The Harem Episode 7 “Some Nudity Required” By KMB

So here it is coming at you with all the subtlety of a Randy Johnson fastball or a Goldust WWF promo it’s another installment of “The Harem.” If you haven’t been paying attention to what in fact this series is all about, I really don’t have much to say to you except I weep for future generations that don’t have their fingers on the pulse of pornography.

But since you are interested enough to keep reading I will recap what happened in the last chapter. When we last left our heroes, they had settled quite nicely into their Malibu mansion where they could indulge in their secret passions. Sarah, Love, Rose and Jennifer welcomed new addition Jewel to the house and showed her that there’s no lesbian loving quite like celebrity lesbian loving. Sarah also managed to successfully seduce her friend Reese Witherspoon, but on a downer note found herself the target of a sexual harassment suit from a creepy production assistant named Rick that she had had fired. Love hired a sexy French maid for the house and Jennifer found herself striking up a friendship with their next door neighbors, who happened to be three aimless youths with paranoid sensibilities and the ability to grow, and sell, kick ass pot.

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Now there’s a little business to take care of before we get to the good stuff. First off if you are not familiar with the rather enthusiastic porn acting style of the lovely Chloe, visit her web site. She’s got an excellent free preview section you can check it out, because it helps if you are familiar with her. Second, if you are not aware of the Playboy TV show “Night Calls” then please turn in your heterosexuality card at the door and leave. You disgust me. But if you don’t and require an education, check out Juli and Tiff at
Now that you are all nice and educated, I can get to the legal mumbo jumbo. Basically the law says that if you’re under 18 you’re not allowed to read this. That naturally makes sense because we all know that people under the age of 18 never think about sex…ever. So if you’re that young, go away. Perhaps you can go and buy a gun or something because I think that’s legal. Welcome to Ashcroft’s America.

In another legal note, this story is entirely fictional. It would be nice if it was true, but it would also be nice if we were living there at the mansion. That’s not going to happen, so we content ourselves with fan fiction. This is entirely the product of my imagination.

As always credit goes to Ghoulardi for thinking of the idea in the first place for this story and for being an excellent proofreader and letting me know when my lines are too corny. Credit also goes to the eagle eye of Raziel for letting me spot what I missed. You don’t know his stories yet, but you will.

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Ok, I think that takes care of that. Now here’s something you’ll really enjoy.

The Harem
Episode 7
“Some Nudity Required”

As it tended to do every day, morning arrived and with it brought another opportunity for people to become masters and mistresses of the universe. People all across the world took the philosophy of carpe diem and used it to their full advantage. They were up with the sun, ready to conquer the world and leave those who opposed them lifeless in their wake.

By contrast there was the existence of the actress. While people worked their way to triple bypass surgery by analyzing every number that came across early from the Tokyo stock exchange, the biggest concern to many of the women in this industry was trying not to be late for their call time or, in many cases, their audition.

That was certainly true for Love that morning. She didn’t have a call time to worry about, but hopefully that was going to change after the audition she was scheduled for. The audition wasn’t until mid-morning so Love had been able to sleep in and treat herself to a long, hot shower. Being true to her nature, she hadn’t been able to resist taking extra time to soap up her breasts and to play a little between her legs, but she slapped her own hand away before she got too far. She couldn’t weaken her resolve. Not when she was so close.

It wasn’t like Love to deny herself even a quick round of finger play, but when she exited the shower she still had a big, satisfied smile on her face. After drying herself off, Love grabbed her fluffy sky blue robe and wrapped it around her body. She walked back up to her room, careful not to betray her utter excitement over the possibilities that lay ahead that day.

Lately only one thing would have created that kind of happy anticipation in Love and that was a beautiful girl submitting to her sapphic desires and letting her do amazing things to her body. But this was different. Today she was focused on her career. For too long she had felt as if her acting career was stuck in neutral. She got a lot of scripts sent to her, but none of them were very good. They were either romantic comedies that were neither romantic nor comedic or more running away from a hooked killer type roles. Love knew she could act; she just wanted to be able to prove herself to the directors who barely ever gave her a second thought.

Now she had a chance to do just that. She was auditioning for Thomas Paul Henderson. His last film had been one of the hottest independent releases of 2000 and now he had studio financing for his second film. Love didn’t know how her agent had gotten her this audition, but he had and she had a chance to score a big time role in an edgy production.

Love had envied the way Sarah, Jennifer and Rose had been able to have their choice of interesting, complicated roles to play over the years. She wanted the chance to play different types of characters besides sweet and innocent girl next-door types. If she could pull this off then her career would really be moving forward soon. Maybe then she’d be able to show that she was an actress and not just a personality. Here was a chance for her to be taken seriously and seen in an adult light.

She had been practicing for this part all week and she was confident she knew the character cold. Love felt such giddy anticipation about this audition that she was practically walking on air as she returned to her room. She was filled with nervous energy because she had done something she had thought she would never do. In order to focus on the part with all her energy, Love had cut herself off from sex. The character she was playing was desperate in every sense of the word and Love wanted to be able to portray that desperation.

For the past three days no temptation her housemates could offer was enough for Love to give in. They had all tried, but none had succeeded. Sarah had gone as far as to invite Reese Witherspoon back to the house for all of them to enjoy, but Love hadn’t weakened and of course this self-denial had driven Rose crazy. She just couldn’t understand why any woman would do that to herself. She had taken to crawling into bed at night with Love, but even that, as tempting as that had been, had not caused Love to fall off the wagon.

To show she was ready for this part, Love wanted to be just as desperate as the character. It was her own form of method acting. It was just like what Sean Penn did, but then again to Love’s eyes he never seemed happy. It was a hard experiment, but she felt it was worth doing.

Love had stayed the course through the sea of temptation, even though it was very tough. A week without sex might not have seen like a lot to most people, but to Love it was excruciating. Here she had all this beautiful and willing girl flesh around her and she couldn’t partake. She felt like a dieter being dragged to an all you can eat buffet. But she felt like this was going to be worth her sacrifice. She wanted this part and if she had to do without sex for a few days then that would have to be so.

She still had all this energy coursing through her veins so Love was in an even gigglier mood than usual. She felt like dancing a little so she slid in the first cd she found and cranked up her stereo. It happened to be Madonna and, within moments, the sounds of “Ray of Light” were pumping through Love’s room and all over the upstairs of the house.

As the music really started going past the opening chords and into the frenzied collection of techno that it was, Love threw off her robe leaving herself quite naked. She stepped away from the puddle of fluffiness her robe had become and began releasing some of that pent up energy by dancing around her room. The fact that she was still naked was absolutely irrelevant. She wasn’t trying to be sexy or tempting. She was just having fun.

Love let the music fill up her senses and move her body. She danced over to her drawers and began picking out the clothes she was going to wear. Not missing a beat in her dancing, she rooted through her underwear deciding between sexy and practical. Deciding that it didn’t matter she chose sexy because it would make her feel more confident. She pulled out a sheer black g-string and a matching black bra. While still dancing, Love managed to hop into her panties, pulling them up her legs and loving how the sheer material felt against her skin.

The bra was pulled on next and it was an odd feeling. Since she had moved into the house she had barely worn anything, much less a restraint of her breasts. It just seemed to get in the way of fun and, besides, Love enjoyed going braless, it made her feel more sexy and free. But today she couldn’t risk “Thelma and Louise,” as she had once jokingly called them, overshadowing her, so they were encased.

Her underwear securely fastened, Love continued shaking her groove thang to Madonna and moved to her closet. Should she wear a dress? A lot of what she had was too fancy for an audition. She didn’t want to seem too dressed up, but she also didn’t want to seem too casual. She couldn’t exactly show up in jeans and a sweatshirt. There had to be a safe middle ground for her to live with.

Love felt a shiver go through her body when she went through her closet and saw The Blouse. She hadn’t worn it in so long but it was the white blouse she had worn to the audition that day when she and Sarah had competed for the same part, fought and then begun this wonderful journey she was on. Love began to stroke the smooth material of the blouse and remembered her first kiss with Sarah. How it had been a desperation move by Sarah to win the argument that quickly had turned into something so much more. When Love closed her eyes, she could still picture them falling to the floor, Sarah on top, while they pulled away at their clothes in a frenzied attempt to get naked as soon as possible.

Seeing the thigh high black skirt she had worn that day right next to the blouse, Love sighed in ecstasy. She could remember as clearly as yesterday how it felt when Sarah had pulled it off of her, making them both nude and willing. Love had never been touched by another woman like that before and now it was all she knew. So much had changed since the last time she had worn this outfit and Love felt like it was a sign that it was time to wear it again. Things had gone so well the last time she had worn it, why not go for it again.

By now Madonna was done flying quicker than a ray of light and was now talking about perfume candy girls, but Love barely noticed the song change. She was lost in the happy memories of how it had started with her and Sarah and how it had grown into everything they had now.

“Mmmm Sarah,” Love moaned softly aloud. “I wish you were going to be there for me today just like you were last time.”

“Well that can be arranged,” Love heard a voice behind her say and she didn’t even have to turn around to know that it was Sarah standing in the doorway of her room.

“How long have you been watching me?” Love asked in mock anger over being spied upon.

“Since about the time you started shaking your booty,” Sarah replied with a smile. “I didn’t mean to spy, but after I opened your door I couldn’t help but watch the show. Then I heard what you said and well…”

“Well what?” Love asked, staring at Sarah and crossing her arms over her underwear clad body. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Me?” Sarah inquired, smiling the whole time. “I thought you were the one who didn’t like girls anymore, Love.”

“Oh Sarah, you know it’s not like that,” Love pouted. “It’s just that this audition, it’s all I’ve been able to think about lately.”

“So would you like to have me along for moral support or for something else?” Sarah teased.

“I think you know,” Love replied shooting Sarah the look of good-natured lust that she knew drove her lovers wild. “I was just remembering that last audition we both went on.”

“A trip down memory lane? What brought that on?” Sarah asked, walking toward Love. She then saw the clothes that had activated Love’s memory circuits. “Ohhhhh I see. Mmmm God you looked so hot that day Love.”

“So did you in your sexy little dress,” Love replied as she snuggled up to Sarah. “Sometimes I still can’t believe what happened.”

“I know,” Sarah agreed. “It’s like a dream. A very long, very good dream. God and to think they never even made the film. If only they knew what they started.”

“The shock alone would kill them,” Love stated as she pulled the skirt and blouse out of her closet. “I’m going to wear them today.”

“Oh looking to score at the audition again?” Sarah laughed. “Who are you up against? Natalie Portman? Katie Holmes? Neve Campbell?”

“Don’t I wish,” Love smiled while she began buttoning the blouse up. “It’s just going to be me this morning. I wanted to wear something that brought me luck and this sure did last time.”

“Luck…screaming orgasms…what’s the difference?” Sarah joked before helping Love zip up her skirt and kissing her on the lips. “It’s not often that I get to help you dress Love. I figured I’d better grab the opportunity while I could. Think you’ll still be in self denial mode when you get home?”

“Oh hell no,” Love vowed. “I’m going to jump the first girl I see when I come through the door.”

“Mmmm then I’ll make sure I’ll be home for that,” Sarah promised. “We can help you celebrate getting the part.”

“Shhhh! Take that back!” Love urged excitedly. “You’ll jinx me!”

“Oh stop,” Sarah shot back. “You’re going to do just fine. The director would be crazy not to cast you. Actually I think he really is crazy, but that shouldn’t matter.”

“He’s not crazy,” Love defended. “He’s just…. ummm…eccentric. That’s the word.”

“I think full blown loony is more like it,” Sarah replied, shaking her head as she remembered some of the stories she had heard about indie sensation Thomas Paul Henderson. “I mean I heard when the studio first gave him the money for this thing he was going to go make a movie about a goat herder in Afghanistan and actually shoot it there!”

“That’s not true!” Love contended. “At least I think it’s not. All that matters is that he is making his movie here and he wants to see me!”

Sarah smiled at her friend’s exuberance. She didn’t have the heart to tell her that she thought she was all wrong for the part. She had looked over the script and it wasn’t that she thought Love was a bad actress, she just thought the material was full of itself and not suited for her.

After scoring with a big independent film a few years ago, Warner Brothers had decided to sink big money into TPH, as he preferred to be called, and his next project. Sarah had never seen the appeal of his first film. It was a black and white three and a half hour movie about two lovers waiting through the night to commit suicide at dawn. Sarah had found it pretentious and boring and while everyone else was ooohing and ahhhhing over the deep symbolic nature and the bleak, but beautiful, desperation, she had gone out for popcorn and snuck into the theater showing “Charlie’s Angels.”

In her mind, Sarah didn’t think this new one was a whole lot better. It was about street kids in LA and basically all they seemed to do was take drugs, curse and rape each other. It was supposed to symbolize the futility of street life, but Sarah thought all it symbolized was one director’s runaway ego.

Love was supposed to play a heroin addicted prostitute who ends up being gang banged and Sarah had been trying to think of a way to talk her out of it. But she hadn’t been able to come up with a good reason, so she had kept her feelings to herself. Besides Love wanted to do this and Sarah wasn’t going to stand in her way. She hoped she got it and did a great job with the role, because Sarah knew that Love could do it. But part of Sarah felt this was just a dumb project and that Love should wait for something better to come along.

There was no denying Love’s excitement for the part though, so Sarah was going to support her no matter what. She knew first hand how rewarding it was to have a good part in an edgy movie, so she hoped Love would have the same luck she had when she convinced James Toback to use her in “Harvard Man.”

“Is this outfit ok or should I change to something trashy, you know for the part?” Love asked nervously.

“Stop having kittens Love and relax,” Sarah urged her. “You’re going to do just fine. You’re going to blow this guy away and it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.”

“Thanks Sarah,” Love replied with gratitude. “I really want this. I know this part cold. Thomas Paul Henderson isn’t going to know what hit him.”

“That’s my girl,” Sarah smiled. “You can do this! Now I came up actually for a real reason. I was going to make breakfast. Are you hungry?”

“Oh no,” Love replied. “Thanks Sarah but I’m too excited to eat anything right now. I think that if I do, I might just blow chunks all over him when I meet him. Then I’ll have cinched my ‘Biggest Dork Alive’ award and lost the part.”

“Yeah that’s not the first impression you want to make,” Sarah replied. “But don’t be nervous Love. You can do this. We all believe in you.”

* * * * *

Sarah’s words of encouragement ran through Love’s mind as she waited in the studio to be called in for the audition. The closer she got to it, the more nervous she felt. She hadn’t been this nervous since she had first decided to take the plunge and try to become a professional actress. Her decision to do that had paid off when she had quickly scored regular TV gigs that led to her role on “Party of Five.” But now it was time to take the next step. She felt that producers and directors saw her as some good girl or, even worse, a kid. This would change all that and if she pulled this off then Hollywood would have to take her seriously.

“Ms. Hewitt?” the woman behind the desk in the waiting room said. “They’re ready for you.” Love didn’t know what she was. An assistant? A receptionist? Who could tell these days? All that mattered was that it was her time now. Love took a deep breath and went in.

Love walked into the office and set down her bag on a chair as she saw three men in conference. One of them she immediately recognized as Thomas Paul Henderson. The other guy was dressed in a suit that just screamed “producer.” Love wasn’t quite sure what to make of the other guy, but he looked like he hadn’t showered in a week.

“There you are Ms. Hewitt, glad you could come in this morning,” the producer said as he got off his chair and grasped Love’s hand. “Murray built you up so much we had to see you for ourselves.”

“Thanks, he’s great,” Love said, smiling when she thought of her agent, one of the few in Hollywood that didn’t have an obvious dorsal fin. “And please call me Love.”

Her response drew a fleeting look between Thomas and the unwashed guy, but Love didn’t pay it much mind. She was just happy to be here.

“I really can’t thank you enough for this chance,” she declared. “I can’t wait to show you all what I can do.”

“Why don’t we just get to it then,” Thomas said quickly. “This is my lead actor Vinnie Mallo. I don’t make a movie without him.”

“Hi Vinnie,” Love said cheerfully.

“Hey…Love,” Vinnie replied barely able to contain a snicker.

“Ok let’s go,” the producer said. “We’ll take it from page 94 at the top. Is everyone ready?”

“I’m ready,” Love declared, noticing that Vinnie didn’t just look like he needed a shower. He smelled that way too.

“Whatever,” Vinnie stated.

Love saw that everyone assembled was waiting for her so she took another deep breath, summoned the lessons from every acting class she had ever taken and went for it. She knew the script pretty cold by now, but she still held it out in front of her for guidance if necessary.

“Don’t you see Johnny…I need the stuff. I need it to live!” Love began, trying her best to stop being Jennifer Love Hewitt and becoming Angelique, the junkie. “I need it more than I needed milk from my whore of a mother’s tit! I don’t care if you think I’m throwing my life away! It’s my fucking life! And if I want to shoot smack and get fucked up the ass for money then that’s what I’m fucking gonna do!”

“But what about our baby,” Vinnie mumbled.

“Fuck it!” Love snarled, feeling the character. “Who says it’s yours anyway! You think you were the only guy I let come inside me? Fuck you Johnny! It could be any guy on this street and I don’t really fucking care! I hope it comes out freaky and deformed! I wish I could cut it out of me right fucking now and throw it in your face! Don’t you see Johnny? It doesn’t matter if the baby is yours or not or if it lives or dies! We’re all walking corpses. We’re all dead. You just don’t know it yet! We’re dead bodies walking the street and this stuff makes me feel alive if only for a little while. It’s all I care about! You and this baby are just insignificant pieces of dirt to me!”

“You really don’t feel that way,” Vinnie replied, though Love had to strain to hear him. “You can’t mean what you’re saying.”

“Oh I mean it, what makes you think you’re so fucking special?” Love continued. “You’re in hell just like the rest of us so don’t pretend that you’re better than me!”

“That’s fine,” Thomas said, raising his hand and interrupting Love mid-monologue.

“That’s all you want?” Love asked, quizzically.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah…you were great,” Thomas replied. “Thanks for coming by.”

“You were great Love,” the producer assured her. “You gave us a lot to think about. We’ll be in touch.”

“Ok then,” Love smiled, feeling good about her chances. “Is there anything else I can show you guys?”

“No, it’s cool,” Thomas said. “Like the man said, we’ll be in touch.”

“Ok, I guess I’ll talk to you guys later,” Love said. “Thanks for having me in.”

Love then gathered her script together and walked out of the office, feeling good about her chances. Sure, she would have liked it if they had been a little bit more enthusiastic about her performance, but she really felt as if she had nailed the character. She felt like she had really gone out and showed them something. Love just about had a spring in her step when she got to the parking lot. She felt like she had proved something to them and to herself. She reached for her keys, but suddenly realized that she did not have possession of them because she did not have possession of her bag. She had left it in the office!

Running back inside, Love noticed that the woman behind the desk wasn’t there. So she decided to just open the door and get her bag. Not wanting to interrupt anything, Love did it slowly in case something was going on. As soon as she did, Love heard voices.

“God damn it Thomas how many more of these teeny bopper twats am I going to have to work with?” Vinnie demanded, not exactly mumbling now. “I want to work with real actresses! You know people who actually care about their craft and not some TV princess whose only virtue is her big tits!”

“Now, c’mon boys,” the producer urged. “I thought she was pretty good. We should give her a chance!”

“A chance?” Thomas demanded. “A chance? Are you out of your fucking mind? This is my film and I am not going to blow it by casting Jennifer fucking Love Hewitt! Can you imagine how hard they’ll be laughing at me back at NYU? I’ll never be let back into Slamdance again! Why on Earth would I put her in my film? She’s a fucking joke. Get me some serious actresses to come in here. I’m making art here! This is an important statement about the world we live in and you bring me some giggly little princess who is under the delusion she’s got talent! I don’t care if your son went to B’nai Brith with her agent’s son or whatever the fuck it is between you two! I don’t ever want to hear her name brought up again! Why I was embarrassed to even have Vinnie here stand next to her in the audition!”

“And did you get a load of her ‘call me Love’ garbage,” Vinnie laughed. “I mean does she get how irrelevant she is? I mean she was last popular in what, 1998? I’m in here keeping it real and she’s just a joke. She’s fucking ridiculous!”

Love stood there in shocked silence, not believing what she was hearing but knowing she couldn’t stand to listen to any more of it. She just wanted to get out of there and fast. She pushed the door open and entered. The conversation stopped cold when she did. Vinnie and Thomas looked shocked that they had been overheard. The producer just looked ashamed.

“I…I…forgot my bag,” Love said as she fought back tears. She couldn’t help but have a few droplets roll down her cheeks, but she managed to hold most of it in as she grabbed her bag and fled.

* * * * *

By the time Love’s dreams were crashing down in a ball of flame, Jennifer was just getting up. She so rarely had a chance to just sleep in and let the morning disappear that she was going to savor this opportunity. One of the advantages of being on the biggest hit show on a network whose ratings were slipping was that you could basically do whatever the heck you wanted whenever the heck you wanted to do it.

“Friends” was the best thing NBC had going for it at the moment and the cast was united in their desire to get every concession they could out of the network. Sure it was a little greedy, but when the network was making millions and millions off of their hard work, why shouldn’t they get as much as they could back in return? So if that meant each cast member demanding a million dollars an episode and getting days off during the week, then so be it.

NBC was so desperate to hold onto them for another season, Jennifer wouldn’t have been surprised if they were able to go into the network president’s office and get him to bark like a dog for them. Hmmm, now that was something to try out during the next negotiations, Jennifer thought to herself with a content smile.

She tossed and turned under her covers, feeling very relaxed and finally ready to take on the day. She had drained as much sleep as she could from the morning and now it was time to get up. Jennifer yawned and stretched as she stared out her window at the ocean. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind waking up like this every day Jennifer smiled before heading down to the shower.

When she emerged later, her body clad in a robe as she toweled her wet hair off, Jennifer noticed Michelle had arrived for work and was busily straightening things up. Jennifer looked at Michelle as she worked in her little French maid’s outfit with the same look of uncertainty she’d had about her since she had arrived.

There was something that was just off about her. Jennifer couldn’t pinpoint exactly what she felt it was, but she knew something wasn’t quite right about Michelle. Maybe she was just concerned about anyone having access to their secrets like she did, but Jennifer couldn’t help but feel this way. Everyone seemed to have hit it off with her except Jennifer. Shrugging to herself and deciding to address her concerns another time, Jennifer began to walk back up to her room. Before she got very far though, Michelle blocked her way.

“I do not understand you Jennifer,” Michelle declared.

“What?” Jennifer asked, not quite sure how to respond. “Me? What don’t you get?”

“I mean all the girls in the house have gotten to know me very, very well, but you do not seem interested,” Michelle explained. “Why do you not like me?”

“I like you Michelle,” Jennifer replied. It wasn’t an outright lie. It just wasn’t the total truth either.

“All your housemates seem to like me very much,” Michelle smiled. “They are all so beautiful. I helped Jewel with her bath this morning. I soaped up every inch of her body and then made sure she was clean. Would you like that Jennifer? Would you like me to make you a bath some time?”

Jennifer began to squirm at such a thought. Damn, this girl had amazing powers of seduction. Still she resisted. Michelle was just so overly aggressive when it came to sex. Rose already filled that role in Jennifer’s life and she didn’t really need two girls like that.

“Perhaps you would like it better to have me spread out on the pool table while you lick me everywhere,” Michelle continued, loving how she was making Jennifer uncomfortable. She felt this girl was just about to break. “Sarah liked me like that. All naked for her tongue. She liked it so much that she had to have Rose join her too. And of course you already know how well Love and I get along. So why are you resisting me Jennifer?”

“I’m not resisting you,” Jennifer claimed. “It’s just…that I ummm…”

Before Jennifer could stammer any more of an explanation out, she was saved by the bell. Or in this case, saved by the front door being flung open. Jennifer moved away from Michelle so she could see who it was and when she saw it was Love she was immediately grateful.

“Love!” Jennifer exclaimed. “How was your audition? Did you get the part?”

Jennifer was about to press for more details, but the tear stained cheeks and the look of total despair on Love’s face was all the answer she needed.

“Honey, what happened?” Jennifer asked, switching immediately to shoulder-to-cry-on mode.

“Oh Jen,” was all Love managed to gurgle out before descending back into angry and frustrated sobs.

“Shhhhh it’s ok honey,” Jennifer assured her, wrapping her arms around her and leading her upstairs to her room. Soon enough Love’s clothes were discarded and she was clad in her bathrobe and slippers as she sat on her bed with Jennifer. Normally this would have lead to some fun but, for once, Love’s mind was far from thinking about sex. In between sobs, she explained everything that had happened to her that morning. Jennifer was completely understanding and then some. She had been on her share of hellish auditions before she had scored her breakout role as Rachel.

“Oh Love, they don’t know what they’re missing…” Jennifer told Love, gently rubbing the sobbing girl’s back and holding her tight.

“It’s not just them though,” Love sniffed, wiping away the tears. “I’ve heard all this before. I mean never to my face, but I’ve heard all the whispers and everything. No one wants to cast me! They think I’m a joke! It’s like I bring cancer to their set or something!”

“Love, it’s not like that at all,” Jennifer said. “They’re just assholes. They think they’re so cool and they can treat people like shit. They’re not worth your tears. Fuck them! You’re too good to be in their stupid movie anyway!”

“I just wish someone would take me seriously,” Love sighed, her tears finally fading away. It felt so good to be back here where she was loved and accepted no matter what. “I feel like my career is over because no one will give me a chance. I can act! I know I’m good! But no one will let me show it! I just wish I could get the kind of roles that you, Sarah and Rose get.”

“Your career is so not over,” Jennifer replied firmly. “Don’t talk like that. Critics loved you in that Audrey Hepburn movie.”

“No they didn’t,” Love grumbled. “I read the reviews and they were all like ‘Well she’s ok, for Jennifer Love Hewitt.’ Even when they’re complimenting me, they’re insulting me. I try to stay positive about this, but I haven’t had a challenge since ‘Time of Your Life’ got cancelled. I think they see me as some teen movie reject.”

“If that’s the way they see you, they’re idiots,” Jennifer said. “We know you can do anything and if they don’t think you’re good enough for their movie then you don’t want to be part of their production anyway. That things gonna flop anyway. You’re better off without them. I read that script you left lying around and Love, it was a real piece of pretentious crap.”

“It was kind of bad, wasn’t it?” Love agreed, admitting the truth and smiling for the first time in an hour. She hugged Jennifer tightly. “I’m glad you’re here Jen, I’d hate to have to come home to an empty house.”

“I just don’t want you to get down on yourself Love,” Jennifer said. “You have too much talent to lose faith in yourself. So just forget about those full of themselves assholes and relax. Here, read the new Entertainment Weekly and I’ll get you some tea.”

Love eagerly grasped the magazine that Jennifer had picked up off of her floor. She had been meaning to read it, but hadn’t had a chance until now. She opened it up to a random spot and saw The Shaw Report, a small box that dictated the author’s opinion of what was in and out in Hollywood. The fragile confidence Love had built up within the last few minutes was immediately shattered when she saw the top row. Jennifer Connelly had been classified as “In.” Jennifer Lopez had been classified as “Five Minutes Ago.” And Jennifer Love Hewitt was classified as “Out.”

From the hallway, Jennifer heard the anguished scream of frustration and immediately ran back to investigate. She saw Love sobbing again and reassumed her position of support on the bed.

“They were just making a mean joke,” Jennifer told her. “They’re trying to be clever and they don’t care who they hurt. Don’t pay any attention to them.”

This time Love was quite inconsolable as she only saw her career in shambles while she sat around and told stories about how she used to be an actress. Love literally cried on Jennifer’s shoulder, soaking her robe with tears as her friend tried to comfort her.

While Love sobbed, Michelle busied herself cleaning. She wondered what was bothering that girl so much that she had to wail like that. These rich people were always so weird and she had the first hand experience to back that up. People with too much time and too much money always seemed to have the most peculiar personalities.

The buzzer for the gate then sounded. Jennifer was occupied with Love so Michelle went to investigate. She looked at the screen at the not quite crystal clear picture and saw three young men standing outside looking up with expectation.

“Hello?” Michelle said. “What do you want?”

“Can Jen come out and play?” Delbert asked.

“Excuse me?” Michelle asked, thinking she understood what he said but not quite getting who the hell they were and what they wanted with Jennifer.

“Is Jennifer Aniston there?” Waldo asked. “We want to talk to her.”

“Look, Ms. Aniston will not be signing any autographs for people who just come up to the house like this,” Michelle stated. “Go away or I will call the police for you.”

“We don’t want autographs,” Franklin insisted. “We want to talk to Jennifer. She knows us!”

“Well we will see about that,” Michelle replied huffily. “She had better know you or else you will be the ones who know the police real soon.”

Michelle then walked away and toward Love’s room. The nerve of those little geeks coming here to get an autograph. She hoped Jennifer let her sic the police on their little stalker butts.

“Jennifer?” Michelle said sticking her head inside the room. “There are three men here who say they know you. What should I do with them?”

“What do they look like?” Jennifer asked, wondering who knew she was here.

“They look like they just crawled out of a bag of couch potatoes,” Michelle began, causing Jennifer to immediately realize who it was.

“Oooooh! It’s the guys!” Jennifer said happily. “C’mon Love you should meet them.”

“I don’t want to meet anyone,” Love grumbled. “Everyone hates me anyway.”

“Oh stop, now you’re just being silly,” Jennifer said. “Stop listening to self involved jerks and start listening to your friends. A bad streak is no reason to give up on everything. Do you know how many shows I was on that got cancelled? I’ve even lost track. So no moping allowed.”

“I wanna mope,” Love insisted. “I wanna feel bad!”

“Fine,” Jennifer sighed. “But I am going to make sure you cheer up about soon.”

On that note, Jennifer left Love’s room and walked over to investigate what was going on. She buzzed Waldo, Franklin and Delbert in. Love followed her from a distance, not wanting to stop feeling sorry for herself but also not able to stop her natural curiosity about the three guys who had recently had such a mind altering affect on Jennifer.

Jennifer opened the door and the three guys seemed to be bickering. They also seemed to be in costume.

“Why do I always have to be Pippin or Merry?” Delbert complained. “I want to be Frodo!”

“You can’t be Frodo!” Waldo informed him. “I’m always Frodo! Franklin is always Sam! I’m the hero. He’s the sidekick and you’re the comic relief!”

“Can’t I be the hero sometime?” Delbert asked, which created a response of knowing looks between Waldo and Franklin. “Next time I’m being Legolas!”

“What are you guys doing?” Jennifer asked after observing their costumes that seemed to be cloaks right out of the central casting of a fantasy movie and the fake swords they carried.

“We’re going to the movies,” Waldo explained. “You want to come with us?”

“I’m guessing from those costumes you’re not going to see ‘Sled Dogs’ are you?” Jennifer inquired.

“Hardly,” Franklin replied. “We’re going to see ‘Lord of the Rings.’”

“It’s going to be our 37th time seeing it,” Delbert added.

“You’re seeing the movie for the 37th time?” Jennifer gasped. “How could anyone sit through a movie that many times?”

“Actually it’s going to be our 37th time this month,” Waldo informed her. “You don’t want to know how many times we’ve seen it since it’s been released.”

“You’re probably right about that,” Jennifer replied as she marveled her new friends dedication to their pleasures. She supposed it was only crazy in a cute way and not a creepy way. More eccentric than anything else. Still it was a bit disconcerting.

“Will you come with us?” Franklin asked with eyes full of hope.

“Gee, I don’t know,” Jennifer said. Smoking pot with them was one was thing. Going to see a movie with them seemed to be a huge step forward. Not that there was anything wrong with that or anything. It was just new. But then again so was everything else she’d done recently and it wasn’t like what was going on within the house was going to go on with Waldo, Franklin and Delbert. That Jennifer knew for sure.

It could be a fun way to spend her day off. Plus maybe at the end of it she could score a little bit more of that pot. She was positive she could handle it better her second time out with it. The first time had knocked her for a loop with its strength. The second time she’d be able to keep her feet planted on the ground.

The other hesitation in this was the fact that this wasn’t the type of movie she had ever wanted to see. She preferred a good light romantic comedy to escape reality for two hours not some epic about the fate of Middle Earth. Brad was a big fan of this stuff actually. He’d given her a beautiful leather edition of each of the three books for Christmas and she’d been intending to read them, but hadn’t had the time to do it.

“C’mon…it’ll be fun,” Waldo urged. “We know all the lines by heart and everything.”

“Well…” Jennifer hesitated but before she could delay her decision any more she found it was being made for her.

“‘Lord of the Rings?’” Love gasped as she ran to the door causing bug eyed responses from the three youths. “You are so going! Can I come too? Please! I’ve been dying to see it!”

Waldo, Franklin and Delbert were left dumbstruck at the idea that they were staring at Jennifer Love Hewitt clad only in a bathrobe that barely held in her generous form. Any attempts at covering up the other residents of the house was neatly torched by Love’s enthusiasm to see Gandalf and co. journey into Mordor.

“Oh my God!” Delbert gasped. “It’s the girl from ‘The Suburbans.’”

“Just call me Love,” the actress cheerfully replied, her despondency forgotten for the time being.

“Guess we’d better go get dressed,” Jennifer sighed, not mad at this but wondering how she was going to begin to explain this living situation to the guys without giving away the biggest secrets of all.

“C’mon it will be fun!” Love urged, noticing Jennifer’s reluctance. “I thought you wanted me to cheer up!”

“I do,” Jennifer said. “It’s just that you and I and them…in public…”

“We’re just going to be watching a movie not having sex in the balcony, unless of course you want to?” Love teased. Jennifer was happy to see her friend returning to her normal state of being. She wasn’t used to seeing Love so down on herself and it was good to see her natural exuberance and sunny nature back in control.

“I think our companions might notice if we did,” Jennifer pointed out.

“Nahhh they’ll be too busy wishing they were Hobbits,” Love responded.

“And you won’t be?” Jennifer replied, now taking her turn to tease.

“Well…maybe a little bit…” Love smiled shyly. She had had a soft spot for fairy tales since she was a kid. Lately she had indulged in another type of fantasy, but sometimes you had to touch base with the child inside and think about brave warriors, elfish princesses and magic rings. “Now c’mon let’s get dressed before they leave without us.”

“Ok,” Jennifer agreed as they headed up to their rooms to change. Love might have been enthused about seeing this movie, but Jennifer wasn’t quite sold on its merits. Sure it had gotten good reviews, but it seemed marketed directly for the geek sides in everyone and Jennifer had taken great pains to make sure that side had been surgically removed. She couldn’t help but think she was going to be bored to tears by this movie.

Three and a half hours of movie later it was quite a different story as the party of five exited the theater. Waldo, Franklin and Delbert were lost in acting out parts of the movie and Love was comforting a crying Jennifer.

“I don’t know why I made fun of the movie before,” Jennifer cried as she dabbed her eyes with a tissue. “I was just trying to be cool, but it was soooooooo wonderful.”

“I know,” Love said. “I know it was.”

“I was trying to hold it in, but when Sam rushed out into the water after Frodo it was so beautiful I couldn’t help it,” Jennifer babbled on. “He’s so loyal! He’s like a big, wonderful puppy!”

Love had had to fight back tears of her own during the movie’s climax. Jennifer was right in her assessment. The movie had been wonderful and beautiful. It had been just what she had needed. Love needed to escape to another world for a few hours where instead of directors and actors there were dwarves and wizards, a much more agreeable sort to be sure. Her morning had been so ugly that spending some time in such a beautiful and new world did her still depressed heart good.

Love couldn’t help but smile also as she watched their three companions act their little hearts out. They had mouthed along to every line of the movie and acting like they didn’t have a care in the world.

“Leave it. It’s over. The world of men will fail,” Waldo said as he fell to the ground and began acting the part of Boromir. “All will fall to darkness and my city to ruin.”

“I know not what strength lies in my blood, but I swear to you I will not let The White City fall, nor our people fail,” Delbert responded, easily slipping into Aragorn’s skin.

“Our people. Our people,” Waldo continued. “I would have followed you, my brother, my captain, my king.”

“Be at peace son of Gondor,” Delbert stated, before slipping out of character. “See I told you I could be the hero!”

“Your point is well taken Delbert,” Franklin replied as he helped Waldo back to his feet. In the meantime Jennifer, upon seeing the reenactment of Boromir’s death scene had found her waterworks kicking up again.

Love didn’t quite know how to regard these three strangers except with amusement. They seemed to have hit it off with Jennifer, so Love was willing to believe that they were ok. They were certainly unusual and they seemed completely loyal to one another, like friends who had seen a lot and been through a lot. They seemed to have a bond between them, kind of like her and the other girls at the house, Love thought. Of course they also had that special something between them that these guys didn’t have, at least Love didn’t think they had.

“So you live with Jennifer huh?” Waldo asked Love.

“Yeah,” Love replied, not wanting to give away too many details. She liked these guys well enough considering she knew next to nothing about them, but that was far from a point where she felt comfortable enough to expose this atom bomb of a secret.

“Kind of like a time share thing?” Waldo inquired.

“Not quite,” Love answered. “It’s pretty complex. Just one of those things that happened.”

“Well you sure picked a strange house to move into,” Waldo said, accepting Love’s not quite explanation for the living arrangements. “A lot of unusual things went on there.”

A lot of unusual things are going on there now, Love giggled to herself.

“You do know it used to be a bordello, right?” Waldo asked.

“Really? You don’t say,” Love smiled while shooting a knowing glimpse at Jennifer. “You’d never know to look at it.”

“Oh yeah, big scandal and everything,” Waldo explained. “We saw the whole thing go down. Lots of Feds all over the place. They really took the place over fast and then went all hush hush with the prosecution. We think it’s because they found evidence of high ranking state and national officials paying visits to the place.”

“Really?” Love asked, genuinely curious. “Like who?”

“Well we don’t have names, just theories,” Waldo said. “We wrote a bunch of freelance articles about it for publication. You can’t hide the truth from the world when you’re a first hand witness to it. Unfortunately our investigation never got anywhere. Then there were the bomb threats so we just put it to bed for now.”

“Bomb threats?” Jennifer asked, drying her eyes and rejoining the conversation.

“Yeah big ones too…” Delbert explained. “We’re pretty sure it was the NSA after us.”

“Or the CIA,” Waldo added. “They’re not chartered for domestic surveillance but that’s never stopped them before.”

“It’s a fascinating example of a government gone mad,” Franklin declared as Love and Jennifer shared a smile.

“Hmmmm interesting theory,” Love replied, unable to suppress a laugh. The movie had helped her escape her troubles for a few hours, but those troubles were still there.

She had seen Liv Tyler up in the screen playing a part she would have given anything to play and it had helped remind her of the rut she was in. She didn’t begrudge Liv her success, but Love knew there wasn’t anything she did as an actress that she couldn’t do too. It was just that no one ever thought of her in those types of roles.

All Love had to do was look at Jennifer Garner and wonder if the train of success had flown by her. A few years ago Jennifer was her co-star on “Time of Your Life” and now she was kicking butt and winning awards for “Alias.” That was another role Love knew she could play. She had been very friendly with Jennifer on the set so she was happy for her, but still Love couldn’t help but feel little twinges of jealous because all her friends seemed to be zooming upward while she stood around.

She was just stuck in a rut. Love knew that. She had tried sexing up her image in “Heartbreakers” and the reviews had been good, but the box office wasn’t as big as some had hoped so it didn’t do all that much to boost her career. She needed to do something to break out of the pack…something where people would take notice of her again and think there was more to her than meets the eye.

“Jen, I’m going to go grab a cab and see my agent,” Love declared.

“Are you feeling better honey?” Jennifer asked her, careful not to show too much affection toward Jennifer considering they were outside a movie theater and in front of their neighbors.

“Yeah a little bit,” Love admitted. “You know me, I don’t stay depressed for too long. I’ll be ok. I just want to see what else he’s got for me. You know, onto the next project. Back on the horse and all that.”

“Good luck Love,” Jennifer told her, bringing her in for a warm, if platonic, hug. “I’ll see you at home, ok?”

“Ok,” Love replied with a smile. She was glad she had people like Jennifer in her life at a time like this. “Bye guys.”

“Bye Love,” all three said at once as they waved goodbye to her.

* * * * *

Love’s luck didn’t get any better when she got to her agent’s office. The receptionist informed her that Murray was out of town. She could wait and see him then, or she could see Murray’s new associate. Love sighed and chose the latter. She’d met him a couple of times before and he was, at least sympathetic when she told him what happened.

“Love, I’m so sorry,” Michael Pheret said. “Do you want me to hurt them because I will. I will go down to their office on the lot and firebomb them. Just give me the word and I will put them in a world of hurt Pheret-style.”

“Hmm tempting, but I think I’ll pass,” Love replied, thinking that if she gave the word he might actually do it.

“See that’s what I love about you, you never want to hurt anyone,” Michael pressed on. “Me? I want to hurt everyone…except you of course.”

“Of course,” Love agreed. “So what else do you have for me Michael. I mean I don’t mean to seem pushy but when I signed on with you guys, you said you were going to get me lots of big parts and I don’t see anything crossing my table yet.”

“Hey no need to raise the level around here,” Michael assured her. “I am out there busting my ass and it is going to pay off soon. Do you know how fast I can get out there and get you in ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer 3?’ And I happen to know that Scott Wolf is dying to do a ‘Party of Five’ reunion. Offers aren’t exactly pouring in for him either. Guess you could say the Wolf is at the door for him.”

Michael began laughing at his own joke and Love just rolled her eyes in response.

