She adored Christine – with a passion that was as fierce as it was new, mere days old to be specific.

Brian had retrieved her down at the cafeteria just before she’d paid for the coffee she was sent to get. “Christine asked us to get lunch.”

Six words. The sum total of their entire conversation.

She felt like they should have more to say. He was buying her lunch after all… ‘Kind of like a date, I guess,’ she rationalized.

She’d watched him fuck Christine with a power and skill she never knew possible. Having married her high school sweetheart, she’d had only one male lover in her lifetime and after what she’d just seen, he didn’t amount to much. Sooner than later, she knew that she and Brian would be lovers…he’d fuck her with the same overpowering fury with which he fucked Christine. She’d been offered to him…and through silence, she assented.


The word felt foreign in her mind. She was a good girl and never cursed…even though her husband often did, especially after he drank…and he drank a lot. Brian was going to FUCK her…and just the thought made her stomach flutter. Even after the beatings and the insults her husband was fond of unleashing, she never before contemplated what was going to happen…hopefully soon. Only three days ago she had an affair with a woman, her patient no less! And now she was gearing up for another – with the boyfriend of the woman she’d just slept with…would Christine join in? Would it be a three-way? The world of infinite sexual possibilities seemed suddenly open to her…but for now the three of them just sat in the little hospital room – silent.

The seconds continued to tick by on the clock. And still none of them moved. They sat around the room, their lunches long since consumed. For the first time in days, being in Christine’s presence wasn’t causing her waves of lust – and the loss of that feeling made her feel somewhat empty. She stared at Brian and Christine in turn, waiting for one of them to show some sign of life. Brian just stared mutely at Christine. Christine just stared at the business card lying on the bed in front of her.

When she wasn’t fiddling with the card, Christine played with a long curl of her hair. It must have been some trick of the setting sun through the window, thought Cindy, because at times the hair in Christine’s hand appeared to be its normal shade of strawberry blonde. Then at times it appeared to a lighter honey-blonde. Every time the hair seemed to revert to its slightly red hue, Christine would take a breath she seemed to be holding, sigh sadly and then finger the business card.

And so it went. It was as if the world was on pause, and she wished for something to happen.

And when it did happen, Cindy wished to God that she were more careful with her wishes.

* * *

Christine held the lock of hair in her fingers, staring at it intently. She’d managed to turn it honey-blonde for all of ten seconds before her concentration slipped and it reverted back to red – a new record. Doctors and nurses approached the closed door of the room often but they never opened it. Christine didn’t want to be disturbed and she must have been exuding an aura that said as much…she wished she knew what she was doing.

Again she turned the card over in her hand. Gregg’s university contact information. On the other side, Laura’s shaky script. ‘A remarkable woman…for a sex slave.’ Gregg had taste. She had to credit him for that. Unlike the crack whores and other unsavory types her former master had passed her around, Gregg apparently only chose an elite band of the crème de la crème to share his bed. And if Laura was any indication, they seemed genuinely fond of him. Either he was really that nice or he’d taken great care in programming them.

On the edge of her consciousness, she felt a very agitated presence. She looked out into the hallway with her mind (again, something she wasn’t sure how she did, but she did it anyway). There was a disheveled-looking man who desperately wanted to come into this room, but couldn’t. He’d take a step closer to the room and then turn around, feeling he needed to leave it alone. After a few steps, he’d turn around and approach again, only to repeat his about-face. He was beginning to draw attention to himself. Some of the nurses knew who he was.

Christine also knew who he was…and his presence infuriated her. He was bound to show up eventually, so she might as well deal with the problem now.

Not giving any indication that she knew what was coming, Christine looked up at Brian and asked, “Brian, I could use some more coffee. Could you get me some?”

Brian stared at her intently for long seconds before rising to head out the door. Cindy looked up. They were the first words spoken in almost two hours. Maybe with Brian gone…

“Come here.” Christine patted the bed beside her. Cindy stood and licked her lips – her anticipation making her tremble slightly.

Joining the woman she’d fallen head over heels for on the bed, she immediately leaned in for a kiss. Unlike their previous romp, this one smoldered like hot coals rather than flaring like ignited gunpowder. There was no desperation to their kiss. Their tongues explored the others’ mouths unhurriedly, their hands and fingers softly caressing each other’s faces, backs, breasts.

There was no rough beard stubble, no stale beer breath. No fumbling.

No shame.

A loud bang caused Cindy to whip her head around. The door to the room bounced off the wall and almost shut itself again before a foot kicked it open a second time. Standing there, gawking at them in utter disbelief was Richard, Cindy’s husband. He was unshaven, his eyes were red from drink or something worse. His clothes were dirty, like they hadn’t been changed in days. He looked older than his twenty-two years.

