Journal of an Agent Chapter 11 – by Carnage Jackson

Journal of an Agent: Chap. 11 – Jennifer Love Hewitt

By Carnage Jackson

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This is Part 11 of an ongoing series. Yes I know the celebs don’t act

like this in real life, but this is a fantasy after all.

Straightening my light blue bow tie, I ran my hand down my chest,

straightening out my cummerbund. Putting on my black tuxedo jacket, I

grabbed my keys and wallet and hustled out the door.

I was going to be escorting the buxom and beautiful young actress

Love Hewitt to the premiere to her new movie, “Heartbreakers”. This was my

first movie premiere in the six months since I began running my father’s

talent agency out here in L.A. and though I’ve been to many black tie events

(you may remember my recount of the People’s Choice Awards with Jessica

Alba) this one I was really looking forward to, primarily so that I could

spend time with Jennifer. Back in college, she had been a popular girl

around my dorm room, with all three of my roommates and myself watching the

dreadful “I Know What You Did Last Summer” over and over again, just for

Jennifer. If only the guys could see me now…

My affection towards her was really just a school boy crush, but

nevertheless I was going to relish walking down that red carpet with her by

my side. I almost fell out of my chair when I read in Variety that the

premiere was coming up. I had called Jennifer at home to ask her if I could

be her date that night.


“Hi Jennifer, it’s me Dean,” I said to her.

“Oh hey Dean!” she said excitedly. This was pretty common
practice with her

whenever we spoke over the phone. She always seemed to sound like an over

excited teenager when I called. We had not actually met in person yet,

conducting all of our previous business over the phone, so I hoped that I

would get a chance to accompany her on the night of the premiere.

“SHIT!” Jennifer said loudly into the phone, enough to
startle me. “Hold on

just one second Dean,”

I heard her put the phone on a table or something and listened intently

see if everything was all right. I could have sworn I heard moaning in the

background, but it was probably my over active sex drive WANTING to hear

something like that.

A minute or two later, she picked up the phone again. “Sorry about
that, I

was watching TV and when I got up to answer the phone, I accidentally

knocked the remote to the floor. It changed the channel and landed on one of

those porn stations on the satellite system,” she said, out of breath after

having run to quickly change the channel. So I WASN’T hearing things. I

decided to try and have a little fun with the porn thing, mainly for my own


“Sure Jennifer. You knew I was going to call and that thought got
you all

hot and bothered so you decided to put on some porn,” I said to her in a

half joking manner. If only that had been true.

Jennifer laughed in response, that trace of her teenage giggles still

apparent in her light laughter.

“Yea, that’s it Dean. Just the thought of you – never mind the
fact that we

have never seen each other before – gets my panties all wet,” Jennifer said,

playing along with the joke.

“See, I told you. Women around the world can’t hear the name
“Dean” without

shuddering in orgasm,” I said laughing myself at the conversation we were


Jennifer laughed again but finally said “So, why did you REALLY

“I called to see if you need any accompaniment to the premiere of

Heartbreakers next week,” I replied, crossing my fingers under my desk that

she would say yes.

“Hmm… I hadn’t really thought about that. See, my agent is kind
of a

slacker and he forgot to remind me of the date of the premiere,” Jennifer

said, getting in her own personal jab at me. I took it in light fun. “But

yea, since I am dateless right now, I’d love it if you came with me,”

“Sounds great. The premiere starts at 9 so I’ll be there to get
you at 7.

Traffic and all…you know,” I said.

And that brings me to where I am now. I had the driver of the company

Leonard, pick me up around 6 to allow time for the 45 minute drive up to

Jennifer’s Malibu house. Pulling up to the gate, Leonard parked out front

and walked up to the buzzer. I had my window cracked and I watched him do

this. The gate opened and Leonard walked up the driveway to Jennifer’s home.

