A Fistful of Sand by Doktor Gostel – Book 3 – Chapter 6

A Fistful of Sand 3

Chapter 6: First Day Jitters

Gregg barely knew where to look, so he pressed himself tighter against the large wooden lectern in the center of the floor to hide his growing bulge.

In the final weeks before winter registration closed, demand for his Intro to Anthropology seminar was so great that his department was forced to loosen the enrollment cap. The largest lecture hall on this campus (on a campus not known for large lecture sections) seated 150 – and that’s what the new enrollment cap now was – 75 more than last semester. The Dean of Human Studies, which included History, Sociology, Psychology, Education, and the budding Anthropology program, was relieved when Gregg agreed to the expanded class size. That relief was tempered only somewhat by having to first meet a few of Gregg’s demands. But, considering his young star faculty member only asked for an increased salary for Chad – his former student, current teaching/research assistant, and close friend – and some financial wiggle-room regarding expenses for his dig project in Tunisia (which had possibly just been resurrected from the dead), the Dean felt he got off pretty easy. Let’s face it, with an additional 75 students and no additional overhead…the Dean felt like his otherwise small department was suddenly awash in money.

There was little Gregg could do to keep the administrator’s exuberance in check. Rumors were already floating that Gregg was due some sort of institutional honor. For example, last year there were only five applications to join Gregg on the dig on Tunisia, and all five were selected (not that there was much choice). Back then, Dr. Gregg Walters was just a skinny, nerdy, super-shy wunderkind new faculty member that no one outside the department wanted much to do with. In the year since, he’d grown a fan club so to speak. The students who took his classes spoke very fondly of him, especially the female students. A few of his critics considered him the “Teflon Professor” considering all the rumors (unsubstantiated) that surrounded him. There was the highly publicized attempted rape and shooting incident involving one of his former students, Heather, and a notorious crime boss. It didn’t take a conspiracy theorist to put two and two together: young professor saves life of a gorgeous student who he just HAPPENED to spend four months with him overseas and just HAPPENED to be near her apartment at the time of the incident. While no one could ever prove anything illicit was happening, there was a tacit understanding.

Even the tight-lipped Omega Xis – the campus’s elite sorority – had been having trouble keeping a lid on their relationship with Dr. Walters. It had been let slip that their new president, Laura, was very chummy with her former instructor (this campus was also abuzz with conspiracy theories about what happened to the FORMER president, Brittany Anderson). There were even rumors about his…well, shall we call them “assets”? Needless to say, there was now a long waiting list to join Dr. Walters on his next dig…whenever that may be. The Study Abroad office had to find a separate file drawer just for all the super-enthusiastic (but woefully under-qualified) students that wanted to join Dr. Walters wherever he was sent next. Word that the Tunisians had invited him back for meetings to save his dig had already set the campus aflame with anticipation. Heather teased him that even if he mounted an expedition into the bottom of a septic tank, the line of young (and not-so-young) girls wanting to join him would be around the block.

Given all this, there was little Gregg could do to deny his boss much of anything – and that’s why the only extra remuneration asked for was to help his friends. There was already too much attention directed his way as it was.

But that’s not why he didn’t know where to look at this moment. Standing behind his lectern on this first day of class in the winter semester, he felt trapped. If he looked down at the note in his hands, he’d start blushing again. The trouble was, he’d start blushing again if he looked up. If he looked to his right, he’d have to face Chad’s mirth-filled grin at his current predicament. His efforts to keep a low profile had failed miserably and now he was facing a firing line…a firing line any red-blooded male would hope to die in front of.

Of the 150 students filling every available seat in the lecture hall, 126 were women. Another 37 female students were on the waiting list, hoping against hope that someone would drop Dr. Walter’s class before too long into the semester. Most were very attractive, and even the ones that weren’t, were certainly trying. The typical garb for college students is somewhat sloppy, but in Dr. Walter’s class you’d think everyone was interviewing for a job with Donald Trump – either as a hopeful Apprentice or just someone to dance at one of his casinos. Hair was carefully coifed, makeup was done to perfection, and skirts rose much higher on legs that were certainly not dressed for wintertime in Chicago. There were only a few faces in the crowd that Gregg recognized – all of them Omega Xis. What was surprising, at least until he read the note, was how few of the girls in the crowd were in that sorority. Given his ahem experiences, he’d expected a much larger turnout from the sorority that had caused him so much grief…but was currently giving him so much pleasure.

At the moment, everyone in class was filling out a short survey that got some basic demographics (something he’d use to demonstrate cultural norms in a later lesson) as well as what their expectations for the course were. Considering that the survey was anonymous, he knew that more than one would be a steamy read. He’d already spied one girl kissing the form in order to leave a lipstick impression on her response. Gregg glanced again to his right at Chad who was trying to look busy and not bust a gut laughing. For some reason, Gregg’s continued social awkwardness was a continual source of amusement. How could someone getting so much tail be so bashful?!? To be fair, Chad had no knowledge of his friend and mentor’s powers.

Gregg read the note again just to keep from looking at his class. The straight postures of his students emphasizing their breasts, the way they continually moistened their lips, or how they twirled their hair around a finger while staring lasciviously at him…as much as he tried to fight it, it was getting him excited and he knew that if he didn’t fight it, there’s be a mob of lust-filled girls climbing over each other to get at him. It was the price he would pay for losing control over his powers. So, with utmost concentration he stared at the note.

