Daze In The Valley by Jay Cantrell – Chapter 57

Daze In The Valley
By Jay Cantrell
Chapter 57

Shelly sensed something was wrong as soon as she woke up. She could see Allie lying on Adam’s chest, a smile of contentment on her sweet face. Allie had slid downward in the night, as she normally did, and Shelly realized she could feel Adam’s hard cock beneath her hand where it rested on the smooth skin of Allie’s butt. Allie had shifted in the night and Adams’ dick rested between her twin globes.

It was what wasn’t in Shelly’s hand that caught her attention: she had held hands, fingers interlaced, with Sarah every night they had slept in the same bed. Now that familiar hand was missing. Sarah was the soundest sleeper of the group. She awoke almost every morning in the exact position where she had fallen asleep. She had remarked a couple of times that she rarely even woke up with a full bladder in the night, which was good, she said, because she would prefer to wet the bed instead of getting up.

Concerned, Shelly gently removed her hand from what it had wrapped itself around, wondering idly if she could jerk Adam off without him waking and give Allie a back full of cum as a good-morning gift. Shelly had just exited the bedroom when she saw Sarah coming out the bathroom.

Sarah had a body built for nudity – and she had come to realize it. She rarely wore panties and would go completely without clothes around the apartment whenever she could. So Shelly was surprised to see her in a pair of white cotton panties and tight tank top.

“Everything OK?” Shelly asked. Sarah was startled slightly, lost in her own sleepy little world.

“My period,” she grumbled, tears coming to her eyes. “I hate this. I feel so yucky. I’m bloated and zitty. I am horny all the damn time but my pussy is bloody and my tits ache too much to touch them. It fucking sucks.”

Shelly, still nude, wrapped the taller girl in a warm hug and stroked Sarah’s back gently.

“I get that way too,” Shelly said. “I can’t decide whether I want to fuck or cry and since I can’t do one, I do the other. I have some over-the-counter stuff that helps. I’m not going to take them this time, you know, just to see if my general bitchiness was a byproduct of the asshole I used to hang out with. Do you want to try one? It sort of helps the yucky, blah feeling.”

Sarah wiped her eyes and nodded. Shelly dug a bottle out of the medicine cabinet and offered her a tablet and a small cup of water.

“I think I’m just going to sleep in the other room,” she muttered. “That way I don’t bother the rest of you.”

Shelly took Sarah’s arm gently and spun her around slightly.

“You are never a bother,” Shelly said. “And everyone will wake up and miss you like I did. If you want, we’ll slide Allie and Adam to the side and I’ll cuddle up behind you and rub your back until you fall asleep.”

“You have to get up early,” Sarah said.

“So I won’t shower in the morning,” Shelly said with a shrug. “Or I’ll take a nap with you in the afternoon.”

She took Sarah by the hand and let her back into the shared bedroom. Neither Allie nor Adam had moved, so Shelly leaned over and kissed Adam softly on the cheek. His eyes fluttered open.

“I need you to shift to my side of the bed,” she said softly.

“OK,” Adam said, sliding that direction. “Why?”

Shelly smiled.

“Well, I sort of peed the bed and I don’t want to sleep in it,” she said, barely containing her laughter. “I figured you love me so much you wouldn’t mind.”

“OK,” Adam said blearily. He was already to the edge of the bed when his mind caught up. “What?”

Shelly and Sarah’s laughter, as muted as they tried to make it, still awakened Allie.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“Sarah started her monthly,” Shelly replied. “I’m going to cuddle behind her to help her get back to sleep.”

“You OK?” Allie asked Sarah.

“Just blah,” Sarah said, making a face and sticking her tongue out. “I just feel so ugly, so nasty. I’ll be better by lunchtime.”

She climbed into bed, awkward in her clothes around her nude lovers.

“Sorry I’m such a baby,” she said as she felt the tears coming again. “I can sleep in the other room.”

“You’re not a baby and you’re still beautiful, Sweetie,” Adam said, reaching up to wipe a tear off her cheek, and pulling her down until her head rested on his shoulder. “And we certainly want you here if you want to be here. We want you near us all the time, day and night. We want you beside us, next to us for as long as you want to be there.”

