Daze In The Valley by Jay Cantrell – Chapter 161

Daze in the Valley
by Jay Cantrell

Chapter 161

If Adam expected recriminations from finger-fucking another woman, he was dead wrong. His girlfriends treated him like royalty.

Rebecca slipped up beside Adam only moments after Celina left to find a bed. Rebecca lifted Adam’s finger and gave it a lick, then popped her own finger in his mouth. She was clearly much drunker than she’d been a couple of hours earlier.

“Twice I got off from watching my guy with another girl,” she said. “Am I a kinky bitch or what? Damn, she tastes good. Maybe we should offer her a spot in the basement.”

“Or not,” Adam said.

“Spoil all my fun,” Rebecca said. “Well, not all of it. Come with me.”

She took Adam by the hand and led him through a corridor and into a small room.

“It’s for peeping,” she said. “These are all over the house.”

“I don’t want to peep at anyone,” Adam said.

“Me either,” Rebecca said. “I want to sit on your cock for a minute though.”

There was a bench in the room (so the perverts could jerk off in comfort, Adam supposed). Rebecca unbuttoned his shorts and pushed him to a seated position. Then she pulled her panties to the side and straddled him. She was so aroused and wet it took almost no effort for Adam’s dick to slip inside her and almost no time for her to get off.

Despite Adam’s arousal, he didn’t manage to get off and Rebecca didn’t seem capable of continuing. In fact, she put her head on his shoulder, whispered that she loved him – and fell asleep. Adam’s chuckling woke her up seconds later.

“I need to pee and go to bed,” she announced. Then she stood, opened the door and left Adam sitting there with his dick out and soaking wet. He looked around thinking there might be a paper towel dispenser or something but there was nothing. He pulled his shorts back up and followed Rebecca out the door.

Sarah stumbled into him as he was leaving the bathroom after washing his hands (and his pecker) off. He had lost sight of Sarah once the party started. She was working the poker tables – and apparently drinking a bit.

She stopped in front of him and looked up at him.

“You’re a damned good man, Adam Walters,” she slurred. “I don’t let you know how much I love you as often as I should. But I do, you know. I love you like fucking crazy.”

Adam kissed the tip of Sarah’s nose.

“I love you, too,” he said. “And I think you are a wonderful, talented woman.”

“Save your smooth talk for someone who doesn’t want you in her panties,” she said. “If you can find someone like that. Now, give me a kiss, let me pee and then remind me where the bedroom is in this fucking mansion.”

He complied with all three orders and tucked in Sarah beside a slumbering Rebecca. Sarah snuggled up against the other occupant and drifted off to sleep. Allie and Trinity were making their way up the stairs as Adam left the room.

Neither had been drinking much but both had been dancing for hours.

“Care to join us in a shower and then bed?” Allie asked.

“It looks like people are starting to drop so I better go back downstairs,” Adam answered reluctantly.

The look of disappointment on his face was enough for Trinity. She could see that if he’d had a real choice about it, it would be shower and bed with her and Allie. But he was right. There were people who were going to have to be carried to bed – namely Karlie, Katey, Lucy and Tyanna.

“Go,” she said.

“I’d rather stay,” Adam answered. “But I’ll settle for a kiss.”

He got two for his trouble and the women slipped off to clean up before going to sleep.

Karlie was almost head down on the table. She had been playing a drinking game with Lucy, Katey, Tyanna and Katya. Katya appeared to have won because she was still sitting upright in her chair.

Erin and Meredith were standing there shaking their heads.

“Do not get in a drinking contest with a Russian,” Erin advised.

“There is reason we have 50 percent alcoholism rate,” Katya said. Even her voice was the same. “We drink from birth. Build up tolerance, tear up liver.”

The guys were all in good shape, Adam saw. In fact, except for the four sleeping beauties, everyone left downstairs was OK.

“Where is everyone?” Adam asked.

“Bed,” Meredith said. “Walt and Mary went an hour or so ago. Sean and Rachelle a few minutes after. This is all that’s left.”

“Shelly and I can take Karlie up,” Erin said.

“Katey and Lucy are upstairs, too,” Timm said. “I’ll get one if you get the other. We can come back for Tyanna. I’m not sure where she is crashing.”

Adam helped Katey to her feet then lifted her into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and put her head on his shoulder.

Timm did the same for Lucy, with the same result.

Neither woman was wearing much so they didn’t need to change into sleepwear. Adam and Timm got the two tucked in and headed back downstairs shaking their heads.