“Well I think that falls into the ‘been there, done that’ category,” Love replied. “I want to try and do something bold and new for me.”

“Ok… I hear bold and interesting so let me offer you your own syndicated talk show,” Michael said as he pulled out a piece of paper. “I’ve got companies just begging for an ‘Ask Love’ show.”

“I don’t think so,” Love stated quickly, thinking about it for all of one second before reaching the obvious conclusion that her hosting a talk show was a ready made disaster.

“Well Playboy called again,” Michael mentioned. “They upped their offer but-”

“Excuse me, again?” Love asked. “When did they call the first time?”

“Oh they’ve been after you to pose for years,” Michael explained. “I keep telling them ‘no’ but they keep coming back with more money being offered. They’re up to a cool three million now.”

“Why are you just telling me this now?” Love asked.

“I don’t think it’s the right move for you,” Michael said. “I mean it’s a lot of money they’re offering, but I don’t think showing the world your goodies is what you need to be doing right now.”

“Pardon me Michael,” Love declared. “But they’re my goodies and I will be showing them to whomever I want!”

“You’re not seriously considering their offer are you?” Michael said, aghast.

“Well, no,” Love said, but it wasn’t quite the truth. In actuality, the seeds were now planted in her head and she was mulling over the idea quite a bit.

Love was still tossing the offer over in her mind by the time she got home. Michael was adamant that it wouldn’t do anything to help her career, but Love wasn’t so sure about that. It was a bold move guaranteed to show everyone that she had grown up and could handle mature roles. Sure some people might look at it as a desperation move, but Love didn’t think it was that at all and her opinion mattered most here.

She was also very confident that whatever photographer took her pictures would make her look amazing. The magazine’s “girl next door” reputation played in perfectly with Love’s own strengths and she knew the pictures would make people see her in a new and sexy light. Plus there was the part of her that got turned on thinking of everyone staring at her naked body and getting off thinking of her.

The more Love thought about it, the more she liked the idea. She wasn’t entirely sold on it yet, though. She knew it was something she was going to have to think long and hard about. There were downsides to be sure. How would her family take it? If she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress, perhaps Michael was right and she shouldn’t be showing her “goodies.” She just couldn’t decide what to do about it but it was definitely an intriguing idea so she decided to discuss it with her housemates.

“Playboy? Are you serious?” Sarah gasped.

“Cool,” Rose replied.

“I’ll bet you’d look beautiful,” Jewel stated.

“Wow, that’s certainly a bold step,” Jennifer opined.

“I didn’t say yes or even talk to anyone at the magazine,” Love explained. “It’s just something I’m thinking about. I mean I know my career needs a boost and it sounds good, but I’m just not sure if it’s the boost I need.”

“I got offered to pose once,” Rose said. “I turned them down.”

“You?” Jennifer asked skeptically. “No way. There’s no way you would turn down a chance to get naked.”

“Oh come on, you’ve been living with me for months now and you still have no idea what I’m all about,” Rose replied, shaking her head. “Playboy is way too tame for me. They’d have airbrushed me and given me that gauzy, dumb blonde look. No thanks. Let me know when Club calls up and offers me a layout with Jenna Jameson.”

“Now that’s an issue I’ll buy,” Jewel laughed, picturing those two in a sexual grudge match. She had no idea who the last woman standing would be but it would sure be something she’d want to watch.

“I think all of us got an offer from them,” Sarah pointed out. “I mean do you really think you might do it, Love?”

“I like the idea,” Love admitted. “But I’m not sure. It sounds fun and sexy, but I don’t want it to backfire.”

“Hell I say go for it,” Jennifer said, surprising people a little with her reaction. “Don’t look at me like that. Remember it was my ass on the cover of Rolling Stone a few years ago. You should do it only if you want too Love. Do it because it makes you feel sexy and not because you care about what some producer thinks.”

“I agree,” Jewel added. “I mean I don’t know if I would ever do anything like that, but you can’t do it just to go out and change your image. If you don’t do it for you then you won’t get anything out of it.”

“Hey I’m with you as long as you invite me down to where they’re shooting,” Rose stated. “I can help you get that ‘freshly fucked’ look photographers like.”

“Mmmm you can always help me get that look,” Love answered before turning to the one girl who had not given her opinion. “What do you think Sarah?”

“Well, it’s just so…wow…” Sarah said. She had gotten offers from Playboy before and she had always turned them down. She had nothing against that kind of magazine and in fact she now had an extra appreciation for it because of her new perspective on the female form. It just wasn’t something that she felt was right for her. Now, Love was looking to her for her opinion and she didn’t know what to say. Plus she was clouded by the immediate realization that the idea of Love posing naked for the camera turned her on completely.

“I think Jennifer and Jewel said it best,” Sarah finally said. “You’ve got to do it for you. I mean it’s not an easy call and once you’ve done it, you’ve done it. Those pictures will be there forever. But I’ll always support you Love and if you want to do it then just promise me you’ll give me an autographed copy.”

“Why do you need an autograph when you can just play with the real things?” Rose joked as she helpfully reached over and tugged up the sweatshirt Love had slipped on. Her breasts were bare underneath but Love certainly didn’t mind flashing her friends, even if it was Rose’s decision for her to do so. The hungry stares she got did a lot to repair Love’s ego. Her friends sure seemed to think it was something she should go for, but she still wasn’t convinced.

Love was still mulling things a few hours later. Her gut was telling her to try this out and see what happened, but part of her was resistant to the thought of getting naked for Playboy. She had been following her gut a lot lately and as a result she was happier than she ever had been in her personal life. But the instincts that served you so well in your everyday life, didn’t always translate into success professionally. Love had learned that lesson the hard way and she had to wonder whether something like this was good for her.

Sure she wanted to do this now, but would she regret it later? It could potentially boost her up. Love remembered all the girls who had taken it off for Playboy and gone onto success. Sharon Stone. Kim Basinger. Cindy Crawford. But for every girl like that, there was an Anna Nicole Smith. Love didn’t want to become a punch line to a late night comedian’s joke. She wanted to do this to show Hollywood she could be bold and sexy not to give them even more reason to ignore her for more adult roles.

She was torn about what to do. She didn’t want to make a mistake here. But what was the mistake? Doing the pictorial and having and being taken even less seriously? Or not taking the chance and doing Wonderful World of Disney movies before she got too old for that and moved on over to Lifetime?

Then there was the question of whether she could even get naked for the cameras. Sure she was very open with her sexuality whether it came to men or women, but there was a big difference in doing something fun and sexy with someone you trusted. It wasn’t like she was rushing up to a stranger on the street and pulling them on top of her. But that kind of felt like what she was doing here.

If she did this thing then she would literally be exposed to people all over the world. People wouldn’t have to download the clip of her in the shower in Party of Five where you could supposedly see a nipple anymore. They would see all of her in the glossy pages of Playboy.

It was a turn on to be sure and Love’s naughty side was really digging the idea that people around the world would be getting sexually aroused by her nudity, but it was also a bit intimidating. Everyone would be looking at her and, in whatever way they did, judging her. That wasn’t a position she wanted to jump into lightly, so Love thought maybe she could see if she could handle the posing nude part before she tried to handle the aftermath part. There was only one way to find out. With that in mind Love went off in search of someone she knew had experience with getting naked for a camera.

“Rose, are you in there?” Love asked, knocking on her friend’s door.

“Yeah, just a minute,” Rose said from behind the door. Love heard the rustle of clothes and Rose moving around the room. It sounded like she was getting dressed. Love wondered what Rose was up to and those questions multiplied by ten when the door opened and she saw what Rose was wearing.

“What’s up Love?” Rose asked as Love stared at Rose’s short, tight leather skirt that was slit up the side and her red top that had a valley for cleavage so wide that it was a miracle Rose’s breasts didn’t just spill out. Love knew Rose was wild sexually, but this outfit looked like she was about to stop being an actress and embark in an exciting new career in streetwalking.

“Wow!” Love said. “You going somewhere Rose? Or are you just looking to get mauled in the hallway.”

“I’m going out,” Rose said. “Sorry Love, I’ve got to go.”

Love was puzzled by this reaction. Normally, no matter where she had to go, Rose would have taken time to play with her. Even if they had just traded a few bawdy come ons Rose would have waited, but for some reason she seemed distracted this time.

“Where are you going?” Love inquired, forgetting about her own questions for a moment.

“I’ve got to go out,” Rose said distantly. “I’ll talk later, ok?”

Before Love had a chance to respond, Rose pushed past her and headed out. Love was mildly surprised. That didn’t seem like the Rose she knew and loved. She thought back and tried to think if Rose had been acting strangely all night, but she had seemed ok before then. Rose had been her usual blunt, sexy self all night but now it was like she was distant and a little less sure of herself. Not to mention Rose had dressed herself in something from the rack of Whores R Us and she didn’t even show any interest in showing it off to her or any other of their housemates. It was odd and it left Love scratching her head.

Shrugging her shoulders, Love moved on. She’d ask Rose what that was all about when she got back from wherever it was that she was going. Now that was two of her housemates that were seemingly out for the night. Jewel had gone off to some music industry thing and Rose was off to parts unknown. That left Love alone with Jennifer and Sarah so Love decided to go off and seek Jennifer’s counsel again.

Love made her way down the hall to The Grecian room where Jennifer enjoyed a nightly taste of the Mediterranean to suit her Greek heritage. Jennifer’s door was open and Love saw that she was lying on top of her bed reading. Love knocked politely and Jennifer looked up in response, her face brightening when she saw who it was at her doorway.

“Hey Love,” Jennifer warmly greeted her. “What’cha up to?”

“Not much, I just wanted to thank you for listening to me cry and whine before,” Love said.

“Hey it’s no problem,” Jennifer assured her, putting her book down and scooting over so Love could join her on the bed. “We’ve all been there. A lot of times I wish I had a shoulder to cry on after a bad one. I’m just glad I could help you out a little.”

“Oh you definitely did,” Love assured her. “And I was kind of hoping that you could help me out some more.”

“Oh? And how can I help you now?” Jennifer asked, hoping that it involved some naked time. She hadn’t even been reading the book she had in front of her. She had just been staring at it and thinking about how much she missed Brad. That was how she had spent most of her nights here when he was out of town and she was bunking at the mansion. She was happy for the distraction and Love was certainly a very sexy distraction.

“Well,” Love began as she sat down on the bed. “I was thinking some more about the Playboy offer and I was wondering what it would be like to be naked for the camera.”

“Well we did that once before, remember?” Jennifer teased as she hugged Love and reminded her of the little amateur porn movie they had made after Sarah had discovered them spying on her and Reese Witherspoon. All the rooms here had video cameras in them and they had all gotten together in the Caesar’s Court room to have themselves a good, old fashioned Roman orgy that was captured on tape.

“Not like that,” Love smiled, feeling her body tingle at the memory of them fucking each other silly and then having almost as much fun watching it on tape the next morning. “I meant like the pictures they’d take of me for the magazine.”

“There’s no way you could look bad,” Jennifer declared. “You always look good in your pictures.”

“You should see the ones the magazines reject,” Love joked.

“Oh stop,” Jennifer playfully chastised. “If you do this, you’ll look gorgeous. And I know you won’t feel uncomfortable. Considering all the things we’ve done here, you can handle a little full frontal nudity, can’t you?”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe we could find out about that,” Love smiled.

“What do you mean?” Jennifer asked.

“I mean that maybe you could play photographer for me,” Love suggested. “Feel like taking some pictures Jen?”

“Are you serious?” Jennifer asked and Love eagerly nodded her head “yes.” Jennifer mulled it over for about a split second. A beautiful young woman was asking her to take naked pictures of her. How could she refuse?

“I’ll go get my camera,” Jennifer replied to Love’s utter delight.

“Thank you!” Love squealed, hugging Jennifer and bounding off the bed. “We can do it in my room!”

Jennifer had always been interested in tinkering with art projects and she had brought this camera with her to improve her photography skills. She had been taking some pictures of sunrises, sunsets and other things that had caught her eye. Now she was working with a human subject and she planned to catch every angle of this beauty.

Love eagerly pulled Jennifer toward her room. She always loved any opportunity she could get to be naked with one of her housemates, but this time was going to be special. Love was going to see if she really had the guts to be centerfold material.

The two girls laughed excitedly as they made their way through the hall and this naturally caught Sarah’s attention. She put down the script she had been reading in her room and stuck her head out the door. She saw the pair walking toward Love’s room and she knew immediately that something was up and that she wanted to be part of it.

“Alright, what’s going on?” Sarah asked suspiciously, stepping out into the hallway and crossing her arms over her chest.

After exchanging a naughty glimpse with Jennifer, Love answered the question.

“We’re gonna go take some test shots,” Love replied.

“Test shots?” Sarah pressed. “You mean?”

“Yup, the naked kind,” Love answered. “You want to watch?”

“You have to ask?” Sarah smiled as she joined them on their way to Love’s room.

“So should I be a professional photographer or a leering pervert?” Jennifer asked, setting up her camera as Love threw herself down on her soft bed and bounced slightly.

“Oh you can be the professional photographer,” Love answered, before winking and adding, “For now…”

“So c’mon now, get to it…get naked Love,” Sarah teased, setting into the plush red chair to watch the show.

“Oh but I’m shy…” Love teased right back.

“Hey we’ve seen you naked like a million times,” Jennifer pointed out.

“But that was then,” Love replied. “Now I’m just a shy girl next door. I don’t want to be naughty by taking off my clothes for Playboy, but it feels so good I can’t help it.”

“You goofball,” Sarah smiled, shaking her head. “You’d better get those clothes off before I get on there and tear them off.”

“Mmmm now I’m not so sure I want to get undressed at all,” Love said, quite eager to have Sarah strip her naked and let her have her way with her while Jennifer snapped away. But she had to do this for real or else she was never going to know if she could be this way outside her circle of lovers.

So with two sets of eyes attached to two bodies that were growing ever hornier by the second, Love began to peel off her clothing. She sat up on the bed and took off her gray sweatshirt, exposing the chest that Rose had taken the liberty of showing to them earlier. Love’s breasts bounced sexily as she pulled the sweatshirt over her head. Her hair flew free as she then pulled out the white scrungie that had been keeping her locks in a ponytail.

“Mmmm very nice,” Sarah catcalled from her seat. “Now that’s what I like in my playmates…a nice set of tits.

“Thank you,” Love said without a hint of modesty as she saw the first flash from Jennifer’s camera. She had begun taking pictures of the topless actress and Love quickly moved to give her more to see by slowly wiggling out of her jeans.

“That’s it Love, get naked,” Sarah urged playfully. With Rose’s absence dully noticed, Sarah decided to be a little bit more aggressive tonight and see if she could push the girls around sexually for a change. “Show me everything you’ve got.”

With the camera flashing away, Love returned the favor by casting her jeans onto the floor and leaving herself in a pair of red panties that perfectly matched the décor of the room. By now Love’s pussy was soaked and she began to stroke herself through her panties.

“Oh no no,” Sarah chastised. “That’s not the Playboy way. Girls don’t touch themselves. They have boys do that for them.”

“Well I don’t see any boys around here, do you?” Love asked.

“I guess I could always get one of Rose’s strap ons and change that, couldn’t I?” Sarah suggested and the sound of that idea only made Love rub herself harder.

For her part Jennifer was doing her best to control herself. Seeing Love touching herself and stripping while Sarah gave lewd encouragement made her wild with desire, but she focused on taking the pictures of the sexy little nymph on the bed. Love looked so beautiful as she palmed her red panties, moaning as she touched a sensitive spot through the material that Jennifer wanted to just put the camera down and offer her a hand or a tongue. She resisted though and kept taking pictures while her own panties were getting soaked with excitement.

“Well if you insist on touching yourself then those panties will just have to go,” Sarah offered, putting a compromise she felt was fair for all parties involved. It was no surprise when Love accepted those terms and pushed her panties off her legs, dangling them off her finger for the camera’s benefit and then tossing them away.

“So how do I look?” Love moaned, running her hands all over her now naked body. “Think I can burn up the pages of Playboy?”

“I think you’re about to melt my camera,” Jennifer answered, only half-joking. “You’re sure as hell having an effect on me.”

Love grinned in response and then looked over to Sarah for her opinion.

“Well I suppose it’s ok,” Sarah replied, barely able to suppress her wide smile. “But I think this photo shoot needs something? Hmmmm what could it be? Oh yeah, I know. I think this needs to be a two girl layout!”

Sarah then stood up from her chair and whipped her own shirt off, revealing a pale pink bra underneath.

“Anyone disagree?” Sarah asked, confident of the response.

“Oh hell no,” Jennifer smiled, her desire burning between her legs.

“C’mon baby, now it’s your turn to be naked and be a Playboy chick,” Love said.

“Playboy?” Sarah scoffed. “They wouldn’t have the balls to print what I’m about to do to you.”

“Promises…promises…” Love smiled as she leaned back and spread her legs ever so slightly to give Sarah an invitation she knew she would never refuse.

Sarah responded by throwing herself on the bed and getting on top of Love, kissing her passionately as soon as she was in position. Their lips smacked together wetly and soon they were moaning deep in each other’s mouth while their tongues dueled.

Love squeezed Sarah’s breasts through her bra, making her nipples stand out proudly against the material. She had denied herself the touch of her lovers for so long to prepare herself for the role. It hardly seemed worth it now and she was so hungry for some girl flesh.

Sarah sensed this hunger and decided to give Love some flesh to play with. She pulled herself up from Love just long enough to undo her bra and throw it aside. Sarah lowered herself down where her now bare breasts were immediately covered in attention from the happy mouth of the girl beneath her. Sarah moaned when she felt Love’s hot tongue tease her nipples while she covered her skin in the hungry saliva of a girl who had gone too long without satisfaction.

“Mmmmm yessss Love you shouldn’t have denied yourself,” Sarah groaned as she felt Love’s eager hands shoot down to her ass. Love squeezed her tight cheeks through her jeans, her fingertips pressing into the material as if she could somehow push through them and access Sarah’s naked skin. Again Sarah offered assistance by undoing the button of her jeans and Love did the rest.

As soon as Sarah gave her the access she needed by undoing the button of the tight blue jeans that had imprisoned her naughty parts, Love got to work tugging them off. The fact that Love was able to do this while still drooling over Sarah’s breasts was a testament to her complete horniness. With Sarah lying on top of her, Love was able to push the jeans down Sarah’s legs, but not all the way off. The jeans lay crumpled around Sarah’s feet, close enough to being off that neither of them cared enough to finish the job right away. Love’s hands then busied themselves by slipping into Sarah’s panties and grabbing a feel of her ass while they reacquainted their lips with one another’s.

Jennifer was still taking pictures at this point, but she was doing it one handed. The roll of film was almost used up but, being the ever-dedicated artist she was, Jennifer continued even though she was also pinching her nipples through her t-shirt. She hadn’t bothered with a bra after slipping into her shirt and jeans after work and her nipples were now threatening to rip right through the thin material. Jennifer continued to toy with her sensitive nipples, teasing and pinching them while she watched the two girls before her go at each other with lustful abandon. Her nipples felt sore pretty quickly, but it was the good kind of sore and Jennifer had no intention of stopping with her self-exploration unless it was to slip her hand inside her jeans for a little clit play.

“Oh God Sarah I’ve missed this,” Love sighed while Sarah began returning the favors she had been receiving by placing wet sloppy kisses and tongue swipes over her bare breasts. Sarah’s tongue felt so good on her skin and Love felt that familiar tingly feeling building up throughout her body.

“Let this be a lesson then,” Sarah smirked. “No movie role is worth giving up on sex.”

“I’ll never do it again,” Love promised with a smile, prompting Sarah to get back to work at her glorious chest.

Sarah could feel Love’s wet pussy grinding into her own skin and it was making the heat between her own legs rise to molten levels. She loved the way Love’s smooth pussy felt against her, the juice collecting on her labia and rubbing off on her flesh. Ever since her first encounter with Michelle, Love had been keeping her pussy bare, much to everyone’s delight. Sarah had been tempted to join her in that condition, but thus far had decided to keep her usual trimmed auburn bush.

“Give it to me Love,” Sarah moaned, descending into her desire. “Rub your wet pussy all over me. Mmm it feels so good!”

Sarah’s high arousal level was being jacked up even more by Love’s roaming hands inside her panties. She wanted her to just rip those damn things off and give it to her, but Love was content to play around inside them…stroking Sarah’s ass and fondling her pussy with her eager fingers.

“I can’t get enough of you Sarah,” Love admitted with a sexually aroused sigh. “I love your body.”

Love had craved her housemate all day, ever since their flirty exchange that morning. Remembering their first time together had only made her want to create newer, even hotter memories with Sarah and now that she was free of her self-imposed celibacy she could go wild and indulge herself in every inch of Sarah’s flesh.

That included the soaked pink panties that Love was stretching out with her hands. Sarah’s sighs and cries were accurately perceived by Love to be her pleading to be made naked. Love finally listened to those ragged cries and pushed the garment off Sarah, resulting in two naked chicks on the bed.

The third chick, who was neither naked nor on the bed, was hypnotized by what she saw before her. Jennifer had long ceased taking pictures, having run out of film quite a few nipple sucks ago, but still she stared. As always, the site of these beautiful women going at each other without thought for anything else but the wanton lesbian lust they felt for one another was fuel to Jennifer’s fire. She could never get over how sexy and gorgeous they all looked when they were giving into their passions. She could watch these two go at it for hours and never even care about her own needs.

Fortunately, Jennifer was quite adept at doing two things at once. It wasn’t quite walking and chewing gum at the same time or patting your head and rubbing your stomach, but Jennifer managed to stare at the two naked nymphs and pleasure herself simultaneously. The camera had been set to the ground, so Jennifer had two hands to use while she watched the show. Her shirt was bunched up over her bare breasts so she could toy with her swollen nipples and her hand was deep inside her undone jeans, slipping inside her panties to give some needed attention to her desperate pussy.

While Jennifer was busy taking matters into her own hands, Love and Sarah were repositioning themselves on the bed. They were having fun lying on top of each other and rubbing their hot bodies together, but there was a much better position for them to be doing this. So Sarah rolled off of Love and pulled her up so they could be face to face. The two girls greedily kissed while they both spread their legs wide.

Jennifer grinned as she saw them do this. She knew they were about to slip into a scissors position and she felt a surge of pleasure remembering her own experience with that position. She and Love had done a grind with Jessica and Jewel that day by the pool and Jennifer remembered how awesome it felt to have Jessica’s wet pussy rubbing against her own, making wet smacking noises as they hit all the right places and got each other off so hard. Knowing she was going to watch Love and Sarah do that was making Jennifer so hot that she could barely stand anymore.

As soon as they were properly spread, Love grabbed Sarah and pulled her in for another long, wet, tongue filled kiss. Sarah slid one leg over Love’s and the other one underneath her while they pressed into each other and soon she again felt the delicious sensation of Love’s smooth pussy rubbing against her own. The closer they got, the harder they rubbed and the pleasure was quickly mutual.

“Awwww Sarah that’s it!” Love urged. “Fuck me! Rub me like that!”

“Yessss I’m going to rub you so fucking good,” Sarah babbled while feeling sexual shivers shoot right up her spine. “God I love feeling your pussy like this Love! Damn, we’re gonna ruin these sheets!”

“Hell I don’t care,” Love gasped. “I want to ruin every fucking bed in this place!”

With that thought in mind Sarah and Love continued along their merry little lesbian way. They ground each other’s pussy back and forth, their collective juices spilling onto the sheets and making Sarah’s prediction come true. Both girls cried out their passion and they had to rest on their elbows to keep from toppling over.

“Oh shit Sarah I’m so fucking close!” Love cried. “Give me more! Please give me more!”

“You greedy slut,” Sarah teased in between moans. “You think you’re going to come without me? Think again!”

“Then hurry!” Love moaned. “I can’t hold out much longer!”

“Mmmm yessssss Love you’ve been saving up all your girl juice and now I won’t let you come until you get me off,” Sarah continued, lunging her body forward so she could pinch Love’s nipples and tease her with her words and her actions.

“Sarahhhhhhhh you’re making me feel so goddamned good,” Love cried. “I’m going to come all over you!”

“Rub my pussy! Grind it hard!” Sarah commanded. “Fuck! Mmmm that shaved little cunt of yours feels so nice on my pussy!”

Sarah and Love’s bodies shone from exertion. Sarah almost did fall over thanks to the sensations of Love’s grind, but she steadied herself by shooting her hands back to the bed and away from Love’s pleasantly sore tits. The grind got harder and nastier until the word “rub” no longer applied. Now it was more like they were slamming each other.

All of this was happening to Jennifer’s utter and complete entertainment. She was quite a lewd site at the moment. Her shirt bunched up over her chest. Her jeans and panties pushed down just enough to expose her pussy and her fingers jammed right in her snatch. Jennifer didn’t have one speck of concern about how she looked though. All she cared about was the sexy sight before her and how good her fingers felt inside her pussy. Sarah and Love were so into each other and slamming each other so hard that Jennifer wouldn’t have been surprised to see steam start to rise from the bed. Jennifer giggled to herself as she considered what an interesting source of power those two could be. They could probably light up the entire state with the power of pussy.

Jennifer’s masturbatory moans were floating right into Sarah and Love’s open ears. All three of them were moaning like crazy and it resulted in a delicious melodic composition. Neither one of them could find the strength to look over at Jennifer, they were so locked in on one another. The sounds coming from her though certainly gave away what she was doing and knowing that Jennifer was staring at them and playing with herself added that much more fuel to the fire on the bed.

Feeling her clit swell, Sarah knew she was close. She tried to warn Love, but all she could manage was a cry of passion that seemed to be on the verge of becoming a shriek. Love got the message and, knowing that her own orgasm was soon to follow, gave Sarah one last hard slam and rub with her melting pussy.

“AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Sarah shrieked in rapture, her pleasure now pulsating in her body. “THAT’S ITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!”

Sarah’s pussy was like a dam breaking open and feeling her hot passion against her own body was enough for Love to let go too. Knowing that Sarah had been satisfied, at least temporarily, Love concentrated on her own pleasure. She let Sarah’s spasming pussy vibrate against her like she was a living, breathing sex toy. Love felt her body get that last needed jolt to be sent into bliss and she threw her head back, her hair now wild and sticking to her sweaty forehead through a few sexy strands.

“COMINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!” Love cried out, joining Sarah in volume that no doubt was heard across the ocean by some very surprised people. This orgasm had been too long in waiting for Love and she went wild with it. Her body literally shook on the bed and Sarah had to wonder if the bed was going to start moving on the floor to accompany Love’s actions. Of course Sarah was quickly distracted by another shudder of pleasure from her own pussy and by the way Love’s beautiful breasts were bouncing up in down, keeping in time with the outpouring of her orgasm.

Their wet pussies squished and smacked as their orgasms fused together in one big cummy mess. The two girls just kept rubbing each other, their juices running down their thighs and down to their asses. They were sticky and messy and loving every second of it.

Watching those two sex kittens finish each other off was more than enough for Jennifer to reach a similarly happy ending to her tale of fingering. Someone more insecure would have felt like a third wheel, but Jennifer didn’t. She knew she was going to get her turn and then some, so for now she was happy creating her own shivers of pleasure. She pushed her fingers inside her pussy hard and fast, using her free hand to either toy with her nipples or suck on her fingers, depending on which impulse she indulged in.

Hearing Sarah and Love express their joy with such total abandon, pushed Jennifer over the edge. Her eyes remained locked on the grinding duo while she came, soaking her fingers. Juices ran down from her pussy and down her legs to her bunched up jeans and panties. Jennifer’s nipples felt so sensitive right then and she kept on playing with them, slapping her own breasts gently and rubbing her wet fingers and palms across her swollen nips. Even after her orgasm had filled her head with contentment and disappeared into happy cries and moans, Jennifer still kept at it. The show had charged her up so much, that Jennifer found herself unable to stop.

Sarah and Love were afflicted with similar symptoms. Having just rubbed each other the right way, they were left with wicked cravings for each other’s taste. The last embers of their mutual orgasm died as they wrapped their lips together and by doing so they began a new lustful fire between their legs. However, this time neither of them had any desire to make this just a two girl show. They stopped kissing just long enough to look over at their masturbating lover and beckon her closer.

“Don’t tell me you’re just going to stand there all day, are you?” Sarah playfully asked.

“Please join us Jennifer,” Love requested. “I’m pretty sure we can squeeze you in here.”

Jennifer was happy to accept, but her legs were still weak from her orgasm and frankly it was hard for her to walk with her jeans and panties pushed halfway down. She managed to make it over there, laughing at her self created predicament before falling on the bed and immediately having kisses lavished on her by Sarah and Love.

“This won’t do at all,” Sarah pointed out. “Jennifer, these clothes have got to go.”

“Then get them off me!” Jennifer ordered with a grin. “Strip me and fuck me!”

“Mmmm I like the sound of that plan a lot,” Love giggled before burying her face in Jennifer’s bare breasts. Love began to suck and kiss Jennifer’s sore nipples, treating them gently and providing plenty of TLC through her talented tongue. While she did that she pulled off Jennifer’s t-shirt. When the shirt was finally pulled over Jennifer’s head, Love kissed the topless woman passionately and allowed Sarah to go to work at relieving her of her pants.

That was just what Sarah did. She kissed the wet, exposed skin around Jennifer’s pussy. She let her lips and tongue travel all up and around her, over her tummy and down her naked thighs. Sarah helped herself to a tantalizing taste of her friend by lightly dragging her tongue over Jennifer’s cum covered labia. Mmm it’s a shame I’m not licking tasting this fresh from the oven, Sarah thought to herself knowing that’s exactly what she would be doing within minutes. In a flash of denim, Jennifer’s jeans were gone, along with her panties. Now there were three naked girls on the bed and they were all eager to get to work on one another.

Love was alternating between attention to Jennifer’s lips and her chest. Jennifer, happy to have Love’s kisses anywhere on her body, just sat back and moaned while the two girls she had just watched began working over her body. Jennifer began to toy with Love’s hair while the sexy nymphet licked at her breasts, running her wet tongue over her hard nipples and flicking them back and forth.

“Ohhh you’re so wet Jennifer,” Sarah observed as the scent of Jennifer’s arousal filled her nostrils like perfume. “God I love knowing you got this wet watching us. It just makes me want to….mmmmm…”

Sarah never finished the last part of her sentence because it was completely unnecessary for her to do so. Her intent was clear and a second later her mouth was pressing against Jennifer’s labia, sucking and nibbling gently on the lips of her pussy. Sarah’s tongue ran in between Jennifer’s lips and toward her clit. She helpfully spread Jennifer’s legs open so she could easily push past her labia and toward her pleasure center.

“Ohhhh Sarah yessssssssss!!!” Jennifer hissed, the familiar feeling of her housemate’s tongue on her clit making her just as crazy as it always did. Doing a much better job than her own fingers ever could, Sarah’s tongue gently licked away at Jennifer’s clit, making it swell again with desire and leaving Jennifer in need of an outlet for her growing desire.

“Love!” Jennifer gasped when Sarah hit a sensitive spot. “I need you! Give me your pussy! Let me lick you!”

Love was never one to deny a girl, especially when she knew she was going to reap the benefit, so she pulled away from Jennifer’s breasts and repositioned herself. Since Jennifer was flat on her back on the bed, it was easy for Love to move upward over her lover and press her pussy to Jennifer’s waiting mouth. As soon as Love’s wetness was grazing her lips, Jennifer went to work by kissing her sex and slowly sliding her tongue inside Love’s horny little pussy.

“Yeah Jen…that’s it…that’s fucking it,” Love moaned in satisfaction. She now had an excellent view of Sarah’s oral efforts and she got an extra charge seeing Sarah eating Jennifer’s pussy so well. Love began to massage her heaving breasts while she rode Jennifer’s tongue. Jennifer was always so good at licking and Love knew she wouldn’t have to wait longer for her second orgasm to announce itself.

For her part, Sarah’s tongue was swimming in the wetness that Jennifer had already created through her earlier finger play. The more she messed around with girls, the more Sarah was growing to love licking a girl just after she’d come. The taste was richer and Sarah loved lapping away at a girl’s creamy pussy while making her generate even more girl juice.

Getting Jennifer’s cream all over her tongue was getting Sarah’s pussy all juicy again and she began to touch herself. She lightly teased her own pussy with her fingers, reaching down between her legs while tonguing Jennifer. Sarah didn’t want to bring herself off too fast. She just wanted to keep her pussy constantly wet before she brought an eager tongue, or two, down to make her scream.

The harder Sarah lapped at Jennifer’s clit, the harder Jennifer gave it to Love and soon there were two girls on the bed expressing their pleasure with sharp cries. What a trio they made. Love riding Jennifer’s face while she lay flat on her back with Sarah buried between her thighs. Jennifer’s cries were muffled by Love’s pussy, but they were evident nonetheless as Sarah’s tongue continued to drive into her and hit her in the right spots again and again.

Jennifer’s hands had latched onto Love’s thighs, pulling her closer to her hungry mouth, but it wasn’t like Love needed any convincing to be in that position. She loved how Jennifer’s strong tongue worked into her pussy and fucked her so well. Jennifer’s movements with her tongue were hard, fast and far from the usually loving strokes that she usually gave to her partners. However it was also exactly what Love needed. She was horny and she could be loved later. Right now she just wanted to get fucked! Jennifer sensed this and behaved accordingly.

“Oh yesssssss!!! Jennifer!!! RIGHT THEREEEEE!!!” Love squealed, rubbing her wetness into Jennifer’s face. Love had already soaked Sarah’s skin with her desire and now she was in the process of doing the same to Jennifer’s beautiful face. She had been holding herself back for what seemed like ages and her housemates knew all the right tricks to fill her needs and bring her off hot and fast.

Jennifer certainly knew a lot of those tricks. She saw Love in her current state as a balloon that was rapidly reaching its maximum size. It was time to make this balloon pop and Jennifer had an idea how to do just that. She removed her hands form Love’s thighs and wet a finger with a combination of her saliva and the juice coming from the wet pussy at her lips. Jennifer then moved her hands around back to grip Love’s firm asscheeks and slowly slipped that lubed up finger into Love’s tight ring.

“AUGHHHHH!!!” Love screamed in total pleasure. “FUCK MY ASS!!! OHHHHHH JENNNNN!!! FUCK IT JUST LIKE THATTTTTT!!!”

A few touches of Jennifer’s finger in combination with the tongue inside her pussy, brought Love off like a lit cigarette carelessly tossed into a pile of gunpowder. She whooped and hollered her pleasure, soaking Jennifer’s face and draining her of even more of the pent up energy she had stored. Love had wanted to hold out just a little while longer, to make the pleasure last, but she had been way too horny to fight off her orgasm.

Feeling Love’s pussy spasm against her lips and tongue was a major turn on for Jennifer and it was doing almost as much to get her off as Sarah’s tongue was. Her earlier fingering had been a ragged job that had left her a little bit satisfied, but wanting much, much more. Sarah seemed dedicated to giving her a complete work over and Jennifer was about to thank her for it with a faceful of girl cum. Sarah immediately sensed this and wanted to make sure Jen knew how badly she wanted it.

“Come for me Jen!” Sarah urged, replacing her tongue with two of her probing fingers. “Please give it to me! I want to taste you! I want to have you come right on my lips so I can drink you down!”

Jennifer peered out from Love’s pussy, which she was in the process of licking clean post-orgasm, to see Sarah staring up at her, her pretty face covered in her juice and her eyes begging for more. Jennifer responded by thrusting her hips to get more of Sarah’s finger thrusts inside her and to silently egg Sarah on to return her tongue to where it belonged.

Sarah got that message and was only too happy to get her tongue back inside Jennifer’s warm, wet pussy. By now Love had finally managed to pull herself off of Jennifer’s tongue and, having curled up on the pillows near Jennifer’s head, began to run her tongue slowly with long, hot strokes over Jennifer’s sex covered face. Feeling that tongue inside her pussy and the warm wetness of Love’s strokes on her skin was more than Jennifer needed.


Sarah pressed her face in even harder as she felt Jennifer’s orgasmic release begin. She worked over Jennifer’s pussy like a wild woman, tonguing…kissing…licking and doing whatever she could to make Jennifer come hard and give her every last drop of her sex. Jennifer bounced up and down on the bed, lurching around a little and only being held steady by Love pressing herself on top of her. This gave Jennifer an excellent view of Love’s swaying breasts and she immediately began sucking on them.

Despite Love’s tits slapping her face and filling her mouth, Jennifer’s cries could not completely be drowned out. They were just stifled slightly and feeling Jennifer’s hot breath being pushed onto her breasts gave Love’s tired body a few last charges of ecstasy. The tit-muffled cries continued until Jennifer’s voice grew hoarse and tuned down to soft sighs.

This left Sarah as the only girl left standing, but that wasn’t a state that lasted long. Despite the happy and satisfied smile on her face, Jennifer was far from wiped out and she had plenty of energy left to show Sarah a good time. Her desire for Love quenched, Jennifer had a hankering for Sarah now and didn’t waste any time before attacking her.

Sarah had pulled away from Jennifer’s pussy when she felt the girl had no more juice to give. She began taking the cream that had collected on her face and chin and rubbing it all over her naked body. She loved how it felt and she also knew it would get her two bedmates worked up. Sarah had planned to give Jennifer a chance to catch her breath, but her little show had too good an effect and Sarah almost instantly found herself flat on her back at the end of the bed while Jennifer kissed her hard.

Her body sexually exhausted, for now, Love was content to lie back and toy with her body while Jennifer showed Sarah some gratitude for her orgasm. Love hefted up one of her breasts and began to tongue her own nipple as her eyes remained focused on her friends. She could do that when she was feeling flexible enough and this was one of those times.

Jennifer was moving so fast all over her body that Sarah barely knew where she was licking her from one moment to the next. That wasn’t a complaint and Sarah was quite willing to just close her eyes and let Jennifer give her what she needed. She had done a good job of keeping her pussy in a constant state of high arousal while she had turned Jennifer into her own private buffet and now she was feeling the pleasurable results of those efforts. Jennifer’s wet kisses and tongue swipes were all over her from head to toe, but there was only one place Sarah wanted to feel that mouth.

She pressed her hands onto the top of Jennifer’s head and that was all that needed to be said. Jennifer quickly focused her efforts right onto Sarah’s pussy and the dyed-blonde actress immediately began mewing her satisfaction.

“Ooooooooooooh Jen suck on my pussy!” Sarah moaned as she shivered with delight when Jennifer began sucking on the lips of her labia. “I need to feel a tongue inside there! God I’m already so fucking close!”

She wasn’t kidding, Jennifer smiled as she began working her tongue inside and over Sarah’s hard, aroused clit. If Sarah was a bomb, her countdown timer would be nearing single digits. This was hardly a challenge and Jennifer’s job got even easier when Love crawled over toward them and began kissing Sarah and playing with her firm breasts.

As an actress, Sarah loved being the center of attention, but this was better than any damn spotlight. She had tongue in her mouth and one in her pussy and if heaven wasn’t as good as this, Sarah had no desire to go there. Love’s wet, sloppy kisses made Sarah’s head swim while Jennifer’s tongue bath of her clit made her brain buzz. Sarah felt like she was floating on a cloud through a warm spring rain shower and she was torn about whether she should reach the peak of her passion or make this feeling last forever.

Unfortunately for Sarah that choice was out of her hands and the fate of her orgasm was directly controlled by Jennifer and, to a lesser degree, Love. Jennifer was on a mission to make Sarah come and nothing was going to deny her. Jennifer pulled herself up so her bare ass was in the air and she could crane her neck down to get a better angle at Sarah’s dripping pussy. Jennifer’s long hair tickled Sarah’s thighs while she ate her out and the sensations only made Sarah hotter.

Like a fraying rope, Sarah was rapidly slipping into her orgasm and nothing could reverse the process. There were no brakes to step on and when Love kissed her forehead and teased her nipple with a gentle little pinch, Sarah gave into the inevitable and dove off her cloud into the raging, but pleasurable, seas of her orgasm. Love quickly covered her lips with her own, sealing Sarah’s orgasm with a kiss. In lieu of a scream and a wail, Sarah shot her tongue into Love’s mouth with no hesitancy.

Jennifer didn’t need to hear Sarah scream out her orgasm. She was getting all the evidence she needed to know she had done a good job by the girl cum that was coating her tongue and dribbling down onto the already ruined sheets. Jennifer moved back down flat onto her belly to keep as much of those precious juices from slipping away. Jennifer reveled in Sarah’s orgasm, letting her sexuality overwhelm her before she took a break for some oxygen only to return again a split-second later.

Sarah’s body flailed on the bed, but Jennifer would not be shook off. She continued to make out with Love and soon they were both rubbing their bare breasts together, their sweaty bodies once again so close. When she could take no more, Sarah pulled away from Love and sank down onto the bed, happily gasping for breath.

She wasn’t alone for long and soon Jennifer and Love were on each side of her. Sarah delighted in being the filling for their little sandwich and before any of them knew it, they were capping off their little encounter with a hot three-way kiss.

Love had to think back at all that had just happened starting with her desire just to see some naked pictures of herself to get an honest appraisal. She started to laugh and Jennifer and Sarah were quickly joining her. They all seemed to share one thought about what had just happened.

“God, Rose is going to kill herself when she finds out she wasn’t hear for this,” Sarah grinned.

* * * * *

If she had known what was going on back at the mansion, Rose probably would have given anything to be there. As it was, she was far away both physically and mentally. Love had been right on when she had thought that Rose didn’t seem like herself. In fact she was very far from who she was…or more accurately who she wanted to be.