Over the past months he’d gotten to know the author’s silky flowing penmanship so well that the signature at the bottom was unnecessary. For that matter, he only needed to look at the first word:


He cringed at the same time fighting a smile of genuine affection. After everything they’d been through, Laura still insisted that she call him that, in private at least. He’d tried desperately to get her to stop doing it, but she wouldn’t hear of it. He knew he could rewire her mind and fix the problem (to the extent it was a problem), but to do so would be a betrayal of the love she held for him. Every utterance of the word, “Master” contained an understood, “I love you.”


“Heather was kind enough to show me the class list for your anthropology class. Yes, she knew about the enrollment profile as well. She works in the admissions office after all and has access to the enterprise databases. I promised her I wouldn’t say anything because she didn’t want to ruin the fun of imagining you in a room as more than a hundred young women enter, sit, and listen to your every word with rapt attention. I’m sure Chad will fill us in on the details.

“If I know my Master, I’ll bet you’re wondering why there are so few Omega Xis in your class. You know as well as I that we could have had every one of our members in that class…but that’d be no fun. We want to make sure you have something to look forward to each semester. So there’s now a lottery for those interested (which was every sister). I did make a special exception to get my pledge, Yasmine, into your class. What good is being president if I can’t abuse my power just a little? I made it clear to those enrolled that you cannot be bought off with their feminine charms…but I doubt that will stop them from trying. Good luck with that.

“Heather also wanted me to remind you to just remember to try to have a little fun. Your students will do whatever it takes to impress you – something most instructors dream of. Does it matter what their motivation is?

“I’ll see you after class in your office. I’m guessing you want to…unwind.

“Hugs, kisses, sucks, and fucks – your devoted Slave, Laura”

What had started as a punishment last fall for the then snooty sorority girl had developed into an interesting working relationship. Despite the new levels of love and trust they had for each other, Laura was as loathe to give up her volunteer duties as Gregg’s office assistant as she was to have him stop calling her “Slave.” Gregg had offered to pay her for her time, but she considered the time she got to spend with him reward enough. Just thinking about having the sexy long-legged blonde alone in his office when he was done with class was getting his blood boiling. He knew that he had to move onto his first lesson now or else. Taking a moment first to picture some gruesome crime-scene photos Charli had shared with him the other day, he worked to tamp down his excitement.

“Okay class, pass your surveys to the left and Chad will collect them. Now, let’s get started, shall we?”

Much of the class responded with a dreamy sigh.

Gregg groaned. It was going to be a long semester.

* * *

Christine stared at the couple engaged in a heated fuck on her bed. She sat sprawled naked in the oversized chair in the corner of the bedroom, one leg hanging over one of the padded arms, her fingers dancing unhurriedly between her legs. The sweaty couple changed positions repeatedly, reacting to silent commands by Christine. She was like a sculptor, posing the writhing couple into pose after pose, each one more exciting than the next. What made it even more exciting was that the couple on the bed were the only two people in the world she cared for. One was Brian, her loyal, if somewhat psychically troubled lover. The other was Cindy, the first person she claimed when she awoke in the hospital with her newfound powers…powers she’d stolen from her now-dead master.

Even as she worked her pussy to yet another climax watching Brian’s extra-large cock spear repeatedly into Cindy’s petite cunt, Christine couldn’t help but marvel at her own dualism. On the one hand, she was forever a slave, even to a dead master. David was too young when he got his powers. Too young and filled with anger…anger that was taken out on his slave. As a result of being under his control for so long, Christine’s psyche was permanently etched with David’s lustful desires. Years of conservative Christian upbringing were no match for the blunt brutality of David’s powers…and his death did nothing to erase the damage he’d done. She may have stolen his powers, but deep down, she was still a sex slave, driven by the lascivious needs and desires that had amused him to no end. Needs that had become as basic to her as breathing and eating. And, as she was learning, the powers themselves seemed to only fuel her lust.

But the powers did give her a certain freedom. She knew she could go into any convenience store and the proprietor would willingly hand over all his money at the merest suggestion that he do so. At least, here, her moral upbringing held sway. She knew she would never do something so overt. In the bedroom, however, SHE was the Master. She found she really enjoyed watching and positioning and commanding in the bedroom almost as much as she enjoyed being fucked herself. It was an arena where she allowed herself to maintain absolute control…not that Cindy minded. She sometimes felt guilty at having taken Cindy as she did…but she tempered that guilt with the knowledge that at the time she didn’t yet have control. And besides, Cindy seemed much happier now than with her abusive husband.

Brian’s pace quickened with his need to cum. He pounded viciously into Cindy whose face was contorted in a mask of fuck-lust. Brian lifted her leg to give Christine a better view, responding to an unspoken command. Any normal man would have cum long ago, but Christine was purposefully holding him off, wanting to watch him bring Cindy to yet another screaming climax before she let him release his load.