I took the spare moment to give myself one last look in the mirror, gave my

brown hair a quick comb and then sat back in my seat. Glancing out the

window again, I saw Leonard walking down the driveway with Jennifer on his


She was much shorter than I thought she would be, probably no more than

5’2. She was wearing a silky black dress with spaghetti straps over the

shoulders. The dress stretched down to her mid calves. Her ample breasts

were highly accentuated by the dress, and the cleavage she was sporting was

unbelievable. Over her shoulder she carried a small black purse that looked

to be made of the same material as her dress. As she got nearer to the car,

she looked taller than she probably was because of the four inch high black

shoes she was wearing.

Leonard seemed to be quite pleased with himself for escorting such a

beautiful woman as Jennifer down her driveway, even if no one but me was

there to see it. Leonard was one of the hangers-around from when I took over

the business, a short older man, with gray and balding hair. He had that

classic “well-aged and still semi attractive” look that can only be found

out here in Hollywood. Still, he looked like a kid again as he smiled,

opening the door for Jennifer as she got in the limo. Leonard hustled back

to the drivers seat and we were off.

“Wow Jennifer, you look amazing,” I said to her. Her auburn
brown hair was

up in a bun over her head and I couldn’t help but notice how well she was

fitted to play the role of Audrey Hepburn in that TV bio pic about a year

ago. She blushed at my comment.

“Thanks. You must be Dean,” she said, extending her hand. I
took it in mine

and shook it, feeling the texture of her manicured nails run over my palm

when our handshake broke.

“I’m glad you’re not a troll or anything. You are actually very
handsome. I

didn’t know WHAT you would look like after only talking to you on the

phone,” Jennifer said, laughing a little as she said it. Now it was my turn

to blush slightly.

“Thank you. I used to dress and eat like a pig back in college but
since I

moved out here, I have gotten in much better shape. I feel healthier too.

Must be something in this California air,” I replied, smiling.

“Yeah. The smog!” Jennifer said, and we both broke into

The rest of the car ride was a lot of fun. Jennifer and I carried on a

really good conversation. I found talking to her was just like hanging out

with an old friend, albeit a very beautiful and famous one.

Pulling into the long line of limos outside the Mann Chinese Theater

the premiere was being held, I knew it was showtime. Jennifer had already

begun primping herself slightly in the mirror next to her. The car inched

forward for a few minutes until we reached the entrance. A nicely dressed

valet opened the door for us. Stepping out first, I was there to take

Jennifer’s hand as she got out of the car. I was momentarily blinded

however, by the sudden barrage of flashes from the cavalcade of press

standing behind the guard barriers, all striving to get that perfect shot of

Jennifer as she walked down the red carpet. Jennifer took her time moving

inside, stopping occasionally to pose for a picture. She was all smiles,

waving and doing the typical Hollywood star thing for the press.

When we finally got inside, the theater was packed full of people. Most

them were the crew and producers of the film and their assorted wives,

mistresses or girlfriends. I stayed close to Jennifer, lingering behind her

and making chit chat with various people from the studios that I saw.

Jennifer was doing the same, except for with the crew of the movie and the

other stars. I saw her walk over to where Gene Hackman and Sigourney Weaver

were standing. Figuring it would be a private conversation, I headed over to

the bar outside the entrance to the theater and got Jennifer and myself a


Walking over to where Jennifer was still standing talking, I handed her


“Sigourney, Gene, this is Dean Simonds, my agent,” Jennifer
said, taking my

arm in her hand and introducing me.

Gene Hackman was much shorter than I thought he would be, but I was

amazed that I was standing in the capacity of one of the best actors around.

We shook hands and he said “Nice to meet you Dean. You make sure you arrange

some deal where Jennifer and I can work together again. She’s such a blast

to have on set,” Gene said as he smiled politely. I knew that stars didn’t

like being seen by their agents mingling with other heads of an agency, so I

told him I would try and turned my focus to Sigourney.

By contrast, she was very tall, much taller than I thought she would

We shook hands and said hello, but she seemed to be preoccupied with

something else and said “Excuse me, I’ve got to go finish mingling,” and

walked away. Gene took this as his cue to leave too, before patting me on

the shoulder and walking off in the direction of Sigourney.