“THREE FUCKING DAYS!” He staggered in another step. “You haven’t been home in three fucking days! I had nothing to eat but cold cereal!” There was plenty of food, he just didn’t know how to cook any of it. “Now I come here and find you playing kissy-kiss with this bitch?!?”

Cindy curled backward, as if she could hide behind Christine. She was caught between her fear of what she knew was coming and the utter amazement that Christine seemed unfazed by the wrath of her husband.

“Come on. You’re coming with me. I’ll teach you not to come home. Maybe you won’t feel like playing kissy-kiss with a fat lip! Maybe I’ll tie you up and we’ll play a little rodeo, since you seem to be feeling all adventurous. Maybe I’ll tie up your little friend too. ”

A tear escaped Cindy’s eye. The last time they “played” rodeo, Richard was drunk. He’d tied her to the bed face-down so tight her hands went numb (her struggling made him make the knots tight). He brutally fucked her. In his drunken stupor, it took extra time for him to get himself off. His little dick even fucked up her ass (which he later claimed was an accident…but they both knew it wasn’t). When he was done, he passed out. She couldn’t wake him and she ended up peeing in the bed because she couldn’t escape her bonds. He ended up beating her in the morning for that also.

“She’s not going with you,” Christine said calmly.

Richard turned to face her, pausing in his tirade as if seeing for the first time just how incredibly beautiful she was. But it only made him pause for a moment.

“Fuck you, dyke! She’s my wife and she’s got some wifely duties to do.” He looked around the room. “Now where’s your purse you ungrateful bitch?”

Christine watched passively and Cindy pressed her face against the back of her shoulder as Richard opened her purse, dug around and found a small fold of bills.

“You been holding out on me? This is more than I gave you! You know you can’t handle this much money! You’ll just spend it on silly things.”

“Says the guy with no job.”

Richard threw the purse to the floor and stared in amazement at Christine. “What’d you say to me girly-girl? Is this the psycho ward? Because you must be fucking crazy to talk to me that way. What you fucking dyke-bitches need is to do a little sucky-suck on a real man.”

“You’re just a fucking loser with no jobby-job,” Christine sneered. “Cindy’s staying with me.” Cindy moaned in fear – Christine had no idea who she was taunting…or so she thought.

Richard grabbed Cindy’s wrist and hauled her to her feet. But his gaze was locked on Christine. “I’m gonna let that slide – ‘cause I’m a gentleman. Consider yourself warned.” He turned back to his wife, “Let’s go bitch. You’ve got a knob to polish.”

Still sitting passively on the bed, Christine stated, “Let go of her. She’s staying with me. Just because you can have sex with a Cheerio without breaking it is no reason to take your frustrations out on Cindy. She’s staying with me, so go home, get drunk, and jerk yourself off with a pair of tweezers.”

Richard paused halfway to the closed door. Turning around he shoved Cindy into the wall and strode purposefully toward the bed. Christine didn’t cringe or flinch when the back of his hand left smashed against the side of her face.

Her head jerked to the right with the blow, a mist of blood and spit spraying the wall behind her. Slowly she turned back to face Richard, a smile on her face even as blood dripped from her lips and coated her teeth. She was breathing heavily now – but not from fear. It was excitement. She reveled in the pain – just like how her former master trained her. David’s cruel combinations of pain and pleasure were now engrained into her psyche and the slap across her face was mere foreplay.

Cindy screamed “NOOO!” but was frozen in place. She wanted to jump at him but her legs seemed frozen in place.

“Is that all you got you little girl? Did your father make you wear dresses to school?” she taunted. Her eyes were glowing with desire and if anyone were paying attention, they might have noticed her erect nipples pressing against her gown or her clenched fist pressing tighter into her crotch.

Richard stared at her as if he couldn’t believe his ears. “Little girl, huh? I’ll show you.”

But he never got the chance.

Just as he brought his right hand back clenched into a fist, the door to the room slammed open again. Richard had just enough time to turn his head before Brian grabbed his arm and twisted it mightily sending him crashing to the ground, dislocating his shoulder and smashing his forehead onto the tile floor.

Cindy stared in horror.

Brian’s fist smashed into the side of Richard’s face when he tried to stand, sending him crashing back down. Rolling him onto his back, Brian straddled his chest and continued methodically doling out punishment with a series of right hooks that made sickening crunching sounds with each impact…and yet his face betrayed not a hint of emotion.

Cindy screamed for him to stop, but he didn’t even slow. Finally turning to Christine, she pleaded with her. But Christine wasn’t listening. She couldn’t even hear Cindy. Her attention was solely focused on the gradual transformation of Richard’s face into a pile of goo. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and shallow as her excitement crescendoed.

Finally feeling her legs working again, Cindy threw herself at Christine’s feet. “Please! Christine, make him stop! Please!”