Christine closed her eyes, extending her consciousness backward through the wall separating her bedroom from the adjoining unit. Laying in her bed, her nightgown pulled up around her waist was Robyn, masturbating furiously and in sync with her next door neighbors. Robyn had been sort of a long-term project for Christine. She knew she could have walked into Robyn’s apartment at any time and taken her with a thought. But Christine was enjoying building up the heat first. Despite having spent many hours playing inside Robyn’s head, Robyn still remained physically untouched by Christine – unspoiled fruit, as it were.

In the hours Christine had spent inside Robyn’s mind, she’d learned that sexual activity seemed to be at the center of life within the Omega Xi sorority, even if Robyn somehow managed to remain monogamous to her then boyfriend during that time. As near as she could tell, Robyn wasn’t one of the aggressive members of that sisterhood, but had clearly been affected by her surroundings. Christine had learned about what the former president of Omega Xi had done: setting up Robyn’s boyfriend with several sorority girls, taking pictures, and holding those pictures in reserve in case there was ever a need to blackmail either of them. She’d only found out about it when Laura unleashed her coup and returned the blackmail material Brittany had held over everybody. Christine wanted to hate Laura, for being voluntarily remaining “Slave” despite the freedom Gregg gave her. She hated the polar opposite experiences she had being a slave to a sadistic master. But the tall blonde with super-model good looks continually impressed her, from setting Robyn and her up with these apartments in the graduate student housing, to the firm control she seemed to maintain over her sorority.

Cindy started screaming and bucking on the bed, drawing Christine’s attention back from the other room and her reveries. The poor girl had been experiencing climax after climax for the past hour, and Christine didn’t know how much more she could take. It was time to wrap this up. Besides, it was almost time for her first class as a graduate student at ESU.

Just as Cindy crested this latest wave of ultimate pleasure, Christine released the block she’d kept on Brian. He threw his head back and howled at the sudden release, his body spasming beyond his control as he fired an incredible volume of spunk into the tiny blonde. Cindy’s orgasm suddenly re-triggered as a deluge of spunk filled her tiny pussy to overflowing. This, in turn, triggered Christine’s own orgasm as she coated her fingers in her own copious juices. Through the wall, she also heard Robyn’s release.

It was a beautiful ballet of flesh and lust…and a beautiful way to start the day.

For the first time in a long while, she was actually looking forward to what the day might bring.

* * *

Gregg watched Laura work at the small table in the corner of Gregg’s office, carefully going through files and attaching Post-it flags to pages that would need to be copied. She was helping him prepare for his sudden trip to Tunisia. There was a lot to do, and Heather was coordinating much of the effort. The fiery red-head was not just Gregg’s closest companion and lover, she was also one hell of a project manager. From the day Regent McKenzie dropped off the package from the Tunisians, Heather was on the ball delegating responsibilities. Gregg sometimes had to remind himself that HE was the one in charge…especially since any orders he gave were usually run by Heather before they were obeyed.

Laura worked quickly and efficiently, having gotten quite good at the non-paying job she insisted she keep doing. Moreover, she looked quite professional. A conservative knee-length skirt and button-up blouse adorned her lithe figure. She’d even put her straight blonde hair up in a bun and wore glasses instead of contacts because she knew the sexy-librarian look excited her Master. It was probably no accident that she’d also started chewing the end of her pen when deep in thought, just like Heather did…an affectation that Gregg found to be quite a turn-on. She was truly professional…only the slight smirk on her face when she glanced in Gregg’s general direction gave any clue that just a few minutes ago she’d swallowed a tremendous load of her Master’s jism.

As she’d suspected, Gregg had returned from his first class extremely flustered and needing immediate relief. He’d dialed her cell phone, and was undoubtedly surprised to hear it ringing from behind his office door. He entered his office, and Laura walked around from around his desk, and without a word, dropped to her knees and gave him one of her best blow jobs. It was wet, it was noisy, and it was just what he needed. Once she’d swallowed his load, she delicately wiped the corners of her mouth with her finger, stood, kissed him on the cheek, checked to make sure her hair wasn’t mussed, and promptly sat at her little table and began filing.

They worked quietly for some time, each intent on their tasks-at-hand. Gregg found that the pressure of his imminent trip to Tunisia gave him a focus he hadn’t had since he left Tunisia. But that focus started to crumble after about a half-hour. It started as an itch in the back of his mind. And for the next few minutes, it got progressively worse – the itch building to an incredible, but undirected lust. He tried to tamp it down, but the best he could do was contain it, like a water balloon being filled at the faucet – growing and growing and threatening to burst at any second.

Suddenly, he knew what it was.

“Laura, take what you’re working on down to the copy room and get started making copies,” he said, beads of perspiration building above his brow.

“But I’m not finished going through these fi – ”

“NOW, Laura.”

“What’s – ?”


Laura flinched, but quickly moved to obey. Gregg would never have invoked such strong language unless it was serious. She jumped out of her chair and fled the room, clutching the files to her chest.

Long seconds passed. Each heartbeat filled him with a strange combination of fear and lust. With creaking slowness, the handle to his heavy oak door began to turn. Like something straight out of a horror movie, the handle spun a quarter-turn clockwise, the latch retreating into its socket. Gregg had to force himself to breathe.

The door opened, as if the weight of the oak was too heavy for the person opening it. It creaked ominously, like a demon’s obscene cackle. When it opened fully, Gregg found himself gripping the arms of his chair so tightly his knuckles were turning white.