“I do,” Sarah said. “I just get, I don’t know, really emotional. Like now, I just feel so overwhelmed with how much you guys love me and how sweet you are. I’m crying like an idiot but I’m really happy.”

Allie leaned over and gave Sarah a kiss on her moist cheek.

“We all get that way from time to time,” Allie whispered. “Now you just lay down and get some sleep, knowing we love you.”

Shelly had moved behind Sarah and was gently kneading the muscles in her lower back.

“I really love you guys,” Sarah murmured, already half to sleep again.

“And we love you,” Shelly whispered softly.

Allie was resting her chin on Adam’s chest looking at him.

“Do you mind if I move that thing from my ass crack to my pussy crack?” she asked. “I want to see if I can sleep with it inside me. Will it bother you?”

“I doubt it,” Adam said, still having trouble following the conversation. “Can you sleep that way?”

“If she can’t, she can always rock herself to sleep,” Shelly whispered. “No funny stuff, you two. Adam has to get up early and he has a mid-term in the morning. I don’t want to have to lead him to class in the morning because you kept him up all night screwing.”

Allie’s hole was already wet – because her clit had been nestled in Adam’s pubic hair for three hours by that point and his cock was not only creasing her ass cheeks but also her pussy lips. She gave a small moan as she adjusted Adam’s hard dick and settled backward on it. She took only two or three inches inside her.

“God, I love this feeling,” she said softly, kissing Adam on his chest. “Honest to God, if I get within 10 feet of any of you, I want to be touching you somewhere.”

“Usually one of naughty spots,” Shelly said, chuckling slight.

Adam felt a hand on his balls and looked down to see Sarah’s eyes looking up at him.

“Did you mean what you told me?” she asked. “About, you know, making love when I’m like this?”

“Of course,” Adam said.

“Good,” Sarah replied softly. “I’m like, really horny for the first day or so but it has to be really, really gentle.”

“He will be, Love,” Allie said, still relishing the feeling of her lover’s cock in her pussy. “Maybe tomorrow night you can sleep like this.”

“Um,” Sarah said, smiling dreamily at the thought. “That might be nice but messy.”

“We have plenty of towels,” Shelly whispered. “Now let’s go back to sleep. Morning is shitty enough without staying up half the night.”

Adam was the last to doze back off. Shelly was wrapped around Sarah’s back, her hand resting softly on Sarah’s hip. Sarah had her head on Adam’s shoulder, snoring slightly, and her hand on his balls. And Allie was perched atop him, a third of his member in her tunnel and a placid smile on her face.

Man, am I one lucky guy, he thought.


The sun was shining when Adam awoke again to a series of kisses on his shoulders and neck. A hand was gripping his cock below the junction with Allie and was stroking it lightly.

“Shhh,” Sarah whispered. “Allie is still asleep. I want to jerk you off inside of her. I want her to wake up with a cunny full of cum. Do you think you can shoot?”

Adam nodded slightly. Having Allie across his chest, with his dick tucked into her had led to a series of wonderful dreams. He didn’t think it would take him long at all, especially because Sarah’s hand felt so nice.

“Just lay back and pretend you’re still asleep, Lover,” Sarah said softly. “Picture the three women who love you taking you inside them. Picture you and me kissing softly, the passion growing. Then I mount you and we make love so tenderly. Remember the first time Shelly took you in her mouth and the first time you saw her nude. Remember how excited Allie got when you picked her up and helped her live out her fantasies. I love you, Adam. I want you to live out your fantasies through me – through us. Anything you’ve ever dreamed of, Lover, I’ll do it.

“If you want to fuck my ass, we’ll do it. If you want to tie me down and tease me for hours or days, even, I’ll do it. I want to wake up early one morning and make love to you on the deck of our new place as the sun comes up. I want you to kiss me first thing in the morning and last thing at night for the rest of my life, Adam. Forever. I want to wake up with Shelly’s hand in mine or her sweet nipples in my back forever. I want to look up at Allie’s beautiful face, run my hands along her gorgeous butt and know it will never change. This is my fantasy, Lover. To make love to you three – to love you three – always and eternally.”

