Daze In The Valley by Jay Cantrell – Chapter 162

Daze in the Valley
by Jay Cantrell

Chapter 162

Adam slept in on Wednesday morning. Allie was cuddled up on his chest and Rebecca and Trinity were on his shoulders. Karlie was draped over Trinity and Sarah was snoring lightly as she held on to Rebecca. He saw absolutely no reason change that situation.

Allie and Trinity had been awake when he, Erin and Shelly came to bed the night before.

Although they were a bit perturbed at not being invited for the show, they showed no displeasure at what had transpired.

“We OK’d that one two months ago,” Trinity laughed when Shelly gave them the rundown. “But once you make Celina melt tomorrow, you are confined to the pussies you already know.”

“Lucy,” Allie added. “I’m looking forward to seeing how improper Miss Proper can be. She was sure happy to show her tits off.”

“She has nice tits,” Trinity said.

“You think everyone has nice tits,” Adam replied.

“Hey, I’m supposed to say that to you!” Trinity told him. “You’re a line stealer. OK, Lucy and then you’re done. If you can’t make do with the seven of us, Anya, Katya, Tyanna, Veronica, Celina and Lucy, that’s too bad.”

“Don’t forget Elena,” Adam said with a wink. It was nice to give Trinity hell once in awhile.

“Damn,” Trinity said. “OK, her too. And Leslie now and then. Oh hell, fuck whoever you want as long as we get to help.”

“How about I just stick to the women in this bed?” Adam suggested.

“Probably someday soon,” Allie replied with a yawn. “Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how you’re probably going to lose some of your extended girlfriends.”

“So long as it’s only the extended ones,” Adam replied as Allie took her spot on his chest and was soon asleep.

But nine hours later, not everyone was pleased to see the group in repose.

Adam awoke to a bedraggled looking spectacle that was normally Anya Kovec standing with a zombie that in normal days was Tyanna Wilkins.

“We woke this morning in a cummy bed,” Tyanna said. “I understand you are to blame.”

She crossed her arms beneath her bare breasts. She was so disheveled and hung over, Adam couldn’t tell if she was angry or playing with him.

“Yeppers,” Shelly said from the doorway. Only she and Erin had met the morning head on. The others were happy to tiptoe into it. “Fucked four of us right there on top of your drunk asses. Literally, my head was right in the middle of your cheeks. If you had the beer farts, you’d have killed us all.”

Anya turned.

“Four of you?” she asked. “Which four, if I might inquire?”

Shelly smiled and shook her head.

“Lick the sheets and you can tell me,” she said, then scampered away.

Rebecca raised her head slightly.

“That was after he fucked me to sleep,” she said with a smug smile. “I mean, literally. I came so hard that I fell asleep right afterward. Amazing, really.”

She put her head back down and snuggled tighter to Adam.

“I expect to be alerted the next time you plan to use me as a sex object,” Tyanna said. Then she smiled. “Get it – sex object. Shelly’s head on my ass like a pillow. You have no sense of humor in the mornings.”

“Have you looked in the mirror?” Sarah wondered. “Once you do, you’ll understand that if we start laughing we’re not likely to stop. You two look like a pair of drowned cats.”

“We have not showered yet,” Anya said. “And apparently I had an eventful night. I still wish to know if I was used a prop.”

“Well, yeah,” Adam admitted. “Shelly has this kinky fantasy about a graveyard. You two were the closest we could find to corpses.”

Tyanna laughed again. She had felt half dead when she woke up that morning, but Katya had fixed her a cup of foul tasting tea and her head had begun to clear.

“Actually, he’s serious about that one,” Karlie said. “Now, is there any chance you can do this quietly or, better yet, far away from me? I feel like the south end of a northbound mule.”

“Did you drink with Katya, too?” Anya asked.

Karlie just groaned.

“Yes, that was a mistake,” Anya admitted. “I will not repeat that one. She drank us all beneath the table yet she is happy and laughing this morning. I find it repulsive.”