In stepped one of the most beautiful women Gregg had ever seen, carrying a heavy winter parka over one arm. And the lust she was radiating only made her that much more beautiful in his mind. She was beautifully proportioned – large chest over a narrow waist like Heather, long legs like Heather, and thick, curly strawberry-blonde hair that seemed to shine with its own luminescence – reminiscent of Heather’s deep red locks. Her lips were full and moist, similar to Heather’s, and her eyes were bright and deep blue, with flecks of green that seemed to sparkle.


“Dr. Walters…” It shouldn’t have been a surprise to him, but she seemed as out of breath and as mesmerized by him as he was by her. They were like two ultra-strong magnets fighting against their attraction, kept separate only by his desk and by their mutual will.

“Why…why are you here? This isn’t safe…” And thinking of safety, his mind suddenly went to Laura, hoping she’d gotten clear of the room. Gregg didn’t know how stable Christine was, given their recent history, and if things went awry, he wanted Laura safely removed from any possible harm. He tore his eyes from Christine’s for a second and looked at the wall behind her. He felt his Slave’s presence just beyond the cinderblocks and he groaned in dismay. She’d disobeyed him, and was waiting just outside. Gregg knew why she did it, but given the present situation, it made him angry.

Christine saw his glance and turned her head, sensing the presence behind her. She didn’t probe deeply since every last ounce of her concentration was being used to keep her lust in check. “Don’t worry,” she panted. “I’m keeping control.”

“Barely!” Gregg sniped. “It’s dangerous for us to be near each other. What’s so important that you couldn’t tell me by email?” They’d had quite a correspondence over the past few days. He always copied Heather because he relied on her insights. She was a caged tiger, seemingly docile but quite capable of incredible damage if unleashed…as he’d personally witnessed. He knew all about the hatred she carried inside her, a hatred left over from David – David’s hatred of his former teacher…the one he felt had stolen Heather away from him. She tried to fight against it – Gregg and his friends had been nothing but nice to her – but that hatred was etched into her mind. He could see her fighting a sneer on her face as she fought the dual battle against her lust for him and her hatred of him.

“You know that we’re going to have to learn to be in each other’s presence,” she argued. She was beginning to sweat, and it gave her skin a luster that was very exciting. Pheromones were wafting in the air, a subtle but powerful addition to the overwhelming lust already filling the room. “What would happen if we crossed paths while walking to or from class?”

Gregg nodded. She had a point. But, that still didn’t diminish the immediate danger he felt.

“Face it, you and I are going to have to start meeting regularly.” She licked her lips, and found her hand unconsciously trailing down her neck and into the groove between her breasts.

Gregg gulped. He wanted nothing more than to grab this beautiful woman, throw her over his desk and fuck her to an inch of her life. And he could see the same desire in her eyes.

She stood up, and Gregg suddenly got worried. He didn’t know if he had the willpower to stop her if she so much as touched him.

Thankfully, she turned and grabbed the door handle. “This is all I can handle for now. I promise next time, I’ll call before coming over.” She looked at him with a look that went from lust, to hatred, to sadness all in less than a second. “Maybe one day, we’ll even be strong enough that I can finally shake your hand…to thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

With that she exited. Gregg heard her footsteps quickly retreating down the hall. As her distance from him increased, he felt his lust fading…but not nearly enough.

The door opened and Laura’s head popped in. Her face was a mask of worry.

“In here – NOW!” Gregg huffed.

She stepped in timidly, still clutching her files to her chest. Faster than she could have imagined, Gregg sprung over his desk. Before he managed to grab her by the bun on the top of her head and press her against the now closed door, a flood of images poured into her mind: It was in the hospital when Christine just woke up, when she went crazy and almost killed everyone. The fireball. Laura’s hand being burned. Gregg seeing her imminent death. And then came the flood of emotion. Laura felt a grief like she could never imagine at Gregg’s thought of her death…and if his feelings for her were this strong, she could only imagine what he felt for Heather or Emily.

The files she was carrying fell to the floor in a sprawling mess as Gregg pressed his body against her back while crushing her chest against the door. She had to turn her head sideways to keep from crushing her glasses. Her Master’s sudden violence was as frightening as it was exciting.

He pressed his lips close to her ear as his formidable erection pressed even more tightly against her ass. In a menacing whisper he said, “I told you to go down to the copy room.”

“Y…yes Master.”

“Did you obey?”

“N…no. But – ”

He tightened his grip in her hair, cutting off her explanation. “DID YOU OBEY? YES OR NO!”

“No, Master.”

He reached down with his free hand and undid his pants, which fell to his ankles. He then lifted up her skirt and ripped off her panties, causing her to yelp – more in surprise than in pain. With one hand still firmly gripping her hair, he lifted her left leg, opening her already dripping cunt and with a single thrust, he shoved up inside her.

She cried out, pleasure filling every fiber of her being. The mixture of pleasure and pain at her Master’s hand was almost more than he could take.


“I told you to leave!”


“It wasn’t a request!”

Thrust Thrust

“It was for your own safety!”

Thrust Thrust Thrust

“I couldn’t live with myself if I let something happen to you!”

The door to his office shook with the force of his thrusts. Laura knew she’d disobeyed a direct order from her Master. And she knew why he’d given it. And she knew that when it came to her Master’s life, she’d disobey him in a heartbeat. If the price for his safety was punishment, then she’d gladly pay it.