The tears in Cindy’s eyes brought her back to the ugly reality she was witnessing and in a nearly inaudible voice she whispered, “Brian.”

He couldn’t possibly have heard her above the sound of the beating he was unleashing and Cindy’s crying, and yet he caught himself in mid-punch, looking into Christine’s eyes. He stood and backed away from the twitching bloody mess on the floor. His breathing was only slightly above normal.

Cindy was sobbing with her head buried in Catherine’s lap. Awkwardly, Christine stroked her hair, offering the girl pity she didn’t actually feel in her heart.

A security guard and a nurse ran into the room, quickly trying to take in the scene. “What the hell – ?”

Christine took control of the situation. “It’s Cindy’s husband. He’s drunk and he attacked us. Brian fought him off.” It was said simply…truthfully. The nurse looked at the body on the floor and at Cindy. She looked at Christine’s cut lip and the blood on her gown and on the wall. She seemed unsurprised that Richard had come to this end.

“Come on Cindy, let’s get you out of here.” The nurse helped her stand, but Cindy only left after looking at Christine and receiving a nod in confirmation. She lowered her head onto the nurse’s shoulder and let herself be led away.

The security guard called for the police and for a stretcher. Once this was done, he left the room, even though it was against regulations. If asked why he left the scene of a crime unattended with a victim on the ground and the attacker in the room, he wouldn’t be able to explain it.

Now alone in the room, Christine slid off the bed and knelt by Richard’s side. She leaned in close and whispered into his ear, power lacing her words. “She doesn’t belong to you anymore. She’s mine now. You will not come after her, me, or Brian. I’m going to do you a favor and not press charges – and neither will Cindy. In return, you will not press charges either. You will, however, readily admit all the bad things you’ve done to her if the police ask…and they will. You will sign divorce papers when she sends them, agreeing to all her demands.”

As an afterthought she added, “And if you ever think about hurting a woman again, you’ll piss your pants.”

In his barely conscious state, Richard must have been thinking just what he wanted to do to her because as Christine returned to her perch on the bed, his pants darkened and the unmistakable foul odor of urine wafted to her nose.

Christine barely even noticed as she again picked up Gregg’s business card and slowly twirled it end over end in her hands.

* * *

The excitement that followed was a whirlwind, but as police procedurals go, it went remarkably quickly. Christine didn’t need to do much convincing to explain what happened. The evidence spoke for itself. It helped that much of the nursing staff were familiar with Richard and his…problem. They’d all hoped Cindy would leave him before something like this happened, but were not surprised that she didn’t. They’d seen enough battered women through their ER doors to know what it took. And it seemed that Cindy had finally crossed that fine line.

Crime scene investigators took DNA samples and snapped photos after Richard was carted away down to the ER. It was all standard operating procedure. Even Brian gave a statement which mostly consisted of grunts and nods to the detective’s questions.

Cindy was eventually allowed back in to see Christine and soon enough everyone left them all alone. It was only then, in those first moments of quiet that Cindy noticed that Brian’s hand was still cut and bloody. Apparently in all the excitement, nobody saw to him – not that he would have said anything. Even though he scared her a little, she was also seeing him with new eyes. She’d never been rescued before. Richard wasn’t exactly a man of valor. And when it came to protecting Christine, and by extension herself, Cindy was awed by his unbridled fury. He’d saved them (or so she thought), and her heart fluttered a little as she stared at him. Christine heard Cindy’s thoughts as clearly as if they were being spoken into her ear, but she did nothing to correct the frightened girl’s misconceptions.

“Why don’t you get some bandages, Cindy,” Christine whispered into her ear as they held each other sitting on the bed.

She nodded and left the room, glad for a task to complete.

“Come here.” Brian approached, standing before her. “You never got me my coffee, you know.” He turned, ready to head down to the cafeteria to complete his original mission. She gently grabbed his bloody hand, stopping him, taking note that she should watch her sarcasm around him.

Her consciousness reached out. She wanted to know if he was in pain, not bothering to ask since he wouldn’t tell her if he was. She had to pull back after a second since the pain was astonishing. Torn flesh around his knuckles stung, apparently sliced open repeatedly by Richard’s teeth during the beating. No bones seemed to be broken but she could feel how much it hurt. She felt more sharp stabs of pain when she moved his wrist – apparently sprained. She flinched and gasped – he stood stoically. The only indication he gave that he felt anything was a slight tightening around his eyes.

Her heart filled with sorrow at what he had become. Before David broke him, he’d tried to protect her. Now he had the strength to protect her but at the cost of his soul. Not knowing what else to do, she tried to take away some of his pain – make him feel a little better. She didn’t really think about what she was doing – it just kind of happened naturally. Holding his hand in her own, she began pulling his pain into herself. Her own hand began to feel like it was on fire – she could feel the skin between her knuckles begin to tear.