Allie was awake, Adam was certain. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock in a most enjoyable way. She was using her muscles to stimulate his head while Sarah slid the shaft up and down.

“Sarah, love, I’m close,” Adam whispered. He felt Sarah’s smile on his shoulder.

“Do it,” she urged. “Fill her up with sperm. Let her know what she gets for sleeping with that long hard dick in her tight little hole. Let her know she could have slept with your cum in her all night. That’s what I’m going to do tonight, Lover. I’m going to make slow, gentle love with you and sleep with your sperm inside me all night long. You know you’re the only guy to cum in my pussy, right? You’re the only man I’ve let cum in my mouth. You’ll be the only man to take my ass and you’ll cum there, too.”

The image of Sarah’s ass opening for his cock sent Adam’s libido into overdrive. He grunted and felt a blast of sperm jet onto the walls of Allie’s pussy. Sarah felt him cum and kept up the motions. Allie could keep up the pretense no longer.

“Oh, fuck, Hon,” she said hoarsely. “She’s jacking you into me. Oh, God, Sweetie. You’re going to make me cum, too.”

Allie’s hips rocked, dragging her sensitive clit across Adam’s pubic hair and pinching it against his pubic bone. In two or three quick motions, he felt her pussy tighten further. She rocked faster as her orgasm grew: all the while Sarah was stroking Adam’s length. He had long since stopped cumming but the look of ecstasy on Allie’s face – and Sarah’s own ragged breathing beside him, kept him hard.

“Damn, that was hot,” Allie muttered as she laid back down. “So fucking hot. Jesus what a way to wake up. I will take that over a cup of coffee any morning.”

Allie’s rocking motion had coated Adam’s cock with his own spend and some of hers.

“Allie,” he said softly. “Help me take care of Sarah.”

“I’m dry,” Sarah said. “I got a tampon in.”

“You won’t be,” Allie said. Adam felt her hand run across his dick and then she sat up, pulling him completely out of her. She dipped her fingers into their combined juices that leaked from her pussy and pulled the leg of Sarah’s panties aside, displaying her pussy lewdly.

Allie’s finger, moist with what Adam had provided her, made small circles on Sarah’s clit. She was gentle, caring in her motions. Sarah’s head started to sway from side to side and she licked her dry lips.

“Go surprise Shelly in the shower,” Sarah whispered. “You’ve got time. Allie is taking care of me just right.”

Adam kissed both women gently then slid off the bed. He brushed his teeth as quietly as he could but Shelly heard him anyway.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” she said.

“I’d rather you stayed in with me,” Adam replied, pulling the curtain back. “Actually, I’d rather stay in you in the shower.”

Shelly bit her lip and glanced at the bathroom clock. It was only 6:15. They had half an hour to play, maybe longer if Adam drove. She opened her arms to welcome him and felt his already wet dick against her skin.

“Damn, Allie must have been hot, hot, hot last night,” she said, running her hands over the length of it.

“Sarah was hot, hot, hot this morning,” Adam corrected. “She woke us up by giving me a handjob into Allie.”

“Oh, wow,” Shelly said. “That does sound hot. She sounds as if she’s better this morning.”

“Seems it,” Adam said, dipping his head and capturing Shelly’s lips. His fingers traced her breasts and worked their way down to her puffy pussy lips.

“I don’t think it can go inside me this morning,” Shelly said. “I’m a little sore from yesterday.”

Adam tried to pull his hand back but Shelly stopped him.

“Oh, that feels really nice,” she told him. “Just maybe on the outside and around my button. Do you feel like a soapy handjob or I can suck you off.”

“I’m good,” Adam said. “This is all about Shelly time.”

“I always feel like it’s all about Shelly,” she whispered. “I always feel like you or Allie or Sarah is focusing solely on me. Even last night, when I was cuddled up with Sarah, you held my hand all night. You didn’t want me to feel left out for a minute. Even when I was trying to make sure Sarah felt loved and appreciated, you made sure I felt the same way. Allie, too. She put her hand across Sarah and on my arm. As I was rubbing Sarah’s back, Allie was stroking my arm. Just to show she loved me.”

