A Fistful of Sand by Doktor Gostel – Book 3 – Chapter 8

A Fistful of Sand 3

Chapter 8: Subdued Masters

Christine tried to slow her pace to a walk. It was unseemly to be practically skipping with glee as she returned home from her encounter with Cathy, the buxom hair stylist. It was like being in love. And in a way, that probably wasn’t that far from the truth.

She’d fallen into Cathy’s mind while getting shampooed – quite by accident – and in there she’d discovered Cathy’s secret past relationship with Heather. Both were former strippers, lovers, and now survivors of Vinnie’s wrath. Christine practically burst with the strength of the feelings Cathy still had for Heather…And maybe because David had done such a good job of training her to be ‘Heather’ (since the real Heather was unavailable to him), the love Cathy had for Heather felt like a love that belonged to her as well.

She paused for a second, trying to sort out the twisted logic that she’d used to justify her newfound feelings toward the porn-star-chested stylist. Maybe it didn’t matter that the logic was convoluted. She knew how she felt, and feelings couldn’t be reasoned. Besides, it felt good to have desires that weren’t twisted and perverted, like David had instilled in her. Even if this was the product of David’s brutal training, this at least felt right. She wanted Cathy in the worst way, and she knew that once given the chance, Cathy would want her as well. That Heather wouldn’t approve, if/when she ever found out, barely registered. As of now, Heather didn’t even know that Cathy now worked near campus. Cathy didn’t seem ready to face her old friend, not until she could show she’d made a success out of the shambles of her life.

Finally making it home, Christine stood outside for a second deciding which door to enter – the one to the left and her other new lover Robyn, or to the right and the lover that was tied to her in ways no one but Gregg and Heather could understand. It really wasn’t much of a contest.

She could feel Robyn through the walls of her own apartment, seeing her as clearly as if the walls were made of glass. She looked so beautiful, studying, wearing nothing but panties and eyeglasses. Robyn was waiting for Christine’s return, waiting for a continued exploration of the Sapphic desires Christine had unlocked within her. It was so tempting – SHE was tempting – but right now Christine needed the brutal hard fucking that no female partner could give. Besides, she felt like she’d been neglecting Brian in recent days.

He’d changed so much since they escaped David and his control over them. His psyche was never a match to David’s supernatural control and ultimately he snapped when all the shit hit the fan. But they were together now, free from David’s tortures…though Brian never really fully recovered. He was quiet now, withdrawn. Haunted by his failure to save her, he was protective now in a way and to a degree he couldn’t be before. With a slight shudder she remembered the night she’d almost accidently killed herself, Gregg, and everyone else in the hospital…She could see it all with a clarity her madness at the time didn’t allow her. She remembered how Heather had ripped terrible gouges in Brian’s arms with her nails while he held her back from Gregg – and he didn’t even flinch as skin and muscle were torn. Her newfound powers augmented his strength as well as his other physical assets…assets she intended to take full advantage of right now.

Christine sent a quick mental “suggestion” to Robyn that she really preferred to study at the Library. When Brian fucked her, she knew that it would be impossible to keep Robyn from feeling her excitement through the walls, so it was just better if she wasn’t there. A few minutes later, a slightly confused Robyn was zipping up her jeans, packing her backpack with books, and heading out the door.

Satisfied that she could enjoy Brian to the fullest extent without having to think about other people, she headed upstairs, leaving a trail of her own clothing behind her. Her body practically hummed with sexual need. There was no substitute for the kind of fucking only Brian could provide…except maybe from Gregg…but those were waters that could not be tested. It wasn’t only his enhanced size and stamina (although that certainly helped), it was also their psychic bond, a requisite of the gift she’d stolen from David. When they fucked, it was on more than just the physical plane.

Nipples hard, juices already saturating her inner thighs, she stopped short when she turned the corner and entered the bedroom. She wasn’t prepared for what she saw.

There was Brian, sitting naked on the overstuffed chair they kept in the corner of the room, the reading light behind his shoulder illuminating the book he was perusing. It wasn’t what he was reading that stopped her short – although the fact that he was reading one of her text books was a little odd (“The Psychology of Sexual Victimization: A Handbook”). It wasn’t that he was reading it naked with a perfect hard on – she was excited, so therefore he was too…that was just the way it worked in this house. It wasn’t even that his cock was longer than the book – again, not surprising since that masterful cock was in part her creation.

No, what stopped her short was that, even though he sat there calm and quiet, casually reading, and sexually piqued…he was covered head to toe in bruises and cuts. Some of the nastier ones were even freshly stitched.

He looked up at her and her arrival, then dropped his gaze back to his book, turning the page and continuing to read.

Rage, anger, and concern welled up inside Christine all at once and she stepped up to him and tore the book out of his hands, throwing it across the room. It hit the night stand and the vase-shaped lamp that sat there wobbled a bit but didn’t fall over.

“What the hell happened to you!?!” she screamed, trying to touch his face where a particularly nasty gash was held closed with five black stitches. Emphasis is on the word “trying” because every time her hand got close, Brian wordlessly shoved it to the side or held it at bay.

“Will you cut that out!? Just let me look at you!” Finally relenting and releasing just one of her hands, he let her take a closer look at his wounds.

Tracing some nasty bruises on his face and chest, her touch was surprisingly gentle considering she was practically shaking in fury. Even when she pressed harder than she should have on a yellow-black bruise on his chest, his only reaction was a slight tightening of his grip on her arm…not even a grunt or a flinch.

Fighting back anger that was brimming with fear for the answer he would give, she tried to keep her voice soft and calm when she asked again, “What happened.” Then, even softer, with tears escaping her eyes, “Please…tell me.”

Brian struggled to not say anything. He didn’t want her to know. It was his fight and there was nothing to be done about it now. But he relented, releasing her arm. She sat on the corner of the bed facing him, rubbing her wrist where he’d gripped her too tightly. His gaze shifted there and she could see the regret in his eyes. She immediately stopped rubbing it, ignoring the pain, hoping he’d speak before she had to try other methods.