Rose had been planning on spending a quiet evening in the house and most likely seeing if Love wanted to practice getting naked for the camera. But her beeping pager had changed all that. Rose had known who it was without having to look down at the number. Only one person would have paged her at that time. Rose hadn’t wanted to see because she knew that as soon as she saw who it was, she would be helpless to stop from doing exactly what it was she was doing now.

She exited her car and walked toward the motel room she had been instructed to go to. The Hollywood Inn was sleazy by most standards, but at least it had a roof and walls and there didn’t appear to be any heroin addicts passed out or dead outside their rooms. Rose had been to worse and, besides, she knew she wouldn’t have been able to resist the call even if she had been told to come to the back of an alley next to a crack den.

The calls had been less frequent lately, but every now and then they came. Tonight was one of those nights and Rose adjusted her leather skirt, hoping it met with approval. She hated acting this way. She hated acting all meek and cowering. But she couldn’t help this impulse. She was powerless to fight it and that fact left her very vulnerable.

Rose arrived at room 116 and noticed there was no light coming from it. Was anyone even in there? She knocked on the door to see for herself.

“Get in here!” the voice inside barked and Rose quickly opened the unlocked door and stepped inside. There was no light on, but Rose could see that someone was sitting in the chair across from the bed. Rose was about to close the door behind her, but before she could she was stopped.

“Leave the fucking door open, bitch!” the voice spat out, the words cutting through the room like a sharp blade through skin. “You’re late you stupid cunt!”

“I…I…I’m sorry…” Rose stammered, her eyes locked in on the floor as she kept her head down. “There was traffic…”

“No excuses whore!” the voice said again. “You don’t get full price tonight! Tonight you’re working for me at a discount. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No…” Rose answered softly. Christ, she was already on the verge of crying and she just got here. She tried to take a deep breath. She could get through this. She could do it and then she could go home. She had to do this.

“Very good whore…now let me look at you.”

Rose heard the order and stepped forward. It was a full moon that night and as the cloud cover thinned, she found that it illuminated the room quite nicely through the open door. In the moonlight Rose felt the eyes of her “client” on her, examining her from head to toe. The client was dressed as normal. Leather jacket. Leather pants and boots.

“Very nice,” the voice said. “Good to see even a dumb slut like you can dress herself.”

“Thank you,” Rose sighed.

“Did I tell you to speak?” the voice demanded harshly. Rose’s client got off the chair and slapped her right across the face. It was no playful slap or even part of a sex game. It was real and it hurt. Rose wanted to touch her cheek and soothe the sting, but she knew if she dared do that, she would suffer the consequences.

“You speak when I tell you to speak!”

Rose nodded her head and made sure her eyes faced the ground. She felt a hot tear tremble down her cheek, but she sucked the rest of it back. She had to get through this and get back to where she wanted to be. The place where she was in control.

“Dance for me! Show me your moves whore. I paid good money for you and I want to see you.”

Rose was about to question the order, but stopped herself. It was always better not to ask…just do. She summoned a song in her head and began to dance to it slowly and sensuously, moving her body in a manner she knew was bound to win approval. Rose ran her hands over her body, over the clothing that barely held in her generous form, touching herself for her audience of one. As she did this she saw her client settle back in the chair and she then heard the sound that was unmistakably that of a zipper opening. The moonlight afforded Rose the chance to see a hand envelop a hard cock and begin to stroke it.

“That’s it,” Rose heard. “Dance. Show me your body. Show me your tits.”

While not stopping her silent dance, Rose peeled her top over her head. Her large breasts flopped free, unencumbered by any bra.

“Good…no bra,” Rose heard as encouragement. “Your tits look so good tonight whore. I can’t wait to work my cock in between them and spunk all over your face. I’m going to make you my little cum slut tonight Rose. That’s all you deserve to be. My fucking little cum slut. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” Rose admitted, deep down knowing it was true. “It’s all I deserve.”

“Take it all off. Let me see that pretty pussy of yours.”

Rose’s tight, leather skirt was soon on the floor and she stood in nothing but the stiletto heels she had come in with. The client made then made a hand motion and Rose obediently stepped out of her shoes. She felt so ashamed. God, if any of her friends could see her now, they’d have no idea what she was doing. This was so far from the side she let them see, but it was true, she needed this.

“Mmmmm already wet I see,” the client laughed. “I can smell your wet pussy from here you disgusting whore. If only your little dyke friends could see what you really are. But they can’t because they don’t control you. Only I control you. Don’t I Rose?”

“Yes master,” Rose swallowed hard. “Only you control me.”

“You’re my little whore aren’t you Rose?”

“I’m your little whore,” Rose agreed.

“Come to me whore,” the client commanded. “Get your ass over here and suck me off like the cocksucking cunt you are.”

Rose silently approached the chair and sunk to her knees. Anyone could walk by and see her bare assed naked giving a blow job, but she couldn’t refuse the request. She heard the sound of another zipper opening and realized the client had just taken off the jacket.

Rose looked up and saw her client’s bare breasts, the nipples already hard. She grasped the hard cock in her hands and nuzzled the latex against her chin. Her client responded by taking the toy and slapping her across her cheeks with it several times in each side. While her client sat back and began playing with her bare nipples, Rose took the strap on deep in her mouth, coming close to taking all of the eight inches. She was just glad her client hadn’t worn one of her bigger strap ons that night. She could handle this much in her mouth.

“Yessss suck that cock bitch,” the sharp female voice instructed. “I want to shoot my cum in your mouth and watch you swallow every drop. You’d love that wouldn’t you? You’d love to drink down my cum!”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Rose agreed, her mouth full of the toy she was struggling to deep throat. She imagined what someone would say if they walked by the door and saw her bent over, bare ass lit up by the moonlight, sucking this toy. What if this person recognized her? What if this person recognized them?

All that didn’t concern the woman in the chair. She massaged her bare breasts bucking her hips so she could fuck Rose’s pretty mouth hard. She wanted to see this slut deep throat her cock. If she couldn’t do it tonight, well she was just going to have to make sure her bitch did her homework before her next call. She hoped someone came by. She hoped that person recognized Rose for the worthless whore she was.

When the woman had had enough, she pulled her toy right from Rose’s mouth, strands of saliva dripping off the edge. She rubbed the slick toy on Rose’s cheeks, getting them wet with her own spit.

“You goddamned cocksucking whore,” the woman laughed. “I wish you could see yourself now. Pretty face all wet with your own spit. I just wish it was my cum painting your slutty face. I know you call your playmates sluts all the time, Rose but you’re the only slut here. You’re a lowly little whore and now I want your big soft tits rubbing my hard cock. So get to it slut!”

“Oh God yes,” Rose moaned. “Command your slut! Command your little fucking whore!” She was risking another slap, but she had to risk it. She hated this. She truly did. But it was making her pussy burn with desire like nothing else could.

The woman grasped her cock in her hands and jacked it off like it was real and she could really come like a man. She grasped Rose’s hair with her other hand and pulled her back toward the toy. Rose yelped in pain, but didn’t struggle as the saliva-covered toy was pressed between her breasts.

“Work those tits over my hard cock!” Rose was commanded. “Rub them all over my meat! I want to drench your body in cum so everyone knows that not only are you a whore, but you’re my whore.”

Rose treated the toy like it was a real flesh and blood cock. She rubbed her tits over it, squeezing them over the fake flesh and licking the head as if it could really shoot cum onto her tongue. Rose repeated this action even as she felt her skin on her breasts begin to chafe. Still she didn’t dare stop until she was ordered to.

Fortunately that order wasn’t long in coming. The woman tired of Rose’s tit fuck and grabbed onto her hair again. She tugged sharply on her raven locks and pulled her up toward her. Rose found herself face to face with the woman, her short cut of blonde hair making it easier for her to pass herself off as a man when she so chose to. She pressed Rose’s face to hers and kissed her harshly. Rose was so used to the loving kisses of her housemates that it was always a shock when she felt these hard, cold lips against her.

“Remember when the kiss of a woman used to make you vomit Rose?” the woman laughed, standing up and throwing Rose down on the floor with a hard thump. “Remember when another woman touching you made you want to kill her? Now it’s all you care about you fucking dyke slut. If only everyone knew the truth about you cunt. If only they knew what a fucking whore you really are.”

That was a threat Rose couldn’t stand idly by and hear. She had to respond.

“No…please…don’t tell them,” Rose begged. “Don’t tell anyone!”

She knew it was a mistake as soon as she opened up her mouth and she was proven right when the woman slapped her face again hard. This time she also kicked her in the stomach. Not hard enough to cause injury, but hard enough to get a message across. Rose found herself unable to fight back as the woman picked her up and threw her onto the bed. This was never something Rose could get used to. She strove to be in control of every facet of her life and never, ever be a victim. But here she was acting like the weakling she despised. She couldn’t fight back. She just couldn’t. She was being controlled and she needed it to be this way.

The last slap against her face had been enough to split her lip open just enough for a small trickle of blood to dribble down. It would heal in an hour or two, but for now served to Rose as a reminder how powerless she was here. Knowing what was expected of her, Rose got on all fours and silently prayed to herself that her client wouldn’t have the itch to fuck her in the ass that night.

“Get ready whore,” the woman commanded, pushing her pants down to fully reveal the strap on cock attached to her waist. It was even bigger than Mr. Snappy was and Rose had never considered using something bigger than that on any of her lovers. Rose’s client had no such objections though and wouldn’t hesitate to take her with something even bigger should the mood strike her.

Rose shuddered as she felt spit in her pussy. She knew she was already well lubed for this, she hadn’t been able to help getting wet from this treatment. The spit was insult being added to injury. But the feeling was nothing compared to what she experienced a moment later when the strap on was pushed into her pussy.

Every time this happened Rose was afraid she was going to walk away hurt in some way. She was terrified that she’d be ripped open and the consequences of that made her shudder. Still she stood there on all fours, begging to be fucked, not with her words but with her actions.

“AHHHHHH yessss you fucking tight bitch!” Rose heard shouted behind her. The woman began pumping into her pussy with her toy, pushing in as much as she could. Rose never knew how much was being pushed into her and she didn’t want to know either.

“Yessssss yessss feel me fucking you!” the woman shouted, alerting any passers by to the open door as to exactly what was going on in there. “Feel my hard cock in your hot tight cunt Rose! Feel what it’s like to have a real woman fuck your brains out! I’m not one of those fucking baby dykes you’ve got in your little mansion! I’m a real fucking woman and you’re my little cunt!”

Rose struggled to fight it, but she cried out in pleasure. Her bare tits swung back and forth from the hard thrusts she was getting and it felt so good. She would never let anyone else take her like this. No one else. Only her.



“MMMMM YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I’M FUCKING YOUR WHORE PUSSY AND YOU’RE LOVING IT!!! YOU’RE THE BIGGEST FUCKING SLUT IN THE WORLD ROSE AND ONLY I KNOW IT!!!” The woman continued to pound Rose mercilessly and rip her psyche with her words.

Rose pounded the mattress with her fists as she backed up to meet the hard thrusts of the strap on. She did this partly out of hate and partly out of the pleasure she couldn’t deny she was feeling. She was close to coming and she knew the woman could feel the heat coming from her pussy while she fucked her.


Rose’s face was crimson red with shame and it was getting harder to fight off the tears. She knew people could hear her getting fucked in this seedy motel. She knew they were probably jerking off or doing whatever the fuck they did to feel some pleasure in their lives.

Her breathing was getting heavier and more labored with every thrust that was pounded into her from behind. She felt herself beginning to come. She was holding it in. She would normally be screaming and exalting her passion, but this was not a normal time. She didn’t want the woman to know how much she was getting off on this.

The woman did nothing to hide her own pleasure. She continued to scream vile obscenities at Rose for her, and anyone else in the area, to hear. Her firm breasts bounced as she fucked Rose hard, and she was close to her own orgasm. She wished she had a real cock to explode inside this cunt. She wanted Rose to know that she owned her.


The nub of the strap on was rubbing right against the woman’s hard clit, so she wasn’t lying about her own orgasm. She kept pounding at Rose, knowing that her little cunt had already come. She kept her orgasms silent when she was with her, but she could see the slickness on the strap on and knew that Rose had creamed for her. That slut loved this!

Rose gritted her teeth to keep from crying out. She felt her sexual release even more acutely than when she was with any of her housemates. She was crying, but it wasn’t from pain or from shame. It was from trying to keep all this intense pleasure internal.

The woman finally finished vocalizing her orgasm and pulled out harshly from Rose’s pussy. Almost as if a switch was thrown, Rose felt herself begin to return to some stability and normalcy. As soon as the woman pulled out of her, Rose jumped off the bed and grabbed her discarded clothes. She ignored her own juices running down her legs. She just wanted to get the hell out of there.

“Where the fuck are you going?” the woman demanded. “Get down here and clean my cock off!”

“Fuck you!” Rose responded, so relieved to feel her fire returning. “This is over!”

“You always say that,” the woman laughed. “But then you always come running every time I call you. Maybe you’re not even my cunt Rose. You’re my little dog.”

“I mean it this time, you and I are done!” Rose swore, pulling her skirt up and

“You don’t even believe that,” the woman contended. “You need me Rose. I’m the only one who knows the real you. I’m the only one who knows what you really need!”

“You don’t know anything about me!” Rose screamed her rage. She pulled her top back on and didn’t even pause to get back into her shoes before storming off to the door.

“No, I know everything!” the woman shot back. “Only I know the real Rose McGowan. Your little friends sure don’t know. Hey maybe I’ll pay them a visit soon and tell them.”

That stopped Rose dead in her tracks and she spun around.

“If I ever see you near them I’ll kill you!” Rose swore, meaning every word.

“Sure you will Rose. You would just fall to your hands and knees and beg me for more, like you always do,” the woman laughed, also meaning every word. “I left the money on the counter for you whore.”

Rose stormed off into the night, ignoring the money and leaving the woman naked on the bed except for her boots and strap on. She was very proud of herself and she ran her finger over the creamy strap on.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “I’ll see you soon Rose.”

By the time she peeled out of the parking lot of the motel, Rose was practically shaking with rage. She couldn’t focus on the road as she made her way out of LA and back to Malibu where she would feel safe again. She had to pull over, if for no other reason than to catch her breath. She felt such a complete and utter wail of despair bubbling up inside her as she stopped the car, but she caught it and swallowed it down before she cried. She wasn’t going to cry! She was never ever going to cry about this!

She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t go home like this. She was feeling like her old self again at last and the simpering wimp that had crawled over to be abused was dead again. But she couldn’t let her housemates see her like this. They would know something was wrong. She turned on the light in the car and studied her bloody lip in the mirror. Soon no one would even notice it, but she couldn’t let them know about it. Rose took a deep breath and decided to wait a bit and then head home. She knew where she could crash until she was ready to face her friends again.

At least she was back in control. She had lost it again, just like she did every time the call came. But she had gotten it back and she swore she would never let it happen again. She had meant what she had said. This shit was over! Rose had to make sure that side of her stayed gone and that she lived life the way she intended to. Calming herself with the thought that she was the person she wanted to be again. She controlled her life. She made her choices. She was the dominant one and she knew the perfect way to prove that tomorrow. But her confidence had a trickle of doubt to it. What if she couldn’t doing this?

* * * * *

Rose wasn’t the only member of the house to be in Los Angeles that night, but Jewel was far away from the turmoil that Rose was subjecting herself to. She stood in one of the corners of the crowded party, sipping on champagne and putting her best phony smile to use.

It was a standard record industry jerk off session and she had to listen to so many executives tell her how wonderful she was and how they’d love to be in business with her. Yeah right, Jewel thought to herself, would you even remember my name if my music stopped selling?

This was the part of the job that Jewel hated. She loved composing her songs and playing her guitar, but she couldn’t stand the bullshit games you had to play in this industry. Oh well, this was what she had to do if she stood any chance of being heard. What good was writing a song if she didn’t have the opportunity to make people hear it.

So she went to the parties and appeared on the talk shows to flog her album. She swore a little bit of her soul died each time she had to go to one of these things. If you listened carefully, she bitterly thought to herself, perhaps you could listen to its death cries amongst the small talk.

At least Jewel could comfort herself with the fun she could have when she got back home to Malibu. It was still weird to think of that place as home, but she was getting more and more used to it. Of course it was easy to become comfortable in a place like that when there was such intoxicating things going on there.

Jewel stood there in her black sequined dress, cut just short enough to give a nice, teasing glimpse of leg but nothing more, and hoped that no one realized how wet her pussy was getting under her clothes. She tried to fight her arousal, but that proved to be impossible. She couldn’t help but think about going home and crawling under the covers with the housemate of her choice. She wondered which one she would pick, but then realized she didn’t have to pick. She could have all of them.

She imagined coming home and finding all four of them waiting for her in her room. They would all be naked and quite eager to get her in the same condition. She wouldn’t have fought them off as they peeled her dress off of her and then set to work stripping off her bra and panties. She then would have fallen onto the bed with them and let them work her body over. She could already feel their lips on her mouth, her breasts, her thighs, her pussy and her ass. Mmmm it all sounded so wonderful.

With a start Jewel shook herself out of her trance. That was a close one. If she had descended any more into that fantasy then she would have ended up reaching under her dress and started touching herself. A few people might have noticed if she did that, so Jewel sighed and told herself she would have to wait until later to engage in lustful thoughts.

Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy for Jewel to shake her impulses and her craving for pussy. Smiling, she wondered if she should just go up to the next hot chick she saw and plunge her tongue down her throat. Of course that would also the room’s collective jaw to drop to the floor and that wasn’t quite what Jewel was going for here. It did get her thinking though…could she seduce another woman?

She had always been an easy mark she supposed. Both her professor back at college and the girls at the mansion had found her quite willing to submit to a lesbian experience. But Jewel had never been the aggressor when it came to situations like that. Even during her other times living the sapphic lifestyle, Jewel had usually been the follower instead of the leader. During the times she had taken the active role, like when she had caught Rose snooping on Sarah and Reese, it had been because she was comfortable in the situation. She knew Rose wasn’t going to spurn her advances.

So Jewel had to wonder if she had it in her to seduce another woman when the results weren’t a given. Did she have the guts to invite someone over to the house and seduce them like her housemates had? Could she do to someone else what had been done to her? And if she could do it, then who should she pick?

Before Jewel could ponder this question any further, she was distracted by the presence of someone she actually wanted to talk to. After having smoke blown up her ass all night by industry types, it was a pleasure to see a non conformist in the bunch so Jewel immediately reached out to her.

“Gwen!” Jewel called out, causing Gwen Stefani to immediately whirl around. She searched out for the source of the request for her attention and when she saw it was Jewel she smiled and walked over to her.

“Jewel? How are you?” Gwen asked, hugging her fellow artist warmly. As usual she was a bit kooky in her choice of clothing. While most others went for the slightly formal look, Gwen was wearing a plaid skirt and a black t-shirt that said “WOMAN” on it. She designed all her clothes herself and, more often than not, it showed.

“With all this excitement around me, how could I not be amazing?” Jewel jokingly answered, returning the hug with equal warmth.

“Tell me about it,” Gwen replied. “Who knew there were so many executives in the world? You think people grow up thinking, ‘I want to be a vice-president of marketing.’”

“Actually I think they create them at a special breeding ground,” Jewel smiled. “You know like a genetics laboratory.”

“Well that would sure explain a lot,” Gwen smiled right back, a really beautiful smile that caught more than Jewel’s eye. “So what have you been up to?”

“Oh the usual, out promoting the new album and everything,” Jewel answered. She and Gwen had hit the music stardom scene at around the same time and though their styles were quite different, they had a lot in common and they stuck up a quick and easy friendship. They weren’t like sisters or anything, but they had a nice, casual friendship going. “I think I did every talk show known to man. I’m supposed to go out on tour in the next month or so.”

“Yeah same here,” Gwen responded. “We’re going to be hitting the road big time but probably not till the summer. We’ve got a few more shows and interviews to do. It can wear on you, but then you know what I’m talking about.”

“I sure do,” Jewel sighed. “I think it’s harder to promote the album than to make it. It can really be a grind.”

“I could sure use a break and the album just came out a few months ago,” Gwen stated. “I really need to relax for a few days. We all do. The band could use it. Everyone’s starting to get a little crazy. We were actually afraid to bring Adrian with us tonight, but he’s been a good boy so far at least. We’re just hoping he can keep his clothes on during the party.”

“I don’t know, it might liven things up to see him flapping around here,” Jewel smiled as the girls discussed No Doubt drummer Adrian Young’s proclivity for doffing his duds at the drop of a hat.

“Well if you’ve seen that thing as many times as we have, it kind of loses its thrill,” Gwen replied, smiling her sexy smile again. Jewel had never really noticed how sexy Gwen was before, but then again she was noticing a lot of things about other women these days.

“You know, if you’re getting exhausted, maybe you just need to take a break from yourselves,” Jewel suggested, not quite sure where she was going with this, but a glimmer of an idea was forming.

“What do you mean?” Gwen asked.

“You know, do something crazy and wild that you’ve never done before,” Jewel explained. “That should help break you out of the monotony.”

“Hmmm so you’re thinking that maybe I should be the member of the group to take my clothes off on stage…interesting,” Gwen teased.

“It would definitely get people talking,” Jewel said, almost dropping her champagne glass when she pictured what Gwen might look like naked. “But I’m being serious.”

“A vacation from myself, huh?” Gwen repeated as she pondered the notion. “I’ll have to think about that. It sure seems like an interesting idea though.”

Gwen didn’t have a chance to converse any further with Jewel because she noticed two of her fellow band mates signaling her.

“Uh oh, looks like I may need to bail them out of some trouble again,” Gwen declared. “I’ve got to go. But we should hang out sometime before you go out on tour.”

“Count on it,” Jewel promised as they hugged again before departing. Watching Gwen walk away, Jewel had to try and focus her thoughts through all the nervous energy she was feeling at the moment. Could she possibly seduce someone like Gwen? She sure seemed like the right candidate. She was open minded and fun loving. Jewel had to think long and hard about this, but she knew which way her heart was directing her. And since her heart was working in a tag team with her sex drive, Jewel knew this was something she had to seriously think about taking a chance on.

Jewel had every intention of keeping that promise she just made, so who knew what might come out of this. Perhaps when they hung out soon they might end up being more than friends. At the worst she and Gwen could have a good time as friends. But at the very best Jewel could get to know Gwen on a very special level and she could join the growing circle of women that knew her and her housemates little secret.

The thought of that was mighty appealing and Jewel was already plotting ways to make that a reality. She didn’t want to be seen leering at Gwen as she walked away, so Jewel snuck a few glances and wondered what could happen. However those thoughts were interrupted when Jewel suddenly felt a hand reach out and pinch her ass. She gasped and quickly whirled to give whoever it was who did that a hot ear and a slap across the face. But when she saw who it was, Jewel’s plans suddenly changed.

“Hey sexy,” Christina Aguilera said with her seductive little smile working at full power.

Jewel’s eyes lit up when she found herself face to face with the barely legal sex kitten. She felt her whole body get flush when every little detail of what they had done poolside came rushing back to her. It was like she could come just from the memories. If her pussy had been damp before, seeing Christina was threatening to open up the floodgates.

“Christina!” Jewel smiled. “I didn’t know you were here!”

“Snuck in a little while ago,” Christina explained. “You know fashionably late and all. I saw you standing in the corner and decided to make you a little less lonely.”

“Thanks, I appreciate the company,” Jewel replied, hungrily eyeing Christina in her frayed and sequined red mini-dress. The red was a sure attention getter in the see of black that seemed to be the standard color of dress for the evening, and it was just another excuse to stare at Christina’s tight, sexy body.

“I think you appreciate more than my company,” Christina giggled, pressing herself against Jewel. To anyone who saw it, it appeared to just be a friendly hug, but it was anything but. Christina pressed her body against Jewel’s and made sure she knew that under her little dress she was naked as the day she was born. And if by any chance she was being too subtle, Christina took her opportunity to whisper in Jewel’s ear.

“My pussy got so wet when I saw you…” Christina whispered before pulling away with an evil smile. Jewel grew flush with desire. God that girl was insatiable and all Jewel could think about was tearing off her little dress and eating her out right there in front of everyone.

“So I heard you moved in,” Christina said, helping herself to a glass of champagne as a waiter passed by, “Shame on you for going off and having fun without me. Wasn’t I pretty enough for you all? Wasn’t my body good enough for you?”

“You’ve always got an open invitation to move in,” Jewel said keeping her voice low sipping her champagne while she tried to keep from dripping cream down her leg. Of course Christina knew that she was pretty enough for them and that they would have loved to have her back. It was just a little game she was playing and Jewel so desperately wanted to play along. “So did you just come over here just to tease me you sexy little bitch?”

“Maybe,” Christina said sweetly. “Or maybe I came over to drag you away for some fun.”

That idea sounded so good to Jewel. She had enjoyed Christina’s tongue inside when they had ended the pool party with a daisy chain and she was so eager to experience it again. But they couldn’t have fun here. Could they?

“Mmmm stop,” Jewel moaned lowly, sounding quite unconvincing in the process. “There are so many people around.”

“That’s not stopping you from getting wet though I’ll bet,” Christina said, pressing her mouth to Jewel’s ear again. “I’ll bet you’re so wet under your dress Jewel. What would you do if I just reached under it and touched your pussy with my fingers? Would you slap my hand away? I’ll bet you wouldn’t. I’ll bet you’d spread your legs open and let me play with your hard clitty. You wouldn’t stop me even if I pulled your dress down and began licking you right here in the middle of it all. Then everyone would know what a naughty girl I am and how much you love it.”

“Ohhh Chrissy, you’re driving me crazy,” Jewel sighed, her legs growing a little wobbly. She had to have this girl again. “You wanna come home with me tonight?”

“I can’t,” Christina sadly admitted. “I came with someone. You know keep up the boy-girl appearances and all so they’ll still buy my records in the South. Besides I have to be in the studio tomorrow and if I get inside that place I’ll be up having fun all night.”

“Oh,” Jewel replied, her disappointment obvious. But that disappointment turned to joy with the next words Christina spoke.

“I guess that means I’ll just have to take you right here and now,” Christina grinned. “Besides I’ve never been good at waiting.”

“What? We can’t,” Jewel gasped, but hoping that they could and would.

“Of course we can,” Christina declared. “Follow me!”

Christina then grasped Jewel’s hand and led the willing singer away. They paused only to put their glasses of champagne down before rushing out of the room. They stopped at the coat room where Christina walked up to the guy in charge of keeping everyone’s stuff from being misplaced or stolen. According to the hotel name tag on his lapel, his name was Ted.

“Wait here,” Christina told Jewel before approaching Ted.

“Hey sweetie,” Christina said sweetly to the surprised Ted, who had been daydreaming his time away before then. He looked like a guy in his mid-30′s and when he talked it was obvious he had a British accent. “Think you can hand me my purse?”

Ted responded the way any man would to a flirty request from a beautiful celebrity. He snapped to it and almost instantly was back with Christina’s purse. Smiling she opened it up and withdrew a $100 bill. She unfolded it and presented it to Ted.

“So Ted baby,” Christina said, noticing his name tag. “I think it’s time for your break. Why don’t you just take this and let me watch the coats for say…20 minutes or so.”

“Well gee, we’re really not supposed to leave the coats,” Ted stammered, not quite sure how to respond to this unusual offer.

“Awwww not even for little ol me,” Christina teased, stroking Ted’s chin. “I promise I won’t steal anything. C’mon, $100 to go away for a little while? That’s a pretty good deal, dontcha think?”

“I really shouldn’t,” Ted continued. This wasn’t part of the training he had gotten from Betty. He wasn’t sure what to do.

“Sure you can,” Christina urged before unveiling her secret weapon…or more accurately her secret weapons. Smiling the whole time, she unzipped the top of her dress just enough for her to pull it down and give Ted a quick flash of her bare breasts, pierced nipples and all. Ted’s eyes grew wide in amazement. Christina quickly pulled her dress back up but it was like Ted was hypnotized by the sight of them.

“So how about it,” Christina smiled.

“Sure anything you say…” Ted mumbled, grabbing the $100 bill, opening the door of his little station and walking away, the bulge in his pants quite evident. He had to go check on those kids in 309 anyway.

When Ted walked away, Christina quickly took over. She ducked inside the coat room and signaled for Jewel to follow her. Once they were both inside, Christina closed the door and locked it. She then closed the partition to keep anyone from looking inside and immediately jumped into Jewel’s waiting embrace.

Jewel caught the lithe sex goddess in her arms and hungrily kissed her. Could they really do this right here in the coat room when anyone could just walk up? Christina sure seemed to think they could and Jewel was not inclined at the moment to disagree.

“Mmmmm we don’t have much time,” Christina sighed. “I just want you to fuck me Jewel! Will you do that? Will you fuck me hard and make my tight little pussy come?”

“Does this answer your question?” Jewel smiled while she slid her hand up Christina’s dress and over her smooth pussy. “I’m going to make you cream you adorable little whore!”

“Ooooooh that’s just what I want,” Christina squealed. She pulled out of Jewel’s embrace and proceeded to push a whole series of coats onto the floor. She threw herself down on them, using them as a mattress, and hiked up her dress. Jewel now had an unobstructed view of Christina’s hairless snatch and she could already see the wetness collecting on her labia. Christina didn’t even bother pulling her dress all the way off. She just exposed what she wanted to and begged Jewel to get to work. It was a delightfully trashy sight and one that Jewel took a mental picture of to savor forever.

This was such a risky encounter. Christina was lying on the coats of some of the most powerful people in their industry and any one of them could come up looking to collect their things at any time. Still Jewel couldn’t deny how bad she wanted Christina and how wet her pussy was at the prospect of fucking her right there and then.

“Fuck me!” Christina hissed, stroking her pussy as she tempted Jewel onward. “Fuck me Jewel! Don’t send me home to my rent-a-date all horny and unfulfilled!”

Jewel could never imagine doing such a cruel thing to poor Christina so she quickly sunk to her knees and placed a lingering kiss on Christina’s bald pussy. That kiss was followed by another and then another and soon those kisses had turned into tongue lashes. Christina shuddered and her labia opened like a blooming flower. Jewel could feel the heat of her pussy like an oven blast and she didn’t hesitate before diving in and attacking the singer’s throbbing clitoris.

Christina lowered the top of her dress again so she could play with her own tits. She squeezed her firm little globes and moaned uncontrollably from Jewel’s tonguing. She had loved tasting Jewel at the pool party, but until now she had yet to have the Alaskan princess return the favor. She had longed to feel that tongue inside her and now she knew it was worth the wait. Christina teased and pinched her own nipples, fondling her piercings and driving herself wild. Her pussy was like a ripe berry dripping juice into Jewel’s mouth.

The thought that someone might walk in and find her face buried in Christina’s pussy happily licking away did cross Jewel’s mind…but by now she was too far gone to think of any response but “Bring it on.” She hoped someone walked in and found Christina fucking her face and getting her sticky with cum all the way into her hair. She wanted them to know how much fun she was having giving into her impulses and how sexy she felt eating out a slutty girl who had just barely escaped her teens.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yes!” Christina moaned, trying to keep it down but not succeeding very well. “Tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck my pussy! I want to fucking come all over these coats!”

Thinking of the interesting explanations to a dry cleaner that could lead to, Jewel picked up her pace. She pushed Christina’s legs open wide and really pushed her mouth onto her pussy. She sucked on her clit like it was an ice cube in the middle of a desert, working over her pussy with her lips and tongue. She couldn’t wait to get this girl back to the house so she could have the time to lick every inch of her skin. This would have to do for now and Jewel was more than happy to suck every drop of girl cum out of Christina.

The diva in training flailed about on the coats as Jewel lifted her legs up in the air a little. It pulled her ass off the floor and allowed Jewel to drive into her hard with her tongue. Christina let out a high pitched cry of pleasure in response as her well trained voice reacted to the intense feelings of sexual ecstasy that were shooting through her small body. She continued pawing at her breasts, scratching them with her manicured nails and leaving red marks all over her tender flesh.

“Yes! Yes!!! Yesssssss!!!” Christina screamed, covering her mouth with her arm to muffle herself slightly. “Eat my slutty pussy! Tongue fuck me Jewel!!! Make me come!!! Gawd I just wanna cream your faceeeeeeeeee!”"

Jewel rubbed her face all over Christina’s tender, wet pussy lips. It no longer mattered where they were doing this. They could have been alone on some empty South Pacific island for all Jewel cared. All that mattered was bringing this girl off and then getting her to do the same to her. Christina continued to yell her passion and she had to abandon her breasts to use both hands to cover her mouth and keep from broadcasting her orgasm to all assembled. There was only so much noise Christina could stop from making, though, and anyone who listened in at the locked door would quickly deduce exactly what was going on. That didn’t stop Jewel and Christina from continuing though.

“Gimmie your fingers!” Christina begged. “I can take ‘em! Slide those fingers in me! Slam me while you lick me! Ohhhhhh Jewel I’m gonna come soooooooo huge!”

Jewel quickly wet two of her fingers in her mouth and worked them into Christina’s pussy to accompany her tongue. Christina was so wet that it was easy to get them in past her tightness and begin working them in and out. Her fingers were quickly coated in Christina’s essence and Jewel couldn’t help but lick them clean before plunging them back inside her. Christina let out a loud gasp and rapturous groan at Jewel pushing her fingers back inside her like that and her body lurched up and down, making her small breasts shake so sexily.

Christina was so sexy, Jewel just wanted to completely devour her. Perhaps it was for the best she wasn’t living with them at the mansion. None of them would ever leave the house if she did. They would all be too busy fucking the living, breathing embodiment of sex that was Christina Aguilera.

“Awwwwwwww FUCK!!!” Christina yelped as the combination of tongue and fingers made her pussy soar. “YESSSS!!! OHHHHH YESSSSS!!! GONNA FUCKING COME!!!”

Christina clamped both of her hands down over her mouth, not wanting to deny herself this pleasure but also not wanting to ruin their night with discovery. She screamed into her hands as Jewel kept at her weeping pussy. She felt her hot juices running down her thighs and onto the coats. Mmmm I hope I’m ruining them with my slut cream, Christina thought to herself in between pounding jolts of orgasmic joy. An even more evil thought then popped in. I hope one of these is Britney Spears’ so she’s walking around with a coat stained by my pussy. She had no idea what kind of coat Britney had been wearing that night but the thought of doing that brought another round of muffled screams and juicy smacks of her pussy to Jewel’s face.

When Christina came, you always knew it because her body spasmed like an electrical current was being shot through it. She gasped over and over again into the palms of her hands and smiled blissfully while her eyes seemed to roll right back into her head. Jewel held fast between her legs, getting as much as she could and letting what she missed damage the expensive designer duds they had turned into their sinful hotbed of lesbian passion.

Letting out one last contented sigh, Christina stretched out on the coats and seemed to be on the verge of purring. She had needed that orgasm and Jewel had done her just right. Fortunately for the Alaskan beauty, Christina had gone out that night with as much desire to eat as she had to be eaten so there was no way she was not going to help herself to a piece of Jewel before Ted got back to his little office of coats.

“Mmmm get that fucking dress off and let me see your amazing body,” Christina cooed while she covered Jewel’s juice covered face with kisses. “Hurry! I can’t wait to fuck you!”

God, there never was a time when Christina wasn’t impatient for sex, Jewel marveled. Of course that wasn’t a complaint, especially since it was her pussy that Christina was impatient to taste. Jewel rolled her head back and moaned as Christina’s small hands moved all over her body. They moved right up her dress and toward her pussy, where Christina found her efforts blocked by Jewel’s undergarments.

“Tsk tsk,” Christina playfully chided. “I don’t like women who wear panties. From now on when you’re with me, I want your pussy bare under your clothes. These have got to go!”

Without asking permission or even indicating she was about to do it, Christina proceeded to tear off Jewel’s black panties. Christina giggled as she removed the tattered garment from under Jewel’s dress. She ran her tongue over the wetness and then handed them to Jewel.

“Here,” she laughed. “Have a souvenir.”

Jewel thought about saying something, but didn’t. She just shook her head and accepted Christina’s “gift.” Of course her thoughts quickly shifted away from her torn piece of underwear when, seconds later, Christina’s fingers slipped back into her pussy.

“Mmmmm yes that’s much better,” Christina smiled. “No naughty panties in the way of me getting at your pussy. Ohhhh you’re so wet Jewel. I love how warm and wet your pussy is. I want to just finger fuck you until you soak my fingers in girl cream so I can lick each and every one of them off like little popsicles.”

“Ohhhh now that’s a refreshing treat,” Jewel gasped as three of Christina’s delicate fingers wormed their way past her labia. “Yeahhhhh fuck me Chrissy! Work that pussy over with your fingers!”

“So you like this, huh?” Christina teased while she used her free hand to cup Jewel’s breasts through her dress and bra. Even through those layers of clothing, Christina could feel how hard Jewel’s nipples were getting out. They were begging to be released, but Christina decided to play around a little first. “You like feeling my fingers in your pussy?”

“Oh yesss…” Jewel moaned, Christina’s fingers now pinching and rubbing her clit. “You know I love it!”

“Now I do,” Christina laughed before giving another tongue swipe to the side of Jewel’s face. She loved tasting herself all over Jewel’s flushed skin. “Think you can come from my fingers fucking your hot, wet pussy?”

“Oh God yes,” Jewel promised. “You’re so hot Christina you can make me come any way you want.”

“Thank you,” Christina replied, kissing Jewel on the lips to show her gratitude. “I want you to come for me Jewel. I want to push my fingers in your pussy and pull them out and push them in again and keep doing it until you explode all over them. I want to feel your hot gush of cream all over my naughty fingers. I wish all those people out there could see how much it’s turning me on to finger fuck you Jewel. I wish they could see how much fun we’re having!”

“Keep going,” Jewel groaned. By now she and Christina were practically fused together. Jewel’s arms were wrapped around Christina’s slim waist as they stood over the pile of coats on the floor. Jewel’s body was still covered but Christina was virtually naked, with both ends of her dress bunched up in the middle of her body. Jewel loved holding her almost bare lover like that, feeling her firm, youthful body pressing into hers.

Christina kept up her pace of steadily finger fucking, but her other hand got to work on other parts of Jewel’s body. She was tired of touching her through clothing and she reached around back to work the top of Jewel’s dress off. Christina encountered no resistance and after a few snaps and pulls, the top of Jewel’s dress was pooled around her waist. Christina admired Jewel’s lovely rack in the sheer black bra she wore underneath.

“You know what they say about girls who wear black underwear?” Christina asked.

“Mmmhmm,” Jewel moaned, knowing exactly where Christina was going with this.

“Of course you know,” Christina replied. “You know they’re out looking to get fucked! Mmmm I’d wear black underwear every day, that is if I ever wore underwear.”

Christina followed this up with a naughty little tongue wiggle that almost made Jewel melt into the floor. The little blonde minx then began to suck on Jewel’s hard nipples through her bra, making the sheer material virtually transparent. When this wasn’t enough to satisfy Christina’s desires, she merely yanked the bra down, keeping it on Jewel’s body but exposing the flesh of her tits. With a hungry moan, Christina dove into Jewel’s chest licking every bit of skin and sucking hard on her already swollen nipples.

While she did this, Christina didn’t slow down one bit in her fingering techniques. Jewel planted her mouth on Christina’s bare shoulder, moaning her cries of passion into her lover’s skin. Christina was rubbing her clit so well that Jewel knew she wasn’t going to last long. Ted would be returning soon and if he had gotten that much of a hard-on just from a fleeting glimpse of Christina’s tits, then seeing this would probably make his balls explode. Jewel began thrusting her body forward, using Christina’s fingers like a toy she was using to masturbate.

“Yessss fuck my fingers,” Christina moaned, pulling up Jewel’s dress even more and rubbing her still wet pussy onto the bare skin underneath it. “Just let me know when you’re going to come baby. Please let me know! I want to lick you all up when you’re coming!”

Jewel nodded her head in acceptance of Christina’s lewd proposal and continued to enjoy the feelings of those fingers in her snug pussy. The sounds of Jewel’s moans and the wet smacking noises of Christina’s tit sucking filled the room and there was no doubt that the next person to enter the room was going to notice the overpowering smell of sex. Let them find out, Jewel smiled. She was confident that she and Christina were going to be long gone before anyone else found them and it could become one of those Hollywood urban legends. The mystery of the fucking celebrities in the coat room.

By now Jewel’s bra was almost pushed down and her large breasts were bouncing with each thrust of the singer’s body to meet Christina’s probing fingers. Christina reveled in the way they slapped against her face gently and she loved flicking her tongue over Jewel’s nipples as they moved. Christina moaned into Jewel’s tits while she sucked and kissed them. Since her own chest was so small, Christina had a bit of a fetish for a big set of tits and Jewel certainly fit the bill. She got off on the contrast of their bodies and continued to help herself to her fill of Jewel’s breast flesh.

The muffled cries of Jewel’s satisfaction continued. Christina’s fingers were so skilled inside her pussy and her hot tongue on her tits was just what Jewel needed to come. She felt her body tense up in an unmistakable sign of a surge of orgasmic pleasure, and Jewel almost forgot to warn Christina. She suddenly remembered and moaned sharply into Christina’s shoulder. The girl didn’t pick up on the signal though and continued to finger fuck her.

“Chrissy!” Jewel mumbled sharply, unwilling to move her mouth away from Christina’s flesh for fear of screaming out. “Chrissy! I’m gonna come!”