Brian yanked his hand free, startling her. Her hand throbbed, and yet she’d barely begun. Tears were on the brink of filling Brian’s eyes when with his other hand he grabbed her wrist in a tight grip. Immediately she felt the pain leaving her hand. She watched in horror as wounds she’d just absorbed into her own hand disappeared and re-emerged onto his. A gash between two of his fingers reopened, dripping fresh blood. She tried to break free but his grip was too strong. She tried to extend her consciousness into him but for some reason he was impenetrable.

Even when he’d healed her hand, taking back his original injuries entirely, he apparently wasn’t done. She felt a tingling at the side of her face and to her dismay she saw a cut open on Brian’s lip. “Please Brian, don’t!” she pleaded, jerking on her hand in a fruitless attempt to free herself. But he was deaf to her wishes. The side of his face turned red and then purple, swelling with the bruise she now felt vanishing from her own cheek. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she continued to plead for him to stop inflicting this punishment upon himself. She was about to kick him, but it seemed silly to stop his pain by inflicting more.

Finally, thankfully, he let go. He walked around the bed and stood in front of the window, facing out – and away from her.

Just at that moment, Cindy returned with a basin filled with ointments and bandages. She filled a smaller basin with water from the bathroom sink and pulled the small rolling table over to the bed. “Brian, sit here and let me have a look at your hand.” If she noticed Christine’s tears, she didn’t say anything.

Brian obeyed sitting beside Christine, and Cindy pulled up a chair opposite them. She looked at them and felt something was wrong. She stared at Christine’s cheek…and then her head felt fuzzy and she lost her train of thought. It couldn’t have been important.

Christine rested her head against Brian’s shoulder, tears still occasionally escaping her eyes. Cindy delicately cleaned and dressed Brian’s hand, being as gentle as she would be with a small child. He only needed a few stitches, but they were in painful locations. If she caused him any pain, which she was sure she did, he gave no indication.

Cleaning up her supplies, she wrapped his wrist in an ace bandage to keep the wrist sprain in check. Lovingly touching the side of his face, she met his gaze. “Thank you,” she whispered, kissing the unbruised cheek. She didn’t remember Brian getting hit in the face…but then her head felt fuzzy again, and again she lost her train of thought. Brian gave her a slight nod which made her smile and she put the rest of the supplies into the basin and took them into the bathroom.

It was several minutes before she returned, and Christine was surprised to see why it had taken her so long. Normally her mind would have caught it before her eyes did, but at the moment she was focused solely on Brian. It wasn’t until Cindy, wearing nothing but a smile, emerged from the bathroom.

The petite blonde was so beautiful. Her frame was pixyish and her smile was wide. Her big green eyes were filled with excitement as well as fear. She didn’t know what would happen next, but she knew clothing wouldn’t be necessary.

Immediately, Christine’s sorrow began to vanish as lust filled her body. Christine slipped her hospital gown over her head leaving Brian the only one wearing clothes.

“Take his clothes off,” Christine commanded breathily.

Brian stood, his cock already beginning to press against the front of his pants.

Cindy stood before him feeling small and now unsure. Christine could feel Cindy’s fears. Even though Brian wasn’t really that big of a man, in Cindy’s eyes he’d grown much larger. Hero-worship was coloring her eyes. These feelings were unfamiliar to Christine, who’d had them sucked out of her by her former master. They were powerful feelings, almost overwhelming, and she didn’t know how to handle them…all she knew was that she wouldn’t destroy them like David would have done – so she let them be, fighting down her own jealousy of Cindy for being able to feel these things about the Brian when she couldn’t.

Cindy’s hands shook as she tried to unbutton Brian’s shirt. They were trembling so bad that she couldn’t keep a grip on one long enough to push it through the button hole. She was getting so frustrated she was moments away from just ripping the shirt from his body.

Brian grabbed her hands in his. She paused, taking a deep breath. She hadn’t been this nervous since the night Richard had taken her virginity in his parents’ basement. Regaining some modicum of control, she returned to her task, this time being much more successful. She peeled the shirt off his body, taking a few extra minutes to feel the hardness of his body – a very different visceral sensation from the flabbiness of her (now ex-) husband. She took off his shoes and socks. As she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, her heartbeat quickened. When his cock sprang free from his undershorts, her original panic returned.

“Oh, God…It’ll never…it’ll never…” She couldn’t complete the thought. Her hands clasped over her stomach, both in fear and in a quick calculation as to how deep inside her it would go. She looked over onto the bed at Christine for reassurance, but Christine was just watching impassively.

“Suck him,” was the only advice she offered.

Dropping fully onto her knees she gripped it, staring at it head-on. Her small couldn’t quite encircle the whole thing. She desperately didn’t want to disappoint Brian, nor did she want to disobey Christine, which seemed just as important, if not more so. So, closing her eyes, she opened her mouth wide and took the crown of his cock between her lips.