Thrust Thrust

Gregg’s fist in her hair tightened even more, becoming so painful she thought he was about to rip out her golden tresses. A moment later, he gave a tremendous shudder and she felt his hot jism shoot up inside her. All her muscles went limp as her own orgasm engulfed her. The only thing keeping her from collapsing to the floor was her Master’s body pressed against her.

Tears of pain and pleasure rolled down her cheek. To her surprise, she felt a drop of water roll into her ear, and she knew that it was a tear from her Master. He panted behind her, his cock still fully embedded inside her, not softening a bit. He wasn’t happy about what he’d done, but she knew from whence it had come.

His grip in her hair loosened. Leaning back, he rested his ass against the edge of his desk, pulling Laura with him – his firm grip transforming into a loving embrace. She had to arch her back to keep his cock inside her while resting her cheek against his. He panted for breath, and she could feel the anger and worry leaving his body, as if expelled through his still twitching cock. His hands explored her face and body tenderly now. Punishment was over, it was time for affection. It was the silent “I love you” after the spanking.

Together their bodies began moving again, the desperate release having given way to desperate affection.

The files on the floor would wait.

* * *

‘A miscalculation.’ It sounded so benign as she thought it. ‘That all it was, wasn’t it? Just a miscalculation?’

Christine’s pussy throbbed with need. Although she tried to play it cool in Gregg’s office, the fact was if she’s stayed there a second longer she would have launched herself across the desk, consequences be damned. There was so much more she’d wanted to talk about with him, about the powers, about David, about anything…but she’d barely made it past salutations.

Passing a startled Laura in the hallway, she barely gave the hot blonde notice as she quickly, but determinedly made her escape. She’d heard Gregg’s yell a second later and she knew that Laura was in for a rough time…possibly an incredible time. Envy colored her blood green – the thought of that lucky slut getting her twat plowed by Gregg only fanned the fire between her legs.

‘It was a miscalculation…’ she said again, trying to convince herself.

Over the past few days she’d practiced spending more and more time around other people. And each time she’d grown more successful. Today, her first day of class, she’d even managed to sit through the entire thing and even managed to keep her own lusts under control…mostly. There was an amusing moment when Professor Normandale popped a woody in the middle of his lecture. Christine was probably the only one who noticed since he craftily hid himself behind his lectern. It was funny because he always used the first lecture to try to scare away the weaker students with the most graphic stories of psycho-sexual deviancy. One girl did end up running out of class crying. It was definitely not the type of environment where he wanted to be seen with a hard-on. Christine could hear his thoughts racing as he tried to stay on topic, and knew he was making mental notes to call his therapist after class. The humor of the situation helped her keep her own lusts in check.

Feeling confident at the end of class, she decided to throw caution to the wind and visit Gregg.

‘…Just a fucking miscalculation!’

She stood at the entrance to the building facing the quad. She was feeling a little light headed. She could feel Gregg’s release at the back of her mind, and that only made her own need for release that much more critical. Her blood was pounding in her ears and her nipples were so hard that every shift of her blouse’s fabric caused intense pleasure. She couldn’t contain her lust. Her pussy was pounding with every beat of her heart and she could feel the moisture running down her legs.

She looked up and the males nearest the marble stairwell in which she stood. Like wolves catching a scent, they were beginning to notice her. It didn’t matter that she wore a winter coat and that her luscious body was hidden beneath the parka’s shapeless form.

Fear mixed with passion, like oxygen mixing with jet fuel. More men turned in her direction.

Her hand reached into her pocket, grabbing onto her cell phone – the cell phone Laura had given her along with the apartment. Suddenly, the desperateness of her situation hit her. She couldn’t call home because there was no home phone – having a cell, she’d felt another line was just redundant. She couldn’t call Cindy or Brian because neither Cindy nor Brian had cell phones of their own. Laura had only programmed three phone numbers for her and two of those three people were currently several floors above her fucking their brains out.

She had only one chance left. She scrolled to the third number.

One of the boys near the base of the stairs took a tentative step in her direction. The boy next to him, as if sensing who he was approaching took a step also…a larger step. They eyed each other for a second before each taking another step toward Christine. Three more guys looked up at her, more wolves smelling blood in the air.

She backed up through the doorway, closing it behind her. The phone began ringing.

Still trying to seem casual she hurried across the hall to the exit out the other side of the building. The opposite door slammed open and the first two guys stumbled through, searching for her. Christine glanced down and saw the bulges in the front of their jeans. They were animals, ready to mate. In any other circumstance she would have been thrilled, and she desperately wanted to get fucked, but if she broke down in the middle of the hall, the campus might just implode into a wanton orgy. She needed distance.

The two guys started walking toward her. Sending out a surge of mental power, she hit the guy on the left with a simple command, “Attack!” A shooting pain similar to a migraine hit her behind her eyes and she knew that even that simple command was overloading her already over-taxed system. But it seemed to work. The guy on the left turned to the guy on the right and threw himself bodily at him, both tumbling to the ground in a heap of flying fists and grunts.