“You…you just had to go visit him yesterday, didn’t you? You knew you weren’t ready.”

It took Christine a second to realize he meant her visit to Gregg’s office. But how did he know? She’d gone to Gregg’s office straight after her class. And she was only there for a few minutes. All hell broke loose after that too-short visit. But then again, it had ended rather pleasantly with Robyn in the front seat of her car…and then on her kitchen floor, and then in her bed, and then… She stopped herself, remembering that she was supposed to be mad, not turned on.

“Were you spying on me?” she asked, both confused and angry.

“Is it spying when I feel everything you feel? Did you expect me to ignore it when I felt you running for your life?”

She understood now. He wasn’t jealous that she’d visited Gregg, his one-time teacher, nor the release she’d felt in Robyn’s arms. No, he’d felt her panic when her barely-contained lust infected the boys near her on campus – a crowd that grew larger and larger. A crowd that chased her as it grew, adding more and more infected boys all desperately wanting to fuck her…and whom she wanted to fuck. If it hadn’t been for Robyn’s timely arrival, she wouldn’t have escaped. But…

“I escaped. I’m fine. What does that have to do with what happened to you?”

Brian squirmed. He really didn’t want to answer. But her intense blue-green gaze bored into him. And the stone façade he maintained cracked a little. “There were just too many of them. I couldn’t stop them all…and then more and more kept coming.”

“You…you were there?” It was starting to make sense. Some of the crowd broke into fights along her pursuit. Some were just adrenaline- and testosterone-induced melees as men reverted to their most primal mating instincts. But apparently some of the fights were also from Brian trying to get in their way – trying to give her time to escape.

“There…there were…there were so many of them…how…?” She wanted to ask how he survived. Suddenly she worried about the harm she may have caused, not just to Brian. She needed to check the news…Like a rock in her gut, her stomach almost heaved. What if someone died…

“No one’s dead,” Brian answered, her thoughts blaring in his skull. “I stuck around after you left, as long as I could. Most were just confused and bloody…I think some fight-club like friendships were even formed.”

Christine released the breath she just realized she’d been holding. She knelt beside his chair taking a closer look at a row of stitches on the side of his thigh. It looked like a knife wound. “You went to the hospital? What did you tell them?”

He shook his head. “When I knew you were safely away, I called Cindy. She met me here and brought the suture kit home with her – and didn’t ask any questions.”

Cindy wouldn’t. The spritely nurse was enamored of Brian, taking his silence in stride. At times, Christine felt guilty that she also needed Brian, wishing it were possible that Brian and Cindy could leave her and live out their own life together…a dream she once had for herself and the old-Brian. But for the time being, she was neither physically nor mentally capable of letting him go…and for now, he didn’t seem to mind.

Smiling a quirky smile, gently caressing the tops of the stitches, she quipped, “She does nice work.” An almost maternal instinct took over and she leaned down and with the utmost care, she kissed his wound. Brian squirmed uneasily. It wasn’t pain, but her actions worried him for some reason. It was so odd…he was like a warped variation of a knight in shining armor. Resting her cheek on a relatively unbruised area on his thigh, she thought about how much she loved him…and how much he must love her to go through all that he had. She wished more than anything that she could take away his pain, pain that deserved to be inflicted on her instead.

It started as a tingle. The tingle became a vibration. She felt the skin on her thigh tense up, cells bursting and blood vessels ripping. She hissed as the bruise formed.

“Don’t.” His command was simple, and as if he were the one in control, the pain in her leg ceased to grow.

She looked at his thigh. The stitches now were tied around what looked to be a scar that had been healing for several weeks – clean and pink. She looked at her own thigh. In the exact same place and position was a nasty cut, blood already starting to ooze from the wound. Only her intense surprise kept her from initially feeling the pain. As the nerve endings fired and the sudden opening of her skin was registered by her brain, she hissed again. But this time it wasn’t a hiss of pain. It was an obscene and cruel pleasure, a pleasure programmed into her by her former master – one that had her respond to pain as if it were the very drugs that destroyed his mind. Hiss turned to gasp, and a shudder rocked her body.

They both knew what she’d just done, and what she’d just felt. Their eyes locked, like two gunfighters facing each other at high noon. Only this was about to be a different type of battle. Brian’s eyes narrowed, knowing this was about to turn ugly. ‘Fight it!’ he thought at her fiercely, but he could see it was already too late. For while he was determined to keep her from harm, she was driven both by guilt at the punishment he’d absorbed in her defense and the sick need for release only he could give her. He saw how her eyes were glazing over and knew that no amount of rational thought would end this encounter.

Brian gripped her by the wrists as he attempted to once again lay hands on him. He had no magic of his own, but because of their bond, he knew what he had to do. Straining with all his will, he pulled back with his mind, reabsorbing the cut she’d taken from him. Any other man would have screamed in pain as his leg wound reopened, straining the sutures still in place.

Christine howled in fury, her momentary high disappearing. “Nooo!! Give it to me! Hurt me!!” The depravation of this sick need caused another wave of pleasure to course through her body. And while her body shone with excitement and frustration, Brian’s reacted in kind – his cock throbbing almost painfully from his crotch. And as his cock pulsed with need, Christine’s own lust grew – each reaction fueling an even more potent reaction in an explosive chain. Critical mass was soon imminent.

With a strength born from sexual desperation, Christine twisted her left wrist free from Brian’s grip, quickly thrusting her palm against his chest, pulling another of his wounds into herself. She screamed at the intensity of the pain she’d just absorbed, then screamed again as the first orgasm rocked her body, momentarily dazing her. Brian took the opportunity to kick up with his feet, shoving her naked body across the room. She stumbled backward until the backs of her knees hit the edge of the bed, causing her to fall backward in an awkward somersault in which she rolled over the corner of the bed and landed with a thud between the bed and the window. Her foot clipped the lamp on the nightstand, sending it crashing to the floor, its thin porcelain body shattering.