Christine could feel everything Cindy was going through. David had taken her virginity and had made her into a total cum-loving slut from the moment he pierced her hymen. Cindy’s fears and anxieties when it came to sex were like reading to Christine: the words were made of letters she recognized, but the words made no sense. She was sorely tempted to just inflame Cindy with the passion she herself had been programmed with…but she couldn’t do it. She was a goddess, but completely unable to help her servant. She couldn’t find the reserves within her to make her magic work, so spell-bound was she by Cindy’s beautiful innocence. So she did what she could.

“Slowly. Go slow Cindy. It’ll be fine.”

Cindy looked over at Christine, suddenly feeling very relieved to hear her voice. Her fears of disappointment ebbed a little and she began to savor Brian’s taste. As he continued to grow even more hard, he expanded, stretching her lips. She took him from her mouth and began to kiss and like the shaft, worshiping this testament to his manhood.

A pearl of pre-cum began to form at the piss-slit and she eagerly licked it up with her tongue, surprised at how the taste inflamed her desire. She looked up at Brian who watched her work without sound or comment. The only indication he was enjoying himself (other than the natural biological ones) was when he gently moved the hair from her eyes. That little gesture spurred her into taking him back into her mouth and continuing her exploration.

Cindy couldn’t see it, but after five more minutes of noisy, sloppy licking and sucking, Brian was getting near all he could take. Christine saw it and moved to forestall his explosion. It’s not that Brian couldn’t quickly recover – she knew he could. It’s just that getting a mouthful of Brian’s jism this early in the game might just be too much for Cindy.

“Take him out of your mouth.”

Cindy, clearly disappointed, obeyed immediately. Instinctively, she slowly continued jacking on his massive cock while she looked up to Christine for instruction. She heard Brian breathing quickly, and remembered that he didn’t even break a sweat beating Richard to a pulp. Blushing, she released Brian’s cock, suddenly realizing what Christine had just done.

Christine had Cindy sit on the edge of the bed, her feet hanging over the side. After getting her to lie back, Christine began playing with Cindy’s body. One hand played with her breasts and nipples, the other trailed down to her pussy.

It might have been a trick of the mind, but Christine began seeing what appeared to be green waves of energy emanating from wherever her hands traced in Cindy’s body. When her fingers pressed against a nipple, the green waves intensified and Cindy gasped. She became as fascinated with manipulating the waves as she was with Cindy’s body…and quickly realized the two were the same. Her fingers moved faster and Cindy’s body reacted. Breathing became quicker, muscles tightened. Christine began pressing tightly against Cindy’s erect clit, moving it in small circles. The waves emanating from that part of Cindy’s body increased in brightness and in depth. Faster and faster she manipulated the little button – the waves grew stronger and Cindy’s body writhed.

Finally Cindy cried out in pleasure, the green waves exploding in a ball of light to Christine’s eyes. Christine continued her manipulations, finding that she could prolong the light explosion, extending Cindy’s orgasm.

Suddenly pulling back her hands, Christine watched the aftereffects of what she’d done. Cindy threw an arm over her eyes while she panted for breath. The colors faded and Christine just took a moment to drink in Cindy’s beauty. Her breasts were smallish and conical, her tummy flat and trim. Her skin soft and delicate…If Christine was anybody but who she was now, she would have fallen in love…but love didn’t quite describe what she felt. Cindy was a beautiful specimen – she’ll be a good companion – an excellent lover…but never a love. At best, Cindy would be someone for whom she would have an overwhelming fondness.

Christine cursed herself. She cursed David. She cursed God. It wasn’t fair. After all she’d been through, she deserved storybook romance. She deserved love. She deserved to look at another human being with the kind of wide eyes with which Cindy was now looking at Brian.

She couldn’t love, but she could bring pleasure…it’d have to do for now.

In a somewhat sad voice, to which Cindy was completely oblivious, Christine said to Brian who was patiently waiting in front of Cindy. “It’s time.”

Brian pulled Cindy to the side of the bed so that her ass was right at the edge. He pushed back on her knees, spreading her legs wide. Christine shifted so she was on her knees and she reached forward grabbing Brian’s giant phallus, positioning it at the entrance to Cindy’s moist cunt.

Cindy gasped. Looking down and seeing the fear in Cindy’s eyes, as the tip of Brian’s cock began its penetration, Christine cautioned, “Be gentle.”

Immediately she cursed herself, releasing Brian. She didn’t need to have said that. Brian wouldn’t do that. His days of hurting innocent girls (even against his wishes) were over.

With the utmost care, he pushed forward. Cindy gasped and moaned, feeling his enormous girth stretch her like never before. Almost as if in tune with her body, Brian responded by pushing forward or pulling back, or even just remaining perfectly still as she accommodated each progressive inch.