Just as Christine started to catch her breath, the door opened again and three more guys stepped in. She bolted for the door, hoping the two guys fighting in the narrow doorway would slow the newcomers slightly. As she ran down the stairs and out the door, she heard a voice.

“Hello? Hello!?”

It took a second for Christine to remember that she’d made a phone call.

“Robyn!” pant, pant “Robyn, don’t hang up. It’s your next door neighbor, Christine. Laura gave me your phone number. I wouldn’t have called, but it’s an emergency. I need your help!”

She made it down the stairs and partway into the parking lot when the door behind her burst open and at least a half dozen guys stumbled out. They were devolving from human to feral, their primal mating instincts taking over…and she was their prey. One took a step forward but was stopped by another who threw a punch. Two others started fighting also. But the one squeezed past them, his brow furrowed and he started marching directly at her.

A car door slammed and a portly academic-type turned. It looked like he was about to yell something at the guys fighting at the top of the stairs, but then he turned in her direction and began looking her up and down with more than concern.

Lifting the phone to her ear as she began running down the sidewalk, she pleaded, “Hurry!”

* * *

[Moments ago…]

Robyn sat at her kitchen table, furiously writing notes for the class she’d begin teaching tomorrow. She’d just hopped out of the shower, and thrown on a robe. Having no plans to leave the house today, she didn’t really feel a burning need to get dressed. Besides, the heating bill was covered by the University, so she didn’t feel guilty for keeping her apartment warm.

All the time she thought she had to get ahead seemed to have disappeared. Unfortunately, she knew exactly where that time had gone. She’d been masturbating so much recently that she was afraid she’d get hand cramps!

An hour or so ago, her next door neighbors finally stopped fucking. For reasons she couldn’t explain, hearing them through the too-thin walls of their side-by-side duplex always seemed to set her off. It didn’t used to be this way. She’d had noisy neighbors before, but they’d never driven her so wild. It had to be Christine. Whenever they were going at it, visions of Christine always poured into her mind. Christine naked, Christine kissing her, Christine arching her back and moaning in lust while Robyn buried her nose between her legs…

The fantasies were always so vivid and hot…and yet, to this day, the two of them hadn’t even met each other. Robyn only knew her neighbor’s name because two days after she’d moved in, Laura had stopped by and told her to program the number into her own phone.

“I want you to be a good neighbor. Christine’s a friend of a friend, and may need some help adjusting.”

“Why me?”

“Considering I’m paying for this comfy living arrangement you’ve got here, I wouldn’t ask too many questions.”

“You mean the sorority’s paying for the apartment.”

Laura leaned forward on the table across from Robyn, a look of menace in her eyes. “Let me hit you to a little truth, Robyn. I AM the sorority.” Laura didn’t move until Robyn could no longer meet her intense gaze. She looked down at the table, feeling the truth to Laura’s words. Laura tapped on the post-it note with the phone number and Robyn gulped nervously, opening her cell phone and typing in the number.

“What am I supposed to do?”

Laura’s eyes softened. “Just be a friend, if she needs it. My Mas…I mean, she’s someone important to me and she’s been through a lot, and may just need someone to talk to.”

It sounded simple enough. But with Omega Xi, things were never that simple.

Thoughts of that encounter still made her nervous. There had been no overt threats, but someone as sophisticated as Laura would never do anything overtly. That was more than a week ago. To this day, her neighbor had yet to call, much less introduce herself. And as long Christine wasn’t interested, then Robyn figured she wouldn’t go out of her way to make friends…

But that still didn’t explain her fascination with the hot blonde next door. Robyn had never had a homosexual thought in her life…until Christine. She could hear them through the walls. She knew the three of them were getting it on in every manner possible. Her mind was always flooded with images of what was happening next door, images that seemed so real, as if she were actually there. And it was so exciting. The thought of even kissing another woman revolted her, and yet when she heard Christine moaning in pleasure next door, she’d start to salivate.

‘So, why do I only fantasize about her when she’s there? Why do thoughts of her now barely even titillate? There’s something odd…’

The ringing of her cell phone broke her out of her reverie. The caller ID flashed the one name she really wanted nothing to do with at the moment. She had a ton of work to do before tomorrow and really couldn’t be bothered.

And yet, she knew she had to answer it.


There was nothing. Maybe Christine had accidently dialed it.


“Robyn!” pant, pant “Robyn, don’t hang up. It’s your next door neighbor, Christine. Laura gave me your phone number. I wouldn’t have called, but it’s an emergency. I need your help!”

It wasn’t the kind of call she’d expected. Immediately her heart began racing. She couldn’t explain it, but the thought that Christine may be in trouble was very distressing…and that feeling had nothing to do with Laura.

“What’s going on? Where are you?”


Robyn had already grabbed her car keys and was heading for the door. “Christine, calm down and tell me where you are.”

“Bak…Baker Hall.” pant “Running toward…uh…toward Smith.”

‘Running?’ “Okay, I know where that is. Stay there, I’ll come get you.”

“C…can’t! They’ll get me. Can’t stop…Head…hurts!”

Robyn heard the pounding of Christine’s feet through the phone as she slammed her own door shut behind her and ran out toward her car.

“Okay, stay calm. Do you know where River Road is?”


“Run that way, I’ll meet you there.”

There was no response, just the repeating sound of running and heavy breathing.


Still nothing.