Alone again, Jennifer took me by the arm once more and we began making

way to the seats. Unlike what it appears to be on television for the Oscars,

the theater was much smaller than I thought. It was already starting to get

filled so we ended up having to take a seat in the middle of the theater

floor. I sat down, but Jennifer remained standing, leaning this way and that

as she shook hands or gave hugs to people she saw coming in. Leaning over

me, her beautiful breasts, the object of lust for so many men and boys

around the world, were just inches from my face. The smell of her perfume

was almost arousing as her lush, tanned skin was so close to me. I longed to

reach out and touch her, but knew that it would be all over the papers and

that it would ruin my budding reputation.

After filling up the bottom floor, the studio head for MGM got on stage

said a few words. Since the film was a comedy, the crowd was pretty raucous

and loud, but in a fun way. He left the stage after a few minutes and was

replaced by a gigantic screen coming down from the rafters. The lights

dimmed and the movie started playing. The first scene was really funny and

the audience showed this, as the whole auditorium was filled with laughter.

The movie continued and I settled in for what I hoped would be a good movie.

If Hollywood liked it, that meant that the public would love it, and that

would make Jennifer’s bargaining in future projects go up.

About fifteen minutes into it though, Jennifer grew a little restless

her seat. I looked over to see what she was doing and saw that she was

reaching into her purse. Pulling out a black towel, she carefully unfolded

it and reached over to me, draping across my lap. Her arm had been resting

next to mine on the arm rest up until now, but slowly she moved it away from

mine, sliding it over to my leg so very carefully. The next thing I knew,

her small hand was moving up my thigh and onto my crotch. The room suddenly

seemed to get much hotter as her hand finally came to rest right on top of

my dick. I could feel myself hardening slightly under her touch, but tried

to control myself. And then she started unzipping my zipper.

“Jennifer, what are you doing?” I whispered to her. All she
said in return

was “Shhh…”

Showing my inexperience at events like these, I stupidly asked
“Why aren’t

you watching the movie?”

Jennifer shot me a coy and a little angry look. I felt her hand start

move away, but then she thought better of it.

“Relax. I’ve already seen it. Bootleg off of the Internet,”
she said with a

smile now. “Just relax and let me do the work,”

Her hand furthered it’s exploration of my pants, and I felt it slip

into my boxer shorts and make contact with my now hard cock. I tried to act

like nothing was happening. Glancing over at the man next to me, he was too

interested in the movie to even care about what was going on in the seat

next to him.

Jennifer took my cock in her hand and slowly, so agonizingly slowly,

about 3/4 of it out of my pants. Then she began moving her hand up and down

at a very slow pace. I think that if she had sped up, I would have moaned

loudly and shot my wad all over her hand then and there, Hollywood be


Jennifer’s pace was a bit maddening, but it felt so good. I could feel

nails, only a few minutes before shaking the hands of some of Hollywood’s

elite, rubbing against my skin so lightly and delicately. She moved her

thumb down on the downward strokes and teased and flicked my balls a little,

causing me to shut my mouth as tight as I could to keep from groaning out.

I laid my head back on the seat and again tried to act naturally.

meanwhile had her other hand in her lap and seemed to be paying attention to

the movie, occasionally glancing over at me as she rubbed and teased my cock

head up and down. I felt her index finger run over the top of my slit and

smear the precum all over the rest of the head. Her pace sped up a little

after that, and I knew I was on the verge of cumming. Jennifer sensed it

too, and her hand was now moving much faster than initially. I leaned

forward slightly so that it wasn’t too apparent that I was getting a

fantastic hand job from one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. I closed my

eyes and bucked my hips a little bit as I felt my hot cum rising from within

my balls.

Jennifer acted quickly though, and leaned my dick forward. Aiming it at

handkerchief, I exploded in orgasm as my wad shot all over the inside of the

cloth. I must have blown almost a gallon of cum, but the cloth was pretty

thick and seemed to absorb it all. Feeling my cock soften, Jennifer moved

the remaining dry portion of the handkerchief (what little there was) over

my now deflated 9 inch cock and cleaned it off. Putting my cock back in my

pants with her nimble hands, Jennifer carefully saved one big dollop of it

on her finger. She reached over with her other hand and neatly folded the

handkerchief up, it still soaking with my cum, and put it back in her purse.

