Daze In The Valley by Jay Cantrell – Chapter 159

Daze in the Valley
by Jay Cantrell

Chapter 159

Adam decided he liked Santa Lucida Junior College.

On Monday morning, Allie called her professor to see if she could take her final exam Tuesday with the morning class. The woman agreed without even asking why.

That meant they could leave four hours earlier on Tuesday – and probably arrive in Las Vegas about the same time as everyone else.

Darla Winchell showed up for work right on time. She greeted Adam with a spontaneous hug when he walked over to the trailer to see how things were going.

“I don’t get those!” Veronica said. “Geez, if this keeps up I’m going to have do something to make sure he still views me solely as a sex object.”

Reanna could only laugh. This group was so relaxed. They put an immense amount of trust in their employees, particularly Veronica. At first, Reanna was a bit miffed when she figured out the pecking order. Veronica was clearly in charge – at least as far as Adam was concerned. Every question was directed toward Veronica.

He was never rude to Reanna and, in fact, he was very friendly to her – and not in the creepy way some of her former employers had been. But he deferred to Veronica on all professional matters.

It took an explanation from Sarah before Reanna understood that it would take some time for Adam to get to know Reanna. He still equated Tara Twain (Reanna’s professional name) with Elite and he associated Elite with Sven Swenson. The only way for Reanna to change that perception was to perform her duties and show Adam she wasn’t to be equated with that group.

“He does know why I quit, right?” Reanna asked.

Sarah was surprisingly blunt in her answer.

“He does,” she said. “And the reason you quit is the only reason we would ever consider hiring you. In the next year, you’re going to see hundreds of agents hitting the unemployment line. I can say with no hesitation that none of them will land here. You showed that you are willing to stand up for what’s right. But it took you a lot of time to find the backbone to do it. That is what Adam finds objectionable – and, to an extent, so do I. But because of the relationship I had with you, we’re willing to give you a chance. The same is true with the relationship Allie had with Jackie. But a chance is all it is.”

Reanna nodded and the picture clarified in her mind. She was being brought in as a cog in the machine. She wasn’t going to run the agency and she wasn’t even going to have much authority until she earned it. Veronica had earned the group’s trust by doing things the way they expected them to be done.

“That is different than what I expected,” Reanna admitted.

“Perhaps I wasn’t clear and for that I apologize,” Sarah said. “If you don’t wish to work here, we’ll miss you. I think you’ll fit in well here and I think you’ll be a great asset for Five Friends. But only if you’re happy and comfortable.”

“I am happy and comfortable,” Reanna said. “It probably works best if Veronica is in charge. I’m not much of a leader.”

“Veronica is not in charge,” Sarah stated. “Yes, we’ve worked with her for the past few months and she has our trust and our friendship. But there are no decisions she can make that you can’t. And there are no decisions either of you can make that we can’t overrule. So far, we haven’t had to overrule anything Veronica has put together. The same is true with you. But you two earn the same wage and you have the same responsibilities. We expect you each to work without supervision – the same as we will expect from Jackie and eventually Darla, I believe.”

“Who does Darla work for?” Reanna asked.

“Me,” Sarah answered firmly and without a second’s hesitation. “She will handle calls and take messages for you and Veronica. But she works for me.”


Darla was somewhat surprised to learn she would work a day and a half and get paid for a full week. She had expected Five Friends to call her and let her know that her job had evaporated because of the quarantine. But Sarah Lewis was there when Darla arrived, ready for her to fill out her W4 forms and to get her information for the health benefits that would begin in 30 days.

The trailer they were using was a little small. Veronica and Reanna were stationed in the two small bedrooms, using prepaid cell phones to make their calls. Darla’s post was in the dining area, where she found herself sitting as Sarah explained the duties.

“It’s more than just answering the phone and taking messages,” Sarah said. “We have 18 performers we’re trying to reschedule scenes for. If you spot a conflict, do not hesitate to point it out. I know it is standard in some agencies to double-book their big performers and then send a replacement. We do not do that – ever. If you see Betsy Hamilton is booked for a shoot on Thursday and hear Veronica or Reanna trying to schedule her somewhere else the same day, point it out.

“As you learn this side of the business, your duties will increase. At some point I’m almost positive we will approach you to take the agent’s test so you’ll qualify for a promotion. We will pay for the study guide and the testing fee – regardless of whether you pass. If you’re not interested, that’s fine. But the opportunity will present itself because, frankly, if you can handle the call volume as a receptionist you can handle being an agent here. We’re pretty low-key but we have pretty high expectations.”

