A Fistful of Sand by Doktor Gostel – Book 3 – Chapter 5

A Fistful of Sand 3: Resurrection

Chapter 5 – The New Neighbors

Robyn poured herself another cup of strong tea. She still had a lot of preparation to do before classes at Eastern State University resumed next week and she was behind. Placing a sugar cube between her front teeth, she sipped her tea, letting the hot liquid suck up as much sweetness as possible on its way in. She knew it was silly, drinking tea this way, but it was how her grandmother used to do it. And she owed her grandmother a lot. Emigrating from the northern parts of Russia, Robyn’s grandmother never talked about her past (like how she got to be in Siberia), and she never bothered to learn English. That’s how Robyn became proficient in Russian – her grandmother even taught her how to read it. Grandma had died years ago, but little things like how she drank her tea kept the hard chiseled old woman alive in her heart.

And thank God for her Russian. Just a month ago her life had come crashing down on her and if not for her ability to read and write Russian, she didn’t know what she would have done. In the quest for the simple life, she’d abandoned her natural talents and now was left hanging.

It really started about five years ago when she was a freshman at ESU and had just joined the Omega Xi sorority. Moving to the Chicago campus from her hometown near San Francisco, she saw a wonderful opportunity to reinvent herself. In high school she was pretty but not popular. Being a straight-‘A’ student didn’t win her many friends in the chic crowd. Coming to ESU, where no one knew her – except her boyfriend whom she followed to the Midwest – she knew that no one viewed her through the lens of her previous social labels.

Jason followed her to ESU to study engineering. Their life-plan pretty much revolved around his getting his degree and supporting them when he finished. She was majoring in Russian because she needed to major in something – and why not something easy? She was only getting a degree because she knew that’s what her grandmother would have wanted and she didn’t want Jason’s family to think of her as a gold-digger. Jason stood to inherit a lot of money from his parents who owned a large tool and die company…but they were young and in good health, so that day was not in the foreseeable future. So, in the meantime, other than the occasional annoying general education class, the first semester of college was breeze.

It was Jason’s suggestion that she pledge Omega Xi. He knew how beautiful she was, even if she didn’t. Her angular Russian features, small child-like face, and chestnut hair made her an object of desire – but she only had eyes for Jason. She truly loved him. So, in the spirit of reinvention, she pledged…and to her surprise, made it in. She quickly realized what she already knew from high school – brains didn’t matter compared to the power of beauty. It was an unfortunate truth that saddened her, but having both brains AND beauty, she felt it was time now to focus now more on the latter.

Brains still helped, however. Through clever machinations, she arranged for Jason to be the one to “initiate” her into the sorority. Not one to leave things to chance, she’d done some snooping and knew all about the ceremony and how members were fucked-in by the stud of their champion’s choosing and her champion was a flighty blonde who was easily manipulated. And so, to this day, Jason remained her one and only lover. And she was his…or so she thought.

Despite her ability to manipulate the slut-sisters of her sorority, Robyn wasn’t mean or malicious. She just didn’t want to be bothered with the whore-ish aspects of being an Omega Xi. If that’s what the others wanted, so be it…but there were lines that Robyn just wasn’t prepared to cross. When she joined, it was pretty obvious that the underline house philosophy was evolving from the simple, “use beauty to obtain power” to the more aggressive, “use sex to obtain power.” Seeking to avoid making waves, she allied herself with Brittany Anderson not because she particularly believed in the petite fire-brand’s leadership ability – it just seemed the safest strategy to retain the benefits of being an Omega Xi. And Robyn was one of the very few who managed to stay on Brittany’s good side and everyone else’s as well. She’d heard the rumors of how Brittany was blackmailing some of the sisters, but other than keeping a boyfriend who wasn’t rich (yet) nor having social standing, Robyn really didn’t have anything with which to blackmail her. And, having everything she wanted in Jason, she had no desire to claw her way to the top of the sorority’s social ladder.