She zipped me back up carefully and slowly again, and then finally moved her

hand away. Her finger still holding my cum, she casually moved the tip of it

up to her mouth and sensually licked it clean. Her eyes shut as she enjoyed

the taste of it, sticking her whole finger in her mouth and licking it


Folding her hands neatly back in her lap, Jennifer focused her
attention on

the movie. I tried to act calm and normal for the rest of the show, but

after what had just transpired, it was more than a little hard. I would look

over at Jennifer occasionally, but she continued to stare straight ahead and

I began to wonder almost if the whole thing really had happened.

The movie concluded an hour or so later and we got back into the limo.

first, neither of us said anything. I sure as hell wasn’t going to say the

first word about it, for fear that I may really have just had a fantasy

about her while in the theater and I didn’t want to completely embarrass

myself about it.

Finally though, Jennifer spoke, quietly and a little indignantly.

“You know Dean, you could have said thank you,” Jennifer
said, the orange

tint of the passing street lamps of the L.A. freeway a blur as we pulled

away from the theater as she leaned her face against the cool leather of the

inside interior of the limo, her face casting a disinterested stare.

I was stunned for a moment, but then regained my though process.
“I’m sorry

about that Jennifer. It just seemed so surreal. I have to admit that just

two years ago when I was still in college, you were one of the women I

masturbated to the most. I feel really weird telling you that, but I just

want you to know that I did appreciate it. A lot,” I said. I couldn’t bring

myself to look at her as I said this, partly out of shame but more from

sheer embarrassment at doubting the sexual effort Jennifer had went to for


I glanced up to look at Jennifer’s face. She was staring directly at me

with her normally soft but now quite intense, brown eyes. She had her arms

folded across her chest, beneath her shallowly moving up and down breasts.

She had her back to the seat and her legs crossed, but I could see in the

faint light that would enter the limo from the street lights that a smile

was coming across her face.

“So then say it,” Jennifer said devilishly. “Say
‘Jennifer, I loved the

hand job you gave me. It was the best.’” she said, smiling gleefully now,

happy with her handiwork.

I wasn’t going to lie about it, so I flat out said “Jennifer, I
loved the

hand job you gave me. It was the best I have ever had,” I said as deadpan as

possible. I was having real trouble reading where Jennifer was going with

this, but she quickly gave me a hint.

When she realized I was done, her manner changed totally. She was back

the bubbling little girl that she had been when we first met, and now she

laughed at the whole charade that had just gone on.

“That was classic Dean. Classic. I’m going to have to remember
that one for

in the future,” Jennifer said with a huge smile that I couldn’t help but

feel almost warmed by. “Now, enough chat. We have 45 minutes till we get to

my place. I want to use all those to the full advantage and get in a good,

nasty fuck session,”

My jaw almost hit the floor of the limo, and it would have too if

hadn’t already begun undressing. She had moved her hands up to her shoulders

and made a huge scene of sliding the straps of her dress down to the very

base of her breasts so that it just barely covered over her nipples. When

she finally let it down, I was speechless. Her breasts, despite all the

celebrity skin I had seen in the six months since I moved here, had to be

the most gorgeous things I had ever seen. They were the perfect conical

shape, not pointing outright from her chest but far from saggy. The natural

shape of them let me know right away that, to steal a line from “Seinfeld”,

“they were real and, their spectacular”. The nipples on both breasts were

around the size of a half dollar. The areola and the base of the now erect

nipple were a medium shade of brown, with the shade lightening up till it

finally stopped at the end of her jutting out nipples. They looked so

succulent and beautiful, and I hoped I would get to touch them soon.