“I hope I don’t let you down,” Darla said.

“You won’t,” Sarah said with a smile. “Your personality is exactly like Adam described it. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully here and I hope you’re always happy to work with us. Now, do you have any questions?”

She didn’t – because the job was pretty well self-explanatory. The only real issue was the transferring of calls. It required a physical transfer of the cell phone which led to bit of confusion. It had only happened a couple of times because Reanna and Veronica were almost always on another call when someone asked to speak to them.

The rest of the job was gravy – and it paid damned well and let her spend time with her daughter.


By 11 a.m. Tuesday, everyone was ready to head to Las Vegas – but only Allie and Adam were actually preparing to leave. The others would wait until 2 p.m. to depart.

Adam wondered how long it would be before Allie regretted her decision to join him. The engine was loud and the stereo consisted solely of an AM radio. Allie simply shrugged, bounced out of the cab and came back a few minutes later with an MP3 player and speakers.

“God forbid I have no choice but to talk to you for several hours,” she giggled. By the time Adam put the truck into gear, Allie had stripped down to a bikini top and short shorts. She spread out a beach towel across the bench seat and propped a pillow up against the locked door.

She spread out across the seat, kicked off her sandals and put her cute little feet on Adam’s thigh. Then she looked up at Adam with a look that asked, “Aren’t I just adorable?”

He would have had to answer that question with a yes.

The trip was thoroughly enjoyable. Adam was surprised that Allie had left her usual musical tastes behind. She preferred pop and hip-hop. Adam did not. He liked classic country and western music and jazz – the things his mother and father had listened to.

The MP3 player had a mixture and even some songs both knew. That led to one of the most off-key sing-a-longs in musical history. Allie’s voice was terrible and Adam’s was probably worse. Allie chuckled and sang louder when a Carly Piper song hit the speakers. She knew them all, it seemed.

By the time they hit the highway; Allie shucked off her shorts and her bikini top and sat in only a black thong.

“Totally unfair,” Adam said. “How am I supposed to watch the road when you’re dressed like that?”

Allie responded by removing her thong and sitting beside him completely nude. The cab was too high for anyone to see inside and her pillow covered most of the side window – not that she would have cared.

“Better?” she asked.

She sat that way until they stopped for gas. Then she tied her bikini top back on and pulled her shorts on without panties. Adam walked in to pay for gas and buy some snacks while Allie went to the restroom.

She came up to him in line – which comprised about a half dozen truckers who were filling up before heading through the mountains.

“Hey, Mister,” she said, tugging on Adam’s sleeve. “My name is Ashley. You going to Vegas?”

Adam almost laughed at her. She was chewing gum and smacking it loudly – something she wasn’t doing when she left the truck.

“Sure am,” he said. “Need a lift?”

“You mind?” she wondered, smiling that he was playing her silly game.

“Got any money?” he wondered.

“Can we work out a trade?” she asked loudly. Every guy in the place had started to drool when she walked in the door. Her bikini top had been tightened so only her nipples were covered. The bottom of her cute butt hung out below the legs of the shorts. Now the truckers were waiting for the answer. If he said no, they were sure to offer.

“Probably,” Adam said. “We’ll talk about it.”

“Thanks, Mister,” she said, grasping his arm tightly. “Buy me some peanuts?”

She held up a package and Adam looked down at her.

“We’ll have to add $1.19 to your tab I guess,” he said. “Why don’t you get some water, too? You’ll need it if we can’t come to terms.”

“Sure, Mister,” she said. She sashayed back to the cooler and came back with two of the biggest bottles of water she could find.

“I’m worth it, I promise,” she said. “You will not regret the ride over — either of them.”

Allie practically skipped toward the truck. She made sure that everyone was looking when she untied her bikini top and climbed in.

She laughed for the next five miles.

“What would you have done if I told you I didn’t pick up hitchhikers?” Adam asked, smiling over at her nude form.

“Blown you in the store,” she said. “You should have gone with that. I’d have grabbed your hand and dragged you back to the bathroom. You’d have given me a ride after I was through with you. Speaking of which, I think I need to pay for my transportation. Will you be able to concentrate if I go down on you?”

“Probably not,” Adam admitted. The road through the mountain was curvy and the load he was carrying was heavy.