Someone must have figured out where Tyanna was sleeping because she was gone when they got back to the kitchen.

“Think it’s OK to clean up in the morning?” Timm asked.

“Damn well better be,” Adam said. Katya laughed. She was still sitting at the table.

“Shelly said she show me to bed,” she said as Timm said good night. Adam sat down at the table but declined a drink. Shelly showed up a moment later.

“OK, you two come with me,” she said.

“Me?” Adam asked.

“You,” Shelly said. “You too, Katya.”

She led them to a first floor bedroom and ushered both inside.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about how my man treated a very special woman tonight,” Shelly said. “So, I asked Katya if she would help me give you a reward. She was all for it. It’s not for the web site but we’ll just call it practice.”

She pushed Adam back to a chair and it was only then that he realized two people were sleeping in the room.

“Who… ?” he asked.

“Anya and Tyanna,” she said. “They are both passed out. They wouldn’t care anyway. Now, Katya and I are going to suck every single drop of cum from your balls. You are going to sit back and enjoy every minute of it.”

She slipped his shorts down and Katya sucked his cock as deeply into her mouth as she could get.

“And Erin and Veronica are watching us and fingering each other,” Shelly whispered. “They are probably in the same place where you fucked Rebecca a little while ago. That turns me on. Look at Katya; she loves it when people watch her suck cock.”

“Mmmm!” Katya agreed. Shelly slipped down beside Katya and took her turn.

“Just get it toward the back and then swallow it,” Shelly advised, then demonstrated it. “Here, you try it.”

Katya tried and gagged, then back off and tried again. She made better progress but couldn’t get nearly as far as Shelly could.

“Do you taste that, Katya?” Shelly asked. “That’s Rebecca’s pussy all over his cock. There’s more at the base. If you want to taste it, you’ll have to work for it.”

Shelly slipped behind Katya and slid her hands into her panties.

“Such a sexy girl,” Shelly said. “Katya, do you think we can get him back up after he cums?”

Katya backed off Adam’s cock and nodded.

“I’m thinking we suck his cock and swallow his cum, just the two of us,” Shelly said. “Then I think we invite Erin and Veronica in and let him fuck us all while we use Anya and Tyanna’s asses as pillows. I bet Adam would love to lay us on the bed and plow our little pussies. I bet he’d love to dump a load of cum in Veronica after we slurp up what he gives us now.”

Katya’s motions had gotten more urgent and Adam could tell that Shelly was fingering the Russian.

“I’ll put a finger in your ass if you get half of it,” Shelly promised. Adam felt the head of his cock slip down Katya’s throat. It was her best effort so far. “Oh, that’s fucking amazing. I’ll give you two fingers in both your holes for that.”

Katya gulped when Shelly’s fingers entered her asshole and another half inch slipped down her throat. The faster Shelly fucked her, the more Katya took in her mouth. By the time Shelly brought her to orgasm, Katya’s nose was nestling in Adam’s pubic hair.

She let it slide out as she gasped out her orgasm and Shelly pulled her into a warm kiss before she could return to her work.

Katya wore a look of extreme satisfaction when she turned back to Adam.

“Now I fuck your ass if you no use hands,” she said to Shelly. “Do good and I lick ass for you.”

“Just fingers, I’m not clean,” Shelly replied, sliding her tongue around Adam’s head as she’d seen Katya do. She used both hands to pump his stalk while she traced a pattern around the tip.

“I not mind,” Katya said, running her hands across Shelly’s ass. “Do it before that way.”

Shelly lifted her head off Adam’s tool and glanced back at her partner.

“I mind,” Shelly said softly. “Never again will you do what you’ve done before for someone else’s pleasure. OK?”

Katya smiled and kissed Shelly’s lower back.

“OK,” she said with a nod. “Now suck cock or let me.”

Shelly blew her a kiss before turning back to her work at hand. This was different for Shelly. She was used to taking as much as she could and letting the sheer novelty work its magic. But she felt doing it this way somehow gave her more power. She was able to tease and torment Adam. She could taste his pre-cum and she could feel his cock pulse in her hands.

She liked it – and it was evident that Adam didn’t mind a little variety at all.

A thought hit Shelly and she smiled around the dick she held between her parted lips. She swirled her tongue around the tender tip and then bobbed down to take as much as she could. She felt Adam’s cock spasm and his balls tighten so she pulled off and resumed her teasing.

“Jesus God,” Adam muttered. He had spots in front of his eyes from the sensation that Shelly had produced.