“We do love you,” Adam said simply, his finger playing gently with Shelly’s clit. Her voice had taken on an aroused tone while she talked and he realized the feelings of affection and warmth that her simple act of caring the night before had produced in all of them were a catalyst to the excitement – not just for her but for Sarah, Allie and himself as well.

“We love you and we want you to always know that, Angel,” he continued. “We want you to know that you are important – as important as any of us. We want you to know we recognize your gentle spirit and your kindness and your generosity and that we love you for those qualities. You’re beautiful and sexy and playful and fun and we love you for that, too. But we love you most for what is inside you.”

Shelly threw her arms around Adam’s neck, kissing him deeply, passionately. She knew he was honest. She knew that there was nothing about her he didn’t love. There was no flaw Allie would pick on. There was no fault Sarah would try to exploit. She could be herself with them and the real Shelly was who they loved.

Her emotions came rushing forward as Adam’s probing finger sent her to the heights of pleasure. They really, honestly, truly loved her as much as she loved them.


Shelly had almost concluded her shower by the time Adam entered so she exited as soon as she recovered enough to stand on her own. She felt the bond with her lovers strengthen with Adam’s words – words she had longed to hear from anyone for so long but that were special because they came from him. She kissed him softly as she came down from her climax, luxuriating in the feeling of his fingers in her hair and his arm around her waist holding her tightly.

Adam was left to finish alone as Shelly went to dress before drying her hair. For perhaps the first time, he had the feeling that things might actually work out. He finally felt like this wasn’t just an experiment, an exciting game they were playing. The emotions were real. He could tell instantly that Sarah was speaking from the heart, that she was committed to making this work.

Allie appeared to truly be in her element. She had confessed that she liked sex with guys better but she always felt emotionally attracted to women. Now she had both. Adam didn’t doubt she loved him. But he suspected that if Shelly or Sarah had left she would have left with them if they had asked. He didn’t worry about Shelly leaving. But he had worried that the awkward nature of the relationship would leave her feeling like an outsider. He had worried that she would grow tired of sharing his affection and seek someone who could give her his or her complete attention. He had worried that this might just be a phase she was going through or a way to prove that she wasn’t the girl everyone thought she was.

Now he changed his mind. She was genuinely in love with Sarah and with Allie. She had the same strong feelings for them as she had for him. He wrapped a towel around his waist and headed in to get dressed for the day. A large smile threatened to split his face. For the first time in a long time, Adam felt happy.


He exited the bedroom where his daily set of clothes, courtesy of Shelly, were stashed and found Trinity and Allie sitting at the computer. Adam was thankful he had dressed completely before coming out. When he saw what the girls were looking at, he realized it didn’t matter.

They were sifting through the images from the photo shoot the day before. Trinity looked up when he came in and blushed.

“Hi,” he said. “Are you riding in with us?”

“If it’s OK,” she said.

“Always,” he smiled, pouring a cup of coffee and grabbing a banana. “Want some coffee or anything?”

“I’m good,” she replied absently, having already gone back to the pictures.

“This really shows how built he is,” Trinity said to Allie. “I mean, you can tell he’s got a great body even with his clothes on. But look at his thighs and his calves. Those are seriously built.”

“I heard he had six-pack abs when he came out here,” Allie replied, glancing over her shoulder at Adam with a smile.

“He still has a five-pack, at least,” Trinity laughed.

“Oh, I heard it was even better,” Allie said. “You know those sexy muscles that run from the abs to the pelvis? I heard when he first came back last summer, girls practically melted when they saw those. At least my source says she practically melted.”

“Yeah,” Trinity said in a distracted voice. “The first time I saw him at the pool, I was like ‘Wow!’ They don’t grow them that way in San Diego. But I see what you mean. They’re not as prominent as they used to be.”

“Uh, I’m still in the room,” Adam said.