“Shit.” Robyn started her car. It protested being thrown into gear while still cold. She had to keep wiping the windshield with her hand because it was still too cold to get the defogger working. Her own adrenaline was pumping so much that she didn’t even feel the cold.

Turning quickly from Campus boulevard onto River road, she spied what looked like a jogger in a parka and high-heeled boots running down the bike path holding an open cell phone in one hand. Robyn rolled down the passenger side window and pulled up next to the jogger.

Christine looked over with panic in her eyes and spied Robyn pulling up. Without hesitating, she jumped toward the car, pulling frantically on the door handle until Robyn remembered to unlock it. Christine was in a state of near-panic, but finally managed to get the door open and tumbled into the passenger seat.

“Drive!” Christine clutched the side of her head and shut her eyes in pain. A trickle of blood seeped out her nose.

Robyn reached for the box of tissue she kept in the armrest storage and handed it to Christine.

“Here, for your nose.”

Christine just looked at Robyn in horror, not believing that the car was still stationary. “Please, you’ve got to drive, now!”

“It’s okay, I’m here now, we’re fine.”

“No you don’t understand! We got to – ”

There was a loud roar from outside as several men crested a hill overlooking the bike path. They stopped for a second as if assessing the situation. Then they howled like animals and sprinted toward the two girls.

“Go, go, go GO!!!”

Robyn didn’t know what was happening, but she threw the car in gear and stepped on the gas. Crowd of men surged forward. The little Chevy just barely pulled away as the mob descended upon the car, one of the guys managing to punch the top of the trunk and leave a sizable dent as she quickly outpaced them.

Robyn watched them in the rearview mirror. They ran after her for a bit before turning on each other, their aggression finding new release. As she turned a corner, the mob turned into a general melee.

“What the fuck was that?!?”

“Just drive. Please…” Christine squirmed out from her parka, her tan-colored blouse sticking wetly to her skin. Throwing the bulky garment into the back, she finally slumped into her seat and tried to catch her breath.

Her chest rose and fell quickly and deeply. She closed her eyes and tried to block out the throbbing in her head. She’d overextended her powers trying to keep the mob at bay, and now she was paying the price. She finally understood why David had turned so quickly to drugs and alcohol – the pain was almost unbearable. ‘Not a mistake I’ll make…’ she chided herself.

The car made several more turns and then rolled to a stop. Christine was still trying to catch her breath, but she managed to look out the window. They were in an empty parking lot somewhere and she didn’t have the strength to ask where. All she cared about was that she was away from that mob of testosterone run amok. She didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or cry…maybe both.

Her reverie was broken when she felt something soft press under her nose. Turning her head, she saw Robyn holding another tissue against her nostril, stemming the trickle of blood. As the adrenaline of survival wore off, her body returned to the state it was in just before running for its life. Her nipples began to harden again, and her pussy contracted repeatedly. She shifted in her seat, suddenly aware of just how uncomfortable her clothes were making her. Robyn gasped, no doubt feeling the same rising lust. This wasn’t mind control – it was just a side effect of her powers. It wasn’t how she wanted to take Robyn…Her experiment had failed. She needed sexual relief and Robyn was the only person around who could help. She could only hope that the conditioning she’d done so far and their combined lust was enough. If Robyn rejected her, there was nothing she could do.

It was at that moment that Christine realized what Robyn was wearing: only a short terry cloth robe and flip-flops. She must have only just gotten out from the shower when Christine called. And as the tall brunette leaned over her, acting as make-shift nurse, the robe’s sash loosened and the robe gaped open, revealing Robyn’s milky breast with its stiff pink nipple.

Christine pulled Robyn’s hand away from her nose and the bloody tissue fell limply from her hand. Their eyes met and, try as she might, Robyn fell deep into those deep blue pools. The sparkling green flecks held her spellbound. Similarly, Christine thought she’d never see eyes so brown. The air in the car was getting colder and their breath, becoming visible, mingled. Slowly the distance between the two of them shrank.

Robyn stopped her descent mere inches from Christine’s lips. She could swear she heard Christine’s voice in her head, a mere faint whisper, begging, pleading for her not to stop. Was it Christine’s voice, or was it her own? She remembered the lessons of Omega Xi in her head, decrying anything that smacked of lesbianism, but she shut those voices out. She needed this. She needed to know if what she was feeling was real.

The gap closed.

Lip pressed to lip, at first hesitantly. Quickly the floodgates opened and hesitant kisses became a flood of passion. Robyn parted her lips to breathe and Christine took the initiative and let her tongue slide through. Robyn had only kissed other men, mostly just her ex-boyfriend and his kisses were never this soft, this passionate. She liked not having her cheek and chin scraped by rough stubble.

She heard a moan and felt something fill her hand. She broke the kiss and glanced down, surprised to find her hand covering Christine’s large breast through the sweat-soaked blouse. There was only a moment’s hesitation this time before Robyn grabbed the shirt and ripped it open, the small buttons flying everywhere in the small car. Thankfully the bra keeping those massive mammaries in place was a front-snap which was quickly undone. Like a woman starving, Robyn descended upon Christine’s exposed tits, sucking one nipple greedily and then the other. Christine groaned in pleasure, quickly untying Robyn’s robe and then pushing it off her body.