That’s why, on the evening of Brittany’s impeachment, she was surprised to get handed an envelope from Laura – the soon-to-be president of Omega Xi. Laura passed out many envelopes to many members that evening – all those Brittany had been blackmailing. But Brittany didn’t have any dirt on Robyn…or so Robyn thought.

Opening the envelope, the pictures were black and white, taken from cover through a window…and were of Jason and a pair of younger Omega Xi girls. There was no doubt about what he was doing. And there was no doubt to Robyn that after almost five years in the sorority, Jason was the one benefitting most from her membership. As the pictorial evidence showed, Jason was getting to experience some of the kinkier things she’d never allowed. Judging by the guilty look on Sophie’s face – one of the sorority sisters in the pictures sitting just a few seats to her left in the chapter room – Robyn knew that her backstabbing “sister” was also being blackmailed (anal sex just WASN’T permitted by OX sisters). After all, if Brittany could blackmail two sisters with the photo of Jason’s dick in the petite blonde’s ass, she would.

Maybe Robyn hadn’t done anything to warrant Brittany’s action…but clearly the devious bitch was blackmailing Jason…or intended to one day.

The vote to impeach was the easiest vote she’d ever taken.

The decision to dump Jason was even easier.

Trying to quit Omega Xi…that was more difficult.

Laura had never been Robyn’s friend. In fact, Laura’s eagerness to rise in the ranks of the sorority over the years was somewhat of a turn-off. So the tall blonde’s offer came as quite a surprise. That no strings were attached (knowing what she knew of Omega Xis) was nearly inconceivable.

When Robyn explained to the newly inducted President that she wanted out, Laura unsurprisingly asked why. Having nothing more to lose, Robyn was frank in her response. She admitted to duping her champion. She admitted to entering the sorority with a boyfriend and keeping him against house rules. She admitted being a fool by thinking that she could be and OX and still have love. She admitted how both Brittany and Jason had betrayed her in their own ways.

Maybe it was the fact that Brittany had betrayed her not for her own sins, but for Jason’s…Maybe it was her honesty and naivety…or maybe the Laura she once knew had gone through her own transformation in the past months…whatever it was, Robyn was astounded by the new leader’s offer.

Robyn had amassed enough credits (through actual hard work, unlike some of the other girls) to graduate. If Robyn entered ESU’s graduate school, she could still be around and be a student…and be an Omega Xi…but be free from all the sorority political bullshit. Laura even offered to put her sorority sister up in the school’s graduate student housing at no cost. Clearly Laura’s connections were more complex and vast than she’d ever imagined.

“Why are you doing this for me?” Robyn asked skeptically.

Laura’s blunt, honest answer surprised her yet again. “Because if this makes up for Brittany’s betrayal in some small way, then it’ll be worth it.” Laura seemed to emphasize the word ‘betrayal’ like it had some significant meaning to the girl. “But don’t think I’m just doing this because I’m a nice person…”

‘Ah, here comes the catch…’ though Robyn.

“I want to make some changes around this sorority. Try to clean up some of the shit Brittany left me with. I’d like to show that Omega Xis have brains too. And you’re one of the few, I believe, for which that applies. Plus, if I can get the sorority to buy into a graduate student having membership, then maybe I can get them to accept other changes.”

“What if I said that wearing these letters makes me sick.”

“I understand. Believe me, I do.” Laura never forgave Brittany for arranging her rape. Nor did she forgive any of her “sisters” for turning a blind eye. Laura hated the sorority she now led with a passion…but her plans for her sisters and those who would follow in their footsteps was far more subtle and complex than anyone could imagine. “What if you were something other than an active member…and honorary member or something like that? You’d retain all the benefits and wouldn’t have any of the responsibilities.”

“There’s no such thing as an honorary membership.”

“I know…that’s one of the changes I want to make.”

Robyn’s instincts told her there was more to it than that. “And if I take your offer…what do you expect me to do for you?”

Of all the responses Robyn was expecting, what Laura offered was not on the list. “Graduate with your masters degree.”

