Daze In The Valley by Jay Cantrell – Chapter 160

Daze in the Valley
by Jay Cantrell

Chapter 160

The group emerged from the kitchen. The joking had quieted down some and almost everyone looked at them when they entered the main area.

Sean nodded toward Timm and he slipped out the door with Cameron. A second nod brought Veronica over to stand with them. Erin and Meredith got the hint and walked that way, too.

“OK, we’ve decided that, subject to a few regulations, we’re going to make alcoholic beverages available during the first couple of days of our stay here,” Sean announced.

“Really?” Jason said, speaking up first. “Dude, I know this is a silly question, given that Celina is there with you. But do you know the sort of shit that could land you in?”

“We do,” Walt said. “More importantly, we ask each of you to understand the sort of shit it could land us in. So here are the rules.”

Mary stepped forward.

“Veronica will be around shortly to take your keys,” she said. “This is not optional. I don’t care if they are just your house keys or the keys to the first car you ever owned and it’s been in a junkyard for five years. If you have a key on your person, in your purse or in your luggage, get it and give it to Veronica. She is the Keeper of the Keys because she doesn’t drink.”

Adam saw no one had a problem with this. People were fishing out their key rings or going to get them before she finished speaking.

“OK, Number Two: No one leaves the property for any reason,” Mary announced. “I think you understand why so I won’t belabor the point. Suffice it to say if you leave the property tonight after consuming alcohol there is no need for you to return.

“Number Three: No one will be compelled to join the party. There will be a few drinking games, I’m sure, but no one will be urged, asked or coerced into drinking. We have several people in our group who do not drink. If you do not drink or simply do not feel like drinking today, no one will try to get you to and no one will think less of you.”

The group nodded their agreement. Adam didn’t think either would be an issue. He wasn’t sure about Lucy, Beth and Elena but he knew the others had partaken of alcoholic beverages in the past.

It was Walt’s turn to speak. He had been appointed to be the bad parent – the one who got to spell out the harshest rules.

“Cameron, Erin, Meredith and Veronica do not drink,” he said. “For Cameron, it is a medical condition. For the others it is a personal choice. Adam drinks little and he has agreed to drink even less this evening. The reason we asked him to do this is for one reason. These are our bouncers. If you drink and become an idiot – that means you become belligerent, destructive, suicidal or just a plain pain in the ass – one of these five people, or maybe all of them depending on how big a pain in the ass you’re being, will put you down and they will put you down hard enough for you to know it.

“They have several issues with this but it was something we asked of them as a requirement for allowing this. First off, we are all friends. So if you feel the need to drink enough to force one of your friends into doing something he or she doesn’t want to do, I can’t stop you. However, the ones of us who actually have our names on the deed to this place felt it was a necessary step for legal reasons and because we haven’t been around most of you when alcohol is involved. Does anyone have questions?”

Leslie raised her hand and smiled.

“Uh, when you say Adam and Cameron might put me down, you don’t mean that in a fun way, do you?” she asked with a laugh. Then she turned to face the rest of the group. “Look, these guys have proven to be the best friends I’ve ever had. I don’t think there is a soul in this room who could disagree with that. So I’ll just add something. I think it’s really cool they’re willing to throw a party for us. And if someone does something stupid to fuck it, I’ll sneak in your room while you’re passed out and show you my displeasure. I’m pretty sure I can convince 10 or 12 others to join me. So use your fucking heads and don’t be a moron. OK?”

Veronica moved to the front of the group as Leslie was offering her admonitions.

“That is good advice, Leslie,” she said before pausing for a moment. “I am an alcoholic. Walt didn’t give you the reason I don’t drink anymore. But that is it. I’m not opposed to alcohol and I’m not going to try to convert anyone into becoming a teetotaler. I’ll just say this. I’m an alcoholic because when I was your age – 18, 19 or 20 – I didn’t learn the difference between a relaxing party and a hard party.

“Even in a situation like this, I would drink until I passed out or threw up or put myself in a dangerous situation. In fact, it was in Las Vegas when I realized that I couldn’t drink even a little any longer. I realized it when I woke up on my birthday with no memory of how I got to Las Vegas let alone what I’d done once I got here. But that is about me then and this is about you now.