Fixing my gaping mouth, I wasted no time in taking off my expensive

coat and the rest of my tuxedo and flinging them to the side, leaving me in

just a pair of boxer shorts. Jennifer by this time was down to just her

panties, a silky black pair made from the same material as her dress. They

were thong underwear and when she moved her ass, I could see her beautiful

ass cheeks, firm and tight. Her pussy was shaven around the edge of the

underwear but I could smell her quite easily from across the limo. It must

have been a while since she had had sex, and I was happy I was going to be

fixing that. Her musk was not a bad scent by any means, but I think the

excitement in not having had sex in a while made it even the more strong.

Being relatively short, Jennifer barely had to duck as she walked

the limo over to me. I looked behind her and saw that the window between us

and Leonard was still open. He had a pair of headphones on, but I didn’t

want to take any risks and shut the window. With the window closed, I

flicked on the lights in the back of the car. The floor was illuminated with

miniature little lights, each of which gave out a whitish-yellow glow on to

everything in the car, especially Jennifer’s pale white skin. She looked

almost heavenly in that light, as she sat down up lap.

I had my legs closed, so Jennifer spread hers out on top of mine. Her

little feet dangled there as she began to move herself back and forth on my

lap with her hips. I could feel her pubic bone, and more importantly her

clit, rubbing against my already rock-hard dick through my boxer shorts. It

was straining to get out, and finally I reached down and released it.

Jennifer gasped a little when she saw my 9 inch monster (not really

realizing the true size of it in the theater I assumed), but her gasp became

lust as she reached down with her hands and pulled my boxers off completely.

Jennifer began to rub her wet, hot cunt lips up and down on my shaft

stroking and sliding along it back and forth. She balanced herself by

pushing down on my thighs for support. The feel of her wet womanhood and the

smell of her arousal and the sweat of our bodies inside such a confined

space was absolutely incredible. Nothing could beat it.

Well, almost nothing. While Jennifer slid up and down on my lap and was

gyrating her hips on top of me in a teasing method, I was doing a little

teasing of my own. With my hands shaking as I did it, I placed one hand

tentatively on her left breast. Jennifer sighed as I did this but was

totally enjoying it. Her breast was so warm and soft. The skin and texture

of it was incredible. I gently began moving my hand over her nipple back and

forth, usually taking the alternate motion to her rubbing and grinding on my

leg. Taking her nipple in my fingers, I began to squeeze and pull and

stretch it out. Jennifer’s breasts were incredibly sensitive, because as I

did this, I felt her pussy gush cum out onto my lap. Encouraged, I moved my

other hand to her breast and began repeating the process. Soon, Jennifer

Love Hewitt was sliding back and forth on top of my cock, arching and

snaking her back as I played with her breasts.

I knew that postponing my entry into her would make it even more

so I decided to enjoy her breasts even more. Leaning my mouth down to her

right nipple, I took it in my teeth as I began to flick my tongue all around

it. Jennifer moaned and cried out loudly as I did this. My tongue was like a

nimble snake, running across the surface of her breast at a furious pace,

teasing and pleasuring her. Jennifer by now was holding the other breast in

her hand and squeezing it gently. Her once nicely arranged hair was now a

total mess, hanging down over the naked shoulders. I would occasionally feel

it brush against my leg when she would thrust her head back in an especially

enjoyable moment.

This could have went on forever as far as I was concerned, but I knew

we would get to her place soon, so I decided to take it to the next level.

Taking my cock in hand, I slid Jennifer further down onto my thighs and

rubbed the head of my dick against her entrance. I wanted to get it nice and

lubricated because I knew that her young pussy would be incredibly tight.

Grabbing Jennifer by her small, soft ass, I lifted her up and scooted

towards me. With my dick still in one hand, I bent it up forward a little.

Jennifer’s hips acted alone and shifted angles so that our two sexes met at

the same time. For a split second, it created a triangle of sorts there in

the air; my rock hard, blood engorged cock touching lightly upon her golden

brown, soft cunt. But it was fleeting and then I was inside of her, her legs

wrapped around my waist and her hips and pubic bone resting against mine.