The green lights of pleasure again danced over Cindy’s body. Interspersed among them were red spikes – pain no doubt. But they were minimal, and as Brian skillfully worked his cock, the small red spikes seemed to have the effect of further stimulating Cindy’s pleasure. Brian couldn’t express emotion…but maybe this was his way of showing love and care.

Cindy, her eyes still clenched tightly shut in pleasure, reached out fumblingly for Christine’s hand. Finding it, she clasped it in both of hers, holding it locked over her heart. Brian pushed in as far as he was going to go, unable to get his entire length inside her.

After a few seconds, he began the slow withdrawl. This went considerably easier than before and soon enough, he pushed back in.

Repositioning Cindy’s legs so her ankles rested on his shoulders, Brian began fucking in and out of her in earnest. Her head whipped back and forth in time with his thrusts. She’d never experienced anything like this with her husband and was overwhelmed by the experience. Tears actually escaped from her eyes.

Christine didn’t quite know how to handle the flood of emotions coming from the young nurse. She leaned forward, pressing her lips against Cindy’s – not because she felt the need to kiss her, but because she sensed that that was what Cindy wanted. And boy did she want it. Cindy grabbed Christine’s head in her hands, her tongue thrusting forward eagerly.

Christine was caught up in the girl’s passion as her body began rocking with the first of many orgasms. Brian continued to fuck her through them, not relenting, not giving any indication that he’d slow or stop.

Cindy’s body was a non-stop pleasure fountain. It was as if one orgasm led directly into the next. Christine didn’t know what, if any, role she was playing in the girl’s induction, nor did she care. She pulled her lips free from Cindy’s and lowered them to the nearer of Cindy’s nipples. Sucking on it intensely and flicking it with her tongue only added to the girl’s near-overwhelming pleasure.

Watching as yet another powerful orgasm was preparing to tear through the blonde’s body, Christine willed it to hold. Much to her surprise, she saw how the impending explosion was held at bay, yet continued to grow.

She looked up at Brian who was sweating with the effort to continue his thrusting while holding back his orgasm. Their eyes met as he tightened his grip on the girls’ waist.

“Cum,” she whispered.

Brian thrust several more times, fast and deep, burying his cock as far as it would go. The first tremendous spurt of his seed shot from the end of his cock, spraying forcefully inside Cindy. At that moment, her orgasm tore through the barrier Christine had erected.

Brian continued to thrust and spray. Cindy screamed out her pleasure – not having a concern in the world if everyone in the hospital heard her. There was no existence beyond the walls of this room. Her body flailed and spasmed. Her vaginal muscles tightened around the incredible thickness of Brian’s cock inside her. She never wanted to let go.

All too soon, both Brian and Cindy stopped twitching and spasming. Brian leaned forward on outstretched arms, gasping for breath and in the process, folding Cindy nearly in half. She appeared hardly aware of her position, just barely holding onto consciousness.

Cindy’s body twitched and she moaned, causing a little stream of Brian’s semen to escaped from around his cock. Like a switch being thrown in Christine’s mind, she dove for the junction of their two bodies. Brian seemed to instinctively know what Christine needed and pushed forward even more on Cindy’s legs, lifting the girl’s hips off the bed and making her cunt the highest part of her body.

He stepped back a little and his cock slid free. Christine immediately thrust her tongue inside Cindy’s raw pussy, desperately sucking out every last drop she could reach. Cindy gasped and moaned at this unexpected attack.

After several moments of loud, wet slurping, she pulled her juice-smeared face from Cindy’s crotch, turned, and with equal enthusiasm, sucked in Brian’s glistening cock. Brian pushed Cindy’s legs off to the side while Christine continued her work which not only cleaned the combined juices off from Brian’s cock, but also began reinflating it.

Christine stood from the bed, ready for a hard fucking of her own. But at that moment, she looked down at Cindy who was curled in a fetal position on the bed…alone. She thought about how she wanted this to be special for her young lover.

Fighting down her incredible lust, she let go of Brian’s cock. Her crotch throbbed with need, but she ignored it. Moving Brian back into the bed, she rolled Cindy over so that she was facing her new lover. Cindy, whether conscious or not, immediately threw her leg over his and her arm across his chest. Brian maneuvered his arm under her head and she squirmed closer until no part of her body wasn’t touching his.

There was plenty of room on the bed for Christine, but she instead slumped in the chair at the foot of the bed. She wasn’t tired, but didn’t feel like she could curl up against Cindy’s ripe body just yet.

Cindy murmured something in her sleep, and smiled the content smile of one truly satisfied. Brian looked down at his new bedmate and then up at Christine, giving her a slight nod before closing his eyes.

