Daze In The Valley by Jay Cantrell – Chapter 163

Daze in the Valley
by Jay Cantrell

Chapter 163

Celina laid with her head on Adam’s chest as it rose and lowered in rhythmic sleep. It was past midnight and she was in a

deliriously good mood despite napping for only 30 minutes or so.

A perfect evening had spawned an almost perfect night. For the first time in her life, Celina had willingly given herself to

another person.

There had been the usual fumbling that occurs when two people become intimate for the first time. But it had been unhurried

and she was completely unabashed by anything that had occurred.

She thought she was going to explode when, after several minutes of kissing and petting, Adam had suckled her breasts and

made his way down her stomach to her center. He must have spent 30 minutes luxuriating in her essence. She was certain he had

licked every inch of anything that rested between her thighs.

She lost count of the number of orgasm because it didn’t matter. No man had ever gone down on her. Not once in her entire

life. When she was in the gang, she had forced several young girls to eat her as part of their initiations but it was never

done with any affection and was nothing like what Adam had done.

The only awkward moment came when Celina thought she should reciprocate Adam’s oral actions. After all, it was only fair, she


The look of apprehension that crossed her face led Adam to put his hands beneath her arms as she tried to descend and to pull

her back upward.

“I don’t think I need any further stimulation,” he had told her – but Celina knew her expression had betrayed her feelings.

Instead she used her hand to get the first cum out of the way for him. She had done that a number of times to amorous young

men after she was shipped off to her aunt’s house and one or two times while in college.

She was almost certain Adam’s lips hadn’t left some portion of her body for several hours. If he wasn’t kissing her lips, he

was kissing her shoulder. If it wasn’t her shoulder, it was her breast.

Adam was hard again by the time he came back from cleaning up his spend – which had landed primarily on his chest and lower

stomach. In fact, Celina wondered if he had gone limp at all.

He had but the sight that greeted him when he returned from the bathroom brought him back to full mast. Celina was reclining

on the bed, eyes closed. She wore a languid smile on her face as she absently played with her pussy. Celina was fantasizing

about how good it would feel to have a man make love to her and she hoped she could get Adam hard again soon so he could

mount her. Adam didn’t want to rush things, so he started to kiss up Celina’s calf to her knee.

He rubbed her feet – because she had been in heels for almost three hours that evening – as he headed northward. He paid

scant attention to her pussy, which her fingers had vacated as soon as she realized he was in the room. He placed a firm kiss

on her clit before veering off the side to kiss her hips.

That gave him the opportunity to move out of alignment with Celina’s body. He didn’t want to scare her and he also knew

seeing something the size of his erection could be frightening even to someone with a great deal of sexual experience.

But Celina intercepted him by closing her legs around his waist and keeping his body resting between her thighs.

“I really want you inside of me,” she said. “Just keeping heading in this direction.”

Adam dipped his head back downward and captured a nipple.

“I think we should try it with you on top,” he said. “I want you to have complete control over the situation.”

“No you don’t,” Celina said. Adam frowned so she continued. “If I have control we’re not getting any sleep tonight at all.

You have no idea what you’ve done to me. I feel … I don’t know. I feel like I have waited my whole life for what we’re

going to do. I feel like I’m living out all those dreams I had when I was 10 years old about a perfect romantic evening. I

thought those dreams were gone forever, Adam. I thought I would never get to experience a night like this.”

“I’m glad it’s me here with you,” Adam said.

“Oh, me, too,” Celina said. “I, uh… , I couldn’t have done this with anyone else. Well, maybe I could have but not now and

maybe not ever. Now, I think we’ve discussed this long enough. I feel that thing against my leg. I’m ready. You’re ready.

What are we waiting for?”

“I still think you should be in control,” Adam said. He rolled to the side of the bed to retrieve a condom. There had been no

discussion of birth control or of STDs. Adam was certain he was clean because of his recent test at Cedar-Sinai. Celina was

clean because her only partners had been her fingers and a small pleasure enhancer the size of a tube of lip gloss that she

used on her clit whenever she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Thank you,” Celina said, nodding at the wrapper as Adam rolled a rubber over his erection. “I, uh, well I wasn’t sure how to


“You don’t ask, Celina,” he said. “You tell. You say, ‘If we’re going to do this, then you have to wear a condom.’”