“I’ll wait then,” Allie said. “I’ll just sit over here and play with myself. You concentrate on the road.”

“Allie!” Adam said. He looked over and she was laughing at him.

“I’m kidding,” she said. “I’ll even get dressed if you want me to.”

He laughed with her.

“Well, no need to go to extremes,” he said. “Besides, you’re just as sexy in clothes as you are out of them.”

By the time the rest of the group caught up to them, Allie had fulfilled both of her threats – one of them twice. She had unzipped Adam’s fly and buried her head in his lap. Then she sat back and masturbated to orgasm – at which point Adam was hard again so she swooped down for Round Two.

The caravan of their friends caught up to them a few miles from Las Vegas. Allie slipped across Adam and flashed her breasts at the cars as they zoomed past. It didn’t have the shock value she had hoped for.

Adam’s car was in the lead and featured Katya’s bare butt in the front window and Anya’s in the back. Sarah was driving and laughing.

The Subarctic SUV, driven by Walt, had Mary’s panty-clad moon in the front window and Tyanna’s boobs hanging out the back. Timm was sitting beside Tyanna holding on to her legs so she didn’t fly away.

Rebecca followed and Allie and Adam saw Karlie and Trinity with their butts hanging out. It pulled in front of the rollback and Adam saw Erin had her impressive knockers pushed up against the rear glass.

Leslie, not to be outdone, was standing naked almost completely out the rear window of Rachelle’s car. Sean probably had the best job in the world because he had his arms wrapped tightly around her thighs and his cheek nestled against her butt as he held on to keep her from falling out.

The next two cars, carrying Meredith, Elena and Celina and Cameron, Jason and Beth, were a little more sedate. Elena lifted her shirt as they past but she still wore her bra. Cameron’s car was too small for Beth to do much from the backseat so Jason just gave a shrug and a thumbs up at Allie’s nudity.

Adam did a double take when Veronica and Shelly slowed down as they passed. Both girls were completely nude. A naked Veronica in the driver’s seat surprised him.

The last car held Katey, Lucy and, of course, Snuggles. Adam figured the show was over but Lucy surprised him. She had her butt out of the window when they pulled alongside, then she laughed, turned around and gave Allie and Adam a long boob flash. She collected Snuggles from Katey’s lap, smiled sweetly and they zoomed off.

“Total bullshit,” Allie groused. “Did you see Leslie? Jesus, she had everything outside the car but her fucking ankles. When I first glanced down I thought Sean was giving her a rimjob or something. Then I realized he was trying to keep the little skank from getting sucked away in the slipstream.”

Allie’s cell phone rang and she answered it.

“You’re bunch of sluts, you know that?” she asked with a laugh. “Me? I was just paying off my ride. I met this truck driver outside of Victorville. I had to blow him twice and finger my pussy for the ride. Then he told me to flash people passing us to pay off my water and peanuts. I had no choice. He would have put me out. I know he would have.”

She laughed at the response.

“Shelly says she’s riding back with you,” Allie said. “Oh, Veronica, too, I guess. Hey, someone else is calling. I’ll see you in a little while.”

She gave the same story to Rebecca. Rebecca’s SUV had Bluetooth capability so she was able to route the call through so everyone could listen.

“Who do I have to kill to ride back with him?” Trinity asked. “I already owe him a Naughty Nurse game. I’ll throw in a Horny Hitchhiker, too, if you pick me.”

By the time they pulled into the house Rebecca used to own, Allie had spoken to everyone and given the same rendition to all of them.

The rest of the group arrived a few minutes earlier and had already unloaded themselves from the cars by the time Adam drove in.

Allie jumped from the cab into Adam’s waiting arms and he carried her into the house as she giggled. Her laughter joined what was already rolling through the house.

“What did you expect me to do?” Veronica asked, as she redressed in a T-shirt. “Have you ever tried to get dressed while you’re driving? It’s not possible. Getting undressed was hard enough.”

Allie gave Adam a kiss and slid to the floor.

“I am so disappointed in my friends,” she said with mock sincerity. “Only a few of you showed any class at all. What would people think of us if they saw us driving down the highway like that?”

“They’d think: ‘Damn, those are some hot bitches!’” Tyanna said, giving Leslie a high-five.

“Well, yeah, you’re right,” Allie said. “And they’d be correct. What are we doing tonight?”