Fortunately, Christina did not miss this mumbled message and immediately pulled her fingers from Jewel’s soaking wet snatch. Jewel was left gasping and without ultimate relief while Christina smiled and began to clean off her fingers.

“Mmmmm my popsicle,” Christina teased while she stared intently at the confused and super horny Jewel. “Oh yeah right, almost forgot about you Jewel.”

Christina then playfully shoved Jewel down onto the coats she had already stained and, done teasing for the moment, immediately buried her face in Jewel’s needy pussy.

“OH FUCK!!!!” Jewel cried out when Christina’s studded tongue got to work on her. Quickly moving to cover her mouth. Jewel leaned into one of the coats and cried out her ecstatic release into the soft material. Christina’s was like a pussy licking machine, sucking and licking her clit until Jewel could take no more. She rolled around on the coats, taking Christina and her wonderful tongue along with her. Jewel felt her pussy spasm again and again and she had to wonder if the next orgasmic wave that hit her could break her in two.

Fortunately for Jewel’s medical condition, that did not happen and instead she roared her pleasure into the coats and gave Christina exactly what she had been hungering for. Christina lapped away at Jewel’s creamy orgasm, letting the taste fill her tongue and overwhelm her taste buds. God, she loved fucking women!

Jewel’s spasms became less violent and soon she crossed over her peak of pleasure and settled down again. She sighed happily and she and Christina pressed their juice covered faces together for a girl cum filled kiss. They cleaned each other’s faces off as best as they could, so they could at least look presentable. They lounged on the coats for a few moments, but they were quickly brought back to reality by a loud banging on the door.

“Hey! What the fucks going on in there?” an angry male voice said from the other side. “Where are our coats? What’s happening in there?”

“Oh my God!” Jewel gasped, seeing that they were both almost naked and clearly freshly fucked.

“Chill baby,” Christina smiled. “We can take the other way out.”

Jewel turned and saw that there was another door leading out of the coat room. Looks like they had their narrow escape so, after quickly covering up their bare naughty parts, they grabbed their own coats and ducked out the other door. From their they escaped back into the other parts of the hotel and, laughing the whole way, they wondered how everyone was going to get their coats back.

“So you want to get back to the party?” Christina asked.

“Oh hell no,” Jewel answered. “I just had my party right there.”

“So you think you can get me home allright?” Christina asked.

“What about your rent-a-date?” Jewel inquired.

“Fuck him,” Christina said. “I don’t even remember his name. Probably someone’s cousin at my label or something.”

“I think I can get you back home if…” Jewel began.

“If what?” Christina asked.

“If you promise me a good night kiss,” Jewel smiled.

“Oh baby, you’re gonna get more than a kiss when I get you back to my place,” Christina laughed as they made their exit from the hotel and into the night.

* * * * *

Chloe was alone in her house and very happy to be that way. It was hard enough to do any job, but when you were an adult film star known for putting every drop of energy into a performance, work could really take it out of you.

Not that Chloe minded her job. She loved it. No one in the “mainstream” ever believed her when she said that. They always looked at her like she was crazy, lying or both. But she loved it. Sure it wasn’t what she had intended to be when she was growing up, but after all of those years of floating around, fucking anything that was in a band and injecting herself with all those drugs, she felt as if she had discovered her place in the world. She loved sex and if someone was going to pay her for getting nailed in the ass, then so be it. It was there money and she wasn’t going to not take it.

Now she had a face and a body that porno fans across the world recognized. She knew she didn’t have the curves of a Jenna Jameson or her huge augmented tits for that matter, but Chloe was happy with the way she was. She was all natural, perhaps even a little too skinny, and she compensated by holding back nothing. When she came she shook and quivered with the best of them, letting people know she loved being fucked like this. She had become famous, or infamous depending on how you looked at it, by her abilities to take it up the ass, enjoy fisting and receive many a cum shot to her face. What else could she say? It was a living.

She had a tremendously busy life between the movies, the soft core cable flicks she did, dancing and the energy she spent just being Chloe. Now it was her time and she was going to enjoy it. She didn’t work her schedule around many TV programs, but “Oz” was one show she vowed never to miss. She didn’t know whether it was the powerful writing and acting, the intensity of the storylines or the fact that they showed full frontal male nudity ever week, but she loved it and she was just going to sit back and enjoy her weekly trip inside the fictional prison walls of the Oswald State Correctional Facility.

Unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards as she suddenly heard someone knocking on her front door. It was too fucking late for visitors, so Chloe had a very simple response to the knocking.

“Please go the fuck away!” she hollered at the door. She knew that she’d been heard, but the knocking continued.

“God damn it!” Chloe cursed, jumping out of her seat and storming to the door. This had better fucking be important. She didn’t ask for much time for herself, but she hated being interrupted when she did. Chloe angrily flung the door open and her mood suddenly shifted when she saw who it was.

“Rose? What’s wrong?” Chloe asked, even though she didn’t need to. The split lip and the look of regret on Rose’s face told her everything she needed to know. “You saw her again, didn’t you?”

Rose weakly nodded her answer and Chloe allowed her to enter.

“It’s ok, Rose,” Chloe sighed. “I’ll make us some coffee. You tell me what happened.”

* * * * *

“So ummmm what do we do with it?” Love asked.

“I don’t know,” Jennifer replied with a nervous laugh.

“God I want to see them so bad, it’s just that…” Sarah said as the three of them stared at the undeveloped roll of film that had once been in Jennifer’s camera. Taking the pictures had been easy enough, but how they were going to develop them was something none of them had considered.

“I know,” Love continued. “I mean if we take them in to get developed there’s no way that the person isn’t going to recognize us and put those pictures in his collection. We’ll be posted on the internet in minutes.”

“Damn it,” Sarah sighed. “I really want to see them!”

“Mmmmm you two looked so hot on that bed messing around,” Jennifer remembered. “I’m getting wet just thinking about it again. It would be awesome if we could see the pictures.”

“I don’t suppose you also know how to take pictures and develop them?” Love asked hopefully.

“I wish,” Jennifer answered. “My talents only go so far.”

“This sucks,” Sarah declared. “Oh well at the very least we have the memories.”

“And the videotape,” Love pointed out, indicating the camera that they now knew had been there to record their actions. It was a poor substitute in this case though. Sure movies were fun. But the photos had started it and they all wanted to see how they came out.

“I still can’t believe we did that,” Jennifer marveled.

“Well I can believe we did it,” Sarah smirked a little, putting her arm around Love.

“What does that mean?” Jennifer demanded.

“It means she didn’t think you were gonna go for it,” Love guessed.

“Why do think that?” Jennifer asked. “Haven’t I proven myself to you guys yet? I do all kinds of sexy stuff with you.”

“Yeah but you’re like the queen of the followers,” Sarah stated, before pausing. She didn’t want to be mean about this. “I mean you’re never the initiator. You’re just a little vanilla sexually.”

“Me? Vanilla?” Jennifer repeated, not believing what she was hearing. “I am so not vanilla. Love, help me out here.”

“You’re a little vanilla,” Love admitted shyly, before soothing the blow with a hug. “It’s not like that’s a bad thing. It’s just part of who you are.”

“Gee, I wasn’t aware this was going to be Pick on Jennifer Day,” Jennifer grumbled.

“Oh, we’re not picking on you,” Sarah said, kicking herself for even opening up this avenue of conversation. “I happen to really love vanilla.”

“Yeah right,” Jennifer sighed. She knew the girls didn’t mean any insult by what they were saying. It’s just that she thought she’d escaped any kind of “goody two shoes” reputation after the pool party. “Well I’ll show you. We’ll see who’s vanilla around here.”

“Mmmm prove us wrong,” Love smiled. “Please. I’d love to see you do that.”

“Oh I will,” Jennifer promised. “Believe me.”

* * * * *

It had been a very long day for her, so Love decided to turn in early that night and just snuggle in her bed for a good long while. She had changed the sheets and she loved the way the soft silk felt against her bare skin. Love had passed on wearing her usual pajama’s tonight and instead was sleeping in a red tank top and pale blue panties. Even after all she had done that day with Sarah and Jennifer, Love’s sex drive still was active and she lazily rubbed herself through her panties while she lay on her back, remote control in hand and flipping through the channels of her TV set.

Love continued her tour all the way up the dial until she reached the Playboy channel and stopped. Deciding to check out what was going on there, Love settled back and waited to see some naked people. Long before she had even hooked up with Sarah, Love had harbored a secret passion for this channel and for porn in general. It wasn’t like she was into any of the hardcore or weird stuff or any of those gonzo movies. She just liked people having fun, carefree sex. She loved Vivid Videos and, through the magic of mail order, she had built herself a nifty little collection over the years. Her little stash was filled with names like Janine, Jenteal, Kobe Tai, Raylene and, of course, the wonderful Jenna Jameson.

Love supposed that not many people of her age and her sex got their jollies from masturbating to porno videos, but it wasn’t like she was doing anything wrong. She was just having some healthy fun with herself. There was just something about watching those people go at it in their movies that had always turned Love on. Before she had looked at the guys and sometimes even dreamed that she was the girl up there being fucked doggie style or having cum shot all over her tits. She had always gotten a wicked thrill from that mental picture. None of her boyfriends had ever been as sexually adventurous as Love wanted them to be. Her videos were her little escape from the not quite excellent lovemaking skills of exes like Carson Daly, Joey Lawrence and, as Sarah was now forced to endure, Freddie Prinze Jr.

Of course being without a sexually adventurous partner wasn’t a problem now. And if Love had once fantasized about what it might be like to make it with one of those guys, now she only had eyes for the girls. Before she had appreciated the beauty of the female porn stars she watched. Now she lusted after them and fantasized about starring in the next Where The Boys Aren’t installment.

Hey maybe this is good research if I decide to take it off for Playboy, Jennifer giggled to herself as she stared at some lovely naked women frolicking in the sexy, yet innocent, Playboy manner. She wasn’t totally convinced that this was the right move for her. Fun was fun, but this was her career. She was definitely interested in taking a meeting with the people at the magazine though and it had already been set up for the next day.

The tease for the next program came on and Love gasped in delight. Night Calls was coming on. God, she had totally forgot what day it was. This was awesome. She loved this show! She had been a total addict for years, dating back to the Doria days. It wasn’t the most appropriate of guilty pleasures for a young woman in Hollywood, so she refrained from being an overly active booster of it, but since she had moved in here she had been begging the girls to watch with her one night.

The reason for Love’s devotion to the sex call-in show wasn’t hard to miss. She was totally in lust with Juli Ashton. The happy go lucky porn star that co-hosted the show was, in Love’s humble opinion, quite drool worthy. She loved her sunny attitude and her willingness to experiment. Love wished she could be there on the couch with Juli, peeling her clothes off and being able to kiss and lick her beautiful body.

Love also had eyes for Juli’s co-host, the fiery redhead Tiffany Granath. She reminded Love a little bit of Rose. The way she was so bossy in a sexy way and how she never took anything seriously. If Tiffany and Rose ever met they would definitely have a good time and she could watch with Juli and snuggle up to her for a little while.

She supposed the reason she loved watching Juli so much was that she kind of reminded her of herself. Love identified with Juli’s happy exterior and her ability to go out and make sex totally fun. Juli seemed to have no hang ups and Love wanted to be that way too. She wanted sex to always be fun and she strove to do that, just as she knew Juli always did. Love longed to talk to her and had often contemplated calling in to share an experience or a fantasy. She had always chickened out though and whether it was out of fear of being recognized or because she thought she might be too nervous to be sexy, she didn’t know.

Love was ready to settle in and enjoy the program so she worked herself into a nice mattress groove and stared at the two beauties onscreen. They ran through the standard Night Calls rules…no last names…no brand names…and keep it hot and keep it moving. Of course Love knew those rules by heart so she wasn’t paying attention to anything they were saying. She was too busy staring at the beautiful bodies of the co-hosts.

They were decked out in silver and gold, making their bodies shimmer under the lights. Juli was in a short silver, sparkling dress with black and gold stripes here and there. Tiffany’s body was encased in gold. Both her long sleeved top and skirt were covered in the golden sparkles of her dress and her lovely midriff was there for anyone to stare at and drool over. It was obvious that neither of them had bothered with panties and Love couldn’t help but imagine how easy it would be for her to pull their outfits completely off.

She wished she was on the couch between the two of them. Mmmm they could make the bread for a Love sandwich and she’d be their willing filling. It was just so damn easy to visualize and Love’s busy hands began to get to work stroking herself through her sleepwear. She massaged her breasts through her tank top, feeling the nipples swell and press against the thin material. Love also began to touch herself through her panties. It wasn’t a hard touch yet, just a soft stroke of her already dampening pussy.

The only thing that brought Love out of her threesome fantasy induced daze was the mention of what the topic for the night. At the sound of that, Love had to sit up with a start.

“Ok everyone now every time we’re on you see us getting naughty in front of the camera for you,” Juli said through the magic of television.

“Yeah so this week it’s our turn to hear about your nasty stories about you getting it on in front of the camera,” Tiffany added. “I want to hear all about how you guys got wet, hard and fucking in front of the camera.”

“So please if you’ve got a story for us to tell and you want to share it with everyone, give us a call at 1-800-359-8900,” Juli instructed.

“C’mon Juli, don’t even give them the option,” Tiffany teased, as was her way. “They don’t have a choice here! They will fucking call in! They know they want to get us all hot and wet with their stories. So they are going to call in!”

Tiffany’s orders no doubt compelled quite a few people out there to drop what they were doing and begin dialing the number. Love almost found herself reaching for the phone. Tiffany was just that easy to follow sometimes. She just had a way of turning the whole viewing public into her collective bitch. She made a wonderful contrast to kinky and fun loving Juli.

“So call in!” Tiffany ordered. “If our little call girl bitches let you through then you’ll be lucky enough to talk to us.”

“Oh Tiff, they’re not bitches, they’re just our bitches,” Juli smiled. “Our call girls…Dee and Inari.”

Love watched as the camera panned to two other girls she knew quite well. Dee and Inari Vachs were both porn stars and Love had seen a couple of their movies on this very channel. She had always liked Inari. She loved how the girl made such high pitched sounds when she came that she sounded like a dolphin.

“So please call in and share your stories about fucking in front of the camera,” Juli pleaded. “Tell us how naughty you like to get when you know the camera is on you.”

Oh God, have I got some stories for them, Love sighed as her finger strokes picked up a little more speed. She could tell them about the video they made after Sarah had busted them spying on her. Or, better yet, she could tell them about the little photographic adventure she had just had with Sarah and Jen. Love wanted to call in so bad, but she hesitated. Could she? Should she?

While Love wrestled with indecision, the show progressed and soon Love was again transfixed with the on-screen action. She watched and continued to play with herself as Juli and Tiffany heard one sexy story after another, pulling off each other’s clothes and kissing and touching each other in the process. Love was so grooving on this and the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to just say fuck it and call in.

By now Love had slumped back down in the bed, lying flat on her back and teasing her body through her thin clothing. The more Juli and Tiffany played with the callers and each other, the wetter Love became. She heard the orgasmic cries of release from the callers, both male and female, and she so desperately wanted to be one of them. After a little more of this, it was useless to even debate the matter further. Love knew what she had to do.

Her hand seemed to leave her breasts and reach for her phone by instinct. Ever since that first kiss with Sarah, Love had been indulging in one fantasy after another. This was one more taboo to break.

At first Love was frustrated to only find the low buzzing of a busy signal. But she kept trying. Now that she had decided on this course of action, she wasn’t going to be deterred by anything. She tried again and again until…

“Night Calls, what’s your name?” a voice asked from the other end of the line and Love immediately recognized that it was Inari’s. Suddenly Love froze. Her name! She couldn’t give her real name! She had to think of something quick!

“Julie!” Love quickly gasped, seizing on the name of her character in “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

“Ok, Julie, where you from?” Inari asked.

“California,” Love answered, being as vague as possible.

“Are you alone or do you have someone with you?” Inari then asked.

“Ummmm I’m alone,” Love said, her nerves evident. But it was the excited kind of nervous. She couldn’t believe she was going through with this and she loved it.

“Don’t be shy sweetie,” Inari assured her. “Just be yourself and be sexy and let Juli and Tiff guide you, ok?”

“Yeah,” Love sighed. “Ok.”

“You’ll be fine,” Inari stated confidently. “You have a very sexy voice.”

That’s not the only thing about me that’s sexy, Love thought to herself, a wide grin crossing her face. I’ll bet I could show you and your porn star friends a trick or two.

“Thanks, so do you,” Love replied, taking a breath and waiting for her turn.

She didn’t have long to wait before she heard Tiffany announce her name.

“Ok, let’s talk to Julie from California,” Tiffany declared, causing Love to nearly jump off the bed in excitement. She had enough of her bearings left to alertly click the mute button on her TV remote to keep any nasty feedback from disrupting the show.

“Hey!” Tiffany said, catching onto what her caller and co-host had in common. “Juli meet Julie!”

“Hi Juli!” Love gasped, exhilarated to be on. “Hi Tiff!”

“Wow, she sounds eager,” Juli observed. “Sound like you’re nice and worked up for us, Julie.”

“See that’s the way I like it,” Tiffany said, lounging on the red couch as Juli toyed with her nipples. “Get the callers on hot and ready to fuck and then make them come and move onto the next one. Like a big assembly line of cock and pussy!”

“Ignore her Julie,” Juli said. “She’s a bitch!”

“Damn right I am,” Tiffany agreed with a triumphant smile. “I’m the fucking bitch that keeps this show moving!”

“So are you ready to come for us already?” Juli asked, picking up on the need in Love’s voice and sighs.

“No…not yet, I’m close though,” Love moaned. She wasn’t lying. She could see the dark spot on her panties and she was so buzzed by this that a slight brush to her labia could probably set her off. “I want to tell you my story.”

“Ooooh good I need to hear another hot one,” Tiffany said. “Will you tell us your story and come for us right here on the air?”

“Mmmm you bet I will,” Love guaranteed. “God I love this show. You two are so hot. Makes me wish I could be on their with you to tell you my story in person.”

“Awww thank you,” Juli replied with a fetching smile that made Love’s pussy juice up even more. “So what happened in your story? You and your boyfriend make a little video?”

“Not quite,” Love corrected. “Mmmm it was me and my girlfriends.”

“Girlfriends?” Tiffany repeated, seizing on the plural form of the word. “God, listen to this little slut!”

“Now this is the kind of girl I love,” Juli stated. “I love a girl who can’t have just one. She’s gotta have multiple partners. So you have yourself a little orgy of pussy Julie?”

“Oh yeah,” Love grinned. “Mmmmm it started out with one of my girlfriends taking nude pictures of me and the other girl she just had to join in.”

“You looked so good all spread out and naked that she just had to join you?” Tiffany inquired. “I like. I like that a lot. You’re one lucky girl.”

“Tell me about it,” Love sighed into the phone, so happy she was doing this. “She started kissing and rubbing me and soon we had our pussies touching each other and we just went at it.”

“Sounds hot,” Juli said in what had to be the understatement of the year. “And what was your other girlfriend doing? Was she still taking pictures?”

“Oh yeah, she was and then she started taking off her clothes and playing with herself,” Love related.

“See I never could have just sat there and watched,” Tiffany admitted. “I would have been all like ‘Clear me a space I want a piece of this’ and I would have dove right in.”

“Well we dragged her in soon enough,” Love said.

“Mmmm had yourself a hot little lesbian threesome then, huh?” Juli inquired, touching herself while she heard the story. Love moaned when she saw Juli do that. She pushed the straps of her tank top down and quickly exposed her breasts for her fingers to play with while she talked to her new friends.

“It was so fucking hot,” Love declared. “We were sucking and fucking each other all on the bed and it was so much fun.”

“You getting wet thinking about it again?” Tiffany asked. “I want to hear you come in your sexy little voice for us. Pretend that Juli and I are your girlfriend and we’re rolling around your bed all nice and naked and wet. Mmmm I could help you lick up Juli’s pussy before you return the favor by eating me out next.”

“Ohhhhhh fuck that’s just what I want,” Love moaned, working her hand into her panties. By now Love’s portable phone was nestled between her head and her shoulder while one hand played with her bare tits and the other slipped inside the waistband of her soaked panties to palm her pussy. She was moaning quite audibly now, to Juli and Tiffany’s delight.

Of course even though hearing the sexual moans of a woman was nothing new at the house, it still attracted attention. In this case the attention it attracted was Jennifer’s. She had been passing by when she heard the moans and, naturally, went to investigate. Since Love had never bothered to close her door, Jennifer quickly got an eyeful to go along with her earful.

Seeing Love with her breasts bare and her hand busy at play was more than enough to get Jennifer juiced up in a hurry. She saw the phone cradled between Love’s head and shoulder and immediately reached the correct conclusion that she was having phone sex. But with who? Jennifer peered in some more and saw that the TV was on and tuned into “Night Calls.” She had watched part of the show with Love once and she grasped what was going on. So Love had decided to call in her favorite show, huh?

Jennifer had two options as to what she could do here. The first one was to continue to walk down the hallway and leave Love to her enjoyment of herself. The second one was…well it was the path that was the most fun.

Grinning all the way, Jennifer sauntered into the room. Love was so wrapped up in herself that she didn’t even notice this and just kept on doing what she was doing so well.

“Come for us Julie,” Tiffany urged Love over the phone. “I want to hear you cry and out and come all over your fingers. Thinking of all those naughty pictures of you, me and Juli here.”

“Mmmmm oh yessss…” Love cried, so lost in her masturbatory efforts. “Please, show me your pussies. I want to see you touch them while I come. Please oh please.”

“Well ok, but only cause you said please,” Juli teased before she and Tiffany complied with the request. They spread their legs and began touching themselves, and each other, for the enjoyment of their viewers, specifically Love.

Love was enjoying this so much she had three fingers inside herself as she continued to jam her hand insider her panties. Love saw something out of the corner of her eye and ripped her attention away from the TV and herself long enough to see Jennifer standing at the corner of her bed hungrily eyeing her and licking her lips in anticipation. Love gasped in happy surprise.

“Are you coming for us Julie?” Juli asked.

“My girlfriend just walked in!” Love excitedly gasped. She looked up at Jennifer with an expression that seemed to silently ask ‘Is this ok?’ Jennifer nodded her consent and proceeded to crawl onto the bed with one goal in mind.

“Oh fuck, she catch you with your hand in the cookie jar?” Tiffany laughed.

“What’s she doing to you?” Juli asked.

“Ohhhhhh yessss she’s pulling my panties off me,” Love moaned as she narrated exactly what Jennifer was doing to her. “She’s…OH FUCK…she’s licking me! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssssss she’s licking my wet pussy!”

That was indeed exactly what Jennifer was doing to the writhing Love. She peeled off her housemate’s desire-soaked panties and immediately reintroduced her tongue to Love’s hot little pussy. While Love continued to talk to Juli and Tiffany, Jennifer made she the orgasm she broadcast came from her tongue and not from any self-fingering.

“Yeah lick her good girlfriend,” Juli urged. “She loved taking those naughty pictures with you earlier so now give her her reward. Lick that wet pussy up until she creams all over your lips and then I want you to kiss each other so she can taste herself all over you.”

“Mmm you mean like this?” Tiffany smiled as she pulled Juli over into a hot and wet tongue kiss.

Seeing those two kiss each other and share the passion she was inspiring while having Jennifer’s tongue playing in her already worked up pussy made Love lose it right there on the air.


“Yes!” Tiffany egged her on. “Come for us you sexy whore!”

Love continued to cry and moan as she flooded Jennifer’s tongue with her sexual flavor. Jennifer greedily licked her up, burying her face in between Love’s quivering thighs and making sure there wasn’t a drop of her she didn’t taste as Love broadcast her orgasm to cable subscribers everywhere.

“Allright! That’s what we want to hear!” Juli declared while Tiffany cheered and continued the “Night Calls” tradition of ringing the bell by the couch to commemorate another successful on-air orgasm.

“You be good Julie and make sure and give us a call back if you and your hot pussy posse do anything else that’s hot,” Tiffany ordered. She and Juli then moved onto the next caller and left Love gasping for breath and staring at Jennifer. Her lover’s face was covered in cream and she looked mighty proud of herself.

“Oh Jen…” was all Love could weakly muster.

“I’m not so vanilla now, am I?” Jennifer teased. She kissed Love right on the lips, making sure the girl got a lingering taste of her own orgasm, and then proceed to walk out the door as quickly as she came in. All Love could do was sigh in contentment and drift away into slumberland, her night now complete.

* * * * *

The night wasn’t quite complete for Rose as she finally drove back into the garage of the mansion hours after her Hollywood encounter. She looked at herself in the rear view mirror and checked herself for visible signs of what she had done that night. Finding none, Rose took a deep breath and exited the car.

She was back on her turf now and she felt like she was completely herself. But she couldn’t be sure of that until she saw one of her housemates. Rose’s fear after these encounters was always that one of her housemates would see that something wasn’t quite right and detect what she had been up to. So far they suspected nothing, and Rose never thought they would really. But that was the thing with nagging doubts, they were nagging.

Rose was just happy to be back, this time in particular. For some reason it had been harder for her to make the adjustment from what she had been in the motel room to what she was all the rest of the hours of the day. She had to remind herself constantly of who she really was and that what she was back there was the aberration, not the other way around. Chloe had helped her, just like she always had. Chloe had become more than a friend over the years. She had become someone to always confide in whenever the demons came roaring back.

Everyone else was probably asleep by now, Rose told herself so she’d have to see them in the morning. The night air was so clean and fresh tonight that Rose decided to linger around the outside for a few moments. She had never really seen the place at night, so she was curious to do a quick little exploration. She walked around the property, breathing in the sea air and welcoming its purity.

Rose walked around to the northeast side of the property and was about to turn around toward the front door again when she suddenly stopped. Did she hear something? She wasn’t sure. It was so faint at first, but the more Rose walked to the northeast, the more she thought she heard what sounded like…music. It was music. Someone was playing a guitar. Who else could be up at this hour? If it was those little stoners Jen had been hanging out with, she was going to teach them a lesson in the concept of private property.

The music seemed to be coming from the grotto and the closer Rose got she was able to hear that it was definitely not their neighbors in there. It was a female voice and one Rose was quickly growing familiar with. The guitar playing and the singing that accompanied it was ragged and incomplete. It was like she was trying out new chords and new lyrics. Rose finally approached the grotto and stuck her head in to confirm her suspicions.

“Hey Rose,” Jewel smiled when she saw her housemate. “I wasn’t keeping you up was I?”

“Oh no,” Rose replied. “I just got back in.” She sighed in relief as she passed her test. She felt totally like herself when she saw Jewel and she knew that everything was back as it should be again.

“Good, I thought I was out of the way enough so I wouldn’t wake anybody,” Jewel said. “I always write best at night and I felt a little creative tonight so I thought I’d give it a whirl and see what happened.”

“Oh is that what you’re doing? Giving it a whirl?” Rose asked.

“Why do you ask?” Jewel smiled.

“Well just look at you,” Rose grinned and a hand sweep toward the singer. It wasn’t the fact that Jewel was sitting down with her feet wading in the water, playing her guitar and singing in the grotto that had caught Rose’s attention. It was the fact that she was doing it completely naked.

“What’s the matter Rose, does this offend you?” Jewel laughed, giving her bare breasts a sexy shake.

“Oh yes very much,” Rose replied with mock outrage. “I think you deserve a spanking for being such a bad naked girl?”

“Mmmm if I’d known that was what I’d get, I’d have let you see me play naked a long time ago,” Jewel responded with a smile as she put her guitar down and got down on her hands so she could stick her ass in the air to receive proper punishment.

Both girls laughed and Rose kicked off her heels.

“Damn my feet are killing me,” she sighed. “I think I’ll join you.”

Once Rose’s feet were bare, she slipped her feet in the water and sighed happily.

“Mmmm that feels good,” Rose said.

“Hey what happened to your lip?” Jewel asked.

“Stupid me, I tripped and banged into a door. It swelled up nicely on me,” Rose lied before changing the subject. “So you gonna do your tour like that?”

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna call it Jewel: In the Buff 2002,” Jewel joked. “No seriously, I just like writing naked, it’s very liberating. It really helps open my mind and gets me going. I wrote virtually all of my poems completely naked. I love it. I feel like I’m tied down by nothing and I can be free and express myself.”

“Well you keep expressing yourself as much as you want,” Rose instructed. “I’m just going to keep staring at your tits.”

“Pervert,” Jewel teased, playfully sticking out her tongue at Rose. “I’m talking about poetry and you’re acting like a some puberty crazed boy looking at his first pair of boobs. Can’t a girl sit around her and compose naked without people thinking she’s looking to get fucked?”

“Well when you put it like that…absolutely not,” Rose grinned. “When I’m around, a girl can be in a burlap sack with a chastity belt underneath and I’d still be thinking of fucking her.”

The girls descended into giggles again and Jewel playfully splashed Rose with water. Rose shrieked happily and tried to avoid getting her leather skirt wet. She laughed again and made a decision.

“Fuck it,” Rose declared. “Not like I’m wearing much anyway.”

Rose then proceeded to shrug out of her top and pull her skirt off. She and Jewel were now in identical states of undress and they both descended into the water and let it cover their bare skin.

“So how was your night?” Rose asked. “How was your little record industry circle jerk?”

“Uneventful,” Jewel shrugged, stifling a smile as she thought of all those people whose coats had become a makeshift mattress for her and Christina. Rose saw through that immediately.

“Liar,” Rose smirked. “You did something naughty didn’t you?”

“Little ol’ me?” Jewel grinned. “What makes you say that?”

“Hmmm maybe it’s the fact that you’re blushing,” Rose pointed out. “You don’t exactly have to be Sherlock Holmes to see through your bold faced lie.”

“Ok you got me,” Jewel admitted. She wasn’t planning on keeping this a secret anyway, so she related to Rose her coatroom antics with Christina Aguilera. Jewel was pleased to see that Rose was impressed with what she heard.

“Very nice,” Rose said. “She’s quite an adept little protégé isn’t she? And to think when I first found her she was shy about even kissing a girl.”

“You’ll have to clue me in on that backstory some day,” Jewel said.

“Oh it’s a doozy,” Rose claimed. “Believe me you’ll be taking fingering breaks every couple of minutes.”

“Well then you’d better promise that we can all have story time soon,” Jewel replied. “But how was your night?”

“Oh you don’t want to hear about that,” Rose declared, not wanting to linger on this subject very long.

“Sure I do,” Jewel pressed. “If I know you Rose, you did something naughty tonight too. I told you mine, now you tell me yours. We’re naked in the water. It’s sharing time girl.”

“No, no sharing,” Rose insisted.

“Why not?” Jewel asked, a little frustrated. “Don’t you want to talk?”

“Well we could talk,” Rose said, seeing her opening and grasping it as she moved in the water toward Jewel. “But don’t you think my lips would be of better use elsewhere?”

“Oh and where might that be?” Jewel asked. Rose was right beside her now in the water and she felt that familiar tingling sensation spreading delightfully through her body.

“Well I happen to think that instead of me talking, you’d have much more fun if my lips were kissing your sweet Alaskan pussy,” Rose speculated quite correctly.

“Mmmm you know just the way to dirty talk your way into my perverted heart,” Jewel stated before she found the conversation over and the make out session begun by Rose’s deep kiss to her lips.

Jewel and Rose made out blissfully in the water as the waterfalls splashed around them. Rose reached over and cupped Jewel’s breasts, buoyant in the water, Jewel did the same and soon both of them were fondling the other’s God-given chest. When Rose did move one of her hands away from Jewel’s breasts it was only to place it between her legs and slide a finger inside her lover’s pussy. Jewel moaned into Rose’s kiss and pulled away to share a tidbit of information with her.

“One other thing,” Jewel announced. “You should know that another reason I like composing naked so much is that it always gets me really fucking horny.”

“Oh I can feel that,” Rose grinned as she played with Jewel’s warm, tight pussy. “So why don’t you get your cute butt up to the side here so I can eat you out properly?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Jewel replied, pulling herself out of the water and allowing Rose to appreciate the way it dripped off her naked body. She then sat herself on the stone edge of the water and spread her legs. “So, see anything you like?”

An answer was not necessary so all Rose did was grin wickedly and get her tongue to work where her fingers had played just moments ago. Rose used her tongue to bathe Jewel’s lips and taste the first dewdrops of her juice. As she spread those lips and went in after Jewel’s clit, she heard the girl moan her name and felt totally at peace with herself again. This was how it was supposed to be. This was how she liked it.

“Ohhhhhh Rose,” Jewel moaned. “Mmmm I’m so glad you found me. I was thinking I was going to have to finger myself before I went to bed, but you’re sooooooo much better. Oh please don’t tease me! Eat my pussy Rose! Make me come like you always do!”

That was exactly what Rose was planning to do. She positioned herself so she was flat on her belly in the water and arched up toward Jewel’s wet pussy. Jewel’s clit had gotten nice and swollen already and Rose went right after it, teasing it with her tongue strokes before taking long and slow sucks at it. Rose felt Jewel jump in response and she felt a rush to her own pussy knowing this girl was all hers to play with. Rose stared up at Jewel with a look that was pure “You like that, baby?”

“Ohhhhh yes Rose! I love it!” Jewel moaned, seemingly receiving and responding to the psychic message. “Work my clit just like that! Oh God you’re so fucking good at this! Mmmm you’re gonna make me come so soon!”

Oh no, not yet, Rose said to herself. I’m not done playing with you Jewel. I’m not ready to let you come. The girl was very worked up already, so Rose decided to cool her down just a little bit. Grinning evilly, the whole time, Rose splashed Jewel’s pussy with water from the grotto.

“Ahhh!” Jewel yelped before laughing. “You fucking bitch!”

“Mmmm you know it sweetie,” Rose said with a wink. “And don’t you ever forget it!”

“I won’t,” Jewel promised. “But please don’t leave me like this! Please make me come!”

“Don’t worry baby,” Rose assured you. “I’m not leaving until I get a nice long taste of chateau de Jewel on my tongue. I just like hearing you beg for it.”

“Mmmm so this is what you like, Rose?” Jewel replied, always eager to play along. “You like me lying her begging for you to tongue my wet pussy? You like hearing me scream out your name and crying for you to fuck me? Cause that’s what I want Rose. I want you to lick me and fuck me. Please do it to me! Christina made me so hot but I want you to finish me off for the night. Fuck me! Please!”

“That’ll do,” Rose smiled before returning to Jewel’s pussy like a cat to the mouse she was playing with and taunting. Everyone knew what would happen in the end of both situations. It was the getting part there that was often the most interesting part.

Rose went right back to Jewel’s hard clit, answering her cries for more with energetic sucks of her pulsating pleasure center. Rose found herself getting off to eating Jewel out and she moaned her desire right into the wet pussy she was sampling. Some people needed a shot of brandy before they slept, but this was the only kind of nightcap that Rose needed. She loved feeling Jewel’s clit pulse as she fastened her lips to it. It turned her on to know she alone was determining the fate of Jewel’s orgasm.

Jewel was loving every second of this, even those moments where Rose left her high and dry and begging for more. She was indulging in every fantasy she thought she had left behind when she had left school to try and make a go at it as a poet and singer. Now she had her success and the fantasy sex life she thought would never be possible. She had everything she could ever want and between Christina in the coatroom, Rose in the grotto and the other lesbian delights her housemates and their guests promised her, Jewel was amazed she had finally found people with imaginations as perverted as hers.

As the pleasure Rose’s tongue was bringing her increased with every passing second, Jewel found her hands moving to hold down the raven-haired head between her legs. Jewel knew it was quite unnecessary to have to hold Rose down, nuclear holocaust probably wouldn’t have even been enough to get Rose to stop having sex with someone, but Jewel just wanted to touch her. She wanted to feel close to the girl who was giving her so much pleasure and this was the best way to know how. She just hoped her touch could communicate how much fun she was having and how much she was loving it here with other girls who made her feel this good and all seemed to care about her to boot.

While Jewel’s true message couldn’t quite get through, Rose got the general idea, especially when Jewel began playing with her hair. Rose responded by stopping her sucking and instead working her tongue up over Jewel’s labia again and then right to her clit. While she tongued Jewel’s clit, Rose began to kiss her pussy and suck on the lips of the singer’s labia. The two-pronged attack was having just the effect that Rose wanted and soon Jewel was thrashing on the edge of both the water and her own deliverance to orgasm.

That left Rose with two options. She could either take mercy on her lover and allow her to reach a big, satisfying orgasm. Or she could just stop, tease her some more and then finish off. It was an obvious choice and, Rose being Rose, she chose the latter.

“Ahhhh…noooo…” Jewel pouted when Rose pulled away and shot a devilish smile at Jewel.

“Oh stop whining you big baby,” Rose teased. “Turn over. I’m not done playing with this bod of yours yet.”

Her body tired and desperate for orgasm, Jewel groaned, but ultimately obeyed the order from below. She liked playing with Rose and she was confident from their previous encounters that there was no way the girl was going to leave her unfulfilled. Jewel turned over and gasped as her bare breasts and stomach were pressed against the cool and wet stone of the grotto. She shivered and Rose noticed that immediately.

“Cold huh?” Rose inquired. “Well let me see what I can do to get you hot again baby.”

Rose was as good as her word and seconds later, Jewel had forgotten about the cold stone because of Rose’s hot tongue lashes against her pussy. This was something they had in common for sure. Rose loved taking girls from behind and Jewel loved being taken from behind. Rose dribbled her own saliva down onto Jewel’s ass and watched as it traveled down toward her pussy. She then proceeded to lick it up, giving Jewel another hot jolt to her brain.

“Mmmmm yesss…” Jewel moaned. “God, I’m so close Rose. I’m so fucking close to coming.”

“I know,” Rose teased, sliding her fingers into Jewel’s pussy and admiring part of Jewel’s anatomy that she thought always deserved a long, lingering second look. “God, I love your ass Jewel. It’s so fucking sexy.”

Jewel moaned in response as she felt Rose’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy while her lips began to kiss the firm cheeks of her ass. Everyone had a sexual weakness and since it was obvious that Jewel’s was someone playing with her ass, she knew everyone would try and exploit it. Of course, this was not a complaint since all of the girls in the house had become quite skillful in getting her off.

“You gonna come Jewel?” Rose asked, placing another kiss on each cheek while her fingers continued their work. “Gonna come hard for Rose?”

Nodding her head furiously in response, Jewel was beyond words by now. Her whole body was keyed up for coming and she sensed that finally Rose would have some mercy and allow her to taste ecstasy. The only question that was left to be resolved was how Rose would bring her off.

Rose was a little torn on that issue herself. On one hand she could put her tongue to work on Jewel’s ass and allow the girl to soak her fingers in girl cum. On the other hand, Rose craved a taste of Jewel and she didn’t want to miss it. In the end, Rose’s tongue won the battle and she moved it away from Jewel’s cheeks and back toward the heat of her pussy.

Feeling a long kiss on her pussy was just what Jewel needed to start her motor on the final lap. Having Rose’s lips kissing and sucking at her clit had Jewel’s body shivering again in no time. This time Rose didn’t stop or even pause to tease, she began aggressively sucking Jewel’s clit and the singer’s gasps and moans soon became orgasmic cries of release. Rose kept sucking away, pushing Jewel further and further till the moment she popped.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jewel cried as that moment arrived. She’d craved this moment since she had stripped down, picked up her guitar and started putting pen to notebook paper. Now here it was and Jewel arched her body up from the cold stone and roared in passion. Her tits shook, even slapping her chin a few times while she came and Jewel loved every second of it.

Cream dripped from Rose’s lips as she continued to suck Jewel’s clit and enjoy her bedtime snack. She gripped Jewel’s ass with her hands for better positioning and tasted her release with gusto. Jewel pushed her pussy up against Rose’s face over and over again as she lurched back and forth. Her cries echoed throughout the grotto and it was music to ears of both girls.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yesssssssss oooooooooohhhhhh…” was the last cry of orgasm from Jewel before she had to pull herself away from Rose and sink back into the water with her. There she was greeted with a warm and loving kiss from Rose and Jewel enthusiastically responded by sliding her tongue into her lover’s mouth.

Even though she was tired, Jewel knew she could muster up enough energy to give Rose a reward for the excellent job she had just done. So she reached between Rose’s legs and was very surprised when she found her hand batted away.

“No, you don’t have to sweetie,” Rose stated, her pussy still sore from the pounding she had taken earlier that night. It was almost like a new language for Rose to be turning down sex, but it was one she had to be fluent in tonight.

“But…but…I want to,” Jewel replied, perplexed. Had she done something wrong? Why would Rose turn her down? Was she mad at her or something?

Those insecurities disappeared as easily as they had been formed when Rose kissed her sweetly again. Whatever the reason for this was, at least Rose didn’t seem upset with her, Jewel surmised.

“And I want you to…really badly,” Rose said, speaking the truth. “But I think I’ll just hold this one above your head for a little bit. Leave you owing me one.”

“Mmmm you won’t have to force me to repay you,” Jewel admitted before adding in a lewd tongue lash against Rose’s juice covered face.

“I know and believe me it won’t be long before I come to collect,” Rose assured the blonde songstress. “But I think we need some rest right now. How about you?”

“Sounds real good,” Jewel agreed. “It’s been a long day.”

“You can sure say that again,” Rose sighed, taking Jewel’s hand and pulling them out of the water. Deciding not to bother redressing, Rose and Jewel left their discarded clothes behind and walked back to the house naked, letting the night air dry their skin.

* * * * *

“So have you made a decision yet?” Sarah asked in between bites of Cheerios as the girls maneuvered around the kitchen the next morning.