She smiled but didn’t repeat his statement.

“I didn’t want you to think I was worried about, well, you know,” she said softly, “what you do. I’m not really. But a

pregnancy would bind us together in a way that neither of us wants.”

“I know,” Adam admitted. “But it’s OK to be worried about the other, too. I would worry if I were in your shoes.”

“I’m not wearing any shoes,” Celina laughed. “Or anything else for that matter.”

“Have I mentioned how happy I am about that?” Adam replied. A discussion about safe sex while naked was a sure mood breaker.

He was glad that Celina seemed to consider the subject closed.

“You didn’t have to say anything,” she told him. “That pole you tote in front of you says all you need to. Now, how about you

find a way to get underneath me, huh?”

It took Celina a few minutes to get used to Adam’s girth. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine having something this

size that was actually attached to a human.

For the next three hours, Celina recreated every position she had ever heard of. She was on top until she got too tired. She

convinced Adam to get on top of her and they began anew. She sat on his lap with his cock inside of her. She got on her hands

and knees and had him take her from behind.

When he came, she stroked him to another erection and restarted the cycle all over. Now, relaxed and sated, she stared down

at the cock that had driven her to such heights only an hour before. Her last orgasm, while sitting astride Adam, had been

too much. Her pussy was unused to so much activity and was becoming sore. She dozed off while Adam took care of the condom

and cleaned up. She awoke briefly when he slid his arm beneath her head to let her rest on his shoulder then fall back to


But she was awake now and peering down Adam’s body. He was erect. If she had to guess, he’d been at least semi-erect since

she walked down the stairs that evening. The thought brought a smile to her face. Never had she felt so cared for, so

appreciated as she did that minute.

She began to fondle his dick again, then on the spur of the moment started to move her mouth downward toward it. A firm hand

on her shoulder stopped her.

“Celina, you never, ever have to do anything you don’t enjoy,” he said from behind her. “Not with anyone and certainly not

with me.”

Celina sighed and lifted her head up to look at him.

“I really do want to,” she said. “At least I think I want to. But I also know I need to. I’ll put it in my mouth for just a

moment. If I don’t like it or get scared, I’ll stop.”

“Only if you are positive,” Adam insisted. “I don’t want you to look back on a moment of our time together with anything that

resembles regret.”

She laughed. It was in stark contrast to the look on her face, which was sad.

“Well, I can say with assurance, I will not regret a minute of this, so far,” she said. “But if I don’t do this – with a guy

I know for certain I can trust not only with my body but with my emotions – then I might regret that. Can I try-just for a


Adam almost made a smart-assed remark about no man turning down an offer like that but instead he simply nodded.

Celina laid her head on his stomach and put the head of his cock in her mouth. She stayed that way, not moving for almost two

minutes. Then her hand snaked down to play with Adam’s balls. She cradled them for a few seconds and then ran her hand over

his cock, jerking him off while she held the head in her warm mouth.

After a few minutes of that – which was almost torture to Adam – she pulled her mouth away and turned to sit Indian-style on

the bed next to him.

“The last time I had one of those in my mouth, the guy shoved it down my throat and then held my nose until I passed out,”

she said. “It was the ESD leader.”

Adam nodded. He had expected something of that sort when he saw how disgusted Celina was at the very thought of performing

oral sex on him.

“When I woke up, I was in The Chair,” she continued. “It was when I told them I was being shipped to my aunt’s house. They

said they would throw me a party. I half expected to have to fuck all the guys. I mean, well, that had happened before. You

know, the ‘Bitches’ had to service the full members a lot. But I didn’t expect The Chair. That was the idea of some sadistic

bastard, I can tell you that. It’s sort of chair but the girl doesn’t sit on it. She’s suspended with her arms and legs out.

A guy can sit underneath of her. Another can stand behind her or in front of her. There were risers on each side so a guy

could stand there, too. That way they had access to every hole, you know.

“It was what we used if we caught some rival gang’s girl in our territory. It was for rape, pure and simple. The women were

never allowed to see The Chair. We got to play with the girl afterward but never in the room where it was. For the next six

hours they fucked me any way they could. When they got too drunk or stoned or drained for anyone to get it up again, they put

a baseball bat in my ass to encourage me to help them get hard again. When they’d had their fun, I guess, Henrico, the

leader, did the same thing. He stuck it down my throat and closed my nose.”