“Christine, don’t!” he shouted to no avail. “Fight it! Pain is not pleasure!” She was in a rabid state and didn’t hear him. In seconds she was on her feet again, dripping with perspiration, the fire in her eyes shining with her intent. There were only two possible outcomes to this battle. In one, he could submit and let her absorb his pain…but she’d have no way nor any desire to stop. If she was lucky, she’d pass out before dying. If not…well, that was just unthinkable

The second potential outcome was one that was even more revolting for him, but at least it would keep her alive…if it worked. He wished he could think of a third possible action, but her excitement was clouding his ability to think rationally. At least that’s what he told himself as he stood up, taking a defensive stance, his tremendous cock pointing directly at her.

Brimming with pure rage and sexual adrenaline, she vaulted over the bed at Brian, no longer seeing the man she loved, but seeing merely a means to an end. He was ready. He caught her in mid-flight, ignoring the pain as her fingernails sunk into his skin. She was determined to steal his pain, even if it meant inflicting some more first.

Shifting his grip, he flipped her upside-down and threw their entwined bodies onto the bed in a body-slam that Hulk Hogan would have been proud of. She was momentarily stunned (more surprised than hurt since they landed on the bed), and her claws pulled free from his skin. Taking advantage of the moment, Brian flipped her over onto her stomach, gripping her wrists and stretching them outward while he placed his shins over her calves – effectively stretching her out into a face-down “X” onto the bed, pinning her in place.

She struggled against him, twisting and jerking. Brian could feel how strong she was, abnormally so either due to the adrenaline or her powers or both. Either way, he knew she’d break free in just a second or two.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, not even knowing if she could hear or understand him. With a single thrust, he shoved his over-sized cock straight down into her ass. It struck home as if knowing exactly where it was intended to go, and its journey deep into her bowels was eased by the copious amount of sweat both were dripping.

“ARRHHHH” Christine screamed as he quickly sank ever deeper. Her struggle weakened as all new pains and pleasures tore through her body.

Brian didn’t give her a chance to process this new violation. He bucked and thrust, quickly settling into a fast and furious rhythm, never lessening his grip on her wrists. He was as driven by the need to placate her as he was by his own mounting desires. Their bodies slammed together repeatedly, violently. The bed shook and threatened to collapse, and bounced several inches off the floor with each thrust. The sound of their bodies slamming against each other was like those of a boxing match, sans gloves.

“Fuck! Fuck me! Ahhh!” Christine was in seventh heaven, her need for pure pain momentarily replaced by her need to be dominated and brutally fucked.

“Cum! Cum God damnit!!” He shouted into her ear, hoping desperately that his words had some effect. He had no ability to control her mind and body like she had over his. His only hope was that he could reach her at some primal level, where David’s worst damage could be used in their favor. He could feel her ass tightly squeezing his cock, spasming in pleasure…but she hadn’t had that big release he knew she so desperately needed…and his stamina was waning.

She clawed at the bed, but he only gripped her tighter, causing her hands to begin to turn blue. She kicked and bucked, threatening to escape, but never succeeding. With some fascination, he realized that while trying to escape, she was also thrusting back against him, her body betraying its real wants and needs.

He could feel the cum churning in his balls as he thrust and thrust, trying desperately to hold back. The fight was exciting her as much as the fuck. With hands and feet and cock already in play, there was only one more thing to try before he knew he’d dump his load. With a tear in his eye, he dropped his head and chomped down as hard as he could on her shoulder. The coppery taste of blood filled his mouth and he knew he’d broken through the skin. ‘To save her, I must hurt her…’

Christine screamed in pain, and in the blink of an eye, pain turned to exquisite pleasure. The raping of her ass, the sheer brutality of their fuck, Brian’s dominance over her body – it was all she could take.

“AHHH FUUCCCKKKK!!!!” she screamed, ultimate release wracking her body. As Brian howled his own pleasure, semen shot from his cock, coating the inside of her bowels while her blood sprayed from his mouth. Her convulsions gave her superhuman strength and she twisted free, throwing him up and into the headboard, cracking it in half.

While all new pains shot through his body, his cock continued to erupt, hosing her down from across the bed with stream after stream of thick, white semen. Her body shuddered and twitched, and a growing pool of liquid pleasure leaked from her pussy. He watched their battle end in pyrotechnic sprays of bodily fluids.

Finally, the only sounds left in the room were those of their panting. Weakly, Christine turned her head, summoning all her strength to look upon her lover. Only days before she’d thought of Brian as weak, broken. And in a way he was…but as she’d just clearly learned, he still had a few tricks up his sleeve. If she weren’t so satisfied, she might have been more affected by the look of sadness in his eyes, by what he’d been forced to do to break her out of her lust-rage. But she didn’t care. Not since before David’s death had she been so satisfied.

A wry smile came to her lips as she fought against passing out. “Tell you what, lover. I’ll make you a deal. You go and get some rope and tie me down and fuck me like that a few more times…just to make sure I’ve got this out of my system…and I promise to let you keep your battle scars.”

With a groan, Brian heaved himself off the bed, his cock already beginning to re-inflate. The top half of the headboard fell to the floor with a crash and he stepped over the broken bits of porcelain and wood splinters, not feeling them as they lacerated his feet. His body shone with sweat and all new cuts and bruises. He looked her over carefully – but not with the eyes of a lover. He was simply making sure her skin remained unbroken, unbruised, and as flawless as he was determined it would stay. That’s all that mattered to him.

With neither a smile nor a sense of irony, he turned and headed toward the doorway, ready to do what had to be done. “I think there’s some nylon rope downstairs.”

Christine’s pussy gave a sharp spasm as she drifted into euphoric unconsciousness.

‘My hero…’

* * *

First she knocked. But there was no answer. She knocked again, but was answered only with silence. Hesitant though she was to use it, Laura pulled out her copy of the key to Heather’s apartment. It wasn’t like entering Gregg’s apartment, which was more like a communal hang-out and everyone came and went as they pleased. Heather’s place, which had become as much Gregg’s over the past months, was more like a sanctuary in Laura’s mind – a place where the two people she idolized could have their privacy.