Jennifer had her eyes closed and was savoring taking in all nine inches

once (in one thrust even!). I meanwhile was lost in the absolute heaven of

the inner walls of her pussy. Soft and comforting, I again felt that I would

never leave them if I didn’t have to. She was incredibly wet, so much so

that she was dripping on the outside of her cunt, the juices running down my

legs. And the heat was just as comforting as her tightness though, and

seemed to radiate so much energy from within that when I would push and pull

in and out her, the sexual energy from her would be passed on to me and I

would have the renewed vigor and strength of a teenage kid again.

I wasted no time hammering into her, and this seemed to suite Jennifer

fine. Holding onto her hips, I slammed her up and down on top of my cock as

she bounced up and down on my lap, the car filled with the sound of flesh on

flesh and musk of sexual excitement. Jennifer had to bend her head a little

to keep from smacking into the roof of the car every time I would thrust

into her harder and harder. She didn’t seem to mind though: her eyes were

still closed as she sat there, occasionally moaning out loudly or using her

hands to tweak her nipples or play with my chest.

The excitement from earlier in the night got me excited again very

and I felt my orgasm fast approaching. Not wanting to cum before Jennifer

did, I reached my hand down and began to play with her tiny little clit,

rubbing it in my fingers back and forth. Using the rest of my hand, I would

guide it into her finger by finger, feeling my own dick rubbing against my


This was more than enough for Jennifer, and the resulting friction from

hand and my cock were enough to send her into a screeching, high pitched

orgasm that seemed to go on for at least 15 seconds of pure bliss for her.

At some point during that scream, I let loose all the cum I had been

building in my balls, lining the inside of Jennifer’s cunt with my sticky

white cum. We continued to fuck for a little bit longer and though my cock

was still hard, it was Jennifer who slid off of me.

I thought she was done and was going to get dressed, but Jennifer

me. Getting on all fours, she reached around pried her ass cheeks apart,

exposing her cute little butthole and her semi-hairy pussy just a few inches


“Take your pick,” Jennifer said naughtily. As bad as it
sounds, I was torn

about which one to go with. Finally, I headed for new turf and slid my cock

head up to her puckered (but loosening) asshole. I felt Jennifer’s muscles

involuntarily contract when our skin touched, but she immediately relaxed


My cock still sticky from being inside of Jennifer a few minutes
earlier, I

used the lubrication from it to slowly begin working my way into her. Her

asshole was almost too tight and I knew that she wasn’t very experienced in

anal sex. Still, she did her best and relaxed as best as she could. Looking

down, I saw her face shoved into the floor of the limo. She had a pained

expression on her face, but it was the sort of look you get when you get a

shot in the arm: you know it’s going to hurt, but then it will be over real


Wanting to make things easier for her, I used my other hand that wasn’t

helping to wiggle my hard cock up her ass to stroke and play with her pussy.

The sensation didn’t seem to be doing much for her, but the more I kept at

it, the more Jennifer began to like it. Trying to get more of my hand in her

pussy, Jennifer began rocking back and forth on her knees, thus helping my

cock gain some momentum and finally slide all the way into her.

I eased up on the pussy rubbing to let Jennifer realize that I was all

way in her before I began fucking her up the ass. She seemed to pause for a

second, but then took my hand that was resting on her pussy and began to

slide it back and forth on her cunt once again. I let her lead my hand and

do all the work while I concentrated instead on fucking her ass.

My pace was slower than when I fucked her tight cunt. This time, I was

pulling in and out of her in long, slow strokes. It was agonizing,

especially after how rapidly I had fucked her and cum inside of her pussy,

but the sensation of doing it nice and slow was incredible. It was almost

like I could feel every nerve in my body, and if I could, they were all in

intense pleasure and enjoyment.

Glancing out the window to the dark night outside, I realized just how

close we were to Jennifer’s home. I had probably five minutes till we

arrived and got busted by Leonard. Still wanting to enjoy being inside of

her ass, I began to slide in and out of her more fully this time, making

each inward thrust all the more pleasurable, but also quicker and more of a

time saver. Not knowing if this was going to be my last time having sex with

Jennifer though, I gave up the anal sex after just a few more thrusts. I had

other things in mind.