“Ah, she take risk and win,” Katya said. Shelly stiffened and moaned as Katya’s finger slid into her anal passage. “Special treat for Shelly.”

Adam watched as Katya disappeared between Shelly’s thighs and started to tongue her pussy. Somehow she had managed to keep her finger lodged in Shelly’s ass. Shelly became focused on the sensations Katya was producing and completely ignored the hard-on in her hands.

“She is so good at that,” Shelly muttered. She put her head on Adam’s thigh and licked his nuts softly while Katya’s tongue danced around Shelly’s clit.

“She’s going to make me cum,” Shelly said. “Oh… , ohhh… , damn!”

Shelly’s wail was so loud Adam expected Anya – and maybe even Tyanna – to awaken, but neither so much as stirred. Katya continued to softly suck on Shelly’s distended clit until Shelly was almost shaking. Then she stopped, slid out from beneath Shelly and presented her oily lips to Adam for a kiss, straddling Shelly’s back.

When she felt her face was clean, she knelt beside Shelly and kissed her too.

“Amazing,” Shelly murmured.

“Adam should shoot if we want to fuck,” Katya said. “We do together: your mouth, my hands.”

Shelly wasn’t sure she could even lift her head but she managed, resting it between Katya’s breasts as the Russian fed Adam’s cock to her. One of Katya’s hands joined one of Adam’s in playing with Shelly’s long nipples. It brought Shelly near to orgasm again. She enjoyed the sheer debauchery of what she was doing. She just knew Erin and Veronica were licking each other. She could feel Katya’s soft breasts on her shoulders and Adam’s hard dick between her sucking lips. The fact that two people were sleeping nearby added to her lust.

If the other people she loved were nearby, it would have been Nirvana. She redoubled her efforts to coerce a load of cum from Adam by opening her throat and dipping her head forward until they met Katya’s hands.

“I’m there,” Adam warned. Shelly shifted back and let Katya jerk Adam off onto her waiting tongue. Warm semen filled her mouth. She didn’t want to swallow any because Katya deserved her share. She had never snowballed with Katya but she bet the Russian’s long tongue could get the juice even from her stomach.

Katya didn’t stop stroking until she was sure there was nothing left in Adam’s balls. Then she scrambled around to take what she had helped to earn. Shelly showed her open mouth to the two-way mirror that hid the viewing room and placed her mouth a few inches above Katya’s to let the cum roll out.

She missed a little and some went on Katya’s cheek but Shelly licked it up and deposited it with the rest. Katya motioned for Shelly to switch places and she repeated Shelly’s actions – with better aim. It was then that two more naked women opened the door and came in – Erin and Veronica.

“Fucking hot!” Veronica said. “That was so fucking good; I would have cum without Erin’s tongue in my box.”

“Share?” Katya asked, pointing to Shelly’s open mouth that held a mixture of saliva and semen now.

“I’ll take mine from the source,” Erin said. Veronica nodded her agreement. Adam wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do about Veronica. She was an employee and thus off limits to him and Shelly by all rational considerations.

But it was evident from her stroking Erin’s pussy that she wasn’t being coerced. Shelly shared half her prize with Katya and the women swallowed greedily.

“Next time, I want to eat it out of your pussy,” Shelly said.

Katya smiled and nodded her agreement. One of her favorite feelings was cum splashing inside her. Sadly, it was something very rare in Russian porn, which preferred its pop shots on girl’s face – particularly if the man was holding the top of her head so she couldn’t get away.

“God, let’s get him hard again,” Erin said. She turned to Veronica with an evil grin. “Dance for him. That would get a boner from a corpse.”

“I can’t wait to fuck on Anya and Tyanna,” Shelly said. Her eyes held an even more lustful look than her usual smolder. “That was what I wanted for ‘Fantasy Time.’ To do it in a cemetery or a morgue. Melanie said it would violate about a thousand laws – state, federal and local – so she said no. This will be just as good.”

“Shame it is Anya, not Lucy,” Katya giggled. The alcohol had taken longer to affect her but it was evident the increased blood flow had sped up the process in the past 15 minutes. She was now slightly unsteady on her feet. “We tell them in morning: Winners get fucked by stud on drunk losers.”

Veronica had not hesitated to start a dance routine. There was no music but it didn’t seem to matter. Unlike Sean, who she’d touched only a little, she had no compunction about rubbing her breasts across Adam’s lips or her hands against his rapidly growing cock.

“Ronni?” Adam whispered. He didn’t want to ruin anything by speaking but he had to be sure she was not going to be upset in the morning.