And if it weren’t for the seriousness of what she wanted to discuss with him – alone – she never would have gone to so much trouble to track him down. The whole group was meeting this evening to discuss the upcoming trip to Tunisia, and she, Charli, and Emily had decided to amend some of his plans. If it weren’t for the fact that this was a group decision, she never would dream of disagreeing with any of Gregg’s plans, but this time, she had responsibilities to other people.

Poking her head inside, she called out his name, but not loudly in case he was sleeping. “Gregg?”

There was no response. Closing the door behind her, she tried again. “Master?” She knew how much it irked Gregg that she still called him that, but it was the one thing about which she would ignore his protests, not matter how fervent. She could no more deny him that status over her than she could deny the love she had for him. He’d grown to accept it as her way of showing love and devotion, and as long as it was not a public term of affection, he’d turn the other cheek…at least until he found some way to break her of it.

Laura rarely came here. Most of their meetings and even most of their play time was done either at Gregg’s apartment or at the sorority house. She tiptoed around the living room, simply basking in the smell and the feel of her Master and his Mistress (and yes, she thought of those words with capital “M”s). The kitchen garbage was near overflowing with boxes of take-out food. It made her smile how neither Gregg nor Heather could cook. Laura giggled, thinking that the two of them would somehow find a way to burn cold cereal! The only time they ate home-cooked meals was when their upstairs neighbor, Rivkah, cooked for them and brought them down tupperwares. And even though Rivkah was now technically eating for two, she cooked like she was feeding five…which, in a way, she was considering that Gregg and Heather were the beneficiaries of almost every meal she cooked – at least when Rivkah was in town.

Rivkah and E’dan were now entering their fourth month of pregnancy, and both were doing as much traveling as they could now while it was still easy to do. They sent pictures often. E’dan was still incredibly handsome, with a body-builder’s physique and a thick head of hair – black peppered with grey. For a man approaching 50, he was still one of the most desirable men she knew. His wife, Rivkah, also gave lie to the notion that things went downhill after 30. Her body was as toned and as perfect as ever – and she even managed to make her small baby-bump look sexy. They’d sent pictures from the beaches of Tel Aviv and with his bronzed skin cris-crossed with scars and her long black braid resting between her now even larger breasts (another of the miracles of pregnancy!). The two could have been posing for the cover of a fitness magazine. Even though they still had about five months to go, the coming of their son had given them positive outlooks on life that made it easier to put their mutual pasts as Mossad agents behind them. Laura was so happy to have them in her life, even if only because of their close relationship with Heather, and by extension, Gregg.

A groan coming from behind the closed bedroom door pulled Laura out from her reverie. She pressed her ear to the door and gently tapped with the back of one finger. “Gregg? Are you awake?” she whispered loudly.

Hearing no response, she opened the door as quietly as she could, just in case he was in fact asleep. The sight that greeted her took her breath away. It wasn’t Gregg in the bed. It was Heather. And she was naked.

Not only was the beautiful redhead naked, but her body was glistening with perspiration and one hand was furiously finger-fucking into her juicy pussy while the other pulled and pinched a nipple capping her large, firm breast. Laura stared in amazement. She’d seen Heather naked numerous times, but the sight of this model of perfection was simply stunning – and this was no small compliment coming from the president of the Omega Xi sorority.

Either Heather didn’t hear her enter or didn’t care. Her fingers continued to thrust in and out of her pussy, making squishing sounds as her body reacted with copious amounts of fluids. A wet pink tongue licked drying lips and Laura imagined herself perched over Heather’s face, that very tongue licking her own clit.

The fantasy was so exciting that Laura’s hand unconsciously unzipped her jeans so she could stuff her hand into her panties. Leaning against the door frame she lost herself in the pleasures of her own imaginations: Heather’s tongue pleasuring her pussy, Gregg’s cock stretching her lips wide, a flood of cum filling her mouth…

A large hand grabbed her shoulder and she screamed in shock and fear, her mind ripping free from her fantasy to confront the real world. “Ahh!”

“Shh, it’s okay.” Normally, Gregg’s reassurances would have settled her mind, but the fact that he was standing directly in front of her, naked, completely blew her mind. His cock stood straight out from his crotch and instinctively she grabbed it with loving hands, as if holding onto a railing for support while she tried to get her heart to stop beating a mile a minute. She forced her eyes up from his groin, and trailed them up over his torso. He, like Heather, was glowing with perspiration, even though the room was actually quite chilly. Every inch of him was beautiful in her eyes which continued their journey upward to her face.

“AHH NO!!!” she suddenly screamed when she saw his eyes. They were pure white, not even the trace of iris nor pupil was present. He grunted in pain when she reflexively squeezed the cock in his hands.

“Ouch! Quit it!” He looked at himself through her eyes and realized sheepishly why she’d panicked. “I’s okay…I’m fine…We were…uh…just playing…in my mind. I forgot my eyes do that when I’m looking inward…I…ha…I never thought of it that way!”

Laura was so relieved, and a little freaked out. Still clutching his cock like a lifeline, she collapsed into his arms, letting his scent fill her nostrils. Her Master was okay. As his arms enfolded her, he realized she was shaking so he tried to soothe her like a baby.

“Shh…it’s okay. We’re both fine.”

Heather, still lying on the bed with her eyes shut, mumbled as if still half-asleep. “Invite her in Gregg. She’s here anyway, she may as well enjoy.” Her hands had ceased the furious fingerfucking and were now just simply roaming over her body, delighting her skin where she delicately touched herself.

“In? In where?” Laura asked, looking up at Gregg, but then quickly looking away, unable to meet his blank gaze.

“Inside my mind. We were just uh…having a little fun at the beach…”

Laura blushed, more embarrassed that she’d interrupted their fun…even if she didn’t quite understand what he was talking about. Gregg could feel the worry in Laura’s mind, but also the acceptance. All that mattered to his Slave was that everything was alright, even if she couldn’t wrap her head around what was happening. She snuggled closer against Gregg’s chest, sighing in contentment. Gregg could only return the hug, both touched by her affection, but also worried at the power he had over her. He knew he had to be absolutely careful with what he told and suggested to Laura, since she would obey his slightest whim without question.