“Well, she had a good night after you two dropped,” Adam said. They appeared to be taking it well so he thought he could joke with them. “She said something about winners fucking on top of losers. I’m not sure what she meant.”

“So we have Number Two,” Tyanna said in terrible accent. Adam thought she was going for Sherlock Holmes but it came out more like Charlie Chan.

“It was Erin, Veronica, Shelly and Katya,” Karlie muttered. “Now get the fuck out of here and let me die. I heard about this from Shelly before I could even open my fucking eyes this morning.”

“Katya will give you something to help,” Anya said.

“I will never drink another thing that Katya hands me,” Karlie declared. “I swear she smuggled in moonshine or something. My head feels awful and my stomach is worse.”

“It’s the sugar in the wine coolers,” Allie said. She had learned about that while studying for her GED. “Plus really cheap wine – like in coolers – has a chemical in it that some people are allergic to. It’s not fatal or anything. But it can cause migraine and nausea.”

“So can drinking nine of them,” Karlie remarked.

“Well, yeah, that, too,” Allie said with a giggle. “Still, Anya and Tyanna seem OK. Maybe you should give Katya one more chance.”

“And maybe Adam should come down and change the sheets on our bed,” Tyanna added.

“And mop the floor, too,” Adam said.

“The floor?” Anya asked. “Is there anywhere you did not have sex last night?”

“This bed,” Trinity answered for him. “If I have it correct, about the only place he had sex yesterday was your room. First it was with Rebecca in a hidden room right beside it. Then he got a killer blowjob from Shelly and Katya in a chair while you two slept 10 feet away. Then he did them all on top of you. Did I get them all, Stud?”

Of course, Adam blushed – which was her goal all along.

“So what about our floor?” Tyanna persisted.

“Uh, that was Shelly,” Adam said. “She got a little excited from, you know, doing it with dead people nearby.”

“And she came on our floor,” Tyanna said. “You know, that girl has some seriously creepy fantasies. I thought mine were out there but hers makes mine seem like missionary with the lights off.”

“Do tell,” Rebecca said.

“You’ll just have to buy the download,” Tyanna smirked. “Seriously, I would like clean sheets before tonight.”

“No problem,” Adam said. “I should have lifted you guys up and changed them last night. I’m sorry.”

“You should have lifted us up and given us a ride,” Anya said with a smile. “No one used my pillow, did they?”

“No,” Adam said. “And you were both covered the whole time. We just laid you on your stomachs across the bed – well, Shelly and Katya did – and then Erin and Shelly used you as headrests. I’m sorry. When I say it out loud it sounds really low-grade. I should have put a stop to it.”

“No one was hurt,” Anya said. “And it sounds like everyone had fun. We will say you five owe us one. We will collect.”

“Hell, yeah,” Tyanna agreed.


Everyone seemed to find something to do in the afternoon. Some of the heavier drinkers took long naps. Others went into the city to shop. Rebecca paid a visit to her parents’ home. She planned to introduce her parents to the people in her life but she wanted to prepare them.

Neither had taken much of an interest in her upbringing. Like Lucy, Rebecca had been sent to a boarding school when she was just six-years-old. It was only after her web site – started at the school – produced notoriety that she was allowed to attend public high school.

Her parents knew of her living arrangements but neither were pleased that their daughter went into pornography instead of something more lucrative.

They were mollified when she mentioned that she already had access to enough money that she never had to work again. She did what she did because of the thrill of it – the illicit nature of her career.

“If I wanted to have sex for money, I’d have reopened the bordello,” she said.

To the Stein family, money was all that counted. It didn’t matter how you achieved wealth – earning it, stealing it or marrying into it – so long as you achieved it. If their 20-year-old daughter could gross $300,000 a year by performing sex acts on dogs, they would have been fine with it.

Rebecca smiled to herself every time she thought of how Adam would react to her parents. This would be one time she would not chide him for his heavy-handed comments. In fact, she figured she would probably goad him into a few if it looked like he was being too polite.