Robyn was dumbfounded. Frozen speechless, Laura pressed a set of keys into her hand. “Apartment A-2 in the grad student houses. It’s one of the two we “own.” If you want it, it’s yours. If not, leave the key under my door.”

* * *

The next day Robyn moved in. Three days later she received a letter from ESU’s Graduate school welcoming her to the program. There was even a second letter from her Russian Language professor expressing her delight that she was continuing on for her masters and that they’d get to work together. And as if Laura’s gifts weren’t generous enough, there was even a contract to work as a teaching assistant. Somehow the department had “found” some extra funds to release one of the professors from instructing a freshman class so that Robyn could teach.

And now, on this snowy January morning, as Robyn tried to focus on preparing lesson plans for her first teaching experience ever (luckily it was a small class), she found herself both worried and excited about what the future held for her.

The slam of a door shocked her out of her reverie. Looking out the living room window of her one-bedroom town-house style apartment, she did a double take to see Laura standing on her sidewalk. But Laura wasn’t alone. With her was a raven-haired beauty carrying a laptop tote who Robyn had seen hanging around Laura a bit by the sorority house. Given how much time the two of them spent with each other, Robyn was surprised the girl (‘I think I remember her name is Charli’) wasn’t Laura’s new pledge. That Laura had picked some no-name peaches-‘n-cream girl named Yasmine was still fueling much gossip around the house.

There was also a pixyish blonde in the small gathering outside who seemed to be wearing hospital scrubs under her winter coat. Behind them looking overly serious was a tall, handsome guy, and in the middle of them all was a stunningly beautiful strawberry blonde. Laura seemed to be explaining something to her in particular, but the buxom blonde didn’t seem to be paying much attention. In fact, if Robyn didn’t already know that the windows were reflective in such a way to not allow those outside to see in, she would have guessed that the blonde was staring right at her!

Robyn felt a funny quivering flutter through her body as their eyes seemed to meet. It was a feeling she hadn’t felt in years…not since she and Jason had first explored each other’s bodies in his parents’ basement. With her head filled with lusty thoughts, Robyn returned to her table, in a futile attempt to once again concentrate on her work.

* * *

One hour later, in the apartment next door…

Charli, Laura, and Christine sat around the small kitchen table that was part of the furnished apartment. Christine flipped casually through the ESU course guide, seemingly going page after page without actually reading anything. Charli, meanwhile, typed busily on the laptop she’d brought with her. The laptop was another unexpected gift from Laura. It was currently being set up so Christine had full access to all the services any other graduate student had. Heather had gone to great lengths to make sure everything was in place through the admissions office so that Christine’s enrollment went smoothly. It’s amazing what having the right connections will accomplish: Heather at the admissions office, Charli through IT, and of course, the four Omega Xis working in the President’s Office. Laura was pretty confident that, if she so desired, she could have Christine walking down the aisle this May with a Ph.D. Diploma!

“So, where did your friends go?” Charli asked innocently, trying to break the silence with some conversation. She normally worked with heavy metal blasting in her ears through headphones, so the absolute quiet was unnerving.

Christine continued to idly flip nonchalantly through the catalog. “Over to Cindy’s house to pick up some clothes.” flip

Charli stopped typing. “But, if she has a house…why are you staying here?”

“Because Cindy can’t stay there anymore.” Christine wet her finger with her moist pink tongue, giving Charli a seductive look. flip

“Oh…it’s her hus…I mean, ex-husband’s house?” Charli, blushing, turned her gaze back to her computer. She knew about what had happened at the hospital – the details provided to the police at least. As far as the raven-haired beauty knew, however, Christine was just someone Gregg and Laura were helping – a charity case, so to speak. She had no idea about Christine’s burgeoning powers…nor Gregg’s for that matter.

“Not anymore.” flip Christine didn’t even bother looking up.

“So, that means…huh?” Charli truly didn’t understand.