“This is a party to relax and let off some steam. It is a party so these guys can show you their appreciation for everything you do. Timm and I are in the same boat legally as they are because we purchased the alcohol. If you haven’t been around alcohol and don’t know your limits, tonight isn’t really the time to learn them. If you do know your limits, tonight isn’t the time to test them. That’s all I wanted to say.”

Cameron and Timm had been carrying in a few cases of beer and some wine coolers as the group talked. Adam could see immediately that there was enough for everyone to have a good time but not nearly enough for someone to get loaded – unless he or she decided to pound them down one after the other.

Rebecca and the catering crew of Elena and Katey came in with the last load. Each had some finger foods and bags of chips and other snacks.

“Efficient,” Adam said as he moved to help unburden them. The other guys fell in step to help him.

“I called ahead when we decided this might happen,” she said. He realized he didn’t even know if Rebecca drank. He could picture her drinking a fine glass of wine with dinner. “I filled everyone in on what’s happening and the rules. Did you add any to what Mary had in mind?”

“I don’t think so,” Adam related. “Don’t do stupid shit, give up your keys, stay on the property and no one will be bullied?”

“That’s about it,” Rebecca said. “Well, it looks like everyone is acting like the beer has cyanide in it. Might as well get things started.”

She hooked Walt’s arm on the way past him and headed to where Timm was filling tubs with ice, beer and wine coolers. Sure enough, the rest of the group was waiting for someone else to make the first move.

Rebecca handed a beer to Walt and then grabbed one for herself.

She opened the top and touched the bottle to Walt’s still unopened drink.

“Here’s to you, here’s to me, may we never disagree,” she said. “But if we do … fuck you. Here’s to me.”

She took a long pull of the beer then smiled.

“Party’s on,” she said loudly.


“This isn’t much different than the ‘Cotton Panty Chronicle’s’ shoot,” Veronica remarked.

“Except no one’s heading upstairs to fuck,” Adam pointed out.

“Yet,” Veronica laughed. “They’ll be some sticky sheets in the morning, you can bet.”

“Gee, thanks,” Adam commented. “You know, it’ll probably be me who gets the cum-stained sheet duty. Wednesday is my day for laundry with Rachelle.”

“You’re breaking my heart,” Veronica joked. “I swear to you; I’m about in tears. It’s what you get for owning a freaking bordello. Can you imagine how much money Subarctic would make if they opened this place back up?”

“Not interested,” Adam said flatly.

“Nah, I guess not,” Veronica said. “But you might consider taking over Reno like you’re taking over Porn Valley. You guys could control all the smut West of the Mississippi.”

“You’re killing me,” Adam said.

“But you’ll die with a smile on your face,” she replied. “Admit it, you think I’m hilarious.”

“A laugh riot,” Adam said, nudging her with his hip.

Veronica stood about 5-foot-5 with a multitude of curves. If Sarah wasn’t in the room, Veronica would be in the running with Erin and Meredith in any Best Body Contest. Veronica wasn’t as toned as those two but she was coming close – courtesy of working out in the mornings with the other women three times a week.

“I’m going over to play some poker with the guys,” she announced. “Gee, I hope it’s not strip poker. I’m at a disadvantage.”

She wore only a pair of panties, like most of the other women. Rachelle and Sarah, both of whom Adam was certain weren’t wearing panties, kept their shorts on. Leslie and Tyanna were both completely nude. Celina and Elena were wearing all their underwear. Celina’s silk panties matched her bra. Elena was going for comfort more than speed. She had on a pair of cotton briefs and a white cotton bra. She still looked cute and didn’t seem embarrassed.

Lucy was a surprise. She had no trouble letting her breasts free. Snuggles found himself in his dog carrier but she went up every couple of hours to let him out to pee or poop in the yard. The site of her wearing only a pair of very small panties and a rubber glove while carrying a plastic bag gave him a chuckle.

The people Adam had pegged as drinkers – Leslie, Timm and Jason, mostly because their Southern heritage matched Adam’s – really weren’t doing much imbibing. Leslie was still on her first wine cooler. Timm and Jason had only a couple of beers each spread out of an hour and a half.

Katya and Anya seemed to know their way around alcohol. Both had consumed three wine coolers but showed no ill effects. Rebecca was drinking beer – from the bottle – and lots of it. He figured she would be the first to fall (if anyone fell at all).