“I’m still not sure,” Love admitted. “I mean it’s so damn tempting and I know I want to do it…It’s just that I’m not totally convinced yet.”

“What’s holding you back Love?” Jennifer inquired before shooting Love a sexy look. “I mean you sure seemed to have fun last night.”

“Well yeah, but that was just taking my clothes off for you guys,” Love said. “Like you said, you’ve seen me naked a million times. It’s a big difference between taking it off for you guys and taking it off for the whole world.”

The unmistakable sound of a toaster finishing its assigned task then distracted Love from her train of thought.

“Oooh toast!” Love excitedly squealed as she gathered up her breakfast.

“So what are you going to do Love?” Jewel asked. “Don’t they have to know soon?”

“I’m not sure what their schedule is,” Love replied. “I’m going down there today to talk to them and find out what’s going on. We’ll see what kind of selling job they can do on me. Hey maybe I should see if I can get them to increase the money offer.”

“So what do you think of all this Rose,” Sarah asked. “You’ve been awfully quiet this morning.”

“Maybe that’s because I am not talking to you…you…and you,” Rose replied, pointing to Sarah, Love and Jennifer in between bites of her Power Bar. “Jewel is my only loyal friend here.”

“Ohhhhh don’t pout,” Love said, feeling flickers of guilt over what had happened last night. Rose had been grumbling ever since she had found out about the photography session that had gone on without her. “You can’t expect us to wait for you all the time.”

“I think the rules of the house are clear,” Rose said. “No one’s allowed to have really hot sex without me being present.”

“Hmmm I don’t recall having a vote taken on that matter,” Sarah replied. “I think we’re going to have to challenge that rule.”

“Oh no…there’s no voting,” Rose stated. “No votes are allowed in a Roseocracy. You just do what I say, when I say it. I find things run much more smoothly that way.”

“Oh I’ll just bet you do,” Sarah smiled ruefully. “Well maybe this will teach you not to go out all night to destinations unknown without clueing us into when you’ll be back. In a Sarahocracy if you’re here when it happens you join in, if you’re not then you’re out of luck.”

“You know, it sounds like someone was jealous she didn’t get to tag along,” Rose observed, bluffing all the way. She knew Sarah wouldn’t have wanted to go where she was last night.

“Me? Jealous?” Sarah huffed. “You’re the jealous one Rose!”

“Ooooh let’s settle this before the claws come out,” Jennifer declared. “Let’s just promise to make it up to Rose sometime, ok?”

“Sounds fair to me,” Rose said.

“In the spirit of compromise I can agree to that too,” Sarah agreed.

“Good, now you two kiss and make up,” Jennifer said. Of course the girls were only too happy to do just that, getting a quick taste of what the other was having for breakfast.

“Hey what about me?” Jewel asked. “I missed the fun too.”

“Yeah, but you don’t get any special consideration because you got a piece of Christina last night,” Sarah pointed out. Jewel certainly had not been shy about sharing that particular story with her housemates and they had all enjoyed hearing about it.

“Yeah next time Christina comes over, everyone gets to fuck her but Jewel,” Love laughed, offering up a compromise.

“No way!” Jewel protested. “Foul! Foul!”

All of sudden the conversation was interrupted by a frantic knocking on the door. It was loud enough that they could hear it all the way in the kitchen. All the girls looked at each other quizzically. Who could it be? And how had they gotten to the door?

“Is Michelle here yet?” Jennifer asked.

“Nope, she’s not going to be getting her till ten,” Love answered.

“Well I suppose one of us is going to have to get that,” Rose stated.

“Tell ya what, you get the door Jewel and we’ll call it even, ok?” Sarah suggested.

“I think I can handle that,” Jewel said, getting up and heading to the door. She cautiously peeked to see if there was anyone with an uzi or a camera out there and, deciding the threat of oncoming danger was low, she opened the door and found a frantic Waldo, Franklin and Delbert on the doorstep holding a newspaper.

“My knuckle hurts,” Franklin said. “I sure hope I didn’t break it.”

“Never mind that,” Waldo pointed out. “Look the door’s open.”

“Can I help you?” Jewel asked, not having the foggiest idea who it was she was looking at. “What do you guys want?”

“What did you do with Jennifer?” Delbert demanded, pointing an accusatory finger right at Jewel.

“Excuse me?” Jewel asked, taking aback totally. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“The body!” Delbert continued. “We demand to see the body of our fallen compatriot!”

“I’m so not following you!” Jewel insisted, about to close the door and make a call to the police.

“Look we just want to know where the funeral is,” Waldo explained patiently. “Is there going to be a viewing? Is it going to be open casket or closed casket?”

“Just tell us so we know where we should send the flowers,” Franklin added.

“What the hell is going on here?” Sarah demanded as she walked up to the door. “How did you guys get onto the property?”

“We came up from behind through the beach and then Delbert climbed over the back gate and let us in,” Waldo explained.

“I’m flexible!” Delbert declared before shifting back into accusatory mode. “Now where is Jennifer? We must see her body! Perhaps it is not too late! We might be able to rebuild her! We have the technology!”

“Umm let’s not say too much about that yet, Del,” Franklin whispered to him. “That patent’s still pending.”

“I’m calling the police!” Sarah declared.

“Well so am I,” Delbert shot right back. “How do we know you weren’t involved? I’m going to have them arrest you for murdering Jennifer Aniston!”

That statement certainly gave Sarah pause.

“Excuse me?” Sarah said. “Ok, time for psycho boys to go bye bye.”

“Wait!!! Wait!!! I know them!!!” Jennifer said running toward Sarah after hearing her name and getting a look at what was going on.

“JEN!!!” Delbert exclaimed, hugging her. “YOU’RE ALIVE!!! WE DON’T HAVE TO REANIMATE YOU!!!”

“Reanimate me?” Jennifer asked, naturally puzzled.

“Don’t ask,” Waldo told her. “It’s that we just thought you were ummmm….”

“Dead,” Franklin helpfully said.

“Why on Earth would you think that?” Jennifer asked while unsuccessfully attempting to pry Delbert off her.

“Because of this,” Franklin explained as he unfolded the copy of The Star he held in his hand and showed everyone the headline.

“Oh God!” Jennifer gasped as she saw the full page, bold headline “JENNIFER ANISTON DIES IN BABY TRAGEDY.”

“Wow, well if it’s in the tabloids it must be true,” Rose surmised upon arriving at the scene. “Hey does that make us necrophiliacs?”

“Shut up this is serious,” Jennifer replied. “People are really going to think I’m dead!”

“Oh no they’re not,” Rose sighed. “The people who believe those headlines probably believe Rachel Greene is a real person. I wouldn’t worry about a few dumb people thinking you’re dead.”

“Hey!” Waldo interjected. “We really thought she was dead!”

“I stand by my statement,” Rose responded, before guessing who she was talking to. “Hey, you’re the pot guys, aren’t you?”

“Depends, you interested?” Waldo asked.

“Depends, what you got?” Rose replied.

“No! No! No!” Sarah said, breaking it up. “There will be no pot dealing in my foyer! In fact no pot dealing in the house at all! There, that’s an official rule Rose.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Jewel asked, still bewildered. “Who’s selling pot?”

“Jewel, meet Waldo, Franklin and Delbert,” Jennifer said. “They’re our next door neighbors and resident pot farmers. Guys, meet everyone else.”

It then suddenly occurred to the trio from next door that they were the only non-celebrities in the entire room. They had been so panicked over Jennifer’s supposed death that they hadn’t even realized who it was they had been talking to.

“Oh my God! The girl from ‘Ready to Rumble!’” they gasped as they saw Rose, bringing about an eyeroll from the actress.

“The girl from ‘Ride With The Devil!’” they then gasped when they saw Jewel, bringing a similar reaction from the singer.

When they turned their attention to the last girl in the room, their jaws dropped and they fell to the floor in worship.

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer!” Waldo, Franklin and Delbert gasped as they literally worshiped the ground Sarah walked on.

“This is getting kind of creepy,” Sarah said.

“Oh we passed the station for creepy awhile ago,” Rose replied. “And I think the train is headed straight to looneyville.”

“I think it’s kind of cute,” Jennifer replied, relieved that the guys actually recognized one of them from something they were famous for. “It means they like you.”

“Hey guys,” Love said as she became the last to arrive at the scene.

“Hi Love,” they all said in unison before returning to their worshipping.

“Wait a minute, you know these guys too?” Sarah demanded. “How?”

“We went to the movies yesterday,” Love explained. “We saw ‘Lord of the Rings.’”

“Oooh, how is that?” Jewel asked. “I’ve been dying to see it.”

“Oh it’s absolutely wonderful,” Love sighed. “Jen cried.”

“You did?” Jewel inquired.

“A little bit,” Jennifer admitted.

“Where were you just now anyway?” Rose asked Love. “They could have been attacking Jewel.”

“I had to finish my toast,” Love replied simply and everyone thought it was best to just live things at that for now.

* * * * *

A few hours later and with her daily amount of toast ingested, Love sat nervously inside the Los Angeles office of Playboy Enterprises International, Inc. She was there and so were two major players at the magazine, but one was still missing.

“I just can’t believe he’s coming just to meet me,” Love smiled. “God, I’m a little flustered.”

“Don’t be,” said Jonathan Black, Playboy’s managing editor. “Just relax. He already likes you, so you don’t have to be nervous or anything.”

“Are you sure we can’t get you anything while you wait, Jennifer?” asked Gary Cole, the magazine’s photography director.

“Oh no I’m fine,” Love replied. “Oh, and please call me Love.”

“Sure no problem, Love,” Gary smiled. “So I don’t want to jump ahead of things. But we’re just so happy you’re thinking of doing this.”

“Well I haven’t decided yet,” Love replied. “I mean I was kind of surprised you asked.”

“Why be surprised, you’re exactly the type of girl we look at, Love,” Jonathan stated. “I think this can be a fantastic coup for us at Playboy and for you as well.”

Any further progress of the meeting was paused a moment later when the doors to the office opened. The man who walked through was unassuming and laid back, but might as well have been wearing a big badge that read G.I.C., for Guy In Charge. He was truly the symbol of his creation and that would never change.

“Good morning, how is everyone today?” Hugh M. Hefner said upon entry. Love wasn’t quite sure how to act in front of him. For some reason she felt like she should stand up and salute, but she fought off that impulse. Love had never seen him in the flesh and wasn’t sure how he’d dress. Part of her expected him to come to the office in his trademark robe, but he had chosen casual business wear instead.

“We’re fine Hef,” Jonathan replied. “We were just settling in here.”

“Good, good,” Hef replied. “I must say it is a pleasure to meet you Jennifer. May I call you Jennifer?”

“Um…geez…you can call me anything,” Love replied, still flustered to be in the presence of a genuine American icon. “But you can call me Love if you like.”

“Fine Love, you can call me Hef,” he smiled at her before kissing her hand. Love was surprised to say the least, but the Hefner charm was definitely working on her. It wasn’t good from a negotiating standpoint to be putty in a guy’s hand, but Love couldn’t help but feel a ‘can you believe this’ type of smile when she was near him.

“When Love met Hef,” Gary laughed as everyone settled in.

“So what have we covered so far?” Hef asked.

“Not much, we were just explaining to Love what an asset the magazine saw her as,” Jonathan explained.

“It’s more than that,” Hef said, taking control of the situation. “Love, this is a great opportunity for both of us as I see it. From a strictly business standpoint, it would certainly help us out with sales if you pose for us. Plus it would show that Playboy continues to have its eyes on the most beautiful women of each generation. We have always prided ourselves on publishing pictures of women who keep up the Playboy tradition of fun loving, sexy girls who have a certain innocence to them. Love, we believe you would help us keep the tradition that began back with Marilyn Monroe.”

Wow, he’s laying it on thick for me, Love marveled. She also marveled at the fact that it was working. It never, ever hurt to be compared to Marilyn Monroe, no matter how much of a reach it was. They were trying to make her feel special and honored and, despite lingering feelings of reluctance, it was working.

“This is also an opportunity for you,” Hef continued. “I understand how hard it is for an actress to break out of what the public thinks of her. We’ve had our eye on you for a little while now Love and that intensified after ‘Heartbreakers’ came out. We saw how you were trying to establish yourself as grown up and sexy. We can help you do that, Love. We can help you break out of the shell of the public’s perception of who you are and what you can do.”

“Of course you would have a great deal of input into the photo layout itself, if I may interrupt here for a minute,” Gary said. Hef nodded his approval and Gary went on. “This is similar to recent deals we negotiated with Cindy Crawford and Pamela Anderson. You would have your choice of photographer and you wouldn’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Now we would be insisting on shots that are fully nude, would that be a problem?”

“Oh no…not at all,” Love blushed. Shit, did she agree to that too easily? Did they think she was some kind of nudist or something? She had to calm down.

“We understand this is a big step for someone, especially someone who hasn’t done nudity before,” Hef said. “Your photos would be published for the world to see and I think the women who have posed for us in the past would agree that as they get older they treasure their pictures as memories. They provide you with a look at a time that you will want to remember for the rest of their life.”

Love knew that Hef was right about that. Some day when she was old and didn’t look like she did now, she knew that she’d want to remember a time when she was young and sexy and was having as much fun as she was now. If she did pose for these pictures then she would have memories of this frozen in time. She would be able to look back at them and remember everything that lead up to this moment and, especially everything happened at the mansion.

“So Love what are you thinking about all this?” Jonathan asked. “We’re ready to move on this, but it all depends on what you want to do.”

“Gosh. I mean I’m honored you asked me…really I am,” Love said honestly. “And this is a lot of money and wow, it could be a great opportunity for me. I just don’t know. I mean once I make this decision, I don’t want to look back and wish I hadn’t. I don’t want there to be any regrets in my life. And part of me is worried I’d regret posing and part of me is worried that I’d regret not posing.”

“That’s entirely understandable,” Hef said. “It’s a big decision to make. Our offer to you is on the table and we would do just about anything to convince you it’s the right decision for both of us if you choose to pose.”

Gary then leaned into Hef’s ear and whispered something. Love tried to make out what he was saying, but all she could hear was the name “Pamela.”

“You know Gary here just had an excellent idea,” Hef said. “He said he’d been talking to Pamela Anderson the other day and he mentioned the offer we were going to make to you. She sounded excited about the idea and Gary suggested that you might give her a call. You know, get some word of mouth testimonial from someone who’s taken the plunge with us so to speak several times.”

Gary then scribbled a number down on a piece of paper and passed it down the table to Love.

“That’s her number on the “V.I.P.” set,” Gary informed her. “If you’re interested, give her a call. She might be able to help you reach your decision.”

Love reached for the number and took it. She liked the idea. She really did. Pamela had been through this crossroads many times so she might be able to help her find which path to take. Plus she knew a thing or two about how to deal with public perception. Talking to her could be a real plus.

“When are you guys going to need a decision?” Love asked. She didn’t want to keep them waiting too long. They’d been very nice to her so Love felt she owed them the courtesy of a quick “yes” or “no.”

“Well to be perfectly honest, Love,” Jonathan said. “We’d like an answer as soon as possible. We were hoping you’d say ‘yes,’ so we may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves and reserved space in the August issue for you. We do this stuff so much ahead of time that we’re going to have to move fast if we want to get all the contracts negotiated and everything set up.”

“Wow,” Love said. “Well I guess I have a decision to make, don’t I?”

This pretty much ended the meeting right there, so everyone stood up and said their goodbyes. Before she left, Hef had one last thing he wanted to say to Love.

“Love, I just wanted to tell you something,” he said to her. “Even if you decide not to pose with us, I know you’ll have made the best decision for you and that’s the most important thing.”

* * * * *

Meanwhile at the “V.I.P.” set, Pamela Anderson was in her trailer huddled in a script conference with her co-star Natalie Raitano. Natalie played tough, but sexy explosives expert Nikki on the show and Pamela had developed a close, off-screen bond with her and with their other co-star Molly Culver. Though they were supposed to be talking about the show they were in the middle of taping, the conversation was focused on anything but.

“So what, did you have to tell the guy why you needed a new stripper’s pole in your bedroom?” Natalie asked.

“We didn’t get into specifics,” Pamela replied. “But the damn thing was still under warranty, so he had to replace it. Besides I don’t think it was installed correctly. I mean, really should a stripper’s pole break in two like that?”

“I think if anyone could find a way to break a stripper’s pole, it would be you Pammy,” Natalie smiled. “You tend to wear things out from overuse.” Pamela had recently confided in an interview that she had installed a stripper’s pole in her bedroom and it had caused a little stir. When she saw that Natalie only shook her head. If they only knew the whole story.

“Hey I like my toys,” Pamela smiled right back. “Besides I don’t like the term ‘overuse.’ I prefer ‘loved to death.’”

“Sometimes I wonder if that’s gonna be the headline for Robert’s obituary,” Natalie joked. “They’ll list the cause of death to be ‘loved to death.’”

“I’m sure that’s exactly how he’d want to go out,” Pamela confidently asserted. “I know that I wouldn’t mind dying while fucking.”

The two friends shared a laugh. The “Robert” they were speaking of had been Pamela’s boyfriend for about a year now and they were somewhere high on the list of Hollywood fun couples near Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fleiss. Of course most people knew Pamela’s boyfriend, Robert James Richie Sr., by his stage name…that of Kid Rock. He advocated a hard partying, live for the moment philosophy of life and that certainly meshed well with Pamela.

Natalie knew this much about her friend. The only thing she put ahead of having a good time were her two sons, Brandon and Dylan. After that there wasn’t much that Pamela let stand in the way of having fun. That had landed her in trouble in the past and one more than one cover of videotapes that could be ordered off the internet from sites that needed an age verification before allowing entry. But she had risen above it all and was now producing a hit show in syndication. Natalie admired Pamela for that, along with the other things she admired about her friend that no one else knew about.

Before they could press on with their conversation, Pamela’s cell phone rang. She picked it up and immediately launched into a conversation with whoever was on the other end. Natalie didn’t ask who it was. With Pamela most information was given out on a need to know basis. And chances are if you didn’t know, it was better not to ask. So Natalie just sat there and heard the snippets coming from Pamela’s end.

“Gary? Hi…” Pamela began. “She did? You did? That’s good. Uh huh. Sure she can. Anytime. No, it’s no problem at all. I look forward to it. No really, it’s my pleasure. Ok, you’re welcome. Really, it’s totally cool. Ok, bye babe.”

Pamela then ended the call and looked at Natalie with an expression that showed the wheels were truly turning in her head.

“What are you planning?” Natalie asked ignoring her own better instincts not to ask. The look on Pamela’s showed that something was up and she had to know what it was.

“Who me?” Pamela replied, barely able to smother her grin.

“Yeah, you,” Natalie said. “I’ve seen that look and it usually means something just went your way. So spill it girlfriend. What’s going on?”

“Well that was a friend of mine who’s photo director for Playboy,” Pamela began before Natalie interrupted.

“Oh God, you’re not posing again, are you?” Natalie groaned. “Haven’t you been in the magazine like a dozen times?”

“You’re just jealous cause they haven’t forked over the cash to get your scrawny titties in yet,” Pamela teased.

“Scrawny?” Natalie repeated. “Excuse me, I didn’t hear you complaining last night, now did I?”

“Got me there,” Pamela admitted. “Besides, you know I only kid cause I love. So anyway, he was calling me all up because Jennifer Love Hewitt wants to pose in the magazine.”

“Her?” Natalie challenged. “Get the fuck out of here? Does she think it’s a milk ad or something?”

“Will you stop interrupting me,” Pamela chided as she playfully whacked Natalie across the knee with a pillow from her couch.

“Ok…ok…go on with the story,” Natalie replied.

“Thank you,” Pamela said. “Anyways…she wants to pose, but she’s not quite sure. I think she’s got some jitters or something. So he gave her my number to call me for, get this, advice. I guess he’s hoping that I’ll convince her to take it all off for them.”

“But I’m guessing you have something more in mind than advice, don’t you?” Natalie speculated.

“Don’t I always?” Pamela grinned. “So I was thinking that when she calls I’d invite her over to the house and see if I can coax her out of more than her clothes. I want to see if I can get her to check her inhibitions at the door too. James is on tour. The kids are with Tommy. It’s the perfect opportunity.”

“My God Pammy, what makes you think she’s into girls, much less you?” Natalie challenged. She loved seeing Pamela like this, with that hungry look in her eye. She knew Pamela loved a challenge and she very rarely failed to meet one. “Is there anyone you think you can’t seduce?”

“Hey I seduced you, didn’t I?” Pamela pointed out.

“Well that’s different,” Natalie smirked. “I’m a slut.” She and Pamela had become lovers shortly after the show had begun and it wasn’t too long before Molly had joined them in their lustful co-star pairings.

“Well maybe she is too,” Pamela suggested. “You never know until you try. And hey if my best seduction doesn’t work on sweet little Jennifer Love, I can always give you and Molly a call, can’t I?”

“Ahhh yes, give your backup plan a call,” Natalie shook her head. “Do you ever not get what you want?”

“Nope, see that’s the perk of being the executive producer around here,” Pamela said before she and Natalie shared a laugh and a tender kiss. She had some more scenes to shoot today, but Pamela’s thoughts were already turning to seduction.

* * * * *

Meanwhile at another set, things were not looking quite as rosy. A house was under attack by bloodthirsty demons and the two of the house’s residents were gathered around an ancient tome looking for a solution that could save them their lives.

“Here’s something that might work,” Phoebe Halliwell said as she pointed at a section of the Book of Shadows.

“No Phoebe, it’s not going to work!” Piper Halliwell cried to her sister. “None of them are going to work! We need the Power of Three to make these spells go!”

“Damn, of all nights for Paige to have a date,” Phoebe cursed. “What are we going to do Piper?”

“Now might be a good time for us to develop orbing powers too,” Piper replied as she tried her best to hold off the demons by freezing and blowing them up. “Oooh! Now THAT’S an idea! LEO!!!”

However, Piper’s cries for her husband’s aid were cut short. Fortunately it wasn’t by the demons, but rather a screaming director.

“CUT!!!!” the director, who had asked that everyone refer to him as “Q,” screamed. “THAT’S WRONG!!! ALL WRONG!!!”

“Excuse me?” Alyssa Milano challenged as the scene ended and everyone dropped out of character. “But from where I was standing that was right…all right. How many ways do you expect Holly and I to act scared? We’ve been doing this for a few years now if you haven’t been paying attention.”

“Yeah, exactly what more do you want us to do?” Holly Marie Combs asked in an exasperated tone. “That was our 20th take!”

“It’s not you!” Q, said as he gesticulated wildly. “IT’S THEM!!! THEY’RE THE ONE’S RUINING THE SCENE!!!”

Q had directed his wrath at the guys dressed in demon makeup. The man playing the lead demon then responded from deep beneath his costume.

“Pardon me?” He asked in a refined British, accent. “I studied at the Royal Shakespearean Academy, sir. I believe I know how to growl!”

“I’m just not feeling it from you guys!” Q pressed. “I demand realism from my actors and I am just not feeling your craving for human flesh! I want you guys to take a few minutes, eat some human flesh and then use the taste you’ve acquired in your performance!”

“Oh that is quite disgusting,” the lead demon replied. “The union shall hear of this abomination sir!”

The actor then led his fellow demons off the set causing quite a conniption in Q.

“THAT’S IT!!!” He screamed as he began jumping up and down like a madman. “I CAN’T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!!! THAT’S A WRAP!!!”

Q then stormed off, leaving two perplexed actresses in his wake.

“That’s a wrap?” Alyssa repeated. “What’s he talking about? Like a wrap for the whole day?”

“I think that’s what he meant,” Holly answered. “At the very least it doesn’t he has any intention of coming back to the set.”

“How many days are we behind schedule on this episode?” Alyssa asked.

“I’ve lost track, but I think it’s four,” Holly replied.

“Aaron’s going to fire this guy’s ass isn’t he?” Alyssa then speculated.

“You bet he is,” Holly declared. “He’s gonna fire him like he’s a gun at the Beverly Hills Gun Club.”

“Nice metaphor,” Alyssa commented.

“Thanks, I’ve been saving it,” Holly stated.

“So what the hell are we supposed to do for the rest of the day?” Alyssa asked.

“Hmmm I’m sure you can think up a few ideas,” Holly said, smiling at Alyssa with what appeared to be just a friendly gesture to anyone else, but really hid a meaning of wanton lesbian lust.

Doing a show like this meant that the actresses were going to be working together a lot. When Shannon Doherty had first been their co-star, the three of them had bonded quickly and become close friends off the set. Eventually that friendship had developed into something more and the three women became lovers. It had been fun and scary for all three of them, none of whom had been with another woman before, and it had resulted in a lot of sexy threesomes between them.

However, just as the on set differences between Alyssa and Shannon grew, problems also loomed between them personally. The situation became messy and reached the point where Alyssa and Shannon could barely even stand to look at each other and Holly had been caught in the middle. The end result was that Shannon was gone so was the sexual bond that had developed.

The arrival of Rose changed all that though. Both Alyssa and Holly could still remember every detail of their first meeting with Rose. How she had come to Alyssa’s house and just totally dominated the entire day. The old flames were reignited and Holly and Alyssa welcomed her to the show by ending up in a naked mess on Alyssa’s bed. Alyssa and Rose had struggled for domination of the relationship ever since, but it had all been in good fun. The angst and pain of Shannon was gone and Rose had spiced up more than the show. If they were going to sneak away for some fun, it wouldn’t be the same without her.

“Well speaking of needing the power of three,” Alyssa grinned. “Think we should track down our wayward sister?”

“Hello ladies,” Rose said from behind them, as if it were her cue to do so. “Looks like we’ve got the afternoon off.”

“Hey we earned it,” Alyssa replied. “We’ve had to put up with Mr. Psycho all morning. You’ve been able to hide in your trailer all day.”

“Awwww poor Alyssa,” Rose teased. “Want me to kiss you and make it better?”

Alyssa frantically looked around to see if anyone else was picking up on the blatant sexual tension between the three leading ladies of “Charmed.” Everyone was too busy doing whatever they had to do to strike the set for the day and prepare for the upcoming “Aaron fires Q” tempest. Hell, she probably could have kissed Rose and Holly right there and then and nobody would have noticed. Still, Alyssa decided not to risk it.

“Rose! Someone might hear you!” Holly gasped, sharing Alyssa’s concerns, but lacking her cool exterior.

“Relax Holly,” Rose assured you. “Why don’t you let me and Alyssa help you unwind a little?”

“Yeah c’mon Holly,” Alyssa added. “You were the one hinting at it a minute ago.”

“I hate it when you two gang up on me,” Holly grumbled, but was unable to mask the smile that revealed her true feelings on the subject.

“No you don’t,” Alyssa chided her. “You love it!”

“So who’s trailer shall we duck away to?” Holly asked, eager to give into her base impulses.

“Hmmm trailers are nice, but they don’t have the same room as a nice house,” Rose pointed out. She hadn’t been expecting to be done with work this early today, but thanks to Q’s tantrum she was now able to accelerate her plan. What had happened last night had unsettled her more than usual and, her encounter with Jewel aside, she was eager to prove she still “had it.”

“What are you suggesting?” Alyssa asked.

“I think it’s high time you girls got a gander at my house,” Rose said with a wicked grin. “I know a great way for us to relax.”

* * * * *

So while some plotted seduction and others battled demons and directors, Sarah had her own matters to deal with. Unfortunately her matters didn’t promise the same kind of fun that everyone else’s seemed to. Sarah’s were strictly of the legal variety and they only seemed to promise more trouble. Rick’s sexual harassment suit hadn’t been dismissed and now she was facing the prospect of having to submit to a hearing.

Sarah had tried to ignore the problem and hoped it would just go away, but that didn’t seem to be possible anymore. So now she sat in executive producer Joss Whedon’s office as her lawyer, Ted Roberts droned on in legalese she couldn’t understand. She supposed she should just trust him on this. It’s not like she could make it any better by handling it herself. By trusting the lawyer, at least it couldn’t get any worse. At least she hoped it couldn’t.

“So we tried to have the case dismissed on the grounds Mr. Burke didn’t have enough evidence to support going to trial,” Ted explained. “But the standard for evidence is very low. He doesn’t have enough evidence to win, but he has enough to get the case pushed forward and in all likelihood the judge will call for an evidentiary review hearing in the next few weeks.”

“Of course he doesn’t have enough evidence to win!” Sarah exclaimed, losing her temper over all this foolishness. “He’s making all this shit up! That little pervert is just pissed that I wouldn’t sleep with him!”

“Sarah, I believe you,” Ted assured her. “And the judge will too, but you have to stay calm about this. We have an excellent shot at getting this thing dismissed at the hearing. The standard of proof is higher, but you need to not get emotional.”

“How can I not get emotional?” Sarah demanded. “It’s my name that’s going to be splashed in all the papers if this case leaks out. Everyone’s going to think I’m some power mad bitch on this set!”

“No one’s going to think that,” Ted stated. “The truth is on our side. He can hide behind the law for now. The standard for sexual harassment has been pushed so low because of all the spurious claims over the past 10 years that it’s easy for him now. But when we get to the evidence, we’ve got him. He’s going to have to present something more than a ‘he said, she said.’ If it comes down to your word against his, you are more believable Sarah.”

“But what if the judge ignores the truth and moves things forward,” Sarah pressed. “What happens then? Don’t pretend like it can’t happen Ted, because I know it can. Ridiculous cases get pushed forward all the time. What do we do then? What if the judge believes him and not me? What if the judge hates women? What if the judge has a hard on for punishing a celebrity and getting famous? It’s my name on the line.”

“I won’t let that happen, Sarah,” Ted promised. “This thing is going to go away. You just have to be patient and let me do my job. I’m doing everything I can to keep this out of the papers. It’s not going to leak and it is going to be dismissed. You just have to relax and go about like it’s not happening.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Sarah snapped, before softening. “Oh Ted, I know you’re doing what you can, but this is a lot of pressure on me right now. You have no idea what it’s like to wonder if someone’s lies can bring you down. It’s not fair that he can do this to me!”

“No, it’s not fair,” Ted agreed. “He’s using the law to get at you, but I won’t let him win. It’s all going to be fine.”

Sarah wished she could have agreed with him, but she couldn’t see the rosy picture he promised. Sarah could only see the hazards of the case going public and, worse, Rick lying well enough to actually win the case. What would she do then?

All this was preying on Sarah’s mind as she left the office. She searched the set for a friendly face and quickly found one.

“Hey Aly,” Sarah said, greeting her friend and feigning a smile.

“Hey Sarah,” Alyson replied, immediately detecting that something was wrong. “What’s wrong honey? Is it Rick again?”

“That short dicked little bastard!” Sarah swore, fighting back the angry tears. “He’s going to wreck everything I’ve accomplished!”

“Of course he’s not,” Alyson replied. “Soon he’s going to be nothing but some name you can forget about. Why if he was even close to getting you with this, I’d…I’d…well I’m not quite sure what I’d do but it would definitely involve some form of bitch slapping.”

Sarah couldn’t help but smile at her best friend’s humor. She and Alyson had been close since the show had begun and they were even closer now that Alyson had become a frequent guest at the mansion.

“Thanks, I needed that, Aly,” Sarah said warmly.

“No problem,” Alyson replied before whispering. “Hey, want to go back to my trailer and want to see if I can make you feel even better?”

“Mmmm not today, Aly,” Sarah sighed. “He’s just got me all messed up.”

“It’s ok,” Alyson said. “But you owe me now, deal?”

“Deal,” Sarah agreed. “If you feel like collecting part of it now, I could sure use a hug.”

“No problem,” Alyson smiled as she hugged her friend warmly and tightly. The truth was she was also concerned about what this bogus lawsuit could do to Sarah. Alyson had been always been very protective of her friends and since Sarah was a special case, so did she receive special care. Alyson had been secretly thinking of ways to help Sarah for weeks now and she had finally devised a plan she was ready to use if necessary. As she hugged Sarah, Alyson’s face broke into a satisfied smile. Just try and bring this lawsuit further you piece of shit, she thought to herself. I’m ready for you. I’m not going to let you hurt Sarah.

* * * * *

As Love followed the directions she had been given to Pamela’s house, she couldn’t help but think about the strange and fast turn of events of the past two days. Just a day ago had been so pumped up over a movie role, now she was going to meet Pamela Anderson to get advice about whether she should take off her clothes for money. It was definitely an unusual path she’d followed, but then again it was at least consistent with everything else in her life. The unexpected had become routine.

Love had met Pamela before, but they hadn’t really exchanged much more than polite greetings at parties and television functions. Now she was depending on her advice to help her at a career crossroads. Oh well, at least Pamela would be speaking from experience on this issue.

Love had to admit she was a little nervous about this. She didn’t quite know what to make of Pamela. She seemed nice and when they had talked on the phone before and arranged this meeting it had sounded like she was really willing to help her make this decision.

However Love knew that Pamela was a little…well a little wild. It wasn’t like Love had just come straight from the nunnery, but she reserved her wild behavior for when she was home and with her lovers, whether male or female. Pamela seemed dedicated to continuing the legacy of Madonna and making sure the public got a good look at all her wildest moments. It seemed a month barely went by without there being some new story in the press about Pamela being wild here or pulling off her top there. Love had to wonder if she would be able to relate to Pamela. She had done a lot, especially over the past few months, but she knew her experiences paled in comparison to the former “Baywatch” star.

Love was one of millions who had watched the home video of Pamela and Tommy Lee. She hadn’t actively sought it out and it wasn’t part of her “collection,” but nevertheless she had seen every inch of that couple. Some friends of hers had watched it at a party one night for laughs and Love had joined in. She hadn’t found it that erotic and mostly it gave her a headache from all the jerky camera movements. And of course there was the extra dash of reality that sapped the fun from the video. By the time Love had seen it, Tommy’s beatings of Pamela had become public record and Love had to wonder how someone could be so loving one moment and so violent the next.

They weren’t doing this to swap life stories though, Love told herself. What Pamela did was her own business and Love was the last person who would ever criticize someone’s lifestyle. She supposed she was being concerned over nothing. Pamela wasn’t going to bite. She was probably just projecting her indecision over posing onto this meeting.

Love had had time to go home in between her meeting at Playboy and her meeting with Pamela, so she had changed out of the blouse and slacks she had worn to the office. Love had grabbed something she would feel comfortable in so she was in blue jeans and a red long sleeve shirt. Love had always been anxious about what to wear when she first got to know people, but she supposed it didn’t matter in this case. Even when she was just talking to her on the phone, Pamela seemed to exude an air of casualness. Hell, Love half expected her to answer the door stark naked, if all the stories she had heard about were true.

Were those stories true? Love had heard a lot of wild rumors about Pamela over the years and she knew most of them were garbage. In the Hollywood rumor mill usually a good 95-98% of the stories that were going around were pure b.s. Of course some of them were very true and some of them were very weird. Love had heard a lot about Pamela and had to at least wonder if any of them were true. More specifically if the ones about her enjoying the company of other women were true. Love had heard Pamela’s name bandied about in connection to everyone from her co-stars on “V.I.P.” to Elizabeth Hurley. Hey, Love told herself, if any of those rumors were true then this could turn into a very interesting meeting indeed. Love felt her nipples tighten under her shirt and bra, which she had decided to force herself into again because she didn’t want to seem too casual.

Love soon arrived at Pamela’s house and by the time she parked and turned the car off, any anxiety she once possessed had turned into curiosity. How would this all play out? Love was eager to find out.

She knocked on the door and when Pamela answered it, Love saw that while she wasn’t walking around the house stark naked, she might as well have been. Pamela was in a creamy white button down shirt and navy pants. To say she was hanging out of it would have been like noticing a rain drop in the middle of a monsoon. It wasn’t just the top button of her shirt that was undone. It was the top four buttons. Pamela clearly didn’t share Love’s idea that it was better to wear a bra when getting to know someone, because there clearly wasn’t anything to restrain her breasts from ripping right through the shirt for all to see.

“Love! Glad you could make it,” Pamela greeted her as she showed her inside. “Did you find the place ok?”

“Yeah everything was good,” Love replied, trying hard not to stare at Pamela’s beautiful, enhanced chest. “You give great directions.”

That’s not all I can give, Pamela thought to herself as she eyed Love like a lioness sizing up potential prey. Christ, she looked so sweet and innocent. Pamela was tempted to just throw her down right there and see if she couldn’t corrupt this Audrey Hepburn-wannabe. Mmmm she wouldn’t look so innocent if she had her pretty little face buried in my pussy, Pamela fantasized. She shuddered most pleasurably at the thought. Pamela knew as soon as she opened the door that she had to have Love. Now it was just a matter of making her move.

“So can I get you anything to drink?” Pamela asked, showing Love into her living room. Love slipped off her jacket and took a seat, admiring the view around the home.

“No thanks,” Love replied. “I’m fine really.”

“It’s no problem,” Pamela said. “I’ve got a bottle of white wine that’s nicely chilled. I’d be happy to crack it open.”

It was a little early for alcohol in Love’s mind, but she didn’t want to seem rude. Besides a nice glass of wine could be just what she needed.

“Sure, that sounds great,” Love smiled. Pamela then turned and headed for her kitchen and left Love pondering things. Was Pamela trying to seduce her? Love had to wonder that. The way she was dressed was certainly not subtle and she had to know that it would cause Love to stare at her body. Plus the offer of wine was also a little suspicious. If Pamela was trying to get her into bed, then she certainly wasn’t handling it delicately.

Not that Love minded the effort at seduction, if that was what they were. Pamela was certainly very attractive and desirable. If she was trying to seduce me, Love grinned, she’d find me to be a very willing participant. Love hadn’t come here looking for sex and she wasn’t even sure if it was a possibility yet, but if that was what Pamela wanted then so be it. Love was definitely willing to play along. If Pamela thought she was going after some innocent little girl, then Love was going to have to show her that reality was far from perception. Perhaps she should make some efforts of her own to test the waters here.

Pamela quickly returned from the kitchen carrying two glasses and a bottle of white wine. She poured the wine and handed Love a glass. Pamela then proposed a toast.

“To taking the plunge sans clothing,” Pamela said and Love was happy to drink to that. They clinked their glasses and Love took a long drink, the cool liquid feeling pretty damn good flowing down her throat.

“Where are your kids?” Love asked. She loved kids and had actually been looking forward to meeting Pamela’s two young sons.

“They’re with their father,” Pamela answered with a grimace. Love knew it was a sore subject because of their custody battle so she decided to drop it and move onto something else.

“Ummm is Kid around…oh gosh, what should I call him?” Love wondered aloud.

“Just call him James,” Pamela informed her with a warm smile. “And no, he’s not around either. He’s on tour. It’s just you and me Love.”

Pamela let that last statement linger in the air as they sipped their wine. Finally deciding the silence had gone on long enough, Pamela spoke up again.

“So what are you thinking?” she asked.

“This is pretty good wine,” Love admitted with a smile. “What’s the year?”

“Not about the wine silly,” Pamela laughed. “What are you thinking about posing?”

“Well I think I’m leaning toward doing it,” Love admitted. “I mean the money is good and I think it might give me career the boost I’m looking for. Maybe people will see me in a different light. Plus, I don’t know, I think I’m really starting to like the idea of getting naked for the camera.”

“It’s a rush,” Pamela agreed. “I should know. I mean you’re a little nervous at first, that always happens, but once you get used to it it’s really liberating. It makes me feel really powerful. I mean everyone is looking at me. It’s a real ego boost to know you’re getting stares and making them think all kinds of sexy thoughts.”

Love blushed a little. She had been thinking the same thing. Of course she had also seen first hand the sexy thoughts that nude pictures could create. And she had also seen how those thoughts could lead to sexy actions.

“So what’s holding you back?” Pamela inquired.

“Well I’m just a little nervous it might backfire,” Love answered honestly. “I don’t want to do this and then have it blow up in my face. I don’t want to become a joke.”

“First of all you don’t become a joke by posing for Playboy,” Pamela replied. “Second of all, why do you give a shit what people think of you? Why do you care what some stupid producer or some lame comedian says about you posing? The only opinion that matters in this case is yours. If you don’t want to do this thing then just turn it down. No one’s forcing you to take your clothes off. But if you decide to do it, move on it and don’t look back. Life is full of risks and you have to take them as they come without any regrets.”

Pamela could see that Love was listening intently to what she was saying so she pressed on. She hoped her little talk was going to convince Love of the benefits of nudity and that after that she could segue things upstairs to her bedroom. She had been the one to suggest to Gary that Love give her a call to “talk” and she could see the finish line in site.

“I’ll admit the first time I posed it was to help get me out of Canada and into Hollywood,” Pamela said. “But the main reason I posed then and when I posed the other times was because I wanted to do it. I did it because it made me feel sexy and I thought I looked beautiful in the pictures. Sure it helped my career and you never know, it could hurt yours, but if you’re too wrapped up in what may or may not happen then you’re never going to be able to move forward. Just go forward and forget what’s behind you. That’s the way I like to do things.”

“That’s a good philosophy,” Love said. “I like it.”

“People here are so afraid of sex,” Pamela continued. “Like if we enjoy ourselves somehow we’re bad people. That’s just garbage. We should do what makes us happy and what makes us feel good. I feel good posing naked and letting people see my body. If that’s the way you feel then you should go for it.”

“You’re right,” Love declared. “It’s just that this is such a big step.”

“Of course it is,” Pamela agreed. “But if you only take little steps, it takes you a hell of a lot longer for you to get where you’re going.”

“Ever think of writing a self-help book?” Love asked jokingly.