Laura decided to interject. “The place is filled with bad memories for Cindy. She decided it’d just be better for her to sell the place and stay here…but that’ll take some time, especially in this housing market.”

“Oh…okay.” Charli was astute to know when she wasn’t being told the whole truth, but also when it was better not to push. So, she resumed setting up the laptop and Christine’s university account. “Have you picked your courses yet?”

“PSYC5202, PSYC5864, PSYC 8003, and SOCI8822,” Christine said without even looking up.

Laura and Charli stared at the voluptuous blonde in disbelief. But the seriousness of her expression indicated that she wasn’t joking. Charli cleared her throat and typed the courses into the registration page and sure enough, they were all legit. Laura peeked over at the screen. “Intro to Psychoanalysis, Deviant Sexual Psychology, Criminal Psychology, and Sociological Victimology…an interesting mix,” she said dubiously. Secretly, she was glad Christine hadn’t chosen any of Gregg’s courses.

“Go with what you know,” Christine answered casually, despite the situation being anything but casual. The truth was, Christine was scared. She never used to have photographic memory, but she knew she could have closed the catalog and recited every course, instructor, and location printed there. She’d done it in the first five minutes, but continued flipping pages to make it look like she was still browsing. She wanted desperately to talk with Dr. Walters about her powers…but every time she thought of him, her pussy twitched…and every time her pussy twitched, Charli and Laura fidgeted even more in their chairs. She needed them to leave, and leave quickly. If not for the immunity Gregg’s bond gave them, she would have had both of them on their knees eating her out by now.

The silence was broken by the sound of a shower starting. The walls of the side-by-side duplex weren’t that thick, and they shared a common pluming system. Christine turned her head toward the upper corner of the room, as if she could see through the walls into Robyn’s bathroom with her mind…which Laura knew she could. She was glad that Charli was finalizing the registration, so she wouldn’t have to try to explain the blonde’s mischievous grin.

Just at that moment, Brian and Cindy walked in, each carrying several boxes. They stomped the snow off their shoes and set down the boxes. “I think that’s about it for now. Everything else can wait, I guess,” said Cindy, somewhat out of breath. Cindy had an unusual flush to her cheeks and Laura wondered idly if packing those few boxes was really all they’d done in the last hour.

“Good. We’re almost done here,” said Christine, moistening her lips. “Why don’t you two go on upstairs and…rest. I’ll join you shortly.”

Cindy smiled widely and grabbed Brian’s hand, practically dragging him upstairs. Within seconds of them clearing the stairs, the unmistakable sound of squeaking bedsprings and moans could be heard. Christine just smiled, like a benevolent queen.

“I…uh…I think we’re done here. Laura?” Charli blushed.

Christine’s attention was back to the upper corner of the living room again. Laura decided that perhaps now was a good time to leave. Opening her purse, she pulled out her billfold and extracted ten crisp new $100 bills. She put them on the table. “You’ll probably need new clothes. This should get you started, courtesy of the sisters of Omega Xi.”

Christine didn’t seem to hear. Through the walls, a third voice could be heard moaning. Laura knew what Christine was doing (intentionally or not) and thought it best to beat a retreat before Charli’s curiosity or Christine’s libido made the situation anymore uncomfortable. Despite the weird ending to this meeting – all in all it went better than could be expected.

* * *

Robyn dropped the washcloth she’d clamped viciously between her teeth in a failed attempt to stifle her moans of pleasure. She couldn’t explain what had just happened. One minute she was starting her shower. The next she was shoving three fingers into her suddenly hyper-excited pussy. And as suddenly as her lust had come, so it had ended.

Unable to support her weight on her legs, she slid down the wet wall until she was laying in the tub, the hot water of the shower cascading over her naked body.

‘Where did that come from?!’ she wondered worriedly. Never in all the years she’d been with Jason had she ever had such an overwhelming need to masturbate. And never in all the year’s she’d been fucking him had she ever cum so hard! And never in all those years had she masturbated to thoughts of another woman…one particular woman…with blonde hair and large breasts.