Tyanna also seemed to be doing her fair share on the beer. The wine coolers really weren’t the hit Adam had expected. In his limited party experience (which mirrored Sean and Walt’s) the women drank wine coolers and the men drank beer.

Not these women. Mary, Rachelle, Shelly and Leslie had wine coolers. The rest had beer except for Allie who was drinking bottled water. She had explained that alcohol turned her into a raging bitch sometimes and she’d had too good a day to risk it.

There were people dancing and a poker game had broken out in the kitchen. Meredith and Erin were taking turns using other people’s CDs and MP3 players to provide the music.

No one was drinking heavily so Adam didn’t feel bad about grabbing a second beer. Beth and Elena intercepted him as he tossed the cap into the garbage.

“Dance with us,” Elena said. “All the other guys are playing cards.”

She and Beth each took his hand and dragged him to an open space where Tyanna, Leslie and Shelly were gyrating nearby.

Elena was from a small town in Wyoming. Beth was from just up the coast from Los Angeles. But their method of dancing was exactly the same. Adam found himself in the middle of a sandwich with Elena’s body pressed against his front and Beth’s against his back. Somehow they stayed in rhythm with each other.

“No fair, you hooked the only guy who’s not scared of us,” Tyanna joked over the music. “The others ran off to the kitchen as soon as the music started. I think Walt was afraid Trinity had another dance in store for him.”

Adam laughed as Beth and Elena switched places. The music wasn’t as loud as in a club or even at the shoot 10 days earlier. Everyone was able to talk without screaming.

“We could practice our lap dancing on Adam,” Beth said. “That would get the others out in a hurry. We could have a rule: No bump and grind in a chair unless they bump and grind on the dance floor first.”

“Adam’s a waste anyway,” Leslie said. “Allie blew him twice on the way over.”

“He sure had something poking me in the belly,” Elena laughed.

“You should have been taller,” Beth retorted. “It’s getting me low enough to do some good.”

“You made him blush!” Shelly teased.

Sure enough, Adam’s face was red and he couldn’t help but get an erection when two scantily clad girls were rubbing their torsos on him.

Elena had lost her bra when she came back around for the next pass. She lifted Adam’s shirt and pressed her bare tits against him while rubbing her pussy on his thigh.

“You go, girl,” Shelly said. She disappeared for a moment then returned with a kitchen chair. Adam wondered if he might get another lap dance. But instead Shelly plopped the chair beside them and stood on it to tug his shirt over his head. Adam was pretty well trapped between Elena and Beth so he could protest verbally but do little else about it.

“Hush or your pants are next,” Shelly whispered as she kissed his cheek. “Let them have some fun.”

Adam shot her a look but she was already off the chair and returning it to the kitchen. It wasn’t 30 seconds later when she returned with Cameron in tow. Leslie and Tyanna descended on him like vultures and soon he was getting the same treatment – down to having his shirt pulled over his head by a chair-aided Shelly.

“He was just standing around in there,” Shelly said. “That will teach him to look busier.”

She spotted another target – Meredith – and pulled her out to the floor. There was no doubt from one look at Meredith that she was all woman. But she got to play the role of the male as Shelly did a solo act. It wasn’t solo for long because Trinity came out to join her.

The trios continued for a couple of more songs, with the motions becoming more and more suggestive, before Elena pulled Adam down and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks for dancing with us,” she said. “But I need a drink and a break. Do you need anything?”

Adam pointed out the fresh beer he had picked up just before being dragged to dance and Beth and Elena headed to the beer tub. Adam started to find a chair but a hand clamped on his wrist.

“You’re not done yet,” Celina said. “Let me show you a little Latina locomotion.”

Celina was a better dancer than either Beth or Elena – or maybe she just had more rhythm. Her movements were more fluid and almost sultry. She spent most of the first song with her back to Adam, rubbing her scantily covered butt against him.

When she spun to face him, he saw she had lowered the straps on her bra and the tops of her dark nipples were showing at the top of the cups. She traced a finger down Adam’s chest and then hooked it in his shorts to pull him closer to her. When their bodies made contact, she threw a leg around his waist and bent backward.