“What?” Allie said, her smile turning to a smirk. “Can’t stand a critique of your physique?”

“Well, uh, geez,” Adam said, flustered slightly at having Trinity peruse though his pictures. “How would you like it if I said I thought your butt was getting big?”

Allie snorted.

“I spend at least an hour a day to make sure that’s not the case,” she said. “And you, Mister, are going to start doing the same thing.”

She clicked a couple of pictures and one of the ones that showed Sarah had a nice set of abdominal muscles appeared.

“Oh, man!” Trinity said. “I wish I looked like that. Good God! That girl is smoking.”

“Then you’ll have to join our little workout club,” Allie said. “We can get you set up and you can start looking that way in a month or two. Let me see your tummy.”

Trinity reddened but lifted her top upward slightly. She had a flat, smooth stomach.

“You’re halfway there already,” Allie said. “You don’t have fat to lose, just muscle to tone. It will be great. Crunch your stomach like you’re doing a sit-up.”

Trinity complied and Adam could see she had the start of a firm set of muscles.

“Can you push your shorts down a bit?” Allie asked. “I just want to see how it looks as it tapers. You can have a seriously sexy stomach and hips in about two weeks if you work at it.”

Trinity slipped the button on her shorts open and slid the zipper down. She pushed her panties down until the top of her pubic hair appeared. Adam found himself watching intently, his banana and coffee completely forgotten.

“Oh yeah,” Allie said. “You’ve got the goods. You just need to display them. We can have you in a crop top and short shorts in no time. There isn’t a man alive who wouldn’t stop and stare. If you don’t believe me, glance to your right.”

Adam was too slow to jerk his gaze away. Trinity gave him a smirk Allie would have been proud of.

“I heard she wore Polly Pockets underwear,” Adam said, thinking quickly. “I was just verifying the rumor.”

“I do not wear cartoon character underpants,” Trinity said.

Adam was about to laugh at the word “underpants” but stopped when Trinity stood up and slid her shorts to her ankles. She stood before them in a very brief, very sexy pair of shimmery purple string bikini panties. He gulped.

“So you can put that rumor to rest,” Trinity said, bending forward to pull her shorts up as Shelly walked in. She stopped, did a double take and looked at Adam.

“She doesn’t wear cartoon characters on her underpants,” Adam said simply. “In fact, I don’t think those can be classified as underpants at all. Those definitely fall into the lingerie category.”

Trinity faced him, her arms crossed and, sadly Adam thought, her shorts back on.

“I told you if you picked on me I would pick back,” she said. “It really is too bad I don’t share well with others. It looked like I might have caught your interest there when I gave you a view of my pubes. Looks like you don’t see that too often around here so if you get lonely for hair down there, give me a ring. I’ll give you another peek. Mine’s staying.”

Allie had been fighting to contain her laughter since Trinity dropped her shorts. She could contain it no longer and it burst forth.

“Classic,” she said, hugging Trinity. “That was classic. The look on his face when you dropped trou was worth the price of admission. I swear to God, I thought he was going to faint.”

“What happened to that shy girl who was too scared to talk to me on the bus?” Adam wondered.

Trinity laughed.

“Oh, she is still there,” she admitted. “But you can’t be timid around this group. They would grind you up like chopped sirloin. It’s weird. In my head, I always had a comeback for everything I heard. Usually, I would just chuckle to myself. But for some reason, I’m not embarrassed around you guys. I mean, sure, it took a bit for me to do what I did. But I knew it would be the perfect retort to your joke and instead of just burying it and wishing I’d done it, I did it.”

“You’re free to be yourself,” Shelly said. “I think that is the nicest thing about us. We are happy with who we are and we want others to be happy with who they are. Sure, we’ll pick on you and give you crap. But that’s only because we like you. If we didn’t like you, we probably wouldn’t bother. We need to leave. See you at lunch, Allie.”

Trinity gathered up her backpack before Adam latched onto it for the short trip to the car and walked out with her head high and a slight sway to her hips.

“It really is a shame she doesn’t share,” Allie muttered.

“And that she’s not into girls,” Shelly added.

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