Robyn tiredly rolled her head to the side, resting it against the cool tiles of the bathtub stall. Again her hand crept slowly toward the junction of her legs. Again unbidden thoughts drifted toward her new neighbor.

* * *

Christine stood from the kitchen table and locked the apartment’s door. Her new home…at least for the time-being. She dropped the $1,000 into a coffee tin on the counter, just as she used to do when under David’s control.

Cindy’s moans upstairs were quickly reaching a crescendo. She gave one last lusty look up into the opposite corner of her apartment. “Good night, Robyn…I can’t wait to meet you…in person…” She smiled wickedly and quickly shed her clothes. Taking the steps one by one toward the bedroom, she hoped Brian was up to satisfying the burning need overtaking her consciousness.

Smiling even wider as her pussylips began to ooze moisture, she knew there was no doubt.

* * *

Regent McKensie rarely visited any of ESU’s faculty. And never in his history at the University did he visit them at home. But some news had to be delivered in person. Besides, he liked Dr. Walters…Gregg. Most academics were stuffy and/or stodgy…but Gregg had an innocence, a charm about him. One couldn’t help but like him. It didn’t hurt that he was a hero of sorts too. Nor did it hurt that he seemed to surround himself with nothing but beautiful women – that hadn’t gone unnoticed. But if the young assistant professor was cock-sure or was bothering any of his female students, he’d not heard one complaint. The only complaints he’d heard so far about Dr. Walters were that his courses filled up too quickly. And it was no coincidence, he mused, that all those complaints came from women. Students (especially the ladies) seemed to genuinely like him. And as long as everything appeared to be above board, he was willing to give Gregg the benefit of the doubt…especially given the information he was about to deliver.

He walked up the stoop at Gregg’s apartment and was about to hit the buzzer, but noticed that the front door was slightly ajar. Since he really wanted to see Gregg’s face when he delivered the news, he decided just to walk in. Taking the stairs of to Gregg’s apartment, he knocked on the door. Throwing caution to the wind, he tried the door handle. It turned.

Poking his head in, he knocked again on the door jamb. “Hello! Anyone home?”

Out from the bedroom stepped a petite brunette. She was naked except for the collar around her neck and the leash attached to it hanging between her large breasts – breasts that seemed too big for her small size. There was an obvious large wet smear around her mouth and her eyes were cast down to the floor as she stepped quickly across the room toward the kitchen. “Mistress Cheryl says I should make you some coffee…that you’ll need your stam – ”

Regent McKensie’s eyes were as big as saucers, but not as big as Brittany’s when she peeked up at the visitor. It wasn’t Chad…

She screamed and ran back into the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

Maybe the rumors about the young Dr. Walters were true? He pushed the door open and stood waiting. There was some commotion behind the closed door, but soon enough it opened. Again, it wasn’t who he expected to come greet him.

Tying a belt around her short silk robe, Charli did her best to keep an air of dignity about her. Given her tousled hair and the flush to her pale skin, there were no doubts about what she was doing..and with whom. When she finally recognized her guest, it was clear that she was out of her element. She’d expected her boyfriend, Chad, to be walking through the door about now – not one of the university’s highest ranking officials. She desperately wished she’d put on something a little less revealing.

“Uh, Regent McKensie! Um..what are you doing here? I mean…forgive me, you caught me at a…um…” Charli was on the verge of hyperventilating. “Can…can I take your coat?”

“Is Dr. Walters around, young lady?” There was a hint of disapproval in his voice.

“Uh…no. He doesn’t really live here.”

“This IS his address, isn’t it?”

“Uh, yeah…sort of. I’m…we…I mean, my boyfriend and I are…um…subletting from him.” It was close enough to the truth.

Regent McKensie looked around a bit. The table in the center of the room was covered in piles of papers and documents, as well as University computer equipment. The many books on the shelves clearly didn’t belong to this girl. “But I’ll take it he’s here often?”