* * *

Her thumb hovered over the green ‘send’ button on the cell phone she’d borrowed from Cindy’s purse. There were a thousand reasons why she shouldn’t make the call – not the least of which was that it was 1:30 in the morning…but she knew that if she didn’t do it now, she never would.

‘Two paths lie before me’ she thought to herself, inspired by some English lit class from a lifetime ago. ‘If I accept his help, doesn’t that just prove I’m weak? He didn’t have any help and he turned out all right.’

‘But, unlike you, he didn’t have his life upended by a couple of psychopaths,’ came her own response to herself.

‘If I come to depend on him, he’ll just strip me of my powers and I’ll be right back where I started. Deep down he’s probably no different than David. I can’t trust him.’

‘He IS different. You’ve talked with his slaves. You see how he treats them.’

‘It’s pathetic – he could have hundreds of slaves, all at his beck and call. I would.’ Her head started throbbing.

‘Where David sought quantity, Gregg sought quality.’ She let go of her fantasy of hundreds of women and the pain in her head diminished.

‘It’s a curse and I want nothing to do with it. I just want my old life back.’

‘Your old life is as impossible for you to bring back as your original hair color.’ That thought stung…more so since this conversation was with herself. It was as if her body or some part of her psyche refused to let go of the image of Heather that David had so wanted her to be.

‘I don’t want help from him. Anyone but him.’

‘There is no one else.’

Her thumb continued to hover over the green ‘send’ button and a tear rolled down her cheek. She looked up and saw Brian’s eyes slowly close.

* * *

Brittany practically purred as she licked and sucked on the finger in her mouth. Her old life as the president of Omega Xi, the most elite sorority on campus, was but a distant memory. That title and honor now belonged to the woman who currently had her finger in her mouth – one of four women who now shared ownership of her.

It wasn’t that long ago that she literally came crawling back to Charli, begging to be dominated again. She was given a counter-offer she couldn’t refuse: joint ownership by Charli, Emily, Laura, and Laura’s former pledge Natalie (now a full sister – a fact that added further insult to their time together). She had come to crave the degradation, the humiliation. It was all that sustained her.

It didn’t matter that she slept on the couch in what used to be Gregg’s apartment…sometimes she slept at the foot of the bed or in a box on the floor depending on the whims of whoever controlled her that night. She earned a meager living dancing and doing…other…things for Mistress Michelle, Charli’s goth dominatrix musician friend. In fact, her wrists still chafed from tonight’s performance where she was suspended above the stage wearing nothing but a leather hooded mask. At least Michelle had the good grace to keep her identity secret during these all too public performances.

Laura had left Heather’s apartment late that night. She was exhausted, as were Emily, Gregg, and Heather. It took quite a bit of doing to work through the after-effects of Christine’s powerful libido…not that anyone complained. Emily retired for the night upstairs with E’dan and Rivkah, and Gregg and Heather fell asleep in each others’ arms. Laura knew none would mind if she curled up in bed with any of them, but she decided to let them have the bed to themselves. After a brief consideration of her options, she decided to swing by Gregg’s apartment. Charli and Chad had sort of taken it over as their own place, and they’d made it clear that their bed was always open to her…which definitely beat sleeping alone at the sorority house…not that she did that much these days.

Brittany Anderson, once the all-consuming woman of her thoughts (not good thoughts, mind you), was so not important to her anymore that her presence in the apartment actually startled her. Curled up under a blanket on the couch, Brittany didn’t look a bit the part of tormentor she once played in Laura’s life. That this small pretty woman once caused Laura to tremble in fear was almost laughable now.

The sound of the television being turned on woke her up. She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she watched Laura move purposefully around the apartment, grabbing a bottle from the kitchen and a disc off the bookcase. She hadn’t been given any commands yet so she sat and waited expectantly, her eyes cast down.

Laura poured herself an Irish creme on the rocks in a stemmed wine glass which she then handed to Brittany. Brittany meekly accepted it without drinking…which she wouldn’t do without permission. Charli and her paddle were exceptionally good at training her not to make assumptions. Laura peeled off all her clothes, inserted the DVD into the player and sat naked on the couch facing the television. Taking her drink back from Brittany, she stretched languidly and put her feet up on the coffee table. “Clothes.”

Laura’s one word command could mean any number of things – pick up the pile Laura had left on the floor, for example. But Brittany guessed what she meant and peeled off the t-shirt and panties she had been sleeping in. Soon enough Laura would make clear whether she had guessed correctly.

“Come here.” Laura patted the couch next to her indicating Brittany should sit at her side – which she promptly did. “I’m in the mood for a movie. One you may not have seen in a while.”

Laura gave a few more instructions and had Brittany lying on her back, her head in Laura’s lap, her chestnut-brown hair splayed out across Laura’s opposite hip. The air in the room was a bit chilly and it caused her skin to break out in goosebumps and made her nipples stand erect. In truth, it was probably anticipation more than the cold.