“I’m not doing a damned thing,” Adam declared, plopping down in a chair. “I wrestled that beast for the last five hours and I’m tired.”

“Is the truck out of alignment or something?” Walt asked.

“Truck?” Adam asked. “I’m talking about Allie. I didn’t even notice the truck.”

“You jerk,” Allie said, sticking her tongue out at him.

Katya came to sit on the arm.

“Hey, Mister,” she said. “Friend and I need ride to L.A. Pay in blowjobs. Can you take?”

“You just knock that off!” Shelly said. “We’re going to have to have a lottery to see who rides back with him.”

“Fuck that, I’m going to take my CDL test while I’m here,” Cameron said. “If this is the norm, I’ll become a long-haul truck driver.”

“I was kicking myself in the ass for not studying hard enough to take the test yesterday,” Timm added. “But, ladies, I will have it by the next time we need to transport something.”

“Perverts,” Shelly said from across the room. “Poor Allie gets exploited and you make light of it. Personally, I am appalled that someone wouldn’t offer this innocent girl a ride here out of the goodness of their heart without requiring sexual favors for it.”

“Strong words coming from you,” Veronica chimed in. “You offered sexual favors if I let you drive for a while. By the way, I fully expect you to pay off.”

“Shh!” Shelly said with a laugh. “You’re ruining my rant.”

“Let’s just chill tonight,” Jason suggested. “I’m sure Adam is tired and I know Walt has some stuff to do in the morning he’ll need our help with. I think we should just hang out here.”

“Cool,” Leslie said, whipping her top over her head. “Oh, this isn’t what you meant by ‘hanging out’? My bad.”

Everyone noted she made no move to put her shirt back on.

“So, no ride to L.A.?” Katya asked, feigning innocence.

“I’ll find you a ride back, Sugar,” Adam said.

“We will pay a finder’s fee,” Anya offered.

“You two,” Rebecca said, shaking her head.

“We joke,” Katya said. She worried she had taken things too far in an attempt to be funny. She didn’t always understand some of the things that made the others laugh.

“What?” Adam asked. “You can’t make an offer like that and renege. I’ll … I’ll sue!”

He winked at Katya and nudged her thigh to show everyone understood she was being humorous and no one was irked.

“Well, if Leslie’s boobs are out, mine are too,” Veronica said. “Hope nobody minds.”

“Mind?” Walt asked. “Hell, we encourage it. Ladies, feel free.”

“I vote all Subarctic Properties be declared ‘clothing option zones, ‘” Sean chimed in.

“For the women,” Jason added.

“Of course,” Sean said. “This is still a male chauvinist world.”

It wasn’t long before almost all the girls were topless. For some reason, Rebecca, Elena and Katey kept their tops on. Adam supposed that was what “optional” meant.

Mary moved over to stand in front of Adam before unfastening her bra. She dropped it in his lap and leaned forward, pushing her boobs in his face and shaking them.

“That was for what Trinity did to Walt a few days ago,” she said when she stood up. Adam wore a stunned expression on his face. He had been caught completely off guard.

“Wow!” he said when he could find his voice. “Trinity, do that to Walt again when you get the chance.”

“Oh, I will,” Trinity giggled. “If for no other reason than to see that stupid look on your face. You know, Mary, you could have just done that to me.”

“You’d suck on them,” Shelly said.

“So?” Trinity asked. “They look pretty suckable, if you ask me.”

Mary blushed at the praise – and at the look on Adam’s face. He was still running his fingers over the warm lacy cups of her bra on his lap. Adam never seemed to get used to seeing all the naked flesh – and he always seemed to appreciate hers. She decided to slip her shorts to the floor too.

“Yes!” Leslie said. Soon her shorts had joined Mary’s. Of course, Mary still had panties on – a very pretty lace pair cut high on the sides to accentuate her butt. Leslie did not. She wore nothing but sandals on her feet and a hair band on her head.

“I didn’t want to be first again,” she said. “But I really don’t like wearing clothes unless I have to.”

“No?” Beth asked with feigned incredulity. “You seem so demure and proper.”

“That’s me,” Lucy said. She still wore a bra and shorts. “But I’m sure that’ll change the more I’m around Leslie.”

“Aw, shucks,” Leslie answered. “I’ve never actually corrupted anyone before. Sounds like fun.”

“The three of us with clothing on are going to run out to get some food,” Rebecca said. It suddenly made sense to Adam.