“Take off your clothes,” he commanded. She quickly disengaged from him, eagerly obeying. While she peeled off her garments, Gregg walked around to the other side of the bed, gently pulling Heather away from the center, making room for Laura. Walking back around, he guided Laura onto her back beside Heather. Confused, but absolutely trusting she waited for whatever was to happen next. Heather, eyes still closed, reached out and held her hand while Gregg placed his hand over her eyes. But rather than making everything dark, everything turned white…

* * *

Natalie shivered violently, kneeling naked on the floorboard of the car.

“This is hardly dignified!” she thought angrily as she sucked slowly up and down on the hard, but small cock before her.

It’s impossible to un-learn something, but it’s what she wished she could do: to unlearn all that she now knew about Gregg, and Heather, and that whole crew and in return be free of her bondage to Adam – her new master.

They were sitting outside in her car, the winter wind howling around them. The car was shut off, so there was no heat. It was bitterly cold inside, but Adam didn’t seem to be affected. He wanted her to suck him slowly, to keep him on edge. His eyes were closed and she knew he was watching something through his limited powers. Being that they were parked right outside Heather’s apartment, she had a pretty good idea what was keeping him excited…besides her lips and tongue.

Heather’s upstairs neighbors appeared to be out of town, so it was only a matter of time before Heather’s apartment was empty long enough for them to sneak in and steal Gregg’s dream journal. Natalie hoped that was soon – she was losing feeling in her feet.

Shivering, her teeth accidently scraped too hard on Adam’s cock. He angrily grabbed her hair and yanked back harshly. “Watch it! You stupid cunt.”

Fear coursed through Natalie. Unlike Gregg who seemed to have several women under his control, Adam could only control her. He was very upfront about it, at least now that she was his. But even with those limited powers, he could be extremely brutal. “I…I’m sorry! It’s just..I…I’m so cold…”

“Then find a way to warm up. Rub your pussy or something.”

He pulled her head back to his cock and she sucked it all the way down. Her hand reached between her legs and as she rubbed, she did indeed begin to feel warmer…completely humiliated, but warmer. She couldn’t tell if it was his doing, or if her growing excitement was her own…and she knew he wouldn’t tell her.

“Looks like you’ll be here for a while longer, slut. Your friend Laura just showed up and joined their little party…Damn…gotta give the old professor props for creativity…”

As Natalie’s fingers stroked faster in her cunt, her body warmed further. The only upside to this hopeless situation was that at least the windows were completely fogged over so no one could see what she’d been reduced to.

* * *

Later that afternoon, Gregg climbed the steps to his apartment with Laura a step behind. She still seemed overwhelmed by her experience back at Heather’s…or actually, her experience inside Gregg’s mind – to be more accurate. With the limitless possibilities of his imagination, Heather and he gave Laura an adventure she wouldn’t soon forget.

In his mind, Laura became a cheerleader who was walking through a local cemetery at night. Vampire versions of Gregg and Heather dressed in revealing tight leather chased her (The inspiration came from the series of Buffy the Vampire DVDs Charli was having them watch…). When they finally cornered her, eyes blazing and fangs protruding, they showed her that vampires don’t want to suck blood, they just want to fuck.

It was the most intense experience of her life. It was incredibly real and while in the fantasy, she was completely unaware of her true self. She experienced real fear and panic, and the rush that came with it. Aand even though hours seemed to pass as they fucked her in truly acrobatic positions (some even while flying!) only about a half-hour passed in the real world. Her knees still went weak with the memory, and if it were possible, she now viewed her Master with a whole new level of awe.

In hindsight, Gregg thought maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to invite her into his mind. She already worshiped the ground he walked on, and this wouldn’t do anything to help break her of that. As nice as it was to have a devoted slave, he really just wanted her to be the same strong, independent woman around him that she was with everyone else.

Now they were heading over to Gregg’s, needing time to prepare for this planning meeting. There were several logistic decisions to sort out before flying abroad and he wanted the group’s input. Laura had assured him that Brittany was already there, tidying up. That bit of information made him roll his eyes, but again, he didn’t say anything. Brittany was once the president of Omega Xi, the most elite and most powerful sorority on campus, the position currently held by Laura. Once she was the ruthless, tyrannical bitch-queen of campus, but now she was merely Laura, Emily, and Charli’s little plaything. She had been so thoroughly defeated and humiliated that this was the only role she felt she could fill. If Charli hadn’t taken her in, in the substantially reduced capacity, she wasn’t sure if she’d still be alive today. She paid the bills by working occasional evenings for Mistress Michelle as a subservient toy for her bondage shows. The only upside to that (besides the new thrill she got from the public spankings) was that Michelle allowed her to wear a mask on stage – one very similar in design to the one Charli used to wear in her alternate persona of “Mistress Cheryl.”

Gregg worried about the girl, even though there was no love lost between them. In truth, he’d rather she’d just disappeared, never to darken his doorway again. Maybe Charli had forgiven her, if her current state of slavery could be called forgiveness…but Gregg just didn’t want to be reminded of that dark time in Charli’s life. He cared for her deeply, and would rather Charli not have this reminder of the meek push-over she’d once been. But Brittany came crawling back, to Charli, at least. And Charli and the girls made the decision to take her in…under certain conditions, ones she seemed to readily agree to. And being their collective slave was condition number one.

Laura’s cell phone rang as she climbed the last stair. She took a peek at the caller ID and said, “Uh, I need to take this. I’ll meet you inside.”

Gregg shrugged and walked down the hall. To his surprise, he heard singing coming from behind his door. Curiosity piqued, he stretched out a mental command to Brittany not to notice his entrance, and he opened the door. Maybe deep down inside he was hoping to catch her breaking some rules, so the girls would be forced to set her loose. He certainly didn’t expect to see what he saw when he opened the door.