Adam had no choice but to hold her up by placing his arm around her waist for support. When she stood upright again, her breasts were completely free from their restraints. She gave Adam a smoky gaze and raised the straps back to her shoulders, covering them again as she backed away slightly and shook her finger at him in mock reproach.

As soon as her digit stopped wagging, she pressed against him again. She kept her cheek in contact with his body as she shimmied downward until her face was even with his cock. Her eyes met his again and she licked her lips suggestively before coming upward again. This time her hand traced up his calf to his thigh and came to rest on his erection.

“You’re lucky your girlfriends are here to keep you safe,” she whispered in a husky voice. Adam wondered if it would make any difference to Celina if his girlfriends were around or not. He noticed Shelly and Trinity had completely stopped undulating around Meredith and all three women were simply staring at him and Celina.

Celina had taken Adam’s hands and was using her own hands on top of them to trace them across her back and her ass while she ground her pussy against his thigh. Adam was in a quandary. He couldn’t flinch or pull away because it would hurt Celina’s feelings. But he also didn’t want Trinity or Shelly to get the impression he as an active participant – which he would like to be. He had always thought Celina was attractive but he had no idea how sexy she could be.

If he knew no one’s feelings would be hurt he probably be very interested in fondling Celina’s naughty bits at that moment in time. When the song ended, Celina pulled her hands away from Adam’s and threw them around his neck for a hug. His hands, seemingly of their own volition, stayed on the globes of her butt. At least until he realized where they were. Then he moved them up to her back.

“That was fun,” Celina said, kissing his cheek. “But you need a break. You’re sweating like crazy.”

Adam didn’t mention that it wasn’t because of exertion. He simply smiled and nodded then grabbed his beer and took a long drink. Then he found a chair and sat.

“Damn, that was hot!” Trinity said. “I thought she was just going to dance you to the closest flat surface and mount you.”

“Like he would have minded,” Shelly said with a laugh. “Good God, I thought the button on his shorts was going to go flying his dick is so hard. Need me to take the edge off, Baby?”

She wiggled her eyebrows but she grabbed Trinity and they went over to torment Erin before he could reply – which might have been a resounding “yes.”

Adam had just taken another drink of his beer when Rebecca sat on the arm of the chair. She gave him a wink and tipped her beer at him. He could see her eyes were glassy and her face even a little flushed.

“I got myself off watching you two,” she said matter-of-factly. Then she put her fingers under Adam’s nose as if he needed verification.

Adam just turned his head and stared.

“Sorry, I get horny when I drink,” she said. “So, thought any more about her offer?”

Adam gave a half shrug. It probably wasn’t the best time for him to be considering it.

“It’s not like with the others,” he said. He didn’t know why he picked a drunken Rebecca to talk to this about but she was here and he was ready to talk. “I mean, you know with Leslie and Anya and Katya, it’s not real. It’s like I’m acting again. It can’t be that way with her. It will be a real date with a real woman. It won’t be Derrick Driller with Cassie Charms or something. It will be me, Adam Walters, with her.”

“We understand that,” Rebecca said. “And we accept it.”

“But I don’t get to spend enough time alone with people I love to do that with someone I just like,” Adam protested.

“You will, though,” Rebecca offered. “We actually brought up that point, too. Over the next weeks, months and years, you will have ample opportunity to spend a lot of time alone with all of us. But that isn’t what this is about with Celina.”

Suddenly Adam wondered if Rebecca was really as drunk as she seemed. She sounded exactly she always did. She was rational and reasonable. Her voice wasn’t even slightly slurred as it had been when she informed Adam of her self-pleasure.

“I know it’s not,” Adam said. “It’s bigger than just a date and sex.”

“Not sex,” Rebecca said. “She can have sex with anyone, probably.”

“It’s not love,” Adam replied quickly.

“No,” Rebecca agreed. “It’s about faith. She has no faith in men because of what they did to her years ago. She can’t let herself dream about love until she has that hope restored. She believes it is you who can do that. I happen to agree.”

“Jesus, no pressure there,” Adam said.

“Aren’t you interested in why I agree?” Rebecca asked, ignoring his remark. She was going to tell him anyway. “It’s because you’ve done it before, seven times now and counting. All of us who love you felt that way in some fashion. Now we know that a decent man is worth getting to know. A good man is worth sharing your body. A great man is worth giving your heart and soul to.