“I want this,” Veronica answered. She, like Adam, was sober. She knew his concerns and she wanted them gone. “I have for a while. Just for one night, I’ll be Kristi Clear again.”

“No,” Adam said. If he could be the guy Celina needed, he would be Adam Walters with Veronica, too. She meant as much to him as Celina did. “This isn’t acting. You didn’t like her and I want you to be you. That’s the person I adore – Veronica Davies. You are wonderful just as you are and I don’t ever want you to pretend to be anything you’re not.”

The surge of emotion caused Veronica to end her dancing. Adam was hard – because he found Veronica Davies desirable. A man who could bed almost any of the beautiful women in porn – and had bedded many of them – had just said the words she had longed to hear for 20 years and verified the truth with something he couldn’t control. Someone liked her as she was – imperfect, flawed but just her. She kissed Adam passionately. The conversation had been in whispers, so no one heard exactly what passed – but Erin suspected.

“And he loves me as much as anything in the world,” Erin said softly to herself.


Shelly and Katya appeared to be on a mission. They were arranging two bodies, sleeping the way only intoxicated people can, to where the four women could share the bed. They had no idea of what was going on behind them.

“Anya is nude,” Katya said. “Maybe Adam slip and give her some, too.”

“We could probably wake her,” Shelly said.

“Nyet,” Katya replied. “No. She do many shots of wine drink. She was first loser to Katya. Anya first, then Katey, next Lucy and Karlie, then Tyanna.”

“But I got to make love with you so I’m the winner!” Shelly said.

“I think I still win,” Katya replied. Like the rest, she was entranced by Shelly’s body. She had seen it from a distance but even during her trip to the basement, she had not been close enough to do more than touch. Katya was intrigued by the spongy lower lips that closed around Shelly’s pussy.

When she stuck her tongue inside, the lips closed around it. It was almost like Shelly was kissing her with her pussy lips. She would do her best to have more kisses from Shelly’s twat, she decided. She also decided she would try that technique with the rest of the group the first chance she got.

“I think they fuck without us,” Katya said. Adam and Veronica weren’t having sex – yet – but she was grinding her increasingly moist pussy against his hard-on as she continued to hold his face in her hands and kiss him.

Shelly started to say something but saw Erin shaking her head. Even in her addled state, Shelly understood the meaning even if she didn’t understand the reason. It was just as well, because Veronica stood up a moment later, eyes misty but smiling.

“I got him ready, ladies,” she said, stroking the first erection she was really interested in using in a few years. “Where do you want him?”

Shelly and Katya had planned this out, too. Shelly lay down with her head resting squarely on Tyanna’s ass and Katya laid across her. Shelly patted the bed beside her and Erin chuckled. When she lay down next to Shelly, Erin’s head was on Anya slightly bonier behind. Then Shelly crooked her finger at Veronica to lie astride Erin. The duos had their pussies almost aligned together, so Adam had his choice of holes.

No one was surprised when he picked Veronica first. They were surprised that he used his mouth as his opening weapon. He spent several minutes licking and tonguing both Veronica and Erin’s plump mounds. Once Veronica was squirming while she kissed Erin, Adam stood, placed the head of his cock at her opening and pushed gently.

“Oh, yeah,” Veronica moaned as her pussy, unused for several months, opened to accepted one of the biggest cocks she’d ever taken. But there was no discomfort or even pressure. Adam was so gentle and considerate that her passage opened without the trauma she remembered.

All the videos she had watched alone in her apartment didn’t prepare her for the feeling of having it slip into her body. She knew Adam would be as kind as possible but it had always hurt a little when she took a big one. Not this time. Part of it was how excited she was. Part of it was how much time Erin had spent opening her up.

But the rest was because she was with a guy who genuinely cared about her pleasure. Veronica continued to kiss Erin feverishly as Adam started moving back and forth. Erin was grunting because every stroke caused his balls to slap her clit. Veronica was groaning because of the incredible feelings passing through her body. The orgasm Erin had given her in the hidden room was a good one. The ones she had from the combination of Erin and Adam were astounding. Adam felt her box tighten around his cock and picked up his tempo slightly. The change was enough to push Veronica’s orgasm to the earth-shattering variety.

She was almost limp when Adam pulled out of her and inserted his rod into Erin. Erin had become accustomed to the large intruder. If she went a day or two without Adam, she would borrow Shelly’s monster dong for a few minutes. It served its purpose but it wasn’t the same.