The apartment was cleaner than he ever remembered seeing it, every surface polished…even the bit of fake hardwood floor at the entrance gleamed. Holding a thin can of furniture polish to her mouth like a microphone, Brittany was singing some pop tune Gregg didn’t recognize, bouncing and dancing while singing as if she were on stage. She wasn’t allowed to use any of the electronics in the apartment, so she was singing acapella. Gregg listened in closer to her mind while she remained blissfully unaware of his presence.

Inside her head, she was indeed on stage – in front of a stadium full of adoring fans. He could hear the electronic synth-pop music and even the harmonies of the backup singers as she gave the performance of her lifetime.

Gregg was somewhat taken aback. This was a side of Brittany Anderson he’d never seen – happy, playful even. Somewhere, deep inside, she had held onto these dreams, tucked away as she pursued riches and power through more nefarious means. Gregg never knew the girl actually had any real skills or talent. She had a delightful, almost child-like voice and sang very well, at least as far as Gregg’s untrained ear could tell. She could also dance. And watching her dance was something that Gregg was finding exciting, against his better judgment.

She was only wearing a cropped t-shirt and thong panties while she pranced around. And while only about five feet tall, her proportions suggested super-model status, especially her long legs and firm breasts which were slightly large for her frame. Moreover, as he watched her perform, he found her to be incredibly cute – not a word he ever thought he’d associate with the conniving backstabber she once was. When she sang the chorus which involved lots of “La las”, her nose crinkled up in a way that threatened to permanently melt the icy feelings he had for her. He was confused about how he was feeling…probably because for the first time since they first interacted, he was seeing Brittany not as a villain, nor an object…but as a human being.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Gregg knew that Laura’s phone conversation was over and she was approaching. It was time to end his little bit of voyeurism. “Ahem.”

Brittany screamed in surprise, accidently hitting the spray button on the can of polish, giving herself a spritz of the lemon-scented chemicals. When she managed to wipe the horrid taste off her tongue, she looked back at Gregg and Laura, turning inhuman shades of red, and wishing she could crawl into a little ball and hide.

Laura had missed most of the show, but quickly assessed the situation. She put on an air of authority, setting aside her awe of Gregg for the moment. She would never consciously let Brittany see her swooning over anyone. Marching around the apartment, Laura ran her finger over surfaces, checking for dust while Brittany watched meekly.

“This is excellent work, Slave,” Laura said approvingly which elicited a huge smile from Brittany, even as she kept her eyes cast down. “Put your cleaning supplies away and stand in the corner.”

Brittany quickly hopped to obey, stowing her supplies under the kitchen sink. She then ran to the corner where Gregg’s filled bookcase met the window and stood perfectly still, eyes lowered. Gregg couldn’t help but admire the way her asscheeks dimpled when she ran.

It took an effort to pull his eyes from the half-naked petite bombshell statue, his mind racing with thoughts about this new view of Brittany.

“That was Christine,” Laura interrupted his thoughts.

“Oh,” he said nervously, remembering Laura’s phone call. “What did she want?” He remembered their last encounter and how quickly it had gotten out of control. It seemed that even just mentioning her name was enough to set him on edge – fear or sexual excitement, he couldn’t say.

“Strange…she sounded out of breath, like she’d just run a marathon. But all she wanted was for me to recommend this hair stylist she recently visited to some of my sorority sisters…weird.” Laura didn’t add that Christine also insisted that Heather not know anything about the stylist’s identity. She wasn’t really worried about telling Gregg what she had so far, because nothing could make Heather give up the stylist she was currently using…women were particular about their hair stylists that way.

“Oh,” he replied, somewhat relieved and surprised by the mundane request. “Well, that’s okay, I guess. It’s probably a good sign that she’s doing some of these day-to-day tasks we take for granted…”

An hour later, everyone else who was invited to the meeting arrived – Heather, Charli, Chad, and Emily; and so did the pizzas he’d ordered. Brittany was shocked when she was not only told to change into clothing more appropriate for public – shorts and a t-shirt – but was invited by Charli to sit at the table and eat with everyone else.

To Brittany, it seemed less like a business meeting and more like a weekend get-together. Of course, this was the first time she’d ever watched them all work together on something other than inflicting revenge on her. She sat to Charli’s right and kept her eyes down most of the time, not feeling very comfortable meeting anyone’s gaze.

At one point Charli leaned over and whispered to her, “You need to pay attention.” There must have been something in Brittany’s confused look at this command because Charli then redirected her gaze to Laura and Laura gave an uncharacteristic embarrassed blush, shaking her head. Charli sighed, somewhat frustrated.

Not knowing what she was supposed to be paying attention to, Brittany watching Gregg. It was difficult to accept Gregg as the one in charge, since in her mind, Charli was the one who dominated her. But in this particular social sphere, it was clear that Gregg held the reins. Having once been his student, she already knew he was handsome. Having been integral to her downfall, she also knew how well endowed he was. Just thinking of that first hour-long marathon fuck-session when she thought to seduce and blackmail him still sent shivers up her spine.

All around the table, everyone seemed to genuinely respect him, usually deferring to him to make command decisions, but freely arguing against him when they felt they had a point to make. It wasn’t a leadership style Brittany would have used…but then again, look where THAT got her.

And then something odd occurred to her. Every person in this room had been either intimate with or at least intimate near everyone else. This group shared a physical, intellectual, and emotional bond that was completely foreign to her. It felt safe. It felt true. With a sudden and unexpected emotional jolt, she realized she felt jealous, sad even.

Charli must have sensed the change in her body language, because Brittany suddenly felt a reassuring hand squeeze her thigh, accompanied by a brief, but warm smile.

“Okay, I think we’re all in agreement on the basic game plan,” said Gregg, apparently satisfied with whatever they had been talking about. “I appreciate all your input. I think from here, I can just work with Heather, Chad, and Laura on the details of what they need to do in Tunis. When we land we’ll – ”

“Uh, Gregg?”