“Lay down Jennifer,” I said to her. I think she knew what was
coming next

and she did it immediately.

Positioning my cock between her two beautiful breasts, I took them in

hands and began to squeeze and knead them around my cock. My hips were

slowly starting to thrust back and forth between her breasts, as I rubbed

her tits against my long shaft. Jennifer had reached her hands up and was

playing with my ass, occasionally sticking a finger into it for

encouragement. I wasn’t used to this, and though it felt nice, it made my

thrusts between her breasts speed up. I was now going at them furiously

after just a minute or two of starting out so softly. Jennifer’s body rocked

back and forth on the floor of the limo. Anyone passing outside probably

would have seen the car rocking back and forth as it moved down the road and

I couldn’t help but wonder if Leonard had any idea what we were doing.

Jennifer’s hair was spread out all over the limo floor and was sliding

and forth as we went around curves in the road. I knew that I didn’t have

much longer, so I pulled my dick (unwillingly mind you) from her breasts and

began jacking off right by her mouth. Proving to be the little minx slut she

was, Jennifer had her mouth open and waiting for my cum to shoot out and

land on her extended tongue. When my orgasm came seconds later though, I

used the opportunity to aim it upwards and shoot my wad all over Jennifer’s

face. I don’t know why I did it, but Jennifer certainly wasn’t complaining.

Jennifer must have had a sixth sense for dick, because even though she

couldn’t see, her mouth knew right away where my dick was and took to

sucking it right away. Cleaning it off, I sighed a breath of relief.

Reaching into her purse, I pulled out that same handkerchief again and used

it to clean the cum off of Jennifer’s face. She smiled sexily at me as I did

this, and I made sure that a little bit of my spunk slid down her cheeks and

onto her breasts “accidentally”. It was an image I knew I would never


After wiping off Jennifer’s face, I guessed that we had three minutes
or so

to get dressed. Acting quickly, I helped Jennifer get back into her dress

and panties and tried to fix her hair so that it at least didn’t look as bad

as it had when she lay there on the floor getting fucked long and hard by

me. Jennifer also helped me fix my suit and tie and made sure I didn’t have

any of her juices still sticking to my legs that would make my pants appear

to have wet spots in them.

We made it just in the nick of time. As I was retying my shoe, the car

to a stop and Leonard got out and opened the door. Jennifer stepped out but

stood by the door to talk to me.

“Dean, would you like to come in for a while? I can drive you home

Jennifer said sweetly.

The truth was, I really couldn’t go in that night. The next day I had

fly out to New York for a meeting with NBC about Jennifer Aniston’s

contract. So if I stayed up all night fucking Jennifer Love Hewitt, I might

not make my flight in time and thus “fuck over” a client in the process.

“I’m sorry Jennifer. This sounds really bad but I have a plane I
have to

catch in the morning. I’m sorry,” I said, trying to sound as humble and

apologetic as I could.

Jennifer looked upset for just a moment, but then she got that sexual

in her eyes again.

“That’s alright. I’m sure Leonard would LOVE to come in for a cup
of coffee

or, you know, whatever,” Jennifer said mischievously, wrapping her arm

around Leonard’s waist and pulling him close to her.

I looked at Leonard and swear I had never seen greater happiness on a

face. Even though I knew Leonard was married and had two or three kids, I

don’t think God himself could stop him from walking up that driveway.

“Of course I would. It would be my pleasure,” Leonard said.
It was obvious

he was using his classic charm and flirting skills and that Jennifer was to

some extent falling for it.

I took this as my cue to leave. I stepped out of the car as well.

dropped the keys in my hand and then the two walked up to Jennifer’s house,

arms still around each other. Jennifer looked back at me and smiled, giving

me a slight wave. I couldn’t help but laugh when Leonard looked back and

gave me an enthusiastic thumbs-up, right before the two disappeared around a

curve in the road.

Happy with the way things had went that night, I drove back to my house

collapsed in bed, sleeping like a baby.

CHAPTER 12: Jennifer Aniston

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