“It’s crossed my mind,” Pamela admitted with a smile. “I just think the world would benefit from my Pamosophy.”

Love took another drink of wine, finishing off her glass. Pamela helpfully refilled it and Love was starting to feel nice and warm inside. She wasn’t much of a drinker at all and two glasses were her absolute limit but she knew she was entering her “happy” stage. She was going to get very giggly soon and if Pamela had been intending to loosen her up with alcohol, then she was close to accomplishing that. Of course, if Pamela had known the whole story she would also have known that this was entirely unnecessary. Even before the wine started to kick in, Love had been eyeing Pamela’s barely contained body. Her pussy was starting to moisten at the idea of popping those last buttons on Pamela’s shirt and exposing her gorgeous rack.

“Pamosophy, huh?” Love repeated. “That’s cute. If I wrote one it would be called ‘The Principles of Love.’”

“So do you think you’re going to do it?” Pamela asked, trying to picture what Love would look like under her clothes. The fantasy picture her mind drew was quite attractive indeed and Pamela felt her own heat begin to rise between her legs. She was looking over Love’s body up and down with nothing but lewd intent in her eyes. Love would have been blind not to see it and Pamela had a feeling that her eyes were working just fine.

“Why are you so interested?” Love inquired, noticing Pamela’s gaze and returning it with one of her own. Now she was totally convinced that something was going on here. She’d given that look to enough girls recently to know what it was all about. “I mean you’re really giving the hard sell here. Does Playboy kick you back a commission if I pose?”

“No nothing like that,” Pamela smiled. It was time to make her move. She could feel it. “I just think you’d look great naked.”

“Do you?” Love pressed, squirming on the couch as her pussy continued to dampen. “Do you think about what I’d look like naked a lot?”

“It’s crossed my mind a few times,” Pamela slyly admitted.

“Well maybe I can give you a little free preview then,” Love teased. “You know so you can really judge how I look naked.”

“I think under the circumstances that would definitely help things,” Pamela replied, biting her lip to keep herself from leaping right on top of Love. This was working better than she had even dreamed possible. “You know so I can be absolutely sure…”

“Oh I agree, it’s very important that you’re sure,” Love said before making a move of her own and pulling her shirt over her head. It wasn’t as smooth as she had hoped to pull right out of a long sleeved shirt, but she managed to untangle herself with little muss and fuss and give Pamela a nice look at how she looked in her white bra. Love kicked herself for not putting on something sexier than the plain cotton number she had on, but then again she hadn’t expected to be doing this. Besides, she was reasonably sure she wouldn’t be wearing her underwear for long.

“So what do you think?” Love asked, teasingly running her hands over her breasts.

“Hmmm I think I might need to see more,” Pamela said, her own arousal getting so high that she was sure Love could smell her from across the couch. “I want to get a good look at those legs of yours.”

Smiling, Love got up from the couch and, pausing only to remove her shoes, wiggled out of her jeans. She then struck a pose for Pamela, giggling as she sexily modeled herself, the wetness of her pussy evident in her soaked white panties.

“Should I take off my bra too?” Love asked, playing coy. “I mean I want you to be absolutely sure I look good naked. I wouldn’t want to let you down.”

“Good idea, take that bra off,” Pamela agreed. “I don’t want to leave anything up to chance.”

With a quick reach around her back, Love unsnapped her bra. She bent over slightly to slip it off and allow her glorious chest to spill out of the cups of her bra. Playfully, Love twirled her bra over her head and tossed it aside.

“You like?” Love asked, noticing that Pamela was toying with the buttons of her own shirt.

“Oh yes,” Pamela answered. “I like very much, but you’re not quite done are you? Get those panties off. You won’t be able to hide yourself from the camera lens and you won’t be able to hide yourself from me.”

Love had no intention of hiding any inch of her body from Pamela so she was only too happy to reach down and push her wet panties off. Love shivered when the cool air of the room hit her bare pussy. When she had first called Pamela that morning, the possibility of doing this hadn’t entered Love’s mind, but it was always nice to be surprised.

“Ooooh you’re shaved,” Pamela admired. “Naughty, naughty Love.”

“Oh yeah? I don’t think I’m the only one here who likes a smooth pussy,” Love challenged, remembering Pamela’s last Playboy layout.

“You caught me,” Pamela grinned. “Oh Love, you look so beautiful. You’re definitely Playboy material. Mmmm a lot of boys are going to have a lot of fun looking at your pictures and imagining what if. I think a lot of girls are too.”

Love felt a rush of pleasure as she pictured all those people staring at her naked body and touching themselves. Boys and girls. Everyone desiring her. It was almost enough to cause her to lose focus of the moment. She managed to bring herself back to earth though and she noticed there was now a definite inequality between her and Pamela.

“You know Pamela, I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable,” Love said, doing a shy little girl impression. “I mean I’m all naked and you’re still dressed.”

“Well we’ll have to do something about that won’t we,” Pamela declared, rising up from the couch so she could be face to face with Love. While she did this, she undid the last buttons of her shirt and let it open up. As Love had assumed, Pamela was braless and when she shrugged the shirt off her shoulders Love got a chance to see her first in person look at the tits that had been displayed so many times in so many number of places. Love also helped herself to a gander and the belly ring that had so attractively pierced Pamela’s skin. It sparkled from the sunlight hitting it from the open window and it only made Love want this more.

With Love stark naked and Pamela now topless both of them knew they were at the point of no turning back. Something had to happen and it was either going to involve hot lesbian fucking or them parting company. Both of them could feel what the other wanted, but Love wanted to make sure.

“Do you really want to do this?” Love asked, dropping her teasing act to ask an honest question.

“Honey I’ve wanted to do this since I first heard you might be posing,” Pamela answered. “I just wanted to make sure you were into girls.”

“Oh I am…believe me I am,” Love assured her. “But what about Kid…I mean James?”

“Oh he’s totally cool with this,” Pamela explained. “It’s not like I’m cheating on him with another guy or anything. He loves it when I tell him about me getting it on with other hot chicks and you, Ms. Jennifer Love Hewitt, are one hot chick.”

“So are you Pamela,” Love said in response. “If I’d known you liked women I would have been all over you the second I was through the door.”

“Well now you know,” Pamela replied. “So how about we get all over each other.”

“Mmm you don’t even have to ask,” Love smiled, embracing the topless beauty and pressing their lips together. Their first kiss was a wet and lingering one. Pamela was pleasantly surprised by how good Love’s kiss was. This girl must have more experience than I thought with women, she thought to herself. That was a nice development. She wasn’t going to have to teach some blushing girl virgin how to properly go down on her.

When they broke free of the kiss, little strands of saliva stuck to their mouths and Pamela quickly batted them away with her tongue. She looked at Love’s body all flushed and ready and she only had one suggestion.

“Want to see my bedroom?” Pamela asked.

“Just show me the way,” Love answered excitedly.

Pamela then took Love’s hand and led her from the living room upstairs. When they reached her bedroom, Pamela pressed Love against the doorway and greedily kissed her again. They sucked on each other’s tongue and lips and when they were finished they flicked their tongues together, each giving the other a preview of what they could do to a pussy with those tongues. Love and Pamela were virtually strangers but they did have something very important in common…burning lust for the other.

Love scooted inside the bedroom and made herself at home by throwing the bedspread off and falling down onto the cool sheets with a laugh. She bounced a little on the mattress and her breasts jiggled in response.

“Come here,” Love beckoned to Pamela. Pamela gave into the little nymph’s request and walked over to her. She stood in front of her as Love sat on the edge of the bed. She wasn’t sure what Love had in mind but quickly found out as the girl leaned forward and began to kiss her belly. Pamela giggled from the tickling action of Love’s soft kisses, but it was definitely arousing. Love kissed all over Pamela’s bare skin, focusing on her piercing. She kissed all around her belly button, at times even sucking on the piercing and gently tugging on it with her lips. Love also began to run her hands up and down Pamela’s smooth sexy back, delighting in the way her skin felt under her hands.

“Take off your pants,” Love requested, looking up at Pamela with sexy doe eyes to kill for. “Be naked with me.”

That was not a request any sane person could have turned down and Pamela was no exception. Once again finding herself giving in to the aroused youth’s wishes, Pamela undid the button of her navy pants and let her pants fall around her ankles. She silently stepped out of them and Love saw that a bra wasn’t the only thing Pamela hadn’t bothered with that day. She had gone bare underneath and Love got an up close look at her shaved pussy. Love kissed each one of Pamela’s thighs before reaching out and stroking the lips of her pussy with her fingers, saying one word that drove Pamela wild.

“Pretty…” Love said in a near whisper. That was too much for Pamela to handle and she fell to the bed, kissing Love’s face, feeling like she was on the verge of coming from barely even being touched. The girls rolled around on the bed together kissing and touching each other. Their bare breasts rubbed together and the action caused their nipples to harden against each other’s skin. That was an arousing feeling for both of them and it got even more so when their pussies began to rub together with slippery results.

“Oh God Love you are good at this,” Pamela marveled when Love began to suck on her breasts. “Fuck! You’re making me so wet.”

“I’ve had plenty of practice,” Love teased. “Now let’s see if you’re as wet as you claim to be.”

They changed positions so Pamela was flat on her back on the bed. Love made her way downward, pausing to kiss and stroke whichever parts of Pamela’s body caught her fancy. When she got to between Pamela’s legs she breathed in the smell of her arousal and once again began to touch her with her fingers.

“”My my my, you certainly are wet,” Love observed. “Did I make your pussy all hot Pamela?”

“Naughty little tease, you know you did,” Pamela groaned. “Ohhhh do you know what a sexy thing you are?”

“I’ve got some idea,” Love grinned, remembering a line from one of Pamela’s boyfriend’s songs. It wasn’t cocky if you could back it up and Love knew she could do that and then some. “I love knowing I got you this hot.”

“Oh you did…you did,” Pamela told her. “Please…my pussy is on fire!”

“Did you think I was some sweet little innocent you could seduce with your sexy ways?” Love teased.

“Yes…oh yes I did,” Pamela admitted. “I wanted to get you naked and fuck you so bad. I had no idea you were like this though.”

“Well now it’s your turn to learn something,” Love laughed. “If only you knew what a slut I was. Mmmm but you’re going to know that soon. Your pussy looks so yummy Pamela, all hot and wet. You are on fire. Do you want me to kiss it to make it better?”

“Ohhhh you’d better,” Pamela swore. “If you don’t I’m going to have to shove your pretty face right in there and fuck you until I cream your skin.”

Love responded to the threat by doing exactly what she had offered. She kissed Pamela’s labia and ran her tongue up over the smooth, wet lips. She got her first taste of her new lover’s juices and it was like an adrenaline injection right into her brain. She heard Pamela begin to moan out loud in desire and Love began to tongue her harder. She teased Pamela’s lips before using her fingers to spread them open and get at her clit. She dove into the heat of Pamela’s pussy and began to suck eagerly on her clit.

Pamela was so hot, Love admired while she went down on her. She began to touch her own dripping pussy and fantasized about what the rest of her housemates could do to Pamela. She was going to have her over to the house very soon so the busty Baywatch alumnus could see she wasn’t the only pussy hungry nympho in Hollywood. Maybe she could even get her over today. Bring her home to everyone as a souvenir from her visit to Playboy. She didn’t get them t-shirts, so she could at least bring them this.

While Love was fantasizing about future possibilities, Pamela was grooving on the awesome feelings Love was bringing her from her hard, passionate sucks on her clitoris. She was also having the same thoughts Love was having. In her mind she was already going to the writers of the show tomorrow and having them write a guest part for Love. Then she could bring the girl to her trailer for one of her “script conferences” with Molly and Natalie. Maybe she could finally tempt their other co-star Leah Lali into things and have themselves a nice little all-girl fivesome.

But that would have to wait for tomorrow because all Pamela wanted to focus on was how good it felt to have Love’s mouth on her pussy. She had one hand massaging her bare breasts and the other playing in Love’s hair, gently holding her down as she licked and sucked Pamela into a sexual frenzy. If only she’d known the girl was this into pussy she wouldn’t have bothered with the wine and the conversation and just dragged her up to her bedroom.

“Ohhhhhhhh yessss Love…that’s the spot!” Pamela groaned. This girl might even be better than Natalie and her brunette co-star had always been her favorite tongue. “Suck that clit Love! Mmmm gonna come all over your face soon sweetie!”

Love was having herself quite a time buried in Pamela’s pussy. She licked and sucked away happily while she let one hand of hers snake underneath and squeeze Pamela’s sexy ass. This was quite a surreal encounter for Love. She had seen Pamela’s body any number of ways and had literally seen her get fucked on-screen. Now here she was licking her creamy pussy and getting her close to orgasm. It was kind of like living out her porn star fantasy.

Pamela’s breasts heaved as her breathing rapidly increased. She moved her hand away from Love’s and squeezed her own breasts. She loved playing with a woman’s breasts, especially her own, and couldn’t wait to get a crack at Love’s tits. She had some plans for Love’s tight body and since Love was doing such a good job at bringing her off, she wasn’t going to have to wait long before she got to play.

“Oh FUCK!” Pamela roared back as a surge of pleasure gave an extra jolt to her words. “Yessss you know how to eat pussy! Mmmm wish I could find the woman who trained you so well and give her a big thank you kiss! Don’t stop doing what you’re doing! That’s just how I like it!”

Love wasn’t going at Pamela too hard as she lay on her belly on the bed, her face pressed to Pamela’s pussy. She figured that a woman who got pounded by something as big as the monster between Tommy’s legs she saw on the video probably loved a gentle touch to her clit. Of course, Love wouldn’t have been a bit surprised if Pamela liked it any way she could get it. She’d have to give it to her a little harder lately. Love was very confident that this would not be her only chance to eat Pamela’s pussy.

Pamela was thinking the same thing and already wondering if she could keep Love forever. James wouldn’t have minded her moving in, especially if he came home from tour and found them right as they were now. If he saw ever saw them naked on the bed like this with Love eating her out, Pamela knew the only question would be how quickly he could undress and join in.

With the taste of Pamela’s juices already swimming around in her mouth, Love’s tastebuds were hungry for more. She began applying more pressure with her lips to Pamela’s throbbing clit. She loved how she could feel it pulsate from her sucking actions and when she wasn’t nibbling on the tender bud, her tongue was exploring all the corners of Pamela’s pink passage.

Thanks to the skillful oral efforts she was the beneficiary of, Pamela began to wiggle around on the bed and squirm in pleasure. Love wouldn’t let her escape though and she just clamped her hungry mouth down harder on Pamela’s pussy and gripped tighter on her ass. Love moved her hand away from her own pussy and also used it on Pamela’s ass. She now had a hand on each cheek and Pamela felt a wicked rush from having Love’s wet fingers touch against her hot skin. She was so worked up she half expected to hear a sizzling sound at the first touch.

By now Pamela’s juice flow had increased and Love knew the dam was close to breaking. She wanted to taste all that cream Pamela had built up, but Love suddenly got a wicked idea and she couldn’t help but indulge herself. She ceased what she was doing and pulled away from Pamela’s pussy, propping herself up on all fours in the process. Pamela let out a frustrated groan, but that only lasted as long as it took for Love to begin speaking.

“I think I know why you wanted to see me naked so damn bad,” Love began. “Was it my big, soft tits?”

As she spoke, Love began fondling her breasts and letting them sway gently. Pamela smiled in ecstasy and allowed herself to be hypnotized by the swaying mounds.

“Yesss…” Pamela hissed. “I love your tits!”

“Girls like us have to stick together,” Love continued, her voice soaked in desire. “Mmmm only we know what it’s truly like to have a nice pair of tits to play with all the time. All big and bouncy. We feel how guys stare at us and how the girls do too. And only we know all the fun we can have with them. Like when you work a nice, hard cock in between them and let your man titfuck you. Or when you can do this!”

Love then plunged herself back into Pamela’s pussy. However, this time, instead of using her tongue or lips, Love pressed her tits against the dripping pussy before her. Pamela screamed in desire as Love began to rub her hard nipple into her pussy. She spread her legs wide so Love could work her tits inside and rub her clit with her nipples.


Taking the praise to heart, Love rubbed herself harder against Pamela’s wetness. She alternated between the two of them until each of her breasts was covered in Pamela’s juices. They shone under the sun that was spilling into the bedroom and Love felt exhilarated by the way the wetness felt on her skin. It felt so nasty and wonderful.

Pamela was in a frenzy by now. Love practically expected her to start foaming at the mouth and howling at the sky. This girl was going to come and she was going to come very soon. Their job here done, Love grinned and pulled her tits away long just long enough to get her mouth back at Pamela’s sex. After having been stimulated so well by the hard nipples scraping against her swollen clit, Pamela was no match for Love’s skilled tongue.


Love was then greeted with the hot explosion right up against her probing tongue. She squealed happily as Pamela brought one of her thoughts to reality by howling out her rapture. Pamela fucked Love’s face as she came. Love moved her hands back to Pamela’s ass to hold her in place as she drank down the cream that Pamela was serving her. She didn’t know what was more intoxicating. The wine she had had before or the sexual essence that was overwhelming her senses.

Held down only by Love’s strong efforts, Pamela thrashed about on the bed, tugging on the sheets and tossing her pillows everywhere. She was never shy about expressing her orgasms and there was no reason to hold back here when Love was making her feel so, so good. She lurched up and down, meeting Love’s tongue thrusts and giving her enough to taste that it might drown a parched man in the desert.

With one last soulful cry of pleasure, Pamela felt her body relax. She fell back onto her soft bed and moaned in complete satisfaction. She reached out for Love and the girl was only too happy to join her side by side on the bed. Pamela kissed her passionately again and again as she felt her body recover from her intense orgasm.

“Wow! Forget Playboy. I’m going to use you in my next home video,” Pamela joked.

“Just make sure my name is above the title and you’ve got a deal,” Love grinned feeling very silly and sexy at that moment. She was aching for a release of her own and she pressed her wet pussy against Pamela’s leg in case that observation had escaped her.

“That was incredible,” Pamela said in between kisses before saying exactly what Love wanted to hear. “I guess this means I’m going to have to give it to you extra hard so you don’t think I’m some kind of lightweight.”

“I like the sound of that,” Love replied, rolling flat on her back and touching her naked body. “Any particular place you want to give it to me? I think you’ll find I’m very flexible.”

“God, you weren’t kidding,” Pamela said in amazement. “You are a slut.”

“So I’ve been told,” Love said licking her lips.

“Well don’t worry, I have just the thing for sluts like you,” Pamela promised with a wicked twinkle in her eye. She hopped off the bed and afforded Love the chance to stare at her naked ass and the pink palm marks her tight grip had left on her cheeks.

Love stayed on the bed, wondering what Pamela had cooked up for her. Whatever it was she knew it was going to do the trick because by now she was so worked up that one touch would probably shoot her into orbit. It was funny how all this worked out, Love smiled to herself. Maybe tomorrow she should look up Jenny McCarthy and see if she had any advice to give.

All thoughts about other women disappeared when Pamela returned with a toy that seemed to have come from the same perverted toybox that spawned Mr. Snappy. It was a purple two-headed dildo but it wasn’t straight, this one was curved. Love had never seen anything quite like it, but she already had a pretty good idea how it could be used.

“Do you like it?” Pamela asked flicking her tongue over each head. “I had it custom made. I’ve had a lot of fun with my friend over the years using it on myself and on some very lucky ladies. You’re about to join a very exclusive list Love.”

“Ooooh I’m honored,” Love cooed, pinching her nipples as she lustfully thought of feeling that thing inside her.

“Good to see you’re not one of those ‘no penetration’ lesbians,” Pamela smirked. “Mmmm you’re going to have some real fun with this.”

“I love feeling something inside me,” Love grinned. “I love having my pussy filled up so nice. So where do you think you’re going to put that thing?”

“Let’s see how much you can take little girl,” Pamela stated. “You’ve never had anything like this before.”

And you’ve never had your ass taken by Mr. Snappy, Love shot back at Pamela internally remembering one of her many encounters with Rose. She kept that inside her head knowing Pamela wouldn’t know what she was talking about, but Love knew that soon that was going to change.

“Let’s rock and roll,” Love said, sitting up at the edge of the bed and spreading her legs to show Pamela her wetness. “I’m more than ready!”

“You sure are,” Pamela confirmed, getting a lovely eyeful of Love’s beautiful pussy. “Hmmm but I don’t think I can deny myself a taste first.”

Pamela then sunk to her knees so she could easily attach her lips to Love’s pussy. She had been planning to go straight to playing with her toy, but seeing that sodden and sexy little slit was too much for Pamela to pass up. She wanted to help herself to a few licks first before Love exploded all that girl cream on her toy.

Love had to steady herself from falling over when Pamela’s tongue first grazed her labia. The blonde wasn’t lacking in any experience either and her tongue felt so fucking good against her slit. Things got even more yummy for Love when Pamela began to work her clit over with her tongue. Love gasped and finally gave up trying to steady herself. She fell flat onto her back as Pamela didn’t let up a bit in the frantic tongue lashing she was giving her.

Pamela worked her face into Love’s pussy, loving the taste she was getting. The old saying was true. Love was the sweetest thing. It may have been a bad pun, but it sure was the truth here. In fact it was so true that it was hard for Pamela to pull herself away. She knew she had to though. She didn’t want Love to come this way. At least not yet anyway.

“How’s that for a warmup,” Pamela teased, her face covered in patches with a light glaze of Love’s juices. Pamela and her then exchanged one last kiss before the blonde reached for the toy again.

“So I’m guessing a big bad slut like you has already taken it up the ass before?” Pamela asked while she reached for the bottle of lube she always kept at her bedside and soaked both ends of the toy with it.

“What do you think?” Love grinned.

“I think I didn’t even need to ask,” Pamela shot back before collecting the lube spillage with her fingers and cleaning them off with her tongue. “Mmmm cherry.”

Pamela pulled Love back up to the edge of the bed and had her turn over. Love obediently lay flat on her belly, her legs dangling off the side of the bed and her ass up in the air.

“Then you should have no trouble handling this,” Pamela speculated. She gave Love’s asshole a little lube itself by drooling some saliva into it. Love moaned when she felt her warm saliva in there and knew there was much more to follow. Before Love could respond with anything though, Pamela adjusted curve of the toy to Love’s body type and pushed one end into her ass.

“OHMYGAWD!!!” Love yelped immediately when she felt it push into her tight ass. It always was such an intense feeling at first to take something there, but once she got used to it, it was nothing but pleasure.

Pamela made sure not to give Love too much in her ass because she didn’t want to hurt her and also because she wanted to make sure there was enough left on the other end for it reach its full use. Once she felt Love had adjusted to the inches that were being worked into her ass, Pamela pushed the other end into her pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Love wailed in pleasure, slamming her hands down onto the mattress.

“Sure you can handle this?” Pamela playfully taunted, pressing her naked body against Love’s.

“YESSSSSSS!!!” Love cried out. “Give me more!!!”

“As you wish,” Pamela complied, pressing more of the toy into Love’s pussy. She then grasped the center of the toy with her hand and began using it like a handle. She worked it back and forth and in and out of Love’s pussy and ass. Love’s eyes were wide open and her voice was already horse from crying out, but she was loving it. She remembered the only other time she had been filled in both holes by toys. It had been by Jewel and Jessica at the pool party, but this was even better.

“YESSSSS!!!” Love squealed. “AGHHHH!!! I LOVE IT!!!”

“I knew you would,” Pamela replied. “I want you to come for me Love. I want you to soak this toy with your cream and then we can lick it off. Would you like that? Do you like tasting your own cum?”

“Uh huh…uh huh…uh huh…” Love frantically agreed, gritting her teeth from the intense pleasure she was getting in her tight holes from the toy being worked like this. Pamela, satisfied that Love’s body was adjusting to it and that she wasn’t in pain, picked up the pace and began thrusting it back and forth just that much harder.

Love gasped and gurgled out a cry of pleasure. It was so much to take it at once and her head was buzzing with the most intense of sexual feelings. Mmmm Pamela and Rose could have some fun trying to outdo each other. I’d hate to be caught between them, Love thought to herself even as she began thinking of ways to work herself into that exact situation. Love could feel her juices dripping from her pussy and onto the plastic of the toy, letting Pamela work it in even easier. The cherry lube was also making things manageable for her in her ass and Love knew she was close. The toy was in as far as her body would let it go and the sawing motion of Pamela’s hands was making her ready to boil over.

“OHHHHHHHH SOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOD!!!” Love wailed to Pamela’s delight.

“Yes come for me Love!” Pamela urged. “I want to see your beautiful body shaking in pleasure. I want to see you come on my bed! Please come for me!”

Love had to screw her eyes shut to keep everything from overwhelming her. Tears were forming at her eyes but Love didn’t want it to stop. Pamela knew how to fuck another woman and she was reaping the benefits. Sweat dripped from her back and from her forehead and her hair kept flying into her face with every thrust. All of this was a good thing from Love’s position and she was so close to getting off so hard.


Pamela performed as requested. She knew Love had reached as much as she could take so she just increased the power of her thrusts slightly. She knew that a slight nudge in the proverbial voltage was all Love would need and she was absolutely right about that.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY FUCKING HELLLLLL!!!” Love screamed as her orgasm timer hit 000. She lit up like a starblast of pure joy, burying her face in a nearby pillow that Pamela had tossed earlier and roaring her ecstasy into it. Love could feel her sore nipples scraping the sheets and rubbing back and forth from her body shakes. It was just extra sparks of stimulation for the already roaring fire. Tears of pleasure spilled onto the pillow seemingly as easy as the girl cum that coated the dildo still being thrust into her quivering pussy by the insistent Pamela.

Even as Love’s body shook with pleasure, Pamela only let up slightly. She wanted to make sure she got the full effect of a Jennifer Love Hewitt orgasm and that meant no sexual mercy. Love was very very grateful for this as she continued to feel the delicious surges of pure pleasure travel through her veins to her brain. She would have expressed those feelings if her face hadn’t been buried in the pillow.

Love finally pulled herself up from the pillow and gasped in a combination of relief and ecstasy. Slowly her body began to cycle down and Pamela finally removed the toy from her body. Just as she promised Pamela took the end from Love’s pussy and held it out for them to share. She wasn’t sure what kind of shape Love would be in for this, but she quickly found out when the brunette eagerly began to lick away at her own sticky cream.

Pamela joined her in this activity and soon their tongues were meeting at the tip of the toy and flicking back and forth. That quickly deepened into a passionate kiss. Love began to fondle Pamela’s bare breasts and thought about what they could do next. She was sore, but by no means done. And maybe it was time she returned the favor and allowed Pamela to see her house and maybe some of her housemates as well.

“So Pamela,” Love asked, pausing the make out session on the trashed bed. “What are you doing with the rest of your day?”

“It depends,” Pamela answered. “Are you gonna pose now?”

“Just try and stop me,” Love vowed.

* * * * *

When she had returned home with her guests in tow, Rose had been very disappointed to find that none of her housemates were there. But she was content to wait for them to return home. She, Alyssa and Holly had nothing but time and Alyssa especially was very eager to explore.

“Holy shit this place is awesome!” Alyssa declared from up the stairs.

“It’s just very…well it’s very WOW!” Holly smiled in agreement. “How can you afford this?”

“I’ve got roommates,” Rose informed them, without spilling the key details of that admission.

“Yeah I would hope so,” Alyssa said in admiration as she admired the place and let out a low whistle. “There sure are a hell of a lot of rooms here. I can only assume the dungeon is yours.”

“Sometimes it is,” Rose smirked. “But I tend to just pass out in the bed of whichever girl finally tires me out.”

“Oh my God, I knew it,” Holly said, putting her hands on her hips. “You’re cheating on us!”

“Cheating? What are we dating?” Rose laughed before kissing Holly affectionately. “C’mon loosen up baby. We’re just having fun. The same thing goes on here. It’s all just fun. Why do you think I invited you guys over here? I wanted you two to join us.”

“Join you?” Holly repeated, not quite sure what Rose meant but liking the sound of it very much.

“Oh yeah,” Rose said, wrapping her arms around Holly. “When we get going around here you might as well leave your clothes at the door because you’re not going to be needing them.”

“So who are these mystery roommates of yours?” Alyssa inquired, coming down the stairs to join her friends as Holly shivered in delight at the sound of Rose’s description. “Or are you just going to keep us in the dark?”

“Definitely going to keep you in the dark,” Rose smiled. “All will be explained in due time Alyssa. Just have some patience.”

“Oh really?” Alyssa challenged. “Sure there’s nothing I can do to convince you?”

Alyssa punctuated that question by pulling Rose forward and kissing her passionately. She then helpfully maneuvered her hand toward the crotch of Rose’s pants and began to rub her pussy through her clothes. Rose moaned into Alyssa’s mouth, but she was unyielding in her determination to not give in. She knew the longer they waited the more people would be around and the more fun it would be.

“Mmmm no convincing Lyssa, but I do think you’re now chewing my gum,” Rose remarked.

“Yechhh watermelon,” Alyssa said. “You can have it back.”

“Gladly,” Rose accepted and once again the girls were kissing. This time it was Rose who had the busy hands as they felt Alyssa’s breasts through the thin black t-shirt she wore before moving down below to feel her through her shorts. Alyssa gasped as Rose took things one step further than she had and slipped her hand inside her shorts to touch her panty covered pussy. Alyssa began to moan and Rose decided to stop before she had one unstoppably horny actress on her hands.

“Spoilsport,” Alyssa muttered. She did see what Rose was doing though. The more she pulled away from them, the more Alyssa wanted her and that would likely end up with some spirited orgasming. If patience was a virtue, Alyssa suspected that Rose might put Holly and her through the waiting game until they were ready for sainthood if it suited her needs.

“Isn’t it usually you who keeps after us for sex and not the other way around?” Holly asked.

“Well maybe I’m learning to appreciate you two for more than your pussies,” Rose suggested. She teased Alyssa and Holly a lot, but the three of them knew there was more than sex to this thing. The tension Shannon had brought to the set was gone. Even though she frustrated and bewildered them, both Holly and Alyssa liked Rose a lot. They were reasonably sure she felt the same way about them.

“Try again,” Holly replied, her face showing that she wasn’t buying Rose’s Lil Miss Reluctance act one bit.

“You’ll see once you meet my roommates,” Rose chuckled mysteriously. “Believe me, you’ll want to savor the moment. Now why don’t we kill some time by the pool.”

Holly and Alyssa followed Rose outside to the pool and when they arrived they saw three beach chairs set up, three bottles of suntan lotion and three bottles of chilled Perrier, just like Rose had instructed Michelle to do earlier.

“Hmmm looks like someone was expecting us to come over,” Alyssa observed.

“Gee, I wonder who it could be?” Rose laughed. “C’mon guys! The sun is out. It’s a beautiful day and we have nothing but time. What say we work on our tans a little?”

“I don’t need to work on anything thank you,” Alyssa said as she flexed her arm and showed off her nicely bronzed skin. Alyssa tried to keep her skin evenly tanned as much as possible and even though it was February, it was California and the tanning season never officially stopped here.

“Fine Holly and I will work on our tans and you just maintain yours,” Rose suggested. “Is that ok with you?”

“But I didn’t bring a suit or any-” Holly began to say, before the obvious dawned on her and she stopped herself. Rose’s grin was all the evidence she needed to know that this was, of course, what had been planned all along. “You spend too much time on these plans of yours, you know that Rose?”

“Maybe so,” Rose replied. “But isn’t it always worth it in the end?”

Holly and Alyssa had to agree and Rose drove home the point by peeling her shirt over her head. Naturally she was braless underneath and her beautiful breasts popped free. Next came her pants and the two girls could only marvel at how quickly and without reluctance Rose stripped naked for them.

“Well, when in Rome…” Alyssa replied. Her t-shirt had soon hit the stone ground and was quickly followed by her shorts, bra and panties.

“Can anyone see us?” Holly asked, anxiously looking around the wide-open beachfront property the mansion occupied. It wasn’t that she was nervous about being naked with Rose and Alyssa, lord knows she’d done it enough times. She just didn’t want to see pictures of them sunbathing nude in the next issue of The Enquirer.

“Relax,” Rose replied. “No one even knows I live here. Now stop worrying and get naked before I tear that dress off you.”

Holly had no doubt that Rose would do exactly that so she gave in. She reached around back and unzipped the light sundress she had been wearing on this warm afternoon. She pushed it off her body and stepped out of it.

“Nice thong,” Alyssa teased. “I see you’re finally acquiring my taste in underwear.”

Holly blushed, but it was true. Alyssa and Rose, when she bothered with any panties at all, always looked so sexy in their thongs that she had finally decided to take the plunge herself. Before any more thong-related comments could be made, though, Holly had pulled it down her legs and stripped off her bra. Now there were three naked women by the pool ready to do some serious sun worshipping and only one question remained.

“So, which one of you two gets the honor of rubbing lotion on me?” Rose asked.

* * * * *

While Rose was choosing between which beautiful naked woman would rub suntan lotion on her skin, Jennifer was driving home. She cruised her way back toward Malibu, eager to slip into the bathtub and wash the work day off her. Perhaps she could even coax one of the girls into the tub with her to provide some help with her hard to reach places.

She wanted to spend as much time with them as possible, because she knew that Brad would be coming home soon. He was in Toronto filming scenes for the small role he had in “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” and that would be wrapped up any day now. It wasn’t like Jennifer wasn’t looking forward to seeing him again, she missed him terribly each day, but every time he came back it was like the world she lived in with the girls had to cease to exist. It was getting harder and harder for Jennifer to slip from one end of her double life to another and sometimes she got so confused about who she was supposed to be that day that she was afraid she was going to moan out “Oh Sarah” while she was having sex with Brad.

Fortunately Jennifer hadn’t allowed that to happen, but she knew she couldn’t keep going back and forth. She fantasized about bringing the two worlds together, but that was a longshot. More likely than not Jennifer was going to have to make a choice and she knew what that choice was. As much as she loved doing what she was doing, Jennifer knew there was no way she could leave her husband to continue indulging in a bisexual side she didn’t even know she had until recently. Brad was more than just a lover to her, he was her soulmate. Jennifer knew that without a doubt. But it was going to be so hard to leave the girls, if that was what it came too.

Originally, Jennifer had just chalked it all up to “having fun.” However, the more time she spent with them the more she felt like it might be something a little bit more. What that was she couldn’t put her finger on, but it was more than indulging lust. She cared for everyone who lived at that house with her and she knew they felt the same.

Before Jennifer could agonize anymore over a choice she didn’t even have to make yet, her cell phone began to ring. Jennifer was tempted just to let it ring and make whoever was calling leave her a voice mail message, but she just couldn’t let the damn thing ring without a reply. She hated doing this while driving, she always thought somehow she was going to mess it up and cause a 15 car pile-up on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Ok, she said to herself…keep one hand on the wheel and slowly reach for the phone. Ok, then ease the hand back to the wheel while you get the phone between your head and shoulder. That being done, Jennifer finally got a chance to talk about whomever was on the other end.

“Hello?” Jennifer said.

“So where should I send the flowers?” a very familiar male voice asked from the other end. “I mean I figure when your wife dies a man should at least send flowers.”

“Hah hah very funny,” Jennifer sighed.

“You know the least thing you could have done was tell me you were pregnant,” Brad continued. “I could have been there in the delivery room and you know you might not have died.”

“Alright you’ve had your fun,” Jennifer replied with frustration, even though she couldn’t help but smile. “You know I’ve had to put up with this crap all day. Do you know how many people really thought I was dead? God, I don’t even know where they got this crap from. If we were going to end the show this year, we sure as hell weren’t going to end it with me dying.”

“I don’t know,” Brad considered. “I think it would have been a bold step for a sitcom to kill off a lead character in the finale. See it would have made you laugh and it would have made you think at the same time.”

“Do you have any reason for calling or do you just want to make fun of me?” Jennifer asked.

“Of course I called to make fun of you,” Brad playfully answered. “Oh yeah and to make sure you were still alive and all that stuff.”

“Well first of all I am not pregnant,” Jennifer explained. “And I am not dead. I can assure you of both.”

“Good to hear,” Brad said. “I didn’t think this cell phone had that good a range to reach all the way to the great beyond.”

“I guess they just ran out of stories to print about us so they decided to kill me off in their headline,” Jennifer speculated. “I guess it’s new and original at least.”

“Frankly I preferred the ones they wrote about you not being able to get pregnant because of all the weed we smoked,” Brad stated, his voice starting not to come in as clearly.

“Honey, I’m losing you,” Jennifer said. “I’ll call you tonight. Ok? I love you!”

“Love you too,” Brad told her. “But wait, one more thing.”

“What is it?” Jennifer asked suspiciously.

“Is it ok if I bring a date to your funeral?” Brad asked. “I mean I talked to Julia Roberts this morning and she’s willing.”

“Goodbye Brad,” Jennifer said, ending the call and shaking her head. He always knew how to make her smile. Even when she was feeling worried or down, she knew he was there for her and would always try to pick her up. That might have been what she liked best about him. Of course the fact that he was easy on the eyes didn’t hurt matters.

Soon enough, Jennifer approached the mansion when she felt a sudden impulse. The phone call from Brad had given her a whole new wave of guilt over everything she was doing with the girls. Things like this usually passed, but Jennifer didn’t think she could handle seeing any of her housemates right now. Seeing them and knowing everything that they had done and would do in the future, would only make her feel worse.

So instead of going to the mansion, Jennifer followed her impulse and turned in before she got to the house. She just needed a friendly face and maybe a little something else to help her relax and get over her guilt. She knew she wouldn’t get this at the mansion, but she would be able to get it here.

Jennifer got out of the car and walked down the path until she reached the house. She knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

“Jen?” Franklin said. “Hey, what’s up? If it’s about this morning, we’re sorry, It’s just that Delbert gets nervous and-”

“It’s cool,” Jennifer said, assuring him with her interruption. “I just was kind of hoping I could hang out here for awhile.”

“Sure, it’s no problem,” Franklin answered, opening the door. “We were just about to play Grand Theft Auto 3.”

“What’s Grand Theft Auto 3?” Jennifer asked.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Franklin promised. “You’ll see.”

* * * * *

By the time Sarah returned to the mansion she was a ball of energy. Normally this would have resulted in her showing the first one of her housemates that she saw a really good time. Unfortunately, this was not the kind of energy that resulted in long, sweaty fucking sessions. It was the kind of white hot raging energy that resulted in incidents of violent road rage.

Right now what Sarah wanted to do was punch someone, anyone who bore even the slightest resemblance to Rick Burke. She was beyond being worried about this by now. Sarah was squarely in the “rage” stage and she was someone no one would want to mess with at this moment. She only hoped she could break out of this dark mood she was in before she became a total bitch in heels to her housemates. It wasn’t fair to them if she took out her anger on the people who had nothing to do with the situation she was in. What she needed was a nice therapeutic session in the gym with a heavy bag.

Sarah entered the mansion and looked around. Was she the only one here? Nahhh she’d seen Rose’s car in the garage along with two others she didn’t recognize. Did Rose have guests over? Sarah supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised if she did. Knowing Rose, she should have been surprised if she didn’t.

“Hello?” Sarah called out. They were probably in Rose’s room, but if they were elsewhere Sarah wanted to make sure she wasn’t about to walk in on their fun.

“We’re out by the pool,” Sarah heard Rose’s voice say. Sarah decided she should at least go out and see who was there before disappearing to work off some aggression. Sarah walked out to poolside and there was treated to the site of Rose, Alyssa and Holly wearing nothing but sunscreen as they allowed the rays of the sun to bake their skin.

Holly gasped when Sarah walked out and grabbed a towel to attempt to cover her nudity. Alyssa, on the other hand, didn’t seem insecure at all about being nude in front of Sarah. In fact she appeared to adjust herself in her chair so Sarah could get a better look at her body.

“I think everyone here is familiar with the other,” Rose smirked. “We’ve got a nice little WB reunion here.”

“You mean she?” Holly began to ask, loosening her towel when she realized that Sarah was ok with this.

“Oh yeah, Sarah’s one of my roomies,” Rose informed her. “She gets to have me any time she wants me, while you girls are restricted to working hours.”

Sarah surmised from that remark and the fact that everyone seemed comfortable with each other’s bodies, that Alyssa and Holly were more than co-stars to Rose. It looked like her prior relationship with Christina wasn’t the only secret she had been keeping from them. Sarah knew Holly and Alyssa pretty well from press tours and network promotions, so she was reasonably sure that their little hideaway secret was safe with them.

“So do you just share the rent or something more?” Alyssa asked, seductively pushing down her sunglasses to get a better look at Sarah.

“It’s a little something more,” Sarah coyly admitted. Normally she would have loved to engage in some flirting games and then join them for some nude ray catching and whatever would naturally follow from that, but Sarah’s mood was a real block on her sex drive. So she just left things at that.

“Look Rose, I’m going to be in the gym if anyone needs me,” Sarah stated. “Just don’t make too much of a mess, ok?”

“Don’t you want to join us Sarah?” Rose inquired. “You might get a better workout up here than you will anywhere else.”

“Tempting, but you’ll probably have more fun without me right now,” Sarah said. “I’m not exactly in a chipper mood. I’ll take a rain check though.”

“Bye Sarah,” Holly said, her towel now gone, but her surprise still there. Sarah was into girls too? Holly could barely believe it. What other surprises were there going to be here?

“Yeah, we’ll have to catch up later,” Alyssa said, running her tongue over her lips as she gave Sarah “the” look. “It’s a shame we didn’t know what we had in common before.”

Sarah responded with a smile and walked away. Damn, that was hard for her to pass up. But she knew she had to get this anger out of her system for now or else she wasn’t going to be very pleasant to be around at all.

