The Harem Episode 7 “Some Nudity Required” By KMB

So here it is coming at you with all the subtlety of a Randy Johnson fastball or a Goldust WWF promo it’s another installment of “The Harem.” If you haven’t been paying attention to what in fact this series is all about, I really don’t have much to say to you except I weep for future generations that don’t have their fingers on the pulse of pornography. Continue reading

The Harem Episode 8 “Secrets and Lies” By KMB

Happy Memorial Day to one and all and what better way to celebrate this holiday than by pausing from the beach trips and barbecues to read some celebrity on celebrity smut. Sorry that this took much longer than I intended, but don’t blame me. Rather, blame the State of Connecticut vs. Michael Skakel for taking up too much of my time by being the trial of the century, at least for this week and at least for Connecticut residents such as myself. Continue reading

The Harem Episode 9 “Like Frogs Oblivious” By KMB

So here it is…you’ve waited long and hard and shown remarkable patience in not calling for my head because I ended up missing my original target release date by about three weeks. I suffered through a real crisis of confidence in the middle of all of this, but it just turned out I was really, really hot. Stupid heat waves. But that’s not important. What’s important is that we now have The Harem Episode 9. Continue reading

The Harem Episode 11 “The Good Stuff” By KMB

There are several reasons why I am better than Santa and the biggest one is that I really don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice. With that in mind, here is my Xmas present to you all, both good and bad, The Harem: Episode 6. Stuff your stockings with this, boys and girls. Wait…I said that last year, didn’t I? Oh well the message remains the same so why bother changing it? Continue reading