Laura tapped Brittany’s thighs with the base of her glass and Brittany opened her legs. To her surprise, Laura placed the glass between her legs so the bowl rested against her cunt mound and the stem pressed between her lips. The ice-filled drink was soooo cold and Brittany had to mentally restrain herself from yelling out or squirming away – both actions that would be met with severe consequences.

“Close.” Brittany obeyed, locking the drink in place with her thighs. It was so cold it bordered on painful. She fought her body’s natural reactions to shiver and squirm. “Don’t spill a drop,” her mistress for the night admonished.

Laura pressed ‘play’ on the remote control and made sure the television volume was low so as not to disturb Charli and Chad who were asleep in the next room.

It only took a few seconds for Brittany to identify the film. She’d been made to watch it before. It was the secret footage of the night she tried (and failed) to blackmail Gregg. She still didn’t understand how Emily had gotten so close with her camera without her knowing…then again, given how ferocious of a fuck it was, maybe it wasn’t so surprising that she wasn’t aware of everything going on around her.

She watched along with Laura as her image on the screen bounced happily up and down on Gregg’s magnificent cock. She was about to start rotating her hips when she remembered the freezing cold glass against her crotch and Laura’s stern warning. She looked up and saw that Laura was watching her, not the screen. Taking a calming breath, she once again took control over her body and tried her best to keep still, turning her head again to watch the television. “Good girl,” Laura praised her for averting a near disaster. It did little to ease Brittany’s discomfort. If she watched the television, she got super-excited at both the images and the memories. If she closed her eyes or averted her gaze, the coldness at her crotch became unbearable.

Laura made life even more impossible by idly dragging her fingernails across her chest and belly while watching the fascinating display of sexual agility and power on the screen. Occasionally she’d gently pinch and play with Brittany’s nipples making her moan in pleasure and frustration. At one point, Brittany’s vaginal muscles tightened on the glass involuntarily at a moment Laura happened to pinch a nipple and her stomach twitched. She watched in horror as the creamy liquid in the glass sloshed near the top, but thankfully just barely averted escaping.

She took several deep breaths as she fought a losing battle for control. Laura was enjoying every minute of this. As a reward for lasting this long, she swirled her index finger in the liquid, extracted it and then let a few freezing drops fall onto her breasts. A whole new wave of goosebumps broke out over her chest as the droplet rolled down between her tits, across her abdomen and into her belly button. Brittany was literally biting her lip to keep from moaning or moving.

At that moment there was the unmistakable sound of a cell phone vibrating on a table. Laura reached behind her and grabbed her phone. Her smile said she was glad to be getting this call, even at such an odd hour.


Brittany couldn’t hear what was being said on the other line – not that it was her place to know. While Laura listened, she swirled her finger in the glass again, this time bringing it up to Brittany’s lips. She gratefully opened them, sucking in the delicious digit, her tongue licking off every last trace of the Irish crème.

Laura did this several times while she listened. Finally, Laura smiled and said simply, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at three o’clock.” Whatever that phone call was about certainly made Laura happy. She grabbed the glass from Brittany’s crotch, much to the small woman’s relief and drank down the liquid in one gulp.

“Master’s going to be so happy!” Laura beamed. A tiny iota of Brittany that still identified itself as Omega Xi cringed that one of its members would dare call any man ‘master,’ let alone its president…but that little voice was paid no heed given her current situation.

Laura slid out from under Brittany and looked at her naked slave spread across the couch. Her eyes gleamed wickedly as she licked the traces of condensation and cunt juice from the outside of the glass. Too happy and excited to waste any more time, she turned around, straddled Brittany’s head, settled her over-heated pussy onto her slave’s eager lips, and leaned down to do the same for Brittany. It was especially exciting to the former sorority president to have Laura’s hot tongue flick across her frozen clit. Rather than being numbed by the ice, it had become super-sensitive. It was mere moments before Laura brought her off to the first of a series of incredible climaxes.

After an hour or so of mutual satisfaction – an hour of sheer bliss that was rare fruit to Brittany, Laura crawled off the bed and padded naked into Charli’s and Chad’s bed.

Seeing that Laura apparently had no more need of her, Brittany washed Laura’s glass, and folded the pile of clothes she’d left on the floor, placing them neatly on a chair by the bedroom door. The movie, which was set to repeat continuously was nearing the end of its second cycle so she let it finish. Sitting back on the couch, she wrapped her blanket around her body and used her finger to bring herself off to a final climax of the night as she watched her favorite part of the video: the part where Gregg’s massive load of cum got sucked out of her cunt by Heather and re-deposited into her own mouth. In her mind, that moment signaled the beginning of her new life of sexual servitude.

Turning off the television, she settled contentedly into her pillow, thankful her mistress allowed her to share in her joy.

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