“Put your eyes back in your head Alyssa,” Rose teased.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Alyssa asked. She had always lusted after Sarah but, like Alyson and Eliza before her, she had always thought she was an unattainable goal.

“Maybe because I wanted to see the expression on your faces right now,” Rose grinned. “Just wait till you see who else lives here.”

“I’m almost afraid to find out,” Holly said.

“No you’re not,” Rose replied correctly. “You’re dying to know.”

Meanwhile, all Alyssa could do was stare at where Sarah once stood and ponder the possibilities. Was this really possible? Did Sarah have the same craving for pussy that she did? What was Rose’s game here? It seemed to Alyssa like she was offering her and Holly the chance to fuck Sarah and anyone else who lived here in this place. Rose sure seemed to have a lot of other women she played around with. It was like she was giving them the keys to her treasure room.

“Hey Alyssa, maybe you should just go see if Sarah needs help with her workout.” Rose suggested.

“She seemed like she didn’t want to play,” Alyssa replied unconvincingly. She was dying for a reason, any reason, to go after Sarah and see if the picture she was forming in her head about what went on here was real or just wishful thinking.

“She always wants to play,” Rose countered. “I know from experience. Now go on down there and see if you can find a better way for her to work up a sweat than from any dumb exercise. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Holly while you’re gone.”

To Alyssa that sounded like a very good idea indeed and if Sarah hesitated she’d find out that Rose wasn’t the only one who didn’t like to take “no” for an answer. So before anyone had a chance to talk her out of it, Alyssa got up from her chair, abandoned the sun and walked bare assed naked through the house to try and find Sarah.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, as Alyssa searched for pleasure, Jennifer was experimenting with committing several felonies. Of course it was all a video game so they were pretend felonies, but they were fun nonetheless. Grand Theft Auto 3 was the latest controversial video game because as a player you stole, killed and pretty much did whatever you could do to outsmart rival gangs and come out on top in your criminal enterprise.

At first Jennifer was hesitant when she played. Violent video games weren’t her thing, but she found out something potentially disturbing about herself, the more she played it, the more she liked it. Jennifer kept going at it until she found herself getting good and getting into it. The fact that she was also partaking of some of the guy’s “product” as she played was also contributing to their enjoyment level.

“DIE YOU TRIAD MOTHERFUCKERS!!!” Jennifer screamed as she ran over the members of a rival gang and sent them to meet their God, or whatever the hell Asian gangsters worshipped. Unfortunately, her escape was marred by a few setbacks to some innocent pedestrians. “Ooopsie, I think I ran some little girl over. Do I like lose points or something?”

“Nahhh it’s cool,” Waldo informed her. “Kill whoever you want.”

“Cool!” Jennifer declared. “I like this game! I like this game a lot!”

It was about then that Jennifer had an idea that sounded pretty good to her drug addled and video game carnage soaked brain.

“Hey, do you guys ever want to come over to my house?” Jennifer asked. “We’ve got a kick ass sound system we could hook this up to.”

“Sounds good to us,” Franklin reported after the three of them huddled together and reached a consensus.

“Great!” Jennifer smiled. “We can go as soon as I finish off these GODDAMN MAFIA SONS OF BITCHES!!!”

* * * * *

Holly looked around her surroundings nervously. Sarah’s presence had thrown her for a loop. Now she had the feeling that just about anyone could walk through the glass doors and appear poolside. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rose? What kind of hedonistic lifestyle did this girl lead? Holly had always been under the impression that this thing she and Alyssa had with Rose was kind of exclusive. Now she had seen first hand the evidence that that was far from the case.

She was a little taken aback by this and by Alyssa’s eagerness to join in the fun. Of course, Holly told herself that she really shouldn’t have been surprised at all. Alyssa and Rose had always been more willing to just go out and grab what they wanted and she’d pretty much always just followed their lead. Now doing that had lead her to a place she was a little uncomfortable at and Holly craved the comfort of her friend.

“Ummm do you think Alyssa’s coming back soon?” Holly asked.

“Why?” Rose inquired. “Are you afraid to be alone with me?”

“That’s not it at all,” Holly blushed. “I just kind of wondered where she was?”

“Oh I’d take a wild stab and say she’s probably just about to bury her face in Sarah’s pussy,” Rose grinned.

As insecure over all these new developments as she was, Holly couldn’t deny that the mental picture Rose’s words conjured turned her on. She shifted a little in her chair and she could feel her nipples beginning to swell. That would be so erotic to see. Alyssa going down on Sarah, pressing her beautiful face between Buffy’s spread legs.

“Ohhhhhh you like that don’t you?” Rose observed evilly.

“Stop,” Holly whispered, more to herself than to Rose. She couldn’t stop thinking about it though. She could see herself sitting and watching Alyssa bringing Sarah off and then pulling away, her face covered in juices, and kissing Sarah while she beckoned her over and allowed her to take her own turn at Sarah’s pussy.

“Don’t fight it Holly,” Rose told her. “Why are you always so damn shy? Let yourself go. Alyssa’s gone off to have a good time. Why can’t you?”

It was hard for Holly to answer that question, in part because she didn’t have a good reason to give and also because Rose had reached over and was now playing with her breasts. Holly moaned at Rose’s touch and told herself that her co-star was right. Just let yourself go. Indulge in what made her happy.

“Mmmm that’s better,” Rose stated, leaning down to suck on each one of Holly’s hardening nipples. She sucked on them and then let them fall out of her lips, each one with a wet snap. “Why are you going to let Alyssa be the only one to have a good time? Especially when you and I can have some fun of our own.”

“But anyone can see,” Holly feebly protested. She wanted this. She wanted Rose to push her into this. Her pussy was starting to get wet as she dreamed of Rose taking her right out in the open.

“Oh Holly, this is nothing,” Rose smirked. “You wouldn’t believe all that we’ve done out here. It’s all so fucking hot that I’m getting wet just thinking about it again. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful women in the world out here all naked and wet, just begging for me to eat their pussies. You wouldn’t believe how wild it gets out here and I want you to be a part of this Holly. You and Alyssa. That’s why I brought you out here. I want you to join our group.”

“But who else-” Holly began to ask before her question was cut off my Rose’s passionate kiss to her lips. Suddenly it didn’t seem to matter who else was in this little group Rose talked about. What mattered was how good it felt right now to be naked by the pool with Rose, kissing her and feeling her touch.

“You ask too many questions,” Rose chided affectionately. “Just let me work on you. Don’t worry about who else lives here. All you need to know is that they’re all beautiful. They’re all famous. And they’re all going to want you Holly.”

Holly’s head was swimming, but she wasn’t fighting this anymore. If surrendering to Rose’s desires was going to be as good as she promised, Holly was going to be waving a white flag from her held up hands.

“Remember how it felt that first time I came over to Alyssa’s house and how you couldn’t stop staring at me when I fingered myself for you,” Rose whispered in Holly’s ear while she played with her breasts. “I could see how much you wanted me. That’s why it was so easy for me to drag you up to Alyssa’s bed. Did you like how I stripped you and fucked you and how the three of us ended up all naked and exhausted on that bed? Well this is going to be even better…”

Rose’s erotic promises were driving Holly wild. Juice was beginning to run down her leg from her pussy and Rose quickly scooped it up with her fingers. She then teased her lips with it before taking a quick suck and then offering her fingers so Holly could do the same. While Holly tasted herself, Rose’s other hand left her tits and began to tease her labia, causing even more wetness to grow. Holly closed her eyes in response to the wonderful pleasure that was filling her body, but she quickly shot them open when she heard someone exit the house and head poolside.

“Hey, where is everybody?” Jewel asked before stopping cold at what she saw. Rose was naked with someone and it took a few ticks of the clock in Jewel’s head before she recognized who the other girl was. Jewel had never been much of a “Charmed” viewer, but now that she lived her she found herself growing to love her weekly helping of Rose the actress. When she recognized Rose’s co-star Holly Marie Combs, Jewel’s head was suddenly filled with the realization that they must have been sisters onscreen and lovers off screen. It was practically incestuous and totally awesome.

“Ummm do you two want to be alone?” Jewel asked, eying the two naked beauties with a lustful gaze.

“There’s always room for one more,” Rose smiled. “Join us Jewel.”

That was exactly the answer Jewel wanted to hear and she immediately took Rose up on the offer. She did this by getting out of her clothes as quickly as possible. Before Holly even had a chance to process this Jewel had cast her t-shirt away and was peeling off the bra that was underneath it.

Holly couldn’t believe this. Jewel? Holly owned all her albums. But she never thought this…well that this was possible. What was this place? Holly ceased all of those thoughts though the second that Jewel’s bra was pulled away from her skin. She just had to stare at that beautiful exposed rack and the nipples that Holly suddenly felt like she had to have in her mouth as soon as possible.

“Isn’t she gorgeous?” Rose asked a hypnotized Holly who stared at Jewel’s strip show as the singer removed her shorts and panties in one fell swoop, leaving her naked except for the sandals she quickly cast aside. “I can have that girl any time I want. Anytime I wiggle my finger, Jewel will come running to me and so will everyone else who lives here. Jealous?”

“Yes,” Holly said in a low voice that Rose was barely able to hear. Rose had everything here and, despite her obvious nerves, Holly wanted in…very badly. By now Jewel had settled herself into Alyssa’s vacated chair so she was face to face with Holly.

“Kiss her Holly,” Rose instructed, giving Jewel a little look as she did. It was a look that Jewel returned. She was only too happy to play along with this. Holly looked so good lying naked on the chair, sunning her beautiful body that the singer’s pussy had gotten wet almost instantly.

Holly was unsure. Yes, she wanted this but Jewel was a stranger. She had met her only minutes before and now she was being given the chance to kiss her and touch her. It was awkward, yet Holly knew it was also turning her on.

“It’s ok, honey,” Jewel smiled reassuringly, running her hand through Holly’s hair. “We’re going to make you feel so good.”

That was something Holly had no doubt about so she gave into her impulses. She kissed Jewel quickly and hotly. It was more of a brief, but passionate peck than a lingering kiss, but Holly immediately went back in for more. The pecks soon grew and grew until Rose was happily sitting back and watching Jewel and Holly doing some deep soul kissing. Their lips smacked together and their tongues played. Holly was getting more and more into it with each passing second and Rose decided it was time to take things to the next level.

“Jewel’s going to get awfully red under this sun soon,” Rose pointed out. “Why don’t you make sure she’s covered Holly?”

Rose then handed Holly the bottle of suntan lotion and made sure she knew exactly what she wanted to see done with it.

“Make sure you get her tits, Holly,” Rose instructed. “Get every inch of her skin with that lotion. I want to see you touch her everywhere.”

Resistance wouldn’t have been possible, even if Holly had wanted to. She opened the bottle and quickly squirted some lotion under her hands. She could feel Rose’s hot gaze burning into her bare back as she began to rub her hands over Jewel’s breasts. Holly loved feeling those big tits under her hands and she made sure they got plenty of lotion as she massaged them thoroughly.

Jewel was quickly moaning from the touch. Of course this was no mere lotion application and Holly’s touch told her everything she needed to know about how badly this girl wanted her. Seeing the hungry, but uncertain look on Holly’s face reminded Jewel about her first time here and how she had witnessed the beginnings of the poolside orgy and then become a willing participant. It had seemed so surreal, but it was nothing but wonderful. Now Jewel wanted Holly to feel that same way. She’d been a stranger when she’d first walked through that door too.

“That’s it Holly, rub her everywhere,” Rose urged. She saw Holly’s face beginning to break into an eager smile. She was really getting into this, just as Rose had planned. Soon she was going to have a nice little poolside threesome going and then she had designs on getting Sarah and Alyssa back up here to keep them warmed up until Jennifer and Love returned home to join them.

Holly continued to apply the lotion everywhere on Jewel’s body. She covered her front completely and Jewel was only too eager to assist by helpfully spreading her legs so she could cover her thighs. By the time she was working Jewel’s sexy back over, Holly’s mouth was watering with hunger for pussy. She had to taste the beautiful woman she was touching and Holly attempted to quell that hunger slightly by brushing her blonde hair away and kissing her neck. Jewel moaned in response and, emboldened, Holly let her hands move away from Jewel’s back to reach around to her front and to her breasts again. Holly kept kissing and nibbling on the back of Jewel’s neck while she played with her tits, delighting their audience.

“Mmmm yes that’s it Holly,” Rose praised. She had begun touching her wet pussy lips and gently toying with her clit. This was just what she wanted to see and she gave then gave a simple instruction that made Holly and Jewel gaga with desire.

“Put on a show for me,” Rose moaned, working two fingers inside her pussy while Holly got onto the beach chair with Jewel and lay down on top of her, kissing her passionately and pressing their breasts together. If it was a show Rose wanted, they were going to make sure she got one.

Holly and Jewel adjusted their position on the beach chair, with Jewel up against the back of it and Holly sitting at the edge. They were face to face, their legs dangling over the sides, as they blissfully made out. Holly was still a little nervous, but Jewel’s kisses were soft and reassuring and it just kept getting better and better.

“I want to see more touching,” Rose impatiently complained. “C’mon Holly, don’t you want to play with that gorgeous rack of Jewel’s?”

Jewel and Holly both blushed a little at Rose’s standard bluntness, but that didn’t make them any less eager to follow their orders. Jewel’s large, swaying breasts looked mighty good to Holly, so she reached over and began to massage them again. This time there was no pretense of having to spread lotion around and Holly really got into touching Jewel’s tits. She hefted up the large mounds and cupped them with her hands before leaning down and taking Jewel’s right nipple into her mouth.

“Oh that’s good Holly,” Rose said in approval. She had spread her own legs now and was slowly touching her wet pussy. The two of them looked so hot doing this, but Rose wanted more. She hoped these two got into some nasty action soon. She was getting antsy and wanted to see some hot girl loving. If they didn’t get to it soon, Rose was just going to have to take matters into her own hands.

“Ohhhh Holly, you’re making me so wet,” Jewel moaned. The actress was definitely eager and Jewel was dying to feel the hungry mouth that was sucking on her nipple doing the same to her pussy.

“See how wet she is Holly,” Rose instructed. “Touch her pussy.”

That was just what Holly wanted to do so it took no coaxing for her to reach between Jewel’s legs and touch the moisture that was collecting on her labia. She lightly petted Jewel’s pussy and switched to sucking her left nipple, leaving the Alaskan beauty moaning and panting for more. Holly’s own pussy was soaked by now. She had thought that first threesome in Alyssa’s house with Rose had been the most erotic moment of her life, but this was slowly climbing up the charts. She just wished that Rose would get off her chair and lick her. She’d experienced Rose’s tongue so many times and she always knew just how to get her off.

“Oh I wish you two could see yourselves,” Rose admired. “Two little lesbian whores going at it right in the middle of the day in the outside. Mmm your skin is all nice and shiny and you two look like such hot sluts, but you’re not being hot enough for me!”

Holly and Jewel looked up quizzically at Rose. That hadn’t been what they were expecting to hear.

“That’s right, I need to see more action,” Rose said, moving onto the edge her chair and making her bare breasts jiggle sexily. “I want to see you two fuck for me! I don’t just want to see you make out. Now Jewel don’t you think Holly deserves a little clit tickle?”

“Oh definitely,” Jewel agreed. “I think she needs a good fuck.”

“Well then why don’t you give it to her?” Rose replied. “Would you like that Holly? Would you like Jewel to lick you and fuck you and make you come?”

“Oh yes please,” Holly begged, lost in her own desire. “”Please fuck me Jewel. God, I’m getting so wet doing this! I don’t want to stop!”

“Does it turn you on Holly to know I’ll be watching you get your hot pussy eaten by Jewel?” Rose inquired and Holly nodded her head in response.

“Yes it does,” she replied. “It makes me very hot and wet. I like knowing you’re watching me. I love it when you watch Alyssa and I get it on.”

“Mmmm good girl,” Rose said, returning her hand back to her own pussy. “Now get to it Jewel. Holly’s not going to fuck herself you know. Unless of course that’s what I decide I want to see.”

Neither Jewel nor Holly questioned why they were following Rose’s orders without any question. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. Besides, it was making them both hot to give in to Rose’s desires so it was easy for them to just go along with it.

Jewel and Holly changed positions on the chair. Holly lay down on her back and Jewel sunk to her knees on the ground next to it. She’d thrown a towel down on it first to keep the hard stone poolside from hurting her knees and as soon as she was comfortable, Jewel got to work. The singer started by tenderly kissing Holly’s lips and then moving down to her soft breasts. They weren’t as big as hers or Rose’s but Jewel certainly had no complaints as she licked and sucked on the soft mounds.

Already anticipating what Rose would want to see, Jewel reached down and began to touch Holly’s pussy while continuing to suck on her breasts. Holly gasped as Jewel’s fingers penetrated the soft folds of her pussy and pressed into her pink passage. She quickly responded by moving her hips and slowly fucking Jewel’s fingers.

“Now that’s what I want to see,” Rose praised. “Fuck those fingers Holly. Act like a good slut would. I know how much you love having fingers in your tight pussy Holly. If you’re a very good girl and come for me, I’ll tell you what turns Jewel on so you can make her come all nice and hard.”

Holly’s pussy fit snugly around Jewel’s fingers and she began to move the two she’d slipped inside around in time with Holly’s hip thrusts. The two of them barely knew each other, but that didn’t matter. Jewel had barely known anyone at the pool party, but that hadn’t stopped her. There was nothing like mutual lust to serve as an icebreaker.

“Mmmm yess Jewel…finger fuck me!” Holly begged. “It feels soooo good. I love it!”

“I know you do,” Jewel smiled. “I love feeling your hot, tight pussy with my fingers too. I can’t wait to work my tongue inside there and lick you clean.”

Holly closed her eyes in pleasure as she pictured that. This just didn’t stop getting better. She just hoped Rose would let Jewel go down on her soon.

As it turned out, Holly was lucky because Rose had the same idea she did.

“Oh that does sound like a good idea,” Rose said. “How about it Jewel, are you hungry for some pussy?”

“I’m always hungry for pussy,” Jewel grinned. She then began kissing away from Holly’s breasts and down her stomach toward the wet patch of pure sexuality that lay below.

“Mmm and don’t I know it bitch,” Rose replied, her fingers beginning to thrust into her pussy. The only mistake she’d made in planning this was that she hadn’t had Michelle place her toys out here. Oh well, she was just going to have to content herself with finger play and Rose knew exactly where she liked her fingers to play.

Holly’s breaths and soft cries were becoming more and more eager the closer Jewel’s mouth got to her pussy. By the time Jewel was at her thighs, Holly was squirming on the chair. When Jewel finally had her mouth poised above Holly’s pussy, the singer finally pulled out her fingers. She was about to lick them clean until she was given reason not to.

“Oh no you don’t,” Rose said, getting off her beach chair and bringing her naked body right to Jewel and Holly. “That first taste is mine.”

Rose then grasped Jewel’s hand and pulled it up to her lips. She greedily sucked Jewel’s fingers with a slow and seductive movement that almost had both Jewel and Holly coming at the site of it. Rose wasn’t through yet and, after she’d cleaned Jewel’s fingers off, she leaned down for a taste from the source. She ran her tongue over Holly’s labia and collected the juices that were beginning to pool there. After satisfying herself with that long tongue lash, Rose finally let Jewel get to work.

“Now you can get to it,” Rose stated before playfully smacking Jewel’s ass.

Instead of going back to her chair, Rose sat down right where she was, her bare ass smacking painlessly against the stone when she hit the ground. She spread her legs and plunged her fingers back into her own pussy when she saw Jewel press her face to Holly’s sex. As Jewel began a heavy barrage of tongue lashes to Holly’s pussy, Rose began to finger herself in earnest.

Holly had to grab onto the handles of the chair she was outstretched on to keep from falling off when she felt the first contact of Jewel’s tongue to her pussy. Whoa, she was good! She knew how to work her pussy over just as good as Rose and Alyssa did and that was pretty damn good. Holly tried to express to Jewel how good she felt having her tongue licking away at her pussy, but all that came out were gurgled words and happy cries.

Jewel did get the intention of Holly’s message and it made her lick her harder. She used her hands to run her nails over Holly’s thighs, tickling them and sending little sparks of sexual passion right to Holly’s brain. Holly had always had a secret tickling fetish that she hadn’t even shared with Rose yet. Only Alyssa knew and if Jewel wasn’t careful with those nails, she was going to be screaming in laughter and orgasm soon.

“Ohhhhhh yessss eat that pussy Jewel,” Rose urged. “Mmmm I’m going to have to make sure and watch you in action much more often. It’s so fucking hot!”

While she watched the show, Rose was doing a skillful job of fingering herself. She kept alternating between her right and left hands inside her pussy and whatever fingers weren’t busy rubbing her clit were put to use spreading her juices all around her lips and tits. Soon the sun on her juices left Rose with a nasty little shine of girl cum and that was just the way she wanted it. She wanted to make herself nice and dirty before she let Holly and Jewel lick her clean.

Holly was soaring right up on the Cloud 9 Express. She’d been horny before she’d even gotten to the house and nothing she had seen or done had made her any less so. Jewel’s tongue felt so good inside her pussy that Holly knew she was close. She was going to come. She was going to come right on a virtual stranger’s face. She was going to become what Rose always teased her and Alyssa about being…a slut. It was a change she happily welcomed though.

“AGHHHHH ooooooooh Jewel,” Holly moaned, moving one of her hands to pinch and stroke her nipples. “Ohhhh baby I’m gonna come!”

That perked Rose right up from her masturbatory interlude and she immediately pulled Jewel away from Holly’s pussy. That left Holly with a shocked and frustrated look on her face and Jewel with a quizzical, but pussy covered expression.

“No way is it gonna be that easy,” Rose declared. “You have to earn your orgasms around here and I don’t think you’ve worked hard enough for yours Holly.”

“Wha…what do you want me to do?” Holly gasped, surrendering without a fight. She’d been so close that she’d do just about anything to get back to that special place she had just been in.

“Don’t worry Holly, it’s nothing you haven’t done a bunch of times already,” Rose grinned. “I just think you should show Jewel here how much you appreciate that mouth of hers by getting on your knees and eating her pussy. If you do a good job, then you can come.”

Despite Holly’s obvious need for orgasm, Jewel was in the mood to act a little selfish this afternoon. So this idea sounded mighty good to her. Her pussy had gotten so hot from Holly’s touch and then from licking her sweet pussy that she could definitely use some attention of her own and she was grateful that Rose was making sure she got it.

A disappointed Holly rolled off the beach chair and allowed Jewel to take her place. Jewel helpfully spread her legs and touched herself, getting her fingertips wet with her own juices. She held them out for Rose and the raven-haired vixen was happy to take that gift. She quickly licked them clean and returned the favor by taking Jewel’s hand and rubbing her own pussy with it. She then gave Jewel her Rose-covered hand back and a grinning Jewel licked her fingers clean of her housemate’s essence.

Holly’s disappointment was fading quickly as she helped herself to an eyeful and a mouthful of Jewel’s gorgeous nude body. She went back to the singer’s breasts, kneading the large mounds with her hands while she kissed the blonde’s beautiful face. Holly loved playing with these tits. They were so soft and fun and she wondered if she might be able to coax Jewel to rub her pussy with them, the way Alyssa and Rose did to her sometimes. Soon enough those tits were back in Holly’s mouth, but not for long because she had a desire to taste something warmer and wetter.

After leaving behind a saliva-covered pair of tits, Holly began the journey toward Jewel’s wet pussy. Realizing she was about to go down on another woman other than a co-star, brought Holly another momentary case of nerves, but it quickly passed when she felt the heat and smelled the arousal of Jewel’s pussy. She wanted to do this and she couldn’t wait to taste Jewel’s essence.

Jewel let out a yelp of passion when Holly’s mouth first made contact with her pussy. That yelp was quickly cut short by Rose’s lips quieting her with a kiss. Jewel eagerly returned the passion and slid her tongue into Rose’s mouth. At the same time, Holly began kissing Jewel’s pussy and it didn’t escape the singer’s notice that she was having two very different sets of lips made out with.

When she got her first taste of Jewel’s pussy, Holly immediately wanted nothing more then to feel the full blast of her orgasm against her face. Her own needs and high arousal level were forgotten as well as the disappointment of having been ripped away a moment away from satisfaction.

“Oh yeahhh eat her out Holly,” Rose instructed after pulling away from Jewel’s lips. The singer pouted for more, so Rose let her play with and suck on her breasts while she watched Holly go to work. “Mmmm you look so sexy eating out this slutty singer Holly. She thinks she’s some great poet, but she’s just a pussy hungry whore like the rest of us.”

Jewel raised her eyebrows at Rose’s barbs, but they weren’t insults, just meant to be sexy and fun. Besides, who could argue with her? Jewel knew she didn’t look like any poet now. She looked just like what Rose said…a pussy hungry slut.

Holly knew she was looking pretty slutty too and she didn’t care. She knew Alyssa and Rose saw her as weak, and she didn’t mind it because she was always the most reluctant of their trio. But the more she did this, the stronger and more confident she felt. She wanted Alyssa to see her like this. She wanted Alyssa and Rose and anyone else who wanted to take a peek to see her eating Jewel Kilcher out to orgasm.

With Rose’s large breasts pressed against her face, it was hard for Jewel to cry out her passion, but she managed to moan into the flesh she was sucking. Holly was doing just fine between her legs. Rose had given her plenty of practice, Jewel assumed and Alyssa probably had too. Jewel figured that it was unlikely Rose and Holly had gotten it on and left someone as hot as Alyssa Milano out of the picture. She might even be here. Jewel hoped she was because she would love to get a taste of her and complete the third part of the Charmed trilogy.

“Awww you like that don’t you?” Rose groaned, feeling Jewel’s hot breath on her bare breasts. “Maybe I should tell Holly what always gets you off?”

Jewel was in no position to agree or disagree, so she merely moaned some more into Rose’s tits. Holly looked up at Rose with great interest, so Rose decided to let her in on the secrets of getting Jewel off.

“This chick loves it in the ass,” Rose smirked. “A nice finger or a wet tongue will always get her off and since your tongue is so busy right now with her tasty pussy, why don’t you just slide a finger or two inside. You know just like Alyssa did to you last time all three of us hooked up.”

Holly did remember that and she also remembered how much she liked it. Holly quickly wet two of her fingers with the juice that was coming from Jewel’s pussy and proceeded to make her way to Jewel’s backside. Holly never let up a bit in her licking and sucking efforts while her fingers took a walk and ended up between Jewel’s firm cheeks. Holly began to tease Jewel’s ass, just like she had to Rose and Alyssa before and she immediately detected the way the singer’s body quivered when she did this. She took this as encouragement and slid the first one of her fingers inside Jewel’s ass.

“OHHHH YESSSSS!!!” Jewel screamed, her words still muffled by Rose’s large globes. She felt her body tense up most pleasurably from Holly’s probing into her ass and it only got better when Holly slowly slid a second finger into her tight ring. “Mmmmmmmmm yessss fuck my ass!”

“Ohhhh yeah I know you love that,” Rose taunted. “You’re such a sucker for a good ass fuck. God, your boyfriends must have loved you before I stole you back to our side. Well they can’t have your ass any more for their hard cocks. Now you’re in a man free zone and you’re not getting out.”

Jewel had no intention of getting out of this, especially since the dual stimulation of her pussy and ass had her zooming toward an orgasm. Holly’s licking got more frenzied with each thrust of her two fingers into Jewel’s tightness and Jewel began screaming her passion into Rose’s flesh.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh gonna commmmmmmme!” Jewel moaned, but unfortunately for her, Rose understood what she said and immediately pulled her tits away from her mouth. She also tugged Holly away from her needy holes and left Jewel just as shocked as Holly had been earlier. How could she? How could Rose do that when they were housemates?

“Why?” was all Jewel could gasp in shock and frustration as she watched Rose kiss Holly and lick away the juices that were over her lips.

“Because I can,” Rose replied with an evil smile. “I just didn’t think it was fair for you to have an orgasm when poor little Holly was still waiting for hers. I mean she was first after all and she was doing such a good job eating your pussy and fucking your ass all at once.”

“You…are…evil…” Jewel gasped, but not in an angry way. She didn’t mind Rose’s games because even if she had to wait, she knew she’d be coming in the end.

“Ohhh don’t act like it’s a bad thing,” Rose grinned before leaning in to kiss the Alaskan princess. “Besides I know it turns you on. Anyways, you’ll get yours soon enough Jewel because I know the perfect way to settle this.”

“And what might that be?” Holly asked, eager to hear any suggestion that ended with her having an orgasm.

Rose’s suggestion consisted of two simple numbers that brought a grin to both Holly and Jewel’s faces.

“69,” Rose stated. “Now get to it girls before I decide that I want you both to eat me out before I let you come.”

Since that was a very real possibility, Jewel and Holly quickly did what they were told. They were both keyed up and ready to go, so they knew this wasn’t going to take long. They decided not to try the beach chair for fear that two girls rocking each other back and forth on it would break it, so they took advantage of the spread out towel and got together in a sexy position. Jewel got on her back and Holly was happy to lie right on top of her and line her face right up with the singer’s pussy.

Holly didn’t waste any time before diving right back into Jewel’s wetness. She’d been eager to taste her orgasm before and that desire was even more pressing now because she knew her own orgasm was nearing. Holly draped her slim body all over Jewel’s and, as she worked her tongue back into the singer’s pinkness, she spread her legs in anticipation.

That anticipation was justified because as soon as Holly gave her the chance, Jewel’s tongue wormed its way right back inside her pussy. She latched her mouth back onto her clit and let her tongue do the rest. Soon Jewel and Holly were rocking back and forth and enjoying each other’s taste and tongue immensely.

Rose had returned to her fingering as she watched her two friends go at it. She’d been right about Holly. The girl was dying to break out of the exclusivity of their relationship, just like Alyssa had so obviously been. Rose had no idea how either of them had made it by keeping their lesbian desires amongst their co-stars. Rose shuddered at the thought of just having two other girls to fuck. There was no way she wouldn’t be bored with that in like five minutes, especially since there were so many options in these walls and beyond.

The two of them looked very sexy with their heads pressed against the other’s pussy. Rose licked her lips and decided to help herself to a taste. First she sidled over to Holly and licked her onscreen sister’s pussy with timed swipes that kept her out of the way of Jewel’s own tonguing efforts. Feeling two experienced tongues in her pussy made Holly shiver in ecstasy. It was almost too much, but Rose being Rose she didn’t let it last. She’d gotten what she wanted from Holly and now she was craving a taste of Jewel.

Jewel had barely even noticed Rose had been at Holly’s pussy, but that was only because she was overwhelmed by how good Holly was licking her. Plus, her attention was also focused on the pretty pussy that was pressed to her lips. Jewel certainly noticed Rose’s presence though when she plunged her tongue into her pussy.

“Ooooooh Rose yessssss!” Jewel exclaimed, pulling away from Holly’s pussy just long enough to express her joy. That caused Rose to cease her licking though and she pushed Jewel’s head back to Holly’s sex.

“No talking! Just licking!” Rose commanded, much to Holly’s relief. She was dying for an orgasm and, until Jewel had stopped, she had been so close.

When Rose was satisfied that Jewel was doing her job the right way, Rose went back to her pussy and helped herself to a few tasty licks. She then went right back to Holly’s pussy and decided to help push her over the edge. She’d suffered enough and it was her turn to feel bliss. Since Holly was lying on top, it was easy for Rose to tongue her asshole. Rose worked her tongue inside and Holly once again felt her body seize up with pleasure.

“Mmmmm gonna commmmmmmmmme…” Holly moaned into Jewel’s pussy and this time there was going to be no stopping her. Both Jewel and Rose’s tongues fluttered inside her and Holly felt herself go over the orgasmic edge.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” she screamed aloud, before plunging her face right back into Jewel’s pussy with extra passion. The pleasure that was coursing through her veins seemed to power up her tongue and the faster she went, the quicker it pushed Jewel to a similar condition.

At this point Rose decided that her work was done with Holly and that it was time to assist Jewel again. She crawled back over to the other side, but since Jewel was at the bottom of this 69, Rose had to improvise a new plan. Luckily Rose was adept at sexual improvisation and hefted up Jewel’s legs enough so her ass lifted off the ground and provided easy access for her fingers. Rose then added her tongue to Holly’s and with two tongues in her pussy and fingers in her ass, Jewel had no chance to withstand this sexual torture.

“MMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOHHHH COMMMMINGGGG!!!” Jewel screamed out and both girls were then crying out into each other’s pussies as they rocked their bodies back and forth and came in their sapphic 69.

With each girl safely in the throes of orgasm, Rose was content to back away and finger herself again while the two girls excitedly expressed their sexual releases. She watched them scream and lick each drop out of each other while her fingers teased and then entered her burning pussy. She just hoped the two girls didn’t wear themselves out yet, she had a job for them to do.

When Holly and Jewel finally had nothing left to give each other, Holly pulled off of Jewel and quickly changed her position so she could smother her face with a sticky and passionate kiss. Jewel did just the same and they were quickly deep in each other’s kiss until they heard a throat clearing behind them.

“Ahem,” Rose pointed out. “The work day’s not over yet ladies.”

Rose leaned back against the beach chair she was propped up next to and spread her legs for both girls to see her wetness.

“Any volunteers for licking duty?”

Not surprisingly she had two and it was very hard for Rose to choose which one of her volunteers was worthy enough to give her oral pleasure. Each one of them had a strong case to make. They were both extremely beautiful and each one had proved impressive in previous attempts at cunnilingus. It was frankly an impossible choice for Rose to make so she had simply decided not to make it. After all, why choose one when you could easily have both.

So Rose was in the process of enjoying the mouths of both of her lovers. She, Holly and Jewel were engaged in a hot three-way kiss, with tongues flicking together and sliding into mouth after mouth after mouth. It was quite a spit exchange and Rose couldn’t wait to feel both of those tongues in orifices besides her mouth. She had already gotten them to clean off the stickiness of her juices from when she had painted up her skin already and those wet tongues on her hot flesh had juiced up Rose’s pussy so much that she was getting very antsy for some loving.

Deciding to let Holly have first crack at her pussy, Rose put her hand on her shoulder while the three of them kissed. Her co-star quickly got the message and moved down Rose’s body toward her wetness. She couldn’t resist a few licks at Rose’s hard pointed nipples first, but it felt so good that Rose didn’t bother to point out that she wasn’t following proper directions.

“Ohhh you like Holly better than me,” Jewel playfully pouted. “Why can’t I eat your pussy, Rose?”

“Oh hush you big baby,” Rose grinned. “Everyone will get a chance to eat my pussy. Besides don’t think I don’t remember that you owe me for last night.”

“Mmmm I was hoping you were going to remember,” Jewel grinned.

“Oh don’t worry,” Rose assured Jewel with a stern look. “I never forget anyone who owes me sexually.”

Rose had to stop talking after that comment though because she was too busy moaning from the contact of Holly’s tongue to her needy pussy. Nothing ever made Rose feel as good as another woman’s tongue touching her pussy. Nothing ever made her as high and she had been denying herself all afternoon to lead up to this moment. She had been confident that Holly’s tongue wasn’t going to let her down and she was right. Holly’s tongue touch was always light at first and it was just what Rose needed to stabilize her raging desires.

It had been so hard to wait until now to come. Rose knew she probably could have brought herself off two or three times from fingering her pussy while Jewel and Holly enjoyed themselves, but she had held back from that. She had wanted this orgasm to be a big one and she didn’t want to waste valuable sexual energy on masturbation when she didn’t have to.

Holly continued her light touch as she lay on her belly on the towel with Rose’s legs slung over her shoulders and her spread pussy before her face. She teased Rose’s labia like a feather, tickling her almost. She continued this light treatment on Rose’s clit, making it swell up to it’s maximum levels. Holly didn’t want to keep this up too long though. Rose liked a light touch, but not all the time and she learned that the hard way when Rose had spanked her until she had gone at her harder. Not that Holly had complained when she had done that. She had loved being spanked by Rose and had even agreed that if she ever blew a scene while taping, both Rose and Alyssa would have chances to punish her sexy ass when they were in their trailers.

It was almost tempting to keep at Rose with a light tonguing and then force her to spank her in front of Jewel, but Holly stayed the course. She had a feeling she was going to have a chance to do plenty with Jewel so she decided not to fool around here. When she decided that Rose had had enough of the feather touch, Holly began to speed things up. She began to stiffen up her tongue and use it like a cock on Rose’s wet pussy.

“Oh Holly yesssss…” Rose moaned. “Mmmm you know just how I like it. That’s the way baby!”

“I know just how you like it too, you know,” Jewel reminded Rose while she kissed her and rubbed their bare breasts together.

“Do you now?” Rose responded.

“Oh yeah,” Jewel said. “For instance I know I’m not the only girl here who likes to be fucked in her ass.”

“Hmmm that’s useful information you have there,” Rose moaned, while Holly’s tongue continued it’s excellent job at her pussy. “Just what do you intend to do about it?”

“Not much,” Jewel smiled. “Except this.”

Jewel then ran with her initiative by pulling away from Rose and kissing her belly. Rose laughed at the tickling sensation of it and it gave Jewel an opportunity to push her housemate up a little. Holly quickly saw what she was doing so she moved herself and allowed Jewel some more leeway to get Rose up on her side.

“Weren’t you going to help me at all?” Jewel asked Rose. “You knew what I was going to do.”

“Where’s the fun in helping you?” Rose replied. “I like making you do all the work.”

“Should have known,” Jewel muttered with a smile. But then she focused on the task at hand and ran her finger teasingly over Rose’s puckered asshole. She saw Rose tense up in response. “Mmmm you do like that don’t you?”

“Gee, really observant of you to notice that Jewel,” Rose smirked. “Now are you going to get to it or what. Don’t make me get out Mr. Snappy and show you what an ass fucking is all about!’

That was a major league threat and Jewel took it very seriously. She had only seen Rose’s favorite toy in action and never felt it. She wondered how any of the girls here could take it and she was in no hurry to get herself any first hand information. So Jewel decided she had better behave here and started doing this by drooling right into Rose’s ass.

“Mmmm now that’s better,” Rose gasped, loving the feel of Jewel’s warm spit on her ass. She loved girls who thought enough to bring their own lube to an encounter. It was hard for Rose to focus entirely on Jewel though, especially when Holly was still working over her pussy.

“Do you like?” Holly asked hopefully from between Rose’s legs.

“Fuck yes I like,” Rose said. “Now get back to it slut! Keep it up and I’m going to make your pretty face all nice and sticky. Mmm Alyssa is going to be so fucking jealous of you Holly. She gets to fuck Sarah but you get to fuck me!”

Holly didn’t respond but only because she once again had a faceful of pussy. She couldn’t stop from thinking about Alyssa and Sarah though. She hoped they’d come up here and hook up with her and Rose and they could all fuck each other silly. Jewel too. She couldn’t forget about her new friend with the talented tongue and nice tits. And anyone else who lived here. Holly barely cared who they were. She was getting so worked up that she wanted them all. This was a new side of her that was developing and she liked it. She liked it a lot.

Rose pushed her pussy into Holly’s face and it smacked against her lips, giving both girls a rush. The thrust gave Jewel an opportunity to work her finger into Rose’s ass, slowly stretching it’s tightness before she added a second finger.

“Ohhhhhhh yeahhhh work those fingers in Jewel!” Rose hissed. “That’s the way to do it! Fuck my hot tight ass with your cute little poetry fingers! Ohhh fuck I know where your real talents lie!”

Jewel suppressed the urge to say “thank you” to Rose and instead began using her free hand to rub Rose’s ass. She got a wicked little urge and was on the verge of indulging herself when Rose seemed to sense what she was doing.

“If you even think about spanking me you are going to be one sorry slut!” Rose vowed, catching Jewel off guard as she was about to raise her hand to strike. “If you try it you are so fucking dead and I am not kidding!”

Jewel got the sense that Rose was, in fact, kidding, but decided not to press her luck. Instead she brought her face down and placed a loving kiss on each cheek.

“That’s better,” Rose moaned as Holly hit a sensitive spot in her pussy. “Always remember how it works around here. I am the spanker and you all are the spankees.”

Holly raised her eyebrows to that one, distinctly remembering Alyssa getting a few whacks in on Rose’s ass during their first encounter together. But then again it never had been repeated so, perhaps Alyssa had been given an “attitude adjustment” courtesy of Rose.

“Ohhhh you two sluts aren’t bringing me off nearly fast enough!” Rose complained. “God damn it! I need to come you little skanks!”

Both Jewel and Holly were tired from their orgasms so they supposed their fatigue was beginning to show. But they also knew if Rose was displeased she was going to let them know so they redoubled their efforts. Holly began to suck on the center of Rose’s clit and work her tongue over her pussy, licking up whatever excess juices threatened to drip down. Jewel pulled her fingers out and began using her tongue on Rose’s ass. Their efforts were immediately noticed.

“Oh yeahhhh much fucking better,” Rose groaned. “That’s it! Work that pussy just like that Holly! Ohhhhh your tongue feels so good in my ass Jewel! Don’t you dare pull it out!”

“We want you to come for us Rose!” Holly said, using one finger to finger fuck Rose while her tongue rested. “Come for us baby. Please come all over my face! I love it when you do that!”

“Oh I know you love it,” Rose groaned. “God you’re gonna be as big a slut as Love is when I finish with you Holly.”