Adam’s face took on a hard look.

“They’re all dead,” she said. “The last one died in prison last year. A few OD’d. A few were murdered. One was hit in a

crosswalk. But the 16 guys who gave me my going-away party are all dead. I can’t say I feel too sorry for them.”

“No,” Adam said simply.

“When I woke up, I was with the other Bitches,” Celina said, picking up her narrative. “I was covered in semen. I had it in

my ass. It was dripping out of my pussy. My face and hair were covered. I was tied hand and foot and thrown in the trunk of a

car. They drove me around for I don’t know how long. I thought they were going to kill me. I really did. These people who I

thought were my friends were going to kill me.

“They dropped me off a mile from our apartment – a rival’s territory. They told me I was dead to them. If they saw me wearing

the colors, they’d kill me. If I saw them on the street and spoke to them, they’d kill me. If I showed my tats to anyone,

they’d kill me. Then they cut the cords from around my feet and drove off. I had to walk 10 blocks, naked and covered in

sperm, to get home. That’s why I had reservations. That’s why I got that look on my face when I thought about…”

Adam reached out and took her hand.

“I’ve never told that to anyone,” she said. “That night was the worst night of my life. I have never been so humiliated –

degraded. My whole life was nothing but shit but that was the worst. Of all the shit I had to do to get into the gang –

licking out the other girls, letting a greasy haired 30 year old butt fuck me – this was worse. Even the shit I had to do

while I was in didn’t compare to that night. At least before, I had a semblance of a choice. That night – tied to that God

damned chair, having some guy just walk up and shove his cock in my ass or my twat.”

She shook her head.

“The guys on the Suck Stool were the worst,” she said. “They would slap me with their puny little cocks. Yank my head back

and forth and slap my ears to keep me disoriented. I couldn’t even scream. It wouldn’t have done a damned bit of good but

there was a dick in my mouth for almost the whole night.”

“I’m sorry,” Adam said. He didn’t know what else to say. “Celina, I never expected you to do that. I hope I didn’t give you

that impression. Tonight was about what you wanted and only about what you wanted.”

“That’s not it,” she said. She could see the pain in Adam’s expression that he might have made her think she was obligated to

go down on him. “I actually thought about how nice it would be to do that with you. But when the time came, I just couldn’t.”

He nodded and was surprised when Celina reached over to play with his cock – which was now completely limp for the first time

in six hours.

“But now I can,” she said, laying her head back on his stomach and putting his cock back in her mouth. She started to stroke

his member until it was hard again. Adam had no choice in the matter. Although Celina had no oral technique, any normal 20-

year-old is going to get hard when his cock is in a woman’s mouth.

She removed her mouth when once he was hard.

“I’m not sure what I’m doing,” she admitted. “The times I’ve done this, it was more about them fucking my face than getting a

blowjob. Can you give me some pointers?”

“Uh, well, I guess,” Adam replied. “If you’re sure.”

“I am,” she said. “I don’t think I want you to cum in my mouth though.”

“I won’t,” Adam promised.

“The check’s in the mail; I don’t even know that woman; and I won’t cum in your mouth,” Celina laughed. “The three lies every

man tells. But I know you won’t.”

She resumed her previous spot but this time she tentatively licked his phallus before putting it in her mouth. She didn’t

suck on it. Instead she swirled her tongue around while it rested between her lips. Her hands provided all the stimulation.

After several minutes, she sat up again.

“I’m not getting my feedback,” she said, tilting her head toward Adam.

“What you were doing felt nice,” he said.

“We are not going for nice,” Celina said. “We are going for ‘Oh, my God, that is amazing.’”

She took Adam butt with both hands and directed him to the edge of the bed. Then she knelt in front of him so she could watch

his reaction.

“Celina, this probably isn’t good for, I don’t know, whatever it is,” Adam said. “Being on your knees is subservient.”

“Not when I choose to be here,” she said. “If I changed places with you, would you sit on the floor to eat me out?”

“Sure,” Adam said. He thought it was a request and started to move. Celina put her hand on his chest.

“We are equals then,” she replied. “I’m doing this because I want to. I have already proven to myself that I can. Now, the

next time I tell that story, I can say, ‘The last time I had one of these in my mouth, I was with the sweetest guy I know. I

can’t even tell you how wonderful he made me feel that night.’ This is purely a matter of want. Adam, I want to give you a

blowjob that you’ll never forget.”