“Yes, Chad?”

Chad looked at his boss/friend a little apprehensively. “Um…I’m not going.”

“What do you mean? You’re by right-hand man. You know the computer side of this deal better than me and I need you to be on hand to answer questions. Besides, you were also with me on the dig, and that experience may prove useful.”

“Well, that’s just it. You know that dig better than anybody…I mean, you discovered it after all…and Heather was there to, so she can serve in that role. I think you should take Charli instead of me. She wrote most of the code for the software. She knows it inside and out – what it can and can’t do – and could better field any questions that might come up. Besides, I think the review team would rather look at Charli than at me.”

Gregg found himself unable to argue with Chad’s logic. He made sense. “Charli? What do you think of this?”

She must have been genuinely surprised at Chad’s offer and blushed at his praise of her beauty. Even though she’d fully embraced the new her, the stunning, strong, beautiful her, deep inside there were still remnants of her former self…the mousy little girl who had a huge crush on the athletic and charming assistant to Gregg. The two had been joined at the hip since their relationship solidified, but she still gushed when he complimented her. “Uh…yeah. I…I guess.”

Gregg knew it would take a little time for the truth to settle in, what it would mean. But Gregg knew that Heather would help boost Charli’s confidence.

And as if his thoughts summoned her voice…

“Uh, Gregg?”

The apologetic look on her face meant bad news. “Whaaat?” he asked apprehensively…she just batted her eyes sadly and innocently. “Oh, not you too!”

“Look, you don’t really need me. There’s nothing I bring to this table other than a certain charm.” She emphasized the word “charm” by trailing a line with her finger across the tops of her breasts. Heather could be impossibly seductive when she wanted to and everyone around the table shifted in their seats. “You know the business deal as well as I do anyway. Besides,” she said somewhat cryptically, “I know you can be very persuasive when you want to be.”

Gregg couldn’t respond to that since there were some at the table who didn’t know about his powers.

She quickly continued. “Besides, I’m sure with you leading the team, and Charli backing you up on the technical side, you’ll do fine. Laura will keep you all on schedule and organized – ”

A low moan from the opposite end of the table cut her off. Laura was looking very nervous and actually holding her stomach like she was about to vomit.

“Laura? Are you okay?” Gregg asked worriedly. “You…shit, are you kidding me!”

“I’m sorry Mas- uh, er…Gregg. It’s what I originally came by this afternoon to talk to you about…before uh…we…” She looked over at Charli and then at Emily for help, but they only looked back at her encouragingly.

“Okay, wait. One thing at a time,” Gregg said exasperatedly. “Heather, if you’re not planning on coming with me to Tunisia, who do you recommend? We’ve already got the tickets.” If he were truly honest with himself, he’d admit that more than anything, he just didn’t want to be away from Heather for that long.

Heather shrugged and simply said, “Emily.”

Emily froze in place, a slice of pizza hanging halfway out of her mouth, her eyes wide in shock. It was never even a consideration in her mind that she’d get to go. She wasn’t Gregg’s student, and wasn’t really an official part of the team. She’d done very little to help other than be someone else who’d been to Tunisia. She gotten some inside info from her father who was a businessman there, but for the most part, she thought she was only part of this table as a friend.

“No offense to Emily, but why?”

“Well Gregg, you, Charli, and Laura can handle just about everything that needs to be handled businesswise. Emily could help a little, maybe through her father. But really, the girl hasn’t seen her dad in almost a year and without this trip isn’t likely to see him any time soon. I just think it would be a nice thing to do. Best of all, she doesn’t resume nursing school until after you all return, so she wouldn’t have to miss any class.”

Gregg was speechless. So, hoping he could find an argument he could quash, he turned to Laura. “And you? What’s your suggestion? I need someone to keep us all organized and on task. And now with Heather not going,..?”

Laura looked helplessly at Charli and Emily again, but they just looked at her all the more insistently. Contradicting Gregg’s wishes was among the most difficult tasks for her, but she knew she had to…the three of them had made a promise.

“Gregg…I…uh. sigh I think Brittany should go with you.”

The silence was broken when the glass Brittany was drinking out of crashed to the floor.

* * *

Natalie sighed in disgust. As revolting as the sexual acts and the humiliation Adam put her through were, the truth was, she felt revolted in herself. As quick as this nightmare began, it was over just as suddenly…well, this chapter at least.

As a pledge and now full member of Omega Xi, she’d done some pretty degrading things, but breaking and entering was never one of them. It was actually pathetically simple. While Laura was away, she used the house master key to sneak into the sorority President’s room and steal the key to Heather’s apartment that she kept. Once Gregg, Laura and finally Heather left the apartment for their meeting, Adam let her put some clothes back on so she could enter and steal Gregg’s dream journal. Adam didn’t want to go in, something about being afraid of leaving some psychic trace of himself.

He eagerly, but calmly waited while she ran to a copy shop, photocopied every page in the journal, and then she returned the journal to the nightstand where she found it. There was no trace that she’d ever been there.

Upon receiving the copies, he quickly perused them, and just as abruptly departed, right after she gave him whatever cash she had on hand. His last command (verbal command, that is) was that she make things right with her friends in Gregg’s little group. Natalie knew that to do so would not only be humiliating, but that they’d make her crawl over proverbial broken glass. But a command was a command and she had no choice but to obey. He needed her to be his eyes and ears.

And despite his physical absence, she could feel him in the back of her head, like some itchy thought disturbing her consciousness. Never again would she know privacy. Never again would she have a thought that was solely her own. Her very survival depended now upon Adam successfully obtaining the mystical power that Gregg controlled for himself.

* * *

Brittany didn’t know what happened. In fact, she was feeling kinda numb above the neck. While she scrambled to clean up the shards of glass and the mess she’d made, a loud, almost angry discussion began about who was going to Tunisia. The one time she’d tried to pipe in and offer her two cents (they were talking about HER going, after all), Charli quickly shushed her, making it clear that she had no say in this argument.