They broke apart just long enough for Robyn to pull her arms through the robe and kick off her flip-flops. Christine quickly freed herself from the remnants of her shirt and bra while using her feet to kick off her boots. Robyn then grabbed the waistband of Christine’s jeans and yanked them down, panties and all. In moments, the only clothing Christine was wearing was her socks, and she couldn’t be bothered with those.

Reaching out, Christine pulled Robyn over the armrest and emergency brake into a full-body embrace, their mouths meeting again and their tongues wrestling to see who could explore the deepest and the wettest. Robyn’s hand trailed from Christine’s heavy tits, down her ribcage, to her hip. Just when the passion-filled blonde thought Robyn would dare to probe her dripping quim, there was a loud click and the seat back released and fell backward into an almost pure horizontal position. Neither girl broke their fierce lip-lock.

Christine, not being a stranger to woman-woman sex, knew exactly what she wanted. But she was in uncharted territory with Robyn. When she was David’s slave, he commanded her and he saw that her needs were met. When she stole his powers, she had the ability to mentally manipulate her partners and she ensured her needs were met. But the chase she’d just survived had left her completely drained and powerless. She found herself unable to communicate what she wanted. Being a virgin when she met David, she had no prior experiences from which to draw. Sex with David (and after) had been anything BUT subtle.

She groaned in frustration as her pussy throbbed with need. She hunched it up, hoping for some kind of pleasurable contact. It smacked wetly against Robyn’s belly. Robyn groaned in turn, still refusing to break the lip-lock. Christine grabbed the tall brunette by a firm asscheek, squeezing while also gently pulling to one side. Robyn must have gotten the message, because she raised one leg, letting Christine’s leg slide between. Now they each had the other’s thigh to rub against, and as if a start button had been pressed, both over-heated women began grinding rabidly against each other.

The windows of the car were completely fogged over and it squeaked as it shook on its axels, but neither girl cared. All that mattered was release. Christine grabbed Robyn’s ass in both hands, helping new lover grind against her now soaked thigh while she simultaneously hunched upwards. Meanwhile Robyn squeezed and pinched Christine’s breasts, unable to believe how large and firm they were without being fake. Their tongues continued to wrestle and their lips were smeared with each other’s saliva.

Finally, Robyn had to turn her head so she could breathe, and concentrate on getting herself off. She buried her face into Christine’s lush blonde curls at her neck, panting heavily, mere seconds away from the biggest orgasm of her life. Christine moaned in her ear, whispering “Uh, uh, please, don’t stop…”

All inhibitions lost or forgotten, both girls began shaking and spasming simultaneously, their orgasms perfectly timed, even without the benefit of Christine’s powers. Having had no say as to when it would happen, the surprise of her first truly natural orgasm inflated its pleasure and her body continued to buck and spasm long after Robyn was done.

The two lovers lay, one upon the other, for long minutes – both struggling to regain their breath, neither daring to move. The slightest change in pressure against either of their pussies would be enough to set them off again.

It was Christine who finally began to move, gently kissing the side of Robyn’s head, reveling in the taste and scent of her sweat soaked hair. When Robyn finally found the strength to prop herself up on one hand and move her lips to Christine’s in acceptance of what they’d just done, Christine realized that despite the failure of her “experiment”, she couldn’t be happier with the result.

Robyn was hers, but in a way that was unfamiliar. In not too long a time, her powers would return, but this new relationship unbound from her powers was exciting like nothing she’d ever experienced in her life.

With the heat of their passion ebbed, the cold from outside the car finally became impossible to ignore. Being on top, Robyn was the first to start shivering. She did her best to ignore it, afraid to remove herself from Christine’s body – for it would mean an end to this moment and the necessity of facing the consequences of their actions.

“Robyn, you’re shivering.”

Unable to find her voice, and holding back tears (guilt?, euphoria?, shame?, love?—She didn’t know), she again thrust her face against Christine’s trying to reignite the intense passion from moments before.

Christine responded in kind, running her hands across the brunette’s long body with glee. But the girl’s shivering soon became impossible to ignore.

Pulling her face away, she looked into her partner’s eyes. It was odd not being able to read her thoughts. But she was pretty sure what was going on. The past week had given her much insight into the girl’s mind, even if Robyn was unaware of it.

“Turn on the car. We need heat.”

Robyn bit her lip uncertainly. Part of her wanted to open the car door and run away, confused by what just happened.

“It’s okay. Take me home…to your home. There’s a lot we need to talk about.”

Robyn was somewhat crestfallen. It was so anticlimactic.

“And as soon as we’re done talking,” Christine smiled, “I’m going to do things to you with my tongue that your ex-boyfriend never dreamed of…”

Robyn’s eyes sparkled. It was what she needed to hear. It didn’t even matter that she didn’t recall ever mentioning her ex to Christine.

But then another worry hit her. “Uh, what about your…um, roommates?” She didn’t know what to call them.

Now it was Christine’s eyes’ turn to sparkle. “Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to them later.”

Robyn pulled herself off Christine, the cold air hitting her sweaty front, causing her nipples to again tighten up. Christine underwent a similar reaction. Not bothering to put on any clothes, Robyn started the car, wiped away a circle on the windshield so she could see, put the car into gear and they drove away.

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