“Celina recognized you were a decent man so she has gotten to know you. She has figured out that you’re a good man and she wants to share her body with you so she can find a great man – like you but not you – to share her life with. But she is so scared by the choices she made when she was young. I’m not trying to help you decide. I’m just telling you what I see.

“I was never raped or brutalized. But I have been exploited and taken advantage of. The reason I was so reluctant to take a chance on happiness is because all I could remember about love and sex was the feeling of disgust. What Celina went through was a thousand times worse but she is ready to put it behind her and start living the rest of her life. If you say no, she’ll find someone else. Maybe it will be a good choice but if it is another bad choice, it will be the last chance she takes.”

“Damn,” Adam said.

“It won’t be that bad,” Rebecca said, smiling despite what she just told him. “It will just be another tormented soul you need to offer comfort to from time to time.”


Adam got dragged out to the dance floor again – this time by Katya before he spotted Celina talking with Veronica.

“Lose your panties and have to pay a fee to get them back?” he asked Veronica. She still had her underwear on, although they had dipped a little bit so the top of her butt crack was showing.

“You wish,” Veronica said. “I cleaned up but it wasn’t strip poker. But I am $12 ahead.”

“You might want to wait a few days before talking investments with Celina,” Adam said with a wink.

“Bite me,” Veronica rejoined. She jumped when Adam bent over and playfully nipped her shoulder.

“No sense of humor,” he said to Celina. “Want to dance again?”

“Sure,” Celina replied instantly. She had almost cum in her panties the last time. If the song had been 10 seconds longer she would have left a wet trail on Adam’s thigh. She had drunk another wine cooler and probably wouldn’t wait as long to start this time running his hands across her body.

She started out the same way as she did the last dance, by turning her back to Adam and grinding against him. But this time he put his hands on her hips without prompting. She felt them shift down her hips and run across her outer thighs before sliding up her body to her sides. She wished he would keep going north, to cup her breasts and lean down and kiss her neck. But he stopped at her midriff.

She felt her bra straps slip down her shoulders so she turned around to display her breasts to Adam. The problem with guiding him to a dark area was that he really couldn’t see her nipples like she wanted him to do. So she slipped her hands upward and opened the front clasp to make sure he got a good view.

She knew he had seen what she wanted him to see when his eyes went wide for a moment. Then his hands circled her waist, down to her ass.

She gasped when he pulled her close. The feeling of her nipples against his lower chest was indescribable. Her breath caught again when Adam’s fingers slid beneath the edges of her panties and traced their way along her curves.

She wanted him to put them between her legs and help her cum. She was close and she knew it was going to be huge. She couldn’t remember a time when she was this turned on. Suddenly a fear caught in her mind. What if Adam thought she was disgusting for climaxing while they were dancing?

None of the others had gotten off just from rubbing against him.

Adam saw Celina’s desire. It was written in her expression. But he also saw the doubt when it hit her.

He pulled her tighter to him and lowered his head to her ear.

“I want to make you cum, Celina,” he said. “Is that OK?”

“God, yes,” Celina muttered. “I’m so close. I need it, Adam.”

“I’ll help you if you want,” he said, kissing her softly on her neck.

“Oh, I want,” she said.

“You have to promise me something first,” he said.

“Anything,” Celina said breathily. She felt his finger nudging toward her pussy.

“Go out with me tomorrow night?” he asked. “We’ll go to dinner and do the touristy thing while everyone else is at a show. Then we’ll see where we go from there.”

“Yes,” she said. “I’d love that, Adam.”

She didn’t have to ask him to slip his finger inside of her. Even from their awkward positions, he slipped it into gently. Then she felt another finger softly rubbing her clit.

She threw her head back and turned his face to hers. She wanted to be kissing him. She didn’t care if it violated some unwritten rule. This was the first time she had ever cum with another person and she wanted to be kissing when she went over.

Adam didn’t protest.

He continued to kiss her even after her orgasm subsided. He stopped rubbing her clit when it became too sensitive but he kept his finger in her wet pussy and his mouth locked to hers until she was ready to pull back. She looked up at him with a blank but happy expression when she stepped back.

“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt,” she said. “I had no idea it could be like that. God, I cannot wait for tomorrow night!”

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