“Nothing we have to cook,” Adam suggested. “Do you want me to come with you?”

“Always,” Rebecca said with a smile. “But why don’t you relax. We’ll pick up some takeout and be back in an hour or so.”

“Need money?” he asked.

“Always,” Rebecca answered again. “But I have enough on me to afford food. Ask me again later though.”

She winked and left with Elena and Katey.


As soon as she left, Walt, Sean, Rachelle and Mary appeared in front of Adam’s chair. He thought it was magic. One second Rebecca was there and the next two topless woman and his two best friends were there.

“We need to talk,” Sean said seriously. It was in stark contrast to the levity that filled the room.

“About?” Adam asked. He wondered if he had royally fucked something up. “Not here,” Rachelle said. “Come into the kitchen with us. Celina, Sarah and Shelly are already there filling Allie in.”

“Uh-oh,” Adam’s mind screamed.

“Nothing bad,” Mary said. She saw the look that crossed Adam’s face. “We just need your input before we mention an idea to the whole group.”

Allie, Shelly and Sarah were nude from the waist up like Mary while Celina still had on a bra as did Rachelle. Celina’s was a lavender silk piece while Rachelle wore her typical lacy demi-cup.

“OK, now that we’re here, we want to talk about something that came up after you left this morning,” Sean said. “It has been suggested that we permit a party at this residence while we’re here.”

Adam immediately looked toward Celina. He knew a party meant underage drinking and that mean increased liability for the property owners.

“Normally, I would say it is a hugely bad idea,” she answered his unspoken question. “Yes, the liability level increases exponentially when you allow illegal activity and then expands further when you permit it while you are present.”

Adam’s look told the others that was all he needed to hear to be against it.

“But,” Celina continued, “I think this group, with some guidelines, will not present issues.”

“Guidelines?” Allie asked. “What do you propose – a drink limit?”

“For starters, that isn’t a bad idea,” Celina said. “But I don’t propose anything. I think those who hold a stake in Subarctic have put together something that will work just fine.”

Sarah offered the explanation and the rules that the others had thought up. The group hated to come off like hard asses but they had never been around most of the others when they were drinking – and alcohol has been known to make 20 years olds do stupid things without considering the possible consequences.

“Look, Adam, we’ve all partied together before,” Shelly said. “Hell, last summer we had a freaking keg in the bathtub of the upstairs apartment.”

“When we had absolutely nothing to lose,” Adam pointed out. “Now if say, and this is just a name at random, Jason, got drunk, fell down the stairs and broke his neck. We’d be responsible for his care for the rest of his life and his family would pretty well own everything we do now.”

“Well, outside of the family suing you, if that happened while he was carrying a box for Lucy the other day, you’d be in the same situation,” Celina pointed out. “If it happened under any circumstances, I’m certain you would already see to his lifelong care. That’s why I don’t think there is much liability attached here.

“Sure, there is criminal liability and, if I thought any of these people were going to place you in jeopardy, I would advise against it as your attorney. But if you do permit a party, I’ll be there. That is how sure I am of our friends – speaking strictly as Celina.”

“What do the rest of you think?” Adam asked.

“I think it’s fine,” Mary said. “Rebecca, Erin, Karlie and Trinity think it’s OK. We’ve already approached Cameron, Erin and Meredith. None of them drink. We asked Veronica’s opinion because she’s in AA. So long as they agree to the rules – and understand the consequences if they don’t – I’m not against having a party. God knows we deserve one.”

The others who had already talked about things nodded in agreement.

“But if you or Allie don’t think it’s a good idea, it’s not going to happen,” Sean said. “We agreed that, with something like this, if any of us are opposed it’s a no-go.”

“Allie?” Adam asked.

She shrugged.

“I don’t think it will hurt anything,” she said after thinking for a moment. “If we had anyone here we didn’t know and trust, I’d say ‘no’ in a heartbeat. But so long as everyone knows it’s available but not mandatory and they understand the rest, I think it’s fine.”

“OK,” Adam said.

“OK?” Walt wondered. “Does that mean you’re OK with Allie’s comments or you’re OK with the party?”

“Both,” Adam said. “I agree with Allie. But I’m not keen on my role in things. I understand why it’s necessary but I don’t much care for it.”

“We knew you wouldn’t,” Sean said simply. “That’s why we asked you to do it.”

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