Celina maintained eye contact as she manipulated Adam’s cock. He gave her small hints about moving her head a little and

which parts of his penis were the most sensitive. But it was the look in Celina’s eyes as she worked a last load of cum from

him that ensured that her wish would be fulfilled.

Adam would never forget that look so long as he lived.


It was morning way before Celina wanted it to be. But time couldn’t be tamed. She found herself nestled on Adam’s shoulder

and rolled over to look at the clock – 8:30 a.m.

With a sigh, she shook Adam awake.

“Do you want to shower first or can I?” she asked.

“We could save water and shower together,” Adam suggested.

Celina smiled.

“No, we can’t,” she replied. “I doubt it would save water anyway. Last night was wonderful. Literally, I’ll never forget it.

But it’s time for us to go back to where we were. At least around each other. I’ll never go back to the person I was. But

last night can’t ever be more than it was. We want different things and I wouldn’t fit in with the life you have. And I would

never ask you to give up what you have for anything in the world.”

Adam gave a sad smile. She was right and he knew it.

“So, you’re OK with everything?” he asked.

“Better than OK,” Celina replied. “Part of it was what we did. I think another part was what I told you. I’ve put a portion

of my life on hold for so long because that night still owned me. Now it doesn’t. I’ve figured out that I can enjoy sex with

the right person. More importantly, I’ve learned there are people who won’t look down on me for what I’ve done in my past.

I’m leaving here better than I came in – even if I will walk a little funny for a while.”

Adam gave a slight chuckle.

“So take a good look at my tits and ass, Mister,” Celina continued. “Once I’m in the bathroom, it’ll be the last time you see


She winked.

“For a while at least,” she added.

“So long as I get to see the rest of you, I’ll make do without those, I guess,” Adam replied. Celina leaned forward and

kissed him softly. It was a kiss of gratitude but also of enduring friendship. She stood and, hips swaying, walked to the

bathroom. When she reached the door, she turned to give Adam a good look at the front of her body, winked, and disappeared

through the door.

She was dressed in a robe when she came back out and was fully clothed by the time Adam had showered.

The drive home was spent mostly in silence. But it wasn’t uncomfortable silence. It was more a matter of contentment than

discomfort, notwithstanding her soreness.

Celina gave Adam a short kiss on the cheek when they reached the front door and they entered – into bedlam.

The whole house was up and about despite the fact it was only 10 a.m. Sarah spotted them and came over. She didn’t ask Celina

how the night had gone. She could tell just by looking. Celina wore a look of tranquility, like that of a soul finally at

peace with the world; a look that Sarah had seen on her own face from time to time, along with the faces of her loved ones.

“Hey, glad you’re back,” she said, hugging Celina and then Adam. This was the part Celina had worried about. How would Adam’s

girlfriends treat her?

She was heartened by the fact that Sarah acted just like she always did. Rebecca gave a wave from across the room and so did


“We’ve had a change of plans,” Sarah said. “Turns out it would take seven helicopters and about $5,000 for us to tour Hoover

Dam today. And it also turns out that none of us are really that interested in seeing it in the first place. So we decided

we’re going to do a sort of Date Day. Only, well, we’re not partnering up by household or anything. It’s more like ‘Spend a

Cool Day with A Friend or Two Day.’ Are you both OK with that?”

“Yeah, sure,” Adam said. He glanced at Celina who smiled and nodded.

“Great!” Sarah said. “Uh, it’s pure chance again. We’re getting ready to draw cards. There are groups of two, three and four,

depending on what you draw. No trades and no put-backs. After we set the groups, everyone can get together and see where they

want to go.”

She produced a deck of cards from her pocket.

“You two can draw first,” she said. Adam gave Celina the honors before he took one. “Three groups of two; four groups of

three and two groups of four. Pray Karlie gets in one of the fours because she said mini-golfing with one person is for


“I heard Adam is the loser in mini-golf no matter how many play,” Celina chuckled. She held up a card but Sarah grabbed her


“We will have the grand unveiling once everyone has drawn,” Sarah said. “So no sharing.”

“Wanna trade?” Adam whispered when Sarah wandered off. “We could flout the rules and it would be our little secret.”