For Adam, the afternoon was a chance to sit back and visit with Sean and Walt. The move to the new houses had limited their time together. They no longer had video game marathons or went to the park to shoot hoops.

It reminded Adam of some of his friends from home. When he had gone back to Missouri the summer before, life had changed for many of them. Most had gotten a job and married. They no longer had time to do the things they had done at 17 – or even the desire to.

“Like old times,” Walt remarked. He was sitting in a lawn chair drinking iced tea.

“Yeah,” Sean agreed. “Life PBT.”

“PBT?” Adam asked. He had heard his father talk of a beer called PBR – or “skunk piss” as his father had termed it.

“Pre Bare Titties,” Sean said with a laugh. “You know, back when we could talk without losing concentration because a fresh set of knockers wandered by.”

“Think we’ll ever get used to that?” Walt wondered.

“I hope not!” Sean replied. “If we do, Adam will just have to go out and bring some fresh ones for us to gawk at. Look at Lucy.”

“I did,” Walt said with a smile and nod. “To think that was lurking under her sweater vest. It’s sort of sad. I think I’d rather stay here tonight than go to a show with topless dancers.”

“There is nothing sad about that,” Adam said. “But think of the looks of envy you five will get when you walk in with 20 gorgeous babes.”

“Us five?” Sean asked. “Aren’t you going?”

“Uh, no,” Adam said. “I have other plans.”

Walt lifted his eyebrow in a questioning gesture.

“A date with one of the most elegant, eligible women in L.A.,” Adam said, slightly embarrassed.

“Which one?” Sean asked. “It’s not one of their birthdays is it?”

“No, nothing like that,” Adam said. “It’s, well, it isn’t with any of them.”

“I know this is a stupid question,” Sean prefaced, “but do the others know?”

“They know,” Adam assured him. “It’s sort of their idea.”

“Of course it is,” Walt said with a smile. “You haven’t had an idea of your own in several months. So who is it?”

Adam was surprised they didn’t know. If he had realized that fact he would have remained silent.

“Don’t be mad,” he told Walt.

“Well, I’m pretty sure Mary would have mentioned going out on a date with you,” Walt said. “So you can pretty well guess I’ll be OK with it.”

“Celina,” Adam admitted.

“Oh, yeah, that’s good,” Walt said with a nod. “Why would I be mad at that?”

“Dude, you are half in love with her!” Sean said.

“That’s not true,” Walt said. Adam tilted his head in disbelief. “I mean, I respect her. I think she is very pretty. I like her feistiness and she’s fun to be around. I mean, she’s not like any professional I’ve ever heard of.”

Sean’s face mirrored Adam’s as Walt paused.

“Yeah, OK, I guess I am half in love with her,” he added. “Damn, didn’t see that one coming. But I’m about half in love with most of the women around here, I guess. Anyway, this isn’t about love or even lust. C’mon, Sean, you know that.”

“I do,” Sean said. “I’m glad, you know. I mean, it shocked me when she told us some of the stuff she went through growing up. To see her 10 years later, you’d never know. She is really well adjusted in every area of her life but that one. You’re probably the best person I can think of to help her learn to like that part of life. Well, I guess I’m assuming things, aren’t I?”

“Maybe,” Adam said. “That will be entirely her decision.”

“Adam, that you don’t need to tell me,” Walt said.


Celina looked amazing when she came down the steps in a dark blue strapless dress. The color made her tan skin almost glow.

The rest of the group had already departed for their evening on the town. Jason, Timm and Cameron had given Adam a strange look when he didn’t leave with them but no one said anything. Only a couple of the women not in the loop noticed that Celina wasn’t in a hurry to get ready.

Meredith stopped on her way past Adam and gave him a long hug.

“You are a very good person,” she said.

“Well, I think you’re a good person, too,” Adam replied. Meredith just rolled her eyes and shook her head. Katey and Tyanna both gave Adam a wink and Veronica stopped to fix his tie.