And now, almost an hour later, Gregg was leaning back warily in his chair, his head resting against Laura’s stomach who stood behind him giving him a tension-relieving shoulder rub. As defeated as he looked, Charli, Laura, and Heather all looked very pleased with themselves.

“I never had a chance, did I?” he asked, sounding very tired.

Heather walked over and perched herself on his knee. Kissing his cheek, she responded, “No…not really. But we’re proud of you for trying.”

The girls giggled at her placating tone. Brittany’s head was spinning because once again she wasn’t sure who really ran this group. How could a group function with at least four clear leaders? Moreover…

“So…you’re really taking me to Tunisia?” she mumbled in disbelief.

Everyone turned to her, and their intense gaze made her feel even smaller than the five-feet she really stood.

Heather stood and approached, putting her hands onto Brittany’s shoulders, meeting her worried gaze. “Yes, Brittany. You’re going.” This was an argument Heather lost, taking Gregg’s side, but ultimately losing. “You have a lot of catching up to do and very little time. We’ll meet tomorrow morning here to begin going over the paperwork. You’ll do fine.”

Brittany gasped. “How…how do you know?”

“Because….well, because you have to. You have no choice.” Heather realized it was hardly a pep talk, but she had no time to coddle the unfortunate girl.

Brittany’s heart sank into her stomach. She wasn’t ready for this kind of responsibility.

Heather turned and grabbed her purse. “Chad? You mind walking me home? I think Gregg and his new dream team need some time to themselves.”

“Sure Heather. You want to grab a beer? I could sure use one…” Heather nodded then turned to Gregg with a sly wink, “Gregg, don’t stay up too late…you’re got a busy day tomorrow.”

With Heather’s and Chad’s departure, the apartment was suddenly silent. No one talked for at least a minute…and a minute of dead silence is a loooong time.

It was Gregg who finally broke the tension. “I guess I should be the first to welcome you to the club,” he said a little warily. He’d never agreed with the girls keeping Brittany as a slave, but in the grand scheme of things it was relatively harmless, at least as far as he was concerned. He didn’t like it, but until now, Brittany was mostly out of sight, out of mind. But this trip was a big deal and he wasn’t entirely convinced that Brittany was up to the challenge. Maybe the old Brittany, the evil maniacal Brittany could pull this off…But this Brittany was a shell of her former self. She lacked all the confidence that made her former self so successful at what she did.

“A club, hmmm?” Laura said, a bit mischievously.

Her shoulder rub worked its way down toward his chest. Soon she was leaning fully over him, kissing his cheek and neck, nibbling on his earlobe while she reached forward and unbuckled his belt. He was too tired to protest…not that he had any intention of doing so.

Emily smiled, knowing where this was going. Gregg could feel how elated she was through their psychic bond. Taking her along was a terrible business decision, but given how happy she was that she’d get to see her family again, he couldn’t help but feel the decision to bring her was correct. She stood and knelt beside Gregg, helping Laura remove his shoes, then his pants. Brittany just stared in amazement, both at seeing again the size of the erection, but also at how quickly and easily this group reverted to sexual acts. How could she possibly work in this kind of environment?!

Her thoughts were interrupted as Charli stepped into her line of sight. The raven-haired beauty stood above her like a commanding Goddess, sexy and powerful. But the look on her face was anything but commanding. Instead, Charli merely held out a hand, waiting.

Brittany was so taken aback, she hardly knew how to react. Since her defeat and eventual subjugation, there were no requests, only orders. She was told what to do and she did it or else was punished. But now Charli simply held out her hand, waiting for Brittany to accept – accept both the challenge as well as the reward.

Peeking around Charli’s form, she spied Emily moving her mouth wetly up and down Gregg’s tremendous boner. Her own mouth watered at the prospect. An excited thrill shot through her in anticipation.

“Look at me Brittany,” Charli said softly, her eyes pleading, not commanding.

Brittany tore her gaze away from the hot scene behind her Mistress.

“You can do this. I know you can. Take my hand.”

Trembling, Brittany finally reached out and Charli’s hand closed around hers. She stood and Charli’s face broke out into a huge grin. Without another word, Charli pulled Brittany’s t-shirt over her head and pulled down her shorts, leaving her completely naked. Then she was positioned between Gregg’s spread legs. Emily released her oral lock on his giant member, and simply fisted it slowly, waiting for Brittany. From behind Gregg, Laura pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it aside.

With gentle reassurance, Charli had Brittany kneel and take Gregg’s cock in her hands. She stared at it in awe. Slowly, her head descended and her small mouth opened as wide as possible to take in its bloated head.

Gregg groaned in pleasure. Soon Emily’s tongue joined Brittany, working the left side of his shaft while the petite newcomer sucked intensely on the knob. Moments later, a third tongue – Laura’s – began working on the right side while her skilled fingers deftly played with his testicles. He groaned even louder and was abruptly cut off by lips pressing against his and a tongue entering his mouth. The curtain of black hair obscuring his vision made it obvious who had just joined in the fun. Despite their closeness, Charli and Gregg were rarely intimate. It was only on special occasions such as this that she broke away from the quasi-monogamy she had with Chad. “Quasi” because there were no limits to the number of women either could enjoy. Both Charli and Gregg had little doubt that Heather and Chad would probably enjoy a little alone time after their beers…if they even made it to the bar. So strong was Heather’s love for Gregg and vice versa that there was not a hint of jealousy.

Rather than employing any of his powers to prolong his stamina, he simply gave in to the incredible pleasures four women could simultaneously provide. In seeming record time, he felt his nuts tense up. Charli refused to relinquish her lip lock with him so he couldn’t give any warning, but moments later, a massive surge of hot thick cum blasted into Brittany’s mouth. Repeatedly she was forced to swallow lest it overflow from her mouth.

Finally, the torture ended and all five sat back, catching their collective breath. Gregg and Brittany locked eyes. “Welcome to the club indeed…”

Not knowing how to react, she merely licked her lips clean of his tasty jism and smiled uncertainly.

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