“We have enough secrets,” Celina said with a laugh. Then she slipped her card to him and took his.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” Adam said.

“I already know what you have and you know what I have,” Celina said.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot we already have seen everything the other has,” Adam said, giving Celina a nudge with his elbow.

“I’m moving to the other side of the room,” Celina replied. “You are a bad influence.”

“That’s what happened to me!” Trinity said as she walked up. “I used to be this shy little girl who wouldn’t say shit if I

had a mouthful of it. Now I’m flashing my titties and my beaver all the time. And we won’t even discuss what I usually have

in my mouth.”

She, too, hugged Celina but didn’t ask anything about the night before.

“How’s he corrupting you?” Trinity inquired. “Aside from the obvious ways.”

“He wanted to see my card,” Celina stated, giving Adam a mock glare.

“That is not what I said,” Adam laughed. “I said I’d show her mine if she showed me hers. I did not mention cards at all.”

“Come on, Celina,” Trinity replied, taking her by hand. “We don’t need to put up with this pig’s innuendos.”

She and Celina headed over to where Allie and Erin were ensconced with Rachelle and Beth. Again, hugs were exchanged.

“You would think they haven’t seen each other in months,” Walt said from Adam’s side. Unlike the girls, he had no problem

asking how the previous night had gone.

“Good, I think,” Adam said.

“She looks, I don’t know, relaxed,” Walt replied. “She has a spring in her step, I guess.”

“Probably because she won’t be able to close her legs for a few days,” Mary said in a whisper.

Both Walt and Adam gave her a look.

“I’m joking,” she said. “Jesus, that’s why I whispered it to you; I’m trying to be one of the guys. So, how about those


“Are you OK with skipping the dam?” Adam asked Walt, mostly to change the subject.

“I’d rather take the tour where you can see something than hover over it in a helicopter for 45 minutes,” Walt said.

Adam nodded his agreement. He really wasn’t a fan of flying in any form but least of all in a helicopter.

“You two can take Timm tomorrow to see how the damn dam was made,” Mary said. “Cameron, Jason and Sean, too, if you want.

We’re going to stay here and sunbathe, the decision is yours to make.”

Walt looked at his girlfriend as if she had grown a third eye.

“I wouldn’t pass up a chance to see your buns in that suit if God himself offered to show me how the world was created,” Adam

chimed in. Rather than pleased, Mary shot them a smug look like she’d seen Trinity and Allie use before. Hers needed work.

“How was the show?” Adam wondered, mostly to change the subject.

“Same as before,” Walt said.

“Really cool!” Mary said at the same time. They exchanged glances and laughs. “It seems my boyfriend has become so used to

seeing tits that new ones do not impress him.”

“More Franken-hooters,” Walt said. “If you are going to be in a topless dance troupe, do not get fake breasts. They might

look wonderful when you have clothes on but they look like shit when you do not. I will take Mary’s boobs over those girls’

any day.”

“Me, too,” Adam said. “I mean if it’s, you know, an option for me to take Mary’s tits somewhere. Just for a little while. I

won’t hurt them or anything. I promise to treat them really well.”

“I see why everyone moved away from you,” Mary said. “You’re offensive to women of all races, ages and sexual persuasions.”

Then she pulled him down to kiss his cheek.

“But we’ll keep you around because I’m pretty sure you meant that as a compliment,” she added.

“Oh, yeah,” Adam said with a wink before Mary wandered off.

“You’re not going to rest until you bag them all, are you?” Walt asked with a laugh.

“I think my bag limit is complete,” Adam said. “Hunting season is over and I’m on record as being against poaching.”

“Uh-huh,” Walt said with a smile. “Well it looks like the drawing is almost done. If I get stuck going to another freaking

baseball game with Katey or traipsing to every mini-golf course in a hundred miles I’m going to cry.”

“You’ll be crying about something anyway,” Adam jibed. “It might as well be something worthwhile.”

When Sarah took the last card, she stepped on a chair.

“Aces over there,” she said. She pointed to various spots and called out cards. When it got to him, Adam saw that he had

traded a day of getting his brains beat in on a miniature golf course for a day of watching baseball with Katey. “No

crossover discussions. Every group decides for itself. If more than one group goes the same place, that’s fine.”

“Yeah because Las Vegas is known for its lack of tourist destinations,” Allie said, drawing a laugh from the room.

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