As usual, the women he loved were last.

“I booked a hotel room at the Luxor,” Allie said. “It’s in your name but it’s on my card. I didn’t want you to have to scramble to find a place or, God forbid, make Celina pay for the room.”

It was Adam’s turn to roll his eyes. Sadly, he had cut up the only credit card he owned so he would have almost had to have Celina pay – a fact Allie was all too well aware of – or taken her to a place that accepted cash (and probably charged by the hour).

“I love you,” Allie continued and gave Adam a kiss.

Karlie was following Allie out the door and she, too, stopped.

“I know this sounds crass, but I truly hope I don’t see you tonight,” she said. “We talked about this. Don’t rush things to get back here. Tonight – all night – is about Celina.”

She kissed Adam.

All the departing females offered a similar goodbye – except Trinity.

She stopped in front of him and crossed her arms.

“I don’t care what the commercial said, I expect a full recounting of your evening tomorrow, Young Man,” she said. “Kidding – mostly. I hope you have a nice night – and I hope Celina has a better one.”

She gave him a long kiss.

“Don’t forget what you have waiting for you at home, either,” she cautioned. “Well, remember it first thing in the morning.”

“I will,” Adam promised.

It was only a few minutes later when a vision of loveliness descended the stairs. Celina showed no nervousness, which surprised Adam because he was nervous. He worried he would do something or say something stupid and ruin her night.

They planned to dine at a nice restaurant, then take a walk around the city, playing it by ear. Adam was too young to get into any of the casinos – which didn’t interest Celina either – and she wasn’t interested in seeing any of the shows.

Rachelle had left her car for Adam’s use. He was still listed as part-time employee of Cunningham Motors, so he was insured on her lease. It was a two-year-old Mercedes coupe and Rachelle said it would fit a romantic evening perfectly.

Dinner was spent discussing a variety of topics, none of which pertained to Subarctic Enterprises. They discussed Celina’s college days in Sacramento and her law school days at Pepperdine.

Adam told her some humorous tales about life on a Missouri farm which had Celina laughing out loud. He was amazed at how easy it was for them to talk – but he realized it always had been.

“You were a pain in the butt when you were a kid,” Celina said.

“I guess,” Adam admitted. “But my Dad always said that I was just being a kid and kids do stupid things. Mom seemed to accept that.”

“I am really sorry about your parents,” Celina said. “I know that was devastating but I’m glad you made the decision to stay out here.”

“You know, it shocks me, but I am, too,” he said. “There are times when I think my life is too hectic for someone my age. But I’m not sure I would trade what I have for anything less than having my parents back. If I could have both, life would be complete. My Mom would have loved you. In some ways, you’re a lot alike. Neither of you take crap from anyone. The look on old Rev. Kimble’s face when you booted him out of the estate sale will be one I take to my grave. Plus, you know, my Dad worked hard all the time. But Mom was the one who worked the hardest. I see that in you. No one outworks you and no one is going to best you easily.”

“Thank you,” Celina said sincerely. “I wasn’t always a hard worker. I wanted an easy life and I made a lot of mistakes growing up. But tonight isn’t about dwelling on the past. It’s about burying it. I’ve put most of it behind me, you know. But being out with you – in an intimate restaurant – after we were so intimate last night is not uncomfortable for me. I’m not even embarrassed about how I behaved last night.”

“You have no reason to be,” Adam said.

“I made a spectacle of myself,” Celina replied. “I can’t believe how easy it is to be so carefree when I’m around you guys. I can do anything I want and no one looks down at me or makes fun of me. I could have danced with any of the guys there last night just like I danced with you and it wouldn’t have gone farther than I wanted it to. I could have gotten drunk and not worried about ramifications. That’s new to the new me.”

“Well, I hope it becomes a constant with the newer new you then,” Adam said.


Celina took Adam’s arm as they strolled down the Strip. Despite living in Los Angeles for most of her life, the glitz of Las Vegas had Celina’s head turning from side to side. It wasn’t long before she put her arm around Adam’s waist and he returned the gesture around her shoulders. She snuggled in close to him.