Charli followed his gaze. “Oh, yeah…It’s still, Gre…I mean Dr. Walter’s…but…uh…we use this place as sort of a headquarters to work on the Tunisia project…but…but, I didn’t expect him here…today.”

The Regent eyed her knowingly up and down. “I’m sure.” Charli couldn’t tell if he was being sly or was doubting her words. Either way, she felt uncomfortable in her skimpy attire.

“Uh, do you mind if I change?”

“Be my guest.”

“Uh, make yourself at home. I’ll be right back.”

Charli no sooner than closed the bedroom door than it opened again, this time with a now-dressed Brittany. There was something very familiar about the girl to the Regent, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. She could barely meet his gaze, and something told the elder gentleman that it wasn’t all due to his catching her in the buff.

“Uh…Mistr…I mean, Ch…Charli asked me to see if you wanted anything. Coffee? Tea? Water?” She was wringing her hands nervously.

“Coffee will be fine.” Brittany started to make a quick exit, but the Regent grabbed her arm. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“Uh…no. I don’t think so…” She let her hair fall from behind her ears, partially obscuring her face as she quickly stepped into the kitchen and busied herself with the task at hand.

A few minutes later, Charli re-emerged, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. “I just called Dr. Walters and told him you were here. He’s on his way.”

“He was at his office?” Regent McKensie already knew he wasn’t. He went there first. But, why not see if the girl was going to lie for him.

“No, he was at the mall.” Charli thought it odd that her answer brought a warm smile to the gentleman’s face and seemed to break the tension.

Brittany returned from the kitchen with a small tray with two cups of coffee, sugar and cream. The cups and saucers were audibly clinking as her hands shook. She set it down on the coffee table in front of Charli and the older man then stood to the side, again wringing her hands.

Charli caught her eye. “Uh, I know you’ve got a lot of work to do…on that makeup paper you’re writing.” Charli hoped Brittany was smart enough to pick up on the lie. “Why don’t you go back to the bedroom and continue your work. I’ll entertain Regent McKensie until Dr. Walters gets here.”

Brittany did, in fact, pick up on it – desperate as she was for an escape. But her relief caused her to misstep. “Thank you Mistress!…I uh, mean…Charli…” She blushed fiercely and practically ran into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Much to Charli’s relief, the Regent simply smiled, but said nothing further on the subject. In actuality, he was a very nice man, and easy to talk to. While they waited for Gregg, he spent much of the time complimenting her on the computer work she had been doing on the project.

About ten minutes later, the door opened and in walked Gregg and Heather, each carrying several bags – all from Victoria’s Secret. If the Regent was truly curious, he could have asked why they’d brought their purchases up, when apparently neither lived there…but he wasn’t curious – or if he was, he was choosing tact instead. Truth was, not everything they’d bought was just for Heather.

Regent McKensie stood and graciously shook Gregg’s hand and even kissed the back of Heather’s. He liked to consider himself a gentleman of the old school.

“I’m sorry to have dropped in on you unexpectedly. But this couldn’t wait.”

“An unexpected pleasure,” Heather smiled. “I’d offer you coffee, but you seem to be already taken care of.”

“Yes. Young Charli and her friend have been gracious hostesses.” Charli blushed and so did Gregg once he remembered that today was Charli’s turn with Brittany.

Gregg didn’t necessarily approve of Charli, Laura, Emily, and Natalie all co-“owning” their former tormentor…but he trusted their discretion. He had his own role in breaking her, so who was he to judge? Of course, they’d never before expected one of the University Regents to just pop on over!

“Look Gregg, I won’t beat around the bush. You need to pack. I’m sending you away.”

Gregg immediately wondered if he was in trouble. Was he fired? He thought he was so careful about his liaisons…But if he was, why would the Regent be smiling. That’s when he noticed the large envelope in the man’s hands…a large envelope with a lot of stamps and certifications.

“That’s right Gregg – I’m sending you and a small team to Tunisia. Your proposal to save the dig has been accepted.”

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