Love? Like Jennifer Love Hewitt? Holly’s mind was filled with questions all of a sudden. But she pushed them aside. She had to concentrate on Rose and not get sidetracked. She slid a second finger in while her tongue played with Rose’s clit. She slapped her tongue against Rose’s swollen bud again and again while she felt the wetness of Rose’s pussy increase.

While she was doing this, Jewel was busy taking care of Rose’s ass. She alternated between her fingers and her tongue, with the fingers getting the majority of the work because she knew the power of penetration always worked here. The efforts of the two were definitely having an effect on Rose and she was soon shaking on the towel.

“DON’T STOP!!!” Rose commanded as surge of pleasure kicked her voice up an octane. “FUCK ME YOU SLUTS!!!”

Rose roughly grabbed her own breasts. She was getting close and she always loved playing with her own tits right before she came…especially when she was getting double teamed. She didn’t need to use her hands to hold the heads of her lovers down, she knew they wouldn’t dare pull away from her.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!! That’s it!!!” Rose continued before another surge hit her. “OHHHH FUCK!!! YEAH! YEAHHH!! YEAHHHHHH!!!”

Holly and Jewel continued at their assigned positions, working Rose over and holding her down between them as her body started to lurch up and down on the towel. If an ice cube had landed on Rose’s skin right about now, not only would it have melted, it would have sizzled. Her body felt like it was on fire and the only cure was to throw herself into an oasis known as orgasm. She was so close to reaching it and when those last finger thrusts and tongue swipes were delivered to her hot zones, Rose felt herself do as the song urged and break on through.


Jewel and Holly were happy to take it all and Jewel even pulled away from Rose’s ass to join her new friend. Jewel threw her tongue into the mix and helped Holly attend to Rose’s spasming pussy. Rose felt herself get pushed onto her back again and that allowed Holly and Jewel the best possible angles at her pussy. They both drank down the cream and licked Rose up and down, their tongues brushing together and leading to some hot kissing while Rose screamed her passion out.

Eventually Rose’s voice grew hoarse and tired and she could do no more than sigh and moan. When the last tremor shuddered through her, Rose lay back and beckoned Holly and Jewel to join her. They lay on each side of her and she kissed each of them on the lips as a sign of appreciation.

“Ummm I hate to ask a dumb question,” Holly began. “But what do we do now?”

“We wait,” Rose replied.

“For what?” Holly asked.

“For Sarah and Alyssa to find us and for the fun to start all over again,” Rose explained. Holly did have a lot to learn. Thankfully she was going to have a lot of teachers.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, just as Holly, Jewel and Rose were beginning to express their passion for one another, Sarah was expressing nothing but pure, white-hot anger. Fortunately there was a heavy bag in the gym for her to kick around so she didn’t have to take it out on another person. Unaware of the naked woman following her, Sarah had changed from her clothes into sweat pants and a sports bra and right now she was taking out some serious aggression on the bag.

“Fuck you!!!” Sarah yelled as she kicked the bag high, going completely slayer on its inanimate ass. “Goddamn son of a bitch!!!”

And it went on like that for some time, with Sarah working out her frustration with kicks and jabs and screaming out vile obscenities at the bag. Alyssa supposed Sarah was doing this for some sort of therapeutic purpose, so she shouldn’t make fun, but it was hard not to laugh as she saw Sarah work herself into a primal violent frenzy. She half expected Sarah to scream a war cry and tackle the damn thing. Alyssa was almost afraid to interrupt. She didn’t know if Sarah might decide to kick some human ass too. So she stayed peeking around a corner at Sarah and wondering how she might be able to get her out of those workout clothes.

As it turned out, that wasn’t even going to be a problem. Sarah let out one last hard kick to the bag and then rested her body against one of the exercise bikes. She gasped for breath. Damn, either she was out of shape or she had gone too hard too fast. Nope, definitely in shape, she thought as she examined her flat tummy and toned legs in the mirror. She had just worked herself silly too early. It wasn’t like her to do that, but then again this was a special circumstance, she supposed.

Sarah grabbed the water bottle she had brought with her and proceeded to pour it over her head. She was already all sweaty and tired and she’d barely started. She had to sit down on the floor to compose herself. She took her training seriously both for the show and to keep herself in shape, and exhausting herself for no reason just to take out her feelings for Rick wasn’t what was best for her body. She just had to take a few deep breaths, recompose herself and then get down to it for real.

Of course as Sarah tried to compose herself her thoughts couldn’t help but drift to what she assumed was going on poolside. She wished she had been in a better mood because if she had been she definitely would have joined Alyssa and Holly’s naked get together with Rose at poolside. If Rose was already sampling the flavors of her co-stars, then it would only have been polite for her to share.

Alyssa had a crazy body and Sarah smiled when she thought of the things she could do to her. It had been a little unsettling for her to see Holly naked. She’d known her since they were kids at the Professional Children’s School in New York City. Of course they’d both grown up a lot since then and Sarah had to admit she got a little naughty rush when thinking of getting intimate with someone she’d known for so long.

It was getting Sarah hot just thinking about the three of them up there. They didn’t even have to be doing anything to get Sarah’s brain cooking and her pussy dampening. They could just be lying there under the sun with their beautiful naked bodies all nice and exposed. Sarah wished she was there too…all nice and naked.

Getting naked was something that sounded pretty good to Sarah, but she told herself she had to finish this workout. She wasn’t going to slack off here and there was still some energy she had to work out. But the more Sarah thought about it, the more she realized there was no reason she couldn’t do both things.

Working out naked had always been a fantasy of Sarah’s. Sometimes she even thought about going to a public gym, stripping her clothes off and working out right in the middle of the gym while all the shocked patrons stared at her firm, nude body. She had even come a few times when she masturbated thinking about those stares. Now she was alone in the gym of her own house and there was no reason on earth why she shouldn’t indulge herself a little. Besides, working out could get monotonous, why not spice it up a little?

Smiling as she did so, Sarah pulled herself up from the floor and pulled off her sports bra in the process. Her skin was sweaty and the cool air hitting her bare breasts made Sarah coo in pleasure. She was practically giddy by the time she reached for her sweats.

What’s Sarah doing, Alyssa wondered. Is she going to? No, she couldn’t be. She was! Yes! She was taking off her clothes! This was fucking awesome! Alyssa couldn’t believe it, but she was definitely pumped to see this hot little number stripping down, unaware she was being watched. Alyssa was afraid she was going to start drooling when she saw Sarah push down her sweats and panties and stand before her stark naked.

Sarah was feeling such a rush by giving into this sudden impulse that she was wondering if she taking on that bag a few times was going to make her come. She was feeling plenty turned on right now so she wouldn’t have been surprised if it did. She could feel her wetness and she knew it wasn’t from sweat. I am working out, Sarah thought, totally naked. She loved it and had a premonition that she wouldn’t just be working on her muscles today.

For her part Alyssa was having trouble controlling herself. Seeing Sarah walk around so naked and carefree had her own pussy lubing itself up nicely and it was hard not to touch herself. She knew if she did that though, she’d be moaning like crazy in no time and she didn’t want Sarah to know she was watching…yet.

All of Sarah’s anger was almost gone now and it was replaced with a surge of sexual excitement with every naked step she took. Sure she’d done wilder things here and would do many more in the future, but this felt special to Sarah. It was like she was breaking down another taboo. She took a few more kicks at the bag, with less intensity now only because she was too busy moaning as she spread her naked legs with each jab. Sarah then decided to take a seat at the chest press machine and began doing a set. It was so hard to concentrate when she felt her muscles contract and relax and spread a sexy chill through her body each time. It was too much fun to stop though.

Sarah wasn’t the only one having fun from this workout. Alyssa’s desire was driving her mad and she had already began lightly teasing her pussy. She knew Sarah was going to be alerted to her presence sooner or later and the sooner it was the sooner Alyssa knew she was going to be enjoying the tasty treat between Sarah’s legs. Like Holly, she had never been with a woman who wasn’t a co-star on “Charmed” but Alyssa was very eager to change that. Sarah would be an excellent person for her to show off her bisexual side too.

Sarah could practically hear her heart beating from this. She just felt so naughty doing it and it was making her pulse race and her blood boil with passion. If anyone dared to walk through this door they were going to find their ass jumped and their pussy licked. Sarah felt so hot at that moment that there was only one way for her to cool off.

She picked up her water bottle again, but instead of using it over her head, she poured it on her chest. Sarah gasped when the cold water rushed over her bare breasts. Since she was sitting at the machine, the water easily ran down her body like a stream down her chest and right over her pussy.

That felt so good that Sarah couldn’t resist doing it a little bit lower on her body. By now her pussy seemed close to sizzling, so it was only natural that Sarah touch it with the bottle. She rubbed the lips of her pussy with the plastic a few times, reacting with some low moans that drove Alyssa wild. Sarah lifted the bottle enough to cover her pussy with the cold water and she cried out as it spilled all over her steaming sex.

“Ooooooooooooh…” Sarah cooed as she felt the water passing over her pussy and collecting in a pool on the seat. She felt the water tickling her everywhere, her nipples, her labia and even worming its way to her asshole. A few more streams of water, Sarah thought to herself, and she wasn’t even going to need to finger herself. She’d be coming thanks only to a cold blast of Aquafina. Sarah began to work the machine again, the cold water making her naked skin tingle each time she moved.

Watching this little water show was more than Alyssa could take. She knew she could do better than any damn water bottle so she left her little hiding place and walked toward Sarah. The blonde was too wrapped up in the sexual rush of what she was doing to hear Alyssa’s quiet approach and when she put the machine back into a resting position she was startled to feel a soft hand on her shoulder.

“Need a spotter?” Alyssa asked seductively.

“Were you spying on me?” Sarah asked, putting on a mock show of anger. She was so turned on by now that Alyssa’s interruption was mighty welcome indeed.

“Just a little,” Alyssa admitted, barely containing her wide smile at seeing Sarah’s beautiful body up close now.

“I suppose I wasn’t clear enough outside that I wasn’t in the mood then,” Sarah stated. She desperately wanted Alyssa to touch her, but she didn’t want to make the same mistake she’d just made with her kickboxing workout and go too hard too fast.

“Well Rose thought you just needed a little coaxing,” Alyssa explained. “And I agreed with her.”

“So is that what you’re going to do?” Sarah asked. “Coax me?”

“Oh sweetie, that’s the least of what I’m going to do to you,” Alyssa promised before delivering a hot kiss to Sarah’s waiting lips.

“Oooh you’re confident for someone who has to sneak around to get a look at a naked girl,” Sarah teased after enjoying the kiss immensely.

“Well my first impression is that Rose is top kitty around here,” Alyssa explained. “But you probably don’t know that when she gets to my house, she’s my bitch.”

“Oh see now I know you’re just making things up,” Sarah laughed. “Rose would eat you alive. You and your little friend Holly.”

“Is that what you want to do Sarah?” Alyssa asked, taking Sarah’s hand and moving it off the handle of the machine and to her wet pussy. “Do you want to eat me alive?”

Sarah moaned when she felt Alyssa’s wetness on her fingers. Her pussy felt so warm and she couldn’t wait to feel her taste on her tongue.

“You like that Sarah?” Alyssa asked. “Do you like feeling my wet pussy with your hand?”

“Almost as much as you love this…” Sarah replied, grasping Alyssa’s hand and returning the favor. She pressed Alyssa’s hand between her outstretched legs and let her new soon-to-be-lover touch her pussy lips. For the next few moments the girls just stayed in that position and softly rubbed each other. Moans filled the air as Sarah sat at the machine and Alyssa stood before her, both of them naked and growing more aroused by the second

“Oh Sarah,” Alyssa moaned. “I’ve wanted you for so long. I wish I’d known you liked girls. Keep touching me. Feel how wet my pussy got when I watched you take off your clothes and prance around naked. You got me so worked up!”

“Is that what you really want?” Sarah asked, looking up at Alyssa, her eyes filled with desire. “Wouldn’t you rather I pulled my fingers away and started teasing you with my tongue? If you want me as bad as you say you do then how can you refuse that?”

“No…you first,” Alyssa replied, her eyes closed in pleasure as Sarah’s probing fingers hit a sensitive spot. “I want to taste you first. Then you get to go down on me.”

“So you’re the one giving the orders here then?” Sarah smiled, playing along.

“I just want to fuck you Sarah!” Alyssa replied. “If I’d known that you and Rose were getting it on then I would have been over here much much sooner.”

“It’s not just me and Rose you know,” Sarah grinned, making Alyssa’s eyes shoot open. “Jennifer Love Hewitt’s here too. Would you like to fuck her too? Would you like to play with those big tits of hers? Cause I did just last night. I fucked her so nice and she was squealing for more. I fucked Jennifer Aniston too. You think she’s some nice little straight girl? She’s as big a dyke as you and me. She loves getting nasty with girls and I bet she’d love to get nasty with you. Mmmm and Jewel…she lives here too and I can fuck her anytime I want. It’s like a lesbian dream palace here and now you’re part of it.”

Alyssa nearly came right there and then from the possibilities this place held. How could Rose keep this place all to herself? Well now she was sharing it and Alyssa was going to use it to her full advantage. Alyssa pulled away from Sarah’s touch and threw her arms around her neck. She kissed her passionately again and pushed her back until she hit the headrest of the chest press machine. Alyssa pushed her tongue into Sarah’s mouth where it found immediate acceptance. The two girls hungrily made out until Alyssa could deny herself no more.

She belonged here. She had barely gotten started and Alyssa knew this place had to be heaven on earth. She sunk to her knees in front of Sarah and found no resistance when she pulled the slayer’s legs open. Sarah began to touch herself, rubbing her palm over her own labia as she allowed Alyssa to sling her legs over the sides of the machine. This left her pussy wide open and vulnerable to attack and Alyssa’s mouth began its invasion moments later.

“Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh Alyssa,” Sarah groaned. She gripped tightly onto the handles of the machine while Alyssa began to suck at her pussy. Alyssa kissed the lips of Sarah’s labia and let the taste of her juices slowly come to her tongue and tickle her taste buds. Alyssa sucked and kissed Sarah’s pussy, driving her wild with desire and making her ache for the feel of a tongue on her clit.

With Sarah’s legs already spread for her, it was easy for Alyssa to slide her tongue in to begin bathing her clit. Alyssa teased Sarah’s swelling bud up and down, taking it between her lips, only to release it right before she got Sarah too hot. She repeated these actions with her lips and tongue, always stopping just when it was starting to make Sarah feel really good.

“Noooo,” Sarah cried. “Why are you teasing me? Can’t you see how bad I want you? Please please please don’t tease me. I need to come. I need this so fucking much!”

“Awww poor Sarah. Mmmm let’s see if I can’t make your bad day go away,” Alyssa grinned. “I don’t want to make my friend suffer.”

Alyssa hooked her arms under Sarah’s bent legs and pushed herself forward into Sarah’s wet pussy. Like a hungry wildebeest finding a stray piece of food, Alyssa didn’t bother with niceties here. She went right after Sarah’s clit with her lips, trapping it and giving her tongue an excellent target to go after.

Feeling the pressure of Alyssa’s liplock on her clit and the pleasure of her tongue really got Sarah going. She began to moan aloud and her legs unconsciously kicked out. Sarah had to make sure she thanked Rose for this. The more friends she brought to the house the more fun they all seemed to have. Sarah’s chest heaved and Alyssa seemed content to suck out all the negative energy Sarah had brought in with her. Sarah’s grip on the handle bars tightened with every surge of pleasure and she had to wonder if this went on much longer whether she was going to break them off.

“Alysaaaaaaaaaa…” Sarah moaned. “Don’t stop! Suck that clit! You have no idea how fucking bad I need this!”

I’ve got a little clue there, Alyssa thought to herself. Alyssa had seen how hard Sarah was attacking that bag before and it had seemed silly to work out her energy that way when this way was much more fun. This was the only type of exercise that Alyssa really enjoyed and she was intending on becoming a regular member of this gym especially if she could offer her personal training services to all the other girls here.

The sweat that had begun flowing with Sarah’s kickboxing was now restarting even harder now. Alyssa had Sarah’s heart pounding better than any cardiovascular exercise could and Rick was nothing but a distant memory.

“OH FUCK!!!” Sarah exclaimed. “Yeahhhhhhhh that’s the spot Alyssa! Lick me there! Right fucking there!”

Sarah had to hand it to Rose, she knew how to pick them. First Christina and now Alyssa. She’d have to see if Holly had pussy eating skills that were just as mean as Rose’s other two friends. Alyssa was working magic between her legs. Sarah had learned long ago that nothing made her forget her troubles more than a good licking and that was certainly what she was getting here from a ravenous Alyssa.

The more Alyssa tasted of Sarah the more she wanted. Knowing Sarah was into this and hearing about all the other beautiful women who had the same desires was like a revelation to Alyssa. She’d always kept her lesbian tendencies between her and her co-stars, content to leave it there. But now there was a whole new universe open to her. If Sarah was into this and Jennifer Aniston was into this then who else might be? Alyssa felt like she was reborn. She was already craving more and devising ways to find out how rich this vein of lesbianism was in Hollywood.

But for now she had a job to do and this was a mighty pleasant one indeed. She felt Sarah’s juices all over her lips and she couldn’t wait to taste more and feel the force of the orgasm she knew was about to come from her new lover. Alyssa moved her eyes upward and looked at the rapturous faces Sarah was making in response to her efforts. Sarah’s eyes were screwed shut, as if it were too much for her to take and she was gasping her moans of pleasure out. Alyssa loved the way she was gripping those handlebars while she licked and sucked her tender clit. It was like she was telling her that it was all too much, but still wanted more nonetheless.

The only regret Sarah had at this moment was that she had allowed her anger to get the better of her and that she hadn’t immediately indulged in Alyssa and Holly’s bodies the first second she saw them. She was sure Rose wouldn’t have minded and Sarah was intending to make up for that as soon as possible. As soon as she was done with Alyssa she was going to bring her back up poolside for some fun with Rose, Holly and whomever might be up there by now. Sarah had no doubt that some more of her housemates had come home by now and had been snared by Rose’s spider web of desire.

“Mmmm Alyssaaaaa gonna come!!!” Sarah moaned. “Yessss please keep going!!!”

Sarah opened her eyes to take in the beautiful site before her. How many guys lusted after Alyssa Milano? But they couldn’t have her. Only Sarah could and she loved that fact to no end. She had done so many sexy magazine covers to tempt the country but Sarah was the one living out the fantasy of having her naked. Seeing Alyssa’s face buried between her thighs as she sat naked at the chest press machine brought about such an erotic surge to Sarah. Alyssa’s body was bent forward to get a better angle at her clit, so Sarah could look all the way down her back to her sexy bare ass, wiggling itself almost unconsciously and giving Sarah a tempting object to lust after.

While her mouth was filled with the delicious sensations of Sarah’s arousal and oncoming orgasm, Alyssa’s head was swimming with pleasure with the knowledge that she was getting Sarah off. Hearing Sarah moan her name, especially the way she drew out the “a” at the end of it, was a major turn on for Alyssa and she didn’t just want to hear Sarah moan it. She wanted to hear her scream it out.

With that goal in mind, Alyssa pushed herself to make Sarah come even harder. She wanted to make this girl shake with pleasure and thrash around on this machine that had not quite been designed with this purpose in mind. Alyssa pulled her tongue back and concentrated on sucking on Sarah’s clit. She pushed her face more against Sarah’s pussy, the hairs of Sarah’s sparse bush tickling her skin most pleasantly, and tried to suck that orgasm right out of her.

Those efforts were definitely doing the trick and, forget just breaking the handlebars off, Sarah thought she might destroy the entire machine with her orgasm. Things had started out so badly when she had come inside the gym, but ever since she had decided to shuck her clothes, things had gotten real good in a real hurry. Now her orgasm was immanent and Alyssa was going to get a reward for her skillful work.

“Oooooooooooh sooooooooo close!!!” Sarah cried. “Ughhhhhhhhh yessssssss!!! Ooooooooh Alyssa!!!”

Sarah’s thighs were starting to quiver and her gurgled cries of passion alerted Alyssa to what was moments away. She couldn’t wait! Alyssa was like a kid tearing through wrapping paper to get at her present and the only present she wanted here was Sarah’s orgasm.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” Sarah shouted as she began to come. “GAHHHHHHH FUCK ME!!! OHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Sarah’s body started bucking in orgasmic pleasure and Alyssa had to move her head quickly a few times to avoid being kicked by Sarah’s flailing legs. Alyssa still managed to meet every joyful spasmic thrust of Sarah’s body and she happily cried her delight into Sarah’s pussy. She lapped away at the cream being generated her way and let it coat her mouth and tongue. Alyssa’s own pussy was generating plenty of juice of her own and it was beginning to run down her leg, sizzling on her smooth skin. Alyssa was fairly confident that as soon as Sarah came down from her high, she would only be too happy to address her needs.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh…” Sarah mewed, her voice growing softer and more content with every cry. Her body slowed its thrust and soon there was nothing more of her orgasm than the evidence that stained Alyssa’s happy face. Sarah’s body was weak with pleasure but she wasn’t going to let that stop her from continuing the fun.

“Come here,” Sarah requested and before she knew it Alyssa was right up in her face, kissing her once again and allowing her the chance to taste the cream she had just given her through the magic of orgasm. Sarah reveled in her own taste and pried her hands off the handlebars of the machine to, at long last, take her first touches of Alyssa’s body. She began to lightly squeeze Alyssa’s beautiful breasts and when her strength returned those squeezes got rougher and more passionate.

“Now isn’t this better than any dumb exercise?” Alyssa teased when she pulled away. “When you’ve gotta work out, this is the way to do it!”

“Good advice,” Sarah smiled. “We just might have to keep you around here Alyssa. Of course there’s one thing left for me to do.”

“And what might that be?” Alyssa inquired.

“Why the taste test of course, silly,” Sarah said, getting up from the machine and preparing to give a workout to her tongue muscles. Now it was her turn to show off her own pussy eating skills and she was happy to reward Alyssa for the awesome job she had just done in chasing the blues away. If she could have bottled Alyssa up in pill form, depression stood a good chance of being wiped out.

But first she and Alyssa really wanted to get to know each other and since Sarah was free of the constraints of the chest press machine she had the opportunity. Almost as soon as she had finished coming, Sarah had been eager to leave the machine behind and really stretch out. She had that chance when Alyssa took her hand and brought her down to the soft carpeting on the floor.

Sarah and Alyssa were quickly locked in each other’s embrace and each other’s kiss. They made out and held each other like two longtime friends suddenly giving into lust with one another. She and Alyssa hadn’t really been friends, persay, but they had certainly been friendly and they had definitely lusted after one another after they had discovered the wonders of a woman’s touch.

Alyssa had displayed her beautiful body in movies and so many magazine covers and now it was there for Sarah to reach out and touch. Sarah did not blow this opportunity and was quickly all over Alyssa’s nude body. When she wasn’t sucking on her beautiful, firm breasts it was because she was massaging them with her hands and kissing her. Alyssa was the same way with Sarah and they rolled around the floor laughing, kissing and having just a grand old time playing with each other’s bodies.

“I’m so glad you followed me down here,” Sarah sighed. “I probably would have eventually destroyed that poor punching bag if you hadn’t come down here.”

“Well it sure looked like you needed something and it wasn’t to brutally destroy a piece of training equipment,” Alyssa smiled. “And speaking of needing…I think I need a little something now.”

“Oh?” Sarah asked. “And what is it that you could possibly need Alyssa?”

“Hmmm let me think,” Alyssa replied. “Let’s see…what do I need? Oh yeah, I got a real hankering for a hot girl to eat my pussy. You think you could handle that?”

“Let me see,” Sarah grinned. “Well I happen to be a hot girl and, oh my, your pussy sure is wet. I wonder if I could do anything about that.”

“I think you can figure out what needs to be done,” Alyssa said. “Living with Rose has no doubt taught you a few tricks.”

“You can say that again,” Sarah stated. “But I think I was pretty good to start with. After all, it was Love and I who seduced her in the first place.”

“So it was you,” Alyssa marveled. “Nice score.”

“Thank you,” Sarah smiled. “It’s becoming one of the highlights of my life. But what about you. Poor little Alyssa with her wet pussy. Hmmm let me see if I can take care of you, like you took care of me and see if you pass my taste test.”

“How about a free sample then?” Alyssa laughed as she touched her pussy with her palm and held it out for Sarah to lick. She partook of the invitation and licked it clean.

“Mmmm yummy,” Sarah opined. “But I won’t know for sure, till I drink right from the fountain so to speak.”

Not wanting to deny herself that taste any longer, Sarah said goodbye to Alyssa’s beautiful face and tits and went down. Her blond hair tickling Alyssa’s skin as she moved, Sarah quickly reached her destination and let her tongue slowly drag over Alyssa’s labia.

“I was right, you are yummy,” Sarah smiled. “But I’d better taste more just to make absolutely positively sure.”

“Ohhhhhh yessss taste…oh fuck…taste as much as you want,” Alyssa moaned flat on her back as Sarah began to suck on the lips of her pussy and tease her with her tongue. Alyssa let out a deep moan as she finally felt Sarah’s tongue opening up her lips and moving toward her clit. She had fantasized about sexy crossovers between Charmed and Buffy where the girls would all be able to share in each other. Little did she know that Rose was living that fantasy every day by being able to fuck Sarah. Well now it was her turn.

Sarah was having the same thoughts as Alyssa was having about Rose. She’d been selfish not to share Alyssa and Holly with the house, but now that she was Sarah was going to make sure they were frequent guests. Maybe she’d have to invite Eliza and Alyson over soon to fully enjoy this network crossover. Of course those plans would wait for the future and right now all Sarah wanted to do was get this beauty off with a .screaming, pounding orgasm.

If that was Sarah’s goal, she was already off to a good start. Having finally felt that tongue in her pussy, Alyssa knew Sarah had been worth fantasizing about. She was even better than she could have dreamed and it was easy to see why Rose had embraced lesbianism because of this girl. If she was this good, Alyssa couldn’t wait to reintroduce herself to Love and ponder the possibility of what would have happened if she had accepted the offer to join Charmed instead of Rose.

“Mmmmm Sarah that feels good,” Alyssa moaned, one hand at her breasts and the other gently holding Sarah’s head down. “Yes lick my pussy! Mmmm goddamn that’s a great tongue you have there!”

Sarah kept at Alyssa’s pussy with wet smacking sounds of wet tongue on wet flesh. It was a sexy sound that filled the room and propelled the girls to enjoy this just a little bit more. Sarah really did love Alyssa’s taste. Hell, she loved everything about this girl. It was like Rose without the mean streak she showed every now and then. She was sex crazed and confident and Sarah just was gaga over those firm tits of hers and how they were perfectly suited to her frame. A previous generation would have termed Alyssa to be a “firecracker” and Sarah would have had to agree.

One of the things that had always held Alyssa back from going after other girls was the possibility was that they wouldn’t know what they were doing and that she would walk away unsatisfied. That was certainly not a problem with Sarah and Alyssa could already feel her orgasm build. Sarah’s hands had worked their way under Alyssa’s body and began to squeeze the cheeks of her ass. Alyssa gritted her teeth in pleasure and enjoyed the growing sensations.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh ohhhh I like that,” Alyssa hissed and Sarah responded with an extra squeeze to each cheek while her face remained pressed to her sopping pussy.

Sarah hadn’t been able to resist a touch of that fabulous toned ass of Alyssa’s. God she wished her ass was like that. Maybe she should bring in Alyssa as a personal trainer. If all their sessions ended up like this, then so much the better.

Whatever you’re doing right now Holly, I sure hope you’re having as much fun as I am, Alyssa thought to herself. It was obvious that Rose had lascivious interests in Holly when she left her so she was positive her friend wasn’t lonely. Maybe after this she could drag her down here for a workout. If she was going to be coming back here again and again then she wanted to make sure Holly was getting as much out of it as she was. Of course, right now Alyssa was glad she wasn’t there because she didn’t want to share the tongue that was buried in her pussy.

Sarah was soooo good at this that Alyssa knew it was only a matter of time before she coated that hot tongue in her sticky girl cum. If Sarah liked what she tasted before, just wait until she got to the good stuff. Having Sarah do this to her was just so awesome that Alyssa couldn’t help but break into her wide and sexy grin.

Sarah looked up just in time to see that beautiful face break into such a great smile and she almost lost herself in staring at Alyssa’s beauty. Well it just proved her point once again, Sarah smirked to herself, the hottest girls did come from New York City. Seeing Alyssa’s smile just made Sarah want to bring her off even more. She wanted to see that beautiful face roaring in lesbian ecstasy.

“Mmmm I love your pussy Alyssa,” Sarah declared, not wanting to keep all her appreciation silent. “You’re just so fucking hot! I just love staring at this body of yours. I’m not going to let you leave here tonight until I see you fuck every last girl in the house!”

“Well that’s good to hear,” Alyssa replied in between moans. “Because there is no way I’m leaving here tonight until I fuck every last girl in the house!”

“Oooh you are going to fit right in around here,” Sarah grinned before returning to using her mouth to bring Alyssa off. Sarah loved making new friends and it seemed like she had found herself a soul sister here. Love was going to go crazy when she met her. Mmmm they could all have some nasty fun with each other. If Holly was anything like this, Sarah was going to make sure two more rooms were opened up upstairs and fast.

“Mmmmmmmmm oh yeahhhhhhhh fucking hell that’s the way to eat pussy,” Alyssa moaned. Now both of her hands were busy stimulating her breasts. She sucked on her fingers and then got them to work pinching and twisting her nipples. She had always liked a little, but never a lot, of pain with sex and it always sped things up orgasm wise. “Yeahhhhhh Sarah keep it up! Mmmm oh baby you’re gonna have a faceful of my girl cream so fucking soon!”

“Give it to me!” Sarah hissed between licks. “That’s just what I want! Give me what I want Alyssa! Give me your cum!”

“Yessssssss then keep licking that pussy Sarah!” Alyssa instructed. “You’ll get all my cream!”

Sarah wanted this like any kid wanted dessert after dinner so she was willing to work as hard as she had to to make sure she got it. She pulled her right hand away from Alyssa’s ass and worked her fingers into her pussy. Two easily slipped inside so Sarah pushed a third one in to Alyssa’s vocal delight.

“AWWWWWW YEAH!!!” Alyssa screamed as she bucked her body in response. “FUCKING A!!! THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD!!!”

“Come for me Alyssa!” Sarah again urged, letting her fingers do all the work for the moment. “Feel those fingers in your pussy! It’s so nice and tight in there I can barely get them in with my tongue, but I can’t help it! I want you so bad! I want to finger fuck you and lick you! I just want you to come for me baby! Come on! You’ll come for Rose any time she snaps her fingers I’ll bet, why won’t you come for Sarah?”


Sarah did not skimp on her tonguing after that response, she kept her fingers moving in and out and pushed her tongue in to join them. The fingers were doing an excellent job stimulating Alyssa’s clit and working as a team with the tongue was just the combination needed to crack the Treasure of Milano.

“OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!” Alyssa screamed, her hair flying about and her body beginning to thrash on the carpet. “HERE IT COMES!!! HERE IT FUCKING COMES!!!”

Sarah was more than ready for this and the blast of orgasm was welcomed eagerly. She lapped away at the cream that was quickly threatening to dribble down her chin. Sarah quickly learned that when Alyssa came she didn’t fool around. You just had to hang on and enjoy the ride. Luckily Sarah was able to do both.

“OHHHHHHHHH!!!” Alyssa moaned and cried and continued to move around like a power line severed from the source and lurking dangerously on the ground. Sarah kept working her over with her tongue though the contracting walls of her pussy had forced her to pull out her fingers. “YEAHHHHHHHH SARAHHHHHHHH!!!”

Sarah didn’t stop, even when the cream had stopped flowing and the sensations ripping through her orgasming lover were cooling. Alyssa just about had to push Sarah’s head away. It had been hard to do that, but there was only so much Alyssa could take and Sarah just kept on going. With Sarah pushed away finally, Alyssa just collapsed back onto the carpeting and gasped what she’d been dying to say.

“Ohhhh my God,” Alyssa smiled. “Wow! I can see why all these girls want to live with you Sarah!”

Sarah blushed at the compliment and took Alyssa in her arms. The two naked girls held each other for a few moments in the afterglow of their encounter. Their flushed bodies pressed together in a sweaty, cummy and wonderful mess and they couldn’t help but steal a few more kisses from each other.

“Ohhh so if I ever regain the ability to walk, do you want to check out what’s happening poolside?” Sarah suggested.

“You think there’s any chance they’re having as much fun as we are?” Alyssa asked.

“Hey you should by know that with Rose anything is possible,” Sarah smiled.

* * * * *

Pamela was someone who always had her mind on fun and, if everything Love had described to her was true, she was hoping to end this day with even better than she’d had in her bedroom with that insatiable little nymph. Love had been pressing Pamela to come to her house almost as soon as she’d finished coming and the blonde had been eager to do so if it meant getting another crack at her. But that eagerness had damn near turned to obsession when Love had told her what went on there.

Could it possibly be true, Pamela wondered. Could all those beautiful women so rich and famous be united by their lust for one another? If it was true then Pamela wanted in very badly. This was exactly her scene and there was no way she was going to deny herself a visit.

Now she was following Love down to Malibu to her not-so-little hideaway where the promise of lesbian ecstasy seemed to lie. She followed her down the highway and down along the beach and now it appeared they had reached their destination. Pamela trailed Love up the driveway to the spectacular mansion she called home. When they reached the garage and came to a stop, Love excitedly hopped out of her car and beckoned Pamela to do the same.

“This is it!” Love excitedly declared as Pamela exited her vehicle.

“Wow! This is some place,” Pamela admired after letting out a low whistle.

“Remind me to tell you the backstory sometime,” Love grinned. “Now c’mon I want to show you everybody and everything!”

Love grabbed Pamela’s hand and dragged her into the house. She hadn’t had any nervousness about sharing this secret with Pamela. They were lovers now and they were tied together by that. It was the same thing with the pool party. Once they were hooked in, there wasn’t going to be any problems with secret spillage.

“I wonder where everybody is,” Love said as she and Pamela wandered. “They’re usually hanging around. Maybe they’re up in the rooms.”

“Hey I thought I saw someone by the pool,” Pamela helpfully offered. “Maybe they’re out there.”

“Well there’s only one way to find out,” Love shrugged, leading Pamela toward the pool. When they got there they found the reality. Not only was Rose and Jewel out there, but they seemed to have made a new friend.

“Holly?” Love asked, having to shake her head in amazement. She had considered the part on Charmed but turned it down to do movies, but before she did she met with the cast and Holly had seemed so straightlaced. Now there was evidence to the contrary.

“Hi Love,” Holly grinned shyly. It was Jennifer Love Hewitt! This place was so fucking wild!

“Whoa! You weren’t kidding Love!” Pamela declared when she gazed upon the three naked and obviously recently fucked women who were lying by the pool.

“Holy shit!” Rose said in response to the Baywatch babe’s presence. Even she was impressed by Love’s ability to bring her home.

“I couldn’t get you a t-shirt Rose, so I did you one better,” Love grinned, locking hands with Pamela and kissing her passionately.

“Thanks,” Rose said, still slightly stunned. Jewel could only shake her head. This was why she loved this place. What was going to happen next?

The answer to that question came when the door swung open next and the very naked Sarah and Alyssa walked out expecting to find Holly and Rose. The presence of Jewel and Love was a nice surprise to Sarah, but the presence of Pamela was a downright shock.

“Ummm hi…” Sarah offered, not quite sure what to make of this.

“Don’t worry, Sarah,” Love assured her friend. “Pamela’s totally cool with this. She’s as bad as we are.”

“Even me?” Rose challenged, getting up from the ground any eyeing Pamela up and down both as prey and as potential competition.

“Why don’t you try me and find out for yourself?” Pamela offered. She’d put on the same outfit she’d had when Love first arrived, so her breasts were once again hanging out most seductively.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Rose replied, ripping open what was buttoned and allowing Pamela’s bare tits to fall out. Far from being angry, Pamela responded by kissing Rose passionately on the lips.

“Now this is getting very interesting,” Alyssa smiled, not knowing how on the money she was with that statement.

* * * * *

“You sure no one’s gonna mind if we hang out here?” Waldo asked.

“Hey! It’s my house too!” Jennifer declared, the reality of what she was doing not quite sinking into her stoned brain. “I can do whatever I want here! I can do what I want when I want to do it! That’s Jennifer’s rule in Jennifer’s house!”

“Ahhh the American dream in bold living color,” Franklin admired while the foursome walked through the door.

“This place is big,” Delbert declared. “Way bigger than our house!”

“Damn right!” Jennifer said with emphasis. “This house kicks ass! And I should know! I was the one smart enough to call about the listing! In fact when you think about it I should run this place! I found it damn it!”

“I like the way you think!” Waldo said as he took another hit of this morning’s harvest. “Here’s to Jennifer!”

“To Jennifer!” Franklin and Delbert agreed.

“To me!” Jennifer chimed in with a broad smile.

“So where’s your TV?” Franklin asked, as he held onto the Playstation 2. “I need to set this baby up.”

“I don’t remember,” Jennifer paused before helping herself when Waldo offered her a toke. “Gimmie a second. It’ll come back to me. Wait! I remember! It’s this way!”

Jennifer then proceeded to lead her fellowship of three entirely in the wrong direction. Soon they were headed in a circle and they began heading back toward the front door. And in doing so they passed by the windows that looked out onto the pool.

Franklin was the first to notice what was going on and in doing so he nearly dropped the video game system he was carrying.

“Hey why’d you stop?” Delbert asked before he too saw. Even to his brain what he was seeing was crystal clear.

“What are you looking at?” Waldo asked, taking a peek and freezing in his tracks.

“What’s up?” Jennifer finally asked, heading back to see what they were so intent on looking at. When she saw, her eyes nearly bugged out. Reality came crashing back down on her and the realization of what she had done hit her like a ton of bricks. “Oh shit!”

Waldo, Franklin and Delbert were all mesmerized by what they saw. Rose and Pamela were happily making out while Jewel helpfully went about removing Pamela’s pants. The job of stripping Love fell to Alyssa and she was eager to do so as Holly and Sarah reacquainted themselves with each other through the magic of kissing.

The three guys stood there frozen and proceeded to blink in unison three times. Waldo then spoke and said the words that all three of them were thinking.

“SWEET MOTHER MCGUILICUTTY!” Waldo shouted and this, naturally attracted the attention of all the poolside participants. They stared in shock through the window at the three stoned 20 -year-olds and one very chagrined Jennifer.

* * * * *

“You are so dead Jennifer!” Sarah angrily swore as she paced up and down in the living room. “The word dead doesn’t even describe how over your life is!”

“How could you do this to us?” Rose demanded. “You brought these fucking little stoners into our lives and now look at it!”

“I’m so sorry! Please don’t be mad!” Jennifer begged, on the verge of tears. “I didn’t think you would all be…you know.”

“That’s right! You didn’t think!” Sarah shouted. She was beyond angry now. She felt betrayed by Jennifer.

“Calm down guys,” Love urged. “Yelling at Jennifer isn’t going to make this not have happened.”

Everyone was now assembled in the living room as the next move was debated. The girls had gotten dressed as best as they could and Waldo, Franklin and Delbert were sitting on a couch, looking mighty uncomfortable. They pretty much just wanted to go home right now. Pamela, Alyssa and Holly also didn’t say much. They didn’t think it was their place to offer an opinion on the matter.

“Guys, you have to promise us that you will never tell anyone what you saw here, ok?” Love pressed. All three of them agreed with nods, with Delbert agreeing most enthusiastically. “I mean you guys need to swear on everything that you can’t breathe a word. No one can find out about this. You have to promise forever!”

“Sarah, I don’t think they’re going to be a problem,” Jewel stated.

“Of course they’re going to be a problem!” Sarah shouted. “They’re going to blab to all their buddies!”

“We won’t we promise we won’t!” Delbert leapt up and declared. “We don’t even have any buddies!”

“Yeah just Jen,” Franklin admitted.

“You don’t?” Sarah asked, finding that very odd.

“We don’t trust anyone else,” Waldo explained. “You never know who they’re working for.”

“We promise we won’t tell anyone!” Delbert repeated.

“Shit,” Sarah muttered. “Just get out of here you three.”

Waldo, Franklin and Delbert eagerly agreed to those conditions and left with Playstation 2 in hand.

“Sarah, I’m so sorry,” Jennifer repeated. “I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”

“Anything?” Rose asked, perking up at the sound of that.

“Oh Rose this is not the time!” Sarah snapped.

“Why not?” Rose challenged. “I was horny 10 minutes ago before they came in. Now I’m horny and pissed. I don’t want those feelings lingering and neither do you Sarah! So I say let Jennifer work off her punishment.”

Even Sarah had to admit she liked that idea. She was mad at Jennifer for real, but she knew that feeling would pass. They had all gone through so much together already to let anything bust them up. Plus she had already been through one dark mood today and was in no mood to linger through another.

“I like that idea,” Jewel smiled.

“Me too,” Love added, hopeful for a quick and peaceful settlement of this.

“What about you three?” Rose asked, directing her question to Pamela, Alyssa and Holly.

“Whatever,” Alyssa said, seeming to sum up the feelings of the group. They were willing to go with the flow and Pamela didn’t particularly care who knew.

“So Jennifer are you ready to face a gauntlet of punishment?” Rose smiled evilly. “Are you ready to pay for bringing men into our house?”

“Ummm I guess so,” Jennifer meekly offered. “What are you going to do with me?”

“Don’t worry,” Rose grinned like the Cheshire Cat itself. “I have a few ideas.”

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