“Let’s go back so we can fool around a little before the others get back,” she suggested. Celina had almost suggested just staying at the house and starting the fooling around as soon as the others left. But she decided she wanted the whole dating experience instead of just the last part of it.

“We don’t have to go back,” Adam said. “We can if you want, but we have a room at the Luxor if you’d prefer.”

Celina saw the pyramid-shaped hotel and casino looming ahead of her.

“What time are we expected back?” Celina wondered.

“Check out is 11 a.m. tomorrow,” Adam answered.

Celina stopped.

“Tomorrow?” she asked. She had figured on spending an hour or two doing whatever came naturally and then giving Adam back to his girlfriends. Instead she would have the whole night with him.

“If you want,” Adam said. He didn’t know how to broach the subject. “That way we can do other things, maybe dance a little if you want.”

“No tit shots this time,” Celina said. “But that would be fun. I enjoyed dancing with you last night.”

She paused for a moment.

“Maybe we should check in first,” she said with a smile.

Adam had parked at the Luxor and he stopped to pick up an overnight bag from the trunk – thoughtfully packed by his girlfriends. It had casual clothes for each of them for the evening and fresh clothing for the next morning.

“If I ever wondered if those girls like me, I don’t wonder anymore,” Celina laughed, looking in the bag. There were even a bra and panties in there for her, along with toiletries, a hair brush and various and sundry other items that a women can’t do without.

Celina stood in front of Adam in the elevator and he draped his arms around her. She rested her head on his shoulders and gazed back at him.

It would be so easy to fall in love with this guy, she thought. If he were a couple of years older – and didn’t have sex with a hundred women a year. But he’s not and he does. Still, it doesn’t affect tonight, she decided. He saw her looking at him and gave her a soft kiss on her temple.

Adam was having similar thoughts, much to his chagrin. If his life with the girls imploded or ran its course, he would probably look for someone like Celina to spend the rest of his life with. Yet he realized that he wouldn’t change the love and companionship he felt when he was with the girls for anything. But any man lucky enough to find himself in a relationship with Celina Gomez would be fortunate indeed.

The hotel room was amazing – far nicer than either of its occupants had seen before. A bellman had insisted on carrying the small piece of luggage for Adam, so he tipped the guy $10 – mostly because he hadn’t tried to make conversation and had left Adam and Celina to enjoy their time alone.

“I think we should change before we go out again,” Celina said.

“You look beautiful like you are,” Adam replied.

“No need for flattery, you’ve already got me in your hotel room,” Celina laughed. “Can you start the zipper for me, please?”

Celina didn’t need Adam’s help but she found she enjoyed having his hands on her.

Adam pulled the zipper down from her neck and inch or so and Celina stepped away. She wanted to see his face when she let the dress fall.

When she did, Adam’s eyes widened.

She stood before him in only a pair of thong panties and thigh high stockings. Her breasts stood proud on her chest, the dark nipples protruding upward.

She smiled when Adam gulped at the sight in front of him. It was the reaction she had hoped for but didn’t dare dream about. This man had seen so many gorgeous women nude – as recently as the night before – that she feared he wouldn’t be impressed by a body she considered average in comparison to the others around her.

“Wow,” Adam said. His eyes scanned her entire front from her breasts, down her trim stomach to the V between her legs, down her toned legs to her high heels. Then he repeated the journey in reverse until he got to her smiling face.

“You like?” Celina asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Adam replied. “Sorry, you look amazing. I knew you had a fantastic body but this is a level of sexy that surpasses anything I’ve ever seen.”

“Please,” Celina said dubiously. After all, she knew who he lived with and saw nude every single day.

“I’m serious, Celina,” Adam said. “Just for sheer grace and sexiness, I have never seen anything that compares to right now.”

“We’re not going out again tonight,” Celina said.

“Thank God!” Adam answered before he could stop himself.

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