Erin had come to love having Adam’s body rest atop hers. Before she met Adam, she wasn’t a fan of missionary style. She wasn’t really familiar with anything more than Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Erin, she would tell herself in moments of complete honesty.

Adam always took his time, particularly with Erin. Allie had been known to climb aboard for a 30-second ride if she was really horny. Trinity was becoming the Queen of the Quickie. Shelly had once plopped her ass on the vanity while Adam shaved and basically used his cock for masturbation.

He never rushed Erin because he didn’t ever feel the need to rush her. Something about the emotional attachment she felt with everyone had given her a hair-trigger. It sure hadn’t been the case before she met them.

Now it was Veronica atop Erin, nuzzling her neck in a way so very different from Adam. Erin’s hands found Veronica’s rounded globes instead of Adam’s muscular chest. But the sensation in her twat was the same one she had come to adore. Veronica was still cooing because Adam’s pubic bone was making rhythmic contact with her clit. Erin was getting a dual jolt. Adam’s cock sawing in her pussy and Veronica’s cunt pushing downward so every inch of Adam’s cock was sliding across Erin’s button.

As she, too, came after only a couple minutes, she decided it was not the last time she would try this position.

She felt a sense of loss when Adam was no longer inside of her – as she always did. Still, she was heartened to know he would be back soon, probably once he reduced Shelly and Katya to babbling wrecks. He always tried to make sure everyone got off as many times as they could. Even if it wasn’t tonight, she knew he would kiss her goodnight and then good morning. She sighed and enjoyed the warm feeling in her heart that mirrored the one in her loins.

Adam took a step to his left to where Shelly and Katya lay entwined. He could tell by Shelly’s movements that she was extremely excited. Of course, that really wasn’t a news flash. But the decadence of what was happening was having an aphrodisiac-like effect on her. Even her tight lips couldn’t contain the pussy drool that was leaking down to her ass and onto the bed.

Naturally he slid his cock into Katya first. Katya’s cunt had seen a lot of large object in the months before she came to the United States. Some of them had been patently disgusting. She was also amazingly wet – probably because of Shelly’s efforts. Still, she let out a whoosh of air when he filled her.

She even broke her kiss with Shelly long enough to turn her head toward him.

“Tonight, we fuck,” she said. “I need hard tonight. Next time, sweet. Tonight, hard and fast.”

There was more lecherousness on Katya’s face than he had ever seen before. Like Shelly, the surroundings magnified her desire into something that burned with carnal lust.

Still, there was no way he was going to make her uncomfortable for 48 hours because of a few minutes of pleasure. He set a rapid pace with shallow strokes and she seemed pleased.

“Pussy happy again,” she grunted. “Fuck pussy like you own pussy.”

Adam almost broke out laughing. Instead, he stuck two fingers in his mouth and inserted them in Katya’s asshole.

“Dah!” she said loudly. “Fuck ass like you own ass, too. I want cock in ass someday. I want big cock in asshole”.

Although Adam was careful about how far he entered Katya’s pussy, he had no qualms about giving her ass a good workout. She would shift her hips to meet his fingers with every stroke – which meant Adam only had to stand still and let her fuck herself on his cock. As much as Katya enjoyed the sensations that Adam was causing, it wasn’t until Shelly bit down lightly on her nipple that she completely lost control.

Adam’s cock slipped completely out of her as she slumped forward and struggled to catch her breath. He saw Shelly gaze over Katya’s shoulder. She smiled mischievously.

“You do own this pussy,” she said. “And everything attached to this pussy. Now give it to me, Adam. God, I am fucking ready.”

She was ready. Like Erin, Shelly’s body had become familiar with and accustomed to Adam’s girth. She was still tighter than anyone he’d ever met, mostly because of her thick outer lips, Adam supposed, not that it mattered. But she could take almost two-thirds of his dick inside of her before he bumped against her cervix. So he never went that far.

That night, he barely managed to get two inches inside before she began to climax.

“Rub my clitty hard, Lover,” she urged. “Fuck, that’s it. Oh shit. Oh, shit. Take it out for a minute but keep rubbing me.”

Adam complied and Shelly’s juices covered half the floor and most of Adam. She squirted four times before she was finished, then came again as soon as Adam re-entered her pussy.

Finally she called a stop to things because she was too sensitive – and a little embarrassed because the kinkiness of the situation had turned her on so much. Adam stepped back and found Erin beside him.

“Now that her edge is off, why don’t you send Ronni to dreamland with a nice, big shot of cum in her pussy,” she suggested.

Adam decided that didn’t seem like a half bad idea.

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